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Commissioned Work to :iconkenyun1975:

Man Of Steel I'm so excited!! ~~ :heart:!


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i just need to draw this one... now back to work OuO
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Anime drawing of the Man of Steel sequel... with Batman. I honestly can't understand why Ben Affleck's getting negative criticism, I think he'd make a great Batman.
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EDIT:::: Finally added Jolteon on my application. Sorry, everyone--and I don't have access to Photoshop atm so I had to write his info in. Please ignore the change in quality.  /EDIT

Yahho~ finally finished with this thing.
For Sixfold-League's Pokemon contest..
This is actually still in my "old style" so you might see some of the new one in later rounds.. if I stay for that long!? (´∀`)ゝ

I have no idea what I'm doing at this point, but here goes c:



Name: MIN
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Personality: Bubbly, yet dedicated. Very attached to her pokemon.
Brief History: Had a late start to battling pokemon--she has known Ellie since she was young, from when her older sister started training. The two had grown closer and closer until Min was entrusted with Ellie, and since then, her sister had only briefly explained the basics of battle before pursuing her interest in pokemon research and medicine. MIN may someday join her sister in research, but branch off into behavioral studies rather than medicine.
MIN met her typhlosion, Gao, one day when the latter saved her and Ellie from a pokemon attack. He retains a scar on his chest from that time. Since then, his sense of loyalty to her has grown considerably and he is very protective of her.
For a few years, they continued in this group, until MIN began broadening her horizons as a pokemon trainer. Thus, she met Muir, and the team of four decided together to enter the Sixfold tournament. Everyone has their own reasons, but MIN in particular would like to come back victorious to her dear sister so that she would be impressed.
MIN has a weakness to cute pokemon (and people) and will often hesitate before even considering battling them. She has gotten better since the beginning, but still needs a bit of persuasion.



Name: Ellie
Species: Whimsicott
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Quiet and shy, but quite loyal and quick in battle.
Ability: Chlorophyll
→Energy Ball
→Shadow Ball
→Giga Drain
Misc: Has known Min the longest, and had once belonged to Min's sister. She doesn't like to start fights, and will hesitate toward large enemies.

Name: Muir ("myoor")
Species: Dewott
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Loves to fight, but often overestimates his own ability. He likes being challenged, but hates to lose.
Ability: Torrent
→Hydro Pump
→Ice Beam
Misc: Muir's habit of thinking himself stronger than he is and rejecting help from others worries MIN's team.

Name: Gao
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Strong and protective. Retains scar from a past battle.
Ability: Blaze
→Wild Charge
→Focus Blast
→Rock Slide
Misc: Second to join Min. Saved her from a pokemon battle that was going terribly awry, as a result leaving him with a scar on his torso as well as a strong desire to protect Min.

Name: Latte
Species: Minccino
Gender: Female
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Very young. Fond of coffee, chewing on things, and trickery.
Ability: Cute charm
→Hyper Voice
→Tail Slap
Misc: Latte is quite shy on the outside, but she evidently has learned early that she can use cuteness to get her way. MIN yet has trouble commanding Latte, though she is patient.

Name: Vayn ('vein')
Species: Murkrow
Gender: Male
Nature: Lonely
Characteristic: Holds himself in high regard. Wary of everyone.
Ability: Insomnia
→Aerial Ace
Misc: A bit snobbish in behavior. Likes to keep to himself for the most part. Latte seems to be quite fond of Vayn, much to his dismay. Wears a red collar as an accessory.

Name: Cleo
Species: Jolteon
Gender: Male
Nature: Mild
Characteristic: Stays quiet during most conversation, but offers his opinion when it's appropriate.
Ability: Volt Absorb
→Thunder Fang
Misc: Newest addition to Min's team. Cleo is not timid, but rather, has little to say. Quite likeable, and very smart. However, he sometimes is a bit naive with his kindness--i.e., he's prone to help the enemy sometimes.
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SUPRISE. Apparently I'm rejoining Pokimono because :iconloverofscythe: decided Kronos needed more pretty boys to play with. And I'm always happy to answer a call for more pretty boys. THOUGH, I'm currently still finishing up a comic job and will not be able to participate in much RP/group stuff for the next two weeks, but after that I'll be around. I just needed to do something to unwind after work and finishing up his written app happened to be it.

Also, I haven't legit colored digitally in about two year and tried a different technique than I previously used so...idk. It's all rly shiney? Textures from origami paper from Japan that i own and scanned.

Name: Sonoda Jin (surname, first name)

Pokemon: Toxicroak

Age: 27

Village: Gale Spring

Job: Healer

Ability: Poison Touch

-Poison Jab 

Likes: Luxurious items such as fine clothing, money, people (one on one), his family, Ginko, shinobue flute, traveling, poison, kampo healing, pressure point healing, food delacacies of the the Jade Imperium, touching people (likes physical contact), people with sharp wits and tongues, gulible people who are easy to manipulate

Dislikes: Boredom, staying in the same place too long, people (in large groups), Ginko, touching people (has a 30% of poisoning someone by touching them), people who can't be reasonsed with, people whe are very dense, battles/having to physically exert himself too much (he's kinda lazy)

Personality: Jin is a people person, flat out. Dressing ostentaciously and acting forwardly, he easily attracts attention to himself and rarely lacks the entertainment of being with another person. He finds people fascinating and entertaining and will often do and say things simply to gain a reaction, and these reactions allow him to learn how a person thinks and acts quickly. Often he judges someone's personality and character within minutes of meeting them, after that it's a game with himself to see if they can surprise him or if his judgements were correct. 

Not only does he assess someone's personality quickly, but also quickly determines what he thinks he can gain from a person. Whatever that is that he could gain will determine how he acts with the person. If there is something he could gain in the long-run, he will do his best to befriend the person. If there is something he can get in the short term, he will act in whatever way he thinks will garauntee him his prize. He's very much a chameleon in personality and will always be whatever he thinks will help him most (or entertain him most) in every given situation. This is also the reason he dislikes groups of people-he can't be what each of them needs to maximize his gain without being obviously seen as two-faced. One on one interactions suit him much better. 

The only people who know his 'real' or geuine personality are his family and Ginko. In actuality, he tends to get too attatched to people or care more than he should for them and does feel guilty for the results of some of his mindgames-but the gain usually outweighs this guilt and allows him to brush it off or bury it internally. 

History: Home may be Gale Spring for Jin, but his heart belongs traveling, a trait he gained from his father. His father came to the Sun Empire from Jade Imperium as a traveling healer, offering his knowledge of herbal medicine to those in need. Eventually he made his way to Gale Spring, settled down there, married a priestess, and together they had three children. 

Jin and his older brother and younger sister grew up at the shrine his mother is a priestess at, all learning traditional practices, rituals, and musical instruments to help with the up-keep of the shrine and the festivals that took place there. And none of it every really struck a chord with Jin. He didn't like being stuck in the same place doing the same things day in and day out in attendance to the shrine.

His brother grew to be the protector of the shrine, the honorable eldest son doing his noble duty to his parents and their legacy at the shrine. His younger sister began preparation to take over as shrine preiestess for their mother....and Jin was simply the restless and somewhat forgotten middle child. His restlessness had been fed over the years by his father's stories of traveling the world and of the Jade Imperium, and when he was 18 he left the shrine with only his knowldge of kampo herbal medicine that his father had passed down to him and a small amount of money he'd saved over the years.

Finally free and able to honor his father in his own way, he took up the job of traveling healer. At first jobs were hard to come by as someone with no reputation, but he learned if you offer your services to both the lawful and unsavory it is possible to earn far more money. Especially if you also don't mind peddling your poison to those unsavory characters as well. 

In time he has gained a reputation as a healer who is more than willing to attend to those ailing on either side of the law, and is a skilled healer. 

No so long ago a young samurai, Ginko, tracked him down while he was passing through and requested that he please save her father, though the family had nothing to repay him with. Telling them he'd collect his payment later, he healed the girl's father. Upon attempting to leave, saying he'd return for payment, Ginko insisted on paying him instead by becoming his bodyguard. The offer was tempting, but he declined. Ginko came anyways, saying it was her duty to repay him. He again argued that he'd just come back for cash later and that she was better off staying there, yet she continued to follow him anyways. Eventually he just gave in.

Ever since the pair has been traveling accross the Sun Empire, making periodic stops where a healer is needed (such as the Theatre in Scorched Mountain to attent to the performers and dancers), answering to requests for a healer, and to those in his large web of aquaintences who need his skills of healing or of poison production

Additional info: 
-6' tall
-Is exremely fast and agile, but but his heavy and ornate way of dressing often hinders this
-Protective of his family 
-Constantly tries to evade Ginko and tell her she's gaurded him long enough for her debt to be paid (but secretly doesn't want to lose her as his traveling partner)
-Protective of Ginko
-As a Toxicroak he produces deadly poison, which he can excreet from both of his middle fingernails
-He doesn't know how many people he's accidentally poisoned, hurt, and possibly killed because of his ability...which is part of the reason he's a healer, to make up for any damage he's accidentally caused (he'd NEVER admit this though)
-He believes strongly in balance
-He's very skilled at the shinobue flute as she's been playing it since a child, originally for shirne festivals and now as a way to pass time traveling
-Morally ambiguous
-Is fond of Shira, my previous pokimono character, and attends to her as a healer at the Theatre
-Half Sun Emperian, half Jade Imperiumian (so basically like half Japanese, half Chinese)
-His mind games often get him in trouble, if it leads to a fight he WILL try to evade and escape. If Ginko is around she will jump in to protect him, or if worst comes to worst he will use his poison.
-Sometimes get mistaken for a chick
-His a smooth and melodious voice
-He has birthmarks like the markings of a Toxicroak
-His nails are naturally blue, save for his middle fingernails which are red and poisonous 
-Medicine wise he's VERY good at treating poisons and venoms because he's so well acquainted with them, being a poison type himself
-Lived in the Sun Empire before the Kami War and made a fair chunk of money off of healing the wounded during and after the war (he was always a far away from the battles though)
-Can be quite cowardly 

Ginko is :iconcounterfeit-placebo:'s character. 

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Name: Amell
Age: 193 (Appears about 27)
Birthday: 6th of Stars, Lucernae, Year of Beginnings (8097) | 22 of Silk Worm, Year of Lambent Amber Falcon, True Animal: Crane, Secret Animal: Raven (manymuch birds :U)
Gender: Male ♂
Height: 6'2''
Race: Dark Elf

Class: Mage - Wizard
Occupation: Scholar of History and Magic—specifically Dark Magic | Also occasionally works with Non-Mage Alchemists activating mechanisms with Runes
City: Koben
Allegiance: Koben Empire

Personality: + Intelligent + Even-tempered + Understanding + Loyal + Gentle
- Reserved bordering on cold - Negligent - Dangerous in anger - Slow to release grudges

Amell is reserved and even tempered. A scholar most at home amid books and solitude, he tends to be reticent in company. While he is a dry wit and loyal with friends, he doesn't trust easily, and is cool with strangers at best. There is a part of him left over from childhood that's bitter and angry, though he works to keep it at bay with a level head and stoic presence. He honestly does not wish to be that angry or spiteful again in his life, as he is truly grateful for the opportunities he has received, but every once in a while it comes to the surface. He is scathing in the face of rudeness or pity, and holds grudges for long periods of time. He's a reasonable person, though not necessarily a good one, and if sufficiently angered, wouldn't think twice about meting out retribution with magic. He also tends to make decisions based on logic rather than sentiment (at least, he thinks he does; his house, on the other hand, he has left untouched since his Mentor died). As a historian, he has a tendency to regard people—himself included—coldly as mere pinpoints in history, no matter their social standing. His calm facade is in part his way of masking this detached side of himself, feeling even now that his kind old mentor would be disappointed in such aloofness.

Amell is deeply devoted to his studies, and finds the most happiness in intellectual pursuits. The world, he's found, is too big, history too vast, for the petty feuds between races to mean as much to him as they mean to others. He has traveled extensively for his research and met many people of varying races and loyalties. Most are tolerable if given a chance, just looking to lead every-day lives. Some even have interesting things to say. As with any research thesis, one needs to gather the facts about a person before one can assume anything about his or her nature.

History: (Amell's full history can be found here Book Theif: Amell's Extended History)

There is an age between infancy and childhood where life really starts. All things that happened to or around the child before this time fade into the blackness outside of memory, as though they had never come to pass at all. It was before this age that Amell was left parentless in this world. His first memories were of faceless, kindly strangers, to whom he became something of a pet in their small town in a far corner of the Koben Empire. Amell had been taken under the collective wing of the town, but sparse charity was not much to live on, and Amell grew up resentful. While he was meek and quiet around the town's own folk—as close to gratitude as an angry child could get—he learned to cheat and steal from unwitting travelers passing through. In part, he did so to cover necessities his caretakers did not. But he also took pleasure in the theft. The world had stolen from him, so he stole from the world. One wrong heist, however, would change his life.

The target was a man, a human, in his middle age, with a kind face that seemed easy to fool. What Amell had narrowed his eye on was not the traveler's purse, however, but a book. It was foolish. Amell couldn't read. He had never even held a book in all his seventeen years. But for reasons he could hardly understand, he craved it.

Unfortunately, fat books are harder to make off with than fat purses. The man with the irritatingly kind face ran after Amell when he noticed the loss from his saddle pack, and caught up with him. Perhaps the young elf could have gotten away if he hadn't taken such care with his contraband, but as it was, trying to keep the pages neat and cover unspoiled cost him precious escape time. Caught, it seemed would surely be arrested.

But the stranger had other plans. He laughed good-naturedly when he caught up. Rather than accuse the young Amell, the stranger offered to hire him as a scribe! Amell, who had never so much as put two letters next to each other his whole life, had no idea what a scribe was, but it seemed a preferable alternative. He accepted the man's offer.

The man's name was Malory, a scholar and professor from Koben—the very capital, Koben!—and he was traveling south and west to Nisalvini, to visit the great library there for his research. It would be an easier trip with such a 'creative young man' along to help, or so Malory claimed. Amell, for his part, was no less bitter in this man's company than he was at home, but to travel on foot and then boat to Nisalvini was no small matter of time, and Amell found himself too fascinated with all that he saw to remember his stubbornness. At night, Malory taught Amell his letters, both Common and what he knew of Canan—"for your heritage," Malory explained. Amell wasn't certain he had a heritage, but if there was one thing he learned from the professor's books, it was that he had a history. The whole world had a legacy that Amell could have a place in, in the absence of a personal history. He was fascinated, and studied eagerly. Malory's kind smiles became less annoying when viewed over the pages of a book.

As Amell learned more about the world, he grew calmer, quieter, happier to observe and learn than lash out. It seemed foolish to lash out at something so big. His place in it was so small, it gave him peace. Having to stay quiet while he transcribed Malroy's notes became easier. It wasn't all inner peace and meditation, of course. On one disastrous occasion, on a boat from Linhythe  to Amedra, Amell had set their cabin on fire in a fit of anger. Whenever they looked back on the spat, Malory would smile and say, "at least we learned about your magic!" In the face of his mentor's optimism, Amell would color abashedly and turn away.

Learning he had a latent talent for magic gave Amell something new to study, which occupied him further. Malory was no mage, but he was sure he could find the young dark elf a teacher in Nisalvini. After all, he'd have to be there a while for his research; they had the time.

And they had time. When Amell set off with Malory, he could have never guessed how long their time together would be. What he had expected to be a few bitter months paying off a debt turned into a lifetime of disciplehood under the professor. Amell grew to be a voracious scholar under the professor, a talented mage with his support, a calmer, more thoughtful person, and perhaps most surprising of all, grew to find a father figure in Malory.

But Malory was only human, and middle-aged even before meeting Amell, so when Amell was only a young man—a mere 63—he found himself sitting beside Malory's deathbed.

Amell inherited Malory's humble city home, his books, his notes. His association with the well-regarded scholar earned the studious young elf a seat in some of his colleagues' lecture halls. He continued studying History and magic in his mentor's honor, and eventually grew to become a respected Historian in his own right. He poured himself into a study of magic, as well, eventually becoming a talented Wizard, a craft into which he poured all of his childhood rage and adult patience. Occasionally, he puts his magical studies to the aid of non-magic Alchemists, and enjoys the intellectual society of the Koben Empire's capital. But he still finds the most comfort in his mentor's books—his now—and owes them a debt of gratitude he can never repay.

As an historian, though, recent events across Alva are turning his head. It seems as though he'll be getting the chance to watch History in the making.

Additional info:
° Amell seems like a cat person, but he really loves birds. He has a few exotic ones from wooded Estraude in the South
° Amell's townhouse in Koben isn't large, but he hasn't been willing to change anything in it since Malory died some hundred years ago, so the decor is all very antique.
° Occasionally Amell teaches at a University in Koben. He likes the conversation that can get going while teaching, but doesn't enjoy it as much as solitary research.
° While there may have been a time when Amell could travel more or less freely around both the Empire and Kingdom for his research, the current state of world affairs has made doing so dangerous. When he does have to travel, he wears enchanted amulets that cast glamor upon his person to appear as a Wood Elf to avoid confrontation that would only slow down his work. He has a contact in Koben who makes them for him when the enchantments run out.

RP Preference: Chat, Skype, Google Docs and Notes, 'paragraph' RPs
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Cleaned version of The World God Only Knows - Volume 15 cover
Featuring Tsukiyo Kujyō & Vulcan, Goddess of Fire

Completed July 8, 2012
Reworked September 9, 2012

Original artist: Tamiki Wakaki - "The World God Only Knows"
Publisher: Shogakukan Comics

Please support the original creators.
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I'm playing MGS.
(Liquid&Naked&Solid Snake)
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