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Instead of linking to every tutorial separately i'm just going to link to my Tutorials folder [link]

Somebody asked for Step By Step tutorial and i meant to do it for awhile already (: Hopefully it's helpful! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask, i'll try to answer them :D


Progress gif [link]
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17 different pixel horses! Buy to use - 100 :points:

- You must always credit me!
- Link back to my account or this page
Do not redistribute or sell the base
- You can use for adoptables (only point adopts, no cash)
- You can edit these just as you please, add accessories, horns, wings everything is up to you~
- You can use outside of deviantART, but remember to credit me!

If you have any questions just ask! And tell me if the purchase don't work, thank you. uvu


- Shire horse
- Gypsy horse
- Finnhorse
- Icelandic horse
- Gotland pony
- Shetland pony
- American Quarter Horse
- Holsteiner horse
- French Trotter
- American Saddlebred
- Arabian horse
- Lusitano
- American Paint Horse
- Friesian horse
- Ardennes horse
- Fjord horse
- foal [filly/colt] 

:new: Blankets and bandages for Holsteiner!

Coming soon!

- Shire horse [show version]
- saddle pack [4 colors]
- dressage saddle pack [4 colors]
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Gotham High. The show that almost made it on Teley.

Spread the word for a petition to put the show on air.
Yeah it might seem silly but at least it "Could" be much better than Batman Brave and the Bold. No offense of course I like that show too, So maybe it's could be better than twilight, and monster high and all the what not since it's going to be a kids show and not some romace flick for prep girls.

Johnny Will, Harvey Dent, Ozzy Colblepot, Wayde Jones, Eddy Nygma, Babrara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Johnny Crane, Selina Kyle, Johnny Kerr, Harley Quinn, Pama Isly, Bane, Vic Freiz

Please comment, add to your favorites, and please no swear words. sincerly...

And this is not my idea, All credit goes to Jeffery Thomas [link] So no copyright intended.

Troy troodon.
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My Paper Pezzy Papercraft of the Weeping Angel (Screaming Version) from the TV Show Doctor Who.

All of the Paper Pezzy Templates are Glue together Papercrafts. ==Glue the white tabs only.==

(All My Custom Fan Art Cubeecrafts, Hako Clone and Paper Pezzies Templates are made on MSPaint. and The 3D illustrations on the free Gimp program.)

Version 1 can be found here [link]

Links to the other Doctor Who Paper Pezzy Templates below

TARDIS '11th Doctor Version' [link]

The 11th Doctor [link]

Amy Pond [link]

Rory Williams [link]

River Song [link]

The Silence [link]

For More Paper Pezzy Templates can be found in my gallery here [link]

I Also Have Some Custom Cubeecraft Templates that can be found in my gallery here [link]

Doctor Who (c) BBC
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LOCATION:Stock Party 2007: Day 2
held at Dauset Trails Nature Center.

Deviant Art Members Forum Discussion for Stock Party 2008

The Stock Party is a gathering of artists and models for a weekend of fun and photography. It was the first year and so a learning year, but as it seemed to go over well, we are going to try it again next year possibly in Savannah Georgia, with the hopes of engaging SCAD in some way. We do hope to move the Party/Convention to a new beautiful location every year to help build great reference libraries from which to produce art for illustrations and other artistic endeavors. It is open to artists, photographers, models, and costumers. We have a whole year to plan, so hopefully Stock Party 2008 will be even better!


I would like to post a thank you to our security, David and his sweet wife Del, for patiently enduring me in flighty artist mode and ensuring that we didn't get kicked out of the park.

ATTENDING ARTISTS: Elizabeth Phillips, Bryan King, and Bryan's sweet wife, Monica.

ATTENDING MODELS: Taylor Darnell, Whitney, Michael Darnell, Alex, Stacy, Bambi, Howard, Heather, other Lindsey, Andrew and Ash.

Because some people just won't read it otherwise ...

    YES, you may use my photos for "your art", but you have to do something to actually distinguish it as "your art", as you may not sell "my art".

    • Do NOT repost these images as though they are your own (that's stealing).

    • Do NOT do anything offensive or obscene with them in any way as to hurt the models emotionally.

    • Do NOT attempt to acquire personal information about the models (that's stalking).

    • Do NOT waste my time. BEFORE you ask me a question or leave a comment, READ ALL THE RULES ON THE LINZSTOCK PROFILE! There are frequently asked questions under the rules!

    • Those who ABUSE privileges LOSE privileges.

    You get what you pay for! This is a service that I render for free, out of the kindness of my heart, and in my spare time. Photos are available AS IS
. If you have any questions, please read the rules here [link]
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Hair Coloring Tutorial with info about Clipping Groups [link]

I am a self-taught artists so if there are any mistakes i'm sorry (:

oh wow i made another tutorial xD people keep asking me how do i draw eyes so i decided to share (: if you have any questions - feel free to ask, i'll try to help

Finished piece
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Specific breed lineart of the: :star:Thoroughbred:star:


:bulletgreen: You may...
-Use these lines for personal art.
-Use these lines for character references.
-Use these lines to make adoptables of any kind. [art, points, money, auction, etc.]

:bulletred: You may not...
-Ever remove the 'Cat-Orb' credit on my linearts!
-Ever use these lines outside of, not matter what webside!
-Claim these lines as your own!
-Edit the linearts! No add-on's, no remakes.
-Use these linearts for DA breeds [Imports, breedsheets, etc.]

:bulletblue: Please...
-Credit me for my work.
-Let me know if you find my art being misused.
-Show me your finished work, I'd love to see!

Art - Cat-Orb-Shop
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These photos were taken at the Zoo Montana in Billings, Montana.

Make sure to click the 'Download' button to see and save the full size of the photo!

This stock is free to use.
If you use it link it back to me (as in give me credit for the stock with a link =Falln-Stock or my icon in the description)
& -send me a note- with a link of the pic you used it in.
I would like to see what you used my stock for ^_^
*for further rules, before you use, check my journal*
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Progress of this
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:bulletblue: add me on facebook -…


:hug: :hug: THANK YOU ALL FOR SUCH A NICE COMMENTS!!!!!! :hug: :hug:
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