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Red Hood

Voiced by: Jensen Ackles

Classification: Gadget Character (with explosives)

Biography: The second Robin, Jason Todd was a troubled youth who was eventually murdered by the Joker. Resurrected years later as an adult and taking the mantle of "Red Hood," he acts as a violent vigilante, willing to kill villains, unlike Batman, who let Joker live after murdering Jason.

Intro: Red Hood cocks one of his handguns before placing it back in its holsters, then grabs his knife and says "Stay out of my way."

Post-Round Taunt: Twirls his knife around in his fingers and says "Is this a joke?" or "Too easy."

Outro: Red Hood turns away from his opponent and says "I've got more important things to do..."; the screen then switches to Red Hood riding a motorcycle down an empty highway

Special Moves:

* Desert Eagle - Shoots forward twice with one of his desert eagle pistols
** Meter Burn - Shoots forward with two handguns, twice each

* Outlaw - Lunges forward and, if it connects, slashes with his knife multiple times
** Meter Burn - Lunges forward and, if it connects, slashes with his knife multiple times before shooting the opponent in the head at point-blank range

* Razor Batarang - Tosses a razor-sharp Batarang straight forward
** Meter Burn - Tosses a two extra Batarangs forward

* Grenade - Throws forward a grenade at an arch, which explodes after a set period of time (usually by the time it hits the opponent)
** Meter Burn - Throws the grenade at an arch, but then shoots it, causing it to explode whenever the player presses the Meter Burn button

* Grapple Claw - Shoots forward a modified Batclaw grapple gun which, if it connects, allows Red Hood to pull the opponent towards him, similar to Scorpion's spear
* Meter Burn - Shoots the Grapple Claw and pulls the opponent towards him, then plants an explosive charge on their chest and detonates it, blasting them away

* Acrobatic Assault - Flips forward, shooting his two handguns as he spins

* Flash Bang - Rolls forward a flash bang, which explodes and stuns the opponent

Launcher: Charges up a large strike where he plants C4 on the opponent to send them flying

Forward - Stabs the opponent in the stomach with his knife, before pulling the knife out and kicking them forward, then shooting them as they fall
Back - Stabs the opponent in the stomach with his knife, before pulling the knife out, walking behind them, and kicking them forward, then shooting them as they fall

Character Trait:
Heated Knife - Presses a button on his knife that causes it to heat up, dealing fire damage with all knife-based attacks for a limited time

Super Move:
Red Hood's Revenge - Electrocutes the opponent by prodding them in the stomach with an electric baton, then shoots out both their kneecaps with his desert eagles. As they kneel on the ground, he kicks them onto the ground and pulls a collapsible crowbar from his jacket. He then brutally beats them with it (but the opponent's body is offscreen) before tossing away the crowbar.

Ending: - The Red Hood of the alternate universe began as a vocal supporter of Superman's Regime, agreeing with its policy that criminals do not deserve a second chance. However, as Superman's dictatorial power grew, so did Red Hood's uneasiness with the state of the world. Deciding that the safety he wanted for the world should not come at the price of individual freedoms, he went rouge, becoming a dangerous enemy of the Regime.

Clash Quotes:

Standard -
"You've brought this upon yourself."
"Bring it!"
"I'll do what I have to."
"Too late for you to give up!"
"Don't expect any mercy!"


Red Hood - "You were always Bruce's favorite."
Nightwing - "Well, you were the problem child."

Red Hood - "Why buy into the 'no killing' crap?"
Nightwing - "Stops me from going AWOL, like you have."

Red Hood - "You can't beat me, Dick."
Nightwing - "Don't be so sure, Jason."

Red Hood - "Even Batman's real son turned against him."
Nightwing (Regime) - "Don't be so smug."

Red Hood - "Why didn't you avenge me?"
Batman - "I won't break my one rule. Ever."

Red Hood - "Your methods are outdated, Bruce."
Batman - "And yours are disgusting."

Red Hood - "Don't treat me like some villain!"
Batman - "But that's just what you've become."

Red Hood - "Time for some payback..."
Joker - "Let me beat that confidence outta you..."

Red Hood - "Drop the crowbar."
Joker - "But it'll be just like old times!"

Red Hood - "I'm going to enjoy this."
Joker - "That makes two of us!"

Red Hood - "Where's the Joker?"
Harley Quinn - "Stay away from my pud'n, brat!"

Red Hood - "Bruce has always gone easy on you."
Catwoman - "And you will too, right?"

Red Hood - "I feel like bullets beat arrows."
Green Arrow - "Guess I'll have to prove you wrong."

Red Hood - "I'm shutting down Venom production."
Bane - "You will not stop me!"

Red Hood - "We both have reasons to hate Joker!"
Batgirl - "Doesn't mean I'd try to kill him!"

Red Hood - "Red Hood versus a red head."
Batgirl - "Please don't try to be funny."


Nightwing - "You really want to do this?"
Red Hood - "More than anything, Grayson."

Nightwing - "You jealous that Damian's Robin now?"
Red Hood - "I've left that title behind."

Nightwing - "I know you won't kill me."
Red Hood - "Not you. I'll just maim you!"

Nightwing (Regime) - "I'm not like you, Todd."
Red Hood - "You're right. You're worse.

Batman - "You're a disgrace, Jason."
Red Hood - "I don't need your approval!"

Batman - "I trained you to be a hero."
Red Hood - "And that's what I am. A true hero!"

Batman - "We all mourned for you, Jason."
Red Hood - "But you didn't care enough to avenge me!"

Joker - "Red Hood? You're taking my act!"
Red Hood - "And I'll take your life next!"

Joker - "You Bat-brats always get on my nerves."
Red Hood - "I fly solo now."

Joker - "This is really funny, when you think about it."
Red Hood - "I'll be the one laughing in the end!"

Harley Quinn - "You're not gettin' to Mr. J!"
Red Hood - "You have terrible tast in men."

Green Arrow - "So, you're Roy's new pal?"
Red Hood - "He understands how things should work."

Catwoman - "So you've given up on Batman..."
Red Hood - "He just doesn't get it."

Bane - "You cannot beat me!"
Red Hood - "You think I'm not prepared to fight you?"

Batgirl - "You're welcome back anytime, you know."
Red Hood - "What if I don't need to come back?"

Batgirl - "You've really changed, Jason."
Red Hood - "Yeah, dying does that to a person."

Batgirl - "I still consider you a member of the Bat Family."
Red Hood - "Yeah, I'm right there with Ace the Bat-Hound."

* Jensen Ackles previously voiced Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood
* Red Hood holds his knife in a reverse grip in his idle stance and uses it for many normal and combo attacks
I've decided that when doing these, I'll alternate from villain to hero to villain to hero, etc until I run out of villain characters. Red Hood counts as a villain.

I picked Red Hood since I feel he'll probably be a DLC character included in a second season pass, so I should make his thing while I can.
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Vandal Savage

Voiced By: Clancy Brown

Classification: Power Character

Biography: Vandal Savage has, for thousands of years, plagued the earth with crime and violence since before the beginning of recorded human history. As a caveman during the Prehistoric Era, he was exposed to a meteorite that enhanced his physiology along with his strength, stamina, and speed.

Intro: A group of three Regime soldiers lead Savage to the arena, who looks to be under arrest, but then Savage breaks his bonds, killing the soldiers and takes one of the guard's handguns, saying to the opponent "Now... Shall we begin?...", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Simply cracks his neck a bit, taking a step back, saying "Pitiful..." or gives a small, but evil laugh...

Outro: Savage says "Evolution has not been kind to you..." as he puts his foot on the dazed opponent's neck, then he raises his foot up before slamming it down, but cuts to Savage shown from the waist up, grinning evily as we hear bone and flesh being smashed, before saying "But it has been kind to me...".

Special Moves:

Savage Spear: Savage charges at the opponent, spearing them to the ground. (Meter Burn: After tackling the opponent, he grabs them by the neck and throws them into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Handgun: Savage fires two shots from his handgun. (Meter Burn: Savage three extra shots.)
Hammer Blow: Savage does a brutal hammer strike with his fists, driving the opponent to ground. (Meter Burst: Instead of hitting the opponent to the ground, Savage puts the opponent on their knees before doing a running sitdown powerbomb to them.)
Years Of Practice: Savage puts his arms up a bit. If he is hit with a High or medium attack, he'll parry the move before throat punching the opponent, kneeing them in the stomach and throwing them over his shoulder.
Ragdoll: Savage grabs the opponent by the leg and starts slams them on the ground two times. (Meter Burn: After the two slams, he throws the opponent in the air, making them open for a free hit or a combo.)
Stranglehold: Savage grabs the opponent by the neck, shaking them around hard before dropping them to the ground.

Forward: Slams the butt of his handgun three times into the opponent's face before shooting their kneecap, then kicks them away from him.
Back: Slams the butt of his handgun three times into the opponent's face before shooting their kneecap, then gets behind them and pistol whips the back of their head to the ground.

Character Trait:
Perks of Immortality: Savage puts his arms out, giving a bit of a roar as he heals up, regenerating health. The longer the button is held, the more health Savage regenerates.

Super Move:
Savage Beatdown: Savage charges at the opponent, grabbing them by the head. If it connects, he'll start slowly crushing their head before dropping them with a brutal chokeslam, smashing them into ground, then he starts savagely beating their face with his fists mutliple times before stepping hard on their head, kicking them away, saying "Pathetic trash!"

Ending: Forced into a dark hole, under constant watch, Vandal Savage had been forced to Stryker's Island due to the Regime's failed attempts of killing him. Savage wasn't bothered, simply waiting for the right moment to escape. It came after the Insurgency attacked the island to save the other universe's Batman. Freed, he went and killed those behind his imprisonment before putting in his new world order...

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"You think you got what it takes?"
"I am immortal!"
"I committed the first murder!"
"You are nothing!"
"My foot will crush your throat!"
"Foolish mortal, you die!"


Vandal Savage- "How must i greet your appearance?"
Ares- "With your death!"

Vandal Savage- "A pawn in my escape..."
Batman- "Funny, don't remember seeing you."

Vandal Savage- "You can't beat an immortal!"
Batman- "Let's prove it..."

Vandal Savage- "I must thank you for my escape..."
Batman (Insurgency)- "You're going back..."

Vandal Savage- "Time to play 'Skin The Cat'!"
Catwoman (Regime)- "Sorry, hate that game!"

Vandal Savage- "Ah, more machine that human..."
Cyborg (Regime)- "Like you were ever human..."

Vandal Savage- "Funny, heard Superman killed you."
Green Arrow- "That's what people here told me."

Vandal Savage- "Deluded mortals with your armor..."
Lex Luthor- "This armor helped me hurt Superman!"

Vandal Savage- "Was hoping to see your Luthor."
Lex Luthor (Insurgency)- "I warned Clark about you..."

Vandal Savage- "It's the boy who killed Nightwing..."
Nightwing (Regime)- "I am Nightwing!"

Vandal Savage- "Ah, the son of Ra's whore of a daughter..."
Nightwing (Regime)- "Dare you to say that again!"

Vandal Savage- "You're not from this universe..."
Scorpion- "I admit, you're observant..."

Vandal Savage- "Your doppelganger couldn't kill me."
Superman- "Well, at least we got that in common."

Vandal Savage- "I been waiting 5 years for this."
Superman (Regime)- "You die, now!"

Vandal Savage- "You can never kill me..."
Superman (Regime)- "Give me enough time and i will..."

Vandal Savage- "Even more of a bitch than usual..."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You watch your mouth..."

Vandal Savage- "Lying in his bed, knew you were a slut..."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Liar!"

Vandal Savage- "Try using fear without fingers..."
Yellow Lantern- "Try dying."


Ares- "Still fueling my power with war?"
Vandal Savage- "Someone has to."

Batman- "Still alive?.
Vandal Savage- "Always..."

Batman- "Give Ra's al Ghul a run for his money."
Vandal Savage- "He is nothing compared to me!"

Batman (Insurgency)- "Not surprised they locked you up."
Vandal Savage- "They couldn't finish the job."

Catwoman (Regime)- "Gonna scratch that ancient face of yours!"
Vandal Savage- "Try as much as you like..."

Cyborg (Regime)- "Gonna make you scream for death..."
Vandal Savage- "Then sorry to disappoint."

Green Arrow- "Man, prison hasn't been nice to you."
Vandal Savage- "It didn't bother me as much."

Lex Luthor- "My, have the mighty fallen..."
Vandal Savage- "I will rip your tounge off for that!"

Lex Luthor (Regime)- "You're going back into your hole."
Vandal Savage- "Give me time, i'll escape again.."

Nightwing (Regime)- "Gonna make sure you don't come back!"
Vandal Savage- "Try, i'll always come back!"

Nightwing (Regime)- "You're cancer of this Earth!"
Vandal Savage- "Said the same about your grandfather..."

Scorpion- "Let us fight in Mortal Kombat!"
Vandal Savage- "You can't kill me, i'm immortal!"

Superman- "Look worse than my universe's Savage."
Vandal Savage- "Five years in prison will do that."

Superman (Regime)- "You will burn!"
Vandal Savage- "Already happened, doesn't work."

Superman (Regime)- "I will find a way to kill you!"
Vandal Savage- "You'll be dead by then!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Let me try to kill you..."
Vandal Savage- "Try being the key word..."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Superman will enjoy this."
Vandal Savage- "Bet you say that every night to him..."

Yellow Lantern- "Fear me!"
Vandal Savage- "Nothing scares me these days."

- Clancy Brown has voiced Lex Luthor in most cartoon appearances of the character along with voicing Mr. Krabs in "Spongebob Squarepants" and playing the Hrugan in "Highlander"
- Vandal Savage's backstory and appearance here is influenced mostly from The New 52 "DC Universe Presents" serial killer version of him. Basically think him wearing Superman's Lockdown costume, but more suited for him, with his name on it and such.
- While only having one projectle attack, Vandal Savage is primarily a close-range fighter.
Things just got "Savage" :Cue Rimshot:

Oh and before i'm asked, the clash quotes to Regime Wonder Woman, yeah, expect that ALOT. Just... Fucking hate her.

Try to look for references!
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The Spectre

Voiced By: Alan Tudyk

Classification: Power Character

Biography: The Spectre is a cosmic entity and the physical embodiment of God's vengeance on Earth. Permanently bonded to a human soul, he uses his incredible divine powers to punish the truly wicked, usually ending his victim's lives in creative and ironic ways.

Intro: A green light shines in the air as the Spectre's cloak begins to form into his normal self, looking at the opponent, saying "Fear the wrathful face of The Spectre!", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Points his hand at the opponent, saying "Stare deep into my eyes." or "Your judgment is at hand."

Outro: The Spectre points his hand at the opponent, saying "May God have mercy on you, because I won't!", as a green cloud forms around the opponent as they start screaming in horror offscreen at the unknown fate given to them as The Spectre gives a dark laugh, vanishing.

Special Moves:
Reality Warp Drop: The Spectre forms a hole in the ground below the opponent, if it connects, they fall through it, only to fall from a airbourne portal to the ground, open for a free hit or combo. There are close, medium and far variants of the move.
Ground Warped: The Spectre makes the ground below the opponent knock up the opponent in the air, open for a free hit or combo. (Meter Burn: The ground forms hands, grabbing the opponent, opening them for a free hit or combo.)
Blinding Light Blast: The Spectre makes his hand glow bright green, firing a green blast at the opponent, knocking them down (Meter Burn: His hands just glow brightly, if the opponent is close enough, they get blinded for a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Warped Arrows: The Spectre forms arrows above the opponent, dropping down on them. (Meter Burn: The arrow keep the opponent in place for a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Spectre Teleport: The Spectre can teleport backwards and forward. (Meter Burn: Can cause a small explosion that can damage the opponent if they're close enough.)
Warping Punch: The Spectre warps towards the opponent before appearing in front of the opponent, punching them to the ground. (Meter Burn: He warps instead behind the opponent, punching them up into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent with his hands before throwing them into a warp portal in front of him to which they fall from another warp to the ground in front of him.
Back: Grabs the opponent with his hands before throwing them into a warp portal in front of him to which they fall from another warp to the ground in behind him.

Character Trait:
Apparition: The Spectre can form a apparition copy of himself which trails behind him, doing whatever he does, allowing for longer combos and more damage till the meter runs out

Super Move:
Wrath Of The Spectre: The Spectre warps behind the opponent, grabbing the back of their head and makes green light shine from their eyes and mouth as they scream in pain before we see the opponent in some unknown green cloudy realm as they're transformed into a crook (For the heroes) or a cop (For the villains) as they copies of themselves start violently beating them before we go back to normal time as the opponent falls down in pain.

Ending: The Spectre of this alternative universe was different than the others, seeking not only to see the Regime fall, but also the punishment of the High Councilor. Beaten, Superman was horrifed to see that it was the Green Arrow, who he killed himself, under the Spectre's cloak before being forced to relive that terrible day in Metropolis in a never ending loop of madness, so says the Spectre...

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Fear your judgment."
"I am the wrath of god!"
"Can't stop vengeance."
"I'll always be around."
"I am the spirit of vengeance!"
"Your judgment day has come."


The Spectre- "Vengeance lies in your soul."
Batman- "You don't know me."

The Spectre- "Your parent's murderer still walks..."
Batman- "And i will bring him to justice!"

The Spectre- "I'll handle Superman personally..."
Batman (Insurgency)- "What's your agenda?"

The Spectre- "Only i say when doomsday happens."
Doomsday- "Yes, now!"

The Spectre- "Regret won't delay my wrath."
The Flash (Regime)- "Then come get me!"

The Spectre- "We're more in common than you think."
Green Arrow- "We love green?"

The Spectre- "You're still alive in your universe?"
Green Arrow- "Yeah, big news here."

The Spectre- "You've eluded my grasp for too long!"
The Joker- "Ain't i a stinker?"

The Spectre- "You're in hell where i come from."
The Joker- "Oh, goodie for me!"

The Spectre- "You murdered Dick Grayson."
Nightwing (Damian Wayne)- "It was a accident!"

The Spectre- "Finally, your punishment."
Superman (Regime)- "Not even you can punish me!"

The Spectre- "Lois would be ashamed."
Superman (Regime)- "Shut up and die!"

The Spectre- "Oliver Queen will have justice."
Superman (Regime)- "He was a criminal!"

The Spectre- "Lie to claim him, for shame."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Not gonna take this from a ghost!"


Batman- "Going after heroes now?"
The Spectre- "Everyone's guilty in one way."

Batman- "Know i will fight back."
The Spectre- "You always do."

Batman (Insurgency)- "So, the Regime?"
The Spectre- "This one's personal."

Doomsday- "I will kill you dead!"
The Spectre- "Can't kill what's already dead."

The Flash (Regime)- "Try catching up with me!"
The Spectre- "Can't outrun vengeance!"

Green Arrow- "Gonna arrow your ghost ass!"
The Spectre- "Always been the cocky one."

Green Arrow- "Aw come on, i just got married!"
The Spectre- "Ah, fond memories."

The Joker- "Oh, this will be fun!"
The Spectre- "Till punishment begins."

The Joker- "Should i go in the corner?"
The Spectre- "No, your punishment will be worse."

Nightwing (Damian Wayne)- "I'm not scared of you!"
The Spectre- "Oh, you will be."

Superman (Regime)- "I'll find a way to kill you!"
The Spectre- "Already tried, you failed."

Superman (Regime)- "You look familiar."
The Spectre- "Trust me, we go back."

Superman (Regime)- "I am judge, jury and executioner!"
The Spectre- "And i'm yours."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Wait, i know who you are."
The Spectre- "Good, i want you to."

- Alan Tudyk has also voiced Green Arrow in "Injustice: Gods Among Us" and "Young Justice" along with playing Wash on "Firefly"/"Serenity" and Tucker in "Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil"
- The Spectre here in the One Earth universe, as noted, is not Jim Corrigan, but in fact Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, who was killed by Regime Superman, now personally taking vengeance against the Injustice (Ha, pun) Superman and the Regime has committed.
- The Spectre is a combination of both a zoning and long range fighter.
Even ghosts can fight, who knew?

And before people ask, i was planning to use the Jim Corrigan Spectre, but then giving it some thought as i read his backstory, i realized that the similar could happen to... Well, the hero i chosen due to his death as he died because of some bullshit injustice (Ha, another pun) dealt to him by Superman and the Regime, hence becoming the Spectre and making sure that they're the first one's he goes after. Plus, good plot twist, yes? Also, there are hints, both obvious and hidden, look for 'em.

Find the usual references!
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Voiced By: Troy Baker

Classification: Gadget Character (Without explosives)

Biography: Wearing the inkblot mask he considers his true face, Rorschach had been one of the members of the former Crimebusters, but continues his violent one-man battle against crime long after costumed vigilantes become both detested and illegal. He was apparently killed years ago.

Intro: Rorschach is shown being exploded by a familiar glowing blue hand in a snowy area before appearing in the arena, not bothered as he puts on his mask, ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Adjusts his head as he steps back a bit, saying "Hrm." or "Your move."

Outro: Rorschach is show taking out his grappling gun, zip-lining away from the arena before being seen from behind unmasked, walking down a alleyway in Metropolis while it rains, holding up his "The end is nigh" sign while he narrates in the background "Rorschach's Journal: Enemy knocked out, poor fighting skill, weak."

Special Moves:
Grappling Gun: Rorschach fires his grappling gun at the opponent, knocking them back to the ground. (Meter Burn: Instead of knocking them back, he gets them by their legs, swinging them over him to the ground, bouncing them to the air for a free hit or a combo.)
Grappling Swing: Rorschach fires his grappling gun in the air at a angle and swings over the opponent, kicking the opponent if they're in the way. (Meter Burn: After kicking the opponent, he comes down, stomping on the opponent.)
Air Grappling Swing: Rorschach fires his grappling gun while in the air at a angle and swings over the airbourne opponent, kicking the opponent if they're in the way. (Meter Burn: Instead of kicking the airbourne opponent, Rorschach tackles them to the ground.)
Easy Information: Rorschach reaches for the opponent, if it connects, he grips the opponent by the hand, breaking their fingers before slamming a glass bottle into their face two times, breaking it with the second hit, knocking them to the ground.
Desolation Row: Rorschach rolls and lunges at the opponent, punching them. (Meter Burn: Rorschach also does two knees to their chest.)
Molotov Cocktail: Rorschach throws a molotov cocktail at the opponent, burning them. There are high arc and low arc versions. (Meter Burn: Throws a second molotov in a straight direction at his opponent.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent by the arm before breaking it with a punch, then elbows them in the face, knocking them to the ground.
Back: Grabs the opponent by the arm before breaking it with a punch, then Judo throws them over his shoulder to the ground.

Character Trait:
Ink Blot Test: Rorschach does adjusts his hat, if he is hit with a high or medium attack, he'll parry the move by grabbing the opponent and headbutting them, resulting in his walking speed getting faster and melee attacks stronger for a short while.

Super Move:
Ready When You Are: Rorschach slides at the opponent, setting off a bunch of matches before using them and a spray can to make a flamethrower, lighting up the the opponent. As the opponent tries to put out the fire, he takes out a meat cleaver, slashing them three times, before taking out his grappling gun and aiming and firing it straight at their stomach, knocking them back.

Ending: Finding a letter from Dr. Manhattan after supposedly dying by his hand, it told Rorschach that he was transported to a universe where his skills would be better suited, and it was after seeing the Regime giving heroes a bad name, caused him to ally himself with the Insurgency. After Superman's death by his hands, Rorschach made the city Blüdhaven his new turf, now evil has a new face to fear...

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Do it!"
"Won't hold back."
"Ready when you are."
"You're in this with me!"
"I don't go easy."
(Against any villain character) "Dogs deserve to be put down."


Rorschach- "You're no Night Owl."
Batman- "Not even close."

Rorschach- "Never compromise."
Batman- "I never do."

Rorschach- "Dumbass Liberal."
Green Arrow- "Dumbass moron."

Rorschach- "Crazy broad."
Harley Quinn- "Oh, that's just mean!"

Rorschach- "Any more jokes left?"
The Joker- "This one's a killer."

Rorschach- "No more jokes"
The Joker- "Why so serious?"

Rorschach- "Big and stupid."
Solomon Grundy- "Small and foolish."

Rorschach- "Hero killer."
Superman (Regime)- "I kill those against me!"


Batman- "Try fighting without weapons."
Rorschach- "Gladly."

Batman- "What do you see?"
Rorschach- "A pretty butterfly."

Green Arrow- "I bet you're a ugly one!"
Rorschach- "Something we agree on."

Harley Quinn- "You need a bath!"
Rorschach- "You need a theapist."

The Joker- "Let's put a smile on that face!"
Rorschach- "Ha. Ha."

The Joker- "Know what i see?"
Rorschach- "Your death."

Solomon Grundy- "Grundy kill Ink Blot!"
Rorschach- "Grundy go die."

Superman (Regime)- "Surrender and kneel!"
Rorschach- "Never surrender."

- Troy Baker happens to voice Sinestro and Nightwing (Dick Grayson) in "Injustice: Gods Among Us". He also voiced Joel in "The Last Of Us" and Booker in "Bioshock: Infinite"
- While Rorschach kills those who do evil and won't stop, he'd object to Superman and his Regime, similar to his objections to Ozymandias' plan in "Watchmen", hence him joining with the Insurgency.
- Rorschach with his special moves, character trait and super move is more of a all-around gadget character.
Who watches the Watchmen? :Tee-Hee:

Look for the references. And seriously, next to Jackie Earle Haley, Troy Baker is the only other person i think who'd be perfect to voice him.
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Wonder Girl

Voiced By: Mae Whitman

Classification: Power Character

Biography: Cassie Sandsmark is the second person to be called Wonder Girl; the first being Donna Troy. Cassie is the Demigod daughter of Dr. Helena Sandsmark, a noted archaeologist and friend of Wonder Woman, and the Greek god Zeus.

Intro: Wonder Girl is shown briefly sparring with a Amazon in Themyscira before getting a signal on her bracelet, flying to the arena, landing as she says "You wanted Wonder Woman? You got me.", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Stretches her back and arms a bit, saying "Haven't broke a sweat." or "I am Wonder Girl, well, the second one."

Outro: Wonder Girl takes out her lasso, trying the opponent up with it, saying "That was fun, we should do that again sometime." before giving the camera the peace sign, laughing as the opponent struggles, trying to escape.

Special Moves:
Lasso Uppercut: Wonder Girl whips out her lasso at the opponent, grabbing them by the waist and pulling them towards her, uppercutting them to the air. (Meter Burn: Instead of pulling the opponent, she spins them in place, dazing them enough for a free hit or combo.)
Amazonian Cartwheel: Wonder Girl does a quick cartwheel kick, knocking the opponent to the ground. (Meter Burn: Does a extra upwards cartwheel kick to knock the opponent into the air for a free hit or combo.)
Amazonian Lash: Wonder Girl whips her lasso at the opponent, knocking them down. (Meter Burn: Does three more lashes with her lasso, the last one knocking the opponent into the air for a free hit or combo.)
Air Amazonian Lash: Wonder Girl whips her lasso down from the air at the opponent, knocking them down.
Demigoddess Beatdown: Wonder Girl puts her bracelets together quickly, if the opponent hits her with a high or medium attack, she'll parry them, grabbing them by the neck, punching them three times, last one knocking the opponent back.
Bracelet Guard: Wonder Girl raises her fist and bracelet up at the opponent quickly, able to block any projectile. (Meter Burn: The projectile rebounds off of her and back at the opponent.)
Spinning Lash: Wonder Girl kneels down and spins around her lasso, tripping the opponent to the ground.

Forward: Grabs the opponent with her lasso, flying up and spins them in the air before slamming them to the ground in front of her.
Back: Grabs the opponent with her lasso, flying up and spines them in the air before slamming them to the ground behind her.

Character Trait:
Daddy's Gift: Wonder Girl can channel Zeus' Lightning into her lasso, letting her inflict extra damage with any attack landed with her lasso, even if the opponent is blocking.

Super Move:
Daughter Of Zeus: Wonder Girl grabs the opponent by the legs, and pulls back, knocking the opponent down to the ground before channeling Zeus' Lightning into her lasso, shocking the opponent multiple times before flying away, pulling the opponent behind her, slamming them against three building's before stopping and swinging the opponent back to the arena, slamming on the ground hard.

Ending: Objecting Wonder Woman and The Regime's ideas, Cassie Sandsmark, the current Wonder Girl was sentenced to death. It was the unlikely intervention of The God of War that helped her escape death, going into hiding. Now unable to stand her former idol's rule no more, Wonder Girl came out of hiding, facing and defeating Wonder Woman in battle. Now the Amazon's new leader, she seeks to redeem the Amazon's rightful name.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Dare you to make a 'Dumb Blonde' joke."
"Get ready for a good beating!"
"No time for any snarking."
"Wanna go against Zeus' kid?"
"Gonna tie you up good."
"Quit or i'll make you quit."
"I'm pretty, not dumb."
(Against any female opponent) "Get ready for a girlfight!"


Wonder Girl- "Not gonna play nice!"
Ares- "I never do!"

Wonder Girl- "Stay out of Themyscira!"
Ares- "Do not get my way!"

Wonder Girl- "God, you are annoying brother!"
Ares- "Don't test me child!"

Wonder Girl- "Hey Babs, what's up?!"
Batgirl- "Me about to kick your butt!"

Wonder Girl- "I'm trained by Wonder Woman."
Batgirl- "I've been trained by Batman."

Wonder Girl- "Come on sparky!"
Cyborg- "Only Bumblebee calls me that!"

Wonder Girl- "What happened to you guys!"
Cyborg (Regime)- "We wised up!

Wonder Girl- "Oh god, you again!"
Lobo- "Hey Blondie!"

Wonder Girl- "Afraid to hit a girl?"
Nightwing (Dick Grayson)- "Oh that's mean."

Wonder Girl- "You're never gonna be like him!"
Nightwing (Damian Wayne)- "I'm my own man!"

Wonder Girl- "You need to lighten up Rave!"
Raven- "Cute."

Wonder Girl- "Why you working for Superman!"
Raven (Regime)- "Means to a end."

Wonder Girl- "How's this for a sparring session?"
Wonder Woman- "Engaging."

Wonder Girl- "You think you can win?"
Wonder Woman- "I am Wonder Woman."

Wonder Girl- "Why did you try to have me killed!"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You're against the Regime!"

Wonder Girl- "I trusted you, you stupid bitch!"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "I'll kill you for those words!"

Wonder Girl- "Your insanity ends here!"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Your life ends here!"


Ares- "Foolish not to accept my help!"
Wonder Girl- "I'm a Demigod, i'm good!"

Ares- "My sister, take my side..."
Wonder Girl- "Not a chance in hell!"

Ares- "I'm the God of War!"
Wonder Girl- "I'm the Demigoddess of kicking your ass!"

Batgirl- "What we gonna do afterwards?"
Wonder Girl- "Go for pizza?"

Batgirl- "Why we fighting?"
Wonder Girl- "Don't know, it's fun."

Cyborg- "Titan vs Titan?"
Wonder Girl- "Sounds fun!"

Cyborg (Regime)- "Nowhere left to run Cassie!"
Wonder Girl- "Bite me tin man!"

Lobo- "You can tie me up anytime!"
Wonder Girl- "No thanks creepo!"

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)- "How's you and Conner going?"
Wonder Girl- "Perfectly fine, why?"

Nightwing (Damian Wayne)- "You're under arrest!"
Wonder Girl- "Not a chance you little shit!"

Raven- "Power won't help you!"
Wonder Girl- "No, but it helps!"

Raven (Regime)- "You fear me!"
Wonder Girl- "Your mind reading needs some work."

Wonder Woman- "Training quite well."
Wonder Girl- "Aw, thanks!"

Wonder Woman- "You make a great Amazon!"
Wonder Girl- "Trained by the best!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "I will execute you myself!"
Wonder Girl- "Bring it wonder bitch!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Hera would be disappointed!"
Wonder Girl- "Yeah, with you!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Kal-El speaks the truth."
Wonder Girl- "You just wanna screw him!"

- Mae Whitman has voiced Wonder Girl before on "Young Justice" along with voicing Katara on "Avatar The Last Airbender" and April O'Neil on the 2012 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
- Fun fact, since both have the same father, Zeus, both Wonder Girl (Well, pre-New 52 Cassie Sandsmark wise, which this Wonder Girl is based off of.) and Ares are technically half-siblings, hence some of their clash quotes.
- Wonder Girl here is considered both a zoning and close range fighter.
Ain't it wonderful i got a new bio up (BAD PUN!)

Find the usual references!
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Voiced By: Michael McConnohie

Classification: Gadget Character (Without explosives)

Biography: A fusion of many souls wars who came to be controlled by Emperor Shao Kahn, it is said that King Jerrod of Edenia's soul within him. After Shao Khan's death, the souls within Ermac erupted in anarchy, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Intro: Ermac is shown trashing around in the Living Forest as souls go around him before a green portal forces him into the arena, the souls calming down as Ermac says "We will show no mercy!", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Let's out some souls that swirl around him, bringing them back to his hand, saying "I-WE will finish you!" or "To the Netherrealm with you!"

Outro: Ermac encases his opponent in a green orb via telekinesis, then shrinks it down, crushing the opponent into a broken ball saying "I-WE did warn you..." before telekineticly floating in the air, various souls swirling around him.

Special Moves:
Force Port: Ermac vanishes in a flash of green energy and reappears behind his opponent punching them. (Meter Burn- After the first hit connects, Ermac hits them with a uppercut, knocking the opponent in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Air Force Port: Ermac vanishes in a flash of green energy while in the air and reappears behind his opponent punching them. (Meter Burn- After the first hit connects, Ermac hits them with a uppercut, knocking the opponent in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Force Slam: Using his telekinetic powers, Ermac lifts his opponent and slams them hard on the ground, bouncing the opponent into the air, open for a free hit or combo.
Force Ball: Ermac sends from his hand a green zig-zag ball slithering at his opponent. (Meter Burn- Fires a larger blast from his two hands which does more damage.)
Air Force Ball: Ermac sends from his hand a green zig-zag ball slithering down at his opponent while in the air. (Meter Burn- Fires a larger blast from his two hands which does more damage.)
Soul Hover: Ermac uses his telekinesis to propel himself into the air for a few seconds, if nothing else is done, he does a Soul Bomb.
Soul Slam: After performing Soul Hover, Ermac slams his back down onto the ground, creating a small shock wave. (Meter Burn- The shock wave spreads across the whole stage.)
Soul Kick: After performing Soul Hover, Ermac dives forward with an aerial kick. (Meter Burn- After the kick connects, Ermac Force Ports, appearing above the opponent, delivering a elbow drop onto the opponent, knocking them down.)
Force Push: Ermac lifts his opponent via telekinesis, floating them backwards helplessly until he strikes them with a telekinetic blast. (Meter Burn- Instead of blasting the opponent back, Ermac keeps the opponent in the air for a short while, open for a free hit or combo.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent before choking and shaking them around with his telekinesis before driving his fist into their face, knocking them back to the ground hard.
Back: Grabs the opponent before choking and shaking them around with his telekinesis before getting behind them and kicking them in their back, driving them facefirst to the ground.

Character Trait:
Soul Backup: Ermac can can charge up up to five souls that hover around him and can use them either as armor that makes him only take half damage or a huge powerful projectile, the amount of hits he can take or how much damage the projectile gives depends on the amount of souls Ermac has around him.

Super Move:
Wrath of Many: Ermac concentrates a large amount of Hadoenergy, letting it out as a big green flash, if connected, the opponent is blinded, stumbling back as Ermac Force Port's behind the opponent, driving his fist against their spine before lifting the opponent into the air via telekinesis, repeatedly slamming them against the ground, leaving them in the air as he does a jumping superman punch, sending them to the ground.

Ending: Brought to this new universe due the souls within him creating a portal during a moment of madness, Ermac, controlled by the soul of King Jerrod, had finished off Superman. Seeing the Regime's rule, it reminded Ermac of what happened in his own universe, including the death of his family. So he assisted the Insurgency to defeat them before vanishing, it's rumored he's in Metropolis, it's new protector.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Face my-OUR wrath!"
"We'll tear your soul apart!"
"We won't stop!"
"With our mind, you die!"


Ermac- "You're no Elder God!"
Ares- "No, i'm worse."

Ermac- "We'll break your soul!"
Bane- "I'll break your body!"

Ermac- "We are many!"
Batman- "No, just one"

Ermac- "We will finish Superman!"
Batman (Insurgency)- "Not if i have anything to say."

Ermac- "You are conflicted."
Catwoman (Regime)- "Every now and then."

Ermac- "The Regime is corrupted!"
Catwoman (Regime)- "Has a good benefit package."

Ermac- "Another Lin Kuei cyborg!"
Cyborg (Regime)- "Who?"

Ermac- "One eyed mercenary."
Deathstroke- "I remind you of anyone?"

Ermac- "The Regime will end."
Deathstroke (Insurgency)- "Something we agree on."

Ermac- "Your soul is strong."
Green Lantern- "Nope, that's all willpower."

Ermac- "We have similar powers"
Green Lantern- "Close, but no cigar."

Ermac- "So, an alien?"
Lobo- "More than that hobo!"

Ermac- "We share a common trait."
Raven- "We were made by monsters."

Ermac- "Off with you demoness!"
Raven (Regime)- "Not till you die"

Ermac- "You gave in like a fool!"
Raven (Regime)- "And you will die like a fool!"

Ermac- "Go back to the Neterrealm!"
Scorpion- "Only with you!"

Ermac- "Scorpion."
Scorpion- "Ermac."

Ermac- "You're mad like Shao Khan!"
Superman (Regime)- "NO I'M NOT!"

Ermac- "This madness ends now!"
Superman (Regime)- "No, just you!"

Ermac- "I won't let you ruin this universe!"
Superman (Regime)- "You dare defy me?!"

Ermac- "You are beyond redemption."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Won't take this from some vagabond."

Ermac- "One of Quan Chi's whores?"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "I'll cut you for that."


Ares- "My word is divine!"
Ermac- "Another foolish Elder God."

Bane- "Power defeats mind!"
Ermac- "Let's disprove your theory."

Batman- "You're not of this universe."
Ermac- "You're observant."

Batman (Insurgency)- "No fatalities."
Ermac- "Not sure we feel as strongly about it as you do."

Catwoman (Regime)- "You're kinda cute."
Ermac- "No thanks, already had a wife."

Catwoman (Regime)- "You won't catch me."
Ermac- "Trust me, i will."

Deathstroke- "So i seem familiar to you?"
Ermac- "Indeed you do."

Deathstroke (Insurgency)- "Got a weapon?"
Ermac- "Yeah, my mind."

Green Lantern- "You a Green or Red lantern?"
Ermac- "Neither."

Green Lantern- "Really, a homeless ninja?"
Ermac- "Don't test us!"

Lobo- "Each of them souls got a bounty?"
Ermac- "Oh SHUT UP!"

Raven- "I sense great pain."
Ermac- "You have no idea."

Raven (Regime)- "Fall to me"
Ermac- "Not a chance in hell!"

Raven (Regime)- "Die like your family."

Scorpion- "You seemed to have changed."
Ermac- "Same could be said to you."

Scorpion- "Get over here!"
Ermac- "You come here!"

Superman (Regime)- "Any last words?"
Ermac- "Yes, RUN."

Superman (Regime)- "Raven says you lost family."
Ermac- "To fools like you."

Superman (Regime)- "To hell with your family."
Ermac- "No, TO HELL WITH YOU!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You won't destroy what Kal-El built!"
Ermac- "Watch us!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "So, your wife killed your daughter?"

- Michael McConnohie has voiced Ermac before "Mortal Kombat (2011)" along with voicing Kano in both "Mortal Kombat 2011" and "Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe", Seth from "Street Fighter IV" and Shin from "Fist of the North Star (1986 OVA)".
- Ermac's story is that after Shao Khan's death at the end of MK2011, the soul's in Ermac went nuts till King Jerrod's soul got control (Like his ending), but he found out about Sindel and Kitana's death's and he blamed Shao Khan for it, but in the soul's chaos, it transported him to the Injustice universe. He sees how the Regime is and wishes to make sure it doesn't get as fucked up as his universe.
- As mentioned, Jerrod's soul is in control of Ermac, but most of the time talks in the "We"/"Our" style, but tends to slip now and tend to "Mine"/"I"/"My", etc. But press his berserk button (Talking ill of his family or using it to mock him) will enrage him and if he says "I WILL MURDER YOU!", he won't correct himself, meaning Jerrod's in full control.
- Ermac is an mid-range character.
Well, what you know people, a new Injustice DLC profile, this time of Ermac from Mortal Kombat! Figured "Fuck it" and went for it, course using my version of Ermac after the recent MK2011 game as reference for this one.

Might as well also note his costume, being the one i made up, where he's wearing the Klassic MKII ninja costume, it being red, but also torn up and ragged, the mouthguard missing, showing that he has almost blackish green scruffy hair and beard, his skintone being very paleish green along with having various glowing green runes over his arms and back.

Find the usual references!
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John Stewart

Voiced by: Phil LaMarr

Classification: Power Character

Biography: The third modern human member of the Green Lantern Corps., John Stewart is a former Marine whose discipline and seriousness shows in his approach to being a superhero. A talented architect, Stewart "builds" his constructs from the inside out, making them stronger and more durable.

Intro: John Stewart flies in while charging his ring on his lantern, and holds up his fist, with his ring shining brightly, saying "You don't want to do this."

Post-Round Taunt: Creates a green aura around himself and says "Had enough?" or "You can't win."

Outro: Projects images of the Guardians of the Universe around him, saying "I'm done here. What's next?" Afterward, he stands with his arms crossed as the Guardians circle around him

Special Moves:

* Assault Rifle - Shoots three rounds quickly with an assault rifle construct
** Meter Burn - Shoots three more rounds even more quickly after the first three

* Marine Sniper - Gets down on one knee and shoots forward with a sniper rifle construct, hitting low and causing large knockback
** Meter Burn - Shoots the opponent with a pistol construct as they fly through the air after being hit with the sniper

* Beatdown - Creates a giant fist around his own, slamming it downward, making the opponent hit the ground and bounce upward to allow for juggling
** Meter Burn - Once the opponent bounces into the air, John kicks them away

* Eruption - Uses his ring to create a circle underneath his opponent, which eventually erupts into a damaging beam of light that extends upward; however, it is not immediate so the opponent has time to escape
** Meter Burn - Once the light fires upward, he directs it back downwards to do double the damage

* Chain of Command - Shoots forward a link of large chain that wrap around the opponent if they connect, trapping them for a limited amount of time

* Green Lantern's Light - Bursts out a bright green light from his body in all directions, blinding an opponent if they are close enough and allowing him to retreat to a farther distance

Launcher: Flies forward to knock opponents away

Forward - Binds opponent using a construct, then shoots them forward using a large blast of light
Back - Binds opponent using a construct, then flies behind them and shoots them forward using a large blast of light

Character Trait:
Shielding - Creates a projectile-proof force field around his body, allowing him to deflect projectiles for a limited amount of time

Super Move:
Architect's Imagination - John flies forward to grab the opponent, and, if it connects, flies them into space, where he constructs a large platform that the opponent stands on and then a detailed city around them; after this, he uses his ring to make a large Godzilla-like monster that runs through the city, destroying it; the building topple onto the opponent one-after-the-other, and ultimately the monster grabs the opponent and throws them back down to Earth

Ending: Always the dutiful one, John Stewart originally went along with his friend Superman's plans for a Regime that would unite the world and end crime. However, he grew uneasy as Superman's methods became darker and his Regime became more oppressive. The final straw was when John's friend Hal Jordan gave in to the power of fear and joined the Sinestro Corps. Seeing that the Regime matches the ideology he had fought against as a Green Lantern, John Stewart defected from the Regime and is now one of Superman's most powerful enemies.

Clash Quotes:

"Don't even bother."
"I'm taking you down."
"Don't mess with the Green Lanterns!"
"You've already lost."


John Stewart - "You're not so great with a sniper rifle."
Deathstroke - "I have more experience with one than you."

John Stewart - "Where's your Corps. to save you?"
Sinestro - "I do not need them to beat you." OR "I am more powerful than all of them combined!"

John Stewart - "You're on our most wanted list."
Sinestro - "That just proves how dangerous I am!"

John Stewart - "Your ring can't match a Green Lantern's!"
Sinestro - "You must be joking."

John Stewart - "My constructs are stronger."
Hal Jordan - "But my will burns brighter!"

John Stewart - "So it's Marines vs. Air Force?"
Hal Jordan - "Or just Green Lantern vs. Green Lantern!"

John Stewart - "You've always been a rebel, Hal."
Hal Jordan - "And you've always been a stick in the mud."

John Stewart - "Yellow's not your color, Hal."
Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "Since when were you the funny one?"

John Stewart - "This is Parallax all over again!"
Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "No, I'm in full control this time!"

John Stewart - "Fly away, birdie."
Hawkgirl - "I think I'll stick around and mace you in the face."

John Stewart - "There's a Science Cell with your name on it."
Lobo - "You'll never take me alive!"

John Stewart - "What are you doing in this sector?"
Lobo - "None 'a yer business, ya bastich!"

John Stewart - "You've got quite the rap sheet."
Lobo - "Pretty awesome, isn't it?"

John Stewart - "You're not so special without a yellow sun."
General Zod - "And you're not so special without your ring."

John Stewart - "Stay away from Earth."
General Zod - "You do not command Zod."


Deathstroke - "You're a fellow military man?"
John Stewart - "We're nothing alike!"

Sinestro - "I was expecting Jordan..."
John Stewart - "Sorry to disappoint you!"

Sinestro - "Give in to your fears!"
John Stewart - "I've already overcome them!"

Sinestro - "The Guardians don't know what's best for the universe!"
John Stewart - "They definitely know more than you."

Hal Jordan - "So, who here's the better ring slinger?"
John Stewart - "You're about to find out the hard way!"

Hal Jordan - "Beware my power!"
John Stewart - "Green Lantern's light!"

Hal Jordan - "Want to grab some beers later?"
John Stewart - "Sure, when I'm done kicking your ass."

Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "Willpower's a weak emotion, John."
John Stewart - "It's still stronger than fear!"

Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "If you're smart, you'll join Sinestro."
John Stewart - "I guess that makes me an idiot then."

Hawkgirl - "Think we'd make a cute couple?"
John Stewart - "Not with your scary boyfriend around."

Lobo - "Relax, I'm just doin' my job!"
John Stewart - "Well so am I, genius."

Lobo - "Where can I get me one 'a those rings?"
John Stewart - "In your dreams, if you're lucky."

Lobo - "Yer not my target, Lantern."
John Stewart - "Too bad, because you're mine."

General Zod - "I did not expect a Green Lantern to try to stop me."
John Stewart - "You should have, because Earth's got five!"

General Zod - "Bow before your new master!"
John Stewart - "You're not a general I'd consider saluting."

* Phil LaMarr played this particular Green Lantern in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series
* To differentiate from Hal Jordan, John Stewart's moveset is designed to make him into a long-range, zoning character
The next few characters here are going to be Green Lantern-centric.
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Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Classification: Gadget Character (Without explosives)

Biography: An assassin of the Lin Kuei clan, Sub-Zero is skilled in the art of kombat and commands the power of ice and cold. He assumed the mantle of Sub-Zero when his brother was killed by the ninja specter Scorpion in Mortal Kombat.

Intro: Sub-Zero is shown about to strike Reptile into the Dead Pool as Shao Khan is heard saying "Finish Him!" in the background, but before he could, Sub-Zero suddenly is transported to the arena, looking around confused before looking at the opponent, saying "For the Lin Kuei!", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Emits a wave of cold air from his body, saying "Feel death's cold embrace!" or "Flawless victory!"

Outro: Sub-Zero deepfreezes the opponent into solid ice, sliding back and throwing a hardended snowball at the offscreen opponent, shattering them into many icy pieces, saying "Fatality!" before doing his classic one arm raise pose.

Special Moves:
Ice Freeze: Sub-Zero sends a blast of ice directly towards the opponent to temporarily freeze them in place, open for a free hit or combo. He could also freeze opponents in midair, if timed correctly. (Meter Burn: Sub-Zero will shoot a beam of ice, making it easier to hit the opponent in the air, frozen longer.)
Ice Slide: Sub-Zero slides across the floor, leaving behind a trail of ice, knocking the opponent off their feet. (Meter Burn: After Sub-Zero hits the opponent, he will follow up by doing a quick Ice Freeze, freezing the opponent in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Ice Puddle: Sub-Zero freezes the floor and whoever steps on the circle of ice will temporarily slip all over the place, open for a free hit or combo. (Meter Burn: It freezes the entire arena floor that is in front of him and the opponent is frozen to the ground.)
Frozen Teleport: Sub-Zero's body becomes ice, falls backward into the ground, and reappears behind his opponent. (Meter Burn: After reappearing, he slashes the opponent upwards with a kori blade into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Icy Parry: Sub-Zero quickly covers himself in a sheet of ice briefly, if hit with high or medium attack, the opponent will be flash-frozen as Sub-Zero unfreezes and stabs them with in the shoulder with a ice dagger, kicking them back.

Forward: Grabs the opponent, freezing their lower body before leg sweeping the opponent to the ground, shattering the ice.
Back: Grabs the opponent, freezing their lower body before going behind the opponent and kicking them in the back to the ground, shattering the ice.

Character Trait:
Hard Ice: Sub-Zero covers himself in ice, making any ice based attack of his do more damage while ignoring armor.

Super Move:
Stone Cold Brutality: Sub-Zero makes a nugget out of ice above his opponent, which crashes down onto the opponent, knocking them facedown before Sub-Zero grabs the opponent and starts rapidly punching and kicking the opponent, fists and feet covered in ice before uppercutting them into the air, forming a ice spike on the ground, which the opponent lands on, smashing it into pieces, hitting the ground hard.

Ending: Mistakenly brought to this Regime ruled universe thanks to Batman's transporter, Sub-Zero was forced into violent battle, including with the High Councilor. Sub-Zero had won, but had been gravely injured, but thanks to S.T.A.R. Labs, he escaped death. Fitted with cybernetic prosthetics that help support his cryomancy, now influenced by the heroes he encountered, Sub-Zero watches over Star City.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Fear your frozen hell."
"This fight will be your last!"
"This ends now!"
"I fight for honor!"
"To the Netherrealm with you!"


Sub-Zero- "Water won't save you."
Aquaman- "Who says that's my only power?"

Sub-Zero- "You are no so fearsome!"
Batman- "Let's change that."

Sub-Zero- "Batman."
Batman- "Sub-Zero."

Sub-Zero- "One of the Lin Kuei's cyborgs?"
Cyborg-  "Nope, S.T.A.R. Labs original."

Sub-Zero- "Part of the Cyber Initiative?"
Cyborg Superman- "Never heard of it!"

Sub-Zero- "Another ninja?"
Deathstroke- "Assassin, there's a difference."

Sub-Zero- "You're good!"
Deathstroke- "So are you!"

Sub-Zero- "Your speed rivals Kabal's."
The Flash- "Second person to tell me that!"

Sub-Zero- "No more laughter!"
The Joker- "Such a grumpy ninja."

Sub-Zero- "Frost?"
Killer Frost- "Close, forgot the 'Killer'."

Sub-Zero- "My cryomancy is more powerful!"
Killer Frost- "Needs a woman's touch.!"

Sub-Zero- "You dare use ice against me?"
Killer Frost- "I am called 'Killer Frost'!"

Sub-Zero: "Scorpion!"
Scorpion: "Sub-Zero!"

Sub-Zero: "For my clan!"
Scorpion: "To hell with your clan!"

Sub-Zero: "You killed my brother!"
Scorpion: "He killed my wife and son!"

Sub-Zero: "You killed a innocent man!"
Scorpion: "Bi-Han was not innocent!"

Sub-Zero: "You're no Raiden!"
Shazam: "Because i'm Shazam, duh!"


Aquaman- "Dare challenge the king of Atlantis?"
Sub-Zero- "Yes, in Mortal Kombat!"

Batman- "I will not kill you."
Sub-Zero- "Will not or cannot?"

Batman- "You're no Mr. Freeze."
Sub-Zero- "No, i'm worse."

Cyborg- "Gonna whoop you good!"
Sub-Zero- "Never cyborg!"

Cyborg Superman- "I will finish you!"
Sub-Zero- "Not a chance."

Deathstroke- "Gonna give me brainfreeze?"
Sub-Zero- "I'll do more than that!"

Deathstroke- "My sword will break yours."
Sub-Zero- "It's okay, i'll make another."

The Flash- "Captain Cold copycat."
Sub-Zero- "He's nothing compared to me!"

The Joker- "I want a Popsicle!"
Sub-Zero- "How about one to the skull?"

Killer Frost- "My kind of guy."
Sub-Zero- "Away with you."

Killer Frost- "Such a cold hearted bastard."
Sub-Zero- "Such a cold hearted bitch."

Killer Frost- "Come on Frosty!"
Sub-Zero- "Not funny."

Scorpion- "To the Netherrealm with you!"
Sub-Zero- "No, just you!"

Scorpion- "Hellfire awaits for you!"
Sub-Zero- "Cold death awaits for you!"

Scorpion- "Now Lin Kuei, die!"
Sub-Zero- "Never to you Scorpion!"

Scorpion- "What brought you here?"
Sub-Zero- "Was gonna ask the same to you."

Shazam- "Remind me of that yellow ninja."
Sub-Zero- "Scorpion's a ninja, i'm Lin Kuei!"

- Dee Bradley Baker voiced Ra's al Grul in "Batman: Arkham City", along with Klaus the Fish in "American Dad!", Perry The Platypus in "Phineas And Ferb", both Appa and Momo in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and Tarrlok in "The Legend Of Korra".
- Sub-Zero in his ending still becomes Cyber Sub-Zero, but more like Cyborg rather than how he turned out in Mortal Kombat 2011, so he still has his humanity.
- Sub-Zero's Super Move basically is like the Brutality's from UMK3-MKT, only not as lethal.
- Sub-Zero here is more of a zoning/mid-range character.
"Tonights forecast, a freeze is coming!" (Sorry, bad Mr. Freeze/Batman And Robin quote. XD )

Find the usual references!
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Black Manta

Voiced By: Khary Payton

Classification: Gadget character (with explosives)

Biography: Arch-enemy of Aquaman, Black Manta is a surface-dweller intent on causing the fall of Atlantis. With his high-tech armor, he is able to breathe underwater, withstand great pressures, and fire laser beams and torpedos.

Intro: Black Mask is seen stepping out of the ocean onto a shore at nighttime, his eyes glowing, carrying a harpoon; he is then shown walking into the arena, saying "You won't survive this!"

Post-Round Taunt: Holds his harpoon forward, pointing at the downed opponent, saying "We're not done here!" or "Lay down and die!"

Outro: Black Manta turns and walks away, and the screen changes to show Black Manta's manta ray-shaped submarine underwater, and then changes again to show Black Manta sitting in the captain's seat, watching as his henchmen navigate through the ocean

Special Moves:

* Harpoon Toss - Holds his speciaized harpoon forward, and presses a button on its hilt that sends the actual harpoon part flying forward to hit the opponent; Black Manta still holds the hilt, and after the move is over, presses the button again which pulls the actual harpoon, attached to the hilt by a wire, back to him
** Meter Burn - If the opponent is hit by the harpoon, Black Manta will reel them in towards him

* Devil Ray (Close) - Shoots a laser beam from his helmet's eyes at the ground close-range, creating a blast that will damage opponents; can be done in the air
** Meter Burn - Shoots another beam once the opponent is knocked into the air by the initial blast

* Devil Ray (Med) - Shoots a laser beam from his helmet's eyes at the ground mid-range, creating a blast that will damage opponents; can be done in the air
** Meter Burn - Shoots another beam once the opponent is knocked into the air by the initial blast

* Devil Ray (Far) - Shoots a laser beam from his helmet's eyes at the ground far-range, creating a blast that will damage opponents; can be done in the air
** Meter Burn - Shoots another beam once the opponent is knocked into the air by the initial blast

* Manta Ray - Shoots his laser beam straight ahead, reaching across most of the screen
** Meter Burn - Creates a larger, more focused beam that burns away at the opponent, trapping them in the attack if they're hit

* Torpedo - Fires a missile from his shoulder-mounted missile launcher, which flies straight forward until about mid-screen, where it starts to be affected by gravity and falls to the ground; when it hits the ground and explodes, it's still capable of damaging the opponent
** Meter Burn - The missile becomes heat-seeking, not falling after getting to the middle of the screen and tracking the opponent's movements; however, it can still be avoided

* Air Ray - Shoots a laser beam at a 45 degree angle as an anti-air move

Launcher: Hits forward with a power-up harpoon strike

Forward - Grabs the opponent by the throat and begins choking them to the ground; after they compltely fall over, he stabs them with his harpoon and slides them forward across the ground
Back - Grabs the opponent by the throat and begins choking them to the ground; after they compltely fall over, he stabs them with his harpoon and slides them backward across the ground

Character Trait:
Powered Armor - Black Manta's character trait increases the strength available to him, not only making him hit harder, but also allowing him to interact with the environment as if he were a power character temporarily

Super Move: Shock Guantlets - Black Manta stabs forward with his harpoon, and if it connects, he'll dig the bladde of the harpoon deeper into the opponent; letting go of the harpoon, still in the opponent, Black Manta activates an electrical current in his guantlets, and then grabs a hold of the opponent's face, electrocuting them violently; he finishes the move by roughly pulling the harpoon out of the opponent and smacking them in the face with it

Ending: When Superman's Regime took control, most supervillains were either killed, held prisoner in Stryker's Island, or reeducated to serve their new master. But Black Manta was subjected to another punishment. Aquaman kept Manta for himself in Atlantis's dungeons, torturing his nemesis almost daily for years for everything he's done. When Black Manta had just about given up all hope of escape, some of his surviving forces staged an attack on Atlantis, succeeding in freeing their leader. Now free and with a deeper hatred for Aquaman and his allies, Black Manta will seek his vengeance to the ends of the earth.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"I'll enjoy killing you."
"Stand against me and die!"
"Feel the manta's sting!"
"You'll pay dearly!"
"Don't think you can win!"


Black Manta - "We should stand together against oppression!"
Cyborg - "So it's a race thing? No thanks, dude."

Black Manta - "Your armor is pitiful!"
Lex Luthor - "Coming from the man in a glorified diving suit!"

Black Manta - "I can lead the Legion of Doom!"
Lex Luthor - "Not when I revoke your membership!"

Black Manta - "This time you won't survive!"
Aquaman - "You say that every time."

Black Manta - "It's time for the death of Atlantis!"
Aquaman - "Not while I'm still alive, Manta!"

Black Manta - "Our war ends here!"
Aquaman - "But it doesn't end with your victory!"


Cyborg - "You've got some surprisingly advanced tech."
Black Manta - "I have my resources."

Lex Luthor - "Bored of the ocean, David?"
Black Manta - "I have my sights set on a larger goal."

Lex Luthor - "You've made a mistake fighting me."
Black Manta - "I don't make mistakes."

Aquaman - "You'll never win, Manta."
Black Manta - "I've already won, Arthur!"

Aquaman - "This is for my son!"
Black Manta - "You'll end up just like him!"

Aquaman - "I still don't understand your hatred of me."
Black Manta - "I'm the only one who needs to understand it!"

* Khary Payton has voiced Black Manta in Young Justice; he also voices Cyborg in Injustice already

Everyone's favorite.
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Voiced By: Doug Bradley

Classification: Power Character

Biography: Once Captain Elliot Spencer, a human who became disenchanted with human life after World War I, he found the Lament Configuration. Solving it turned him into Pinhead, leader of the Cenobites, demons specializing in dark and gruesome carnal desires.

Intro: The Lament Configuration puzzle box seems to roll onto the battlefield before chains come out, ensnaring a offscreen victim who screams before Pinhead teleports from a blue light, saying "It is not hands that calls me, it is desire..", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Simply holds out his hand as the arena quickly flashes from the normal stage to Leviathan's Labyrinth and back, saying "We'll tear your soul apart!" or "No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering! "

Outro: Pinhead grabs the puzzle box, saying "Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell!" as chains ensnare the opponent offscreen, their screams of pain heard as the Female, Butterball and Chatter Cenobites surround Pinhead as their give their iconic pose.

Special Moves:
Chain of Pain: Pinhead raises his hand out towards the opponent, sending a chain to knock them to the ground. (Meter Burn: The chain is bladed, doing slightly more damage and impales into the opponent, dragging them towards Pinhead, open for a free hit or combo.)
Chain Guard: Pinhead summons a quick wall of chains in front of him to block projectiles. (Meter Burn: After the projectile connects, a chain comes from the wall, hitting the opponent.)
Snaring Agony: Pinhead makes a couple chains rise up from under the opponent, snaring them in place, open for a free hit or combo.
Bleeding Cut: Pinhead slashes the opponent two times with his sharp blade he grabs from his waist. (Meter Burn: Slashes only once before stabbing the opponent in the neck with it, stunning them for a quick moment, open for a free hit or combo.)
Chain Evade: Pinhead has a chain burst from him and allows him to either goes forward over the opponent (Where the chain comes out of his chest) or backwards (Where it comes out of his back.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent with small hooks on his fingertips, stabbing them as they scream in pain before a chain appears from behind the opponent, dragging and slamming them on the ground in front of Pinhead.
Back: Grabs the opponent with small hooks on his fingertips, stabbing them as they scream in pain before a chain appears from behind Pinhead, flipping the opponent to the ground behind Pinhead.

Character Trait:
Pinhead Unbound: Gives a yell at the opponent as his skin turns more grayish-white and a red glow around him as any attacks having to do with his chains do more damage along with being immune to Pop-up attacks for a short while.

Super Move:
Welcome to Hell: Pinhead holds the puzzle box as it sends hooked chains at the opponent whose shown transported to Leviathan's Labyrinth, being spun around by the hooked chains as they scream in pain before Pinhead as the Chatterbeast's growl is heard it attacks the opponent, before the other Cenobites surround the victime and attacks as Pinhead gives a evil laugh before both appear back in the arena, the opponent falling in pain.

Ending: Found among many items in Felix Faust's possession when the Regime took command, they knew of the Lament Configuration's reputation and hid it in the Fortress of Solitude, so no one would solve it. But someone has, or rather was forced to solve it, summoning Pinhead, who seeks whoever desired what the box held. After many false leads, Pinhead will now show Wonder Woman what she wanted, whether she wants it or not.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Your pain is just the beginning!"
"Welcome to Oblivion!"
"Such spirit, i will break it."
"I'll tear your soul apart!"
"Ah, a new victim..."
"Now, a lesson in pain!"
"Time to play!"


Pinhead- "Can you solve this puzzle Detective?"
Batman- "Working on it right now."

Pinhead- "You two fight over a meaningless cause."
Batman (Insurgency)- "No, never meaningless."

Pinhead- "Only pleasure i give is pain."
Catwoman- "Yeah, not into S&M."

Pinhead- "You sound familar..."
Cyborg- "Sorry, don't know you."

Pinhead- "Your laughter ends here!"
The Joker- "That's not funny..."

Pinhead- "Ever had a bad day?"
The Joker- "Oh, don't start with me on those."

Pinhead- "Revenge clouds your mind..."
Scorpion- "Stay out of my mind Demon!"

Pinhead- "Your families real killer still walks."
Scorpion- "You lie!"

Pinhead- "Your flesh is killing your spirit."
Superman (Regime)- "You shut your mouth!"

Pinhead- "What would Lois say about you now?."
Superman (Regime)- "Don't you dare bring her in this!"

Pinhead- "Alien, human, i don't care."
Superman (Regime)- "You should care."

Pinhead- "Ah, such flesh you desire."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "What are you ranting about?

Pinhead- "You manipulate to get what you seek."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Hush your mouth!"

Pinhead- "I have such sights to show you."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Really, do you now."

Pinhead- "Welcome... To hell."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "No!"


Batman- "You don't scare me."
Pinhead- "Then i have such sights to show you."

Batman- "Who let you out of the box?"
Pinhead (Insurgency)- "Perhaps you?"

Catwoman- "Oh Jesus Christ."
Pinhead- "Not quite."

Cyborg- "Okay gloomy, let's go."
Pinhead- "Gladly."

The Joker- "Play with this Pinhead!"
Pinhead- "Should have came for you a long time ago."

The Joker- "Oh, can i be a Cenobite?"
Pinhead- "You'll never join our ranks!"

Scorpion- "To hell with you!"
Pinhead- "I am hell!"

Scorpion- "You're no Quan-Chi!"
Pinhead- "Not even close."

Superman (Regime)- "Burn."
Pinhead- "Burn? Such limited imagination."

Superman (Regime)- "I've done nothing wrong!"
Pinhead- "Ah, the eternal refrain of humanity!"

Superman (Regime)- "Who let you out?!"
Pinhead- "Someone who might desires you."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "How did you get freed?"
Pinhead- "Oh, i think you know."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You're not getting pleasure here.."
Pinhead- "I'm here for business, not pleasure."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "I didn't summon you!"
Pinhead- "Well, not directly."

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "I'll show you pain."
Pinhead- "I am pain!"

- Doug Bradley has played Pinhead for every Hellraiser film since the first one, and before anyone says anything, "Revelations" doesn't exist. XP Also, in "Revelations", since the guy who replaced Doug couldn't do the voice (I guess so.), they got Fred "Hulk/Solomon Grundy/Bane" Tatasciore to overdub his lines... I'm not even joking. Hell, Khary Payton (Who voices Cyborg in "Injustice"/"Teen Titans") was in "Hellworld"... Swear to fucking god, not joking there, hence their quotes.
- May ask, how come Regime Wonder Woman is the one who summoned Pinhead cause she knew what would happen? Well, we know she wants to be Superman's fucktoy and can't seem to get any (Due to him still pining over Lois) and... Well, since she's a total manipulative cunt in "Injustice", she got someone else to summon Pinhead, but didn't know the "Not hands that summon, it's desire summon." rule, hence his intro quote and his various quotes to her... Have i mentioned i hate Regime Wonder Woman and want to see her suffer?
- Course, the other three main Cenobites (Female, Butterball, Chatter) makes cameos during Pinhead's outro pose and his super, along with the Chatterbeast from "Bloodline" appearing in the super too.
- Pinhead is more of a zoning/ranged character.
"... Shall we begin?", sorry, had to quote Pinhead. XD Out of all the Horror characters in film, Pinhead from "Hellraiser" is actually the one i can see fitting into Injustice the most as... Well, you know how i did the story and all.

Find the usual references!
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