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This is a redone and expanded version of this story:…

Which is part of this proposed arc:…

In the aftermath of Jason Todd's attack on Joseph Kane, Sam Kane is left in an uncertain world where his brother might not longer be with him. Joseph's will names Dick Grayson as Sam's guardian when Joseph is either incapacitated or dead. But with one small boy dealing with a tragic and painful moment, it reminds Dick of how he felt when his parents died. And when Sam runs away, it's up to Nightwing to decide how to help this young boy the best....

Sam Kane, Barkley and Joseph Kane belong to me

Nightwing, Batman, Red Hood, etc belong to DC Comics

Preview Art done for me by :iconrafa-road-to-marvel:…
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Plot Outline:
Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:


Damian Wayne is finally back in Gotham, but will he survive Talia's last desperate attempt to take him back? Will Batman ever have his son again? And who exactly is J. Bowden Hapgood? ALL WILL BE REVEALED!

This was an awesome experience and thank you for being on this ride with me :D

Unfortunately, as I pointed out in a recent journal, I didn't realize that at the end of Batman Incorporated #13 that Ra's stole Talia and Damian's bodies.

However, I can write an addendum later with Talia stealing something to help with the ritual.

DC, feel free to call ;)

Damian Wayne, Batman, et al belong to DC Comics

Preview image art by Patrick Gleason from Batman and Robin #1 (Sept 2011)

"J" and Brighton belong to me
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Plot Outline:
Part I:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V:

Damian Wayne's road home after resurrection continues. Now traveling with the eccentric rich teen J. Bowden Hapgood and his bodyguard Brighton; Damian will have to contend with two of the Seven Men of Death; the League of Assassins' most feared killers, who are under orders to bring back Damian as intact as possible. From the streets of Hong Kong to the bustling markets of New Delhi; Damian and his new associates will have to defeat and outwit killers who are devoted to Talia Al Ghul.

As I mentioned in a recent journal; this will be a five part series.

And I'm surprised I kept this to 34 pages (as a comic); I thought for sure this would be much longer.

And to paraphrase a line said at the Passover seder: NEXT ISSUE, IN JERUSALEM! :XD:

Damian Wayne, Batman, et al belong to DC Comics

Preview image art by Patrick Gleason from Batman and Robin #1 (Sept 2011)

"J" and Brighton belong to me, though "J"'s present alias is inspired by a character from Anyone Can Whistle, one of Sondheim's rare flops.

Script and Story belongs to me as well.
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Continued from…

Batman, once defrosted, teams up with Flash to take down the Rogues. But will he back in time to rescue the Kane brothers from being murdered or driven mad by four of Arkham's worst escapees? Read on! Including a surprise guest star at the end!

UPDATED: Now with new bonus scene (that I meant to put in and forgot lol)

A day later than promised (due to general craziness, FFXIV, and final touch ups on that collab), but a great second part IMHO

And MAJOR thanks to all of you who have faved Part I (whether for the story or the preview art I'm required to add due to DA's inability to post PDFs without one! Hopefully the former!) Hope you enjoy (and fave) this one as well.

Joseph and Sam Kane, and Barkley belong to me
Batman and related characters belong to DC Comics

Preview photo is a still from Arkham Origins, I claim no ownership over it.

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It took a while before you reached the site of the battle. Reiner and you sailed through the trees in silence, the older boy's face set in stony determination. You constantly shifted in his arms, despite the pain. You couldn't sit still for fear of Jean's life. As the minutes passed you could feel yourself getting more and more worried. 

In the distance, you could hear titan's footsteps, but luckily as you listened, they grew fainter, and far away. 

By the time you reached Jean, your ribs were screaming at you in pain and protest. You ignored it when your eyes landed on a figure slumped against a battered tree.

"Jean!!" You screamed, eyes going wide as you drew closer. As Reiner Swept close to the ground, you forced your way out of him arms and fell to the forest floor. You gave a small gasp of pain as your back hit the ground, but you managed to sway to your feet and run to where Jean was.

You knelt next to him, hands hovering above the blood stained cloak he wore. Jean's eyes were closed, his lips slightly parted as shallow breaths escaped his throat. Bruises littered his face and neck. You could only imagine what his condition was underneath his jacket. You lightly rested a hand on his shoulder, only to have the taller boy flinch, his face scrunching in pain. You instantly drew your hand away.

"Jean..." You whispered, your face falling in concern, and fear. 

His eyes fluttered open. He was silent for a few moments, his eyes focusing and unfocusing. "(Name)..." he whispered. A sliver of a smile placed itself on his lips. Then, hi eyes widened, brow scrunching in anger. "(Name)! What are you doing-" he stopped as a wave of pain washed over him. You placed a hand on his forehead gently.

"I couldn't just leave you, stupid." You whispered. "What if you had died?"

"You're in danger here...!" Jean replied, struggling for words. 

You shook your head, a small smile filling your face. "I can't leave without you, Jean." You whispered, leaning in closer to his face. "Not yet."

Jean paused, his grey eyes staring up at yours. " that?" He asked softly, even though he already knew the answer.

You closed your eyes gently, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to his forehead. "Because I love you, Jean." you whispered.

Jean stiffened for a moment, then relaxed. "His hand reached up, mangled as it was, and placed itself in the locks of your hair, pressing you forward until your lips met his.

"(Name)!!" Reiner yelled behind you. You broke the kiss, and spun, to feel the footsteps shaking the ground. Your eyes widened as a shadow fell over the two of you.

It was a titan.

You began to stand, only to have Jean's arm grasp yours. "Run." he rasped. 

You twisted your arms so that it was grasping his. 


You tightened your grip around the blade in your hand,feeling the metal dig into your flesh. You stood, blade in front of you, looking into the gruesome face of the titan, fearlessness shining in your eyes.

"Don't touch him." You growled, eyes flashing. 

Behind you, Reiner readied his blades. Without hesitation, he launched himself at the titan. The titan merely swatted him away like a fly, sending him hurtling into a nearby tree.

"Reiner!!" you screamed. The boy did not stir. You turned to Jean, eyes full of fear and anger. "Give me your gear."

Jean stirred, sitting farther up. "No, just run." his voice was desperate, pleading.You could see the weak desperation in his eyes. 

Yet you didn't hesitate, unclipping the gear from his sides and fastening it onto your harnesses in one fluid motion. 

You turned to face the giant, turning to jean one last time, a small smile playing on your lips. 

"Be right back."

with that, you launched yourself at the Titan with a cry of fury. Despite the pain beginning to manifest itself across your body, you swung above the titan, expertly avoiding its swings and maneuvering closer to its neck. 

you just managed to dodge a swipe of its hand, twisting your torso in a way that made agony race through your veins. Your blood was on fire, an unexplainable pain racing through your chest as you twisted and spun in the air. A scream escaped your throat, tears pricking at your eyes with the horrible pain, but you ignored them, knowing that if you didn't kill this titan, all three of you would die. 

The titan turned, its wide eyes gazing at you hungrily. 

You spun, withdrawing your blades and twisting your body so you fell to it's neck, descending on the flesh rapidly. 

The beast gave a cry as you sliced into its neck, flesh flying through the air and staining your cloak. 

You fell to the ground along with the best, tumbling and rolling over and over again against the grass until your back hit the hard bark of a tree trunk. A weak gasp of pain erupted from your throat. 

You lifted your head, feeling sticky red blood begin to pour from your re-opened wound. Jean was struggling to sway to his feet, looking over at you with fear in his eyes. You wanted to reach a hand to him, but the pain was too great. 

You were just able to see Jean mouth your name before a thousand black dots raced up to engulf your vision. 

I'm still unsure about the quality, guys. It makes me sad. :iconpapcryplz:

But I should have the next part up within the next few days.
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The sixteen year old brunette sighed as he forced himself to tune into what the teacher was blabbering on about at the front of the classroom. His brown and somewhat orange coloured eyes took in the almost illegable scribbles that covered the white boards surface, and he began to copy them down into his school book in his own understandable font. Ancient History was not exactly the brunette's favourite subject, but his grades seemed to show that he was rather good at every class he took, nevertheless. No matter his interest, his grades were always average, or just above. To be honest, he realised that this was because his social life had never really.. kicked off. No matter how many times he'd stammered out an introduction, he'd never really become close with anyone at the many schools he'd been to. In fact, he'd seemed to have attracted the exact opposite. Especially at this school. Alternia State High School was - without a doubt - the dirtiest, unkept and roughest school he'd ever transferred to. With all the teens indulging in illegal substances on a daily basis, there really was no competition when it came to scoring high on exams, or anything academic.
"Travis Nitram." The gruff voice of the somewhat stocky History teacher caught said boys' attention. He straightened up in his seat, and returned his focus from the difficult writing on the board to the man speaking to him. "Y-Yes, uh, sir...?" The brunette's infamous stutter caused a few of the other classmates around him to giggle and snicker. There was one of the main reasons Travis Nitram had never became good friends with anyone. Some may have thought his speaking disability to be 'cute', but no one would ever voice such a thing willingly. Who would want to be stuck with a socially awkward loner? The teachers' voice echoed up the the fourth row of desks, where Travis was seated, catching his somewhat divided attention yet again.
"Spacing out, are we? Have you been listening at all? What about taking notes?" The man did not pause once as he spewed the questions to the silent teen. There was no time to even attempt to reply, as the teacher capped the white board marker and sat it down on the front desk. "Honestly, I do not understand how you manage to pass this class, Travis. You might as well start taking naps during my lessons." Travis frowned as he forced himself to hold up a finger as a sort of request to speak. The teacher seemed to ignore him, and so he summoned up all his courage and pushed out a few words. "S-Sir.. Please... I-I've taken.. I've taken notes." His deep, but frail voice reached the man at the front of the class, and he halted his whining to raise his eyebrows. "Is that so?" Came a quiet reply, before the man suddenly shook his head. "Then, I suppose you wouldn't mind showing them to me, after class?" Travis felt his teeth grind together, as he stiffled a sigh. Not the after class thing, darn it. A few wolf whistles suddenly tore through the air, as Travis's classmates laughed freely. It was a well-known joke amongst the entire school that whoever was asked to stay after class had sexual relations with the inquiring teacher. Of course, it wasn't true, but the enrolled teenagers needed some form of entertainment during their extremely boring school hours. What made the joke even better was that no one could really say no to such a question, unless they were the rebellious or 'popular' type.
"Uh.. Of c-course." Travis murmured, nodding his head, before he lowered his gaze to his desk. He knew there was no way he could get into trouble class-wise. He'd done everthing he had meant to. The only real problem was that now Travis had to deal with teasing and bullying as he walked through the halls for the next week or so. Several of the students in the classroom continued to make inappropriate noises that Travis couldn't help but blush at. Even after their History teacher raised his voice and slammed his open palm onto his own desk, the noises and teasing continued for a little while. Eventually, everyone calmed down and went back to zoning out as the teacher returning to his drabbles about who-knows-what. Travis sighed, as he glanced up at the clock above the door. Oh, wonderful. The bell was only a minute or two away from ringing and allowing them all to go home.
As the long red hand of the clock ticked the seconds away, Travis began to pick away at his nails nervously. He sure would like to escape from this hell that was otherwise known as 'school', but then again.. His home life wasn't fantastic either. It was a shame he wasn't working tonight, or else he'd be bouncing off the walls, excited to be paid his wage - though it wasn't exactly impressive, he really just needed enough for rent. He couldn't help but flinch when the home bell sounded, the shrill tolls ringing throughout the empty halls and penetrating into the classrooms. Immediately, students leapt out of their seats. A few teens even went as far as to slide over their desks on their way out. In doing so, many of the said desks toppled over. Travis scooped up his backpack and slung it over one shoulder. Ignoring the obstructions in his path, he dodged around the mess and moved up towards the teachers desk, almost glad that there were no other children left to bug him about seeing his teacher after class. He knew he'd have to put up with it later, though. He dumped his bag on the floor, as a tortured sigh escaped him. Travis lay his school book down in front of the teacher, his unusually coloured eyes locked on the notes that had been neatly scrawled down on the pages throughout the lesson.
"Alright. Leave." The teacher said, waving the brunette off. With a frown, Travis packed his book into his backpack and re-slung it over his shoulder. The man had hardly even given the book a first glance, let alone read the notes to see if they were really what had been on the board. It was almost as if the teacher had asked him to stay behind for the sole purpose of killing his social life. It had already been cremated, buried and left alone for years. Now it felt as if someone was dancing on its grave... Or perhaps a dozen hillbillies were spitting on it, and rolling some huge redneck trucks over the dislodged grave stone, just to make sure the damn thing was perfectly defaced. Oh, and so the soil was packed tight. Yep, that thing wasn't getting out anytime soon. Or ever, really.
Travis exited the classroom clumsily, hearing the teacher growl as the brunette stumbled over a few desks on his way out. Scurrying off, he began to gnaw away at his lip piercing nervously. The school had already been completely evacuated; there was no a soul to be seen. Travis actually felt a little lucky, as he made his way down the stairs and towards the front double doors of the public school. He passed through the doors and continued on his way down the front steps. Still no one around. Perhaps this day hadn't been quite as bad as the brunette had thought. After all, no one was around to pick on him. With luck, he might even have a relatively uneventful walk home, as well.
"TRAAAAAAAAVIS !" A feminine, familiar voice abruptly pierced his eardrums, and sent an icy flash of fear down his spine. He froze on the spot, his limbs beginning to quake as he listened to the teenagers rapid footsteps move closer and closer. A flurry of blonde ringlets and torn rags of a uniform practically knocked the brunette onto his face, as Veronica Serket slammed into Travis without hesitation. "Where are you off to?! You're not avoiding me, are you?! Not after I helped you all those years ago!" Travis's worst nightmare squealed in a sing-song tone. Her thin fingers threaded thorugh Travis's curly mohawk and she began to tug at the tresses. Her fingernails that had missed his hair clawed at the shaves sides of his head. The blonde girl tore hard enough to rip out a few threads of the brunette's locks as she forced him to strain his neck and bend his head backward. The back of his head rested against her shoulder, and his aching legs threatened to give out. "Don't be like that, Travie. I just wanted to let you fly. Like your beloved Peter Pan~" She giggled manically, her dark blue eyes glaring down at the loner, causing his body to tremble in absolute fright. Travis shook his head frantically, unable to do anything else. The memories of the night Veronica had crept up on him and taunted him began to flood through his mind. He could not speak. He could not move. He could not retaliate, run away or even break down into fits of messy crying. All he could do was let Veronica torture him, just like she had back then.
It had been a rainy afternoon, two years ago, and the school bell had just tolled. Instead of taking the usual route back to his apartment, Travis had discovered another way. Thinking it could be some sort of adventure, or at least a short cut, he had started down it without thoughts of dangers. He simply wanted something different to the regular routine of main streets and creepy old people, or dirty young people watching him way too closely from the shadows of allyways. He had made the trip without incident until about the half way point, when none other than Veronica Serket had rounded the corner. It had been the start of highschool for both teens, but Travis had already began to be bullied and teased. His freckled nose and cheeks, his orange banded braces and his unbrushed curly hair caused him to look much younger - and much nerdier - than he really was. Of course, he was told this several times in the first week of attending his new school. Wanting to turn over a new leaf, Travis had decided he'd try his hardest to make friends of some sort. He had desperately stuttered to people, and soon enough everyone knew practically everything about him - his favourite movies, his beliefs and his hobbies. Therefore, the moment Veronica's deep blue eyes landed on the Peter Pan lover, amateur roleplayer and fairy-believer, she had advanced on him, excited to have a new person to bully.
They had met halfway along a bridge of some sort, that seemed to allow them to cross over a dried-out river. Below was a somewhat muddy, rocky mixture of a crevace that had once been filled with running water. It was dry season, and therefore there wasn't anything available to fill in this rock-filled ditch. Before Travis could slip past her and dodge any sort of physical or verbal attack, Veronica's bony hand had clasped around his stiff, new uniform collar. He yelped quietly, as she yammed him into the railing of the bridge effortlessly. He didn't bother to fight back. His fear had rendered his body useless. He could only stare at her with wide orange coloured eyes as she screeched and cackled and shook him. He couldn't understand much through the frightened haze that had taken over his brain, but after a moment, her words began to register.
"--If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was playing with Peter Pan, himself! Isn't that what you want, Travis? To be like Peter? Of course you do! What boy wouldn't want to be like Peter? So dashing and brave! He's everything you're not!" Veronica had paused to giggle harshly, and to grab onto Travis's collar with both of her hands. She tightened her grip, leaning close to his face. "For one thing.. He can flyyyyyyyy~" She practically purred, her blue eyes locked on the odd colour of Travis's. "Do you want to flyyyyyyyy, Travis? Have you ever tried to fly? I bet you haven't! How about we take to the skies, Peter?!" Travis's eyes widened considerably, as he tried to contemplate what this absolutely nutty girl was saying. He didn't understand. What was she trying to say? "Oh, you like that idea, Peter? Yes, you do. I can feel it in the way your body shakes and your eyes widen in excitement. You want to fly so bad!" Veronica continued to ramble, her downright evil cackling bouncing off Travis's cranium walls. He could do nothing but try to calm his erratically beating heart. He didn't know what this insane teen was going to do, but he was absolutely certain he wasn't going to like it, at all. She didn't look like the type to get into fights. Mostly, she just looked like she bullied people into hurting themselves. It looked as if she was a little upset with the reaction she was getting from him, though. He was still with fear, and he wasn't trying to struggle. Did she want him to?
"FLYYYYYYYY, PETER! FLYYYYYYYY!" Veronica suddenly snapped into motion, sick of the boring statue state that Travis had been frozen in. She used every ounce of her strength to push against the boy, causing his back to bend over the short railings of the bridge. She laughed in his face as he gasped and began to flail his arms, trying to grab onto anything he could. With no luck, he began to topple backward, his feet coming off the bridge boards and following after him. Turning in the air, Travis watched as the ground rushed up at him, and he just knew he was going to regret this adventure for the rest of his life.
The rest of the memory had been blanked out. All he could remember was waking up in a hospital bed four weeks later. He'd been in a coma for a whole month, he had almost done unrepairable damage to his spinal cord and he could have easily suffered from brain damage. Upon first waking up, his memory was foggy, and at first, the doctors had thought he had developed amnesia. Fortunately, that was not the case. He was just a little overwhelmed with waking up in a uncomfortable, sterile, white-everything room without anyone by his bedside, and not a single 'get better soon' gift. Later, he'd been informed that his parents had mysteriously disappeared. After his accident, they had been contacted and asked to join Travis at the hospital. They never showed up. The hospital tried to contact them several times after their disappearance, but to no avail. Travis could only really sum everything up to one reason, and it wasn't exactly something he liked. His parents had ditched him and skipped town, so they could avoid the hospital bills. It was really the only thing he could think of. His parents had never been wealthy, or even slightly gifted in the money department. They had very nearly been classed as struggling with poverty, in fact. Hence, when Travis was finally released from the hospital - all his bills paid by the government, with unfortunate consequences - he immediately began searching for somewhere new to live. He did not have any friends - as far as he understood - and so, he found himself a tiny apartment that he could pay a monthly rent for if he worked on a minimum wage. Which was what he did, now. Unfortunately, he could not work as anything at the time, as he had to spend quite some time in a wheelchair to recover and rehabilitate his weak body. Although, he was now employed as a waiter, dishie and food preparator at a low-class chinese resturant around the corner from his apartment. He didn't exactly dislike his job, but sometimes he really could not be bothered to deal with his somewhat pedophilic boss.
"V-V-Vero.. V-Veronica.. Please don't.. touch me.." Travis stumbled over his words, as he shook his head slightly. Her felt the blonde girls' grip on his hair release, and he immediately straightened himself up, turning around to face her. You could not turn your back on a dangerous person, such as Veronica. "...I-I just want.. to.. g-go home." He mumbled, trying to force his voice to sound strong and powerful. He wasn't very successful. At least puberty had deepened his voice, or he'd be teased much more than he was already. "Then why don't you ?" The blonde girl laughed under her breath, shaking her head and causing her long light hair to swirl around her. "You're such a weakling, Travis. When will you grow up?" Her face suddenly twisted into a scowl, as she leaned towards the mohawked boy and hissed quietly. "See you around, Travie~" She sneered, before she suddenly lifted her hand and flicked Travis's septum piercing. He yelped, almost inaudibly, and watched as Veronica skipped away, cackling to herself as she went. With a small frown, Travis reaching up to rub his assaulted nose and forced his body to stop quaking all over. He slowly turned and readjusted the strap of his backpack on his shoulder, before beginning to make his way down the sidewalk, moving in the direction of his little apartment. He suddenly couldn't wait to get home.
It only took about twenty minutes of walking to get to the apartment complex where Travis resided. He pushed open the door, ignoring the irritating squeaking noise it made as he entered. He never used the elevator, as he preferred the stairs. It was faulty anyway, and he didn't like to think about getting stuck in the damned thing all alone. Making his way up three flights of stairs, he finally made it to the row of apartment doors that he was so very familiar with. He'd been living in this place for two years now - almost three, actually. Digging about in his pocket, Travis struggled to find the key to his home. He always had it in his pocket... Perhaps he was searching in the wrong one. Travis placed his backpack on the ground and slid both hands into his pockets, praying to find his room key. His eyes widened as a door opened a few little while down the hall. Usually, the only people ever seen in this apartment complex were prostitutes, drug dealers and unfortunate teens like himself. He couldn't get caught up with any of those types of people. If only he could just get inside quickly, and avoid being talked to, or even looked at. He didn't even bother to glance in the direction of the person who had just exited their own unit and was currently locking their door.
Travis almost burst into tears of relief when he felt the cold metal of the key in his school shirt pocket. Why hadn't he thought to check in there beforehand? Oh, who cares. He was safe, now. He plucked the key from his breast pocket, and fumbled with it for a moment. He began to try and force the key into the lock upside down. When he realised what he was doing, he jumped and tried to flip the key over, but instead his quivering and uncoordinated hands did not respond as well as he'd hoped. The key fell from his hands and skittered along the concrete ground, before it was stepped on by bright purple converse. The owner of the colourful shoes paused, and lifted their foot, before leaning down and grasping the little key with purple-painted fingernails. As they straightened up, Travis's wide almost-orange gaze studied them, as he prayed and prayed that they weren't some sort of terrifying person who would beat him within an inch of his life. The person was an extremely tall, lanky figure, with unruly dark purple-tinged hair that puffed and curled all over the place. As his face came into view, Travis couldn't help but gasp lowly. He was very handsome, without a doubt, but smeared all over his face was makeup that looked exactly like something a clown would wear. Although, the colours were all wrong. The makeup was just a simple white and gray mixture. It was still frightening. A crooked grin adorned the makeup covered face, as his half-lidded gaze was trained on Travis. The brunette would swear on his own life that the mans' eyes were practically bright purple for a second. But, when the clown-like guy blinked, they just seemed to be an odd blue that shifted colour a little.
"Hey, motherfucker. You drop your key. Here ya go, little man." The gangly teenager held out the small, uniquely cut metal piece that had almost caused Travis a heart attack today. Carefully, the brunette reached out and took the key from the other, noticing that the arm that was outstretched to him was covered in odd tattoos. Travis swallowed the huge lump in his throat, that was preventing him from speaking, and offered the stranger a nervous smile. "Th-Th-Thank.. you..." He choked out, his heart beat thundering against his ribs painfully. The tattooed young man stretched his lopsided grin further along his face, causing Travis to panic a little. Why was this man smiling so much? It was almost like he knew something the brunette didn't, and it scared him, just a little. "It's all up and cool, my cute little motherfucker. See ya around! Honk." The dark haired stranger raised a hand to wave as he moved past the much shorter teenager, causing Travis to flinch slightly. The odd stranger suddenly slowed his movements, as if he didn't want to frighten the student any more than he already was. Without another word to each other, both boys continued on with their objectives. Travis almost dropped the key two more times, before he finally managed to wrestle his door open enough to allow him and his backpack to squeeze inside, and the stranger almost fell down every single step on the way down to the exit; his drugged up brain unable to comprehend what a 'stair' was for a small while.
Travis leaned heavily against the now closed and firmly locked door, trying to calm himself down. He dumped his backpack on the ground once again, and slowly slid down the door until he was crouched on the ground. "W.. What just... Who?" The mohawked boy whispered to himself, eyes wide and locked on the filthy wooden floorboards as he tried to figure out what on earth had just happened. "M-Motherfucker...?" He whispered, testing the word as he recalled what the stranger had said. "Cute.. little, uh.. motherfucker. Honk? Ha..Ahaha." As he thought over the situation and conversation, images of the others unnaturally large grin flashed through Travis's mind. He could not help the small smile that slid along his lips, and the quiet laughter that bubbled from his curved lips. And how very odd said smile and laughter felt, given the teenagers situation.
Peanut Butter and Jelly, anyone ? (;

I'm thinking I might actually make this a freakin' chapter type of story. I usually only ever do one-shots, because I seriously doubt my fanfic writing skills. If I even have any. But, yeah. I guess I'm kind of proud about this.

There's a little bit of '100d' language in there, but it's nothin' no one can't handle, so I don't think it really needs a warning, or nothing. Ya got one right here, so be happy !

Anyway, I'm going to bed, motherfuckers.


Gamzee and Tavros belong to Hussie !
The preview for the story aint mine, either.
Credit to both owners.


Part Two:…
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"Let me see her." Khan demanded from behind his glass prison for the third time.

Kirk shared a glance of approval with Spock, sending a few lieutenants to retrieve her. He kept a close eye on Khan like he was scared in case he would find a way to escape his confinement.

"Khan!" The gasp from the girl who was surrounded by four men in red shirts.

"(Y/N)!" She pushed her way past the guards effortlessly.

She jogged up to the glass cage, placing her small delicate hands against it. Khan placed his hands against it near hers, gazing down at her small physique.

She still looked the same as he remembered her. He hated himself for getting her dragged into this mess. He couldn't bare to see her get hurt in this war.

He started it and he was determined to finish it and he wasn't allowing her to be one of the casualties.

"Let me in Captain." She tilted her head to Kirk with pleading eyes.

"I don't think I can-"

"Please Captain Kirk let me in or I sure as hell will find a way to get him out here."

Kirk did as he was told and commanded that she be allowed into Khan's cage. Once she entered the cage the doors shut behind her, but she didn't care.

She was standing in front of him, basking in his handsome glow as he watched her with his gorgeous eyes. A smile twitched onto his lips.

She wasn't afraid of him, there was no need for her to be afraid of him.

Before the freeze they were close, closer than any of the other people they were friends with or the rest of the crew. People would say they were dating but they would always deny their relationship to anyone who asked. They weren't ashamed of it, they just felt scared of what people would say if they found out.

They felt like no one was watching, like they could see out of the glass box but Kirk and Spock were incapable of seeing in as they wrapped their arms around each other and shared an intimate kiss, one they weren't able to share for 300 years.
Just finished watching Star Trek into Darkness for the millionth time and thought I might as well write a Khan x Reader fanfic since theirs not that many

Chapter One:…
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You panted as you flew with your 3DMG. One of your gas tanks have been empty, and the other one couldn’t last much longer. You looked at your surroundings and saw three 10-meter class titans pursuing you. Panicking, you looked ahead. One of the requirements to be able to operate the 3DMG is to have a clear state of mind. If only you remembered that.
You fell, and just in time with the moment, your remaining gas tank emptied itself. Perfect. It was the perfect sign to say that you were going to die. There was no escape,  the three titans were closing in already.  Your whole life flashed before your eyes.


“Wow _! You surely know a lot about the outside world!” Eren exclaimed as he ate beside you, along with Mikasa and Armin.
“I just want to know what the real world looks like, it’s not impossible.” You say, as you munched on your last morsel of bread.
The others looked at you in surprise. As far as they knew, Eren was the only one enthusiastic enough to make such a bold statement.
You quietly ate the rest of your dinner in silence.  As you downed your meal with water, Eren walked up to you.
“Do you really believe that the outside world can be seen again?” Eren asked, as you nearly choked on the water you were drinking.
“Of course I do, you idiot! Just because the world is swarmed with titans, it doesn’t mean that the world is gone!” You exclaim, as you coughed.
“What are you going to do then?”
“What are you going to do genius?” You said
“I will eliminate every last titan of course!” Eren said spiritedly. God, sometimes the guy could be an idiot.
“Now you got your answer.” You say, as you refilled your glass with water.
“_, if I do eliminate all the titans in the world, can we explore the world together? Along with Mikasa and Armin, if they want to go.” Eren said, his eyes hopeful.
“Okay, as long as you eliminate the fucking titans off the face of the Earth.” You grin, and give Eren a high five. The two of you made a promise that you were sure to fulfill


That dream of yours could be real if you would stay alive for a little longer. Eren improved a lot in titan shifting. Suddenly, your dream was already close to fulfillment.  If you would just stay alive for a little while longer.
You looked up, and saw the titans closing in. They were almost ten meters away from you. You did the only thing left to do. You cried. You cried more than you ever did in your life. You cried for the deaths of your comrades, your regrets of not fulfilling your dream, and not being able to keep your promise to Eren.
“I’m so sorry Eren, if I would stay alive just a little longer, I could have traveled the world with you.” You say through hiccups and sobs.
One of the titans had you in its iron grip. Your hands fell limply to your sides. There was nothing else you could do. Taking a deep breath, you close your eyes, and prepared to die.  The wait was agonizingly slow. Suddenly, something splattered on your cheek. Something burning.
As you opened your eyes, you shrieked. The titan who held you captive was decapitated. Its grip loosened, and you fell to the ground, scared and relieved. As your eyes scanned the area for your savior, you saw Eren. He was still in his titan form, but you knew it was him. He was facing you, watching you. He was regenerating, his arms were growing back. You limped slowly towards Eren, and you looked in his green eyes. His eyes never lost their green hue, the physical characteristic that you really liked about him.
You sat on Eren’s knee, and sighed.
“You just had to get carried away, didn’t you Eren?” You say, and grinned.
Eren grunted, and his head rose a bit to look at you. You waddle along Eren’s leg, and climbed up his arm to sit on his shoulder.
“You know Eren, I was already prepared to die. I was thinking, thinking that I let you down.” You say, as fresh tears filled your tired eyes.
Eren looked at you, and he closed his eyes.  You knew that he was going to get out of his titan form.  
You close your eyes for a moment, listening to the sounds of the forest that surrounded you. Eren’s hand rested on your shoulder, and you held his hand.
“Thank you, Eren.” You said, and you lightly kissed the scar on his hand. His hand retained the scars of the self inflicted injury he made to save many people.  Including yourself.
“You know that I would always save my friends, _.” Eren said, blushing a bit because of what you did.
“I remembered our promise, the one about exploring the world together.” You say, jumping off the disintegrating titan body you were sitting on.
The two of you laughed, and you kissed his cheek and hugged him
“I am in your debt, Eren Jaeger, thank you for saving me.”
“You’re welcome, _-_.” Eren said, as the two of you ran to the rest of your friends who arrived.
Requested by : ~kwajchick

I do not own SnK : )
I love you all!!!


Next up is a readerxArmin fic, requested by ~Frenzydaydreamer11 ! It will be updated tom. : )

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Heya~ sorry for the wait minna!

Rangiku locked you up in a room. It sounded random and a tad weird but it happened. There was no windows either. Just a metal door that was sealed shut, a speaker, a CCTV camera and a single light bulb to make the room bright. Was she going to interrogate you? No way... but it's Rangiku we're talking about...

Serveral minutes later, the door opened wide and you saw Rangiku, hands behind her back with a grin that stretched from ear to ear. This wasn't good. h wait, apparently the 'thing' behind her back was none other than your crush, Izuru Kira. He was thrown into the room and Rangiku gave a peace sign before shutting the door again.

"Damn it, Rangiku! What the hell was that for?!" He yelled.

"Hey, Izuru."

"W-wha..._________!" His face quickly turned a bright shade of pink.

The speaker was turned on and you heard a familiar sound coming from it. 'Heya, guys! Now, just to be fair, you two can come out once you finished having fun in there. And just if you're asking, this is my secret chamber...which-is-not-located-under-my-house-in-the-world-of-the-living so.. don't try to search there because it's not there!' She chuckled before the speaker went off. 'Rangiku's such a terrible liar.' you thought.

"You witch! I knew it! I thought I could trust you when I said I had a crush on _-......." Izuru stopped and glanced at you.

You were currently looking at the light bulb, focused on it like a bug, eyes wide like a cat. Izuru blushed and stared at you longer. You snapped your attention back to reality and took out the box of pocky. Izuru raised his eyebrow. When you showed him the box, he exploded with steam. No, no...he wasn't angry. He was embarrassed.

"Wanna play?" you asked.

"W-with you?" He stuttered.

"Sure, I like you." You shrugged. Then you realised what you just said and panicked.

"G-gah! I-I didn't mean to say that out loud!" You bowed.

"I-it's okay. you too." He blushed.

"Really?! I thought you-" you covered your mouth from saying it. You were going to say that you thought he was with that traitor Gin! Why would you think that anyways?

"You thought I was what?" He tilted his head.

"N-nothing." You put the pocky in your mouth.

He bit the other end and you two started get closer. The speaker was making funny was squealing like a fangirl...oh wait. That was Rangiku. Izuru kissed you gently before roughening it up a little, his tongue was dancing in your mouth. That sentence was horny but still...

Izuru lost control and pinned you on the floor underneath him. He started to do things that Raika herself can't write because she might die of nosebleed as she had a very dirty mind.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ± DIRTY TIMESKIP ± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±

Izuru and you are done with whatever that might pollute Raika's sanity. The two of you were lying down on the ground with some clothing still on, panting. The speaker turned on and Rangiku's voice was heard. 'What the- You guys!!! I can't believe you did it before I came back from the bathroom! I didn't even turn on the surveillance camera to record it! No fair! Oh well...'

The door opened wide and Rangiku dragged your tired body out, putting your clothes on. Izuru was still on the floor.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ± Tomorrow ± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±



Your screams of rage was heard all over the Seireitei. You were in bankai form, chasing your friend after she showed you she actually had a recording of that day. Izuru followed behind you with his sword drawn.
Toshiro didn't understand what was going on but protected his lieutenant no matter what. Especially from you, because your face was red (both embarrassed & furious) and your surrounding aura was purple.
"What the hell is going on with those guys?" Renji asked.
"Well, Rangiku's there, must be her fault." Zabimaru's spirit form scratched the back of his head
"Meh...true." He shrugged.

This version is by far the weirdest :iconhmmplz:



Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo

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The rest of the week stared off as planned. David got his ass kicked by Connie on a daily basis and was torn apart by York afterwards. Midway through the week Agents Wyoming and Carolina returned from their mission. Wyoming moved up a place on the board which upset Connie, Carolina received new armour and immediately put it to the test. David watched as Carolina and York fought in the training room, as David watched he noticed that their fight seemed more like a tango, their punches and kicks flowed with precision and he could tell that they were not fighting for a place on the board or to test Carolina's new armour, they were fighting just to meet with each other. Agent Wyoming came into the observation room he was still wearing his armour and in all honesty David had never seen his face all he knew was that he was the oldest of the agents and came from the U.K. he walked up beside David and grumbled  "Are those two still going at it."
"Not your best choice of words there." said David
"How come, Probie?" asked Wyoming
"Well you know, York and Carolina, they seem to get on well." David said as he looked at the two agents as they finished their training session. "In fact they seem to get on very well."
"OH, I see what you mean, but I don't think you're right. It's against regulations and Carolina would never go against The Director's wishes." Wyoming stated as he turned away he gave David a little nudge on the shoulder. "Connie is waiting for you outside the training room, she wants to talk to you, and no, she wouldn't say what it was about."

David walked down to the training room entrance to see Connie waiting for him with his helmet. "What's this?" Asked David he was confused that Connie wanted to speak to her let alone hold an impromptu training session. "We don't have a training session scheduled for another hour."
"Yeah, well lesson number 6: be prepared." said Connie "Now suit up, and get set for a mission simulation."
"Ok. Can I ask a quick question?" David asked
"Fine." Connie exclaimed
"How many lessons are there." Asked David hoping the answer was 6.
"About 50" Connie answered as she put her helmet on and headed into the training room.
"And how do you expect me to remember all of them?" shouted David
"Sorry you only asked for one question." laughed Connie
David put on his helmet and chased after her. Upon entering the training room he found it had changed, there were walls and ceilings with Connie standing at a door David couldn't find any way to explain how the training hall had changed so quickly or how to ask Connie how it happened. "What…How… But"
"Don't worry about it." Connie said "This is your first simulation session. Past this door are a series of corridors and rooms spread over 4 floors. In one of the rooms is a data file, it is roughly the same size as a magnum clip and has a screen on it, but in three of the other rooms are identical objects that when found will fill the room with lockdown gel and you will fail the objective. The 4 objects will send a signal to you Helmet display and will appear similar, so you will have to use your logic to find the real data file. There are enemies in the building but they are holographs F.I.L.S.S. will shut them down it you get a shot on them but she will also stop the simulation if you fail the objective. Once you pass this door it will lock and you can exit once you return to it with the data file which holds the access code. Any questions?" David shook his head and walked into the first corridor and the door closed. F.I.L.S.S. sounded the buzzer and it began.

David stared into the empty corridor and pulled out his pistol. As he walked to the end of the corridor the lights went out, causing David to stop in his tracks "Great." David sighed "Now how am I supposed to get around."
"Use your night vision." Came a voice in his helmet radio
"Wait. What night vision?" David was puzzled he never knew about this feature and didn't recognize the voice either "Also, who is this?"
"It's Carolina; I'm here to guide you through. Now do as I say and you should make it."
"How can I trust you?" David questioned "For all I know you could be part of the test."
"Well can you see if so ignore my advice." said Carolina
David had no option but to turn on his night vision and was met with the sight of four soldiers, standing in front of him gesturing at him to lower his pistol. "Shit." was all David could say.
Carolina came through the radio again. "Hit the one on the right in his left kneecap."
"Wait." David pondered "My right or your right."
"JUST SHOOT HIM!!!" shouted Carolina
David fired at the soldier's kneecap and as he fell he returned fire. Every shot missed David and hit a steam pipe in the roof. The simulation soldiers looked to the roof and David took the opportunity putting a round in the head of each. After the steam had cleared David decided to head to the end of the corridor to the next floor.
"Aren't you going to check the rooms?" asked Carolina
"Nope." replied David "It would just be a waste of time. If the objective was on this floor then the guards protecting it would have sent someone to check out the noise in the corridor."
David bypassed the second floor and headed into the third. The first corridor was lit and there were no guards. As He approached a split in the corridor David stopped as he heard a voice. It was a simulation soldier complaining about guarding a door.
"Take the left that will lead you to your objective." advised Carolina.
David thought for a moment and then decided to go down the right side of the corridor. He didn't know why, he just had an urge to ignore Carolina's advice. As David walked down the corridor his radio began to cut out and as he moved further down the corridor he heard a strange sound coming from his radio it was a strange voice that kept on repeating a code. "4739…4739…4739"
David knew he had found something, but was that something the objective or a decoy. As David reached the end of the corridor the voice became louder and more of David's armour systems began to malfunction.
"This wasn't in the tour guide." David joked as the last of his Helmet display systems stopped working. At the same time he found an unguarded door. David decided to enter through the door and find out what was inside. The room was filled with pieces of equipment some of which were larger than himself others seemed to be the same size as a bullet.
"Great the janitor's closet." moaned David, as he rummaged through the array of junk. It took David over ten minutes to look through everything in the room and it seemed like David was out of luck until he tripped over an assault rifle and found what looked like the objective. It was a small device that looked like a magnum clip and had a blue screen on one side. David became hesitant to pick up the device. What if it was a dummy? What if Carolina was right and David should have taken the other route? David's disbelief was cut short when an alarm sounded. "Well then." David said "I guess this is the right device."
David picked up the device and made a break for it, as he ran down the corridors he was met by guards on all sides and it was then it came clear. All the preparation in the training room, the countless crotch shots and blows to the stomach all made sense this was what the training was for. David quickly dispatched of the guards and made a run for the exit as he reached the door he was met with a problem there was no keypad, no lock, David was stumped, he couldn't figure out the final part of the test and F.I.L.S.S. was sending more reinforcements towards David's location. "God dammit!" shouted David "How the hell do I open the door, I know the passcode but I can't apply it."
At that point a voice was heard. "Hello this is the Freelancer Integrated Logistics and Security System, you may call me F.I.L.S.S.  How may I be of assistance?"
"I can't believe it." cried David "The Director finished you personality.
"Yes I am now operating at maximum capacity and I can now assist you with verbal controls." replied F.I.L.S.S.
"Wait. Did you say verbal controls?" asked David
"I did I can now operate any system in Project Freelancer with voice control." replied F.I.L.S.S.
"OK. Open this door passcode 4-7-3-9." commanded David.
"Affirmative, simulation door 4-7-3-9 now opening." F.I.L.S.S. opened the door and David ran out of the training simulation and was met by the other agents and The Director.
"Director, Mission was a success." Announced Carolina
"Excellent." said The Director "Agents you are dismissed. David would come with me to my office?"
"Yes sir." answered David.

The Director and David entered The Directors office and both sat down, David was still wearing his armour which was now like a sweat box and was making David feel uncomfortable. "Please David remove your helmet, make yourself comfortable." said The Director.
"Thank you sir, it can be a little hot in the suit." replied David.
"Now." began The Director "You have been with us for almost a week David and that simulation has given me enough information to go on. I believe that your performance has increased and you have become aware of how things work around here. This coupled with how well you have integrated with the project, allows me to make this decision. Here, take this with you." The Director gave David a package.
"What is this sir?" asked David
"I always keep to my word David." stated The Director "It is you end of the wager."
David looked at the package and noticed it was a copy of Professor White's Guide to the Mind. David smiled and thanked The Director. "I believe you have some armour to replace David." The Director suggested.
"Replace sir. I'm not sure I follow."
"Well, all agents get their own suit of armour. Don't you want yours?" asked The Director
"Yes Sir." said David and he got up from the chair he was in and headed to the door.
"Oh and just one last thing." started The Director. "Welcome to Project Freelance, Agent Washington."
David left the room and went to his quarters. On the way he saw the board and noticed it was recently updated, the list now read.


David smiled and carried on walking to his quarters. When he arrived he was met by the shock of a glass cabinet that was housing a suit of Mjolnir MK V armour, coloured Steel with yellow detail and a not on the casing of the glass, it read.

Welcome to the gang Wash.

Wash put the letter down and tried his new armour.

Three weeks had passed. Wash had already been on seven missions and was standing outside in the sunlight still taking in everything. He had re read the book the director gave to him twice and was about to begin it a third time. Wash was waiting for the next load of Probie agents who were expected any day now. No one knew much about them except that they were twins, but they all knew it would be fun as Carolina and York where to train them up. Wash took all this in and decided to head in for the night.
part 3 in a series of Red vs. Blue fanfics.

The first week of Agent Washington/David at project freelancer turns out to be rather eventful.

David rounds of his experiance in Project Freelancer by going through his first simulation test.

I am going to try and make one for each agent but if I can't think of a way to introduce them then I will not make a bad attempt.

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