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Yeap! It's time for that! Well nearly time for that - these few remaining days are the time when you can enter and hope for the best on winning something! Here is how it works:

On the December first, I will use and pick one person from the favers to win some kind of art price from me or one of the donators. Naturally I will contact the person and tell them they have won something, and I will update this journal telling who won what.
I will repeat this process all the way to December 24th, aiming to daily updates.

How to enter:
- Fave this journal
- That's it. Nothing else is needed. Watching is appreciated for faster updates, but not requirement since I'd rather have you watch me for my art and not for free stuff.

EDIT// Should've mentioned - cause it was mentioned in the old journal I must've forgotten! No more entries are accepted, sorreh!

In prices, there are mainly art-works, music, points (ranging between 200 and 300), and even 2 premium memberships (1 one month and one 3 month).

THE AMAZING PRIZEDONATORS! :icongrace-winters: :iconcuriouscucumber: :iconmystic-music37: Go check them out if you have time! These lovely people helped me out on this :)

24 - KimmyPeaches - 3 month PM
23 - Pippy1994 - 200 :points:
22 - Baumarius - Fullbody with flats
21 - IliveinSkyrim - Flat colored bust
20 - InsaneSpyro - Non animated pixeldoll from Grace-Winters
19 - imaginary-rose - Paintery style halfbody (similar to this: ) - Will be speedpainted! (doesn't need to be pony)
18 - AlphaCrest-WolfPack - Chibi lineart
17 - Tinkerbell0522 - Musical piece from Mystic-Music37
16 - HawkHeart-Tea -1 month PM
15 - Brillonsloup - Smootshaded chibi
14 - AlexisDragonStorm - Cel-shaded halfbody
13 - unicornomics - Chibi from Grace-Winters
12 - TheGreatestOmelette - Bust sketch
11 - Clovis-thecutestcat - 200 :points:
10 - Dear-Raven - Cel-shaded bust
9 - FaunaV - Fullbody sketch
8 - CHRISwillar - Halfbody sketch
7 - Jessicalina - Halfbody with flats
6 - ToxicFalls - Chibisketch with bit of colors from CuriousCucumber
5 - ShiftyDAKitty - 300 :points: from me!
4 - Mhrocks42 - Musical piece from Mystic-Music37
3 - DreamDisc - Smoothshaded bust
2 - flicoloa - Halfbody lineart
1 - Peachy-Keene - Cel shaded chibi

Good luck for anyone that enters!
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A Retrospective

Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 4:28 AM

Hello Ryceballs! So I was looking through my god awful gallery the other day and had a nostalgic moment when I saw some of my old artworks, I am happy to say that I have improved over the 5 years stay here on Deviantart (Thank god...). So I just want to show you a few of my earlier artworks and talk a little about the story behind each one of them. I must admit that the early artworks you see on this list is not REALLY the first few artworks I uploaded on Deviantart, but I have since got rid of my even older ones because I really really dislike them, I don't want you guys to vomit blood ok. If you guys REALLY want to see the ones I have deleted..  I guess I can dig into the abyss of my old computer and find it. Anyways here goes!

July 27, 2008
Times has changed... I think now I probably wouldn't have included an F word in my artworks because I know there are many younger audience and I don't wanna pollute their minds with filth any further. As you can tell my style was quite different back then, with a more crisp cell shaded toon look more than the brushy messy style of the Ry-Spirit you know today. I remember I was really into Smash Brothers Brawl back then, so I just had to do a fan art of my favourite game! So I spent a long time doing the linework on a piece of paper, I still have the original drawing in my room by the way. And after drawing it on paper (YES I DREW IT ON PAPER FIRST), I scanned it onto the computer and colored it with photoshop... with a mouse. Thats right I had no idea how to use a graphic tablet back then :I This artwork ended up taking me ages to complete.. as you would've probably guessed. *sigh* difficult times. Oh also my logo was different, it was a bullet (For god knows why.)

The Cool ones from Brawl by Ry-Spirit
The Cool ones from Brawl
August 19, 2008
So the last Smash Bro Brawl artwork got lots of attention right, (that was probably the first artwork that made me felt people actually liked what I do too) but people were asking where the cool characters from brawl were, like Ike and Marth and Lucario and adult Link and Pitt, so to satisfy the fans' desire, I drew this pic. Using the exact same method as the last pic. :)

Pokemon Halloween Special by Ry-Spirit
Pokemon Halloween Special
October 20, 2008
In celebration of 2008's Halloween, I drew this Pokemon artwork to celebrate it :D I still quite like this artwork actually, sometimes I look back at this artwork and think 'Oh Ry are you so creative? Little Ry of 2008' lol but not really. But yeah the picture speaks for itself.

December 25, 2008
OK NOW THINGS ARE STARTING TO TAKE SHAPE, I experimented with a graphic tablet for the first time! I uploaded this on the Christmas of 2008, this doesnt have anything to do with christmas but just thought its interesting I chose that day to upload it. Oh and I changed my logo to a box with a lightning bolt cos I wanted something to do with Pikachu... so electricity.. yup.

Pokemon Heroes by Ry-Spirit
Pokemon Heroes
January 15, 2009
So yeah.. I went back to my cell shaded style lol. I tried the graphic tablet.. and good job. TICK! Ok now back to a style Ry's most comfortable with lol (Classic Ry). So yeah I drew all the Pokemon Trainers available back then. I actually drew Crystal for the Gen II trainer, but then Heart Gold Soul Silver came out later so I went back to this artwork and replaced Crystal with Lyra.

Welcome to my room by Ry-Spirit
Welcome to my Room
February 17, 2009
My style was starting to change... I have dropped the cell shaded style and went for a more softer approach. Also experimented with perspective for the first time, I remember googling photos of rooms just to get the angles right.. Oh this artwork also got me a Daily Deviation suggested by Atramina and Featured by archanN Thanks guys!

Here Kitty Kitty by Ry-Spirit
Here Kitty Kitty
February 19, 2009
This was my first ever commission I've posted on DA, my online friend Foxxy-Tomo wanted me to draw her, so I did. She's really pretty so I hope this drawing did her justice.

Ry Smash Event Look by Ry-Spirit
Ry Smash Event Look
August 11, 2009
Ok now things are REALLY starting to take shape, I did a drawing of how I looked at a convention called SMASH! This was right after I went to cuson's live tutorial at SMASH! and learnt how to really draw properly with a Wacom tablet, my style permanently changed from then on.

August 12, 2009
Here's another attempt at a Pokemon parody, I tried to show what I thought of Ash Ketchum. haha...

Batman and Robin by Ry-Spirit
Batman and Robin
August 30, 2009
Before I end my retrospective I just had to show this drawing. Because its the oldest artwork of mine that I still sell at conventions. Its still a customer's favourite for some reason.

5 years has passed. I have grown as an artist and hopefully into a better person, this is to another 5 years to come *lifts up glass*

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen:IT IS CURRENTLY POKEMON MONTH 2:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

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"Really liked the different perspective/point of view, made it stand out from the rest of the entries. Very unique idea that was well thought out. The various layers and colors of the fall trees captures how close a harvest moon appears to be just within reach."
  • $2,500 USD
  • 6,000 deviantART Points
  • A trip to attend a deviantMEET in either Portland, OR, or Seattle, WA, USA on March 16, 2013
  • dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
  • A Print of your choice from**
  • A pair of shoes from the Merrell Vendemmia Collection*
  • *
    Depending on sizes and availability
  • One-Year Premium Membership to deviantART
  • **
    Depending on sizes and subject to availability. Maximum value $250.00 USD.
  • Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set
"Captures the joy and simplicity of a fall day. You want to be a part of this dream. The amount of detail, wrinkles on old man and overalls the boy is wearing, really brings to life the emotion. Like how the trees extend above the shoebox."
  • $2,000 USD
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
  • Nintendo Wii U Basic Set
  • DeviantART Gear T-Shirt of Winner's choice*
  • Six-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
  • *
    Subject to availability.
"This entry has its own uniqueness (there aren't any people or animals) and simplicity that makes it stand out. The attention to detail of all the components really makes it life-like."
  • $1,000 USD
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • Apple iPod Nano (16GB, Silver)
  • dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
  • DeviantART Gear T-Shirt of Winner's choice*
  • Six-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
  • *
    Subject to availability.

The results are in for the Merrell Diorama Contest! We challenged you to depict your favorite fall memory using a shoebox, and the winners have been chosen. Check out what Merrell's VP of Global Marketing had to say about the top choices, and relive these treasured memories!
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Back from Rysolation

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 28, 2013, 3:17 AM

Dear Ryceballs. I have returned. It was a short hiatus, but it was a necessary one. I traveled miles and miles on foot into the Indian Desert by myself, in hope that I would be able to find my missing soul, cos thats what people do when they wanna find their soul right? They always go to India. I called it my 'rysolation period'. So I was out soul searching. On my journey, people has been encouraging to me, giving me kind words and needed motivational speeches, I thank you, you know who you are.  I think I am more collected and positive now. Yeah I think I am back. Oh also on my soul search I have had time to work out some 'things'. So yeah look forward to more 'things' from me in the future. The desert was hot as hell by the way, don't really recommend it, what my soul was doing there is beyond me.

Ok thats it for now.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites! :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

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Calendar Raffle Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 30, 2013, 1:40 PM
I am doing the dumbest thing (just because I wanted this to become traditon of mine), and doing the calendar-raffle-giveaway anyways. Though I DID cut down many prize-arts and cut down many detailed art-works as well. So unlike last year, this years prizes aren't going to be that good...

Tho this year I'm making new exceptions! First of all, if you want, you can donate a prize of sorts, just mention wich day you want to offer that! (just warning, I won't accept over 200 :points: on any of the days, and 24 has the biggest prize from me). Ofcourse you can still entter the give-away. The donators will NOT have double chances on winning, but they will be featured on my feature box on my page (Wich I will be cleaning after posting this journal.)

Here's how to entter:
- Be an watcher of mine BEFORE this give-away started! This is only for those people, a sign of thank you from me.
- Fave the journal. Just fave it, that's it. You have to the 7th of December to fave this, after that no more. This is to make sure no one tries to snip the best prizes (note, the prizes are actually mixed up, so first day might have better prize than on 23rd day.)
- Wait for updates.

There are going to be total 24 winners, and each day I will announce new winner with updated journal. Note that winner has only 48 hours to claim the prize, after that I will simply delete that day from the prizes.

Day 24 - confetticandie - 1 Month PM from me! (The mix proof)

Day 23 - Femme-with-Arrows - 100 :points: from me! (DONATED BY Shadowlands-hand! - (The mix proof)

Day 22 - Xeshaire - Flatcolored headshot from me! (The mix proof)

Day 21 - TheGreatestOmelette - 100 :points: from me! (The mix proof)

Day 20 - DecepticonFlamewar - 50 :points: from me! (The mix proof)

Day 19 - ForgottenHope547 - Bust sketch from me! (The mix proof)

Day 18 - Skrillexia-TF - Headshot from me! (The mix proof)

Day 17 - KimmyPeaches - Bust sketch from me! (The mix proof)

Day 16 - Peachy-Keene - 50 :points: from me!  (The mix proof)

Day 15 - MissButterfly11 - 150 :points: from silverheart101! (The mix proof)

Day 14 - Lorkain - Chibi from Xeshaire! (The mix proof)

Day 13 - Skeleton-Hellflame - Chibi lineart from me! (The mix proof)

Day 12 - Mystic-Music37 - 100 :points: from me! (The mix proof)

Day 11 - Lil-Hawk - Flatcolored halfbodyshot from me! (The mix proof)

Day 10 - Shadowlands-hand - Flatcolored chibi from me! (The mix proof)

Day 9 - MrsDecepticonQueen - 100 :points: from me! (The mix proof)

Day 8 - Taseler - 100 :points: from me! (DONATED BY Shadowlands-hand! - (The mix proof)

Day 7 - TheShyCorona - 32 :points: from me! (DONATED BY CuriousCucumber! - (The mix proof )

Day 6 - Astral-Hikari - Halfbody sketch from me! (The mix proof )

Day 5 - DoctorFabulous - Blinkicon from me! (The mix proof )
Day 4 - silverheart101 - 50 :points: from me! ( The mix proof  )

Day 3 - Psychoactivities - 50 :points: from me! ( The mix proof )

Day 2 - CuriousCucumber - Flatcolored bust from me! ( The mix proof )

Day 1 - TF-Chaos - 50 :points: from me! ( The mix proof )

Good luck for everyone!

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Ry's Life Rules

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 12, 2013, 9:05 AM

Kinda misleading title I know, but no its not about how awesome my life is, but more about some life rules that I like to follow. WELLLLL try my best to follow them anyways. If you think some of them are worth trying, then sure follow these rules with me :D

Yup, I have not seen One Piece or Bleach so I will not do fan art for them, Im sure they are great anime as people has told me, but I just haven't gotten around to watch it thats all. So yes for me, I gota be a fan before doing fan art for something. Otherwise it kinda takes away wat the true meaning of what fan art is right? But yes I do know some people who draws fan art of whats popular rather than what they like, I remember one time I was walking in the artist alley and saw an artist who did an artwork of a fandom that I like, so I spoke to them about the series and realised the person has not played the game or know anything about it, but just drew it because its popular and people may buy it. I lost all respect for that artist.. :(

I don't even type the F word... UNLESS its really really something terrible and I had to let it out, like recently when I found out I have been betrayed by somone, it broke my trust with that person and they can die in a fire. But other than that I don't swear. Its not that I got anything against swearing, but I know other people might get offended. And its hard to tell who gets offended and who doesn't, so I just avoid it completely. Well for one I know my parents don't like people swearing. So for their sake I don't do it. Oh I wrote a journal about this in January if you wanna read more about it.…

3.NO PIRATING (unless its literally impossible to find anywhere)
Thats ryght I am a guy living in 2013 who does not do anything illegal, NOT EVEN ONLINE. I mean there WAS a time when I was a pirate AARRRGGHH, but I have changed, this started probably back in 2009 when I joined a competition and won myself an Adobe Suite, I was happy that I won it but wondered why I wasn't happierrrr.. Well the thing is I already got a pirated Adobe Suite that I have been using for a long time, and would even be a hassle to get rid of my pirate version to install the legit version, but at the end I used the legit version anyway, because I mean why not? Its there. BUT It made me think, I should be appreciative of my prize more.. I have earned my prize and I should be treating this with a happier attitude, but why ain't I more happy than I should? Well because I have been pirating thats why! I felt like pirating has made me less appreciative of legit things, and thats a problem. People work days and months and possibly years to make something, like a piece of music or movie or software, all their hard work just to be downloaded for free by some teenager? Its sad. I then thought about what if something I work hard in making gets pirated.. YES I WOULD GET SO MAD (and yes it IS happening, with my artworks on iphone cases and printed on some T shirts in china, I never gave them permission). So from that point on Im like 'ok thats it! I gota be an honest person and set an example on how to live a positive and ryghteous life.' I never downloaded a single movie before anyway because of slow internet, but even now I don't do it because of this life rule. I also don't download music if I know I can get them in shops.. but sometimes you get some odd balls that the ONLY way to get it is to download, like a Puzzle Bubble 8bit music from the SNES or something, you cannot find a CD version of this anywhere! Well an alternative is just go on youtube and listen to it, I like to think if its on Youtube then the company is ok with it.

This goes hand in hand with the piracy thing actually. So yes I don't steal or vandalize or anything. If its against the law then I won't do it. And lucky for me Australian laws are quite reasonable.

This is the big one. I don't lie. you might think its impossible but really.. there are ways to do this, I even see this as a challenge to myself. So what tricks can I use so I can be honest and not get murdered by my truthful words? Well if I don't wanna say something as it may hurt someone's feelings or make a situation worse I will just not say it at all, or tell the person I don't feel comfortable saying it. I believe in honesty and will always speak the truth (Well I try my best). I sometimes have to justify my words into a certain perspective though if its really really bad, its kinda like twisting my words... but hey at least I didn't lie! :I

The rules above are mostly for caring about other people right? Well this one right here is a shellfish one lol. I stay away from trouble, this includes people doing bad things or just even some people in general. If I can see a person is gonna be trouble when they walked in, or is gonna make me uncomfortable or upset accidentally or on purpose or watever, Im outta there. Im a happy-go-lucky easy going guy, I don't need depressing people around me who may rub off some of their negative energy onto me. Its unnecessary problems that I just really don't have time for or need. I know it sounds selfish, but hey life is about being happy. And I like being happy.

Thats all the rules I can think of at the moment. I was always used to applying rules to my life, especially when I used to go to church and was taught that God sees whatever I do so I gota play by the rules even when no ones watching. So yes even till now I still apply my life rules even when I am just by myself. Do you guys have any life rules you like to follow? please comment below and let me know, who knows maybe if I can see the importance of it I will add it onto MY rules too. :D

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites! :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

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Questioned by the Hong Kong Police

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 2:18 AM

So where was I? Oh yes I was gonna talk about my experiences with the Hong Kong police, so here goes. OK this is the problem, whenever I visit Hong Kong I always have the fear of being questioned by the police, well not exactly fear because I've got nothing to hide, but whenever I am alone walking on the street and a policeman on patrol sees me, they would ALWAYS 100% stop and ask for my ID. For those ain't familiar with how things work in Hong Kong is that if they see a teenager (Especially male) on the street not in their school uniform during school time or with dyed hair or pretty much just 'gangster' or suspicious looking, they have the right to stop you in the middle of nowhere and question you. Now I match every bit of suspicion possible, what they are trying to check is if there's any sort of crime around the area so they can narrow down the suspects, or to check whether you are legal to be in Hong Kong, or whether you've got drugs on you. Anyway when I was in Hong Kong a month ago, I got a total of three encounters with the police, much less than I expected but I played it smart this year around, I wore a hat to cover up the blonde hair and whenever I see a policemen walking towards me I would take another route, NOT because I got anything to hide (And I've got nothing to hide except for me and my monkey) but because its embarrassing when I am being questioned on the street in front of hundreds of local Hong Kongers judging you as they walk by.

FIRST ENCOUNTER: This happened the day after I landed in hong kong, thats right! The day after! Woah! I was with my family in a restaurant and I had to walk out on the street by myself to look for a toilet. Two policemen spotted me and immediately stopped me, they asked for my ID. I showed them my ID and they started getting chatty, they asked whether I was a hairdresser (Im pretty sure it wasn't a serious question, they were just being dicks), and I thought to myself like what only hairdressers can have trendy dyed final fantasy hair? So I replied politely no. They then asked me what I do for a living (By the way they asked all these in Chinese) and I replied I studied Animation and I draw for a living, but I said the word 'Animation' in english because I forgot what it was in Chinese, the police then asked what Animation was because apparently to be a Policemen in Hong Kong you don't need to learn English, I then hesitated and told them "You know... like Toy Story? Or Shrek? Have you seen those? Like 3D animation that Pixar does... Finding Nemo! Up! The Incredibles!?", I still don't think the policemen believed me because one of them then asked whether I could make something like Toy Story, in which I said "No....." (At that point I really wanted to punch the guy in the face). I then quickly took out my 'Get out of jail free card' aka my Australian Drivers License and explained that I actually live in Australia and only visiting Hong Kong, usually the police go easier on the visitors to Hong Kong after knowing you are a foreigner (And even nicer to the foreigners bloody hell), however that only works when the police believe you are a foreigner... Unfortunately for me my spoken chinese was too perfect, I can speak it fluently (Probably too fluent for people to tell I ain't from around) but cannot write or read most of the words.... Urgh OMG if I can pull off speaking chinese with english accent I would be fine but I suck at those! The police then decided to frisk me.. I have never been frisked before in my life, I felt a little humiliated especially when I was wide in the open on the street with little kids pointing at me and old people looking at me with their disgusted and disappointed look towards the teenagers. When I was being touched I just prayed that they wouldn't touch me in the sensitive area below because I still haven't went to the toilet yet. I swear at one point one of the police grabbed my ass, I am serious! After they were done they smiled at each other and smoked a cigarette.... wait a minute that didn't actually happen. After they were done they just let me go, end of first encounter. I went home that night, took out a doll to show my grandma where the police touched me.

SECOND IMPACT: You can't make this shit up but the second encounter with the police was the day after...... Trust me at that point I thought I was gonna be questioned by the police at least 20 times before I leave Hong Kong. This time I was once again just innocently browsing toys and comics on the street when a policemen came up to me and started questioning me, this time I was more prepared, I was more collected and I found out what the chinese word for Animation was. I showed the police my ID and put my hands on my head against the wall spread my leg and said 'Go ahead Sonny. We ain't got all day.' But surprisingly this time around the police didn't frisk me, but was even quite polite. I answered his questions appropriately and I was free to go without any problems, I was shocked by how well it went, we even had a lovely talk about the animation business in Australia compared with Hong Kong, I wanted to ask if he wanted to hang out after his shift but stopped myself when I came to my senses. I think what made the second encounter go smoothly was because I wasn't nervous, when I get nervous I mess up my words and can't act naturally, maybe thats why the police were so suspicious of me the first time... hell I nearly even peed my pants!

THIRD STRIKE: It has been weeks since I got questioned by the police, I played my game very safe. I became more alert of the men in uniform, I was so alert that I would walk away just by a sight of a guy in a hat. During my trip in Hong Kong I had a lot of free time so I would usually go to the arcades and spend money on Street Fighter since the game is so cheap in Asian countries, I have discovered that the cleaner and expensive looking the arcade is, the worse the street fighter players are. But if you go to the dirty smoke filled ones with gangsters looking men filled with tattoos of dragons and tigers on their chest and dotted line on their neck as if telling people to cut here, you can find some pretty decent players! I have always wanted to improve my game so I usually go to the gangster ones. I had a couple of rounds one night and as I was leaving, coincidentally a group of 5 police officers came in to ask for people's ID. I was unfortunate because as I was leaving and I think the police thought I was trying to run away..... So like the usual I had to show my ID and explain what animation is and explain what my favourite Disney films is.... Then they checked my bag and asked why I had so many Pokemon toys, I just had to be honest and said I liked Pokemon, the police gave me a look, kinda like a 'Shouldn't you be too old for these type of stuff?' kinda look. They then asked me to take out my phone, thats when I got nervous... OK this is what happened... I have an Iphone I use in Australia but only when I took it to Hong Kong that I found out you cannot use a Hong Kong SIM card on an Australian Iphone, you have to jailbreak it first (And I think by now you know I like to do things legally. I wouldn't import Mortal Kombat to Australia, I don't use a bootleg version of Photoshop and I don't download music. I always ask myself 'What would Batman Do?') There's always this debate about whether jailbreaking your phone is legal in Australia or not... But however I don't see a point in Jailbreaking my Iphone. But when I got questioned by the police... I started to regret not Jailbreaking... Alright since I couldn't use my iphone I had to borrow my aunty's old mobile phone, so whenever I go out I use my aunty's one for phone calls and my Iphone for music and photos. I showed both my phones to the police and they asked why I had two phones, I explained the SIM card not compatible with the iphone etc. And the police took my aunty's phone and saw a picture of my 10 year old cousin, she was just smiling innocently in the photo. The police then asked who that was and I was nervous and told him that was my cousin.. he then started looking at other photos and they were just filled with photos of my cousin! She was in her summer clothing in some of them, she was doing many interesting poses and in one of them she was even in her ballerina outfit with her other ballerina friends doing the spread Not a single photo of me in it! I thought to myself 'OH FUCK this is it, yup I am going to jail... either that or I am gonna be on predator watch for the rest of my life'. I explained to the police that the phone was my aunty's and that was her daughter, the police then stared at me for what felt like a whole 10 second, he then flicked through the contact list and asked me to name a few contacts to prove that the phone was mine, guess what? My mind went absolutely blank, its one of those moments where you are under pressure and you need to think of something easy and for whatever reason you can't do it. I took the time to collect myself and managed to tell him a total of TWO contact out of the possible twenty.... The officers looked at me for a while and said I could go. OH THANK YOU JESUS I took back my two phones and Pokemon toys and left the place as quickly as possible.

So what did I learn from these police incidents? Absolutely nothing. I mean to be honest they are just doing their job, it is their duty to look out for anyone suspicious.... just so happen I fit the bill. I remember when I saw my relatives, they told me I should cut my hair and dye it back to black in case I get questioned by the police, but I didn't, because I've got nothing to hide. Why would I need to blend in with the local when I am not a local? I will do something about my hair if I am importing drugs next time how about it? Yo I will even put on dorky glasses and wear a tie and a business suit if I am doing something illegal you know what I mean? *sigh* Am I glad to be back in good old Sydney where you can wear anything you want and have the funkiest final fantasy hair and no police will ever question you, strange I still weird looks from Asians in Australia though. OK next time for my visit in Hong Kong I am gonna perfect my a fake Australian accent to my fluent Chinese.


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Tales of the N64

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 20, 2013, 10:05 PM

Hello Ryceballs, its been a long time since I actually drew something or written something for Deviantart, mostly because of travelling to conventions and work, if you haven't guessed it by now I actually draw for a living. BUT IM BACK FOR A BIT NOW, with more stories to entertain you delicious people! This time Im gonna talk about the classic Nintendo 64, one of my favourite consoles of all time.

This is a picture of me when I was playing the N64 back in the day. So why do I wanna talk about the 64 out of all the consoles? Well mostly because I have been trashing Nintendo so much lately about their decisions in the gaming industry that I thought I should talk about something more positive about Nintendo when they were at their prime. ALSO because I have so many good memories with this console! Without further ado, THIS is how it all began.. it started with my dad coming home from work one day and showing me a newspaper article with a competition on it, it was sponsored by Toyota and it had an image, an outline of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and a very Sydney theme to it, the task was to color it. So I did, I used coloring pencils and a highlighter for the fireworks in the sky, back then I was still playing the Super Nintendo and didn't think much about the Nintendo 64, sure I was aware of the system but I wasn't a kid that had to get anything new straightaway that came out (Although this may have changed in recent years...) but I did it anyway with a small hope of winning but also the fact that I like drawing and coloring. So I finished it and put the submission in an envelope, I remember even drawing a N64 Controller lookalike spaceship on the envelope too. Then 2 weeks later I got a letter... I opened it slowly... and there it was, it says that I have won myself a Nintendo 64. I immediately put the letter away from my vision and took a deep breath, a single manly tear rolled down my face, then it happened.. NINTENDOOOOO SIXTYYYY FOOOOOOOUUUURRRR!!!! OMG!!! YESSSS!!! I was a bit like this kid… NINTENDO SIXTTTTYYY FFFFOOOUUURRRR!!!!!!! Im sure I woke up all the neighbourhood dogs that day, the whole house was shaking. My dad drove me to the post office and we picked it up, the box was soooo big too, it just added to that extra WOW factor. It also came with an F1 racing game, I played it once and never touched it again lol. But I remember that day my dad then drove me to Big W to get a game I want, I looked around and there were lots of unfamiliar titles, I wanted everything but there was one game I really had to get.. Super Mario 64. AND THE EXPERIENCE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD, mind you at the time I was still playing Super Mario on the SNES with 2D graphics. This was brand new territory to me, it just totally blew my mind. What is this camera button?? What I actually have to push up to walk forward? It was strange at first but I remember being adapted to it very easily, somehow the controls just felt very natural, Nintendo did an incredibly good job at this. And so this sparks my first experience with the 64. OH ALSO, a few weeks later I saw an ad on the TV advertising the N64, it had a spaceship shaped like the N64 controller flying through space... very similar to my drawing on the envelope, I still don't know to this day whether they stole my idea or just pure coincidence.

I used to go to church every Sunday, I had church friends and went to church choirs and everything (At one point I was even helping in teaching kids in choir.. IKR), and I remember going up to my friends and telling them I have won myself a N64, and their reactions were like 'Pffftttt so what?' and then they talked about how the Playstation was so much better with Final Fantasy and that the 64 is for kids.. eventhough at the time we WERE kids so I don't know what their problem is with this. I also remember one time the adults had a church meeting at my place, so my guy friends were over and a few girls were over as well. The guys who were supposed to be my friends didn't wanna touch my 64 AT ALL, they deliberately went into my other room to play the Super Nintendo saying even that has better games, well I was a gentleman and needed to entertain the girls so I put on Mario Party for them to play, I ended up staying and playing Mario Party with them, we were all laughing at the mini games and having lots of fun. The guys heard us from the other room and decided to peek in to see what we were playing, and I saw them kinda like walking outside and checking out what we were playing, AND LIKE A GENTLEMAN I was like 'Umm do you guys wanna play?' and they were like kinda undecisive but ended up staying. :I COMPARE THIS TO MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS, I told them I won a N64 that day and they were like "OK I'll get the chips and the drinks ready, David get a few more controllers, Stanley tell your mum you can't go back home tonight, or possibly for the next few weeks, we are coming over to your place right now. YO VIDEOGAMES LETS GO." I think that says alot about my supposedly friends from church huh?

I played MOST of the classic like Goldeneye, Smash Bro, Zelda, Pokemon Snap, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie, and even some less popular titles that I really enjoyed like Star Wars Episode 1 Racer and Goemon's Great Adventure. These are the games that I just had so much good memories of. Amazing games to say the least. What are some of YOUR stories from your favourite console?

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Nintendo 4DS

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 29, 2013, 1:31 AM

Forget the 2DS! This is better! The newly announced Nintendo 4DS. Good news from Nintendo just keeps on coming! So much Nintendo goodness! Wow, like just wow. Nintendo is on fire at the moment. A tech demo showed Pokemon Xandy being played on the 4DS, when you get hit by a Squirtle the 4DS squirts water at your face, when you get hit by a Charmander the 4DS burns your finger and when you get hit by a Pikachu the 4DS electric shock your fingers. Just make sure you don't let an Electrode do a Selfdestruct on you as your whole console will explode!

Just got my hands on the 4DS it is amaaazing.

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A day of doing nothing

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 11, 2013, 8:19 PM

Hey Ryceballs. yesterday marked the day that I did absolutely nothing. I gota admit, the last 2 weeks has been one of my most crazy weeks of the year, there were just tooooo many things going on at the same time that has affected my emotional state. It was like an emotional roller coaster that just didn't end. Not just bad things don't get me wrong, but good things too. And being a guy who try to take as little rest as possible, I came to a point where I just got totally burnt out. I was just exhausted and tired and just felt extremely depressed. It has affected my judgement and logical thinking and it even shows in my polls to be honest, I don't know if people realise but sometimes the topic of the polls and quality of my artworks are affected by what's going on in my life.. but sometimes I throw in a few odd ball polls in there to mix it up so you guys don't think I am personally going through stress, so yeah 'poo flavoured icecream' isnt a thing from experience don't worry! I also don't like to complain or rant about issues in my life, the rants I write about in journals are usually past events that I have got over long ago already or just simply rant for the sake of having a laugh, the real issues I tend to keep to myself or tell close friends. The reason I am talking about this now is that I am feeling better and more collected and I can honestly say I am ready to take on the challenges again, how I did it was I took a day off and just did absolutely nothing.

With my dad's laughable job changing event, the amount of commissions I am doing (I kid you not I am now juggling 8 ongoing commissions at the same time), and some personal issues as well, it has made me rather sad and angry at times. But then there are great things happening that greatly lifts up the spirit straight after like me becoming a Deviantart CV, me being in contact with a youtube person who I respected and now we'll be doing somthing together and the fact that my youtube channel will be partnered with Frederator Studios, yes I have not mentioned this before until now but its happening. So its not all bad, there's certainly many good as well. Which is why I said it feels a bit like a rollercoaster that just goes up and down and up and down. There are even things that SHOULD affect my mood and I should be angry about but I'm just like 'Sorry you are not allowed on this ride as I already got too much to worry about'. So anyway what happened on that day of doing nothing? I literally just took a deep breath and turned off my computer, I get a lot of messages on skype and email and facebook and deviantart so it just felt so good to just walk away from that for a day, I drove out to the mall and walked around for an hour, I picked up a game called Etrian Odyssey IV, I have never heard of the game before in my life but the cute anime cover caught my attention. I went home afterwards and just took a nice long nap, I have had so many sleepless nights from just drawing lately, that nap has never felt so good. I then woke up in the afternoon and played a bit of my newly bought game, I turned the difficulty to easy, I do NOT play games on easy, but this time I felt I should, so I can just play casually without being too stressed out (And I gota say its a pretty damn good game). I slept some more, and just woke up feeling really refreshed and calmed and if I may even use the term 'logical', when I was in the emotional rollercoaster I have become slightly illogical in my thinking, I was being ungentleman at times and if you were one of those people that feel I was rude or offensive to you then I apologize right now, I was not myself.

Please don't worry about me I am feeling pretty good now. I have collected myself, I have found my soul and I am feeling more positive as well. I just wanna point out the importance of taking a break, I thought I could go the full mile of just non stop work and juggle many things at the same time without fail. But hey even God rested on the 7th day (Oh Ry comparing yourself to a God, I see how it is). So if you guys out there are burnt out or in great stress, try to find some time to rest. Turn off your computer, go out for a walk, get some fresh air! I didn't know how important it is till I tried it. OK ok ok ok ok ok Im back.

This is a picture of me chilling on the street yesterday.

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