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This is to help stop my more...negative view points and I'm gonna use this to point this out: I do not hate the New 52 in it's interity. I do like some aspects of it and I do enjoy some of the stories they do put out. But I have to admit there are some mistakes in this universe, but it seems that some of the writers they hired do know what they're doing.

I chose the Aquaman image here to let the king of Atlantis himself be an example of how there are good writers in this company: In some of the first comics Aquaman was a part of in the New 52, it appeared that people REALLY didn't know what htis guy was like in-universe. The police and goons laughed him off because he is the guy who 'talks to fish' and tries to fight him, only for said goons to get mopped by him and washed out with the help of his magical trident.

And then there's a humorous scene of him going to an old resturant he and his father went to when he was younger. People were shocked to see him there and when he bought a sea-food dish, they were even MROE shocked. Though admitingly the guy who mentioned the whole 'he's no one favorite hero' thing, I did kind of laugh when he got out the trident at him.

But what really is getting me to really read HIS Series is the scene I put on this poster: When he gives his waitress who is struggling to get her kids to collage has two golden coins as her tip. She asks him what to do with it, and he just says to use it's worth to get her children through collage.

THAT sells this guy for me, OK. This is what I kind of like in a hero: He doesn't want to be put on a pedestal, he doesn't want to be a favorite, he just doens't care about that. He just wants to help people in any way he can, even if he isn't AS popular sa Batman or Superman, he can still do good.

Sort of why I liked the end of a comic where this kid actually tells him he's his favorite hero, which did get me to smile a bit. and as a proud Aquaman fan, this series kind of shows WHY this quote-unquote 'joke' of a hero gets the fanbase he has and why he deserves it.

I am hoping people can let me know what other NEw 52 comics are actually well-written, that way I know which ones to check out if I ever get the chance.

And no, I do not own this image or anything to do with Aquaman.
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"Miracle boy" @ Batman

I loved the animated series "Young Justice" and especially the character Robin.
In the role of Robin I made myself, the very art in the style of comic books

You can find me at the following sites:

[Instagram] [link]
[Worldcosplay] [link]
[Facebook] [link] and [link]
[] [link]

I'll wait for new friends <33
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I finally drew something after this long time, wooooot! :iconmingflailplz:

It is my Flygon PokéSona Heatphones! I wanted to try out some black and thick Outlines, to check what it looks like.~

I drew this in Traditional and added some tiny effects with Paint.Net, since I don't got a Scanner yet. OTL

Heatphones, the Flygon (c) me, *Heatphones
Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Do not trace/copy/steal my Art! Make your own.
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Jason Todd stamp I made with Photoshop Cs5
stamp template here --> [link]

:bulletgreen: You are allowed to use this stamp on your deviant accont profile as long as proper credit is given :hug:
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I'm against rebooting the Spider-Man film series, plain and simple.

Why am I against it? Here's why:

1. IT'S TOO SOON!! Couldn't they have at least waited a few more years?
2. Spider-Man 3 DIDN'T SUCK! Sorry to disappoint you all, but that's my opinion. I think James Rolfe says it best in his "Top 10 Sequels That Aren't as Bad as Everyone Says" video (at 9:05) [link]
3. Remakes in general are REALLY getting old. I'm sick of all the remakes Hollywood does of movies nowadays, especially since they're remaking movies that are ALREADY GOOD. Why not remake BAD movies, like they did with the Incredible Hulk. We've already seen Spider-Man's origin story, so do we really need to see it AGAIN? In fact, the reboot's teaser poster says "The Untold Story". Yeah right...

The only thing interesting about this new movie is that the Lizard is the villain. I may go see the film just for that, but overall, I really don't have any hope for this film, or its planned sequel, for that matter.

UPDATE: I've had the chance to do a little more research on the film, and I've seen the actual trailer. If you want to know what I think, you can read my journal entry here: [link]

But my opinion hasn't changed. This film looks like it COULD be good, but I still wish it WASN'T a reboot.
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No I did not draw it.The creator of vg cats did. =3
Anyways,this will be my ID for a while.

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Updated it to make it look better. :)

Why isn't there a Wings of Fire stamp on here?
Okay, this has became one of my favorite books. It's inspired me to write a dragon story (which I am still planning out), and the different types of dragons and how organized the story is is awesome. I recommend you read this.
If you like Wings of Fire, use this stamp! :)

Wings of Fire (c) Tui T. Sutherland
Stamp (c) *The-Devious-Wolf
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Say hello to our good friend Kaldur'ahm, from Young Justice depected in Flashpoint Paradox. It looks like the animated films that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are making show more respect to the beloved Young Justice cartoon than the comics are (Given how they treated many of the characters that appear in that same series).

And this is also a good time to mention something with my own JLA series: I'm making these characters official in my JLA series as the side kick of some of the heroes, and the official sucessors of the Original Five members of the Teen Titans (Outside of Tim Drake that is):

Damian Wayne as Robin (Succedding Tim Drake)
Cassie Sandmark as Wonder Girl (With Donna Troy being Troia)
Mia Dearden as Speedy (Roy being Red Arrow)
Kaldur'Ahm as Aqualad (Garth being Tempest and Aquagirl being someone else)
and Jessie Quick as Kid Flash (with Bart Allen being Beyond-era Kid Flash)

But in all, I am liking how Kaldur is getting some respect...makes me wish Artemis gets the same amount of respect...
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:D This was a fun meme to do. Lol, memes are ALWAYS fun!

1. Dick Grayson why must you be SO awesome at everything you do :hug:

2. At first I didn't really like Artemis or Miss Martian, but 9 eppys in, I totally LOVE Artemis now :D

3a. Red Arrow - >_> There's only ONE bad boy for me and that's Jason Todd :D
3b. I can't remember the scientist guy's name who works in Cadmus D: But he def reminds me of Hojo from Final Fantasy 7

4. It speaks for itself.

5. Kid Flash x Artemis - :D Loving those two as a couple.

6. Super Boy x Miss Martian - :/ Happened waaaay too fast!

7. D: I don't like super powers :shrug:

8. It's Wonder Woman! That's all I need to say

9. Rose Wilson/Ravager - *ish still waiting for the day they put Slade in the damn show!* x.x He's too awesome of a villain!

10. Speaks for itself - ...That's what she said? :rofl:

11. :D Bats is the expert on protogees

12. Kiyamasho :evillaugh: You have been tagged again :D

Original link: [link]
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I felt like updating my ID (I also wanted to update my avatar, but I'm not sure I like the change).

All my mind babies want attention (and poor Damian isn't getting any either these days ^^;)
Featured are the 4 main protagonists of my 4 concepts:
GoldenBlood- Damia (Amon)
BlueJay- BlueJay
The Creator- Enza Emmerich
Sin Eater- Chrome (with his bird Nevermore)
Along with KF, Robin, and Damian :D

KF, Robin, Damian (c) CN and DC
Enza, R.J., Damia, and Chrome (c) me
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