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Just having some fun with looping gif animations.
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Second collab I did with JavierMicheal This is the animated version of the image... Hope you like it!!

Still version: 

Galaxy Lightning by JavierMicheal

Other Animation
Rey de Atlantis: animated by AnubisDHL

model: JavierMicheal

Render/Hair/Edits/Animation: by Me :iconanubisdhl:
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For better viewing quality, please follow these links:


After 3 months of the summer animating from time to time gradually, I finally finished this short animation test for the characters from DC Comics' Justice League for personal practice. I set for myself a time limit of approximately 5 seconds to show all the powers of each character, including: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawk Girl, and Martian Manhunter.

The images of the characters are a little bit different from the character designs because I simplified them a little bit for the sake of animating them easier. This time I got for myself a lot of useful and interesting experience from animating these, more than the last time with The Avengers (watch here… )

The song in this is the Justice League Animated Series Theme Song.

These are done with Photoshop CS and Adobe After Effects. All characters belong to DC Comics, and this animation was done only for educational purpose, no commercial use.
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Hey guys, I've been working on this gaming project called "Shards Online" for the past few months. Shards is a fully moddable online RPG that will allow players to create unique worlds to either explore or rule over as gods. Check out our Kickstarter below for a full-write up and help spread the word!


These are a few small and quick illustrations I did for the teaser trailer released a little while ago. Didn't refine these as much as my usual works but instead tried a few new techniques/ideas and had a lot of fun with them. Each slide had a different theme and idea to them: 

-creation of the Shards out of chaos
-appearance of ancient gods and deities ruling over the universe
-fall of an empire (went with a more feudal Japan look with this than the typical European knights)
-ancient gateways that are re-opening 
-"play by your own rules" two character avatars sort of looking out and controlling the Shards universe 
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Ah finally done with my class project. Wish I had time to make his jaw move at least.

I also found a new voice actor I think I will stick with for now : D. Already planning on new lines, different situations and emotions.

Now.....I need to start my final animation for another class TT_TT Why can't we have 3 more weeks of summer quarter at least??

Anyway, hope you enjoy the rant : P

Azuryt, easkull race are © Katarzyna Zalecka (me)

All rights reserved. Do NOT repost, trace, alter or redistribute or use in any other form, thank you.

Voiced by Zack McComas from
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DressUpGames - Wicked Musical
Glinda and Elphaba

created by: me
concept by:
This game is a property of
Check this awesome site : [link]

pls. rate this game here thanks :D :

try to play this other games at =D

Sakura - [link]

Tokyo Mew Mew - [link]

Pokemon - [link]

Wicked - [link]

Barbie Classic - [link]

Little Miss Puppet Lolita - [link]

Preppy Princess -

Shopping Trip with Mom - [link]

Girlie Girl - [link]

Dance Diva - [link]

Rock Chick - [link]
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My Rushed 4 piece. IF any of you didn't know what Rushed was about we had to stay up for a full 24 hours and animate as much as possible without going to sleep giving updates to :iconterkoiz: every 4 hours as some sort of verification that we're still up.
Anyways the full Rushed 4 collaboration hasn't been released yet and probably won't be released till next year unfortunately due to their being a whole load of pieces needed to be compiled together. Uploading my piece because... Well I just couldn't wait to show you guys really :3
Went for a theme in particular just to aim for originality this time around. Hope you like it!

Youtube Ver.:…

Animation by:~ :iconkixx6:
Collaboration Organiser:~ :iconterkoiz:
Music by:~ :iconx-tremes:
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What I want to do is make a cartoon that parodies cliches in animes. I know it’s been done, but I want to try my hand at parodying anime in general what with long winded non-fights, stretched out special attacks, bad writing, tons of echo thoughts at improper moments, having to fight the main antagonist solo for some reason, constantly explaining the current situation, etc, etc.

Just as many Cliches I can fit into a single animation (or series of). Since parody is one of the easiest forms of comedy, I might just be able to pull it off. Or totally screw it up. Who knows?

This is just an audio test and has nothing to do with the actual animation. I've never voiced for an animation before (not counting singing.) I put some doodles in there too since audio alone would probably be boring. It's just to get some ideas out and to see if I should be voicing this cartoon or should I get some others to voice for me.

The final isn't going to be scribbly or anything, but more like an older anime. Y'know, the ones where the cel stays on screen for a long period of dialog.

recorded today on the way home from work.
scribbled in Flash MX
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Fórum: [link] []

* Adobe Photoshop Cs4
* Adobe Flash Cs5

* Render: [link]


Be free to join ---> :iconbordatech: :iconforumlinearts:

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