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Hee everyone!

The fourth and final chapter of my The Winter Soldier (Bucky x Reader) fanfic. It's called: Missing Assassin.
Sorry it ends rather abruptly. If people are interested I could always continue to write about what happens next.

Hope you like it!

Previous chapters:
Memory Wipe
Come back to me
A debt to pay

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Rise of the Fallen Part 1 (Bucky x Reader)
Lost Artifacts part 1: Meeting a God (Loki x Reader)
Seeker of Truth chapter 1: The Battle of New York (Avengers x Reader)
Time after Time prologue: Prologue (Tony x Reader)

Also see my Avengers one-shots:
Finding your Purpose (Avengers x Reader)
Always (Steve x Reader)

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture or any of the Marvel characters, but I do own the storyline (I think...)
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Well, that was fun. :XD: Poor Steve. . .  Oh wells! :icondivaplz: 

The song used is Raining Men, by the Weather Girls.

 I have a lot of good memories connected with this song, so I thought that it was appropriate for this. :aww: I apologize now for grammar and spelling errors- I only did a singular edit because of how tired I am. 

How did I do on my first Captain America story? Was Steve in-character? Gosh, I feel like I might have killed him! :noes: :nuu: SAVE CAPSICLE! :nuu: 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover photo used, Marvel, Captain America (Steve Rogers), or Chris Evans. :sniff:  
Raining Men (c) The Weather Girls
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Let's look over to who I've made into Injustice guest fighters. My first GF entry was F-Zero's Captain Falcon, who was a Wii-U guest fighter. Then there was the PS3 guest fighter Kratos from God of War. Now here's a guest fighter for a 360 version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Fulgore from Killer Instinct. So buckle up everyone 'cause there is bound to be some C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!

*Believe it or not, Fulgore is talking in Injustice. I figured he'd be voiced by Andrew Kishino, who voiced Sektor in Mortal Kombat 9.
*And yes, his super move is inarguably an ULTRAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! All said by the voice from the upcoming Killer Instinct reboot for the Xbox One.
*Yes, Regime is still evil (after all, this the Injustice universe we're talking about.) but Ultratech is no better. That's why in Fulgore's ending, a Killer Instinct tournament is held. Now let's imagine not just your usual Killer Instinct characters in the tournament, but also the Insurgency in it as well. What would you wanna see: Batman vs. Sabrewulf? Harley Quinn vs. B. Orchid? Deathstroke vs. Jago? The Flash (who turns away from Regime in story mode) vs. Glacius? Green Arrow vs. Chief Thunder? Grundy vs. T.J. Combo? Or how about Lex Luthor vs. Fulgore?
*Cyborg's "Are you my mommy?" quote actually derives from that from the LEGO Batman movie.
*Fulgore mistakes Deathstroke for Jago because both Slade and Jago use swords and they both wear masks.
*There's some fourth wall breaking Fulgore's clashes with Harley Quinn (attack clash only) and The Joker, all concerning how Killer Instinct is played out.

Fulgore Rare Ltd.
Injustice: Gods Among Us NetheRealm Studios, Warner Bros. and DC Comics
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. . .:iconimhappyplz:

M'sorry! I'm writing so much. :iconotlplz:
No more until tomorrow. XD But I just had to get this down/out.

This idea popped into my head after, for the first time in years, I almost fell off the bed. And off the side with little room. Scared the hell outta me. So I thought "What if we put Dick in this situation?" And thus this was born.

Sorry for making Dick cry twice in two days. DaddyBats would kill me. OTL and yes I like to make Wally shirtless in bed. Don't judge me.

Listened to:
"Love Will Find a Way" from the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
"At the Beginning" by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis

I welcome comments~ They keep me from acting on my violent urges. ^^

Kid Flash/Wally West & Robin/Richard "Dick" Grayson (c) DC Comics
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I had half a mind to disable comments because I didn't want to deal with over religious people, but I changed my mind because I wanted to see your view's on other/all Religions
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Hee everyone!

My first Thor x Reader fanfic. I don´t know if I portrayed him properly, but I hope you like it! If you do: please comment, fave or watch. Would mean a lot to me and I will always thank you for it!

Also see my series: 
Lost Artifacts part 1: Meeting a God (Loki x Reader)
Seeker of Truth chapter 1: The Battle of New York (Avengers x Reader)
Time after Time prologue: Prologue (Tony x Reader)
The Winter Soldier chapter 1: Memory Wipe (Bucky x Reader)
Rise of the Fallen Part 1(Bucky x Reader)
Thinking about you - Part 1 (Steve x Reader)
Stay with me (Steve x Reader)

Also see my one-shots:
Finding your Purpose (Avengers x Reader)
Always (Steve x Reader)
Forget about me (Steve x Reader)
Crazy about you (Chris Evans x Reader) 
Cross my heart (Chris Evans x Reader)
Coming Home (Scott Summers x Reader)
Heroes of New York (Steve x Reader)
Two Pink Stripes (Steve x Reader) One-shot
I love you too (Steve x Reader) One-shot
You don't have to be alone (StevexReader) One-shot

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture or any of the Marvel characters, but I do own the storyline (I think...)
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Since I was incredibly pissed off about the recent incredibly stupid things said by Mark Millar and Todd McFarland (… ); I decided to write a story written as a counterpoint to their words. It is also against, in a way, one of the worst aspects of comic nerd culture: the sexism. Most of all, it's against the victim blaming done against rape victims in so many rape cases lately, for example the case in Steubenville, Ohio (which in part inspired the events of this story).

When a girl is raped by four football players and is the one blamed for it, Superboy steps up to defend her as the real victim even as their fellow students and even the principal is willing to give her rapists a pass. In the end, it's up to the Boy of Steel to make things right.

As Connor is presently attending McDuffie High in the New 52 (see recent Superboy issues), I decided to set the bulk of the action there. Mr. Levine is the guidance counselor there so he was brought in as well.

I say stop blaming the victims of rape for the crimes against them, stop abuse period, and stand against the rampant sexism going around.

Story by me

Superboy and related characters belong to DC Comics

Cover art taken from Adventure Comics, art by Francis Manapul

Edit 8/12/13: OVER 100 FAVES IN UNDER 8 HOURS! Thank you all! I don't know if you're faving for the story or the art I chose for the preview image (seriously, DA, you can't preview a PDF?); but either way I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Edit 8/13/13: ALMOST 1000 FAVES A BIT OVER 24 HOURS LATER Thank you all! I wish I could thank you on your pages; but DA will prevent me from doing so (since the site will think I'm spamming). And I can't keep up anyways! Plus it's on the front page of the site! Once again, thank you all!

Edit 8/14/13: Names and grammar fixed
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For [link] (Flash Fic Month)

July 2 entry. 1000 words, excluding title.

True story. -_-
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I haven't upload poems cause I was writing complete bullshit. This is an attempt of positive writing... Fuck I really suck at it. I generally suck at writing so yeah... I don't even know
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