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My Best Motivational Tip

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 5:01 PM
When I become overcome with the guilt and shame and fear as a result of my constant procrastination, I have one trick to get me off my ass that works every time.

Now, lots of other people and blogs and whatever are all like "look how lucky you are" and "puppies and rainbows" and "if you get it done now, you'll feel better" and lots of other positive shit. While all this stuff is true, I'm still playing Assassin's Creed II for like four hours a day. It doesn't motivate me at all. I still don't want to write a 500 word essay on the subtle differences between the book and the film adaptation of The Road that's due, like, tomorrow.

So here's what I think of.

"Michael Bay wants me to fail."

Insert your own celebrity arch nemesis if you want to, but basically choose someone so crap that it makes you angry. Preferably someone who's getting paid buckets of money to do whatever they do to piss you off.

Competitive nature and the desire to prove your chosen asshole wrong should take over.

Rob Liefeld or Stephanie Meyer or Michael Bay might very well want me to succeed, but I don't care. The lie works.

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Thursday: Acronym Contest!

Thu Jul 19, 2012, 11:49 AM

:woohoo: It's another Thursday! Or as we call it, 


Why am I bringing up sad dogs in the Middle East, you ask? It's all part of this week's contest! :la:

This week, we're having an acronym contest! Your task is to spell out one or more of these words, and use each letter as the first letter to create a sentence. Your words should, generally, make a full sentence instead of a string of nonsense. 

:star: The three words are:

:bulletyellow: Thursday
:bulletyellow: Premium
:bulletyellow: Winner

Take my example above as inspiration for how these should be set up. You may choose to spell out one, two, or all three acronyms!

We'll choose six winners, two for each acronym, who will receive a mystery deviantWEAR t-shirt and deviantART stickers. These are shirts that are no longer available in the store! :wow: 

Winners will be chosen based on creativity, cleverness, sensibility, and inclusion of the proper letters. All entries must be submitted as comments to this journal by Tuesday, July 24th at 11:59:59 PM Los Angeles, CA, time. 

Will islands never not enter rehab? Show us your acronyms and you could win! :eager:

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Sat Apr 5, 2014, 6:17 AM

EEEEE thank you all so much for entering! I wish I had points to give more entries.

8D all the winners will receive a drawing, so send me what character you want me to draw!

Winner of griffsnuff icon
Griffsnuff Icon **Griffsnuff Contest** by MahoHaku by MahoHaku

Winner of Cabbage icon
.:CE:. This Is MY Garden by Rising-At-Midnight  by Rising-At-Midnight

Winner of Claire icon
CE: Claire Icon by Nighttame by Nighttame

Winner of Dnight icon
D'night icon GIF - Contest Entry by speedytheneedlemouse by speedytheneedlemouse

Winner of Flash icon
Flash icon (seizure warning) by kawaii-alpacasso by kawaii-alpacasso

Winner of Hanz icon
Have A Seat by RainbowCharizard  by RainbowCharizard

Winner of Phobia icon
Phobia Contest Entry by DragonDiamond2 by DragonDiamond2

Winner of Pil icon
Pil by vikatt by vikatt

Winner of Syra icon
Contest Entry 1 by torqupine by torqupine

Winner of Smokkfiskur icon
I couldnt choose omg so both win.
CE: Smokkfiskur by Bienoo by Bienoo
Smokkfiskur CE by Sept-creature by Sept-creature

:icontearplz: hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng <33 ilu

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This is probably going to sound very cliche.

First off i want to just say THANKS SO MUCH!!! 50 WATCHERS?! For me that is amazing. Some people may not think that is a lot, but to me, that is 50 people who are willing to take a look at my stuff!!! You are all very awesome people. I can't wait to post more stuff for you guys! 

:happybounce: fair fight :happy: :excited: Cheerleader :love: Happy Bouncer happy happy :Bummies: :shuffelin: :tardgrinn: :bounceforjoy: That weekend feeling Can we go NAO :squee: :grin: Happy Time 

Thank you to my first 10 watchers:

:iconloshcomixfan: :iconfantasticmrartist: :iconaquastorm4: :iconlemmy-koopaling: :iconsnapdragonstudios:
:iconddraigtanto: :iconnicolepark: :iconsupersonic50: :iconcrestfallenraven: :icondevils-tea:

And thank you to everyone else:

:icondoggygirldubstep: :iconsallynyan: :iconfanfiction-for-life: :iconskyhighdragonboy: :iconinternetexplorer968:
:iconanime-al: :iconrainbowdragon14: :iconask-enderman-2: :iconbeautychao7: :icontacticalblowfish:
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:iconeuphoric-paradox: :iconxerneasblob445: :iconaaroncofer: :iconkikithesqueaky: :iconponydrawer22:
:icona-day-to-set-it-off: :icongirjonasxoxo: :iconimsuchakawaiipotato: :iconspeedysketch: :iconxx-supersonic-xx:
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In these days I'm re-watching these 3 Hetalia game series on YouTube...

I dunno why, but I feel to give them a short review right now (and also a vote :3)

Well, first of all, HetaOni:

This is the best Hetalia game I watched on YouTube (and also played...XD), And the first too.
I really enjoied it, even if the author didn't continue it....(I'm still waiting the 17 2/2 part)
If someone doesn't know HetaOni It has only to go to see the videos:… (Original)… (english Remake that can also be downloaded and played)
(I won't make spoilers for who doesn't watch it yet :D )

:bulletgreen: 'Bout the story
The background story is amazing and yet so complicated... Even if the game starts in a really simple way...
"All the Nation who Entered the Mansion have to escape from there."  :D
The story never bores you, at least this is what I think, and in some parts can also makes you cry...
(This is a personal experience. This happened to me even if I'm not the type of person who will cry for a bunch of pixels...)
Vote: 10

:bulletblack:Battle system
It's quite Simple, like a normal RPG's...It's not bad...but the battles are not so many....(and they're a bit difficult sometime - English version)
vote: 6

:bulletyellow: Character icons
Ahahah...Well, To Be Serious, some character's Icons (like Germany's and America's) are really funny....X'D (most of all in the original version, even if also some of the english...AHAHAHAH...X'D)
vote: 6,5

:bulletblue: Emotional involvement to this game
Really, really high.
vote: 9

:star: TOTAL RATING: 9,5 points :star:
not mathematical, though...XD


:bulletgreen: 'Bout the story
Well... The story it's REALLY good, even if it underlines a sort of RPG's/anime's cliché...
"Two people receive a book and they're pushed in a parallel world...." XD
The Main characters are Italy and America, and the story is divided in a total of three chapter called  'Feliciano', 'Alfred' and '???' (I think...)
For now it's possible only to watch the first and a big part of the second chapter.
For what I saw, the story is really enjoyable, and I hope the next part will be translated soon...
vote: 9

:bulletblack:Battle system
Not much to say. It's good. and Like all RPG's you can freely level up doing a looot of battles. (and the attaks names are really funny...XD)
vote: 7,5

:bulletyellow: Character icons
They Are AWESOME, at another level than HetaOni or RomaHeta. (the image change reflecting their moods :D)
vote: 10

:bulletblue: Emotional involvement to this game    
vote: 8

:star: TOTAL RATING: 8,9 points:star:

RomaHeta (Romancing Hetalia):…

:bulletgreen: 'Bout the story
The background story is good, it has a lot of potentiality, but it didn't catch me a lot as the other two...
vote: 6,9

:bulletblack:Battle system
At least the RpG's battle system is good.... :D (and the attaks names are hilarious...XD)
- And the battle (and non) BGM are wonderful...:D
vote: 7,5

:bulletyellow: Character icons
I don't like them so much, even if the images change with the mood of the chara, like in HetaQuest.
vote:  5

:bulletblue: Emotional involvement to this game  
Not so high.
vote: 6

:star: TOTAL RATING: 7,5  points:star:


:bulletgreen: 'Bout the story
Well, It's original...And It's really addicting too....X'D Too bad I didn't watch it before...(Thanks Drawingforaliving! :D )
The story is very, very good.
The story begins with a G8 conference at an America's old palace... And then...(Ahahah I won't say anything! you'll go and see!:…)
I really enjoyed it (I'll wait for the next video....:D)
vote: 8,9

:bulletblack:Battle system
Good. It's like the system of a lot of Rpg's series. (I really like how the character's icons change during the battle :heart:)
vote: 7

:bulletyellow: Character icons
Not bad. Simple but good. (characters' icons change depending on their mood)
vote:  6,5

:bulletblue: Emotional involvement to this game  
Quite high.
vote: 8

:star: TOTAL RATING: 8,5 points:star:

Tales of Hetalia:…

:bulletgreen: 'Bout the story
Remember what I said above in the "'bout the story" of Hetaquest? This is the same thing: CLICHE'....!
"The nations went to another parallel world called Rukasia, and they want to go back." =_=" This can be the summ of this story.
- Differently from the other 'games', This is not made by japanese people but by an english... With this I don't want to say that It's not good, but only that's 'different'...For these thing I keep watching it....because, despite the cliché, the story is not bad. :D
vote:  6,5

:bulletblack:Battle system
It's the same of a lot of Rpg's series. Simple but good.
vote: 7

:bulletyellow: Character icons
I don't like them at all. (even if I have to admit that, at least, who made this game tried to make them...)
vote:  4

:bulletblue: Emotional involvement to this game  
Not so low, and yet not so high.
vote: 6

:star: TOTAL RATING: 5,9 points:star:

This is what I think 'bout these hetalia's game series...XD
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  • Listening to: Insanity
  • Reading: Introduction to the Buddhism
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: Hetaoni
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: tea
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MY KEYBOARD IS OFFIALLY BROKEN :giggle: SO I'LL try to Reply ASAP IF I AN :iconcryforever:
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Calm Yo Tits!

Wed Apr 25, 2012, 9:45 PM by chromeknickers:iconchromeknickers:
All right, there’s much buzz on tumblr and on here concerning the new pictures of Asami and Mako together, and it’s about time we have a proper venue to discuss our FEELS rather than crowd the profile page.

First thing we want to say is this:

Everything’s five by five, people. We all knew there’d be a love triangle and these pictures do not suggest end-game or even a relationship for that matter. And even if that’s the case, people need not resort to abandoning ship or throwing hate at Asami and the Masami ship. We here at Makorra do not endorse slander or shipping wars. PERIOD.

Keeping that in mind, everyone feel free to share your thoughts on love triangles or talk about how smoking hot Asami is or how cute Mako looks while blushing or how much we want Korra and Asami to be besties or how awesome Bolin is, just ’cause or gush about how much you love Makorra 5ever and always. ^__^

Stay classy, Makorrians. <3


YEAH. I'm posting this pic too.
Y’all gonna look at it, and come to terms with it happening, but


about it

DON’T call Asami a bitch

and realize that

Makorra is still gonna be okay and happen.

OKAY? Okay.
Makorra 5ever, endgame 4 life.

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Avatar Day was established back in July 2007. It's a day for all of the Avatar the last airbender fans can come together and enjoy this phenomenal show and look foreword to what comes next. And with the legend of korra season 1 over, we can now enjoy a whole new chapter of the Avatar universe.

Starting this Monday, July 9th, Nicktoons will be showing a special called Korra: Making of a Legend. This special, which will air every weeknight at 9pm (until July 20th), will include reruns of all 12 episodes from the first season of The Legend of Korra in a "creators' cut" format, with commentary from Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, offering "insight into the creation of the stunning imagery, mythology and storyline" of the series. And we will be uploading videos from YouTube day by day for people who do not have Nicktoons.

With San Diego Comic Con just a few days away, there is going to be a bunch of New Avatar and Korra things going on at that time. For one, The legend of Korra panel will be on Friday, July 13 11:15am to 12:15pm (PT) With the cast and crew of Legend of Korra. Executive producer and creator team Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino are joined by co-executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos. You'll also get to hear from your favorite characters as talented voice actors Janet Varney (Korra), David Faustino (Mako), PJ Byrne (Bolin) and Seychelle Gabriel (Asami) will be featured on the panel and renowned voice director Andrea Romano will direct the actors in a live performance from the series.


And we will be uploading past Comic Con panel this week for all of you to enjoy.

There will be a legend of Korra signing session later that day at 2:30pm (PT)
Mike and Bryan will be signing autographs. Usually fans at signings receive a poster with new series art which the creators then autograph. last years signing poster session!

And finely, there is a Avatar Fan panel on Saturday, July 14 11:00am to 12:00n (PT) Avatar the Last Airbender: Beginning and Beyond that is moderated by :iconethereal-glutton:, this year's panel will include Bobby Rubio, freelance concept artist DJ Welch (Dark Kenjie), Kevin Coppa (Puppetbenders), Dark Horse artists Gurihiru (Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano), and actor/voice actor Dante Basco, and a few more surprise guests.

This is going to be a big week of us.

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this is the day we have all wished would never happened to this fandom. Next Monday is the day we wished would never come. Next Monday is going to be the worst day. We are all going to relive something that all of us have hoped would never happen again. So next Monday on nickelodeon at 5:00pm and then again for some reason at 7:00, DO NOT WATCH THE LAST AIRBENDER MOVIE AT ALL! Instead, why don't you watch regular show then adventure time on cartoon network at that time. Or better yet, why don't you get up from your chair at 5:00 pm next Monday and reply slam your head against the wall until all you can see is blackness. That would be better then going thru that again. Or maybe just watch regular show then adventure time on cartoon network, that maybe for the best.
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