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Voiced By: Will Friedle

Classification: Gadget Character (With explosives)

Biography: Anarky is Lonnie Machin, a teenage prodigy anarchist, creates improvised gadgets and attempts to subvert government in order to improve society. While his goals are well intended, many heroes recognize him as evil for his violent methods and his refusal to back down from his goals.

Intro: A red flare fires down and hits ground to which Anarky zips down from above thanks to his scepter, stepping on and putting out the flare, saying "Like the goverment, you will crumble before me..." before getting ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Throws one of his Anarky Stars on the ground and takes a step back, saying either "First strike against you!" or "Soon, you fall..."

Outro: Shakes his head and fires the grappling hook from his scepter into the air and zips away, then is seen pressing a button on a remote, watching as a city hall building explodes, simply saying "Ah, another government falls..."

Special Moves:

Anarky Star: Anarky tosses a throwing star shaped as circle-A's forward at the opponent. (Meter Burn: Throws three Anarky Stars in a wave instead of one.)
Air Anarky Star: Anarky throws a Anarky Star down at the opponent while in the air. (Meter Burn: Throws down three Anarky Stars instead of one.)
Flared Up: Anarky fires a flare from a flare gun, shortly stunning the opponent as they burn, leaving them open for a free hit or a combo. (Meter Burn: Does a bit more damage and the opponent is stunned longer for a free hit or a combo.)
Swing Line: Anarky uses his scepter's grappling hook to to swing, can swing forward or swing backwards.
Grasp Of Anarky: Anarky fires his scepter's grappling hook at the opponent, if it hits, it drags the opponent towards him and flip kicks them away. (Meter Burn: Instead of flip kicking the opponent away, Anarky slams the opponent on the ground, bouncing them against the ground for a free hit or a combo.)
Anarky's Strike: Anarky does a backflip, striking the opponent with his scepter during it. (Meter Burn: After the first strike, Anarky also swings the scepter, knocking the opponent back.)
Rebelling Blast: Anarky throws a small wick fused bomb at the ground which then explodes if the opponent touches it or after a couple seconds, knocking the opponent in the air for a free hit or combo. Can be thrown in Close, Medium or Far variants. (Meter Burn: Anarky throws three bombs at all three distances.)
Smoke 'em Out: Anarky throws down a smoke bomb. If the opponent hits him while throwing it down, another smoke bomb sets off behind the opponent to which Anarky appears, slamming the opponent in the ground with his scepter. (Meter Burn: Instead of slamming the opponent down, Anarky grapples the opponent into the air, leaving them open for a free hit or combo.)

Forward: Swings his scepter once into the opponent's stomach, then their head, knocking them down before whacking them in the face away.
Back: Swings his scepter once into the opponent's stomach, then their head, knocking them down before hooking the opponent with the scepter and swings them away over his head.

Character Trait:
Shocking Touch: Presses a button on his scepter, letting electricity course through it, allowing for any melee attacks using his scepter to do stun the opponent, allowing for longer combos, while also doing slighter more damage to blocking opponents for a short while.

Super Move:
Son Of Anarchy: Anarky throws down a smoke bomb before appearing behind the opponent and shocks them with his scepter to their knees before throwing down another smoke bomb, then the opponent shown tightly tied up to a huge Circle A shaped bomb on top of a Government building as Anarky presses a button on the remote, blowing up the bomb and building, blasting the opponent to the ground, hitting it hard.

Ending: When the Regime took effect, Anarky, one of the first to speak out and go against them, ended up imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, but the Anarchist resisted all their attempts to 're-educate' him. Taking advantage of the guard's attention of another prisoner's escape, Anarky escaped and fought against the regime, managing to kill Superman, the first step in his plan to let Anarchy reign!

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Anarchy reigns!"
"Like all order, you fall!"
"The essence of anarchy is surprise!"
"A ridding of the old... It's necessary"
"Pity, you fails to see the wider picture!"
(Against a villain sometimes) Hero, villain, you're all the same...


Anarky- "Late at night you fly..."
Batman- "Isn't it your bedtime?."

Anarky- "We share the same goals!"
Batman- "Not even close..."

Anarky- "Gotham will be the first to fall!"
Batman- "You first."

Anarky- "Your rule ends now!"
Black Adam- "You dare defy me?!"

Anarky- "Perfect example of corruption..."
Black Adam- "Gods are never corrupt!"

Anarky- "Law and order won't save you here..."
The Joker- "Oh, love that show!"

Anarky- "If it were up to me, you die..."
The Joker- "Them's fighting words..."

Anarky- "Anarchy will end even you!"
The Joker- "This Anarchy fellow sounds fun!"

Anarky- "There's no truth and justice!"
Superman- "There's always truth and justice!"

Anarky- "Everything you stand for is a lie!"
Superman- "You're wrong there..."

Anarky- "Your regime will burn!"
Superman (Regime)- "No, just you..."

Anarky- "You failed to 're-educate' me..."
Superman (Regime)- "Well, time to learn by force..."

Anarky- "Your dictatorship will end!"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Never to fools like you!"


Batman- "Your Anarchy dies here."
Anarky- "Anarchy will always be alive!"

Batman- "You're predictable..."
Anarky- "Then do i got a surprise for you..."

Batman- "Bad and harmful..."
Anarky- "Evil does needs to be intentional."

Black Adam- "You seek to destroy all i built?!"
Anarky- "At the cost of independence?!"

Black Adam- "I am a god!"
Anarky- "Typical political fool..."

The Joker- "So, you're a agent of chaos?"
Anarky- "More than you'll ever be..."

The Joker- "Oh, let's put a smile on that face..."
Anarky- "I'll smile when you're dead."

The Joker- "I like to give people smiles..."
Anarky- "I'm against anything that's against people!"

Superman- "Order beats anarchy!"
Anarky- "Screw your order!"

Superman- "Your ideas are foolish..."
Anarky- "Same could be said about yours..."

Superman (Regime)- "Kneel before me!"
Anarky- NEVER!

Superman (Regime)- "Your terrorist acts end now!"
Anarky- "You're the real terrorist!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You will sumbit to me!"
Anarky- "Like i'd take advice from Superman's whore..."

- Will Friedle has voiced Terry McGinnis/Batman in "Batman Beyond" along with voicing Jamie Reyes/Blue Beetle in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
- Anarky's age in this, due to the five year gap, is around Nightwing's (Damian Wayne) age.
- Anarky's appearance is influenced by his appearance in "Batman: Arkham Origins"
- Anarky is primarily a all around fighter.
Chaos Reigns...

Injustice DLC template by :iconlookitsjarvis:
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Poison Ivy

Voiced by: Tasia Valenza

Classification: Gadget Character (without explosives)

Infused with plant based powers and the ability to control plant-life, Pamela Isley has begun to identify more with plants than with humans. As Poison Ivy, she terrorizes Gotham City with her plans to wipe out humanity.

Intro: The camera shows a large concentration of plant life, covered in leaves and bushes. It soon moves out of the way on its own, with Poison Ivy stepping out and readying to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Poison Ivy grows flowers around her, either laughing or saying "Now to finish you off."

Outro: Ivy says "Nice try, idiot." and lifts her arm up, causing vines to sprout from the ground and grab the opponent, lifting them up behind her. As they struggle in the background, Ivy creates a throne of plant-life and sits down, looking at the camera.

Special Moves:

* Underfoot Sprout - Creates a large venus fly trap plant underneath where the opponent is standing
** Meter Burn - Instead of a venus fly trap, Ivy creates vines that hold the opponent in place

* Blow Kiss - Poison Ivy blows a kiss that sends forward spores, temporarily stunning the opponent
** Meter Burn - Poison Ivy blows a kiss full of mind control spores, which not only damage the opponent, but makes them walk towards Ivy (like one of Quan Chi's moves in MK9)

* Vine Whip - Causes a vine to spurt from the ground and swat towards the opponent
** Meter Burn - Causes multiple vines to spurt from the ground, hitting the opponent one after another

* Spore Shot - Ivy summons a plant that shoots a large, glowing, poisonous spore in the direction of the opponent, similar to the ones seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum
** Meter Burn - The plant that Ivy summons instead shoots three spores in rapid succession

* Spore Leech - Poison Ivy creates a plant that shoots forward a gas that, if it connects with the opponent, steals some of their health and adds it to Poison Ivy's health bar
** Meter Burn - When enhanced, the move takes more health and adds it to Ivy's

* Rose's Thorn - Creates a thorny vine that spins around her, damaging opponents and blocking projectiles
** Meter Burn - The vine spins around her, and if an opponent touches the vines, they will be ensnared

Launcher: Holds her hand forward and makes a large plant sprout from the ground and ram into the opponent

Forward - Entangles the opponent in vines, seductively rubs their face, then has the vines throw the opponent forward
Back - Entangles the opponent in vines, seductively walks around them, then has the vines throw the opponent backward

Character Trait:
Poison Spores - Poison Ivy lets off pink spores from her body that will poison the opponent if they touch her, slowly draining their health. Once used, it takes a few seconds to recharge. If she gets hit while using the spores, the spores will disappear.

Super Move:
Nature's Wrath - Poison Ivy sends out vines from the floor, and if they grab the opponent, she will have them throw the opponent into the mouth of a newly created, giant venus fly trap. The camera shows the opponent being burn in the plant's digestive juices, before they spill out back onto the stage.

Ending: Having previously been a prisoner of Superman's Regime, Poison Ivy had freed herself and gotten her revenge. With Superman gone and the world without structure, Ivy saw her chance to enact her more sinister plans. Using her control over plant life, Poison Ivy had her "babies" hunt down every last human being on Earth. With humanity extinct, Poison Ivy had finally created a natural paradise for all plant life to thrive.

Clash Quotes:

Standard -
"Foolish creature."
"You'll make nice mulch."
"My babies will strangle you."
"Lay down and die!"
"Feel the wrath of Mother Nature!"


Poison Ivy - "Show me what you've got, kid."
Nightwing - "You first."

Poison Ivy - "You don't stand a chance, Batman!"
Batman - "That's what you said last time."

Poison Ivy - "Just accept nature's will."
Batman - "I don't need to. I'm Batman."

Poison Ivy - "I'll make you my slave!"
Batman - "I'd never give in to you."

Poison Ivy - "You'll pay for hurting Harley!"
Joker - "Alright, I'll cut you a check."

Poison Ivy - "I'll enjoy killing you."
Joker - "Time to do some weeding."

Poison Ivy - "Leave him behind, Harley!"
Harley Quinn - "I'm not leavin' my pud'n!"

Poison Ivy - "You're the only human I could tolerate."
Harley Quinn - "Gee, thanks, Red!"

Poison Ivy - "Sorry about this, Harley."
Harley Quinn - "I thought I was on your 'do not kill' list!"

Poison Ivy - "So, you're connected to the Green."
Solomon Grundy - "Grundy not green. You green!"

Poison Ivy - "I'll have to kill you, Selina."
Catwoman - "You'll have to try."

Poison Ivy - "Going to water some plants?"
Aquaman - "You're just hilarious."


Nightwing - "Where'd I leave my weedwhacker?"
Poison Ivy - "You monster!"

Nightwing - "Are you trying to seduce me?"
Poison Ivy - "Depends. Is it working?"

Batman - "It's over, Isley."
Poison Ivy - "Maybe for you."

Batman - "I'm sending you back to Arkham."
Poison Ivy - "I'll only escape again."

Batman - "Your 'babies' won't stop me."
Poison Ivy - "I'll feed you to them!"

Batman - "You're barely human anymore."
Poison Ivy - "That's a good thing."

Joker - "You and Harley are friends. Think we could--?"
Poison Ivy - "Not in your wildest dreams, clown."

Joker - "How about some nice Joker Toxin?"
Poison Ivy - "Pff, you call that stuff poison?"

Harley Quinn - "Show me what you got, Red!"
Poison Ivy - "Whatever you say, Harley."

Harley Quinn - "Did I tell ya you look nice today?"
Poison Ivy - "Well, this pretty flower has thorns!"

Harley Quinn - "Don't lecture me about Mr. J!"
Poison Ivy - "He's not good for you, Harley!"

Solomon Grundy - "Grundy crush plant lady!"
Poison Ivy - "Oh, you like to play rough?"

Catwoman - "Jeez, calm down, Ivy."
Poison Ivy - "I'll calm down when you're dead!"

* Tasia Valenza previously voiced Poison Ivy in the Batman Arkham games
* In the Arkham Asylum/Joker's Asylum stage, instead of stomping on the ground to activate the flower interactable like other gadget characters, Ivy would move her arms like she's controlling the flower to make it shoot its poison gas
* Poison Ivy is a ranged character, as her moveset does not have much to offer for close-up confrontation
Here's Poison Ivy.

If you're unfamiliar with Injustice, the characters are divided into two types: Power characters and gadget characters. (This isn't entirely accurate, as it's pretty much characters that have super strength and characters who don't) They use the objects in the stages differently. If a power character interacts with a car, they can pick it up and slam it into their opponent. Gadget characters can slam opponents into the car, jump off of it, or jump off of it and leave behind an explosive. However, some gadget characters (like the Flash) have no explosives and cannot do that last thing.
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Jonah Hex

Voiced by: Adam Baldwin

Classification: Gadget character (with explosives)

Biography: One of the most feared men in the old west, Jonah Hex was a skilled bounty hunter. Despite being from the past, the cowboy has often crossed past with the heroes of the present.

Intro: Jonah Hex is seen sitting in an old west tavern as a six-shooter is pressed against the back of his head; he swiftly stands up, holding his gun out, and disappears in a way identical to Scorpion in his intro; he is transported into the battlefield, and mumbles "Let's get to it then."

Post-Round Taunt: Spins his revolver around his fingers and says "Piece 'a trash." or "You best stay down."

Outro: Walks up to the downed opponent, looks at his revolver, as if considering shooting them, and instead just spits on their unconscious body and walks offscreen

Special Moves:

* Bowie Knife - Lunges forward with his bowie knife, and if it connects, he performs an automatic three-slash combo
** Meter Burn - Performs extra slashes on the opponent

* Quick Draw - Quickly grabs a revolver out of the holster on the right side of his belt and shoots twice
** Meter Burn - Grabs both revolvers, shooting two shots with each quickly

* Lasso - Throws forward a lasso which can entangle to opponent; if it connects, Hex will pull them towards him, allowing him some free hits
** Meter Burn - Once he pulls the opponent towards him, Hex hands them some lit dynamite and kicks them away, making them explode

* Tomahawk Toss - Throws forward a tomahawk
** Meter Burn - Throws two successive tomahawks after the first

* Molotov Cocktail (Close) - Tosses a molotov cocktail a few feet in front of him, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

* Molotov Cocktail (Mid) - Throws a molotov cocktail to about mid-screen, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

* Molotov Cocktail (Far) - Throws a molotov cocktail almost full-screen, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

Launcher: Performs a large Sparta kick

Forward - Grabs the opponent and stabs them twice in the stomach with his bowie knife before throwing them forward
Back - Grabs the opponent and stabs them twice in the stomach with his bowie knife before throwing them behind him

Character Trait:
Dead Eye - For a limited time, Hex's Quick Draw move will track the opponent's position instead of just shooting straight forward; it also deals more damage, even when the opponent is blocking

Super Move: Jonah Hex swings his lasso forward, and if the opponent is caught in it, he will pull them toward him and stab them in the stomach; a black horse then runs up, and Hex climbs onto it, still holding the rope; the horse runs around the area, dragging the opponent across the ground and bumping them around; he then stops the horse, steps off, lays one foot on the opponent's chest, and shoots them twice in the head before pulling out his bowie knife

Ending: Jonah Hex, history's deadliest bounty hunter, has a reputation that stretches centuries into the future after his death. Hex's skills were so legendary that the desperate Insurgency, led by Batman, who has met Hex at several points in history, created a device to transport Jonah Hex into their time. Tasking him with the assassination of several Regime officers, Hex was offered insane monetary rewards, especially for his time period. Jonah Hex accepted the bounty, but declined his reward. He instead asked the Insurgency to promise to never force him to deal with any more time travel.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes
"You ain't walkin' away from this."
"You picked a fight with the wrong guy."
"Do you know how many people I've killed?"
"I hate time travel..."
"Too late to let you walk away."


Jonah Hex - "How many times are we gonna cross paths?"
Batman - "Don't blame me for this."

Jonah Hex - "Yer fancy gadgets can't replace a good 'ol pistol."
Batman - "Anything but a gun."

Jonah Hex - "Why hold back from killin'?"
Batman - "Justice doesn't come from a bullet to the head."

Jonah Hex - "Yer weapon's outdated, son."
Green Arrow - "Coming from the old west cowboy? Yeah, sure."

Jonah Hex - "So you're the best the future has to offer."
Deathstroke - "The mercenary business has come a long way."

Jonah Hex - "What's with the get-up?"
Deathstroke - "An assassin needs more than just a hat these days."

Jonah Hex - "So you're the god of war. I'm unimpressed."
Ares - "You owe me everything, Hex."

Jonah Hex - "You just look plain ridiculous."
Lobo - "Says the man with the fragged-up face!"


Batman - "How did you get to this time period?"
Jonah Hex - "Hell if I know."

Batman - "Heroes don't need to kill."
Jonah Hex - "I ain't exactly a hero."

Batman - "This isn't how we do things here."
Jonah Hex - "Well, I ain't exactly from around here."

Green Arrow - "So am I a better archer than most Natives you've met?"
Jonah Hex - "I was raised by Indians. You ain't got nothin' on 'em."

Deathstroke - "Really? You're history's best bounty hunter?"
Jonah Hex - "It kinda obvious when I'm compared with you."

Deathstroke - "Don't get in the way of my contracts."
Jonah Hex - "Hey, it's an open bounty."

Ares - "Well, if it isn't my favorite killer."
Jonah Hex - "I've killed lots of people. I think I can add a god to the list."

Lobo - "Wow, Earth's bounty hunters are old fashioned!"
Jonah Hex - "Sometimes old fashioned is better."

Black Manta - "So you fought for the Confederacy?"
Jonah Hex - "I fought for country, not slavery."

* Adam Baldwin previously voiced Jonah Hex in the Justice League animated series

This makes me want a Red Dead Redemption-style Jonah Hex video game.
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Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Classification: Gadget Character (Without explosives)

Biography: An assassin of the Lin Kuei clan, Sub-Zero is skilled in the art of kombat and commands the power of ice and cold. He assumed the mantle of Sub-Zero when his brother was killed by the ninja specter Scorpion in Mortal Kombat.

Intro: Sub-Zero is shown about to strike Reptile into the Dead Pool as Shao Khan is heard saying "Finish Him!" in the background, but before he could, Sub-Zero suddenly is transported to the arena, looking around confused before looking at the opponent, saying "For the Lin Kuei!", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Emits a wave of cold air from his body, saying "Feel death's cold embrace!" or "Flawless victory!"

Outro: Sub-Zero deepfreezes the opponent into solid ice, sliding back and throwing a hardended snowball at the offscreen opponent, shattering them into many icy pieces, saying "Fatality!" before doing his classic one arm raise pose.

Special Moves:
Ice Freeze: Sub-Zero sends a blast of ice directly towards the opponent to temporarily freeze them in place, open for a free hit or combo. He could also freeze opponents in midair, if timed correctly. (Meter Burn: Sub-Zero will shoot a beam of ice, making it easier to hit the opponent in the air, frozen longer.)
Ice Slide: Sub-Zero slides across the floor, leaving behind a trail of ice, knocking the opponent off their feet. (Meter Burn: After Sub-Zero hits the opponent, he will follow up by doing a quick Ice Freeze, freezing the opponent in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Ice Puddle: Sub-Zero freezes the floor and whoever steps on the circle of ice will temporarily slip all over the place, open for a free hit or combo. (Meter Burn: It freezes the entire arena floor that is in front of him and the opponent is frozen to the ground.)
Frozen Teleport: Sub-Zero's body becomes ice, falls backward into the ground, and reappears behind his opponent. (Meter Burn: After reappearing, he slashes the opponent upwards with a kori blade into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Icy Parry: Sub-Zero quickly covers himself in a sheet of ice briefly, if hit with high or medium attack, the opponent will be flash-frozen as Sub-Zero unfreezes and stabs them with in the shoulder with a ice dagger, kicking them back.

Forward: Grabs the opponent, freezing their lower body before leg sweeping the opponent to the ground, shattering the ice.
Back: Grabs the opponent, freezing their lower body before going behind the opponent and kicking them in the back to the ground, shattering the ice.

Character Trait:
Hard Ice: Sub-Zero covers himself in ice, making any ice based attack of his do more damage while ignoring armor.

Super Move:
Stone Cold Brutality: Sub-Zero makes a nugget out of ice above his opponent, which crashes down onto the opponent, knocking them facedown before Sub-Zero grabs the opponent and starts rapidly punching and kicking the opponent, fists and feet covered in ice before uppercutting them into the air, forming a ice spike on the ground, which the opponent lands on, smashing it into pieces, hitting the ground hard.

Ending: Mistakenly brought to this Regime ruled universe thanks to Batman's transporter, Sub-Zero was forced into violent battle, including with the High Councilor. Sub-Zero had won, but had been gravely injured, but thanks to S.T.A.R. Labs, he escaped death. Fitted with cybernetic prosthetics that help support his cryomancy, now influenced by the heroes he encountered, Sub-Zero watches over Star City.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Fear your frozen hell."
"This fight will be your last!"
"This ends now!"
"I fight for honor!"
"To the Netherrealm with you!"


Sub-Zero- "Water won't save you."
Aquaman- "Who says that's my only power?"

Sub-Zero- "You are no so fearsome!"
Batman- "Let's change that."

Sub-Zero- "Batman."
Batman- "Sub-Zero."

Sub-Zero- "One of the Lin Kuei's cyborgs?"
Cyborg- "Nope, S.T.A.R. Labs original."

Sub-Zero- "Part of the Cyber Initiative?"
Cyborg Superman- "Never heard of it!"

Sub-Zero- "Another ninja?"
Deathstroke- "Assassin, there's a difference."

Sub-Zero- "You're good!"
Deathstroke- "So are you!"

Sub-Zero- "Your speed rivals Kabal's."
The Flash- "Second person to tell me that!"

Sub-Zero- "No more laughter!"
The Joker- "Such a grumpy ninja."

Sub-Zero- "Frost?"
Killer Frost- "Close, forgot the 'Killer'."

Sub-Zero- "My cryomancy is more powerful!"
Killer Frost- "Needs a woman's touch.!"

Sub-Zero- "You dare use ice against me?"
Killer Frost- "I am called 'Killer Frost'!"

Sub-Zero: "Scorpion!"
Scorpion: "Sub-Zero!"

Sub-Zero: "For my clan!"
Scorpion: "To hell with your clan!"

Sub-Zero: "You killed my brother!"
Scorpion: "He killed my wife and son!"

Sub-Zero: "You killed a innocent man!"
Scorpion: "Bi-Han was not innocent!"

Sub-Zero: "You're no Raiden!"
Shazam: "Because i'm Shazam, duh!"


Aquaman- "Dare challenge the king of Atlantis?"
Sub-Zero- "Yes, in Mortal Kombat!"

Batman- "I will not kill you."
Sub-Zero- "Will not or cannot?"

Batman- "You're no Mr. Freeze."
Sub-Zero- "No, i'm worse."

Cyborg- "Gonna whoop you good!"
Sub-Zero- "Never cyborg!"

Cyborg Superman- "I will finish you!"
Sub-Zero- "Not a chance."

Deathstroke- "Gonna give me brainfreeze?"
Sub-Zero- "I'll do more than that!"

Deathstroke- "My sword will break yours."
Sub-Zero- "It's okay, i'll make another."

The Flash- "Captain Cold copycat."
Sub-Zero- "He's nothing compared to me!"

The Joker- "I want a Popsicle!"
Sub-Zero- "How about one to the skull?"

Killer Frost- "My kind of guy."
Sub-Zero- "Away with you."

Killer Frost- "Such a cold hearted bastard."
Sub-Zero- "Such a cold hearted bitch."

Killer Frost- "Come on Frosty!"
Sub-Zero- "Not funny."

Scorpion- "To the Netherrealm with you!"
Sub-Zero- "No, just you!"

Scorpion- "Hellfire awaits for you!"
Sub-Zero- "Cold death awaits for you!"

Scorpion- "Now Lin Kuei, die!"
Sub-Zero- "Never to you Scorpion!"

Scorpion- "What brought you here?"
Sub-Zero- "Was gonna ask the same to you."

Shazam- "Remind me of that yellow ninja."
Sub-Zero- "Scorpion's a ninja, i'm Lin Kuei!"

- Dee Bradley Baker voiced Ra's al Grul in "Batman: Arkham City", along with Klaus the Fish in "American Dad!", Perry The Platypus in "Phineas And Ferb", both Appa and Momo in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and Tarrlok in "The Legend Of Korra".
- Sub-Zero in his ending still becomes Cyber Sub-Zero, but more like Cyborg rather than how he turned out in Mortal Kombat 2011, so he still has his humanity.
- Sub-Zero's Super Move basically is like the Brutality's from UMK3-MKT, only not as lethal.
- Sub-Zero here is more of a zoning/mid-range character.
"Tonights forecast, a freeze is coming!" (Sorry, bad Mr. Freeze/Batman And Robin quote. XD )

Find the usual references!
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Voiced by: Hynden Walch

Classification: Power character

Biography: A princess from the planet of Tamaran, Koriand'r came to earth after being betrayed by her sister. Becoming a member of the Teen Titans and calling herself Starfire, she became a protector of a new world.

Intro: Flies into frame, with glowing green eyes and star bolts charges around her hands; shes shoots forward two star bolts and her eyes and hands return to normal, and she says "If we must fight, I will!"

Idle Stance: Floats above the ground with her arms extended from the elbow out to her sides, fists clenched

Post-Round Taunt: Flies further into the air and does a loop-de-loop

Outro: Flies backward slightly then says "You should not have tried to fight me!" then looks up at the sky and takes off

Special Moves:

* Star Bolt - Throws forward two balls of glowing green energy that explode on contact
** Meter Burn - Throws forward two more additional star bolts

* Star Bolt (Air) - Throws forward two balls of glowing green energy that explode on contact

* Star Beam - Crouches and shoots forward a beam of glowing green energy
** Meter Burn - After shooting forward the beam, Starfire throws forward a barrage of three star bolts

* Flying Crash - Loops around in the air then flies forward, smashing into the opponent
** Meter Burn - When she hits the opponent, Starfire grabs onto them and drags them across the ground as she flies

* Star Burst - Releases a short-range burst of energy from all sides of her body to damage a nearby opponent or to cancel out projectiles

Launcher: Punches forward with a glowing fist

Forward - Grabs the opponent by the collar, flies up into the air, then flies downward at a 45 degree angle, smashing the opponent into the ground
Back - Grabs the opponent by the collar, flies up into the air while rotating to face the other way, then flies downward at a 45 degree angle, smashing the opponent into the ground

Character Trait: Star Charge - Starfire gains glowing green eyes and glowing hands for a short time, signifying that all of her energy attacks will be stronger for this time

Super Move: Star Power - Starfire flies forward to about half-screen, and if she runs into the opponent, she will grab them and take off into the air; she is then shown exiting Earth's atmosphere and letting go of the opponent in space, shooting them with a barrage of many star bolts; as the opponent begins being pulled back in by Earth's gravity, Starfire grabs them and begins flying back down, piledriving the opponent back down to the stage

Ending: Starfire was among the members of the Titans who were brought in as enforcer's for Superman's Regime. As a warrior princess, the philosophy of killing one's enemies wasn't as repulsive to Starfire as it was for other heroes. Working as one of Superman's more powerful underlings, Starfire was eventually called to return to Tamaran to negotiate a treaty with Earth's new government. But upon returning home, her treacherous sister Blackfire managed to convince Starfire that Superman doesn't deserve to lead. Earth needs a Tamaranean leader, and Starfire was willing to take the throne. That is, until Blackfire could betray her.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Let us finish this!"
"For Tamaran!"
"You have forced my hand!"
"This will end quickly!"
"Come on!"


Starfire - "Do not hold back, Dick."
Nightwing - "I doubt I'd be able to hurt you if I tried."

Starfire - "Why must we fight like this?"
Nightwing - "I believe it's called a lover's quarrel."

Starfire - "This is good sparring, yes, friend Cyborg?"
Cyborg - "It's a real challenge, Star."

Starfire - "I will not let you win!"
Deathstroke - "Well, I didn't expect this to be easy."

Starfire - "Why must you keep attacking the Titans?"
Deathstroke - "Money's the motivating factor here."

Starfire - "Is this what is called a 'girls' night out?'"
Raven - "I don't think you have the right idea."

Starfire - "Why must you always be so gloomy?"
Raven - "Sorry I don't live in the perfect world you do."

Starfire - "Did my sister Blackfire hire you to kill me?"
Lobo - "I'm impressed! Got in on the first guess!"

Starfire - "I do not know if I can do this."
Red Hood - "We're Outlaws now, Star. We need to be ruthless."


Nightwing - "What happened to us, Star?"
Starfire - "I think it is best we leave things in the past."

Nightwing - "Just like the good old days, huh?"
Starfire - "Fighting your friends is hardly 'good.'"

Cyborg - "Can those Star Bolts measure up to a sonic boom?"
Starfire - "Let us find out!"

Deathstroke - "It's over, 'princess.'"
Starfire - "It is far from over, Slade!"

Deathstroke - "You put up quite a fight."
Starfire - "Did you expect me to surrender?"

Raven - "Your powers are too bright for my tastes."
Starfire - "And yours are far too dark."

Raven - "I need to know you can beat me in case something goes wrong."
Starfire - "Do not talk like that, Raven!"

Lobo - "I've always wanted to hook up with a Tamaranean babe."
Starfire - "Do not expect I will let you."

Red Hood - "I need you to be in perfect condition for our team."
Starfire - "I would be more worried about your human capabilities."

* Hynden Walch is known for voicing Starfire in the Teen Titans animated series
* In her idle stance, Starfire floats above the ground
No mustard included.
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Sweet Tooth

Voiced By: Jim Cummings

Classification: Gadget Character (With explosives)

Biography: Often referred to as Sweet Tooth, Needles Kane is an insane killer clown who drives an ice cream truck. Known as the most twisted character in Twisted Metal, which says alot, he is the very embodiment of hate and destruction on an epic scale.

Intro: Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck is shown plowing through cars in Metro Square from TM2012, pulling over on the battlefield and Sweet Tooth exits it, saying "Heeeeere's Sweet Tooth!", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Points at the opponent with his machete, saying "This is starting to make me angry..." or "Messing with the wrong clown!"

Outro: Sweet Tooth swings his machete around a bit as the opponent pleads for their life as he raises it up and yells out "SHUT UP AND BLEED, YOU MOTHER-" before slamming the the machete down on the opponent, killing the offscreen opponent as he gives a evil laugh.

Special Moves:
Machete Slam: Sweet Tooth swings down his machete down onto the opponent, knocking the opponent back to the ground. (Meter Burn- Instead of knocking the opponent back, the machete slams into the opponent, then Sweet Tooth takes it out and swings it up, knocking the opponent into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Chainsaw Throw: Sweet Tooth takes out a running chainsaw and throws it at the opponent, stunning the opponent, open for a free hit or combo. (Meter Burn- Revs it against the ground, lighting it on fire, doing more damage and stuns the opponent longer.)
Air Chainsaw Throw: Sweet Tooth takes out a running chainsaw and throws it down diagonally at the opponent while in the air.
Chainsaw Swing: Sweet Tooth swings around a running chainsaw, knocking the opponent down. (Meter Burn- Revs the chainsaw on the ground, lighting it on fire, doing more damage and knocks the opponent in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Sawn-Off Shotgun- Sweet Tooth fires a round from his sawn-off shotgun. (Meter Burn- Fires both rounds, juggling the opponent in the air a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Upward Sawn-Off Shotgun- Sweet Tooth fires a round from his sawn-off shotgun into the air at a airbourne opponent. (Meter Burn- Fires both rounds, juggling the opponent in the air a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Molotov Cocktail- Sweet Tooth throws a lit Molotov cocktail in a arc at the opponent, setting them on fire upon impact, stunning them for a open hit or combo. There are high and low variants of the move.
Mine- Sweet Tooth throws a land mine out in front of him, which explodes upon the opponent touching it or if left untouched long enough. There are close, medium and far variants of the move (Meter Burn- It does more damage.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent before stabbing the opponent with his machete before breathing out fire onto the opponent, burning them before kicking the impaled opponent back on the ground.
Back: Grabs the opponent before stabbing the opponent with his machete before breathing out fire onto the opponent, burning them before swinging the impaled opponent over him behind him on the ground.

Character Trait:
Weapon Select: Sweet Tooth can fire a weapon from his ice cream truck with a single button press. By pressing certain directional inputs with the character trait button, it allows Sweet Tooth to change the type of missile he fires into one of three different weapon types.
- The Default Machine Gun Fire deals little damage but can be used for quick combos.
- The Laughing Ghost deals the most damage of all the Weapons.
- The Napalm Drop deals less damage than the Laughing Ghost, but can be prematurely fire, using spreading damage to hurt the opponent.
- The Freeze Blast does no damage, but does freeze the opponent, open for a free hit or combo.

Super Move:
Deathmatch: Sweet Tooth fires a RPG at the ground in front of the opponent which explodes, sending them backwards into Shadow's open casket, which fires upwards, exploding in mid-air to which Axel, in it's War Wheel form, appears, ramming the opponent more into the air, to which Sweet Tooth, now in the Mecha form of his ice cream truck does a Sweet Slam onto the opponent, slamming them down to the ground as Sweet Tooth comes back.

Ending: The eviscerated corpse of Superman at his feet, Sweet Tooth, transported into this new universe due to his wish of seeking more tougher people to kill, was now the most feared person in this universe, carving his way through the Regime and the Insurgency without mercy. But one had gotten away from his grasp, Sweet Tooth was enraged, he won't stop till he has the head of Wonder Woman in his ice box.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Time for some fun!"
"Get ready to bleed!"
"Here's one hell of treat!"
"I'll end this contest!"
"Honey, i'm home!"
"Here comes the pain!"
"Oh, this is gonna feel good!"
(Against batgirl/Hawkgirl) "Always had a thing for redheads"

Sweet Tooth- "I've killed bigger."
Bane- "And i'll kill you payaso!" (And i'll kill you clown!)

Sweet Tooth- "Gotham sounds fun."
Batman- "Stay out of Gotham."

Sweet Tooth- "Crazy freak."
Batman- "Pot calling the kettle back."

Sweet Tooth- "Here kitty-kitty..."
Catwoman- "Oh, unorginal..."

Sweet Tooth- "Gonna run you over!"
Catwoman- "Hope you crash and burn!"

Sweet Tooth- "Remind me of Minion"
Doomsday- "I am no one's minion!"

Sweet Tooth- "Gonna carve a smile on that face."
Harley Quinn- "Don't steal puddin's material!"

Sweet Tooth- "Come here you clown whore!"
Harley Quinn- "Oh now you're gettin' it!"

Sweet Tooth- "Only room for one clown."
The Joker- "Yeah, me!"

Sweet Tooth- "People keep confusing me with you."
The Joker- "Yeah, not happy about that."

Sweet Tooth- "Killed a Raven before."
Raven- "Not this time."

Sweet Tooth- "Your voodoo don't scare me."
Raven- "It will."

Sweet Tooth- "Alright boy scout, bring it!"
Superman- "You got it!"

Sweet Tooth- "Come on you caped bitch!"
Superman (Regime)- "You'll regret those words."

Sweet Tooth- "Heard you hate clowns!"
Superman (Regime)- "Oh i do..."

Sweet Tooth- "Too bad i didn't kill your wife."
Superman (Regime)- "Shut up!"

Sweet Tooth- "Gonna hang you by that rope."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Was thinking the same to you."

Sweet Tooth- "I'll have your head in my ice box!"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Not a chance."

Sweet Tooth- "Ah, the head bitch."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Say that again."


Bane- "Gotham atrae demasiados payasos!" (Gotham attracts too many clowns!)
Sweet Tooth- "And i'm the worst."

Batman- "One of Joker's?"
Sweet Tooth- "Not even close."

Batman- "Stop your killing"
Sweet Tooth- "A man has his priorities."

Catwoman- "Not in the mood for ice cream."
Sweet Tooth- "You'll scream alright."

Catwoman- "You won't catch me."
Sweet Tooth- "Trust me, i will."

Doomsday- "You can't kill me."
Sweet Tooth- "Liar!"

Harley Quinn- "That blade compensating for something?"
Sweet Tooth- "You little bitch!"

Harley Quinn- "Burned yourself?"
Sweet Tooth- "Yeah, you're next!"

The Joker- "Wanna hear a joke?"
Sweet Tooth- "Sure, a killing joke!"

The Joker- "Got any treats?"
Sweet Tooth- "Yeah, this blade down your throat!"

Raven- "Your hate rivals my father's."
Sweet Tooth- "Oh, i'll show you hate."

Raven- "I curse you!"
Sweet Tooth- "Too late for that!"

Superman- "The deaths end here!"
Sweet Tooth- "Sorry, it's what i do."

Superman (Regime)- "I killed the Joker!"
Sweet Tooth- "Like i give two shits."

Superman (Regime)- "Always another fool to kill."
Sweet Tooth- "For once, i agree."

Superman (Regime)- "You'll die by my hands!"
Sweet Tooth- "Like your wife and child?"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Just a mediocre killer!"
Sweet Tooth- "I'll kill you, you goddamn bitch!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You won't stop Kal-El's rule!"
Sweet Tooth- "Watch me Wonder Whore!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You're nothing but a fool!"
Sweet Tooth- "Go suck a railroad spike."

- Jim Cummings has voiced Dr. Robotnik on "Sonic SatAM", along with voicing Winnie The Pooh and Tigger in "Winnie The Pooh" and the Terror Mask in the 2010 remake of "Splatterhouse"
- To explain, Sweet Tooth (Or Needles Kane if you wanna know his real name, it goes back and forth with his name) won Twisted Metal once again, but wanted a change of pace, to be sent to a area where he can kill some people that could put up a fight, hence being brought to the Injustice Universe while his ending, kinda invokes his TM2012 story about him now going after the one who got away.
- Sweet Tooth is an all around character.
In maybe my last DA post of the year and last Injustice DLC, it's Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, figured "Fuck it, why not?", took me a while to find the right moves and such for him.

And before anyone bitches about it, yes, i know J.S. Gilbert IS Sweet Tooth, i'm fully aware of that, i love him as him, no fucking doubt... But i watched a playthrough of the recent "Splatterhouse" game and Jim Cummings (YES, that Jim Cummings of Darkwing Duck) as the Terror Mask was FUCKING AWESOME, best part of the game, hearing him be just evil and cursing like crazy, why can't Eat, Sleep, Play games give Jim a shot at voicing Sweet Tooth?! I'd buy the shit out of that game just to hear Jim say "Shut up and bleed you motherfucker!"

Also, still do my favorite past time, insulting Regime Wonder Woman... The cunt. Chances are, if Injustice was M rated, the clash quotes against her would be more vulgar and funny, trust me.

Find the usual references and injokes!

Edit- Added in Joker clash quotes.
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Chapter 1~
Risk His Life?!

Cling! A kunai went head on with another kunai. Both the Leaf Village and the Sound Village were having head on random battles with random ninjas that were at the arena that Gaara and Sasuke was fighting at. Kakashi-Sensei jumped in front of a whizzing kunai that was thrown at Sakura and blocked it.
“Sakura.” Kakashi-Sensei said.
“Yes Sensei?” Sakura asked.
“Sasuke went looking for Gaara. I need you to wake up Naruto and Shikamaru so that you can go on a mission,” Kakashi said. Kakashi looks up serious.
“The first A Ranked mission since the Village Hidden in the Mist.” Kakashi finished.
Sakura looks up at him in surprise and fright. “Are you serious Kakashi-Sensei? Aren't you going to come with us?!” Sakura said a bit annoyed.
“No Sakura. You, Naruto, and Shikamaru are going to have to do this on your own. I need to stay here to make sure nothing goes wrong. Now, do what I said and wake Naruto and Shikamaru up NOW.” Kakashi replied now agitated.
“Yes Sensei...” Sakura said with tone of disappointment, weakness, and sorrow in her voice.
Sakura taps Naruto and says: Release! Naruto wakes up....”Wa-wa happened?” he asked. “I'll tell you later on...” Sakura replies
Sakura goes to do the same to Shikamaru and saw him twitch.
Sakura throws Shikamaru around by the collar of his jacket
“I'M GANNA KILL YOU YOU ANNOYING LIL!!!!OOOOOOOO!!!!!!”Sakura shouted furious.
“Never mind that...Kakashi-Sensei said we have a mission....”Sakura said, not fully complete. A moment of silence that seemed like years had passed and Sakura continued.
“An A Rank mission. We have to retrieve Sasuke before things get bad. Now let's go.”

Shikamaru and Naruto followed Sakura outside and hopped across the trees.

“So I guess Sasuke couldn’t wait huh?” Naruto asked Sakura.

“But why get me involved?” Shikamaru asked annoyed.

“It couldn’t be helped it was Kakashi sensi’s orders.” Sakura replied.

“Whatever.” Shikamaru growled.

“This way!” the dog that Kakashi summoned known as Pakun said.

“Right!” the three Genin said and followed the dog.

Meanwhile at the arena, up on the roof sat 9 sound ninja. Looking down at the scene.

“Those kids are in for big trouble.” The first sound ninja laughed. “Let’s go!”

Pakun stopped causing the others to stop as well. Shikamaru looked behind them. He felt dizzy and almost fainted.

“Shikamaru, are you okay?’ Naruto asked.

“Huh?” Shikamaru asked.

“Are you okay?” Naruto asked.

“Yeah, just tired and thinking that’s all.” Shikamaru said.

“Well, this outta wake you up, we’re being chased by the enemy.” Pakun said.

“What? Oh, great!” Shikamaru said. “How many are we talking about?”

“Nine.” The dog answered.

“Nine?!” Shikamaru asked.

“Yes. So we better get moving!” the dog commanded.

“Wait a minute. You guys go!” Shikamaru said.

“What are you saying boy?” the dog asked.

“I can delay them.” Shikamaru said.

The look on Sakura’s face was enough to make Shikamaru laugh but he stopped and looked behind him with a look of worry.

“Shikamaru we can do this to-“ Naruto said but Shikamaru cut him off.

“I’m the only one that can do it Naruto.” Shikamaru said. “So just go!”


“Just go NOW!’ Shikamaru growled angrily.

“Alright Shikamaru but be careful!” Naruto said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Shikamaru said and ran back to where they had come.

“Hurry!” Pakun said, “Let the kid handle it.”

“Right.” Naruto replied with worry in his voice and followed the two.

‘Be careful Shikamaru.’ Sakura thought

Shikamaru hopped across the trees with quick speed. He jumped down to where a clear area was set. He leaned against a tree. He looked up at the clouds with wonder. Why was he so worried all of the sudden? He had had the feeling since he left the arena. A small hustling caused him to get up and hide.

“They’re tired!” one of the sound ninja said and smiled. “They’re going to die soon anyways!”

“You think so?” Shikamaru laughed.

‘What I can’t move?” another sound ninja said.

“Opps, I’m so sorry was that my fault?” Shikamaru laughed.

“What? We got caught by a stupid kid?” another sound ninja explained. “So this is the Shadow Paralysis Jutsu?”

“That’s the old school way of saying now it’s called Shadow Possession Jutsu!’ Shikamaru said and then panted weakly.

‘He’s weak it will be easy to kill him.’ The leader said.

‘This is bad! I’m running out of chakara really fast. I’m going to be in trouble unless someone comes to help me.’ Shikamaru said.

“You know, this kid might be of use to Lord Orochimaru.” One of the sound ninja hissed to the leader.

“So we spare him?” The leader hissed back.

“Lord Orochimaru may have use for him.” Another said.

‘Come on Shikamaru. Just a little bit more!’ Shikamaru panted.

“Poor kid such a shame!” a voice said from behind him.

Shikamaru’s eyes widened he tried to scream but nothing could escape his mouth.

“About time you’ve come.” The leader smirked.

‘Someone please hurry.’ Shikamaru begged in thought.

Asuma hurried across the trees. He heard that some of the sound ninja were after Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru. He was worried that they would be hurt or worse. They might get killed. He stopped on a tree branch and noticed footprints.

‘Found you.’ Asuma smirked and continued to run.

By the time Asuma got to the area with the sound ninja it was about 10 minutes. But when he got there he saw something that gave him a new fear. One of the sound ninja had Shikamaru with a kunai to his neck. Shikamaru wasn’t moving but Asuma knew he was scared. Asuma took a step forward with his blades out.

“Make a move and this kid gets it!” The sound ninja said causing Asuma to stop. “You wouldn’t want anything to happen to this kid would you?”

Asuma grunted and lowered his blades.

“Leave the kid alone!” Asuma said. “What do you want with him anyways?”

“If you must know we think that this boy would be of good use to Lord Orochimaru!” The leader smirked putting the kunai closer to his throat causing Shikamaru to gasp.

‘Lord Orochimaru? That isn’t good!’ Asuma thought and then got an idea. “What use could he be to Orochimaru anyway?”

“He is about to hold out his chakara even when he is nearly almost out. He has an incredible strength.” The sound ninja leader said.

“Asuma…Sensi.” Shikamaru said weakly.

“Sensi? Oh, I get it this is a student of yours isn’t it?” The Leader laughed. “Well, then you wouldn’t want to risk your students life would you?”

Asuma watched in horror as the Sound Ninja ran the kunai along Shikamaru’s throat. Shikamaru gasped in pain. Asuma grunted as it was removed but noticed that there was no blood. The sound ninja was only doing that to worry him. Then Asuma noticed that Shikamaru was crying.

“Leave him alone!” Asuma said. “He is staying right here!”

“He’s going to be of good use to Orochimaru! I can sense it!” The leader smirked. “But that means that we won’t need you around!”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Asuma said.

“It means that you’ll only cause trouble for us if you get in our way!” A sound ninja said appearing behind him.

“What?” Asuma was about to say before getting punched a series of times in the stomach.

“You’re a fool you know that right?” the sound ninja said kicking Asuma in the stomach.

“You shut up!” Asuma said trying to stand up.

But before Asuma could stand up. He felt pain in his head and Asuma collapsed and everything went black. The leader holding Shikamaru hostage smirked.

“Asuma! Asuma!” Shikamaru screamed and struggled to break free of the Sound Ninja’s struggle.

“Shut up you brat!” The sound Ninja growled punched Shikamaru in the head.

Shikamaru fell unconscious and went limp. The sound ninja smirked and flung Shikamaru over his shoulder like a rag doll. The others turned to follow him.

“I like this kid better when he’s unconscious!” the leader laughed.

“What do we do with the other one?” one of the sound ninja asked gesturing to Asuma.

“Leave him be. If he knows what’s good for him he won’t follow us.” The leader said.

Asuma managed to gain a little bit of consciousness and looked up to see the Sound Ninja about to leave with Shikamaru on his shoulder.

“Shikamaru…” Asuma said weakly and blacked out.
Chapter 1 of a Naruto fanfic i am writing that takes place during episode 70, what i think should have happended. My friend on deviantart wrote the summary.


Shikamaru was on a mission with Sakura and Naruto. Well the Sound Ninjas seemed to want to get in their way. Shikamaru was supposed to stop the Sound Ninja,but soon realized he was running out of chakra...and fast... The Sound Ninja didn't kill Shikamaru for they thought he would be of some use to Lord Orochimaru. Asuma was counted on to save the poor and innocent Shikamaru but got to the seam of the crime a little too late.
Asuma went back to the village to get Ino and Choji to go on a rescue mission with him.
Shikaku wanted to go to help save his son too. A big twist that made every one look in awe. Shikaku refused to not go with them. The four set off to go find Shikamaru. Will they make it?

characters are from Naruto
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Voiced by: J.S. Gilbert

Classification: Power Character

Biography: After the space sector 666 was decimated by the Guardians of the Universe's original army, the Manhunters, Atrocitus was one of the few survivors. His thirst for vengeance growing over the hundreds of years, Atrocitus created a red lantern, one fueled by rage, to finally get his revenge.

Intro: A burst of red energy erupts when Atrocitus holds his ring to his lantern, and he then turns towards to the opponent and says "You will burn!"

Post-Round Taunt: Takes a feral stance and roars

Outro: Turns away from the opponent and breathes heavily for a brief time, then flies away; he is then shown surrounded by other Red Lanterns on Ysmault

Special Moves:

* Plasma Burst - �Releases burning plasma from his mouth at a short range, burning away at the opponent if it connects and leaving them unable to move for a brief time
** Meter Burn - After the plasma begins burning the opponent, it explodes, causing the opponent to take extra damage and fly upward

* Rage Blast - Fires an oval-shaped blast of pure rage energy forward from his ring
** Rage Blast - Fires a full beam of red rage energy forward from his ring

* Berserker Launch - Jumps forward and slams back down to the ground
** Meter Burn - After landing on the opponent, Atrocitus will begin to claw at them

* Demonic Fury - Grabs forward and stabs the claws of his right hand into their stomach before slamming them into the ground in front of him
** Demonic Fury - Instead of slamming them into the ground, Atrocitus throws them forward and shoots them with a blast from his ring

* Vengeance Charge - Flies forward very quickly, plowing through the enemy
** Meter Burn - After hitting the enemy, Atrocitus grabs a hold of them and drags them across the ground as he flies

* Crimson Spike - Slams one hand onto the ground, and a stream of red energy flows forward from the ground, reaching mid-way across the screen

Launcher: Slashes forward with both hands to knock opponents away

Forward - Brings opponent up close, vomits burning plasma onto their face, and tosses them forward
Back - Brings opponent up close, vomits burning plasma onto their face, and throws them backward

Character Trait:
Blood Magic - Kneels onto the ground while drawing a symbol on the ground with his bleeding thumb; once it is fully charged, Atrocitus will glow red with rage, taking less damage and dealing more of it for a limited time; it does not need to be charged all at once

Super Move:
Wrath of the Red Lanterns - Claws forward three times; if the opponent is caught in this, Atrocitus will bind them with a simple construct and create a symbol on the ground, which summons multiple Red Lanterns, including Dex-Starr, Bleez, Zilius Zox, and a few others, who brutally attack the opponent with their claws and their plasma; finally Bleez grabs the opponent, flies them into the air, dropping them; Atrocitus catches them by their throat and slams them head first into the ground so hard it partly buries them

Ending: After the Red Lantern planet Ysmault was attacked by Sinestro, causing the deaths of many Red Lanterns, Atrocitus focused his rage toward this enemy and his forces. But upon learning of Sinestro's support coming from Earth's new Regime instilled by Superman, Atrocitus made it his mission to tear down this organization and make all involved with it suffer. Traveling to Earth, Atrocitus shows no mercy in his war for vengeance against the Regime.

Clash Quotes:

standard Quotes:
"I will tear you limb from limb!"
"Your blood will stain this ground!"
"My rage will consume you!"
"There is no escape!"
"Feel my wrath!"


Atrocitus - "The cyborg version of you commands the Manhunters!"
Superman - "Don't blame me for Hank Henshaw's actions!"

Atrocitus - "You are a fool to fight me!"
Sinestro - "You overestimate your abilities!"

Atrocitus - "Fear holds no power!"
Sinestro - "And rage is uncontrollable!"

Atrocitus - "You will die for your actions!"
Sinestro - "My actions are for a noble cause!"

Atrocitus - "I will enjoy this!"
Hal Jordan - "You'll enjoy getting your ass kicked?"

Atrocitus - "Your precious Guardians will suffer!"
Hal Jordan - "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Atrocitus - "I shall crush your bones, Jordan!"
Hal Jordan - "I bet you say that to all the Lanterns."

Atrocitus - "First you, then the rest of your Corps!"
Hal Jordan - "Good luck with that, buddy."

Atrocitus - "You'll pay dearly for your insolence!"
Lobo - "Ha! You make me laugh!"

Atrocitus - "You are a perfect candidate for my corps.!"
Scorpion - "I belong to the Shirai Ryu!"

Atrocitus - "Your heart burns for retribution!"
Scorpion - "I will seek vengeance on my own!"

Atrocitus - "The Green Lantern Corps. is a joke!"
John Stewart - "A joke that you copied."

Atrocitus - "One of the Guardians' lackeys..."
John Stewart - "I'm way more than a lackey!"

Atrocitus - "Your Corps. will burn for the Guardians' sins!"
John Stewart - "The Green Lanterns can't be blamed for the Manhunters!"


Superman - "Earth is under my protection."
Atrocitus - "It is not your planet I want!"

Sinestro - "You will learn to fear me!"
Atrocitus - "I fear nothing!"

Sinestro - "You mindless animal..."
Atrocitus - "I am in complete control!"

Sinestro - "Allow me to explain my--"
Atrocitus - "I will tear out your throat!"

Hal Jordan - "Come on, man. Have a heart!"
Atrocitus - "My ring is my new heart!"

Hal Jordan - "Why do you always want to kill everyone?"
Atrocitus - "To get revenge for everything they've done!"

Hal Jordan - "You should try some anger management."
Atrocitus - "Anger is my power!"

Hal Jordan - "Another day, another evil alien."
Atrocitus - "I am not evil! I seek justice!"

Lobo - "Ya better give me one 'a those rings!"
Atrocitus - "Never to you, bounty hunter!"

Scorpion - "I seek vengeance for my family and my people!"
Atrocitus - "We are more similar than you think!"

Scorpion - "You use similar magic to Quan Chi..."
Atrocitus - "I use more than magic to accomplish my goals!"

John Stewart - "We don't have to fight like this."
Atrocitus - "I neither offer nor accept surrender!"

John Stewart - "You can barely even make constructs!"
Atrocitus - "I only need my rage to kill you!"

John Stewart - "The Guardians aren't perfect, but you--"
Atrocitus - "Do you know what they have done to me?!"

* J.S. Gilbert has never voiced Atrocitus, but he is known for playing Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal series
I know Atrocitus has learned how to make constructs, but this helps make him different from the other ring users.
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Real Name: Anung Un Rama
Gender: Male
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Bald
Debut: San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (1993)
Voice: Ron Perlman


In the year 1944, the U.S. military discovered a demon baby with a stone hand. The boy was given the name "Hellboy" and grew up to be part of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Hellboy was originally intended on bring Hell upon Earth but instead fights against the forces of evil, including his own kind. He is the world's greatest investigator of the supernatural.

*Superhuman strength
*Healing factor
*Expert in the supernatural
*Right Hand of Doom
*Fire immunity

*Intro: Hellboy walks into the battlefield with "Good Samaritan" in his hand and says, "Well whadduya know? I'm visiting Batman's world once again."
*Outro: Hellboy walks to his defeated opponent and says, "Damn, know how to pack a punch or two.", throws his opponent up into the air and uppercuts him/her high up out of the picture. He then turns toward the screen, gets out a cigar and light it.

Special Moves:
*Grenade: Hellboy throws a grenade at his opponent.
*Good Samaritan: He shoots his opponent with a gun called the "Good Samaritan".
*Stone Hand: He charges toward his opponent with his Right Hand of Doom.
*Excalibur: He slashes his opponent with a spinning Excalibur sword.
*Ground Bang: He jumps up and pounds his fist onto the ground as he lands, creating a shockwave that hits the opponent.

Character Trait:
*Don't Mess With Hellboy: A multiple-combo move where Hellboy punches his opponent with the Right Hand of Doom.

Super Move:
*Woke Up The Baby: Hellboy takes out his Good Samaritan and he starts by whacking it onto his opponent's head. He then pulls the trigger onlyfor it to emit nothing. Hellboy smirks and says, "Aw, you woke up the baby!",  and takes out the Big Baby  gun and starts shooting away at his opponent. The shot-up opponent falls down on the floor.

When Hellboy was sent to investigate a portal, he embarked on an alternative universe that it led him towards. He found out that the portal he stepped into was done by the Insurgency, who needed someone to help fight the Regime. Hellboy and Batman befriended one another, despite each other's differences for Batman was able to trust the demon himself. Hellboy infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude to confront the High Councilor. After the savage battle, he spared Superman's life, only to bring him back with him to his own universe powerless and weak. Hellboy returned to the B.P.R.D., with the weakened dictator held captive as will as reports of what he has encountered in the multiverse.

Clash Quotes:
-"Time to bust some heads!"
-"Wouldn't pull that off if I were you."
-"I'm taking you down!"
-"You are definitely gonna feel sorry for this."
-"Don't think my hand can't breakthrough ya'!"

*Attack Clash:
-Batman: "I remember when when we last met."
-Hellboy: "Back when we saved Ted Knight from Nazis."

-Batman: "Go back to Hell!"
-Hellboy: "Sorry Bruce, but that's too early for me!"

-Deathstroke: "So I heard you can do an impression of me."
-Hellboy: *in Slade voice* "You damn right I do!"

-Deathstroke: "Demons like you."
-Hellboy: "I know I'm ugly!"

-Raven: "Not wanting to be an apprentice of evil, I can tell."
-Hellboy: "I'm just like you, Raven."

-Scorpion: "You're an atypical demon?"
-Hellboy: "Of course I am, Hanzo."

-Scorpion: "The sword is superior to your stone hand!"
-Hellboy: "Well go ahead and prove me wrong, buddy."

-Wonder Woman: "Hellish beings like you don't deserve mercy!"
-Hellboy: "Whoa, easy there! I'm not what you think I'm like!"

-Zatanna: "You're not a minion of Trigon, are you?"
-Hellboy: "Nah! I don't associate myself with him."

*Defense Clash:
-Hellboy: "Been decades since we last teamed up!"
-Batman: "It's Me, You and Starman all over again!"

-Hellboy: "Still got clown problems as usual, huh?"
-Batman: "Joker's been getting worse by the moment!"

-Hellboy: *in Slade voice* "Do you prefer steel or lead?"
-Deathstroke: "That's my line, idiot!"

-Hellboy: *in Slade voice* "You're easy money!"
-Deathstroke: "Your name's not Slade Wilson!"

-Hellboy: "Perhaps you can join us at the B.P.R.D.?"
-Raven: "I have no knowledge of this B.P.R.D."

-Hellboy: "Your hellfire can't burn me!"
-Scorpion: "Then what else will?"

-Hellboy: "You and me fight in Mortal Kombat!"
-Scorpion: "That's what I was going to say."

-Hellboy: "I've heard of Amazons before."
-Wonder Woman: "So you are aware about Themyscira's presence, I assume."

-Hellboy: "It's me against Kal-El's ho."
-(Regime) Wonder Woman: "WHAT DID YOU SAY, DEMON?!?"

-Hellboy: "So what is this Justice League Dark?"
-Zatanna: "A lot like your agency."
I just checked my deviation count and something told me that my next deviation is gonna be my 666th. 666 means Mark of the Beast which means I'm gonna upload something related. And it's....

...Actually, the demon this Injustice guest fighter entry is about is an anti-antichrist. He was originally going to be a bringer of Armageddon but he was raised by us humans to fight for the side of good instead.

This is Hellboy, who crossovered with Batman and a Golden Age superhero named Starman. Well now he's back to meeting Batman again. This tim, it's in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

*As I said before, Hellboy crossovered with Batman, so there are allusions to the crossovers he appeared in. One were they rescue Starman from a gang of Neo-Nazis and one where they face an eldritch abomination (the type of monsters Hellboy faces from time to time).
*Because Ron Perlman is reprising his role as Hellboy, there are clash quotes with him and Deathstroke (except for only one of them)  in which he starts talking like Deathstroke's cartoon counterpart. It should be noted that Ron Perlman voiced Deathstroke (a.k.a. Slade) in the Teen Titans cartoon show and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.
*When you think about it, if there was Mortal Kombat vs. Dark Horse Universe (which, just like with Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Universe, would be SO MUCH BETTER than Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe), Hellboy would definitely be Scorpion's rival. After all, both of them are antiheroes from Hell so I figured I'd put alot of clash quotes between him and Scorpion. This is like with the deal with a matchup between Scorpion and Etrigan (at least in my version of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe), especially since both Etrigan and Hellboy are demons who work for the good guys. So yeah, Scorpion's rivals in most superhero crossovers will tend to be Hellish anti-heroes.

Hellboy Dark Horse Comics

Injustice: Gods Among Us NetheRealm Studios, Warner Bros. and DC Comics
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Mdama chaus...oragata katana da torra shupatana showdeuna.

-Shipmaster Mdama...It is where you said it would be.

No endiyoko. Nekoko reke Forerunner nittete uneu.

-No my loyal friend. The planet is where the Forerunners promised us it would be.

Regatito omeo ezon. Requiem's kaneno reu momeu.

-Find us a way inside. Requiem's treasures shall be ours.

Mdama chaus! Gai taka esho. Tashi mahri domo oriyaka tohshibo ngendo norevu tashi nokitano!

-Shipmaster Mdama! The raiding parties have returned. They bring supplies and news of a human ship!

Domo ikagen? Umasa ahn?

-Human? Did it follow them?

Ahe. Korikumo tahshi magachi.

-No. different approach vector.

Matanashi ruahie! Domo ikagen san Requiem!

-Prepare boarding parties! Keep the humans away from Requiem!
The following is conversations from the Halo 4 Prologue Terminal between Jul Mdama and a Sangheili Vetran.

Translated in both their native language and English.

- translated into english.

All rights go to their respectable owners.
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