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My New T-shirt design vote for it here:

This one took me ages to work out a good composition, i decided on simple spidey colours to simplify it as the villains real colours don't go so well together. Purple, green and orange.

Etsy shop:[link]
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I designed a shirt for my favorite videogame site which is now for sale at It's the Destructoid robot in the famous Phoenix Wright pose yelling one of Dtoid's mottos STFUAJPG!! (Shut the F@#%k Up And Just Play Games). If you haven't you should check out the site since it has a great community on top of everything else. Be sure to check out the other shirts at the store too.
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Well, of course, Batman can not always follow ...

Available on Society 6
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Breaking Kart Yo!


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Superheroes playing football when not saving the world

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A fan poster of The Comedian from Zack Snyder's Watchmen
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Check out this awesome Doctor Who inspired 'Gallifrey Beach' t-shirt design! Geronimo!

'Gallifrey Beach' by RobGo is available now on t-shirts and zoodies! Only on - on sale 25th until 27th October!

Limited edition offer! On sale for 48h only! Grab yours now!
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Buy it here for $15!:…

Meant to put this up the week it sold. I'm not sure what happened. Probably things. Those darn things...
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For :iconpokimono:

Name: Reiran (Rei or Ran as nicknames)
Pokemon: Raikou
Age: 19

Village: Noir Vale
Job: Leader, Ninja

Ability: Volt Absorb
- Thunder
- Hyper Beam
- Calm Mind
- Crunch

- Everything sweet.
- Forests to run around in, because it's more challenging.
- Yo-Yos.
- Thunderstorms and everything electric.

- Being stuck inside, sitting still for too long.
- Failing.
- Spicy things.

Personality: Reiran can be somewhat childish and hot headed because he is still quite young and not used
to have much responsibility. Though, he loves challenges, and even though he might be a little bit like a kid sometimes,
he can if needed, be serious too. He wants to do a good job, and he wants people to like him, but sometimes he can
slip out of thought and be a little stupid. It's not always so easy to concentrate, and it's easy to be distracted.

Even though it might seem like...he doesn't really fit his job at all, he do have a sense of justice if you want to call it
that. If he really has to, he can get serious, and when serious, he starts to actually think. With training to actually be
a ninja, he hasn't just been goofing around his whole life...even though it could seem like it.

Rei has an unusual choice of weapons, since he favors using special made yo-yos. Since he was a kid he always played
with yo-yos as toys, and in the end they turned out to be wonderful weapons. At least when charged with electricity to
give some extra damage points. He do know how to fight, and he do enjoy friendly fights or if he is pretty much
sure to win. Though, he doesn't like the thought of killing people, so to him a nice black out or to make a foe harmless
will always be a goal.

So to sum it all up; Reiran is a grown up, but with the tendencies to be childish. He is easily distracted and amused, and
he enjoys playing around. Though, he also have a serious side when needed, and he really tries to be the leader people
will like. Rai wants to succeed in being great, he wants everyone to like him. Childish thoughts, but at least he has room
for a lot of development!

History: There isn't much to remember from when he was a baby, since his memory doesn't go that far. What he do
remember, is that he grew up in a temple, not really knowing he was something as special as a Raikou. All he knew was that
he hated that the priests didn't want him to leave the temple, and it wasn't fun to be inside all the time.
At the temple he did get a lot of training in mostly the art of fighting. Sometimes they tried to make him relax with meditation
and similar things, but he seemed to never be able to sit still. Reiran was a little kid filled with energy, and the priests had a
hard time teaching him anything since he was constantly running around.

As he grew older, they managed to keep his attention long enough to teach him about everything they thought he needed to
know, (that at the time he disagreed that he needed to know). He thought he was just going through what all the others
in the temple were going through, but no, the priests were on a mission to make him ready to actually be a leader and a legendary.
It was only a month before leaving for Noir Vale that he got to know what he was and who he had to be. It seems that he was
needed before he was fully ready to go (at least the priests thought so), but Reiran was psyched! Dreaming of places to
run, to be able to meet people.. and the fact that he was one of a kind and totally freakin' amazing! Yeah, he did not mind at all.
Probably it was just his innocent childish mind getting to him, trying to keep him of other thoughts like; what if no one liked him, and
if he would totally fail.

A month later he left the temple and all those he knew there to start the new life as someone important. And he was determined
to do a good job!

Additional info:
- He has two yo-yos that he uses as main weapons. But he can also use a bo staff or martial arts.
- His favorite color is yellow...figures right?
- Has a Raikou mask (like Atsu wears the Entei mask), but loses control when wearing it.
- Been training with Karu, and is also now getting trained by Atsu.
- Pretty much like a big brother to Karu's daughter, Ai.

Pokimono - Atsu by LuxuryCat Pokimono - Karutora v.5 by LuxuryCat Pokimono - Ai by LuxuryCat
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