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Jason recognized that his name was called but blatantly ignored it, involved in repairing his motorcycle.


He gripped the wrench in his hand stronger and jerked a bolt extra tight to let out his annoyance, mumbling, "Tim..."


He looked up from his spot kneeling in front of one of the tires. He huffed as he threw his wrench aside into a toolbox and wiped the grease off with a handkerchief, "What do you want, baby bird?"


He wiped the back of his still oily hand on his forehead, "Again?"


Rubbing his temple with his fingers, he walked at his leisurely own pace down the hall, despite Tim's desperate cries echoing down the halls. He finally located where the shouting was coming from and creaked the door open with one hand to peek in.

All three of the young boys were engaged in a frenzied dog pile. Tim was on the bottom, looking out of breath and as if he was about to burst into frustrated tears as he shouted incoherently for the babies to stop their torture. Damian pinned Tim's chest down with his knees, thumping Tim's head with his oversized pelican plushie (a present from Dick, of course) and screeching at the top of his lungs. Sitting on Tim's stomach was Colin, hugging onto Damian in an attempt to pull them off of Tim. The poor ginger cried hysterically as the rewind from his Damian's swings of the pelican smacked either side of his little head.

"It was about time he enacted his hit list." was all Jason said as he sauntered over and took hold of the wriggling baby tormentor.
Damian squealed and squirmed in his grasp, trying to keep his hold on Tim's shirt. Jason easily plucked him off and in a last ditch effort to smack Tim, the rage filled baby chucked his sizable plushie at him. However, he missed, and it slammed Colin clear in the head and caused the innocent victim to be tumble off Tim and land with a thud onto the floor.

"Colin!" Tim immediately scrambled to his knees and coddled the stunned toddler. Colin welled up with shocked tears and his face contorted from hurt.

Jason hauled a still floundering Damian aside and clamped him in his arms to keep him away from Tim and Colin. A few tears streamed down Colin's cheeks as he gaped, wide eyed from trauma, at his best friend. Damian blinked in realization as the red head burst into tears, bawling up a storm.

Baby Dami was stunned after he had realized what he had done, but his feeling quickly redirected to Tim as Tim tried to get Colin to settle down. He started shouting at Tim in angry babbles, which only caused his best bro to start wailing and vibrating from fear even more.  

Tim looked up at Jason as Colin gripped onto him like only a desperate child can and Jason frowned as he had put a lot of effort into restraining the raging kid. Jason's eyebrows furrowed at Damian as he said to Tim, "I'll have a chat with the kid. You calm Colin down."

Tim nodded to him then encircled his arms around Colin in a sweet hug and whispered soothing words to him. Damian only got more infuriated and flailed his limbs about and raised his voice in protest. Jason fumed at him, "Quit it. Come on."

Damian kicked at Jason as he manhandled him out of the room and into the next room, which was consequently, Jason's bedroom. He shut the door with his foot and tore the violent kid away from him, some tuffs of his hair being ripped out by Damian's fists. He plopped Damian down on the bed and scowled as Damian tossed his hair back in his face. His eyes narrowed in intimidation and he leaned down to be face to face with the small boy in all seriousness, "I could easily snap your weak, puny arms."

Damian growled back at him and he gripped Jason's nose and pinched it harder than a kid his age should be able to. Jason merely furrowed his eyebrows and Damian blew a raspberry in his face. He had the urge to set the kid straight his usual way, but took a deep breath and straightened up. He wiped his spit ridden face with the back of his hand and Damian began to chuckle evilly.

He looked down at Damian questioningly, "What?" Damian rolled onto his back and didn't answer. Jason heaved a sigh and decided to take a peek on the mirror on his wall.

"AGH!" He shouted as he noticed his face was smeared with oil and Damian  broke out into cackles.

Jason turned to glare at Damian, "It's not funny. My dead sexy face is coated and I'll have to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize all over again..."

Damian raised an eyebrow at Jason and Jason narrowed his eyes back, "You will not speak of this."

Damian rolled his eyes and quickly found his attention drawn to the BatBear on Jason's bed next to him. He reached for it as Jason retrieved a towel and began to wipe his face off. Jason's eyes wandered as he did so, resting on his wall. He was about to shout at Damian when he saw the baby coddling the slightly lopsided doll. He softened a little and then his eyes opened wider as a brilliant idea dawned on him.  

"Hey, Damian." The dark haired child looked up at the call of his name. "Do you know the story of those stitches on BatBear's face?" Jason pointed to the odd stitches on the face of the bear, giving it a bit of a strange scowl.

Damian shook his head and looked up to him quizzically. Jason came over to sit next to him and said, "Well, do you want to know?" He shrugged and proceeded with squeezing the bear tight. "Alright then..." He sighed then began.

"There once was a little bird who had a bad temper..."

"Jadoooooon~!" Little three-year-old Timothy scurried around, calling for his playmate, "Jadooooon~!" He came upon Alfred walking by, balancing a silver tray in one hand and looking straight ahead. He tugged on Alfred's crisp, black pant leg and jumped up and down, "Ahfed! Ahfed!"

Alfred lifted the tray higher up and bent to look down at the begging boy's face, "Yes Master Timothy?"

"Where's Jadon?" He crinkled up Alfred's pant leg in his little fists, his pupils alit with innocent hopefulness.

Alfred sighed, knowing he'd have to iron his pants, and replied, "Master Jason is enjoying a brief respite in the den."

Tim blinked in confusion at the butler's big words at first, then he processed 'in the den'. He grinned wide and hugged onto Alfred's knee in thanks, "Dank you!" He giggled excitedly and skidded down the hall to the den as Alfred patted his pant leg smooth again.

Little Timmy mustered up all the strength he had to push open the heavy doors to the den then skipped over to the couch. A younger Jason was scowling at the magic box aptly named the television, displaying a hatred for life in general as he crossed his arms and huffed loudly.

Tim flounced over, fluffing up his apron and grinning brightly, "Didder is wehdy!"

"Not hungry." Jason gave Tim the cold shoulder, turning away from him as far as he could while still facing the TV.

"Buuuud I maide speshial!" Tim failed his arms around in front of the screen.

"My bread and bacon was 'SPECIAL' too but you refused those..." Jason grumbled, batting Tim aside with his hand carelessly.

Tim noticed there was something wrong with Jason's hand and snatched it up in both of his, "Jadon?"

Jason raised his voice in irritation and glared down at Tim, "What?!"

"Where's your ring?" He murmured pitifully and looked up at Jason with hurt in his eyes.

"YOU didn't want me to be your loving husband and 'DIVORCED' me." Jason snapped his hand away from Tim, "So I threw the stupid thing in the trash can."

Tim cried out as he sustained a wound from Jason's biting words, "MEANIE!" He slipped his own plastic ring off and threw it at Jason's head, "I was JOKIN!"

"And I am too... NOT." Jason made a face as the toy ring collided with the side of his head and he snatched it up to chuck back at Tim, "You're the unappreciative IDIOT!"

Tim threw off his apron and stomped on it, "I HATE YOU!"


He wailed angrily, looking every which way for things he could break. He opted for picking up his only friend at the moment, his dear little BatBear from Dick. He roared at it as he ripped the sewn on mask off; something that Dick had sewn on meticulously and lovingly; tearing the bear's fabric smiling face. He pitched the mask spitefully over his shoulder and began plucking the cotton of its head.


He continued to storm about artificial snow to fall as he shouted, "WHAT?"

He heard gradual footsteps coming to him and he looked up, snarling.

A mask-less Dick's eyes widened in devastation as he saw the tattered up head of the bear he had so carefully crafted for his little bro.

Jason felt a great surge of regret wash over him as he saw Dick look from the tiny mask in his hand, to the destroyed bear, to Jason with fluff in his hands with unspeakable horror.

"Dick!" He finally said, putting the bear down, "I'm sorry!"

Dick turned away from him and hurried out of the room, unable to answer. Jason chased after him as he ran down the hall to keep away, "DICK! I'M SORRY!" Dick slammed the door to his bedroom shut and Jason pounded his fists against it, "DIIIIICK!" He tried to hear inside but couldn't and yelled one last "I DIDN'T MEAN IT, I'M SORRY!" before running away to his room and shutting his own door.

He smothered his face into his pillow and screamed into it until he couldn't anymore then ripped the pillow open and scattered the feathers about.  He jumped up and down on his bed until he completely wore himself out and collapsed on his bed from exhaustion.

The next thing he knew he was blinking awake to some knocking on his door. Some time had apparently passed since the sun was going down and he kept his back to the door shamefully as he heard it creak open.

He felt the bed shift as someone sat down at the edge of the bed. He peeked to see Dick sitting there with his back to him. He frowned and remained quiet, feeling too guilty to speak.

"Jason... have you heard the story about the boy with his bucket of nails?" Dick said, turning his head towards Jason. Jason shook his head but didn't look back at him still.

Dick nodded and looked straight ahead again, "Well it goes something like this... There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence."

Jason snuggled his arms into his chest and puffed up his cheeks as he listened, "The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence."

Jason sat up straight and stared at Dick's back, "Finally the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone."

Dick looked back at Jason for a second to make sure he was paying attention then went back to staring at his lap, "The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, "You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say I'm sorry, the wound is still there.""

Jason blinked as he began to realize the moral of the story as Dick finished, "The little boy then understood how powerful his words were. He looked up at his father and said "I hope you can forgive me father for the holes I put in you.""

Dick stared right at Jason, revealing he had little tracks of tears as he finished the story with emphasis.

""Of course I can," said the father."

Dick turned all the way towards Jason, revealing that he was holding BatBear in his hands. Jason scampered across the bed to him and took the bear lovingly into his hands like it was his first born baby. He ran his fingertips along the rough, new stitches on BatBear's face. He looked up at Dick, who smiled slightly, then he sighed as he noticed that the the stitches caused BatBear's once lovely smile to be slightly crooked.

The red haired little boy hugged BatBear to his chest and murmured, "I'm sorry BatBear."

Dick ruffled Jason's hair and smiled a little, "I think he forgives you."

Jason plowed into Dick's chest to hug him and Dick had his breath stolen from him as Jason squeezed him tight. "I'm sorry." Jason said, looking away embarrassedly.

Dick wrapped up Jason in a tight hug and said, "I forgive you Jayjay." He ruffled his little bro's hair, "Just remember to hold in your temper because you tend to hurt people and regret it... and it's sad and we don't like it when you're sad."

Jason nodded into Dick's shoulder and Dick lifted him away to look him in the eye as he said, "There's just one other person you hurt..."
Jason looked confused until Dick pointed to BatBear's little arm. Then he blinked in realization and Dick nodded to him.

Jaybird practically flew down the hall to Tim's room. He could hear light sobbing from the other side of the door and his features fell into a deeper crestfallen look as he tapped the door. He meekly cracked it and said in a small voice, "Baby bird..?"

"Go away!" He heard Tim shout back at him and he flinched. He wouldn't give up though and took a deep breath and puffed his chest out. He slid into the room and shut the door behind him, noticing Tim kneeling before their little play kitchen. Tim didn't look back at him as he pretended to wash toy dishes in the plastic sink.

"Your husband's home... and he's really really sorry..." Jason said as he walked over to Tim.

Tim muttered begrudgingly, "Not my husbund... divhorse..."

"Well... I hope that you'll accept me as your husband again then." Jason got down on one knee like he saw on the magic box stories.

Tim turned around to see Jason holding up his ring to him.

Jason hid his eyes behind his bangs but was unable to conceal the red shade of his cheeks as he mumbled, "Will you be my wife again?"

Tim gasped in surprise and Jason said quickly, "BesidesI'mthemanliestmaninthehouseandIlikeonlyyouasmywifeespeciallywiththeaprononandIpromisetogetyoualotoficecream."

Tim tackled Jason and caused him to be temporarily deaf from his high pitched, "YES!"

The larger of the two gasped for breath as the smaller strangled the him in an ecstatic bear hug. "Sorry-- sorry-- death to us part I get it!" Jayjay had to use all his strength to pry Tim off him.

Tim slipped the ring on and noticed that Jason had his own on his finger too. "I whul get tha bread on tha towble!"

Jason smiled as he stood up straight, "I'll go get BatBear and we can have dinner as a happy family again."

"And that, little angry bird, is how I became the boy with a bucket of nails and a BatBear with stitches."

Damian had cuddle BatBear closer from sympathy and Jason had put his arm around the baby. The red head patted the little boy's shoulder and said, "And I don't think I'm the only angry bird that had apologies to voice."

Damian sighed and nodded shamefully. Jason picked him up and said, "Come on, let's go say sorry." Damian frowned a little bit puffed up his chest like a manly man to say he was ready for Colin.

"Baby bird?" Jason opened up the door to Tim's room and smiled at the sight of Tim in an apron and Colin sitting in a little plastic chair.
Tim smiled up at him then went back to work hunched over with plastic vegetables and fruits.

Colin pouted down at the empty toy plate before him and Jason set Damian down on his feet. Damian ran as fast as his little feet could take him and tackled Colin in a ways of apology. Colin was awe struck and paused at first only to have a happy tear roll down his cheek and he bear hugged Damian back.

Jason smirked as Tim looked over at him, "The boy with the bucket of nails speech?" Jason snorted and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I knew it..." Tim chuckled and said, "Six years of marriage and we're still doing pretty well since then."

"What can I say, I'm a dead sexy husband and you're a loving wife that looks hot in a frilly apron." Jason shrugged and grinned smugly as Tim looked away to hide his blush.

Meanwhile, in another room in the manor, a squeal echoed as two older men were watching the scene on a computer screen via hidden camera.

"Awww, they're such a happy family... see, that story always works, Bruce!" Dick nudged Bruce's shoulder with his elbow, "Just like how I managed to get you into a Mommy apron way back when we played house with a bat of my eyes~"

Bruce fumed and put on a demonic grin, "You should be careful, Dick, because they aren't the only angry birds in this house..."
OH MY GOD IT'S DONE... IT'S 11:40 ON JULY 14th HERE BUT IT IS DOOOONE :iconfinallyplz:

My entry for the New Addition portion of the :iconbuddahthebobfanclub:

I'm so sorry if this isn't up to my usual par and I feel like I should apologize... I just really wanted to get this done for Buddah my dear friend and well a lot when on today to say the least. Had to get up super early to go to the doctor then wait an hour for them to check a really bad growth of mine. I was super scared as they prepped me to take it off and gave me a big ass shot to numb me BUT GUESS WHAT IT'S GONE AND IT'S BENIGN! :iconlawooplz: SO I'M OKAY JUST GOTTA BE CHECKED AND ON MEDICINE AND CRAP. Plus some other stuff which I will not address (except maybe in a journal later) so there was a lot of... busy ness to be had the past few days.

BUT IT'S UP MY DEAR BUDDAH~ I promised and I always keep them even with fifteen minutes to midnight OTL SHOOT I SHOULD WRAP UP THIS DESCRIPTION...

Basically the title is a pun because I am punny. Heard this story 'cause my mom's parenting book had it and my brother has... angry bird syndrome XD SO YEAH. I KNOW I MIGHT BE SHOT OVER THIS BUT I LOVE IT... Jason and Tim is love (It really can be, guys...) And since I've known Buddah I've developed an odd apron fetish... as she would put it 'APRONS FTW' with her little icon I can't remember at the moment 'cause I'm hazy brained. And I know that BatBear has no mask but I had to put it in for dramatic effect I am sorry OTL Also for if they are ooc or something... I just like the fluffiness of this >_>; Damian and Colin is also love <3 And Daddy Dick and Mommy Bruce and Ahfed too of course x3

And by the way, for the people who are actually reading this, my friend :icondarkblue-icing: and I have created a Jason/Tim group for those of you who enjoy them. This is featured in it so check the bar to the side but it is called RedBird-Jaybird :iconredbird-jaybird: I hope you join! :D

ANYWAY RUNNING DOWN THE CLOCK HERE ARE ALL MY REFERENCES (I credit the boy with the bucket of nails story to this site:
[link]) And all the BEAUTIFUL reference pics I used by my wonderful friend :iconbuddahthebob: are found here: [link]

New Addition is belonging to :iconbuddahthebob:
The characters to DC
Angry Birds to those people who made it I'm running out of time so I cannot look it up

Comments are love too you know :icongimmeheartplz:


EDIT: :iconawwwplz: Buddah is the sweetest person, I hope you guys know this :3 Well of course you do XD; Anyway, she drew something referring to this and I'm super happy and grateful. Love forever my bro <3 You can find her gorgeous art here: [link]
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Super Duper High School Artist

You sure were proud of the title you were given. Top of your category, hardest working, and yet you had the displeasure of being selected to go to Hope's Peak Academy. Thing was, you thought it was the most perfect thing in the world, considering you were picked to be in the first batch of students to  go, so you had no idea what was in store for you.

But of course, your sister got an invite as well. She being the Super Duper High School Gardener and all, just a year older than you. Your sister got on your nerves, but maybe it was because of the fact that you usually had a thing against people like her.

Right now, you were packing your backpack with some necessities, which included about half your house.

“Outfits, check.. Hairbrush, toothbrush, backup toothbrush in case someone uses the first one, backup backup toothbrush in case someone uses my backup... Check! Books for when I get bored, a few sketchbooks, pencils, charcoal, Prismacolor pencils, Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, and a few sets of blending stumps, checkarooni~!” you listed off all your packed things with a grin.

The smell of burnt toast made its way to your senses just before the distant screech of frustration did. This caused you to laugh a bit too loudly. Your sister burned her food again. She was definitely not the best cook.

A girl with long [h/c] hair that cascaded down her back, landing to just tickle her hips, and blue eyes glowing with anger stomped her way in to your room. “Make me dinner!” she harshly demanded, eyes gaining more frustration by the second. You weren't too good with cooking yourself, but you made it work.

“And why should I? I swear, you're worse than England,” you snorted, hands settling on your hips. This didn't happen very often. Your mother was out for the week to go visit some of your relatives in Switzerland, so she wasn't there to cook like she usually did.

“Who?” She tilted her head, the livid expression on her face slowly melting in to that of confusion. You swore that she could be distracted so easily.

“You know who.”


“Yes,” you replied with a shake of the head. With waving of hands, you were shooing your sister out of your room.

Having people in your room was quite embarrassing, it felt as though they were going through your underwear drawer just by stepping foot inside the dark space. That included family and possibly any future lovers, but you grew amused at the thought, you? Have a lover? Ha.

“Now go home, Katrina.”

“...This is my home.”

“Well at least you can do one thing right!”

That earned you a hard smack on the arm. “Stop joking around, we have to leave, like, right now!” Katrina whined, hobbling out of the room to grab her bag. That's right... The plane leaves in an hour.

With backpack in hand and your sister in tow in the other, you were out of the house and in the car. It's too bad that you never got to say your last goodbye to your parents. At least you knew that they were going to miss you.

Let's just say that your driving skills were as scary as spiders were to most people. Katrina had to drive you both, all while you were yelling at her to turn off the country music.

Time skip brought to you by You Know Who

You can say that the plane ride might have been the worst thing you have ever had to sit through because of your sister's loud complaining. This made the arrival to Hope's Peak Private Academy all the more delightful once you ran ahead of her to enjoy a few minutes of silence while she fussed over how bad her hair was apparently looking.

And now you stood in front of the tall building, a strange feeling brewed in the pit of your stomach. You passed it off as excitement and ignored it.

This is it. I wonder what everyone else is gonna be like? Real snobs, I bet, who wouldn't be when they're the best at what they do?

Your steps forward tingled, and then burned. Are my feet on fire? No, wait, my whole body is burning... I'm so dizzy that I feel like I'm going to throw up, I need to find a trash can... You stumbled forward in a desperate attempt to stay awake before collapsing in to darkness.

Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy – School of Despair

My body is so stiff...

You realized why your back was aching, and it happened to be because you were laying awkwardly against a wooden desk. An odd-feeling, dry trail of drool was on your chin. How embarrassing.

It was gone once you harshly rubbed the sleeve of your grey and black striped hoodie against your chin. You brushed a strand of [h/l] [h/c] hair out of your face. Now, you could focus on where you were and why you were there.

..A classroom. Your [e/c] orbs narrowed with disbelief, pangs of panic and fright surging through your torso. The windows are blocked by steel plates bolted to the wall... You couldn't feel your limbs, for they tingled to the point of numbness. The clock caught your gaze, eyes slowly moving over to look at the time. You took notice of the security camera set up along the way.


A colorful looking note or pamphlet, you couldn't tell from where you were, had caught your eye. It sat on a desk just a couple in front of the one you woke up in. You picked it up and blinked. Crayon.. It's written in.. crayon..

How professional.

Congratulations on enrolling.

A new term has begun. A fresh start. This school will become the world you guys live in.

It proceeded to tell you that there was an entrance ceremony at 8 o'clock. You frowned in disappointment with yourself, a hum stuck in the back of your throat. Being late to things usually bothered you a lot, especially when it came to new settings. It took a while for you to find where you were going when it came to new places.

And so, the wooden door of the classroom slid in its place with an odd gear grinding sound as you pushed it open.

Gym. Go to the gym. ..Where is the gym? Look for big doors. Your plan was obviously foolproof. Wander around looking like an idiot while whining about being lost.

The unusual purple hallways sent chills through your body. You couldn't tell whether your face felt like it was freezing or burning with nervousness. Probably both.  All windows in the hallway were covered by bolted steel plates as well, mirroring those that you saw in the classroom.

Your eyes darted from side to side, steps growing smaller as you started to grow more worried. What if I'm going the wrong way? Everyone would laugh, I'm such an idiot. Am I in the right place? What do I do once I go there? Questions flew through your mind, your eyebrows furrowing just a little more with each one.

Fortunately, there was a friendly sign above a set of double doors you found that read:


One step in to the gym, heads turned, and suddenly, all eyes were on you.

I have no idea how to breathe.

You couldn't tell if your face was burning with a strong blush, it probably was anyways. Faces, faces, memorize the faces... Stop staring at me, is there something wrong with me? Did I miss some drool? Quick, say something!

“What time is it?” was the only thing that came from your cursed mouth. Great, how smart you were. Though, you do have to admit that you were worried about whether you were on time or not. You were almost sure you had spent an unbelievable amount of time wandering through the inauspicious halls.

“So, you're a freshman too, huh?” said one of the boys. He had awfully.. large hair, soft brown eyes, and a bit of stubble on his masculine jaw. In all honesty, you were most frightened of his hair. His outfit was nice though, and you might steal that jacket one day if this place ever turned in to a winter wonderland. Or you might just steal it.

“Y-y-” As you started to reply, the large haired boy was saying something when an overweight boy that reminded you of a guinea pig came out of almost nowhere.

“So that's seventeen of us! An odd number indeed...” he said, setting his hands on his hips.

“Um...” a soft, boyish voice came from near the back of the group. You blinked and turned your head in the direction it came from, only to discover a small girl with soft brown hair in layers, raising a shaky hand. “Did you wake up in a classroom too?” she asked, the fingers on her other hand fiddling with the green bow tied to the matching uniform that she was wearing.

You nodded, unable to speak.

“I knew it, we all did too..”

There were quite a few people from what you were looking at, but you were really glad that there wasn't a student body the size of the sea in here. You much preferred to have this small number of people, it would be easier to warm up to them.

There was a nice looking girl with blue hair and eyes to match, wearing the usual school uniform. That reminded you, did they have uniforms here? It was a private academy, after all...

There was a gothic lolita with drills that could pierce the heavens, a girl that looked to be quite athletic, a black-haired boy in a white uniform who wasn't too hard on the eyes, an uptight heir boy, and- Is that a guy or a girl? ..I think that's the Ogre that I read about on the threads..

Everyone looked relatively nice to you, sort of. The person who caught your eye was a guy who looked like he would be in a biker gang, and what looked to be brown corn on his head. You almost burst out laughing at the hairstyle, but straightened up your back and squinted your shining [e/c] eyes at him. I guess the hairstyle does look good on him. Oh well, it's not like I'll ever start talking to him or anything. Biker guys never gave you good vibes, at least you don't think they were good.

An average looking boy had arrived, and you wanted more than anything to steal that jacket of his. He was greeted with mostly the same questions, though dialogue was changed and new comments were input.

Corn Hair opened his mouth to say something. “The hell's with this place? It's like the discrimination office I was in.”

Your eyes slid off to look at something else before you got too nervous with looking at everyone. Words were exchanged, although you didn't bother to listen. Your sister abandoned you to go talk to the athletic girl and the Ogre, leaving you to fend for yourself.

“You know what's more important? Finding out where all my stuff went. I have no idea where my cellphone is,” a girl with rather large twintails and a face that could match a model's said, waving her hands in the air.

Your eyes widened as you shoved your hand in your hoodie pocket to look for your iPhone, letting out a quiet curse when all you pulled out was pocket lint.

“Come on guys, cheer up. This is probably some kind of orientation that the school planned out,” Large Hair pulled something out of his pocket, “that's why my crystal ball's telling me!”

“For real? Is it accurate?” asked a boy with rather nice red hair that had been standing next to you. You blinked and shifted your weight on to your left leg.

There was an earsplitting noise that made you yelp and cover your ears.

“Testing! Testing! Whatever, I'm sure you can all hear this.” a voice said, you presumed it was coming from the stage, where a pair of large speakers were set up. “Hello to all the freshmen, let us begin the entrance ceremony.” What jumped up to land on the podium shocked you to no end.

A bear?! It has to be remote controlled, that's it! Yeah..

“A stuffed toy?”

“I'm not a stuffed toy! I'm Monobear, principal of this school!” the bear said, and stood up. “Nice to meet you all.”

Guinea pig boy screamed some words that you couldn't understand all that well.

“I'm not a stuffed toy! I'm Monobear. And I'm your principal. Now that we've made some progress, let's get this show on the road,” it said, waving its arms up and down. The bear made you feel even more nervous than you already did, making you wrap an arm around your queasy stomach.

“Stand and bow! Good morning to you all.”

The black-haired boy suddenly bowed. “Good morning!”

“You are the promising, young high school students who carry the hope of the world on your shoulders. And in order to protect and care for you wonderful symbols of hope, I have decided to let you all live together within the confines of this school.”

“What's the meaning of this?!”

“As for how long you'll be living together.. There is no time limit!” Your eyes widened, you felt like you were going to be sick, you were so nervous! “Basically, you'll all be staying here the rest of your lives!”

“The rest of our lives... here?” whispered the girl with nice light brown hair.

“Don't worry. We've got a huge budget, so you won't be inconvenienced in any way.”

“Hold on, that's not the issue here!” said the athletic girl.

“Like, you've gotta be kidding me!” Model Face had a funny expression on.

“So wait, those steel plates in the classrooms and hallways are there to keep us locked in here?” asked the average boy.

“Correct~! So you can yell and scream all you want, but nobody's going to come save you.~”

You covered your mouth with your other hand in shock and to try and keep from the contents of your dinner and airplane breakfast from coming up.

“Ahem,” Monobear cleared his throat. “So, whoever wants to leave this academy will have to play by a certain rule.”

“Wicked! I can play by rules!” you said, giving a large smile. You would be out of here in no time!

“I don't care how you do it,” Monobear flipped off the podium, “but only students who have killed someone will be allowed to leave this place. That's all there is to it. Pretty simple, no?”

“You can use a blunt weapon, stab, beat them to death, put them to the sword, burn them to a crisp, crush them, strangle them, or even shoot them!”

“Oh what an ingenious sense of exhilaration that I can't achieve just by attacking this salmon or humans!” Monobear chucked a wriggling salmon off to the side. “A situation full of despair where the hopes of this world attempt to kill each other... Man, it gets me so hot!”

“Nevermind, I can't play by rules after all,” you squeaked. You could feel the hot feeling rising up through the middle of your chest. You didn't listen to anything else that was said so that you could calm yourself down.

“Kill each other?! This practical joke's gone way too far, buddy!” the words of Corn Hair caught your faded attention.

“Joke you say? Are you talking about your hairstyle?” Monobear pointed his little paw at the corn head. Corn Hair picked him up.

“What was that, you piece of shit? I don't care if you're radio-controlled or a stuffed toy. I'll smash you to bits and pieces!”

“Gaaah! Acts of violence towards the principal go against school regulations!” Monobear whined, then went limp, his red eye flashing with a bright red light that was almost blinding. You stepped back and shook your head.

“This is bad! Throw him away!” the girl with purplish hair commanded, looking quite panicked. “Just do it already!”

With that, Corn Hair chucked the bear in to the air and away from him just as the flashing and beeping noise got quicker. Your eyes widened as it exploded in mid-air, the explosion caused you to turn your head away and cover your face.

“Did that stuffed toy die?”

“I'm not a stuffed toy! I'm Monobear!” You whipped around to see the exact same Monobear reappear on the podium once again. Wha..

“S-Screw you!”

You were too busy looking wildly around the gym to try and find out how Monobear managed to live and get back to the podium without you seeing to even listen to the principal's last words before he lowered away behind his little stand.

This isn't what I had hoped to come to, I thought we would be in a normal private academy! Not a murder arena of despair..
A Dangan Ronpa xreader fic, because there's just not enough of these. Plus, Mondo needs some love, doesn't he?

There isn't much of the ship in this chapter, but it'll show up later.

Table of Contents
Chp 1: Right here, you qt 3.14!
Chp 2: Here!
Chp 3: Here!

I do not own the picture, this artist does!

I do not own Dangan Ronpa

You belong to me~
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In her hands there is a knife

In her heart there is revenge

In her tears there is sorrow

In her eyes there is betrayal
This is for RawEm0tion's theme of betrayal. It's small, smaller than usual, but i think it gets the point across.... and i tried playing with bold and italics and stuff so yeah... well enjoy ^.^


Edit: OMG, COOL! The words have a wavy effect! messing around with stuff you don't know the meaning of FTW!!!
:D <3
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I keep up this cheerful facade
I smile and laugh whenever you want me to
I act cute, and always have a smile on my face
You say you'll always love me
And want to know how I really feel
I know that you're lying
You won't love me if I'm any other way than this
So I fake it
When I do show you my true self
You recoil from me and sigh and scoff
You say things like
"Why are you acting this way?
Snap out of it
It's so tiresome when you're like this"
And never do you realize
that these are those real emotions you wanted to see
Because you are blinded to
and refuse to look at
the broken, crumpled, shattered beast in the corner
And never once do you realize or think
That the hurt, crying, brokenhearted, horrid thing that you hate
Is the real me!
How can...
How can anyone say they love me when they only love how I act on the outside and turn away the second I try to truly let them in?
Perhaps I am one of the thousands not meant to be loved...?
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... Oh? Is someone there?

How strange. I rarely see a person up so high in these mountains. Not alive, anyway.

You're wondering who I am? And what I'm doing up here all by myself? 

Don't worry. I'm not alone. My Pokemon are with me. I haven't sent them out in awhile, though. I don't want them to go against such harsh conditions.

... You still don't know who I am? How fitting. Why else would you have wandered up here unless it would be to search for me?

My last challenger was months ago. Or was it a year? I cannot remember. 

What? You didn't come to battle me? You weren't even aware I was here...?

Oh, I see how it is.

I've been forgotten. 

Ironic, to think that my name would be carved into stone and remembered forever.

So, the newest champions? White and Black, correct? Ah, you recognize those names perfectly. I've been replaced by the younger generation, no?

... After all I did...

... After all that my Pokemon and I have accomplished...

To be forgotten... Replaced... Just like that...


... I wonder if it was worth it?

My teammates worked so hard...

Now, we'll die, unremembered, on this Arceus-forsaken mountaintop. 

... I haven't talked this much in ages. My voice is starting to give out on me. 

You know, I've always considered if it was worth it.

After I beat the Elite Four and ended up here...

Did I do all that to simply be forgotten by the next hotshot trainer?

... It seems so.


... You seem concerned that I stepped closer to the edge. Haha, don't fret. I haven't slipped on this mountain yet...


Maybe it would be best...

If I just went out with a bang.
My first attempt at a creepy pasta!!

I know it's a fail, but...

Meh. Not so much creepy as thought provoking. If you've played the HeartGold/SoulSilver games, you'll know who the person narrating is. Er, I mean, speaking to you.

For those who can't tell, it's Red.

This is because, for most new-Pokemon players, how many have actually heard of the old Red/Blue & Yellow games? Or played them, even? I'm guilty on that (I jumped in during the Hoenn region) but at least I know what Red/Leaf did via my FireRed game.

But it's kind of true that the older characters were almost forgotten. Tossed aside to make room for the new heroes.

Just a random thing. Feel free to hate on it's crappiness :meow:

Pokemon (c) Nintendo/GameFreak
Writing (c) ~KittyGal123123
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For the past few minutes, your school mates were already investigating the gym. Sakura and Asahina checked out the metal plates on the walls. Katrina was hanging out somewhere off below the two, waiting for them to get done.

While they were doing that, you were staring in awe at your student handbook device. It was the only electronic thing you had for now, which immediately intrigued you to no ends. That is, until you got bored of scrolling through the same things over and over.

You slid the device in to your hoodie pocket and climbed on to the stage to check out the podium with Corn Hair and Cool Redhead.

“Damn it,” Corn Hair cursed, giving a mindless kick to the podium.

You stepped forward and wrapped your arms around what you could of the podium, trying to lift it but only succeeding in slipping and falling on your ass. A string of curses flew out of your mouth in grumbles as you got up and brushed off your skinny jeans.

“Oh well, let's go search around this place,” Cool Redhead announced, rubbing the back of his head.

The stuck up heir already said he was going alone, in which Corn Hair stopped him for being selfish. All you remember is trying to get Naegi out of the way out of the now angered biker's range of wrath. Naegi was punched in the face, falling on to you and making you trip over your sister's leg. You must have hit your head on something, because you don't even remember going to sleep.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Skip

There was some sort of soft material under you. Nice, warm, and very soft from what you could feel under your hips. Wait..

You shot up from your spot and took in a deep breath of air, feeling as though you were suffocating in your sleep.

“Fuck, where am I..?” you mumbled, looking around at the room you were in. It resembled a bedroom, so you guessed that it must be that, especially if you were on a bed. You draw in a painful breath at the reminder of being left all alone

You turned and planted your feet firmly on the ground and got up to try and make your way to the door. That didn't work out too well when your sleeping left leg gave out and made you fall on your side. Fantastic.

It was a quick recovery and you were back on your journey to the door to find out where you were. Although, it wasn't too surprising when you opened it to be faced with the unusual purple hallways again. On your door happened to be a sign with a little sprite that resembled you, the unzipped, black and grey striped hoodie, your [f/c] shirt, a black belt, dark blue skinny jeans, and [2nd f/c] shoes. Under the little sprite was your name in bold letters. This must have been your room in the academy. That reminded you..

The academy of murder and demolition. This is just fantastic.

You looked on to the doors next to yours, only to find yourself in between two boy's dorms. They looked to be the big haired boy and Cool Redhead. It was nice discovering that their names were actually Hagakure and Leon. Although, it never did occur to you to go around and find out everyone else's names.

You took to searching high and low all throughout the first floor of the academy until you headed in to what you assumed was the cafeteria. You were unpleasantly surprised when you found everyone talking with each other about their investigation of the academy. There was no sign that anyone noticed you, so you slid off to the side to just listen with everyone. It was always easier for you to listen than it was to speak, because you'd often get nervous while talking and somehow mess up in too many ways possible.

Katrina threw you a quick glance from the corner of her eye before shifting to get her back facing you. It's like she doesn't want to look at me. Alright, whatever.

The light brown haired girl told everyone about the kitchen full of food, and that Monobear told her that it was refilled daily. You smiled, already wanting to bake some cookies or maybe, a pie. Now would be a good time to start learning, anyways. Right now, you just hoped your sister wouldn't go anywhere near the kitchen.

While you thought of all the glorious food you could make, you tuned back in when Togami had mentioned having to kill to get out.

“It's not the strong or the smart that can get out, but the ones who can bring about change, don't you agree~?” the gothic lolita asked. Your eyes strained to try and get a closer look at the metal on her finger.

Is that supposed to be a ring?

She proposed a new rule that bans all wandering around during the night, though did admit that they wouldn't be able to enforce it, but it applied only if you were willing to cooperate.

By this time, you had already left the cafeteria and went back to your room. You deserved a long rest, no matter what anyone said!

You closed your room door behind you and looked around the room. “My bag!” you happily blurted, speeding over to your backpack and almost ripping the zipper off with how fast you were trying to open it. Inside was all of your art stuff, but any electronics happened to have mysteriously disappeared. That didn't matter though, since you were expecting it to happen anyways. In fact, you didn't even think you were going to get your bag back.

It didn't take long to set up all of your art things and put away your necessities. By the time you were done, you flopped on the rather soft bed in the middle of the room. You took a few minutes to fall asleep, and by then, you were pretty content with most things.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Skip

The next morning you had spent the time with all the others looking for an exit, except for Katrina. Katrina had to do her makeup. You knew there probably wouldn't be a way out, but it at least gave you a reason to snoop around a bit without looking too weird. But now, everyone was back in the cafeteria.

“We're not going to find any clues just by looking in the same places over and over again!” Leon groaned, rubbing his hair frustratedly. In all honesty, you just really wanted to touch his hair. Was it soft? Was it rough and pokey? It was all just a mystery.

“Are we going to be trapped forever? Is no one going to come and help?” the girl with light brown hair sniffled, tears welling up in your eyes. You sneaked up behind the saddened figure and wrapped your arms around her head a bit awkwardly. How do you even comfort someone?

“It's alright Fujisaki!” the athletic girl took her share of trying to comfort her. At least you had the girl's name now. Before you could ask Fujisaki if she was alright, Monobear had popped up at the end of the table and scared you out of your wits.

“The cops? You're relying on the cops? If you wanna leave that badly, just go ahead and kill someone~!” Most of the group cringed at that and looked away somewhere else. You refused to think of killing someone, no way! “I have to say for the generation with the world's hope pinned on their shoulders, you guys sure have some balls. Don't you think that's a bit boring though~?” he asked, twirling his blackened paw around on the table.

“It doesn't matter how much you provoke us, we aren't going to ki-”

“Now I get it. Here I was wondering why nobody had committed a murder, despite having provided a location, characters, and setting right out of a mystery novel. But now I know that there was something missing!” Monobear nodded and folded his arms, as if so proud of himself.

Missing? Like what?” Leon asked, looking as if he were ready to jump up on that table and run across to kick Monobear in the face.

“Basically, a motive. On that note, I've left a present for you all in the AV room~!”


No one wasted time with rushing to the AV room to see what their “present” was. You found a CD off to the side of the room and down towards the front, just laying innocently in front of a computer.

[F/n] [L/n]'s DVD

Everyone sat down and put their discs in to their computer to watch, headphones snug around their head.

In the video, you saw your stepfather and your mother holding your newborn baby brother, all sitting on the couch with a lot of your art set up behind them. It was just how you remembered the living room! The baby boy was making adorable gurgling noises and giggling, little hands grabbing at the blanket loosely wrapped around him.

“Hi [F/n]! You've been selected to go to Hope's Peak Academy, we're so proud of you! Good luck, okay~?” your mother said with a bright smile on her face, leaning on to your stepfather's shoulder.

“Don't forget to make some friends, cupcake! Make sure to keep doing your artsy thing, I'm sure everyone will be impressed with your work. Keep an eye on your sister too,” your father said with a light laugh to his words. He was a jokester and was almost never completely serious.

You were in dreamland, wondering how your family was doing. The screen flickering and the sound of static had kicked you out of your own little world and shoved you in the face of the horror of what you saw. Your home was destroyed, all your art pieces shredded and canvases snapped. Half of the couch was gone and there was a body hanging from the ceiling.

Your hands cupped around your mouth as you let out a strangled cry. The “upupupu” of Monobear alerted you to his presence on the big screen in the front of the room. Your eyes were glued to the screen of your computer with wide eyes, unable to comprehend other than the “..make you all despair.”

“That's all~!”

The idol girl, Maizono, had let out a cry and ran out of the room, Naegi following after her.

Monobear started “upupupu”ing again. There was loud crying coming from outside the room. You stood up and shut off the computer, willing yourself not to tear it from its place and chuck it across the room because of your anger.


You were back in your room, kicking the floor with a distressed expression on your face. Your stomach felt like it was sinking from the shock. You ripped the door to the bathroom open and fell in front of the toilet to loudly empty your stomach of its contents. [H/c] hair fell in front of your face, taking in painful breaths and shaking violently. You still refused to kill anyone even after what happened. They were all people, just like you, and you sure wouldn't ever want to get cut down by who you thought was a friend.

After that event, you were too tired to continue beating up the floor of your room and stumbled your way to the bed to collapse on it. Not soon enough, you had fallen asleep.


GYAAH!” you sat up abruptly with a yell, trying desperately to shake the nightmare that was locked in to your vision. You watched your family get slaughtered before your very eyes, the whole of your home town was destroyed. Your stomach churned and lurched and you desperately hoped there was still something to expel to end the feeling.

There was just enough time for you to notice that an announcement had just ended, probably signaling the start of night time. That didn't matter to you though, you just needed to know someone else was alive and breathing. You unlocked and flung open the door to your room and paced around the hallways anxiously. What if everyone's dead? What if they left me all alone? This is probably just a big prank, r-right? Even your thoughts had started to go haywire just as you started desperately ringing the bell to someone's room. You just kept jamming your finger on the button, trying to keep yourself from breaking down.

Loud cursing was heard from inside the room just as the door was almost ripped off it's hinges. “What the gently caress do you thi-” the sentence couldn't be finished, because you were already clinging to the person like your life depended on them. Your arms were locked around their waist in an iron grip.

“I'm sorry for bothering you, I'm sorry,” you hiccuped, the warmth of their body calming you down a bit, “I'm just glad you're alive!” Suddenly, you felt hands on your shoulders trying to gently pry you off.

“Of course I'm gently caressing alive! N-now get off!” he yelled, making you automatically unlatch your arms and take a step back, rubbing your heated face. You discovered that you happened to be speaking to Corn Hair, but you thought you caught his name during your hysteria of ringing his doorbell. Manny? Muno?

“I'm sorry, Mondo! Please don't be mad at me!” you apologized with a panicked expression imprinted on your face. “I-I just had a terrible nightmare, I'm sorry!”

“Are you gently caressing serious? You rang my bell like a madman because of that?” he asked with a disbelieving tone. You started to pour apologies out of your mouth again, wondering if you should just go back to your room. “Poo poo! Shut up, it's fine!” he hissed, shaking you roughly by your shoulders. It quieted you down to sniffles and light hiccups. Your face would put tomatoes to shame with how red it was from embarrassment and panic.

“I-I'm sorry! I'll go, I'm sorry!” you did a crappy half bow and sped back to your room while you heard a yell behind you. You tripped in to your room and swung around to close and lock the door behind you. You were mostly calm now, positive that you weren't left alone in this school. Though, now you had an urge to keep an eye on Mondo just to make sure he doesn't die on you.
Check it, it's the second chapter to my new series, "Teach Me How to Breathe"! There was a bit more interaction between Mondo and reader-chan in this bit, and I promise there will be more in the upcoming chapters. I hope you all enjoy!

I also used the somethingawful censors for bad words if you didn't notice pff

Table of Contents
Chp 1: Here!
Chp 2: You're on it, silly
Chp 3: Here!

I do not own the picture, this artist does!

I do not own Dangan Ronpa

You belong to me~
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"In other news, the ecstatic scientist Eusine has not been seen. He is believed to have gone missing recently. The last person in contact with him was a trainer who said she didn't know anything about what happened"

I smirked.
I knew all too well what happened, but it's not like I would ever admit to it.
Suicune was rightfully mine. Eusine couldn't accept that fact- and so he had to go.
I wasn't going to stand it any longer. Following me wherever I went, appearing so suddenly when Suicune was near.

It was unnatural.
He even had the gall to treat me as a friend.

The guy was a psycho- obsessed over a Pokémon.
Suicune chose me, and rightfully so.
Hell the thing probably wanted Eusine to stop following it like a lost puppy.

I smiled at the master ball in my hand- Suicune was mine, and only mine.
Anyone who touched my Pokémon would regret it.

I smirked, remembering the night. I had met Eusine on that little strip of land where couples meet- I can't remember the name of it for the life of me.
I remember greeting him with a smile, knife behind my back.
He smiled warmly, and as usual asked if I had seen Suicune.
I tightly gripped the knife in my hand and said I hadn't.
Eusine looked down for just a moment and I took the chance, lunging at him with the knife.
He cried out as the knife entered his chest. I don't remember how many times I stabbed him, but by the time I was done I was soaked in blood.
The grass below was crimson, and Eusine lay twisted on the ground, twitching and sobbing for mercy.

I felt myself smirk, and from my bag I pulled a baseball bat.

It was time to finish the job.

Eusine looked up at me, tears overflowing.


I felt myself smile.

"You would have tried to take Suicune."

His eyes widened as I began my second assault- hit after hit... bones snapping and crunching, and blood spurting onto the grass.
With all of my strength I picked him up and threw him over the rails.
I watched him slide down the cliff, grunting in pain, until he landed in the water.
Slowly he disappeared and I went home to wash up.

I thought everything was fine.
Until they discovered his body and came to my door, questioning and asking such things as where I was.
I told them I was training my Suicune, and they believed me.

Then a few days later, I saw it.
Another Suicune- like no other.
It was dark grey with black Diamonds on its body- it's mane was a blue-purple fire.
It's purple eyes with white and black pupils stared at me, it's torn ribbon-like tails blowing in the wind.

I needed it, I had to own it.
I had to capture it.

I quickly ran outside towards the creature but stopped.
It... smelled... like death, and it was soaked in blood.
The thing opened its mouth, revealing teeth broken and battered- blood dripped from its ripped and torn Gums.
I felt myself step backwards.

What kind of monster...

The Pokémon continued to glare at me- almost as though it had a bone to pick with me.
I suddenly realized something.

It had on Eusines cape.

I squinted my eyes suspiciously, it was impossible wasn't it?
I felt for the knife in my bag and unsheathed it behind my back.
The Pokémon merely bared it's teeth, as though daring me.
I quickly flung the knife at it- but instead of dodging the strange Suicune merely sat as the knife went through it.

I felt myself break into a cold sweat as the beast stood and seemed to form into a human shape- Eusine.

He smirked before taking a step forward.

"One minutes head start. Better pray you can run faster than a Suicune."

It's probably been done, the whole Suicune Eusine thing.

But I noticed something today.


Eusine + extra U + C - E= Suicune.

Why would you do that nintendo?
Can't you see your making it too easy.

Anyways so vengeful ghosts and whatnot.
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"Play for me."

Green blinked, frowning a little and nudging Red over to look at him. Red's smile only widened, and then he laughed, tugging Green closer to nuzzle his hair. "C'mon, Green, don't look at me like you're confused. I said play for me."

He laughed as well, then rolled his eyes in mock annoyance, burying his face in Red's shoulder. "...But I'm comfortable," he whispered against Red's skin.

It wasn't a lie; spending a lazy afternoon with Red curled up into him like an extra blanket had to be the single most comfortable position he could be in.

He felt a sharp finger poke his side, and then Red's weight shifted off of him. He blinked again just before Red leaned in to steal a quick kiss. "Play for me."

He opened his mouth to reply, but Red was already pushing the covers off himself, letting Green enjoy the somewhat rare experience of seeing Red naked for all of about six seconds before the Champion was tugging his clothes on. Green sighed to himself, sheepishly scratching his head before sitting up to follow him. "...I guess I don't really have a choice, then, do I?"

Green hadn't always been musical. He'd been playing all his life, but his playing an instrument was nothing musical for him; it was just another thing he'd been forced to do ever since he was old enough, and he'd detested it. He hated the piano. He hated how short his fingers were compared to the length of keys. He hated his instructor. He hated being stuck playing the same stupid classical arrangements by the same stupid dead guy over and over. It was boring, it was pointless, and he cursed himself for having a talent for it, because it meant his family was going to keep forcing it on him.

As soon as he was old enough to become a Trainer, he put his real passion first, abandoning the wretched instrument and taking up raising and battling Pokémon. It was much more fulfilling for him, being able to exercise a talent for something he enjoyed.

...Then again, it'd taken having his hard work as a Trainer slammed into the dirt and his dreams crushed to make him realize what a snotty, self-absorbed, outright sociopathic little brat he was.

Not that he'd have to start from scratch again – hardly. His defeat at Red's hands had been the reality check he'd needed to to figure out what he really wanted out of his life. And, as it happened, he'd found he was perfectly happy not being Champion. He didn't have to be the best when he was still pretty damn good. He had fun, he got good challengers, he still loved what he did, and, hell, he even became Viridian's Gym Leader. He had friends in the few people he could tolerate, he had a boyfriend in Red, and he had his place among the ranks of the world's best trainers. Not bad.

"You should wash up first."

Red was grinning – trying and failing to hide his amusement. Green could only roll his eyes. "Red, do you want me to play for you, or not?"

Red was still grinning when he jerked his thumb up, gesturing in the direction of the washroom. "Don't be lazy. You'll get distracted, and then you won't have time before you have to go back to Viridian."

"Lazy" happened to be Red's personal favorite way of describing him, and if there was one way to get Green to do something, it was to challenge him to prove Red wrong.

"Fine," Green snorted before turning around, setting off to find an appropriate change of clothes. Before he got far, he felt his wrist held in an iron grip, and spun around to find Red right behind him. He opened his mouth to ask what the hell he was on, but Red stopped him, his grin softening into a smile.

"...And I'd like to join you."

Green wasn't sure how he'd gotten the thought, but, one day, procrastinating from his duties as Viridian's Leader once again, he'd found himself back in front of the piano. Aside from the fact that he hadn't touched the thing in years, nothing seemed to have changed – except for him. His hands were bigger, his reflexes better, and he, himself, more mature.

What the hell, he'd thought, turning over the sheet music his sister had been using earlier.

He'd begun playing again, at first to pass the time, and, gradually, just because it was fun. Hypnotic, even. He was playing the same stupid notes composed by the same stupid dead guy millions and millions of people before him had played, yet he still felt like he was creating something. There was movement in the sound, now. He could close his eyes, relaxing and still concentrating as he let his fingers do the work.

It wasn't anything great – just a teenager playing an instrument. But Green enjoyed it. There was a lot of things he'd never considered before, even with his supposed talent. Music was about a lot of things – rhythm, melody, tempo and measure spoke for themselves, but aside from reading sheet music, there was little about it that was visual. It was much more about sound and feeling than anything. It couldn't be preserved or kept when it was played the way it was, and he couldn't explain it, but the music he played seemed to carry an actual weight to it, seemed to be an actual, tangible object until he finished the piece. It was so temporary, but expressed so much.

Then again, he'd always been overthinking things. He tried to be deep, but knew he was really only making an emo loser of himself when he talked about those things around anyone besides Red. That was the beauty of playing – he didn't need to say anything stupid, deep, or meaningful. He just played. He wasn't being the insecure shit he was, and was still getting across what he needed to.

It became a hobby. Not his life's passion, the way raising Pokémon was, but a good way to relax when he needed to. Instead of bitching, shouting, and blaming everyone else for his failures, he could play.

For the most part, he kept his hobby a secret. He didn't like keeping his personal and social life together, so he never played to entertain the few friends he let into his house. He'd occasionally mention it to a buddy, or use it to brush off someone who was trying to impress him with their musical knowledge, but, like with friendship in general, he didn't feel the need to share it with anyone.

His Pokémon were almost always around when he played. Leaf loved listening to and watching him play (and, much to his annoyance, insisted on talking the whole time), and his sister and grandfather were often around to hear. As far as human audiences, he didn't have much of one outside of the Pokémon stadium, and he was just fine with that. The exception, of course, was Red, the exception to just about everything in his life.

He didn't mind if Red wanted to listen.

He was still toweling off when Red was finished pulling his cap on. Red was by no means a speed demon – much unlike a boy from Sinnoh who Green had once met, but Red was no-nonsense in his routine: quick, efficient, and focused. It was that same attitude that had won him the Championship, no doubt.

Red slipped out of the bathroom nonchalantly, and Green took the chance to examine himself in the mirror. He hadn't planned on their shower being especially intimate (as intimate as they could get, anyways... They weren't nearly ready for that), but, with Red, he'd learned to expect the unexpected. Predictability was a rare luxury in Green's life.

His boyfriend had never been aggressive or even rough, but sometimes he bit too hard or sucked too long without realizing it. Green never minded the pain, but the obvious red-and-purple splotches and bruises on his neck were more than a little embarrassing to sport. ...Not that Red marking him up wasn't supremely sexy, but it made him an easy target for his grandfather's teasing, and awkward inquiries about his as-of-yet nonexistant sex life.

"Shit," he mumbled. Looking over the ravaged skin, he could tell he was going to have some obvious marks for a few days. Now he had to awkwardly ask his sister if he could borrow make-up and go through a WHOLE other routine...

"Green? Are you almost done?"

He sighed, deciding it wasn't worth it to keep making a fuss about it. "Yeah, be right out."

Red was waiting for him next to the piano, the same as he had numerous times before. He smiled warmly, and Green swallowed, trying to convince himself he was imagining the flutter in his stomach and the way his heart seemed to be beating harder in his chest. It's just Red, he thought to himself. If you can mess around with him in the shower no problem, why are you blushing over this? Stupid! You're acting like a girl!

He smiled back, almost shy in the way he approached him. He took a seat at the piano bench, and he swallowed when Red's smile widened. Red pulled a nearby stool closer and sat down, still watching Green as though fascinated.

He didn't say anything – he didn't need to.

Green took a deep breath before reaching up to adjust the sheet music he'd left up. It didn't matter what he played, really. They'd still enjoy it.

He lifted the cover off the keys and began to play.

Red watched, mouth drawn back in a simple, content smile. It was different like this, being alone with Green: No Pokémon, no onlookers, no judges, no battles. They were completely to themselves.

He'd never heard Green play before. He'd caught a few notes from listening through the door before knocking, or catch Green humming the same piece his fingers had played not long before, but for how curious Red had been, and for how many months they'd been together, Red had never been there when he played.

The song started simply, with a few soft notes that fell together and reminded Red of falling raindrops. Suddenly drawn in by the melody, he found himself feeling more and more at peace, more and more drawn to the face reading the music and not the fingers hitting the keys.

Green knew this piece well, Red had to guess. Occasionally, he'd close his eyes, as though concentrating or focusing on something. Something about that was absolutely marvelous. Green was always tense, always thinking, always ready to jump into action, ready to fight. Green, softly concentrating on playing an instrument, unconcerned with the world around him, and at peace with himself, was one of the single most endearing things Red had ever seen.

It felt almost like a secret between them, seeing Green this way, and seeing more of the young Gym Leader than anyone ever had. They'd always had their secrets, the things they only trusted themselves with, the "them" they were to others and the "them" who they really were.

Not anymore.

The song picked up in tempo, and Red could only listen in wonder. He knew Green could play, but he'd had no idea how well. Red couldn't understand how anyone – much less someone he knew – could be capable of playing something so seemingly complex just by hitting keys on a piano.

He looked back down at Green's hands, unable to understand the complex ways his hands moved, and unable to keep up with how quick and fluid his movements were.

Realizing his mouth had been hanging open, he closed it and smiled again, catching Green's eye and noting the way Green smiled, too.

Green was reading again, eyes scanning the sheet music he probably wouldn't need for much longer. As he started approaching what Red guessed was the last measure, Green started to move as if to turn the page, but Red stopped him, reaching over and turning it for him.

Green looked back over at him, smiling again before nodding and looking back at the music.

Red could only watch, hypnotized by the melody and Green's gentle smile. He continued to listen in silence, reaching over and turning the page whenever he needed.

From something so simple, Red felt like his heart would burst. What he shared with Green was something so much deeper than melodies and songs; it was something he'd invested his whole heart in. Green was... something extraordinary. Red liked him for that, but liked him even more for how extraordinary he became when he was with Green.

Red turned the last page, listening to the notes beginning to soften again, fading out like raindrops and ending something magical, and he took the moment to reflect on how he couldn't deny that he felt a lot more towards Green than "like".

The song faded out, and Red turned to Green, so happy he felt like he was glowing, with how much he loved him.

They sat together in silence for a long time, sharing a piano bench and resting on each other. Gradually, Red felt himself moving into Green's lap, nuzzling up against his chest and into his shoulder.

It felt like a long time before either of them spoke.

Green squeezed him again, somehow surprised by the sudden affection. "...You liked that, then?"

"Mm," was Red's articulate response. He looked up, moving so he and Green were nose-to-nose. "Yeah, I liked it. ...But I like you a lot more."

Green laughed to himself and shook his head. "...I like you, too, buddy."

The silence manifested itself again, and this time, they both felt the nervous tension in it. Red suddenly drew back, opening his mouth to speak, and then closing it, looking away.

Green nudged him back, brow furrowing in concern. "...Red? Something wrong?"

Red swallowed again, forcing himself to look Green in the eye. "Green, I..."

Green swallowed as well, trying and failing to convince himself he wasn't blushing. "...Oh. Red, you don't..." He swallowed again. "...You don't have to say anything you're not ready for. It's fine."

Red kept looking him in the eye, and shook his head. "No... Green, uhm... I really love you, you know."

Green didn't answer, but looked back at Red for just a moment, wide-eyed, before crushing him against his chest in a tight hug. He laughed, suddenly so happy he could cry. He squeezed Red tighter, making the slightly smaller boy squeak in surprise. "And if it means anything, I really, really love you, too."

He loosened his grip, letting Red look back up at him. Red just grinned, shaking his head before tugging Green back down to kiss him.

They weren't any good at it – just a couple of awkward teenagers trying to work out a relationship, but they worked perfectly for each other. They had something that was so much more complicated than melodies and songs, but came to them so much easier. Neither knew how love worked, but they were willing to learn.

Red drew back to lean on Green's chest, listening to his heartbeat for a few moments before nudging him to start playing again.
kjfklfjsldf I need to go brush my teeth now. If you think I had to read Twilight and listen to an entire Owl City album to be able to make it through writing something this sweet, then... Actually, you're absolutely right. My teeth are rotting out. |D; As much as I love these two, this fic is just... wow. xP

This is a long overdue fic for :iconkagomelovesinu:. She had a dream where Green was playing the piano and Red was sitting with him, just watching and turning the pages when needed. Specifically, Green was playing this song, and he is in this fanfic, too. I told her I'd write a fic of it, and she drew a pic:

I worked really hard on this, and it still sucks huuurrrrrrrrrrrrr. =__=;; Not too-too proud of this one, but I hope you still like it, Annie. :heart: Love youuuuuu.

...I am now going to try to regain the man-points I lost writing this. :U!!
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Life and a Lady

A little girl,
With pastel stains on her cheeks
I remember so vaguely
But she walked home that day
With a star in her hands
And chocolate milk on her mind

A little lady,
With confetti littered in her cheeks
I remember, though barely
But she walked home that day
With a medal in her hands
And the promised computer in mind

A teenage girl,
With tears on her cheeks
I remember somewhat clearly
But she walked home that day
With a toga in hand
And college in her mind

A grown-up lady,
With make-up on her cheeks
I remember lucidly
And she walked home that day
With a diploma in hand
And success in her mind

A woman,
With blush on her cheeks
I remember so vividly
And she walked home that day
With a ring in her hand
And a man in her mind

A bride,
With bloom on her cheeks
I’ll remember infinitely
Walked to a new home that day
With a hand in her hand
And eternity in her mind

A mother,
With small hands on her cheeks
I’ll remember joyfully
And she walked home that day
With a new life in her hand
And the sweetest duty in her mind

An old lady
With wrinkles on her cheeks
I remember with difficulty
Though she can’t walk home today
Without help in her hand
And the past in her mind…

And a soul,
With no flesh on her cheeks
A life to remember vaguely
No home to walk to
Without life in her hands
And yearnings on her mind.
Its the way I looked at life when I was younger, and even though the future is ever unclear, it is the way I imagine it to be... one day.
I am bad at free verse, but I just had to express this, I'm sorry for the bad free verse, I'm still practicing. I wanna get better. :)
have a nice day, feel free to leave comments, it would help me a lot.
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i am a whisper no one else can hear.
yes, your butt looks huge,
yes, he will leave you
if you tell him how you really feel,
and no, you are never enough.

just because only you can hear me,
it doesn't mean i am any less real.
i will tint everything you see
like a pair of cheap sunglasses
with one lens opaque
so that you cannot see anything clearly
and your perception is skewed.

i am in the pilot's seat
and you will be mine
the second you let your guard down.

your heartstrings will connect my piano strings
as i hammer them down and knot with pain;
i will break you to your knees
and hit them to the pavement
like a child in the summer.

i will beat you into the earth
and offer you a hand,
but use it only to strike you
across the face.
i will always leave a handprint.

i am insecurity,
and you
are all my
this is SO shitty but whatever
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