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Happy Valentine's Day!:icongrin--plz:
I hope,this pic could be useful for some..complicated relations:D
Well,I beat up Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.This univers soo adorable!So many canon charas and very interesting plot,beautiful locations,fantastic epic soundtrack!I also like the Riddler's challenge and tactical fightings.Great game,I'm waiting for 3rd piece=3
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Happy (Late) Valentines day! This is my submission to the Valentines day exchange! Hope ya'll like it. Why can't we all just get along hmmm???

Its done with the same style as a previous artwork I did (That featured the Wii U for those complaining haha.....)

If you are interested in buying this as a print, please click here for more info…
For a deeper relationship with me, you can follow me at:
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I just keep making these, it's way too much fun. :D This time it's a Portal themed Valentine, because what says love more than a companion cube? Hope you enjoy it! :aww:

Other Valentines I've made:
Angel Beats!: [link]
Slenderman: [link]
Gurren Lagann: [link]
Ninetails: [link]
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Fake vector-type drawing I did. I don't have Illustrator for my dam Mac yet so I had to use Photoshop.

Anyway, enjoy!

Two little lovebirds. ^_^
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Facebook | Tumblr | Squishy Star Shop

I made this poll to see what sort of Valentines Day Squishy I should make. As per usual, Pokemon came out on top c:
I've been meaning to make another Squishy Sylveon, and people have requested I draw a shiny Sylveon in the past, so I thought this would be the perfect time to draw them together c:

Reblog them here!

More for the 2014 Valentines Day exchange:
Squishy Valentines Lopunny: Be Mine by x-SquishyStar-xSquishy Spyro: Be my Valentine? by x-SquishyStar-x

All artworks are © Melissa Caruso 2013. Please do not use, edit or redistribute in any way without my permission. This includes blogs and other image sharing websites. Thank you ♥
Pokemon © Nintendo 
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"Go to hell.. nya."


Drawn while I had no internet. o vo .. I just want a cat badge.

Character : Rena (c) me
Paypal commission info : [link]

In serious need of money! Please check this out..

It would mean a lot to me...I don't really like going into personal things like this, and it'll be hard to explain without going into a bit of detail, but...

The issue is that my parents have found another house that they want to buy, and are more than likely going to soon. They're tired of this place because they've been here forever and because there are so many repairs that need to be made that they just want to get out of here. But at the same time, I'm attached to this place and can't stand the thought of leaving it. Everytime it's mentioned, I get upset and I can't explain why because I don't even know, myself. I've been in this place pretty much since I was born

Check out these commissions too!

A Friend of mine needs help.. EDIT.EDIT: In order to help Rena and the others I have an idea! It also helps me

I will open paypal commissions. and with every order that isn't an avatar I will buy something from all the things i featured. So not only do you help me and my dolly /Disney/ universal trip you also help Rena buy her house ouo
The bigger the commission i get the more i buy off of Rena.
I might make a random sale later on the full size stuff


ok a few of my friends , espicially :iconKitsuneRenaChan:  Have some financial nee

BOOKMARKS ALSO AVAILABLE! WILL BE SHIPPED AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! $2! example; :thumb292741591: :thumb293749490:

Alright, set up a paypal and I really need to save up some money, so if anyone would like to buy them from me then I'm all for it (Also open to point commissions if paypal isn't your thing, btw).

:bulletblack: Full body/Half body ranges from $5 to $10, depending on how many people are in the photo (usually starts out at $5, then for each character add $1). For
PayPal Commissions- OPEN Ok so I'm opening paypal commissions because right now I'm in need of some money. I need to get some money to pay for a table at AWA and some of the other costs that come with it, I'm also living with my friend and her family so I'm really tight on money so outside of con things I need money for some basics.

So here are some of my prices~
(I'll have to add in some references later. ; w ; )


:bulletpurple: Headshot: $0.50
:bulletpurple: Waste up: $0.75
:bulletpurple: Waste up with a simplistic background: $1.00
:bulletpurple: Waste up with a detailed background: $1.50
:bulletpurple:  Fullbody: $1.50
:bulletpurple:  Fullb
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Happy Valentines Day
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Another outside kitten. This one is around a lot more than his brother [link] lately. My mom started calling him Peanut Butter. No idea why, but... it's stuck.

And... yes, I wanted the cat badge >.>...
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Myself modeling a Nyan Cat Scarf I made.

Submitted for the Free Fella project because it would be so cool to see cats rule the world! :3

MevvSan- [link]
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So Vicki is more popular than me and got moar gifts today .___.

PD: yes, her name's vicki, a younger version of vicki to be exact.
and well just wanted to wish you a happy day for both in-love peoples and forever alones like me~ :iconforeveraloneplz: yaay~ and I guess I got nothing to say but ''Happy valentines day~'' if you liked this, send it as a valentine to your dearest friends~

(C) Character and art - Ovelayotli

Patterns do not belong to me
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