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With a loud groan, Superboy pulled himself up and over the high ridge. Happy Harbor was spread out below him, while far above he could see several dark clouds massing. A storm was approaching.

Superboy decided that he didn't care. He was just happy to have climbed all the way up here on his own without using any superpowers. Sure, he could have easily leapt the height of Mount Justice in two or three bounds, but he had wanted to do it this way.

The experience had been just as accelerating as Robin said it would be. He would have to thank the kid later, maybe finally agree to play one of those TV games with him. Sitting with his legs dangling over the edge, he drew in a few deep breaths. He could feel the muscles in his arms vibrating from the exertion and sweat running down his face and back. It felt so good! A small pleasured smile flittered across his face.

"I bet not even Superman's done this without flying or his super strength," Superboy said with a chuckle. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he leaned his head back. "Tt, I don't need any powers to be me."

Then a worrying thought entered his head. He recalled that Mount Justice use to be Justice League headquarters. Maybe he was just following in Superman's footsteps once again. As the smug, grinning face in blue spandex popped into his head, Superboy growled, slamming his fist into the ground beneath him. The ground briefly shook in response

Superboy felt a mixture of painful emotions burn in his chest. None of them he cared to put a word to, but he knew the reason. "That arrogant, too cheerful smile always beaming, always caring about the world... but never me," he grumbled, clenching and unclenching his fists. "Pleased to see everyone else that's not me. Never me." He fought back the tears that burned at the corners of his eyes. "Sometimes, I wonder if I would have been better off staying in Cadmus with the Genomorphs." He continued to grumble under his breath, trying to force his mind on to something more pleasant.

That's when a different smile came to mind. This one was pink and light, and bubbly laughter always accompanied it. Letting his eyes slide shut, Superboy could see her soft brown eyes accented against her smooth, jade colored face and radiant smile. He especially liked how a pinkish blush quickly covered her jade colored cheeks when she became tongue-tied.

Superboy felt his heart rate increase and warmth flood to his face. When he thought of M'gann M'orzz… Megan, the warmth in his face spread through him. She was a reason he was glad he joined this band of young heroes. She was a perfect reason.

Not that she was the only reason. Kaldur was another good reason. Superboy felt he could trust the Atlantian in so many small but important ways. More than that, he always felt relaxed around the oldest male member of Young Justice. Superboy was sure the word brother and best friend would be a perfect fit for the Atlantian, but he wasn't sure whether Kaldur would agree. Still, he was sure Kaldur was the only person he could openly talk to about matters that didn't always make sense to him.

As for the youngest, male members, Robin and Wally were nice enough, if a bit odd at times with their strange, juvenile habits. Robin was smart and witty. He was always willing to explain the technology stuff to Superboy. Wally… well, he was entertaining, particularly when he put his foot in his mouth. Of course, Superboy couldn't think of a time when Kid Flash didn't do that. Admittedly, he had almost nearly always broke into laughter with the rest of the team. Only shear willpower had stopped him.

Robin, clearly, didn't even try. Then again, those two were practically tied at the hip. They always seemed to stay in step with each other both on base and on missions. Of course, they were best friends.

As for Artemis, she was okay. He thought she was tough and fast, and a great marksman. All qualities he had to admire. Of course, he didn't know much more about her. At times, he felt she wasn't that approachable, not like Megan. Also, he didn't like how she kept talking about him when she didn't think he could hear. Sure, he was strong and fast, but he preferred not to be the center of attention or objectified by anyone.

As for the Justice League, Superboy really only knew Batman, Black Canary, and Red Tornado. There wasn't much to say about the robot, except he was glad that it left him alone when there was no mission. Black Canary was an amazing teacher and the only other person he had sought advice from. Batman was fair but judgmental, and a lot more open-minded than the smile in blue spandex.

Despite Batman's insistence that it was only a matter of time before Superman actually started to accept him, Superboy was less than convinced. To be honest, he no longer cared. At least, he no longer told anyone he did, and that was close enough for Superboy. He was fine with these few close individuals – friends, family, or whatever, he liked them well enough to trust them with his life. Megan… he thought he could trust with something more than that.

Blowing out another long breath, he watched as the dark clouds began to consume the sky above him. "Megan... M'gann M'orzz… has a nice ring to it."

"You really think so," chimed a familiar, feminine voice.

A shiver of fear ran up Superboy's spine. He leapt to his feet as warmth returned to his face. "M'gann," he said over his should with as much of a control tone as he could manage at the moment.

"Yes, Superboy, it is me," she said with that cheerful tone. His stomach did flips in response, but he managed to maintain most of his facial composure as he turned to face her.

Against the backdrop of storm clouds, she looked like an entrancing beacon of light. Her shoulder length hair flew freely behind her. A dark purple head band kept her bangs out of her soft brown eyes. The light purple sweater jacket was only a bit darker than her low-cut lavender shirt and matching miniskirt. One of her disarming smiles lit her face, but Superboy noticed that it didn't seem to reach her eyes. She looked worried. For a moment, he was afraid that she was reading his thoughts.

Pure panic took control of his tongue. He scowled at her and declared, "I told you to stay out of my head!"

M'gann took a quick step back from him, fear being very evident in her eyes. "I wasn't! I swear!" she stated, holding her hands up on defense. "Well, at least not on purpose. But I… I heard you from inside the mountain, and then…" She paused in speaking. A blush colored her cheeks as she dipped her head. "… I heard you say my name."

Superboy felt taken back. He drew his lips into a flat expression as all the knowledge that had been downloaded into him failed him. "I was… was just thinking about the team," he stammered, struggling for a moment to find a reply. "You're a member of the team. Right? Of course, you'd… you'd be… uhm…"

As he stumbled over his words, he watched her posture became more slumped. One of her hands moved to grasp the opposing arm, slowly gliding up and down it nervously. "Oh, right. I should have guessed that," she said with a deflated tone. "Hello, Megan… It was just me being silly and thinking...."

Superboy's eyebrows rose up his forehead. "Thinking what?"

M'gann cringed even more. "Nothing. Nothing important."

"Well, it had to be important enough for you to come all the way here to see me," he said forthright. "So come on. What is it?"

"No really, it's just silly girl stuff," she said as her face grew even redder.

"No, go on," Superboy pressed for an answer. He took a few steps closer. "How do you know I might not be interested in 'silly girl stuff'?"

Her gaze rose as she gestured towards him. "Well, you're a guy. And from what I've learned from Earth television, most Earth guys don't tend to like…"

"Yeah," Superboy said, crossing his arms over his chest. "Well, I'm not exactly most guys or from Earth... not really."

A small smile curved her lips. "True."

"So?" he said questioningly, unable to stop the smile forming on his lips. "Out with it."

Her smile fell for a brief moment as the redness of her cheeks continued to intensify. Her head dipped again. "Well, I thought… I thought you might be thinking about me because… because you like me."

In the width of a breath, a roar of thunder gave voice to the dark clouds hanging over them. Out of the corner of his eye, Superboy barely took notice of the first streak of lightening cutting across the dark sky. Most of his attention was on M'gann and her statement.

Like. That word did begin to feel right in explaining what he thought of M'gann. Still, somehow, it felt incomplete. There had to be a better word for his feelings concerning her.

With a small shrug and a serious expression, he admitted, "Sure. I like you."

Almost immediately, M'gann's gaze rose and her wide eyes looked at him with such a mixture of emotions that Superboy doubted he could put a name to all of them. "Really? You... you like me?"

"Sure," he confirmed, before elaborating, "but I like all the members of Young Justice." He paused, chuckling about his previous thoughts of the team. "Admittedly, some more than others."

M'gann pushed back a few strands of her hair behind her left ear. Her smile continued to color her face. "Yeah. I suppose I can see that." As he took in a breath to just watch her nervous activity, he saw the first few raindrops falling around them. He wanted to say more before they went inside, before this moment was lost to the storm.

"Like is a very common term. Over the past few days, I've learned that I like many things." Superboy said loudly, trying to talk over the patter of raindrops against the stone ground. "So like doesn't really describe you."

He saw her brow furrow as her head cocked to one side in confusion.

"Not to me," he elaborated, stumbling over his words. "I… I don't know… I can't find the right word, but I know what I think, what I feel about you is more than just like." He swallowed nervously as he felt his face grow warm again. "I should have told you that day with the baking mess and me zoning out in front of the static television screen, but I… I didn't. And then again... in the desert when you... you saved me. And I..."

The more he meandered in explaining, the more he noticed M'gann's smile widening. She didn't even seem to notice the way the rain soaked her hair and clothes. Of course, to be honest, he wasn't either. His hearts beat faster to the point he thought it might explode or stop all together. Neither event happened. Instead, M'gann drew closer and touched his shoulder.

"I think I understand, Superboy," M'gann told him, gliding her hand along his arm. "I don't quite know what to call what I feel about you either, but…" As his arms slowly unfolded, M'gann's hand found his. He lowered his gaze to it, watching as her small hand slid effortlessly into his grasp "… but we can find out together. I mean, if that's okay with you."

For a few moments, he could only hear the blood pumping in his ears. His gaze remained locked on their joined hands, watching their fingers interlock. He noticed how warm her hand was in his hand. It felt comfortable and right, and despite the warmth, pleasant chills racked up his arm. His heart was beating fast but steady.

Raising his gaze back to M'gann's face, he found himself beaming a broad grin at her. "I'd like that, M'gann... Megan."
Give Me a Reason

Disclaimer(s): All characters and things of Batman belong to DC comics, and Bill Finger and Bob Kane, the creators of Batman. Young Justice references belong to Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. I'm simply borrowing them for creative output.

Summary: Superboy struggles to describe his life, particularly the part M'gann fills.

:iconlmbrake: drew a picture: Storms Will Pass that matches well with my fanfic. I suggest everyone to check it out. :)
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"Yeah!" Robin yelled, sliding into the kitchen on his knees, catching Wally's (who was currently stuffing his face with food, as always.) slightly divided attention.

Wally raised an eyebrow. "Dude, what the hell?"

"I just beat another gym leader in Pokemon!" Robin fist pumped the air.

KF laughed. "Dude, you are such a los-- WAIT A MINUTE." He sped over to him, trying to grab at the device in Robin's hand. "IS THAT THE 3DS? WITH THE NEW POKEMON GAME?! DUDE, GIMME THAT SHIT."

"Not so fast!" Robin growled, yanking the 3DS away. He smirked. "Mine. Not yours. Mine."

Wally whined as the younger boy stood up. "But Roooooob! My mom won't let me get one for a looooong time. Please?"

Robin smirked. He walked to the other side of the kitchen. "You want it?" He waved it teasingly. "Come get it, Flash Boy."

Wally's eyes sparked and he sped over. He dived at the boy, catching him by surprise and knocking them both down. There were two distant clatters as Wally stared down at the boy (he had landed on top of him.) in surprise. He had accidentally knocked the little bird's glasses off on impact (also sending the DS flying, but that mattered less at the moment), revealing his dark blue eyes. Robin blinked at the ginger in shock, and then squeezed his eyes tightly, heart beating fast.

"Dude! What the hell?" he said, trying to shove him off. "Get off of me!"

"What's going on-- whoa, they have rooms for these things."

Wally, face bright red, looked up to see a pretty, Vietnamese blonde girl standing over them, arms folded and smirk placed on her lips.

"It's not what it looks like!" Robin yelled, eyes still closed.

"Riiight," Artemis said, turning to leave. "Keep it PG, boys."

Wally scrambled off of Robin, who opened his eyes for a brief second before snatching his sunglasses and putting them back on his (now blushing) face. He glared at KF. "You. Didn't. See. ANYTHING."

"Right, right, I'm sorry..."

"Whatever," Robin said, snatching up his 3DS. Before he could even blink, Wally was in front of him.

"I'm not done trying to get that."

"Dude, really?"

"Yep," the ginger smirked, grabbing at the device. Robin flipped over him, using Wally's shoulder to send him over. But then the strangest thing happened. At the same time KF turned to face him, Robin turned only to get a huge surprise. Both of the boys' eyes widened as the felt each other's lips against their own.

Both the dark haired boy and the redheads faces heated up as the kiss lingered. Then Wally closed his eyes and deepened it, much to Robin's surprise. The younger boy responded to it, dropping his guard and letting the kiss happen. But then Robin felt the 3DS disappear from his hand was Wally pulled away, barely an inch from the younger boys face, smirked, and shook the device teasingly.

"Mine now," he whispered, before disappearing. It took a moment for Robin to realize what had happened before he growled and ran in the direction he assumed KF had ran. "Wally! I'm going to MURDER you!!"

Suddenly, a distant, feminine voice called from the living room, "Keep it PG!"

The result of playing my bro’s 3DS. THAT SHIT IS CRAZY.

Sorry to those of you who are still waiting for the next chapter of Late Night. I’m still trying figure out what to make Robin sing and where the hell I am actually going with that story. -_-

A quick little thing.

I don't own young justiiiice.
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Second Glance
Part 2

A handsome redhead whisks Bruce Wayne out of harms way; and off his feet. Has Batman fallen in love with the hyperactive Wally West? Batman/Flash – BatFlash - Bruce/Wally
Slash - Light Yaoi

Don’t like slash, yaoi or shounen ai?</u> Then feel free to go find something else to entertain you!

5: Wills

Wonder Woman paused in the doorway of the Infirmary when she saw Flash hurriedly hang up his bed-side phone; she started to tease him, already knowing who he’d been on the line with, but saw his heated glare and quickly stopped herself.


“Damn it Diana! I was calling Bruce; if he heard you call me ‘Flash’ I’d be screwed royally!”

Wonder Woman cringed,
“I didn’t know I was intruding…” a half-lie at its best…

Flash slumped back onto his bed, pressing a pillow over his face, muffling his words,
“S’ kay…”

The heroine paused before she sidled by Flash’s side,
“Are you alright?”

“I’m worried… I hung up on him; he thought something was wrong… Grah!” Flash scrunched his eyes closed “Damn it!”

Wonder Woman sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed,
“I am sorry, Flash.”

“Don’t… No need. I wasn’t prepared for it…” Flash went silent; his eyes unfocused, “Do that a lot…”

Wonder Woman giggled, patting Flash on the shoulder,
“Feeling any better? How are your ribs?”

Flash pouted,
“They ache…” he moaned dramatically, making Wonder Woman’s smile grow “I need Mother Hen to make it all better… Speak of the devil, where is Batz?”

“Earth… he’s been spending a lot of time at home lately… John swears that Batman has found himself someone and is spending time with his lover.”

Flash grinned, sitting up, but fell right back with a wince,
“I guess there’s no way I can go spy on him…” the red-clad hero mutter, pouting.

The dark haired heroine laughed,
“Leave the poor guy alone. Would you like it if he was spying on your romantic interest…?”

“That’s a no brainer; he already knows! Batz is all knowing… He’s Yoda ‘cept he don’t talk in riddles… often… and he ain’t green…” Flash paused, thoughts trailing towards a particular all knowing, green, alien…

Wonder Woman cocked her head to one side,

“I already prepped Supes in the ways of the force, ask him.”

He’d been patient, but Bruce’s nerves had started to fray around the edges.

When Wally hadn’t returned after the forth day; paranoia had started to set in. The dark-haired man wondered absently if the redhead had fled, truly not wishing to be in his company. But he knew Wally liked him, why would he run? His limited belongings were still sprawled over his bed.

What also had Bruce unnerved; was that he hadn’t received a call from Wally in the last couple of days, instead the odd message when he was absent, rattled ones of Wally babbling apologies… but no messages had come that day and Bruce was unsure.

But while Bruce’s feelings were ragged, Batman was having to battle to keep a bedridden Flash in the Infirmary. It worked out the torn muscle tissue had healed wrong after the operation to right the bones. This resulted in severe pain with movement. Flash was so rattled he had tried to bolt, begging to be allowed to visit Earth.

Hawkgirl had sided with the younger hero, but she knew as well as the others that Flash needed to heal. Later Batman heard Hawkgirl comforting the red-clad hero, who had been whispering that he was too ashamed to call his ‘friend’ again; sick of all the lies.

Bruce almost felt the same in a way. When he’d first invited Wally into his home, in merely a day he had several close calls with the young man’s curiosity, one instance led to particular lever leading to the Bat-Cave. Even then, Bruce knew if he wanted Wally as a friend he would have to lie, but something inside him wanted to trust the younger man with his secret. But he knew it was too early to trust Wally fully.

The phone rang once, loud and obnoxious in his ears, it threw Bruce off balance. After steadying himself, he hurriedly snatching up the phone and put it to his ear.


The darkhaired man’s heart rose and he smiled lightly, letting out a soft sigh,

Wally seemed to let out a wavered breath,
“I-… I can’t come back… yet,” said Wally weakly; he sounded sad, truly torn. “I-… I’m sorry.”

Bruce frowned, a tendril of annoyance lashing about in his chest,
“Why?” his voice was sharper than he intended.

Wally took a sharp breath on the other end,
“-I’m so sorry,” he said hurriedly “I-… can’t-it’s just-”

“Why can’t you just tell me, Wally? I can hear something’s wrong.”

Wally paused, and then words poured from his lips, sounding hurried,
“I- I was in an accident, I-… I’m healing up…”

Bruce froze, his dark eyes narrowing,
“What?” his voice hadn’t softened, only grown sterner; he hated it when people lied to him. “You lied to me?”

“I-I didn’t want you to worry!” Wally rushed, but even Bruce could hear it was a half-truth. Wally was a terrible liar.

“How bad is it?”

Bruce imagined Wally doubled over, biting his lower lip. The pause made him growl.
“I heal fast, I’m okay.”

“You didn’t answer my question, Wally…”

</i>“Broken rib,”</i> another half-truth but it was close, Bruce’s breathing hitched “I’m fine though, I swear-”

“-Will the doctors let you go?”

“Not yet… Some difficulties with the operation.”


Wally seemed to freeze up on the other end,
“Uh- yeah,” he sounded like a little kid who had been caught.

“Can you come and heal here? I can order a doctor to the mansion?”

Wally’s smile seemed to flash in his voice,
“Really? Uh-… My doctor’s a tight arse, uh-I mean… I think I can convince him… maybe…”

Hearing Wally’s smile, Bruce relaxed; he knew there was something deeper, but he wasn’t going to pry, the redhead needed his own secrets.
“Call me soon okay? I’d like to know by tonight.”

“I’ll call the doc as soon as I get off! He’ll let me go if I annoy him enough… Though he says I’m a total pain in the arse as it is.”

Bruce chuckled, totally relaxed,
“Probably right.”

“At least you put up with me”

Bruce blinked, he never truly saw Wally’s antics as annoying, not truly, and it was hard to think others couldn’t handle him.
“Someone has to…”


“But Batz-!” Flash wailed, grabbing his cape before Batman could escape “You’ve gotta let me! Please! I promised! My friend can get a doctor to keep an eye on me!”

Batman sighed, tugging away from Flash who looked ready to cry.
“He’ll comment on your speedy recovery, idiot.”

Flash was silent for almost a second which was surprising.
“I-… I can’t wait Batz, please! I’ll say I hurt myself before I left.”

“And how will you explain how you were able to walk with such an injury?”

Flash let go of Batman’s cape, a turned so his head buried away into a pillow. The youngest hero’s soft whimper made Batman freeze; the other hero sounded distraught.
“P-Please Batz, I really want to see him…”

Batman swept to Flash’s side and prodded the hero in the ribs, making the younger hero wince,
“Hawkgirl’s right, you are love sick.”

“M’ not” Flash pouted “I’m manly,” he said flexing an arm before wincing sharply, lowering the arm “You’re point is noted… If I leave, I wont to be here to take up your time. Damn it Batz, you said you were expecting someone!”

Batman nodded absently, not commenting on how the younger hero had eavesdropped on the conversation, concerning said ‘guest’, in the hall with Green Lantern moments before.

“A friend…” Flash stopped talking, silently prompting him to go on, “He’s hurt himself and is staying with me.”

Flash blinked, recognition prying,
“Someone can handle your broody ass? I’m impressed,” he said, smiling.

Batman growled, but paused, nodding,
“He can…”

The familiarisation was tearing at the back of Flash’s mind now; he went silent, looking over the facts, trying to get a grip of what ‘it’ was. “Fine, you can go.” Flash’s head shot up, his eyes wide and happy; forgetting whatever déjà vu he had felt, within an instant. “On one condition.”

Flash paused, cocking his head to one side,

“You stay in bed.”

Flash pouted,
“If he helps me, can I go swimming?”

Batman paused, reminding himself to brood on the odd feelings that accompanied his and Flash’s conversation another time, even if Wally would tell him off for it.

“Yes… but you’ll ache from moving.”

Flash smiled, uncaringly, as if he felt no pain as he sat up,
“Fantastic! I’ve got to call him. He’s been worried…”

6: Kiss

Bruce raised an eyebrow when Wally appeared on his doorstep, leaning heavily on his crutches, sweating and wavering on his feet. He hurriedly helped by taking a good portion of younger man’s weight and helped him to the stairs, where the redhead looked distraught, shaking his head,
“I won’t make it up those stairs…”

The worry in Bruce roared alive like a match doused with fuel,
“Okay, we’ll stay down here. I’ll get Alfred to make us tea.”

Tea and crumpets later; Wally still looked unable to scale the stairs, his skin was pale and he looked ready to fall asleep. If Bruce wasn’t already worried, Batman was clawing at restraints, ready to kill whoever did this to his friend.

“I fell,” Bruce froze, looking up at Wally; who seemed to have, once again, read his thoughts. “Hard… I decided to stay away; I really didn’t want to worry you, Bruce…”

The truthfulness made the millionaire smile.
“I know. I just hate secrets…” Instantly something shifted in Wally’s green eyes, he looked suddenly overly nervous, “I can keep secrets, Wally.” he prompted.

Wally laughed, but it was hollow and Bruce stopped himself from flinching,
“I know… I feel terrible. But I can’t…” Wally’s voice was suddenly raw, and he was shaking visibly.

Bruce shook his head, standing and walking to Wally; he sat next to the young man and wrapped an arm around the redhead’s shoulders, gently pulling him closer. Even if Wally winced, he hid it as he let himself rest against the taller man’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it now,” Bruce offered hurriedly, giving the smaller man’s shoulder a comforting squeeze, “You’re here, you’re safe… you’re here to heal, so don’t stress.”

The weakest of smiles was given to Bruce, before Wally literally fell asleep where he was. Surprised, the millionaire could only hold the lithe man where he was before Alfred entered half-an-hour later.

“Sir?” he asked, his face not changing to reveal his surprise.

Bruce smiled lightly,
“My arms asleep… I don’t want to wake him.”

Alfred nodded and helpfully plucked up a nearby cushion, offering to use it as a substitute for Bruce’s shoulder. Instead Bruce took it and put it on his lap, before lowering Wally, gently, onto it.

“Could you get me my paperwork?”

Two hours later, Wally stirred, eyes flickering to find his stitches were cramping up a storm, he moaned, unable to straighten his body.

Bruce glanced down and saw his companion was awake.

Glancing up the redhead saw Bruce wearing a pair of reading glasses, a pen in hand and papers in another. Wally blinked, noticing where he was lying and blushed, but made no move to get away.

Bruce saw the blush and smiled lightly at the smaller man.
“It’s okay. How are you feeling?”

“I can’t move.”

Bruce blinked slowly,

“My side is cramping… I can’t move.”

Bruce swore under his breath,
“Where?” a hand crept up Wally’s left side, barely touching, but resulting in a sharp flinch, “May I?”

Wally’s nod was careful and unsure, but Bruce took no time to ponder it as he pulled up the shirt. He barely heard his own gasp, too shocked to really focus on keeping his expression in check. Wally expression revealed the anxiety and shot his eyes away from Bruce’s, dodging them fearfully.

The wound was bruised deeply; an even larger portion surrounded it revealed the bruises original size.
“A… A fall?” he asked disbelievingly.

Wally shuddered when Bruce’s finger brushed the sensitive skin. Seeing the pain it caused, Bruce retracted his hand like he had been burnt. He wanted to hush Wally and tell him it would be fine, but instead the older man forced himself to stop, shaking himself mentally, trying to find logic. It was then he found that irritable familiar feeling of déjà vu hovering, this time he paused, because it was consuming.

The stitches reminded him of Flash’s own incident, he finally concluded. Flash was in much the same state, but the other superhero could handle this easily. Wally was mortal; such a wound could be fatal.

Replacing the material Bruce looked towards a nearby doorway,

The greying butler appeared silently,
“Master Wayne?”

“Call Doctor Myers, please.”

“Right away, sir.”

Wally was looking mildly confused, he watched Bruce silently, asking and waiting for an explanation. The millionaire gave in, gently touching Wally’s red hair, trying his best to offer comfort,
“He’s a good doctor… Go to sleep.”

“Aren’t you…?” Wally almost looked ready to lift himself, but Bruce could tell it would cause tearing pain.

“Don’t. I’m fine,” the sceptical look from the smaller man made Bruce smile “Sleep.”

Wally would’ve protested, he convinced himself, as his eye-lids grew heavy. He closed his eyes and momentarily noticed how simply knowing Bruce was watching over him while he slept made the pain fade into an almost dull numbness.

“When did this happen?”

“Four days ago I believe,” Bruce voice was calm. “Says he fell.”

“Must’ve been a good one…” muttered the doctor, looking closer “He must’ve fallen two weeks ago.”


“There’s no way he could’ve healed so fast.”

“He would’ve shown signs of the pain.” said Bruce shaking his head, confused, he’d even seen Wally’s unbruised side when they went swimming together the day he left.

“Impossible…” said Myers shrugging simply, leaning backwards. Wally was still amazingly asleep, even after Bruce gently slipped away.

Bruce went silent; he had no explanation, nor the doctor. An answer was there, Bruce just couldn’t see it. It was almost as if he’d seen this before. How had he missed the quick healing?

“Ah, bed-rest… He needs lots of sleep, of course,” offered the doctor, unable to tear his eyes away from the wound. He paused, blinking as he observed the stiches “I haven’t seen this style of stiches in ages… efficient, quite complex.” he muttered under his breath.

Bruce ignored Myers’ words, too concerned by Wally’s pale complexion,
“Do you suggest anything else?”

Myers glanced back at Bruce, a small smile forming,
“Yes… Good company, someone to talk to.”

Bruce rolled his eyes,

“It’s the truth,” the doctor said shrugging, a light smile on his features “Alfred told me Wally here, is a social creature; being left alone would only hinder his recovery, don’t you agree?”

Bruce hated to admit it, but the doctor was right. He nodded slowly,
“Wally can’t handle extended moments of silence; I don’t know how he’ll handle days in bed.”

Myers laughed,
“Well, sleep hopefully… Board games are helpful, movies… but never alone.”

“How’d I get upstairs?” asked Wally slowly, when Bruce entered the bedroom holding an overflowing stack of paperwork in his hands and a pen between his teeth.

Bruce paused, before walking to a desk that had been placed next to the double bed, where he set down the mass of contracts concerning Wayne Enterprises, and grabbed the pen from his mouth. Wally eyed Bruce with a raised eyebrow.

“I carried you up,” said Bruce finally, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Wally gave a surprised blink, before his eyes widened,
“Wait, you’re serious? Damn it, Bruce… I’m sorry-”

“Don’t be… The Doctor came…” Bruce changed the subject, but was careful to avoid bring up the wound, for some reason he could tell it would only get the redhead worked up. He would work it out himself, another time “He checked you over, said bed-rest and cable-tv will heal you up.”

Wally’s smile grew, his eyes gaining their usual brilliance.
“Sounds like my kind of doctor!” he almost went to punch the air, but thought better of it and lowered his arm.

Bruce chuckled, turning back to his papers,
“No stunts obviously… I’ll have to keep an eye on you.”

“You sound a lot like my doctor,” said Wally sighing, flopping back on the pillows, “Now there’s someone who can brood.”

“Should I be jealous?” said Bruce playfully, before quickly silencing himself, not sure what his words implied.

But Wally seemed oblivious.
“Nah. But you guys would probably get on…” Wally paused, “Creepy.”


“The similarities scare me.”

Bruce laughed when he saw Wally’s expression, it was one he’d never seen before, so innocently lost in thought,
“Now you’re brooding,” he pointed out.

Mock-horror swept across Wally’s face,
“It’s contagious!” he tried to move suddenly but instead gasped and went ridged, the muscles on his side cramping unhelpfully. The laughter was lost and Bruce quickly offered some pain killers the doctor produced for such occasions. Wally lowered his eyes after swallowing the tablets down, his smile light and wistful, “My hero.”

Bruce paused, the irony was overwhelming for that moment and his expression softened into a steady smile, Wally chanced a glance up and caught it, “Up for a movie?” he asked before the moment could get awkward.

Bruce sighed, rolling his eyes playfully,
“I’ll show you my collection.”

Two hours later found Bruce and Wally leaning against the bed’s headboard, watching a large screen tv that had lowered from the ceiling. It had taken Bruce quite some time to calm the smaller man; Wally had babbled excitedly about the technology, but when the movie started, the redhead settled instantly, absorbed in the screen.

Bruce’s shoulder was supporting Wally’s head; the younger man had grown tired quickly. The movie’s climax was long winded and the redhead’s eyes continued to drift shut, fluttering open, then falling shut again.

“Sleep?” Bruce whispered, as the hero in the film fought off the villain, trying desperately to reach for his gun.

“M’, not yet.”  

Bruce cocked his head so he could watch Wally; the redhead’s clashing green eyes were dulled with exhaustion. A light flickered across the screen, Bruce’s eyes slowly took in his companion’s features, and he blinked,
“You have freckles” Bruce whispered softly.

Wally nodded, tiredly, slowly turning his head towards Bruce’s. A thick silence fell over them both as their noses touched, a feather light brush of skin. The dark haired man’s face heated but Wally eyes showed no surprise or discomfort, he simply smiled.

Bruce wasn’t sure who moved closer first, the only thing that registered in the back of his mind was warm, firm lips pressed against his own. Neither man dared to deepen the kiss, nor pull away. It was only a simple press of lips, a sign of simple fondness that radiated from the redhead.

When Wally’s lips fell away from Bruce’s, the millionaire felt an odd warmth rise in his chest, which was quickly batted down by a tendril of dread concerning what would follow. Unperturbed, Wally simply placed a hand on Bruce’s arm and gave a comforting squeeze, and then his head fell on the larger man’s shoulder and his eye-lids won over, sleep claiming him.

Bruce barely saw the credits role across the screen, a thick daze had made all logical thoughts flee and silence reign. Even Batman was stunned into darkness. The conflicting emotions soon roared up into Bruce’s head, drowning the moment of surprise and pleasure.

What was he supposed to feel? What did the warm feeling of satisfaction in his chest mean? It was like, for a moment, everything else didn’t matter… Gotham had faded into the background, Batman never existed… For once ‘Bruce’ had something solid to hold on to.

Pushing the thoughts away, the muddle of notions was quickly forced out of reach; Bruce went to stand from the bed, but froze when he found Wally still resting on his shoulder, a hand gently curled around his arm.

The large tv screen flickered off in the background as Bruce lowered his head and let out a slow breath.

It was going to be a long night…

7: After

Sunlight trickled through the room-long window, sprawling itself over the bed’s white sheets, creeping up onto the sleeping pair.

Green eyes fluttered open, before twitching into a grimace. Wally grunted painfully as he tried to focus, waiting for hazardous blurs to slowly take shape, piecing together.


The dark-haired man stirred, before his own dark eyes flickered open. He soon registered Wally on his shoulder, but seeing the smaller man’s face so close only brought on the recollection of the kiss, and he started helplessly.

The jolt jostled the redhead and tore a gasp from Wally’s throat; he made a sore sound as his bruises gave unhelpful throbs.

Seeing Wally’ breathless and curling in on himself; dragged logic kicking and screaming to the forefront,
“Are you alright?” Bruce asked gently, easing Wally back against the headboard with some pillows.

Wally nodded, blinking,
“Uh-yeah…” he said groggily “Did… did you sleep with me?” he asked stupidly.

Bruce felt his face flush lightly and quickly averted his eyes; Wally took a moment to read the older man’s reaction then laughed quietly, “Relax Bruce, you know what I meant…” Wally words faded and then his eyes widened with realisation “Oh…”

Bruce shuffled and moved to get off the bed, keeping his eyes away from Wally’s wide ones.
“I should get some work done… I’ll… be back.”

In blur of red, Wally shot forward, grabbing Bruce’s wrist before the older man could go to stand. He winced visibly, but swallowed down a sound of protest.
“Damn, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean-… uh-” Wally’s voice was strained, his side was thrashing with pain, but he kept his hold “I didn’t mean to offend you… I’m-… I’m sorry.” the last word was said so softly Bruce almost missed it. The loosening hold on his arm made the older man turn back to Wally.

The redhead looked terrible; his eyes were wide with fear and his expression torn. Bruce felt like he had physically struck the younger man, and guilt riled up inside of him.
“Don’t… I-… Wally, I’m not offended… it’s just-” Bruce searched for the words as he looked Wally in the eye “-I don’t… know what to think.”

Wally slowly nodded; his hand drew away from Bruce’s arm, his own expression unsure,
“Uh-well… if you want… we can forget it-”

“No,” the word left his mouth before Bruce could think. The millionaire growled inwardly, looking away from Wally’s startled eyes “I-… Give me time to think.”

Wally smile returned, as bright as ever,
“Okay. Well, you grab you paperwork and I’ll stare longingly at that collection of dvds while I wait.”

The easiness of Wally’s tone seemed to soothe Bruce’s frayed nerves, and he returned the smile, if not a fraction of Wally’s.
“Be back in a moment.”


Hearing his alias shook Bruce from his thoughts. He was sitting in the Bat-Cave doing what Wally said he did best; brooding. For the past hour he had been turning over his thoughts, trying to discern his feelings for Wally, and trying to decide how to deal with them.

Straightening, Bruce slipped his dark cowl into place and dimmed the lights. Batman turned to a screen and allowed his fellow hero’s image to flood the monitor.

Superman’s face flickered, brightening the screen while the super strong man’s features remained tight and irritable.

“We’re in Central City, we could really use your help-”

Batman frowned shaking his head,
“I already told you Superman, I can’t.”

Superman blinked, taken aback,
“But-… with the Flash out of commission, you can’t-!”

“I can. There are five of you,” said Batman simply “Now please, I’m busy.”

Superman frowned before nodding, although reluctant,
“Superman out.”


Bruce sighed, his hideaway suddenly seeming quite crowded; he turned around, removing the mask before glancing at Alfred with a raised eyebrow. “It seems your guest has decided to explore…”

Bruce took a moment to take in the words before he jumped up from his seat.
“Damn it.”

Wally was found peering around a corner, several hallways away from his room. He was leaning heavily on his crutches, breathing heavily but otherwise looking like a child on an adventure.

“You need to get back into bed.”

Jumping at Bruce’s voice, Wally looked around and pouted,
“Aww, but Bruce-”

“No buts; get back to bed.”

Wally poked out his tongue,
“You’re no fun, Bruce… I’m bored. I want to… play chess.”

The millionaire raised an eyebrow,

“Forgive my whim, it was best thing I could come up with.” muttered Wally darkly as he started to hobble back to his quarters.

Bruce smiled and walked at a slow pace beside him,
“How about a video game…? I have some stored away.”

Wally blinked, stopped where he stood and stared at Bruce,
“Video games? … You?!”

The shocked expression made Bruce chuckle,
“I… had a kid live with me for a few years…”

Wally paused,


Wally laughed pushing open the door to his room,
“That was good of you…” slumping back onto the bed, holding back a wince, Wally looked up at Bruce before patting the mattress next to him as a offer “Where’s the kid now?”

“Grew up, successful in his work…” said Bruce sparingly

Wally grinned,
“That’s got to feel good… Someone getting somewhere because of your presence…”

Bruce sat on the mattress and nodded, surprised at how Wally had put his feelings into words so easily.
“It is… especially…” he quickly cut himself off, frowning, but Wally prompted silently with curious eyes “I-… my parents were… they died when I was young.”

Wally looked thrown off, but nodded, his face solemn.
“Well… my uncle raised me, but he died when I was six…” said Wally quietly “You could say I was handed around to a few foster families before I settled...”

Bruce looked at Wally carefully, nodding,
“I had Alfred… he basically raised me.”

Wally smiled,
“I knew the old man was old, but damn.”

“I heard that Master Wallace.”

Wally cringed, glancing up at said butler who held a tray of tea and biscuits. Rubbing the back of head, the redhead laughed uncomfortably.

Bruce chuckled,
“You have to admit Alfred, he has a point.”

Alfred gave an offended sniff and placed the tray down swiftly, before sending Bruce a soft smile and leaving the room.

Wally chuckled to himself, plucking up a biscuit and taking a small bite,
“Yum, tea… Don’t you have any coffee?”

Bruce chuckled, shaking his head as he poured a cup of tea for Wally and himself,
“Yes, but I don’t think caffeine will help me keep you in bed.”

Wally’s snort of laughter that followed only led to a confused look from the millionaire.

8: Secret

Wally was half asleep when Bruce started to uncoil the soft white gauze from around the younger man’s chest,

“Wha-…? What are you doing?” yawned the redhead, blinking his wide green eyes up at the darker man.

Bruce didn’t speak, continuing his ministration, removing the last of the material. The millionaire froze, gently touching the healing flesh, the deep bruise had already faded, tinted yellow and pink.
“This-… This is impossible.”

Wally froze, his body tensing, he glanced at Bruce carefully and received a pointed look,

“You’re almost totally healed… It’s been three days; it should’ve taken at least a week…” Bruce spoke his mind, and watched as the words made Wally’s nervousness spike.

The redhead went to speak, but closed his mouth, before trying again,
“I-It happened-”

“A week ago, don’t try and lie to me Wally,” growled Bruce, leaning over the smaller man who attempted to sink into the pillows. “Wally, I want to know how.”

Wally started then shook his head hurriedly. The redhead’s breathing spiked and fear flooded into his eyes. Bruce’s hand was resting on the smaller man’s chest; he could feel Wally’s heart-beat skipping faster. “Please Wally, I won’t be mad… I won’t tell anyone.”

For a moment, Wally’s looked ready to speak, but he forced his jaw closed and turned his head away from Bruce’s. His nerve constricted throat made his voice croak,

Bruce shook his head, trying to throw off his anger,
“Don’t you trust me?” he snapped, irritation growing.

Instantly Wally’s eyes were on him; his stare so intense Bruce almost felt ashamed for pushing the younger man.
“I-… trust you,” admitted Wally, his green eyes fell closed as if he’d given up. His eyes reopened, hardening, gaining a quality Bruce had never seen before “When I heal up, will you go out with me?”

The question made Bruce flinch, he sat back,

“I’m serious Bruce… I like you…” Wally’s voice was truthful, not letting his voice waver.

Bruce remained silent, his eyes betraying how flustered he felt, hearing those words made his heart swell, but he had yet to understand his own feelings. “I don’t… know. I-”

“Brood on it,” said Wally softly, his eyes showing signs of affection and resignation “I can’t tell you just yet… I have to admit, if I lose you because of this…I-” his words faded, as his eyes darted away, avoiding Bruce’s.

The older man paused, wanting to offer Wally words of comfort, to tell him he wouldn’t leave him whatever it was the redhead had to tell him. But he held his tongue, understanding the younger man’s words; suddenly aware that, he too, would feel the same if he ever lost Wally to ‘Batman’. Not knowing what to say, Bruce stood and moved towards the door, glancing over towards the bed, frowning at the soft, sad smile Wally was sending him before he left the room and the redhead in silence.

For the first time in two nights Bruce lay in his own bed, staring at the canopy, prying apart how he felt. He had to get control of these emotions, order them; create some sense!

“I care for Wally,” Bruce admitted aloud, the softest tinge of pink coloured his cheeks as he nodded to reassure himself, “He says he cares for me too.” A warmth flooded Bruce’s chest and he smiled helplessly. A voice spoke up in the back of his head, asking him what was holding him back.

It was simple really…


He had decided long ago, that if he ever got into a relationship, that the person would have to be trusted with his secret. He had always known that honesty was the one of the only things that truly mattered in any relationship.

He had been pushing Wally so hard to give his secrets; but he had never stopped to think for a second that he could give his own. And even if he could, would Wally accept him? Would the younger man keep his secret?

“Yes…” Bruce sighed; Wally would never breach their trust, even if the redhead was betrayed, the younger man would never tell another. The millionaire could just tell the redhead was trustworthy.

So, if he could trust Wally… Could he love him?

Wally wanted to entrust him with his own secret. Bruce growled at himself, rolling onto his stomach and burrowing his head into a pillow.

For the first time since Bruce could remember, he didn’t know what to do…

“Maybe I could-“


Bruce’s rolled to his side and sat up in one movement, his dark eyes wide and staring at Wally, who was walking towards the bed, showing no signs of his wound except for the occasional wince.

The redhead sat on a corner of the bed and looked Bruce in the eye. “I know I’ve put you in a tight spot,” Wally began, guilt shining in his eyes “I’m asking too much of you…”

Bruce blinked, startled,

Wally sighed, rubbing his face quickly, trying to sort his own thoughts.
“I’ll tell you okay?” he said sharply, hurriedly, “Just… promise you won’t leave me… you won’t tell anyone… I… I know I can trust you.”

Bruce knew he was nodding before he could think. He had to admit as he promised silently to Wally, that he could love the redhead.
“I promise,” a relieved smile formed on Wally’s features and Bruce found himself speaking without another thought “And yes, I will go out with you.”

Wally’s eyes grew wide, his smile widening before he launched himself at the other man, wrapping his arms around Bruce tightly, his head tucking under Bruce’s chin.

Bruce paused, taken off guard as he slowly let his arms hesitantly wrap around the younger man.
“Wally… Are you crying?”

“No,” whispered Wally hurried burrowing his face into the crook of Bruce’s neck, sniffling. “That would be unmanly…”

Bruce chuckled; he couldn’t help himself, his arms tightening around Wally, a sense of comfort coiling in his chest.
“Promise you won’t freak out… or laugh…” Bruce’s smile slipped, and he nodded as Wally pulled away. “Kay,” breathed Wally, taking a deep breath “Damn, this is hard.”

Bruce kept silent, watching Wally carefully.

“Uh-… I should just say it right? …Well I- uh… I’m the Flash.”

When Bruce’s eyes refocused, he found Wally hovering over him, looking terrified,
“Bruce? Are you okay?”

But Bruce couldn’t answer; his voice was lost as he stared up the redhead, his jaw locked. His head was already teeming with thoughts which were flitting about in a confusing mess. The shock was keeping his dark eyes wide,

“F-Flash…?” he finally asked.

Wally smiled, a laugh bubbling up into his throat,
“Yeah, I said it would be a shock…” slowly the laughter slipped from his eyes and nervousness flooded Wally’s features.

The silence that followed was consuming, Wally anxiousness started to melt into fear.
“Hey! … Hey Bruce?!” the redhead’s eyes widened, hands touching the older man’s face “Are you okay...? Bruce?… Bruce, you have to breathe!” Wally’s frightened tone kicked instinct into gear and Bruce took a gulp of air, but it wasn’t enough to calm the younger man, who was still looking fearful, “You know… you promised you wouldn’t freak out… Calm down!”

Bruce did what he was told, slowly calming his heart. Then realisation began to set in and before he could help himself, laughter bubbled up in his chest and slipped past his lips. Wally’s fearful look grew; he stood and sped to the door in a blur,
“Alfred? I think Bruce is having mental breakdown!”

Bruce laughed harder, steadying himself,
“I-I’m fine…” he was able to choke out.

Wally snorted and raised an eyebrow,
“Bruce, you blacked out…” the redhead seriously, before a smile broke onto his face, “I’m never going to let you live that down, you know?”

Bruce chuckled,
“Get here,” he said, holding out his arms. Wally sped back and flopped into Bruce’s arms, smiling up at the older man before flittingly pressing his lips on Bruce’s cheek. “This is ironic as hell.” muttered Bruce to himself causing Wally to raise an eyebrow.


“So much makes sense now…”

“What? Was it that obvious?” asked Wally carefully, starting to look nervous again.

“Flash,” said Bruce smiling, “I haven’t been totally truthful with you either…”

“Wally,” corrected the redhead, but his eyes betrayed him and his curiosity was spiked.

“Wally, the reason I was so hesitant… is because I have a secret of my own.”

Wally’s eyes widened,
“Really…” he went silent for a moment, his eyes widening “Please don’t tell me your some evil super villain?”

Bruce chuckled,
“No… Come with me… I think it’ll be easier if I show you.”

Wally was led to the lower floor of the Wayne Manor, all the while Bruce was smiling and inwardly scolding himself for missing the obvious for so long; how he had ignored the familiarity he had felt whenever he was around Flash.

He approached a hidden lever and gently pushed it down.

A nearby wall groaned and shifted loudly making Wally start, his green eyes brimming with excitement. He darted for the revealed opening, paused and peered back at Bruce, who nodded approvingly.

The redhead disappeared, Bruce following slowly.

Wally stood in the centre of the cave, blinking slowly, only able to stare around him, at the looming stalactites above and the dark monitor’s metres away. But soon his eyes were stuck on a black cape and familiar mask. He pointed, mouth gaping. He turned back to Bruce, blinking hurriedly.

“All along… you…? Oh…”

Bruce almost expected Wally’s eyes to pop out of his skull, or for him to crumple to the ground where he stood, but as usual, the younger man simply straightened and shrugged it off with a bright smile. “It does explain a lot, doesn’t it?” Bruce laughed, barely prepared for Wally to throw himself at him and giving him a powerful hug. “I half expected you already knew everything about me.”

Bruce laughed,
“I never got around to it.”

Wally gave Bruce a raised eyebrow, before shaking his head and laughing,
“I won’t ask…” leaning up, the redhead caught Bruce’s lips with his own. Without hesitation Bruce kissed back, his arms coiling around the smaller man’s waist. When they parted, Wally was grinning crazily “We are so doing that more often.”

“Never in front of the League.”

“Are you crazy? Could you imagine Supes face?” Wally cackled wildly. “Hey! I guess this means the Gotham Gab got something right for once?”

Bruce couldn’t help it, he laughed and hugged Wally.
“Come on, I’ll book a table at a nice restaurant.”

Wally nodded in agreement,
“And then we should go ice-skating.”

Bruce was ready to shake his head, but caught the other’s convincing smile; it seemed infectious and he smiled back, rolling his eyes and chuckling. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was as he looked down the redhead in his arm, watching him with nothing but admiration and affection.

“I don’t see why not."


Second Glance
Part 2

A handsome redhead whisks Bruce Wayne out of harms way; and off his feet. Has Batman fallen in love with the hyperactive Wally West? Batman/Flash – BatFlash - Bruce/Wally
Slash - Light Yaoi


A/N: End! :D

And Sequel- there's kinda over on - [link]
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Prussia Songfic  (Terrible Things- Mayday Parade)

*****WARNING*****  This songfic is pretty sad... so if you don't really want a sad one, I suggest you don't read this one... sorry!  ^^;  
**Also, one more thing!  when I put the ~ symbol before the lines, that means those are the song lyrics!  :)

<Prussia's POV>

As we walked out of the church, my son stopped me.  "Dad, I want you to tell me about mom now.  You've put it off long enough.  I'm 17, I can handle it," he said grabbing me by the arm.  I looked at him.  

It had been 16 years since my wife, _______, had passed away.  I had never even told our son much about her... And I decided it was about time I did.  "You're right.  I'll tell you about her," I agreed as I walked with him to a bench just outside of the church and we sat down, and I started telling him.

"Well, when I was about your age, my mother had just died, and your uncle Ludwig was a toddler.  My father left me and my mom after Ludwig was born.  Shortly after, my mother died from an unknown sickness.  I was alone, looking after your uncle Ludwig, and all I needed was some help and some love.  I would get a girlfriend, but we'd break up immediately.  I never had a serious relationship.  But then, once when I was taking your uncle to his daycare, I met _______, your mother.  Actually how we met is when I was driving my car out of the daycare center, I accidentally drove into your mother's car...

We both got out of the car, and when I went to apologize, I saw her.  Your mother was absolutely the prettiest girl I had ever seen... She was absolutely breathtaking...I couldn't take my eyes off of her."

~By the time I was your age, I'd give anything
~To fall in love truly was all I could think
~That's when I met your mother, the girl of my dreams
~The most beautiful woman that I'd ever seen

"Your mother was strange...she would say the strangest, yet most romantic, things I've ever heard.  She said 'Boy can I tell you something wonderful?  I know this is strange to say, but I can tell by your eyes and the way that you're staring at me... That you're in love.'  That's exactly what she said.  Of course I realized that I was in fact staring at her, and I did in fact love her."

~She said, "Boy can I tell you a wonderful thing?
~I can't help but notice you staring at me
~I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe
~I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."

"Son, listen to me.  I'm telling you this for a purpose.  Life can be good, but it sure knows how to be cruel also.  Please, I'm just trying to protect you.  Will you remember that for me?" I asked him.

"...of course, dad," my son replied, nodding his head.

~Now son, I'm only telling you this
~Because life can do terrible things.

"Well, it just kind of went on from there.  We exchanged numbers, and started going on dates.  When we were old enough, we would go drinking with my friends Antonio and Francis, and her friends Elizaveta, Lili, and Michelle, and we'd all have a few drinks too many.  One time we ended up climbing on top of a really tall building, and we pretty much just sat there and watched the stars, telling  each other everything.  We didn't care; we were young and stupid... And this was love.  Anything  an happen when you're in love."

~Now most of the time, we'd have too much to drink
~And we'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything
~Too young to notice and too dumb to care
~Love was a story that couldn't compare

"Well, that building's rooftop became our 'place'.  We would go there all the time, and just talk to each other, or just sit in each others' arms, and cuddle.  Well, we made it almost a tradition that every time we went to our place, we would bring a 'present' whether it be a daisy, or a note that said something like 'I love you' and a drawing.  Well, one time, when we went up there, I had a little box, that I wrapped up in newspaper, and tied it up with string.  Do you know what was in it?

"... Is that when you proposed to her?"

"yeah, they little box had a ring in it, and I proposed to her right then and there, on the rooftop; our place."

~I said, "Girl can I tell you a wonderful thing?
~I made you a present with paper and string
~Open with care now, I'm asking you please,
~You know that I love you; will you marry me?

"Now son, like I said, life can be a good thing, like your mother's was... But it can also be bad.  I don't want this to happen to you... I'll hope and pray that God shows you differently...."

~Now son, I'm only telling you this
~Because life can do terrible things
~You'll learn one day, I'll hope and I'll pray
~That God shows you differently

"Your.....your mother...." tears were streaming down my face by this
point, "She was sick...... she was already 8 months pregnant with you...and when she had you, it all ended."  I  could barely choke out that last sentence.  "She said she only had weeks to live...she told me not to be sad.....she told me I was the greatest thing that ever happened to her.  And that went the same for me.  I had such a bad life.... _________ and Ludwig were my only family... And _________ is the only person I've ever truly loved."

~She said, "Boy can I tell you a terrible thing?
~It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks.
~Please don't be sad now, I really believe
~You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me....

I broke down into my son's arms.  Right then and there, I hugged him, and didn't let him go.  I couldn't.  He was a part of the girl I loved...and I loved him more that anything else.  It felt like an eternity.  He was crying too.  I saw the tears run down his young cheeks, and he was sobbing quietly into my shirt.  I'm a grown man and I was crying in public.  Nobody was around at the time, but it was still in public.  Only love could make a man do such a thing.  

~Slow.... so slow.....
~I fell to the ground.....
~On my knees.....

"Son, don't fall in love.  I can't put you through this pain.... You're all I have left.  You're a part of her.... And I would never put either of you through this pain.  Please, don't do it.  Don't fall in love.  You can't leave me too... I can't let either of us go though this pain.  If your given the choice... Walk away.  Don't put yourself through this," I cried between sobs.

~So don't fall in love there's just too much to lose
~If you're given the  choice then I beg you to choose
~To walk away, walk away, don't let it get you.
~I can't stand to see the same thing happen to you

"I only have one purpose anymore.  My only purpose in life is to protect you.  I have nothing else but you.  You are the thing keeping me alive.  All I can do anymore is protect you.  To protect you from the terrible things that life can do.  Because life can really do terrible things.

~Now son, I'm only telling you this
~Because life can do terrible things.

*****WARNING***** This songfic is pretty sad... so if you don't really want a sad one, I suggest you don't read this one... sorry! ^^;
**Also, one more thing! when I put the ~ symbol before the lines, that means those are the song lyrics! :)

This song belongs to Mayday Parade, and is called "Terrible Things", as in the title of this little fic. Okay... well, I went on "vacation" over the holidays (you could hardly call it that) and I was stuck in the car. For 13 HOURS. -.- So... I just typed this up on my iPad... and it's really not good. ;-; I really don't know why I wrote it... this song just came on while I was listening to my iPod, so I decided to make a songfic of it... I terrible sorry it's so badly written. Arrepentido!!! Anywho, so here u go Mayday Parade fans like me~! ;=;

Please, feel free to correct me on anything at all~! ^^

Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt), Germany (Ludwig) and Hetalia belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconyayprussiaplz: (even though you're dead in this. .-. /shot/)
Your vital regions belong to :iconyayprussiaplz:
Story-line belongs to :iconqui-qui900826:!!!
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It took several weeks for the doctors to allow Peter to leave the hospital, which was completely okay with the Stark husbands- as long as their boy got better. At first, Steve and Tony didn't want Wade to see Peter anymore; obviously convinced the teen was a very bad influence on their son. But Peter insisted and wouldn't let them hear the end of it, even after Wade nearly killed him. Finally, they started letting Wilson see and visit their son, again(even though, every night, he would sneak in through the window and sit with Peter and bring him a taco or some sort of Mexican food as a late night snack long before Steve and Tony agreed on letting him see Peter). But, finally, Peter was fully recovered, and was able to return home to the Stark Mansion.

In the beginning, things were a little tenser whenever Wade was around. He tried to tone it down a bit whenever he came over. Some of the Avengers still obviously didn't like him at first(Clint), but after the whole fiasco the first day Peter was taken to the hospital, some of them actually gained some mutual respect slash tolerance for Wilson. But they still kept a sharp eye on him. He tried to convince them that he wasn't going to try to kill Peter again. He didn't even know he was killing Peter in the first place. Had Peter told him he was Spiderman, well they wouldn't be in this mess right now, would they?

But, still. Things were better. Tony and Steve started to accept him. Steve started making them enchiladas every Tuesday for dinner while they watched TV or played video games in Peter's room. Natasha started greeting him a little friendlier every time he would pass her, and he would cheerfully greet her back. Tony even stopped trying to sabotage Wade and Peter's relationship after eavesdropping on them exchanging Valentine's Day gifts, and hearing Wade say he loved Peter after giving the boy a bouquet of chocolate strawberries(knowing those were Pete's favorite).

"Now, how am I supposed to hate a kid who goes and does cute stuff like that?" Tony complained while leaning his head against his husband's shoulder as they stood in the elevator, preparing to go find the two love birds and call them for dinner. Steve chuckled.

"I honestly don't mind him anymore, Tony. I think their relationship is rather cute. I mean, have you seen the way they're always holding hands?"

Tony groaned as they stepped out of the elevator and into the hall, moving down the carpet and to Peter's door. "It's not fair. I can't help but like him sometimes, y'know? He does pretty good things for Peter every now and then. And I even forget that I'm trying to hate him. But then there are the times where-"

Tony pushed open the door, freezing mid-stride with his hand still on the knob. Wade glanced up from where he and Peter lay on the bed; Wilson straddling the teen, with both of their shirts off. Steve rubbed a hand over his face.

"-where he does this?" he finished Tony's sentence, already knowing what was going to happen next.

"You have three seconds to get out of my house, Wilson!" Tony snarled. Wade jumped up, grinning. He quickly winked at Peter.

"Thanks for the fun, Petey!" he laughed, hopping off the bed and dodging Tony's furious attempts to grab him as he ducked and snatched his shirt off the ground. He let out another cackle as Tony missed another punch that was aimed for the boy's gut, but Wade merely scooted out of the way, scurrying away from the man and racing past Steve. "Have a nice day, Mr. Stark!" he called, sliding into the elevator and punching the button before Tony could reach him.

Peter sat up in his bed, his smile quickly disappearing as Tony returned to the doorway, fuming. He wagged a pointed finger at his son's face.

"I never want to see that menace again!"

Peter rolled his eyes. "Dad, I'm 16. I can do whatever I want with my boyfriend, okay? We were just making out, that's all." He glanced at Steve. "Tell him, Pops."

Steve smiled, grabbing Tony's hand. "Come on, Tony. Calm down. They're teenagers. Raising your blood pressure is what they're made to do." He motioned to Peter. "Text Wade and tell him to get his butt back over here. It's Tuesday, remember? I made enchiladas."

Peter laughed, reaching for his phone. "Pops, Wade hasn't even left yet. He says that he's halfway downstairs and 'can already taste the Mexican.'"

Steve chuckled. "Oh, yeah. This one's a keeper. Now put some clothes on."

The Captain tugged at his husband, who was pouting, pulling him to the elevator. The three got in after Peter slipped a t-shirt on, heading down to the dining room to join Wade, Natasha, Clint, Thor, T'challa, and Bruce for some delicious Mexican food.
Ohmygosh you guys this made me so happy while I wrote this you don't even realize that I am practically rolling around in fluff right now asdfghjkl; :iconiloveyouplz:

First part: [link]

Second part: [link]
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The rest was just a blur; Wade hardly remembered what had happened after that mess. All he could register at the moment was slow motion. His life literally felt like it was in slow motion. Maybe it was. But he could see in front of him rushing paramedics and nurses and Steve and Tony Stark leaning over the stretcher that held their dying son and Black Widow and Hawkeye and Black Panther and Thor all trailing after them, looking panicked and just everything. Wade merely followed, still in his Deadpool costume except with his cowl down. Everything was going wrong. Things weren't supposed to end like this. Everything was fine and perfect before all of this had happened…

x  x  x

"I'll see you later, Wade!" Peter had called to him hours earlier.

"Where are you going?" Wade had complained, not wanting his dear boyfriend to leave his sight as he leaned back on the couch, watching the teenager grab his cell phone from the coffee table and head for the door.

"Just gonna run some errands, that's all," Peter answered sort of cautiously, and now that Wade looked back on it, Peter looked as if he wanted to say something else, like something was on his mind and he needed to get it off his chest. But instead… "So, I'll see you," he chirped, smiling sweetly and continuing to the door.

"Bye, snookums! Have a fantastic time with whatever the hell you're doing!" He paused. "Unless you're cheating on me, then I hope you have a horrible time!"

He listened to Peter's adorable laughter as he shut the door. Wade smiled, jumping up and pulling off his normal-people clothes and into his Deadpool costume, slipping on the cowl. He slipped out of the apartment, deciding he should most likely hurry up with that job on "taking down the Spiderman." He rolled his eyes. It was probably going to be a piece of cake. What's a little spider got on him?

x  x  x

Wade let out a choked sob, his world whirling around him. How could this actually be happening? The unnervingly clean hospital started to spin underneath him, and he let out a whimper as he felt his legs buckle. He collapsed to the floor, staring down at the  blindingly white tiles as those damn voices wouldn't shut up.

You killed him.

His dad and pops aren't gonna be too happy about this.

No one's going to be too happy about this…

Well, what are you going to do, now?

Kill yourself? Ha, good luck.

I think he should try. It'd be fun to watch-

"Shut up!" he screamed, smacking his hands against his ears, shaking his head furiously, trying to make them stop talking. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

The voices grew silent, and he sat there, eyes squeezed shut, hands pushing on his ears, and his entire body trembling. He panted, not even noticing the tears that still streamed down his face anymore as he pried open his eyes to see Thor, Black Widow, Black Panther and Hawkeye all staring at him. Thor looked uncertain, Hawkeye just glared at him, Black Panther had a mask on, but Black Widow was just staring at him with the saddest expression on her face. They all knew who he was. They all knew Wade Wilson, the goofy, immature teenager that was dating Steve and Tony's son. They all knew him. Some of them didn't trust him, either. Wade had thought Natasha was one of them. He knew Clint was, and Natasha and him were sort of an item or something. So why was she looking at him like that?

"Sir, are you alright?" a nurse tentatively asked, taking an unsure step toward him. Everyone knew who Deadpool was. The merc with a mouth. Cable's old partner. The unstoppable assassin. And now look what he's done. He ignored the nurse, simply sitting there with his hands still over his ears, but not pushing hard anymore. He just stared straight at Natasha and no one else. Finally, she stepped forward, crouching in front of him.

"I forgive you," she said quietly and suddenly. Wade just stared at her, mouth slightly ajar, tears still slipping down his cheeks. "But it's not me you should be seeking forgiveness from." She then proceeded to stand up, stare at him for a moment and then turn and join the other Avengers in walking to the Waiting room. Wade sat there, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

The incredible, trained assassin: the Black Widow, just forgave him for possibly killing Peter Parker, her sort of nephew. But she's right. He shouldn't be sitting here waiting for anyone to forgive him. He needs to see Peter; he can't keep going until he finds out whether or not he's still alive. He needs to find Steve and Tony, too. They should be the ones he needs to speak to, right? He shakily pushed himself to his feet, staggering to the counter where the nurse blinked at him nervously.

"C-can I help you?"

He panted. "Where's Peter Parker's room?"

She frowned, shaking her head slowly. "I'm sorry, but I don't think you are authorized to go th-"

"Please!" he pleaded, looking desperate as the tears stung at his eyes once more. He needed to see him. He had to. And plus, Steve and Tony were most likely there, so yeah. "I have to see him, please."

She stared at him, obviously not sure about what she was doing, but she clicked something on the computer, and glanced back at him.

"Room 616," she said, and Wade was already gone, heading to the elevator. As he finally reached the floor in that godforsaken, slow as shit elevator, he rushed down the hall and to the door with '616' over it. He pushed it open, standing there, wide eyed, as an angered Captain America came plowing into him.

"How dare you come here!" he cried, pushing him considerably hard into the pale wall.

"I just came," Wade coughed, trying to speak around the Captain's arm pressing against his throat, "to see Peter."

Steve's face twisted up in remorse. "But you did this to him! How could you even care to-"

"Because I love him!" Wade cut him off. Steve froze. Wade hung there, hands gripping Captain's arm, trying to pull it off of his throat. "If I'd have known Peter was Spiderman, I'd have killed the guy who offered me the job!"

Steve stood there, silent for a moment. Tony suddenly appeared behind him, placing a hand on his husband's shoulder.

"Steve, let him go. I think the kid honestly cares about him."

Captain pulled back, whirling around and into Tony's arms, squeezing him hard and burying his face in the scientist's neck. "But what if Peter doesn't make it?" he sobbed, voice muffled. Tony brushed his cheek softly against Steve's.

"Don't think that. Peter's a tough kid. He'll make it."

Wade slipped past them. It wasn't his business to interrupt the Captain America and Iron Man while they were… interacting. He stepped deeper into the room, and up to Peter's bed. He stared down at the bruised boy, feeling the tears already stinging his eyes.

"How could I have done this to you?" he murmured quietly, sitting down next to the bed and lightly placing his hand over Peter's. He sat there in silence, listening to the steady beep of the heart monitor, just praying it never went flat. He didn't know how long he sat there, only noticing later that Steve and Tony were no longer in the room. So it was just him and Petey. Wade let out a soft sigh, shutting his eyes, and tightening his grip on Peter's hand.

What if he never wakes up? a voice whispered. Wade tightened his grip.

Yeah, what'll you do then, huh?

Maybe if you sliced you katana through your brain quick enough, you'd die faster than you could heal?

Or you'll just have to live your entire life knowing you killed your one and only boyfriend you ever actually loved.

"No," Wade murmured, eyes still shut. "Peter's not dying on me. I won't let him."

"Jeez, you're persistent," a weak voice piped up from before him. Wade's eyes shot open to see Peter squinting over at him, a small smirk on his lips. "You just won't let me die in peace, will you?"

An incredulous smile spread across Wilson's lips as he jumped up, ecstatic. "Wouldn't count on it, kiddo!"

He leaned forward, giving the teen a quick kiss before standing straight up, freezing. Wait. He glanced down at himself, realizing he still wore the Deadpool costume. Wade looked back up, meeting Peter's gentle eyes.

"It's okay," Peter murmured. "I forgive you… for, like, almost killing me 'nd stuff. S'cool." Wade rolled his eyes.

"Why'd you have to ruin the sincere moment, Petey? I was seriously gonna go all emo and dramatic on you and everything! It would've driven the readers insane!"


"Oh, nothing. Anyways, I should leave you to rest up, I don't want to keep you from healing-"

"Wade," Peter said, voice hard. Wilson froze from where he stood with his back turned, Peter's hand grabbing his and holding him back. "Stay… I… I don't want to be alone right now." Wade glanced back at his boyfriend, seeing the slightly scared and most frail expression he could have ever seen on Peter. But before he could say or do anything, Tony and the team of idiots charged in.

"Then it's a good thing I'm here then, isn't it?" he laughed, rushing forward and shoving Wade out of the way to reach his son. "Oh, Peter, we were so worried-" Steve crashed forward, pushing over Clint and Thor to bump into Tony. He grasped Peter's hand, bending over to stare straight into his son's eyes.

"Peter, oh God, I was so worried, I thought you were dead, I just couldn't believe it! I knew you'd be okay, see, I told your dad that you were a tough lil' kid, oh jeez, are you feeling okay? Do you need anything, would you like me to get you anything?" he rambled, looking completely distressed yet utterly relieved his child was alive. Peter smiled, blinking.

"There is one thing I'd like to have. Maybe just to myself, if it's okay…"

Steve gasped. "Anything! What would you like? A snack? A dog? Oh, I could get you a dog, even I wouldn't mind having a dog- But, what would you like?"

The room grew silent as everyone stared at the boy, waiting for him to answer Steve's persistent question. Peter's smile grew, and his eyes flicked past everyone and over to a nervous figure leaning against the wall. Peter's hazel eyes grew warm, and he let out a soft chuckle before saying one simple yet unexpected word…

I'M DONE. How's THAT for an ending, HUH? Gosh it's nearly 1 AM and I'm so tired.... Either way, I hope everyone likes it uwu

First part: [link]

Second part: this one, silly

Third part: [link]

Edit: Okay. I'm starting to have second thoughts on whether or not there should be a third part? Maybe I could do an epilogue, just showing what happened after Peter gets out of the hospital, or something? I dunno. What do you guys think?
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                                                                   Beholder's Eye

When Clark Kent walks out of the Daily Planet to the diner across the way, he doesn't expect to see the adoptive son of Bruce Wayne there.

Leaning against the counter with arms crossed and a contemplative expression painted on his face, Richard "Dick" Grayson seems to sense Clark's entrance. Snapping out of his thoughts as his head whips toward the door, he straightens the moment his eyes lock with the Justice League member's.

This is more than just coincidence. Clark can tell by the intense look in the boy's striking blue eyes, by the insincere curl of the mouth that is meant to pass for a welcoming smile. Really, by the fact that the kid's in Metropolis at all.

Batman's thirteen-year-old partner inclines his head toward the booth he's been saving for them (the same where he and Bruce always sit, the secret-Superman notices with a tiny smirk), and the two wander over.

At first, neither breathes a word. They merely stare at each other—Dick with determined, yet respectful eyes, and Clark with remotely amused, curious ones.

This strange brand of silence is broken as the waitress waltzes over to take their order. Without even having to ask Clark orders an apple pie, and from the  mischievous grin he's just been flashed, he knows he's done the right thing. Inwardly, he chuckles. Like Father, like son.

A few minutes later, and their dessert comes in. Clark nearly goes into stitches when he sees a widely-smiling Dick lick his lips; he can only imagine Bruce doing the same. The Kent cuts the small pie in half with a knife and, one fork each in their hands, they dig into the delectable treat.

Dick, the Kryptonian can't help but notice, eats it just the way Bruce does, down to where he starts (the crust), the smooth motions, everything. The man grins slyly and rolls his eyes good-naturedly when he thinks the kid's not looking (though he knows far better). Really now...?

However, this catharsis does not last for long.

In getting through one-fourth of his section of the pie, Clark calmly sets down his fork and clears his throat. Elbows resting on the table, he lays his chin on his laced fingers and narrows his eyes at the secret-Boy Wonder.

"What's this about, Dick?" he asks slowly, genuinely inquisitive.

The boy's mood shifts now from his favorite-treat-eating high, as evidenced by the minute furrowing of his brow and the frown that overtakes his normally cheerful face.


It is just one word, one name, but there is such a tender firmness, a soft disappointment, in the way it's spoken that Clark finds himself unable to fight back right away.

Finally, he averts his eyes, pretending to intently study the passersby outside. Not this again… First Bruce, and now his protégé…

Sighing heavily through his nose, he reaches up to adjust his glasses out of long-kicked nervous habit. Whatever happens this time around, it'd better be good.

"What about him, Richard?"

Dick clenches one fist tightly. His first name is only used by the few authority figures he trusts, and only when he's in major trouble or when things get Batman-level serious.

He knows well that it could be either or both right now.

"You know what, Clark!" Dick hisses, turning the tables on the older man by using his own moniker.

Back when he'd first met Superman shortly after becoming Robin, Bruce had given him explicit permission to use the Man of Steel's Earth-given name to let him know he was pushing the envelope too far. Clark had caught on to their little conspiracy rather quickly, but lucky for the three's sanity a reason to make good on this threat had not come about in nearly three years.

That is, until now.

So really, Dick isn't at all surprised when one of Clark's eyebrows shoots nearly to his hairline. He's surprised it's come to this, too. But really, what can the man expect when he's acting like such a baby?

The secret-Superman's eyes narrow angrily, and had he not been Batman's ward Dick is sure he would have been out the door and halfway back to Gotham by now. But he is Batman's ward—nay, Bruce Wayne's son—and so help him he is going to get through to this impossibly stubborn Kryptonian if it kills him!

Because Superboy—Conner—deserves that much. And so much more.

Clark, meanwhile, itches to leave. Truly, there's nothing stopping him. He can easily make it past Dick and out of here without giving up either of their identities.

But for all of his evading, Clark can't help but feel that something, even just slightly, is different about this argument with Dick, something that was missing when he and the boy's adoptive Father mulled over the same thing one week ago today. Somehow, discussing such a life-altering issue with a mere child…although he knows well that the youngest Grayson has been so much more than a babe since the night his parents died...compels him to stay.

Closing his eyes wearily, he curls his hand into a fist to take his mind off of its impulses, two of his free hand's fingers stretching to massage his forehead above his eyes. When the man looks up at last, aggravated blue eyes pierce Dick's own.

"He may have been created from my DNA, but that doesn't make me responsible for him," he asserts, voice immovable.

"Right! He is a part of you," Dick smirks smugly, and Clark grudgingly commends the thirteen-year-old's cleverness, "which is why you're the only one who can train him properly! He needs your help to reach his full potential, Kent!"

"But—look where he came from!" Clark tries despairingly, glaring down at his clenched fists. "How can he even look at me when he knows that he's just a copy, that he's nothing more than a living weapon created to destroy those that have become his friends and family?"

Dick says nothing for a long moment, but within another he's rested one small hand on top of the older man's much bigger one.

"And that is exactly why he needs you now more than ever." His voice is soft now with meaning and pride, his small smile conveying just the same. "You should see him during training, in the field! He's unbridled power, Clark, just like you! But he needs a teacher." The hand that is a literal miniature of Bruce's squeezes the secret-Superman's. "He needs you."

Yet the bespectacled man just shakes his head furiously and pulls his hand out from underneath Dick's. The boy can see it so clearly now, more than he ever has before: Clark Kent, secret identity of the amazing Man of Steel himself, is downright terrified of the implications of having a living weapon of a clone for a son.

And truly, Dick can't find it in his heart to fault him for that. Really, who could?

"There's nothing wrong with being afraid, Clark! No one can blame you for that! Even Bruce was a little thrown when Conner told everyone!" He cracks a smile at the man's startled-then-flushed visage, wide eyes and pale face shrinking to normal and washing red, respectively. He should have known that if there's no hiding from the World's Greatest Detective himself, his protégé would be no different. "But you can't just keep pretending he doesn't exist! Whenever Bruce, Barry, J'onn, and Orin come around, Conner always feels like he's not worth as much because he doesn't have a mentor like the rest of us." For a fraction of a second, the teen's eyes narrow. "And I know you've experienced his eagerness first-hand."

Clark ducks his head. It's true. He's been on the receiving end of that kicked-puppy look so many times over the last several months that it's been painful. The image won't leave him alone, no matter how much he wishes it.

He can't help that he's scared of this. His clone is perfectly kind and caring—a little angry, volatile, and on the stoic side, but these things are not at all unfixable. In fact, Clark would be lying if he said he hadn't expected far worse. But all the same, the situation and its subject being what they are…he doesn't know if even he is strong enough to face this.

"What do you want me to do, Dick?" he inquires helplessly. "I've—I've been horrible to him, I know, and I regret that, but I—I don't know…" He trails off, raking a hand through his hair with a heaving sigh. And even if he does get over his fear…how can he possibly fix what he's done?

When he peers across the table at Dick once again, then, he is shocked to see that a bright, loving smile has overtaken the young boy's face, that his blue eyes are shining.

"Be like Bruce was with me when he first took me in," he utters softly, and it is in this moment that his eyes glaze over in a way that says he's remembering something both crippling and dear to him. "G-give him space, of course, but when he's had enough solitude and you find the time," a quiet laugh sneaks past his lips, "be gentle and sensitive. Maybe sit up with him late at night, perhaps with some hot chocolate and marshmallows," his eyes flash with past laughs and chocolate-whipped cream mustaches, "and get to know him. Get close to him. Let him know you care, that you'll be there if he needs you." The film over his eyes doubles now as his baby blues all but pin Clark down with their intensity and love. "Let him know you love him, and rest assured he'll love you back."

An absent hum follows several instants after the last word is said, and Dick slowly comes out of his blast to the past to find Clark in a world of his own. Grinning gently, the secret-Boy Wonder stops a passing waitress and asks for a doggie bag for the rest of his pie. He knows Bruce will appreciate this treat, and perhaps Alfred won't mind splurging a little, too. Goodness knows the beloved wise-cracking butler could use a little more meat on his bones.

Pie-filled box in bag in hand less than a minute later, the child stands before a still-seated, still-contemplative Clark. Grinning affectionately—he really is such a kind man, just like Conner—he gives a half smile and a small wave, whispering, "Goodbye, Clark," before disappearing out the door.

He can only pray that he at least left a mark on the Man of Steel's stubborn armor of resolve.


When the Young Justice members return from a successful mission a few days later, there is a surprise waiting for them.

"Uncle J'onn!" M'gann squeals in delight, flying forward to hug her mentor tightly.

J'onn returns the embrace just as firmly, grinning brightly along with her. "It is good to see you, niece. How was your mission?"

The two leave the others behind as she tells the story to him telepathically, even going so far as to show him images from her memory.

"Yo, Uncle Barry!" Wally greets as the speedsters pound each other's fist. "What's speedin'?"

"Well, let's see…" Barry runs a few laps around the room, calling to Wally as he zips by, "me…me…and oh, yeah…me!"

Wally bursts out laughing. "Hey, leave some track for me to shred, man!" Revving up, he joins his uncle in their speed dance, both of them carefree and fun-loving as ever.

"My King!" Kaldur cries excitedly, beaming, bowing low a moment before straightening. "It is good to see you!"

The older gilled man rests an endearing hand on his shoulder and grins widely. "Well met, Kaldur'ahm. Our time apart has been too long. How are you?"

"I am very well, my King." He looks out to the others, smile widening in his pride. "We grow stronger and become more connected as a team every day." His silvery eyes are gentle and have a watery sheen as he turns back to his mentor. "It is all coming together."

Orin rests a strong hand on the youth's tattooed upper arm. "Indeed, it is, son." One eyebrow quirked, a smirk paints his lips. "Now, what is this I hear about you defeating twenty men in one go?"

"Batman!" Dick trills, beaming up at his mentor and adoptive Father before his expression shifts to a sly, knowing grin. Whispering in a voice only the man can hear, he asks, "Did you see us? We totally whelmed those creeps!"

The Dark Knight can't keep from flashing the smallest of smiles. In one swift movement he ruffles his beloved son's hair before that same warm hand rests on his shoulder.

"Yes, I did. You all did very well," Gotham's Savior praises. "Your leadership skills, especially, are taking serious root," he takes this moment to bask in the pride that it was his own protégé's impressive strategy that won the team this victory, "but we'll talk more about that later. Right now," Dick knows that if they were at home, Bruce would be licking his lips right now, "we still have a slice or two of that apple pie."

Dick laughs raucously, and Bruce beams. The blessed child…

Conner, however, is another matter entirely. The moment he walks into the room to see his teammates with their mentors, he steps back to fall into the shadows until called upon. As usual. Clenching his fists tightly to avoid making another dent in the headquarters' wall, he starts to walk toward the training room. A little physical exertion normally helps him forget things for a while…

A tentative clearing of the throat, and he snaps up, ready to pounce. But he drops everything just as quickly.

For standing there before him is the one man he's always wanted to see there, but never has. But now he sees it because Superman is there, and though he can't understand the how or why of it, he's happy.

A beam breaks out on his face, and the man visibly relaxes as he does his best to reciprocate.

"I'm s—" Clark begins, but is surprisingly cut off by a gentle finger to his lips. He glances down at the younger boy curiously.

"Don't say you're sorry," Conner requests. "We can discuss that later. But for now," removing his finger from his Father figure's lips, his brow furrows under the weight of his eager questioning; his soft, tender voice breaks through, "what made you change your mind?"

Clark gives a secret smile and peeks over his shoulder at a certain Boy Wonder.

"Let's just say a little Birdie told me."
I think I saw this done one other time, and it seriously got me thinking that even though Bats couldn't get through to Superman on the subject of Superboy, maybe Dick could? Thus, this little look at Dick and Clark's relationship, as well as Clark and Conner's (I'm calling him that because they're in a public place for most of the story and after-missions for another; pretend they gave him the name already), greets you all!

Hopefully it's all right! XD I've been sick for the past week and had a lot going on besides (A.P. Physics tests suck, impromptu company, etc.), so I'm really sorry if I missed something or messed something up (in which case tell me, please)! I tried to edit as best I could, but I'm really tired and coughing up a storm right now, so...yeah... XD

I hope the ending with Superman is believable (or that the big guy's believable at all, seeing as I've never written him before). I can't help but think, after looking so hurt at Superman's constant rejections, Superboy would be really ecstatic if his mentor/Father finally acknowledged him! Hence, his reaction and not being angry. He might be later, off-screen, but we'll never know (unless you guys wish otherwise, I suppose...)! XP

Artemis isn't in this one because she isn't really close with Oliver (Green Arrow)...and I thought it'd mess up the groove. XD Sorry, Artie fans, but you know it's true! XD

Thanks so much for reading, as always!
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There is reason why Artemis freaks out when Wally flirts with M'gann. Every time he uses a cheesy one liner on her, Artemis can't help but speak sarcasm to him. She doesn't like Kid Flash in any passionate way what so ever. He was like an annoying brother to her. She however becomes frustrated over it because she has a soft spot for M'gann. She's one of the sweetest girls she's ever had the joy of meeting. Not even, she most likely is the nicest alien she will ever know and if she was human, she'd by far get the award for most friendly human on planet Earth. Maybe she was over thinking the girl's kindness, but she had reason to believe all this.

Not only that, but she was a strong fighter. She knew she could take care of herself, but Artemis always felt the need to protect her during a battle. If the enemy was to knock M'gann down, Artemis would throw arrows at that person until they couldn't even move. She never really was the protective type. Actually, she never even got attached to anyone, yet here she was concerning over her teammate. Not to say she didn't worry about her other teammates in battle, but there was something different between her worry for M'gann and her worry for the others.

Artemis came to the conclusion that she liked the alien girl more than she should. She found herself staring at her for a little too long. She started talking to her more without even realizing it. She kept dreaming of her at night and in the day, she would always look forward to seeing her face and eating her cookies she made for everybody. She was perfect in her mind, even though some things like her 'Hello, M'gann!' got annoying. She didn't care, all of M'gann's flaws seemed to not bother her.

Kid Flash on the other hand was driving her up the wall. The more she saw him near M'gann, the more her anger boiled. At the moment, Kid Flash was grinning at M'gann with carefree eyes.

"You know cutie, you and me should go to the beach. Last time I didn't get to go, and I'd love to see you in your swimsuit." He winked as Artemis glared. Her irritation had decided to cause Artemis to break.

She walked over to him and slapped him right across the face. "Stop being such a pig and leave M'gann alone already! She's a beautiful, caring girl who doesn't need to have to deal with your pick up lines every day."

Kid Flash rubbed his now red face as he just looked at Artemis as he slowly backed away. "Hey, chill. I'll stop, jeez. You could have just said you wanted her and I would have backed off. Girl on girl action is always fun." Kid Flash smiled as he continued to back away.

Artemis gave him a death stare. "I do not like her like that, you pig! Shut up before I slap you again."

Kid Flash put his arms up in defense. "Hey, I may be a pig, but I'm not blind. If you think I've been flirting with M'gann for the hell of it, you are wrong. I've been doing it more often so you would finally tell her how you feel. See, I'm a nice guy."

Artemis stopped her glaring as she was taken back by his words. Was it really that obvious? Before she could reply back, M'Gann, who had been listening the whole time, flew out of the room. Kid Flash gave an apologetic look to Artemis. Artemis didn't even notice as she ran after M'Gann.

When Artemis reached the green skinned girl, she found her crying. Artemis walked towards her silently, placing her hand on the other girl's shoulder. M'gann looked up with watering eyes. Artemis was about to leave, feeling as though this was all her fault, but M'gann wrapped her arms around the blonde. Artemis repeated the girls motion cautiously as though she was afraid that any second M'gann would leave. M'gann rested her head on Artemis's shoulder, speaking into it.

"I...I've been trying not to think about you. I tried to fill my head with thoughts of Super Boy, but every time I tried, the image just went back to you. I never thought that you would ever like me because-"

Artemis stopped M'gann's doubts as she pressed her lips to hers. It only lasted for a short while, but it left an impression on both of them. M'gann looked into Artemis's eyes, smiling slowly. Artemis leaned in to kiss her again, but was stopped by Kid Flash who came into the rooming screaming "WAIT! Let me get my camera."

"I'm going to kill you!" Artemis said as she chased Kid Flash out of the room.

M'gann laughed musically as she watched them. She put her fingers to her lips, her smile growing wider. She whispered to the air, "Uncle was right, Earth really is amazing."
A Artemis/M'gann fanfiction because this couple needs more love!
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Why him? Jason thought as he banged on the door of a San Francisco  apartment belonging to one of the few superheroes who might not slug him  on sight. Why did the weird shit always happen to him? Finally the door  opened, and –

Looking down the tip of an arrow was sobering.  Not quite as sobering as a gun barrel, but still, y’know not something  to be taken lightly. Jason smiled at Connor Hawke. Inwardly, he was  honestly surprised by how good it was to see him again, weapons and all.

“Connor!  How’ve you been? I hear the family reunion didn’t go so well.” Anyone  else would have given him a rude gesture or a ‘fuck you’, but no, not  Connor. Subtle allusions to his dad and brother losing their fucking  minds only warranted an eye roll.

“What are you doing here,  Jason?” Connor asked, annoyed.

“Y’know, there’s no point in you  pointing that thing at me when we both know you can’t use it.”Jason  didn’t mind Connor holding a weapon on him, after all, they hadn’t split  on the best of terms, but he didn’t like having his intelligence  insulted.

“I got better.”  Connor lowered the bow, but kept it  strung.

“Good for you. I told you it was all in your head.”

“That  is generally where I keep my brain.  Now tell me what  you’re doing here, Jason.”

“I need to find your brother.”

“I  don’t know where he is. No one does.”

“Well, I need you to help  me find him, because there’s a dead girl in the back seat of my  car, and –"

"What!?" Okay, so he hadn’t really thought  that through before he said it. Was there a good way to say ‘your dead  niece isn’t dead’?

“No, I mean, she’s supposed to be  dead…”

“Jason. I repeat, what?”  If there was a good way  to break the news, Jason was saved from figuring it out when someone  small squeezed past his legs.

“Uncle Connor!”

”Lian!?”  Bow and arrow were dropped so that Connor could scoop the little girl  up in his arms.

“I told you to stay in the car…” Jason  muttered, and went ignored. He felt like an intruder. Connor’s eyes were  wet, and Jason had never seen that before – and he’d seen the man on  some pretty bad days.

“What happened?  You were… you were dead,  Lian.”

"I know. There was a nice goth lady. She told me there'd  been a mistake, and it wasn't time yet." Lian shrugged.  She glanced off  to the side. “And then I woke up.”

“Jay? You know anything?”

Jason  shrugged. “Connor, I don’t know shit about this. Well. The girl sounds  familiar, but all I know is that I found her wandering through the  rubble, and recognized her as Harper’s kid. I name-dropped you and Dinah  so she’d listen to me, and then I looked you up.”

“When was  this? And what were you doing in Star City?” Connor blinked as something  occurred to him. “And how do you know where I live?”

“Yesterday,  none of your fucking business, and I asked around.”

“Uh-huh.  Tell me, did you take her with you while you ‘asked around’?”

“What  do you take me for? I make her wait in the car.”

“Lian? Tell me  what Jason has done with you so far.”

“What the fuck, Connor. You  know I wouldn’t hurt a kid,” Jason snapped, indignant.

“Don’t  swear in front of Lian.”

“Still, you know me better than that.”

"I'm  not worried that you harmed her, Jason, I'm worried that you  taught her how to assemble an AR-15 blindfolded or something."

"Everyone  should be able to assemble an AR-15."

“Proving my point, Jay…”

“Oh,  can I? Dad won’t let me try one ‘til I’m older.”  Lian chimed in.

Jason  opened his mouth to reply, but caught Connor’s death glare and instead  said, “Better go with your dad on this one, kid. It’s a little big for  you.  Anyway, Connor, I haven’t exposed her to anything worse than some  fast food and a comic book, which I’m sure are both grievously warping  by your standards.”


“Seriously, have you  read one lately? They weren’t this dark when I was a kid.” Jason shook  his head. “So tell me, seriously, what happened with your folks?”

“Do  you want the long version or the short version?”

“Back-cover  summary. Dammit, Connor, don’t you have any real food?” Jason asked,  poking through Connor’s cupboards.

“That is real food, you’re  just not used to it.” Connor gave him the abridged version of events  since Prometheus’s attack on Star City.

“So, let me get this  straight. Everyone in your family flips their shit, and when you decide  to follow suit, you… tell your dad he’s an asshole? Connor, everyone  knows your dad is an asshole.” Connor didn’t respond. Jason smirked  at him knowingly. "It felt good though, didn't it?"


“Well,  good for you. I was beginning to wonder if you even had a temper. Next,  we’ll work on getting you a personality.” Jason glanced aside at  Connor, expecting another exasperated eye roll. Instead, he found  himself being tightly embraced.

“I missed you too, Jason,”  Connor tells him, with a kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah, yeah,” he  muttered, embarrassed. “Let’s find your dumbass brother before we run  into any more complications, or he does something really stupid.”
Scho!Verse #4.

Previously: Schrodinger's Girl

Next: I've Been Everywhere With You
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The Bible promises this: tough times are temporary but God's love is not-God's love endures forever. So what does that mean to you? Just this: From time to time, everybody faces disappointments and broken relationships-so will you. And when tough times arrive God always stand ready to protect you and to heal you. Your task is straightforward: you must share your burdens with Him.
As Corrie ten Boom observed, "Any concern that is too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden." Those are comforting words, especially during difficult days.
Whatever the size of your challenges, God is big enough to handle them. Ask for His help today, with faith and with fervor. Instead of turning things over in your mind, turn them over to God in prayer. Instead of worrying about your next decision, ask God to lead the way. Cast your burdens upon the One who cannot be shaken, and rest assured that He always hears your prayers.
Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. Psalm 55:22 (NASB)
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