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Instead of linking to every tutorial separately i'm just going to link to my Tutorials folder [link]

Somebody asked for Step By Step tutorial and i meant to do it for awhile already (: Hopefully it's helpful! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask, i'll try to answer them :D


Progress gif [link]
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A pack with params for many of my recent deviations, and also a few unreleased ones =)
Please check the latest beta:…

Also, a contest! Interesting and worth a try ;)…
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Someone asked me to make a quick lineart tutorial, and i thought why not (:

I use PaintTool SAI, for those of you who doesn't know
Here's a gif of the drawing progress [link]

And feel free to ask any question, if there's anything you don't understand about this (:
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Hair Coloring Tutorial with info about Clipping Groups [link]

I am a self-taught artists so if there are any mistakes i'm sorry (:

oh wow i made another tutorial xD people keep asking me how do i draw eyes so i decided to share (: if you have any questions - feel free to ask, i'll try to help

Finished piece
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LOCATION:Stock Party 2007: Day 2
held at Dauset Trails Nature Center.

Deviant Art Members Forum Discussion for Stock Party 2008

The Stock Party is a gathering of artists and models for a weekend of fun and photography. It was the first year and so a learning year, but as it seemed to go over well, we are going to try it again next year possibly in Savannah Georgia, with the hopes of engaging SCAD in some way. We do hope to move the Party/Convention to a new beautiful location every year to help build great reference libraries from which to produce art for illustrations and other artistic endeavors. It is open to artists, photographers, models, and costumers. We have a whole year to plan, so hopefully Stock Party 2008 will be even better!


I would like to post a thank you to our security, David and his sweet wife Del, for patiently enduring me in flighty artist mode and ensuring that we didn't get kicked out of the park.

ATTENDING ARTISTS: Elizabeth Phillips, Bryan King, and Bryan's sweet wife, Monica.

ATTENDING MODELS: Taylor Darnell, Whitney, Michael Darnell, Alex, Stacy, Bambi, Howard, Heather, other Lindsey, Andrew and Ash.

Because some people just won't read it otherwise ...

    YES, you may use my photos for "your art", but you have to do something to actually distinguish it as "your art", as you may not sell "my art".

    • Do NOT repost these images as though they are your own (that's stealing).

    • Do NOT do anything offensive or obscene with them in any way as to hurt the models emotionally.

    • Do NOT attempt to acquire personal information about the models (that's stalking).

    • Do NOT waste my time. BEFORE you ask me a question or leave a comment, READ ALL THE RULES ON THE LINZSTOCK PROFILE! There are frequently asked questions under the rules!

    • Those who ABUSE privileges LOSE privileges.

    You get what you pay for! This is a service that I render for free, out of the kindness of my heart, and in my spare time. Photos are available AS IS
. If you have any questions, please read the rules here [link]
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Stock use terms!
:bulletgreen: You can download, manipulate & upload any
-stock IMAGES, LAYERS & BOKEH available here;
-NO need to ask permission to use the images;
:bulletred: But you MAY NOT manipulate or upload my WALLPAPERS.
-(for personal desktop use only. no editing.)
:bulletorange: Please notify me where the work is by -comment-
:bulletyellow:If you want to make a print out of the images
-then you must ASK FIRST.
(It's illegal otherwise!)
:bulletpink: Most importantly, you must somewhere give credit&link back to
"Clarabellafaire @*DyingBeautyStock" on work &/or website.

:bulletpurple:) For easy find, Tag your image 'dyingbeautystock' (on dA/flickr/etc)
to be found by me & placed in favorites or featured! ^^

Commercial payments currently accepted are:
-Paypal @
-Points via deviantART
-The art in print
-The published book or Magazine in print
-Clothing/Accessories from designers/stores
Please only Email
for use on commercial ideas, book covers, CD kits..
and with any other questions, ideas, or comments you'd like to share

Let's collaborate!! :camera:
Western, Mass. Photographer & alternative model
looking to work with out-of-the-ordinary, wardrobe designers,
makeup artists, hair stylists, and other photographers&models!
Please note or email
Tumblr | Art | Flickr | Facebook | Model Mayhem | @clarabellafaire
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Kitty bonus. :love:


You must Read the Rules before you use this stock.
Questions? Please check my FAQ

FAQ #217: What are "Stock Photos" and can I use "Stock Photos" in my submissions?
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These stock images are brought to you by Ellen Einkauf Photography

:bulletblue: Web-szied version is FREE to use
:bulletblue: Full-sized, high resolution download is just 10 points!

Please view the full RULES HERE:…
:bulletgreen: Always give credit and link back
:bulletgreen: Do NOT claim the stock images as yours
:bulletgreen: Share what you've created with me!

**Commercial users MUST contact me for permission**
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

About the horse:
Lightfoot, bay thoroughbred gelding, ex-racehorse

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Someone somewhen said that we need moar Nurse Redheart, so...

Ok honestly, sorry :iconfurryxxi:, first commentor for kinda copying, but i was aiming to name this art this way at first, but people often tire me for .PSD file submitted with st.ash, so decided to upload that first. Now i see the point in posting also .PNG, so here it is:
[link] :)

Well, it presents Nurse Redheart from episode, um, that was... (galdernit) 13 season 2nd.
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