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Because why not?
I couldn't decide who I wanted to draw so I just went with the whole 'sidekick' to Justice Leaguers crew~
The more the merrier!?! :D

I have Scribblenauts on my phone and I have to say, it's pretty fun. Think I might get this game for my brother since he likes it as well.

Anyways, enjoy :)

From left to right:
Robin, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, Green Arrow, Speedy, Superman, Supergirl, Aqualad, Aquaman, The Flash, Kid Flash, Wonderwoman, Wondergirl

All characters DC Comics
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Yeah, yeah it is a remake of this… , and because of my unquenchable thirst for drawing my opinions rather than writing them (due to my partial laziness...)... also to make this little gallery a little more popular.

What can I say about Batman ? The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The Taco Hater, , The World's Greatest Detective ? (Okay, I disagree about that one... Mickey is a superior detective , for he solves mysteries, has no gadgets, has to rely on his gaunted fists, speaks in a falsetto voice and stays poor in most of his stories...)

Needless to say, like a lot of people out there ,I love Batman and the mythos around him (And yes I also love Adam West's ! Seriously , have people no sense of humor Whatsoever these days ?).
In order to show what I love so much about it, I respected my only comics rule ( If you love it, keep it . If you hate it , slay it.)
True , it is not subtle or logical to do so, but I took every aspect I loved from the comics (mainly 80's,90's, early 00's )the DCAU and the video games, stuffed them all into 3 A4 papers and forcibly stapled them together...I'll think of a logical structure and chronology another day... or week... or year perhaps...

So Enjoy the columns, here are the different groups (in case you wonder who is who ...)

1 Commissioner James Gordon,Renee Montoya , Harvey Bullock , Oracle (Barbara Gordon), Huntress (Helena Bertinelli),Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Robin (Tim Drake), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Nightwing (Dick Grayson) ,Alfred Pennyworth ( Your God almighty !)

2 The Bat-computer... a toy T-Rex... a giant card... rocks and bats...

3 Anarky (Lonnie Machin), Catwoman (Selina Kyle) , Harvey Dent (now repaired physically ...we don't guarantee for his mind however...) , Edward Nashton ( the "reformed" Riddler...), David Cain (good contender for worst dad ever), Talia AlGhul (If anyone asks, NOT pregnant in this Kanon...) , Ra's Al Ghul (you have no idea how this name is funny when you actually speak arabic...)

4 The Joker (will ,or needs to, eventually play his own version of Hungarian Rhapsody #2...), Some hyenas, some dolls, Bob (because Bob is just awesome ! That is why!) , Harley Quinn ( popularity boost , here I am ! Mwahahahaaaa !), Captain Clown, Killer Klowns from Outer space (because to people who love clowns , like yours truly, THEY ARE DEFACTO members of the Joker Troop !)

5 Professor Hugo Strange , The ScareCrow (Dr. Jonhathan Crane), Hush (Dr. Thomas Elliot), Mr Freeze (Dr. Victor Fries) , The Mad Hatter (Dr. Jervis Tetch) , Poison Ivy (Dr. Pamela Isley) , Man-Bat (Dr. Kirk Langstrom )

6 The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot), The Ventriloquist (errr... I don't know, I like both ! You vote !) , Catman (S6 version of Thomas Blake) , Deadshot (Floyd Lawton or Lord Pornstache ...) , Killer Croc (Waylon Jones), Charaxes ( Drury Walker... yes ! Because charaxeses are really cute and fluffy !) , Solomon Grundy ( Cyrus Gold), Bane (S6 version), Clayface (Basil Karlo and the rest of the fucking Mudpack ! Couldn't they pick one and stick to it ?)

And before concluding , my quick opinion on the Batman movies I watched :

Batman (1989) : AWESOME ! Never got tired of it , basically a comic book come to life !

Batman Returns (1992): Great stuff ! Also has the best score in all of them...

Mask of the Phantasm (1993): My favorite of the entire bunch !

Batman Forever (1995): worth it if you watch it in RiffTrax ...

Batman & Robin (1997): You want ONE redeeming factor ? There you go…

SubZero (1998) : Basically WB's apology for Schumacher... Watch it !

Return of the Joker (2000) : Thumbs up !

Patient J (2005) : If you haven't watched it, what the hell are you waiting for ?

The Nolan Trilogy : Here…

Well to properly end this, I'll have to salute Supporting characters and antagonist that bit the dust in this Kanon or did not appear due to lack of space...


Thomas & Martha Wayne (Well duh...)

Jason Todd (kid, you're seen as the dark horse of Robins... while you were a really likable kid...R.I.P....)

Roman Sionis (At the end his battle against Catwoman, Black Mask falls from the top of the building right into the sewer ... but because he's no Wile E Coyote, it did not end well. Look I like the guy fine, but on the other hand, this means War Games and all the crap that follows is null and void ! Hurraaay !)

Sarah Essen-Gordon (...the scene speaks for itself...)

Jean-Paul Valley ( drowned in a river...)

Now that was fun, any question ?
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I decided to try the contest, too...with SHAZAM!!!

Captain Marvel first appeared in "WHIZ COMICS" #2 (1940) published by Fawcett, but due to some legal stuff, his publication stopped in 1953. Later on in 1972, he found a welcome home at DC Comics becoming one of the most popular characters in the DC universe. I drew the "NEW 52" version where he first made an appearance in a back story in "Justice League #7". No longer 'Captain Marvel', he is now only known as "SHAZAM"!
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An idea I had for glamorous versions of female comic characters and I was influenced by 1950's fashion ! This is a pic of my versions for Harley Quinn,Poison Ivy and Catwoman! I also have versions of Wonder Women,Black Canary etc but I dont think I will be doing any of them soon! Hope you like!
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Crazy A3 commission : traditionnal painting + ink + white pen ! hope you like it !
   folow me on facebook :…
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This image I drew is from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.  One of my favorite Batman movies.  I just love this image and just the whole story that lead up to this moment.  Because in this film the writers made a little twist as to why Bruce decided to become Batman.  It was basically his only option because he had just lost his only chance at love and happiness... Strong stuff.
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I don't think I've ever posted this. It's a Batman family vs Rogues Gallery pencilled by Luis XIII(?) out of South America.
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I drew small chibi of a few villains from Batman... standing on my Batman the Animation (1992) DVD boxes.

the photo is taken with my phone, and it doesn't have the greats camera of the world.

It supposed to look like a stair way and with Joker and Harley at the top :D

if you cant see who's on it Ill tell you.

Top: Harley and Joker
3 "floor": Poison Ivy
2 "floor": Jervis Tetch - Mad Hatter
1 "floor": Jonathan Crane - Scarecrow
button: Oswald - Penguin, Edward E. Nygma - The Riddler, Harvey Dent - Two Face

This is the first time I drew:
- Harley
- Poison Ivy
- Oswald - Penguin
- Edward E. Nygma - The Riddler
- Harvey Dent - Two Face

New note (6 December 2011): this is now official the most faved drawing (photo) I posted :P lol.. C: keep favoring it to keep it as nr 1 :D
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And here is Batman :) It turned out better than I expected!

(So a few people asked me if I could draw the rest of the Justice League.. I'll do it, but it won't be for now, maybe next month...)
EDIT: I changed my mind, so I'm doing it now.

It's a part from my DC-portraits, here is Green Lantern -->…
Flash -->…
Aquaman -->…
Superman -->…
Wonderwoman -->…

I colored it with photoshop (for the first time), and used this pics as references :… &… by *Sirius-sdz

Hope you like it!

Batman belongs to DC (c); Bob Kane & Bill Finger
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preview from the upcoming Batman The Legend trading card set from Cryptozoic and DC Comics
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