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Summary of my art :3

Summary 2012 by ribkaDory

2011 - i didn't do it in 2011 D:

2010 meme by ribkaDory
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Suddenly decided to re-draw my super old drawing, cause i haven't done "Draw it again" meme in a while (:

Got lazy with coloring again, seems like i'm not much into coloring lately xD 

These are Erik and Iris, two of my first OCs :D adorable best friends

Oh, hi there, blue head by ribkaDory

drawn in PaintTool SAI: edited in PS5

textures used Sirius-sdz

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dA Stamps For All To Use

:star: Art used by permission from :iconyusef-muhammed: :star:

:clap: All of my Marvel & DC Comics Universe fan stamps :clap:
Captain America [link]
Hulk [link]
Spider-Man [link]
Wolverine [link]
Mystique [link]
Iron Man [link]
Thor [link]
Scarlet Witch [link]
Vision [link]
Hawkeye [link]
Blob [link]
Magneto [link]
Quicksilver [link]
She-Hulk [link]
Juggernaut [link]
Black Widow [link]
Son of Satan - Hellstorm [link]
Emma Frost - White Queen [link]
Hobgoblin [link]
Green Goblin [link]
Beast [link]
Namor The Sub-Mariner [link]
Tigra [link]
Sabretooth [link]
Deadpool [link]
Loki [link]
Hellcat [link]
Ghost Rider [link]
Iron Fist [link]
Red Skull [link]
Black Panther [link]
Venom [link]
Sasquatch [link]
Dazzler [link]
Doctor Doom [link]
Lucy In The Sky [link]
Wolfsbane [link]
Kitty Pryde [link]
Luke Cage - Power Man [link]
Medusa [link]
Pyro [link]
Doctor Strange [link]
Carnage [link]
Toad [link]
Adam Warlock [link]
Lizard [link]
Silver Surfer [link]
Gambit [link]
Daredevil [link]
Cable [link]
Jubilee [link]
Hulkling [link]
Typhoid Mary [link]
Nightcrawler [link]
X-23 [link]
Nick Fury - SHIELD [link]
Colossus [link]
Human Torch [link]
Wiccan [link]
Psylocke [link]
Joe Fixit - Hulk [link]
Kingpin [link]
Black Bolt [link]
Boom-Boom [link]
Nocturne [link]
Rhino [link]
Punisher [link]
Brother Voodoo [link]
Mary Jane Watson [link]
Electro [link]
Rogue [link]
Hercules [link]
Conan The Barbarian [link]
Spider-Girl [link]
Thing [link]
Magik [link]
Crossbones [link]
Ms. Marvel [link]
Sabra [link]
Banshee [link]
War Machine [link]
Moon Knight [link]
Toxin [link]
Storm [link]
Angel [link]
Hammerhead [link]
Azazel [link]
Longshot [link]
Yellowjacket [link]
Wasp [link]
Havok [link]
Madelyne Pryor - Goblin Queen [link]
Falcon [link]
Marrow [link]
Polaris [link]
Spider-Woman [link]
Thanos [link]
Gwen Stacy [link]
Red Hulk - Rulk [link]
Cloak & Dagger [link]
Arcade [link]
Galactus [link]
Apocalypse [link]
Mandarin [link]
Beta Ray Bill [link]
Baron Zemo [link]
Joker [link]
Harley Quinn [link]
Batman [link]
Robin [link]
Two-Face [link]
Batgirl [link]
Penguin [link]
Riddler [link]
Poison Ivy [link]
Catwoman [link]
Solomon Grundy [link]
Superman [link]
Supergirl [link]
Lex Luthor [link]
General Zod [link]
Duece Le'Heart [link]

If you like stamps check out my stamp group :horns:
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Saw everyone doing it, thought i'd make one too (: Didn't include anything before 2008 for two reasons: i don't really have anything with me to show you, and i didn't really draw back then (two or three doodles in school don't count). 
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I've been really busy lately so sorry for the lack of posts so here is a update that I did a few months ago of my Bat Family Pin up but I never got around to posting it!! I wasn't really happy with the original layout <da:thumb id="397045690"> so I made some changes that I am more happy with!! Let me know what you guys think!!

*Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood of DC Comics
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Good birthday!
My lovely friend :iconulquiorramuffin: fuels my obsession for Batman and is super awesome. Also, she helps me come with all the ideas for the Batman comic. Also, she made these awesome cupcakes. They're Devil's food with strawberries in the middle, Nutella frosting, and chocolate decorations <3 <3 I AM A SPOILED LADY.
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Just thought i'd share my Halloween photo ^^ we don't celebrate Halloween in Russia but damn this holiday is way too awesome to miss it so i made this on my face :D spent about 3 hours on it, i'm not used to makeup ^^

I really like the result and also i have Fun Ghoul pumpkin and it's also my very first pumpkin ever ^^

more photos here [link]
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stumbled upon this meme again and kind of was shocked that it’s already time to fill it in D: i mean, i knew it is December right now, it just feels like i filled it in last month, but it’s been a year.

Idk if any improvement is visible, but i KNOW it is there. Looking through my gallery to find a piece for every month i realized how rarely i used to draw, there are months where i have 2 or 3 colored drawings (not even something i’m proud of). And now when a day goes by and i haven’t drawn anything already feels very very odd.

Main theme of the year are superheroes obviously xD and i freaking love it. Plus i did my first little comics ever, so that’s a start, right?

Still working towards perfecting my anatomy, using refs rarely, pushing movement and emotions. 

It was a good year, started not the way i wanted, but in the end “bad” things that happened led to awesome stuff :D so yeah, looking forward 2015!

PS: if i have a better drawing for December, i’ll change it later

2013 Summary by ribkaDory
on tumblr -…

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Here's another take on Robin, Nightwing and Batman!! you can see the original Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood designs here let me know what you guys think!!

*Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood are of DC Comics
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:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: You must have a premium membership to use this skin! :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:

It is recommended to keep the "Extra" at the bottom!

A follow up from the previous Drawn to Life journal skin I have made before.

I decided to mostly make a new one because the old one was just.... blegh. I wasn't very experienced with CSS back then, but now that I've become a little more familiar with it and eager to learn, I thought it'd be nice to make a new skin for all of you Drawn to Life fans. I even learned a few new tricks while creating this!

Feedback is greatly welcome! :love:

Live preview can be viewed here!

I apologize in advance for any males who look forward to using this. There might be a little too much pink for your taste, if it matters. :giggle:

Shout out to *antgirl1 for the image of Drew Hero used in this skin! Thank you so much! SO MUCH LUFF 
Art in courtesy of 5th Cell!
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