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want to try the contest, since it's worldwide...

Here is Superman and Wonder Woman two of my favorite DC character
Just try to capture the moment when the badguy tore apart the place and suddenly a hero or heroine come over to do their job,
protect the innocent and beat up the badguy...

Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) and subsequently appeared in various radio serials, television programs, films, newspaper strips,
He usually wears a blue costume, red cape,
and stylized red-and-yellow "S" shield on his chest. This shield is used in a myriad of media to symbolize the character.

source from wikipedia

I draw Superman with Superman Uncahined costume :
On March 4, 2013, USA Today announced the official title of the series, Superman Unchained.
To celebrate Superman's 75th anniversary, the series would launch on June 12, 2013, two days before the release of Man of Steel

source from wikipedia

Wonder Woman is a superheroine published by the DC Comics created by American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston.
She first appeared in All Star Comics #8 (cover-dated Jan. 1942).

source from wikipedia

Hope you like it :-) !
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--left to right--
Starfire, Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Slade/ Deathstroke. all of which appear in DC's Teen Titans comic
was really fun making these guys all tiny
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Drawn for the Scribblenauts Unmasked contest because; Scribblenauts and DC! Aw yeah!

The characters from left to right:

Krypto the dog (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Adventure Comics, DC Super-Pets! and Infinite Crisis)
Aquaman (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Aquaman, Justice League and More Fun Comics)
Flash (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Flash, Justice League and Flashpoint)
Wonder Woman (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Wonder Woman, Justice League and Eath 2)

And of course the hands of Maxewell himself!
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It's a cute game so I made a cute scene. :love:

DC Characters used:
Princess Diana of Themyscira as Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman comics)
Selina Kyle as Catwoman (Batman comics)
Mera (Aquaman comics)
Harley Quinn (Batman/Harley Quinn comics)
Clark Kent as Superman (Superman comics)
Bruce Wayne as Batman (Batman comics)
The Joker (Batman comics)
Barry Allen as The Flash (The Flash comics)
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My entry for the Scribblenauts Unmasked contest (:

I decided to go with classic heroes and villains :D

From left to right:

Superman (Superman)
Batman (Batman)
The Flash (The Flash)

Captain Cold (The Flash)
Joker (Batman)
Lex Luthor (Superman)
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My entry for the Scribblenauts Unmasked contest features a bit of a "girl power" theme XD. Maxwell summons Wonder Woman with the backing of her most powerful amazon generals. I really enjoyed drawing this I tried to give each character a distinct personality which is a little hard without a mouth and dots for eyes ^_^". But that's just it, conditions and design limitations encourages one to be more creative. P.s for anyone who knows about Scribblenauts is...Maxwell's design inspired by a Chicken? I noticed while drawing him that his head thingy resembles a chicken's comb ^^". (getting off topic there >_>)

But yup that's my entry also if you have not done so already do check out the rest of the entries. The contest is like a little celebration of all things DC and there are an amazing array of talent on display! I saw characters I never knew existed (and I'm a DC fan).
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Wanted to try my hand at the new Scribblenauts contest DA launched, especially since it's open worldwide!

So here's one of DC's most powerful magicians, Zatanna!
She quite often 'hides in plain sight', disguising her magic as just simple tricks and illusions to the average person, and her costume over the years has always been a sexy stage outfit, complete with wand and top hat.

First appearing in a Hawkman Comic back in 1964, she has since appeared in numerous titles across the DC universe, including, but not limited to Batman/Detective, Justice League, Green Lantern, and The Books of Magic. She took part in the Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis series, and had her own four part comic simply named Zatanna as part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory event.
She's also made appearances in the animated series of Justice League and Batman, and has had a few videogame appearances too.
~Info via Wikipedia~

It was really an interesting style to try out, and I'm pleased I gave it a shot, because it was a lot of fun too ~
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Alfred :heart:

I only found out about this competition this morning (geez Fattybunny, pay attention) so I've been trying desperately since then to get this done watching that countdown clock like crazy. There are supposed to be a few more tied up bad guys and some guns and things but I just didn't get it all done on time :(
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My Entry for the 'Scribblenauts Unmasked' contest :
I tried combining stylized chibi style with painting in comic style so hope u like it :hug:

Villains used: The name is " Cerber Doomseid "
It is a combination of 3 characters from the DC Comics Universe :

• Cerberus (main body) - Created by Roy Thomas
- Occupation: Guardian of Hades and Hell
- Base of Operation: Hades and Hell
- Group Affiliation: Titans of Myth; Hades’ minions
- First Appearance: DC Comics Appearance (historical): Arak, Son of Thunder #12 (August 1982)
(canonical): possibly Sandman Special #1 (1991)

• Doomsday ( head center) - Created by Dan Jurgens
- Occupation: Destroyer
- First Appearance: Superman: The Man of Steel #17 (November 1992)

• Darkseid (head right ) - Created by writer/artist Jack Kirby
- First Appearance: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (December 1970)

Heroes used: Justice League team
-First Appearance: Justice League #1 (2011) (current incarnation)
-Wonder woman
-The Flash
-Green lantern
See more at:…
P/S: I do not have much time, so Justice League team is lacking Cyborg, hope you will ignore this problem :D:D

Maxwell is from Scribblenauts © WB Games / Konami

Background is from Scribblenauts © WB Games / Konami
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Everyone! Fire at the chicken drumstick thief!!

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right
Batman (Detective Comics #27)
Superman (Action Comics #1)
Green Lantern (Green Lantern: Rebirth 6)
Wonder Woman (All Star Comic #8)
Hawk Girl (All Star Comics #5)
Martian Manhunter (Batman #78 "The Manhunter From Mars")
Flash Gordon (Flash Comics #1)
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