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Name //- Darren Candela
D.O.B //- 8th of October
Age //- 25
Gender //- Male
Height //- 5’10 / 178cm
ID //- 636

Occupation //- Psychologist, experience worker, 3 years remaining before becoming fully qualified
Zone //- Zone 1

Demonic Weapon //-
P a r a s i t i c
Demonic Weapon //-P a r a s i t i c-- ESP Testing Cards -- Two decks strapped to his belt, thread together which morph into a weapon according to the card in hand. (One deck required to produce a form)

Form 1 || Strung Deck -- The basic form of his weapon, unmanipulated and works best for securing to places and used for climbing around or perhaps securing someone in place for easier prey or for a hostage situation. Also can be used as a whip, swung around and lashing at enemies but the moment he extends it too far and needs to attack a target closer by, time is required to draw the cards back in. The chain of cards can also be broken resulting in the released end of the weapon to disperse into card form to which Darren must then manually collect.  The cards' edges are like small blades, able to cut through and grip at things to assist with damage and / or pinning. | cards required in hand, Circle and Wave |

Form 2 || Scythe -- The form to which Darren uses most often but requires more energy to maintain. It’s for single strikes in battles or when he’s thrown to the frontlines, reaping lives with a precise swing of the large weapon. | Cards required in hand, Cross and Square |

Personality //-

Summary | | Perfection at its finest, that is what Darren would refer to himself as if it didn’t give off the impression of accomplishment of idealism within himself. He strives to impress, a man who keeps a strict leash on personality while attempting to sway all those he meets into his favor. Controlling, it’s something that he requires, to be the most dominant in any situation. The master puppeteer as he ropes those in to holding a performance, luring others to his ready grasp with a bright smile and polite persona. The only reason he’s capable of such without a qualm or hint of remorse is due to the fact he’s completely incapable of relating to any sort of emotion besides those which tie in with anger or self-worth. On the subject of anger, it’s not necessarily easy to rile Darren up but when you do he isn’t exactly the most understanding or calm man you could come across. No, he’s relentless and will not restrain from physical outbursts, preferably against your frame. Though, there’s one thing that the man disallows to become public knowledge and that would be his compulsive nature. There is no love, only fixated desires, inexorable yearning to possess those who capture his attention.

Broken up / Key words | |

Charismatic – He exudes the aura of a man with pleasant characteristics, which of course is all a complete facade. Despite the whole quality being of deceitful nature, this does not change how easily Darren is able to sway those with sweet, gentle tone. Clean outer exterior with sharp looks also used to advantage, don’t be surprised if you see him compulsively fixing his shirt at a consistent rate.

Narcissist - A part of his perfection, to which he upholds appearance for the sake of seeming closer to infallible. His obsession for his looks borders almost monomaniacal and would not hesitate to retaliate if not trying to make a proper impression and is insulted. If dirtied or defiled in any way, there will be no resistance in ruining your attire or face back.

Apathetic - Something to which he found himself unable to grab a hold of ever since he was young. Emotions. He has them, yes, but they’re restrained to pride and anger. Joy is also felt but is normally short lived. Darren is simply just unable to relate. Remorse is something he has no connection to, lack of morals prominent. He understands the difference between right and wrong but the fact he’s placed himself on a pillar leaves him to simply ignore the boundaries of law and acting according to his own urges.

Manipulative - To the point where if he sees a personal benefit within someone he will more than happily exploit it. Sweet words, tender actions, whatever it requires, he will not hesitate in making that character trust him so he earns the upper hand. Normally a bystander, he allows others to do the work but if required will step up to the front line. He simply prefers specialists in all areas taking care of specific jobs is all.

Aggressive - The control on his temper is something he is able to sustain for a decent amount of time but if pushed too far Darren will slip. If you manage to anger him to the extent where sharp words no longer seem like enough, I suggest you run because he is not a merciful man. Irritation shall be drawn out with actions, no fear of drawing blood if he really is that annoyed. No matter how much you plead, beg or apologise he will remain relentless until satisfied.

Obsessive - A part of Darren to which he despises to the core but is unable to prevent. It’s rare, extremely so but the term of ‘infatuation’ suits well with the man. Compassion, care, love, all foreign to him for his feelings never pass obsession. If an object catches his attention it shall be displayed and never touched again. If someone happens to earn the same sort of ‘affection’ then his instant need to possess is provoked. Though, that isn’t something to which he wants to act on, no no. His hands will defile the perfection to which the owner of his center of mind holds with his usual trickery. But he’ll feel urges to keep that person off limits, remove the impurities of the world around them so honestly he’d rather have that character’s life end. Then he can possess them without ruining the beauty to which they held at the moment Darren had found himself ‘fallen for them’.

History //-

Summary | | Darren was brought into a lovely family but from early ages had shown instability with his mental health. No one was able to pick up on this due to his ability to hide the obscure and vile actions to which he objectified small animals to. His sister noticed but failed at persuading parents. Both siblings entering the psychological field, Darren used knowledge for his own amusement while making sure it appeared his sister was the psychotic one. Multiple confrontations by the older sister, no merit earned until things started to look bleak and she pleaded for her brother to confess.Laughter followed after rejection, a revolver removed, killing taken place, the man driving blood relative to suicide but he himself pulling the trigger. The scene was taken as the woman removing herself from the world to prevent facing actions, remaining sibling moving past the incident, looking for a new play toy, not necessarily concerned about the device in hand or zeros in eyes.

The wall that Mishi failed at cutting back at | |

A boy born into the surroundings of a psychologist based family, Mother, Father and elder sister. Life was serene, ideal living set up for the already well off boy. Family was close with their relatives, Italian and American mix, all extremely settled nearby and atmosphere bright between relatives. It was pretty much the image of perfection, relations so warm it was a wonderful environment to raise one’s children.

Darren showed signs of a knowledgeable child from early stages, mature for his age and always smiling magnificently. His elder sister was also quite well praised, both seemingly ready to follow in parental footsteps and showing interest in the psychological field. Well that was the outer appearance of course.
Young boy exuded characteristics to which a boy would normally not find completely humane. He hid this well of course but his sister had managed to catch him prodding at a small sparrow that’d somehow hurt its wing. The young boy was tormenting the little creature, inquisitive look on his features before turning vision towards his sister, smiling brilliantly at her. Dread filled features, girl taking instant flight to inform parents to which they found hard to believe. The day was brushed off as Darren returned, bubbly as ever.

Hitting sixteen, his parents bought a blood red corn snake for boy’s birthday, maturing adolescent gleaming at the new pet before instantly calling her ‘Delilah’. He was instantly caught up in duties involved with caring for the girl, finding it amusing dangling the snakes ‘food’ above the assigned tank for the pet. This turned into the boy running about and catching mice, educated about the use of the animals in field of experimentation and earned kicks from ‘studying’. One of the first ones would be adding something to the mouse’s environment, making the creature dependant and then removing it from it’s presence. Family didn’t happen to catch onto the actions considering the only time the animal was brought into public was when Delilah required being fed.

High school was a breeze and the young man managed to push through without issue, name of his successful parents behind him easily earning a course in psychological field. His sister had already reached the end of her course, six years senior of her brother and under the wing of her mother in preparation to earn full certificate, taking on practice work.

Finishing with the initial preparations of study, Darren earned qualifications for experience work, following his father as sister finally managed to earn certificate and work to her own accord. This is where things started to get a little... unstable.

Darren got curious, he’d never been able to fully interact with a human and mice were things of the past, his teenage self’s obsession. It started with simple little tests, a few teases, moments of manipulation as he found himself enjoying peoples’ reactions to the sudden twist of being stabbed in the back emotionally. The young man of twenty-two holding no remorse with his actions.

It was bothering her, older sister holding a duty to which she needed to accomplish. A confrontation with her younger sibling, declaration of the other’s tendencies and mental status, diagnosing obvious sociopathy, psychopathy so damned clear and the only reason Darren was escaping the concern of parents was because he was perfect at hiding it. Only reason to which she hadn't confronted this behaviour was due to the fact in younger years he seemed to have controlled urges, nothing dramatic. But now time was dire, she needed to get to her brother through a way that didn't have him losing his complete identity. The younger of the two could only laugh, shaking his head. No, there was no way he could be associated with his to be patients. He wasn’t mentally ill, everyone was simply a bore see? He merely climbed higher, earning more knowledge and abandoned unnecessary attachments, humanistic emotions being a part of that. Somewhere in his heart though he was aware of his condition... he just, he refused to accept that completely.

Things became bad as years slipped on by, word spreading of the Candela name not being the most honest of families, experimentation on humans discrete and backway. Solid proof wasn’t given but rumours spread, associates of the family appearing less out of character, much more drained compared to their original persona's without proper explanation as to why. The main culprit uncertain but the tales of the mastermind behind cruel actions having isolating people, inserting unsafe stimulus and judging reactions caused due to the additions. Of course, the villain's sister had to act again.

Continuous confrontation which earned no merit, the younger of the pair laughing, ridiculing, boasting about his results to his sister. It was hilarious, seeing her face contort to disgust, disappointment but most prominent, fear. His own sister feared him, Darren was ecstatic! She was the main experiment after all, the young man wanting to document how far he could push family bond, how far this blood related love could be pushed. Despite all the pressure and stress inflicted on her, Darren’s sister didn’t reveal a thing, determined to save her brother... if only she’d tried harder when he was younger... She just needed to sit him down, give him proper treatment, she'd be able to perscribe medication soon as well! She'd be able to still right the problems to which she ignored in the past!

His sister’s mental stability started wavering, people starting to assume the once rising psychiatrist in training, daughter of established medical family had been performing dreadful experimentation as she drew further into her shell. Darren was twenty-four at this point, grin plastered on his face as he watched from the sidelines while she tried to persuade parents into the correct tale to which she wasn’t the main cause of the horrid actions and labels being placed against the family’s name. Finally Darren’s name slipped out but due to how shaken she was, parents concluded that she was pushing blame, attempting to save herself, warning her the moment evidence was found she was getting treatment without a single moment of reconsideration. They assumed her to hold psychopathic tendencies to which she hid with these dramatic outbursts as desires for attention... The true monster could only laugh silently to himself before tending to his darling pet, the large rodent of a sister reaching the end of her string.

Final confrontation, sister pleading to her younger sibling to explain, confess, find any remains of morality in his being... she was his sister for christ’s sake! But Darren could only laugh, shaking his head as he paced the area of his sibling’s office. Smile tugging at lips, crooked, menacing, watching as the woman crumbled beneath his feet. Oh how hilarity was insured as she tried to remain firm despite the desperation exposed through the small glint of water forming over eyes! The young man merely pulled gloves from a front pocket of his pants followed by a revolver which he’d left in his sister’s office on a previous visit. A whisper of her name, ‘Michelle’, green closing in on green as he pulled closer, tapping loaded gun against palm as her gaze fixated on the weapon.

A silently mouthed ‘what?’, tears falling at this point as younger moving up behind the woman, brother standing behind as he let his hushed voice work it’s persuasion to the climax of this tale. “Do you have any other choice?” He was right, she was cornered... her life was over either way. She was far too distraught... to be thinking rationally at this point... Who would believe the broken woman over the ‘stable’ younger brother anyway? Hand which held the small gun took hold of his sister’s raising the weapon to the side of her skull. A choked ‘why?’ escaped, brother’s response being a mere ‘because it’s fun’.

Click’, hand over hand, gloved index finger covering a bare one, eyes closing as tears fell freely.

“Goodbye, Sis.”

Bang’, finger pushed against the other, echo of the bullet pulsing through the man’s form, body ahead falling... hitting floor, lifeless, arms splaying slightly, red pooling at crown. How inelegant, the man looked away.

Drop, the gun accompanied the body which had preceded it, Darren leaving building, straight faced, gloves removed after exit and burned shortly afterward. It didn’t take too long before parents had realised Michelle’s absence, heading over to their daughter’s office and gagging at the sight before them. The blame of shaded actions in the Candela family had been taken by eldest child. Unable to repent for actions as she’d claimed her own life, their reputation was never the same but that never did bother the young man, not many knew about the instances since no one had particularly died besides the main ‘perpetrator’. His misdeeds had ended here as well, giving off the impression of the eldest daughter of the family was indeed the cause for the issues going around behind the family's name, Darren content with the findings of experiment, conclusion being 'his sister was willing to die for him'. Amusing.

Hitting twenty-five, Darren was perplexed at the receival of a device, zeros in eyes, unable to pinpoint his admission to whatever he’d just gotten thrown into. He simply stuck to shining his magnificent smile towards anyone and everyone, curious to see who could fulfill needs as his next experiment.

Likes & Dislikes //-
+ Snakes / most reptiles
+ His looks
+ Musicians
+ Red
+ Suits / Sharp, tight attire
- Dirt (on him)
- Disorganisation
- Mutes
- Useless people
- His obsessive nature

Etc //-

- Delilah is his Bloodred Corn Snake, only thing he really ‘cares’ for without obsessing. Only ‘woman’ worth spending time on. [link]
- Hair is naturally bright blonde but the underlayer is dyed black. Always maintained and coloured to perfection.
-Half Italian half American.
- ESP testing cards have always been amusing for him because most people don’t notice the subtle marking differences on different cards. Enjoys seeing how people respond to him appearing ‘psychic’. Also uses it to assess how gullible you are. Always tends to have a deck on him.
- Has a tendency to refer to people as ‘mice’ or something along the lines in a tone hinting endearment but true meaning behind it would be he simply just sees everyone as a potential ‘experiment’. If you irritate him though, he might hiss ‘rodent’ in your direction.
- Hates untidy or unkempt surroundings.
- Used to hate getting his hands ‘dirty’ but recently it’s becoming a habit of his to take care of his own business, smiling pleasantly throughout the whole process.
- Morality is something that does not exist in his vocabulary. He does what he wants, when he wants to.
- And when mentioning no moral I mean no moral. He has no issues with attacking a small child, he just doesn’t do so because society’s standards need to be upheld.
- Sullying him is like asking to be psychologically toyed with and mentally humiliated.
- Enjoys tripping, stepping on and shoving peoples’ faces into dirt or anything else unclean. Belittling others is a guilty pleasure of his, only acted out behind closed doors or discrete corners.
- Might spare you his ‘dark’ treatment if you play him a song or sing for him. Has an odd attraction towards music, loving the talent but not the performer.
- Permanent crooked smile plastered on his face as he fights, also shows that smile when you realise he’s screwing around with you psychologically.
- And yes, he is a sociopath and knows he is but refuses to accept it.

Device ||
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For :iconzero--00: omg last minute work is so last minute LOL

#001 Alicia
Using art ticket!
; u ; one and only submission after all //sops

Here's a brief idea of what happened:

Alice: Try breaking the wall?
Alicia: Will it even work?
Alice: Won't hurt to try~
Alicia: //smashed it like a boss...while some distance away scared the shet out of Darren (//slapped)
Alice: . . . .
Alicia: . . . . . . It didn't break....; n ;
Alice: . . . .you're an idiot //laughs

Basically Alice making a fool out of Alicia :iconmingtearsplz: yeah those two won't get lonely with each other eh?

Alicia (c) :iconyaochia:
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For :iconzero--00::iconzero--00::iconzero--00:

application by Faiell

I can rp via chat, notes, google doc, skype...etc. I may be slow with replies depending on how busy I am at the moment, but feel free to hit me up if you want an rp! :iconjunesplz:

Warning: Text wall ahead :iconotlplz:

Name: Night

D.O.B: October 2nd

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 168cm ~ 5'6”

Occupation: Private Detective (recently licensed), Part time Student Researcher (volunteer)

Zone: Central

Demonic Weapon:

Chiron | Bow

Form 1 (normal):
Arrows have explosive powers suited for long range attack. They are formed using Night’s energy. Night can generate and shoot up to 8 arrows at once, but doing so would greatly lower the accuracy of her attack as well as tire her out. The time it takes to generate the arrows corresponds directly with the number of the arrows that are being formed.

Form 2 (dual string):
The bowstring can lengthen, detach and recoils around the bow tips to allow multiple arrows to be shot simultaneously (Night can shoot up to 4 arrows on one string and a maximum of 8 arrows using 2 strings).

The bow itself is hard enough to be used for basic blocking in close-range combat. However, it won't provide any significant protection if the opponent's weapon is very powerful (e.g. bullets, weapons that use multiple projectiles, and huge weapons in general). Additionally, she is weak against all magic attacks.


Observant - Even her mentor thinks she has talent in this area. She takes note of many things that the average observer neglects.

Analytical - She can draw relatively accurate conclusions based on her observation, though she also has a tendency to focus on small details and go overboard with her cause-and-effect analysis.

Protective - While she isn't altogether friendly toward strangers, she will do many things to ensure her friends' safety. She may become overly protective, but that only happens with people who are very important to her (e.g. her sister)

Slightly competitive - Having received ample praises from her teachers during her school days, she find it somewhat difficult to hold back the competitiveness in her nature. However, she tries to not get too carried away.

Coldly logical - She always takes the course of action that is the 'best' for the situation, regardless of emotional implications. Sometimes, she takes it to the point that makes her seem almost emotionless.

Stubborn - Night doesn’t like to give up once she has set her sights on a goal. Because of this, she can be very stubborn at times. It takes a lot of convincing to get her out of doing things her way.

Withdrawn - She generally keeps her distance from others. If someone starts a conversation, she may decide to reply out of politeness (but she probably won't carry on the conversation). When she is 'on the job', however, she often puts on a slightly more talkative act to dig for information.

Somewhat cynical - One of the traits fostered by her involvement in criminal investigations. She tends to go for the worse conclusions when it comes to judging a person by his/her actions, all the more so if the said person gave her a bad first impression.

History :

Night was born in Central and grew up as a knowledge-loving ‘bookworm’. Her father, a governmental agent, began training her to follow his footsteps when he noticed Night’s observation skills. Since Night’s father had limited time on his hands, he asked an experienced private investigator (who was also his close friend) to take Night as an apprentice. The friend finally agreed after personally talking to Night and deeming that she indeed had potential. He then became Night’s mentor and later her guardian when her parents passed away.

On the day before her 18th birthday, Night was hanging out with her sister in Zone 3 when she spotted her mentor following two suspicious men onto a train. She tailed them and ended up getting caught up in a train hijacking. It turned out that her mentor was following the two hijackers/terrorists who were planning to bomb Central Station using the train. The mentor knocked out one of the terrorists and rushed to the control room to stop the train. Night tackled the second terrorist to the ground and tried to take his knife away, not knowing that her sister had followed her onto the train. Night’s mentor hit the emergency brake at the precise moment when her sister was running over to help Night, and her sister ended up dying after falling onto the knife that Night had just taken from the terrorist.

Night was born and raised in Central along with a sister who was one year younger than her. Her mother was a neuroscience researcher and her father a government agent (similar to FBI or CIA but less 'intense'). Being intellectuals, they attempted to ‘jump-start’ their daughters’ education by bringing Night and her younger sister to City’s public library every weekend. Reading about things they never knew before made the girls very curious about the world around them. As a result, they picked up plethora of facts from all the books they read. This was particularly true for Night, who never got tired of learning new things.

Fueled by her thirst for knowledge and aided by her extracurricular readings, Night excelled academically when she started school. Being ahead of other first graders, she occasionally wandered into second grade’s classroom and sat in on what she regarded as ‘more interesting’ lessons. Her homeroom teacher initially discouraged this behavior, but soon gave in due to the little girl’s stubbornness. After administering an early aptitude test and discussing the issue with her parents, Night’s teacher allowed the girl to skip to second grade – a move that temporarily made Night 'the star' for her family, especially her sister.

However, skipping a grade halfway into the school year had its consequences. Aside from the awkwardness that came from having a younger student in class, the second graders had already settled into their respective ‘playgroups’. Some of them approached Night out of curiosity, but few tried to hold long conversation with her. As they moved up to higher grades, Night's classmates gradually began avoiding the 'class nerd’. Her tendency to throw out knowledge in random topics only reinforced this image. So instead of interacting with others, she took to silently observing fellow students.

Her sister, however, never stopped looking up to Night. Due to her cheerful and social personality, the younger brunette had avoided the ‘bookworm label’ despite possessing above-average intelligence. Whether it was out of sisterly love or plain admiration, the girl never failed to find time to hang out with her older sibling. Thanks to her, Night progressed through elementary school always having at least one person to talk to. Over the years, their bond strengthened despite the gap in their grade levels.

By the time she entered middle school, Night had improved her observation skills to the point that she can pick out most of the typically ignored details in her surroundings. The teen also began to use the knowledge gained from her readings to make guesses as to what those details mean.

Her parents finally noticed their daughter’s talent during an after-dinner-stroll at the riverbank,where Night spotted an abandoned leather shoe. After examining the object closely, she proceeded to specify the physique and possible personality of its owner based on the size of the shoe, the type of material it was made of, and the scratches on its sides.

Seeing potential in his daughter, Night’s father began teaching her the basics of deduction in case she would be interested in following his footsteps. He also signed Night up for martial arts lessons to improve her self-defense skills. While the girl was still young, her parents believed that it was always good to ‘plan ahead’.

Night's life reached its first turning point during her freshman year in high school. On Thanksgiving Day, her father invited a close family friend over for dinner. The guest turned out to be a professional private investigator, and his stories about his work intrigued Night. Following a long chat with the girl and her father, the older man concluded that Night had potential in the field of criminal investigations, and after a prolonged post-dinner discussion in the living room, consented to give her guidance should she be interested in his line of work. The young teen immediately accepted his offer, excited that she has found an application for her knowledge and skills.

At first, the ‘guidance’ included only weekly visits where Night’s new mentor presented her with basic deduction exercises. After she took her school’s chemistry class, however, her mentor began teaching her the basics behind crime scene analysis techniques. His lessons matched well with the science-based courses offered for her grade level, and with the help of her mother’s biochemistry knowledge, Night developed extensive interest in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

By her third year in high school, Night had progressed to studying records of criminal cases under her mentor’s guidance. A year after that, she began tagging along with her mentor for the less dangerous cases. She had become so busy that she barely had enough time to talk to her sister. Her younger sibling never complained, but Night could tell that the two of them were gradually drifting apart. They would have become even more distant if not for a certain incident.

On a snowy day the winter after Night turned 16, two government agents showed up on her doorstep and informed her that her parents were killed in a plane crash on their way back from a neuroscience conference. The government suspected foul play, but had no proof since the plane’s black box was never found. Everything her parents owned was left to Night and her sister, and her father’s will named Night’s mentor as their guardian until the two sisters reach legal age.

The loss of her parents gave Night a decisive push onto the path to becoming a private detective. Aside from wanting to uncover the truth behind her parents' death, she believed that by putting criminals behind bars, she could forestall, if not eliminate, these kind of tragedies. Unwittingly, she became overprotective of her sister – the only family she had left.

Having decided on her future, Night saw little point in going to college. Upon graduation, she switched to being a full time detective-in-training. The teen followed her mentor on almost every case he was involved in and picked up as many tips as she could. On days where business was slow, she went to the library and self-studied basic college courses. It wasn't as effective as having an instructor, but Night liked this method better since she could learn things at her own pace.

A year passed without incident. Night, nearly 18, had added onto her achievement by solving her first case without her mentor’s assistance. As her eighteenth birthday approached, Night’s mentor gave her a few days off to spend time with her sister. Grateful for the break, the teen decided to bring her sister to Zone 3 on the eve of her birthday.

As they got off the train, the older girl caught sight of her mentor tailing two suspicious men. Curiosity getting the better of her, Night asked her sister to wait for her in Zone 3 as she discretely followed her mentor onto a train heading through Zone 4 to Central station.

Midway through the ride, the two mysterious men showed their true colors as they took out handguns and hijacked the train, setting its controls so that the vehicle ran without stopping. Soon after, the duo extracted wrapped packages from their duffel bags and began placing those rectangular objects around the train’s interior. Observing the careful manner with which the men handle the objects as well as their unusual attention to the time on their watches, Night guessed that the packages contained timed bombs.

The men’s target was obvious – the only heavily populated area that train passed through was Central Station. And to make sure that an explosion occurs no matter what, they had likely timed their bombs to match the train’s scheduled arrival at the station. With the timer ticking off, Night’s mentor had less than 10 minutes to overcome the terrorists, stop the train, and get everyone out of bombs’ blast radius.

Still unaware of Night’s presence, the older detective sprang into action. He skillfully disarmed one terrorist while the latter wasn’t looking and used the handle of his gun to knock out the second terrorist. As her mentor dashed for the train’s control room, the first terrorist pulled out a knife and chased after him. That was when Night joined the fray. She launched herself at the unsuspecting man and tackled him to the floor, pulling his arm back in an attempt to twist the knife out of his grip.

Her mentor shouted for everyone to grab something and activated the emergency brake. The sudden lurch caused the terrorist to pause in his struggles, and Night managed to knock him out with a blow to his neck just as one of the passengers lost her footing and collided into her.

When the train came to a complete stop, she turned around to check on the passenger. Instead of finding a disoriented civilian, the teen found herself staring at her sister’s pale face. Something warm trickled down the back of her hand, and she looked down to see a red liquid familiar to anyone who has visited crime scenes. Her sister had followed her onto the train, had ran up to help her when she went after the terrorist, had lost her balance when the train stopped, and had fallen straight onto the knife in Night’s hand.

What came after was a blur. From what her mentor later told her, her sister had died by the time he came back from the control compartment. And since he had his hands full with evacuating hostages and dragging Night off the train before the bombs went off, the private investigator could not retrieve her sister’s body.

Night’s birthday was spent sorting out the aftermath of the train incident. After recording the hostages’ testimonies, the police concluded that Night’s sister’s death was an accident, and that the teen was in no way responsible. They gave their condolences and commended her for her bravery even though they weren’t impressed with the accident that resulted.

Surprisingly, it took less than a week for Night to settle back into her normal routine. While others applauded her resilience, her mentor noticed a slight change in her personality. The ginger would still smile and frown, but her emotional expressions lacked the dynamics they once had. Ever since the train incident, the older detective had not seen Night cry, yell, or laugh heartily. She seemed to have suppressed her feelings, which could have accounted for her quick 'recovery'. He could sense neither joy nor sadness behind her mostly nonchalant expression, and when she showed anger or annoyance, her glare was considerably colder than the one she used to give.

In an attempt to 'help' his apprentice, the older detective urged Night to volunteer as a part-time student researcher at a local university. She was mostly free on weekends, and working in a different field (especially when it's related to her favorite subjects in high school) once a week would help lower her stress and take her mind off of things. The girl agreed since the position provided a perfect ‘cover job’ in case she needs to hide her detective identity. Thanks to the knowledge she obtained from her training (as well as her mother’s old books), her volunteer request was quickly accepted.

Night obtained her PI license a month before she turned nineteen. Soon after, her mentor announced that he was going overseas for a long-term collaborative investigation on an international criminal. He asked Night to temporarily take over his work in the City, declaring that she was “good enough to stand on her own”. After working out a method of correspondence with her mentor, the female PI agreed to the older man’s request.

Currently, she runs her mentor's (one-man) detective agency in his absence, acting on his behalf to solve simpler cases while routing the more serious requests to her mentor. Everything seemed to have settled into a normal routine, until she woke up one morning to find a strange device on her bedside counter.

Regarding the terrorist attack:
Initially, Night’s mentor was only tailing the two terrorists because he accidentally ran into them and found their behavior suspicious. He only realized that a terrorist attack was imminent after the train departed from Zone 3 station. Of course, with everything happening one after another, he didn’t have any time to call for backup. There wasn’t any point in doing so either since they were on a moving train travelling at high speed.

Regarding Night’s research position:
While it’s research at a ‘university lab’, she’s mostly doing what full-fledge researchers think of as ‘busy-work’ (think internships). She only assists in college freshmen level projects that don’t require very advanced biochemistry skills. The biochemistry knowledge she picked up from her mother’s book (and her mother) is sufficient to carry her through most of the tasks she’s assigned (don’t forget that she excelled in those subjects in high school). Even though she wasn’t a college student, she was a qualified high school graduate. And there wasn’t a reason for the underfunded university lab to refuse volunteers.

Regarding Night’s PI position:
Technically she isn’t carrying on ‘multiple jobs’. She only volunteer in the university lab for a few hours on weekends. And since her mentor's isn’t the only private investigator agency in City, she doesn’t have that many cases to work on – especially when she is mostly just ‘watching the place’ in his absence. Additionally, she only takes simple (and more trivial) cases and mails the more serious requests to her mentor. This leaves her with quite a bit of free time.

Her licensing process wasn’t altogether smooth, but she was able to pass in the end due to her mentor’s recommendations and since she met the requirements for being a PI (at least 18 years of age, 3 years of experience certified by ‘employer’, pass a 2 hr exam and undergo background check. Source:…

Likes & Dislikes :
+Learning new things
+Peaceful environment

-Selfish people
-Rock concerts (They're unnecessarily loud and disrupt her thoughts)
-Unsheathed blades or unprotected sharp edges (kitchen knives, envelope openers, etc.)

Etc :
+'Night' is actually her middle name.

+She doesn't really have a set of clothes that she wears more than anything else, but she does tend to stay away from 'girly' things

+She is ambidextrous (and originally right handed).

+Due to her line of work, she occasionally disguises herself.

+The types of martial arts she practice are jujutsu and jeet kune do (…

+Because of her physique (she's not completely flat, but people only notice if they look closely...), personality, and her choice of clothing, Night often gets mistaken for a guy.

+Both of her irises are red in her zero form. The "eye-patch" on her right eye is a zoom-screen that functions similarly to a sniping scope.

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Application for :iconzero--00:

So nervous about it >.<
Yes! I'm entering!! >v<
Feel free to rp with me through Skype or note~~ :happybounce: :happybounce:


Name : Silvan Silver

D.O.B : 31th of October

Age : 17

Gender : Male

Height : 173 cm

Occupation : Student

Zone : Zone 1

Demonic Weapon:
Wind Blade. A special sword that is a Non-blade samurai sword, just a piece of thin metal. Sharp wind that can slice anything, but it can't cut through an object with a thickness of 10 cm (wall, diamond, granite). Though he can use the wind to form sharp wind blade towards opponent, but the limited range for the wind blade is only 2 meter and weaken after 1.5 meter. He can only activate his wind blade when he was injured and the blood stained the blade. The bigger the amount of wind blade produced, the longer it takes to recharge to make another wave of wind blade. So he usually uses the sword that is covered with sharp wind to attack opponent. That makes him a short distant fighter.

Quite person. - He is a quite boy who dislikes quarrels and gossips. He usually avoids troublesome matters and makes himself as invisible as he can in class. His quietness sometimes makes other thinks that he is a cold-hearted person. But, his cute face makes him very noticeable among boys and girls.

A little Pessimistic. - He is a minor pessimist and he always thinks that he has no rights to born in this world as he is an illegitimate child. He has a sombre expression that makes his look even more pessimistic. He can’t smile although sometimes he would like to do so but the expression would be really weird. That makes him thinks that he is a useless person who can’t even smile. The word ‘Sorry’ has becomes the word he usually says after his brother death although he didn’t mean it.

A little sadistic and masochistic. - His inner side of his normal form. He doesn’t show it out in his normal form. He likes to verbally attack people and likes physical pain to make him feels alive.

Impatient and bad tempered. - His inner side of his normal form. He doesn’t show it out in his normal form. He usually listens to others prate with that sombre and calm expression although in his heart he feels impatient about it. His impatient and bad tempered shows in zero form.

Silvan was an illegitimate child. His father is the head of a mafia clan and he usually lives in Zone 2. Silvan and his mother (second wife) lived in Zone 1 and all the expenses were paid by his father. He didn’t meet his father often as his father lived in Zone 2 with the first wife. He only met his father once in a month when his father came to Zone 1 to visit them. In his memory, his father was a good and sedate person; father always put Silvan on his lap while reading story books to him.

When Silvan was still a kid, he was a kind, shy, timid and innocent child. He didn’t know why his daddy is not living with them. His mother didn’t tell him the reason.

When he was around 9 years old, he came to learn that his mother was the second wife and he knows what his father’s occupation was. He was depressed with the situation he was he was facing. Soon, his father officially told his first wife about the existence of the second wife. It was then, Silvan and his mother was often been called back to the main home in Zone 2. His mother and he had to face the pressure and harsh words from the first wife. He can’t understand why his mother loves his father so much until she is willingly to lower down herself in front of the first wife. He felt sad for his mother but he can’t hate his father for making his life stressful as his father treated his mother and him well enough.

Soon, they were asked to move into the mansion in Zone 2, to live together with the father as well as the first wife. His father first wife had a son, a half-blood-related brother to Silvan. His brother treated him well and played with him. He loved his brother very much. During the hard time in the mansion, his brother often comforted him and managed to stop his mother from beating Silvan’s mother. Although his father already set the rules that no fighting is allowed in the house, but the father didn't actually step in to control them. The first wife always hit his mother. Silvan always came to shield his mother but as a result, he got scars and bruises on his body. His father knew but the he thought he should let the son to endure the pain by himself. After all, he is the son of the head of the mafia clan. Silvan cried with pain at night and the nightmare of his first mother (first wife) tortured him. But what can he do? He eventually developed the idea of it was a mistake that he was been born to this world and it was a mistake that his mother met his father. He had enough with the crying stuff and started to shut his true emotion with that calm and sombre expression.

He loved his mother, although sometimes he couldn't stand his mother's attitude towards him. His mother loved him a lot but she cared too much about her own love life with his father without consider how much pain was there in the young boy's heart. He felt as if his mother loved his father more than him. She was willing to sacrifice so much for his father but not him. She often used up too much of her time for other stuffs rather than keep him company. His felt as if his mother neglected his feelings. But he kept his feelings to himself. And he loved his father although his father was always carefree towards all the drama happening in the family. His father didn't care about their feelings at all as he only concentrated on his work most of the time. The father thought they should be okay as long as they have a luxury place to live and the first wife didn't torture them to death. Silvan didn't really hate his father's first wife because he understands how she felt. She needed to share her husband with another women. It seemed that she was in a state of hysteria and had mental problems. She couldn't cope up with the stress she received. Sometimes, it was true that the father seemed to love the second wife more. He loved his brother. Although he was only a half-blood-related brother, he was the one who cares about him the most.

He was 14 years old when the first wife died due to sickness.

Eventually, Silvan’s mother became the first wife in the family. He was afraid that his brother would hate his mother and him for his mother‘s death. But he didn’t, at least he didn't showed it out. The brother probably did hate them? Silvan wasn't sure about it.

In a mafia family, the most common problem that faced was the inherit matter. His father was choosing between his brother and him for the position of next mafia leader. Silvan doesn’t want any fight between he and his brother over a position matter. By rights, his brother is the one to inherit the position as his brother often help out in his father career. But it seemed like his father wanted them to fight with each other for the position, even if it will cost their lives. He couldn't understand why. Why he had just a scary father? His father's cold and cruel self was truly shown in front of him. Was that his father's true self? He still remembered how his father cared for him when he was still a kid... But now... His father cared so much about the mafia clan... The head of the mafia clan. The cold-blooded man. He just wanted to solve the inherit matter using his own selfish way. Why was his father acting in such a weird manner?

Shouldn't he just let the first son inherit the position since he helped him a lot? Actually, his father had his own reasons. Cruel and selfish reasons. The first son was physically strong, good at fighting. The second son was weaker but smarter. That was why, the cruel father chose to let the two sons fight and see who will survive. After all, it was his motto, 'The one who survives takes the position as the head of the clan'. He just wanted to see the results. Who will be the one with a darker heart? Who will be the one who stand still towards the end? That would be the suitable person for the position as the head of the mafia clan.

His relationship with his brother wasn't as good as before anymore... They didn't fight or yelled at each other but they seldom talk anymore.

He loves his brother very much. He wanted peace in the family and he is willingly to let his brother take over the position. After all, Silvan didn't want the position. He came to his brother’s room one night wanted to tell his brother about his idea. He didn’t know that his brother was suffering from the pressure given by his father. Silvan didn’t know that his father had arranged a 'battle of death' for them a month later. Some kind of battle to test their strengths and the ability to think of strategies when facing an opponent. Most importantly, his father wanted to see who was mentally stronger and cruel in order to take the stress. To become the head of a mafia clan, one must be cruel. That was what his father thought. His brother was really stressed after hearing the news. That night, his brother had some alcoholic drinks to release his stress. He suddenly attacked Silvan thinking that he was a boyish girl as he wanted to release his stress. Silvan who is smaller in size was pushed down by his brother. His clothes were torn off harshly by his brother. Silvan was really afraid and tried to get away from his brother. But his brother was stronger than him. He pushed his brother away but he got beaten badly, his face was bruised and nose was bleeding. His brother wasn't acting like himself at least due to the alcoholic drinks. The feeling of disgust and sadness came like a stormy sea wave in his heart. He tried to get the samurai sword besides his brother bed. He kicked his brother as hard as he can to get the samurai sword on the display shelf. It was a coincidence that when he took the sword to defend himself, his brother suddenly rushed towards him with great force and was stabbed right through his heart. Eyes widen, Silvan didn’t know why his brother didn’t stop when he saw him pointing the sword towards him.

Why… He could have stopped when he saw the sword…

His brother gave up… He didn’t want to hurt Silvan at all…He loves him… He had the thought of committing suicide since his father kept pushing him…. He wanted to sacrifice himself.

“Sorry…” Tears gushing out when he heard the faint words and the sad smile from his brother before he died. He could feel his brother’s weight sank heavily on him. Blood gushing out from his brother’s wound and he can’t do anything about it. He hugged his brother like a still doll trying to keep his brother’s warmth until his father together with his close henchman came in and saw what had happened. When he was forced to part with his brother, he couldn’t forget the feeling of killing someone and the cold body of his brother.

“Well done, my son.” His father gave him a big hug not even bother that the blood on Silvan will stain his white shirt. He was numbed. After that, his father did a lot of stuffs to cover up the incident. It was covered successfully. Even his mother didn't know about it. Everyone thought his brother was attacked by some enemies and died. Only the father, the henchman and Silvan knew the truth. Silvan didn't even have the right to go and surrender to the police. He wanted to but his father stopped him. He couldn't do anything... Anything. He was tired of everything and he tried to forget what had happened. But the sad smile on his brother face kept on coming back to him.

Months had passed since the incident happened. His mother actually met up with her old friend. Something serious seemed to happened to their family but Silvan wasn't into the mood to ask about it. Then, mother's friend came to their mansion to work as a housekeeper.

Silvan was no longer the shy, timid, and innocent boy. The unchanged was that he was still as quiet as before, and always sticks with his sombre expression. His father trained him hard after his brother was dead. His father wanted him to be prepared to take over his position. When he was 16, his father decided to move to Zone 1 again. Maybe he was getting old and wanted to relax in zone 1. He was still sitting on his position as the head of the clan but he had helpers to take care of the work in Zone 2. Life was somehow relaxed although he still needed to train sometimes. His fighting skills had improved now but still he has poor stamina. One morning, he woke up and noticed a mysterious device at the side and his pupils had turned into zeros. But no one could see it.


Likes :
+His late brother
+Weird clothes
+White colour

-Hysteria person
-Rude people

Lazy to open his mouth to speak.
Read books most of the time to make himself busy


Special thanks to my friend, :iconjunshiro: for helping me in my poor grammar and language... >.< Quite a bother for her to help me in my language>.<


Character and art (c) : :iconkuroinekoroi:
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Revamped for getting over Level 10 and tidied up her Bio ( ´ ▽ ` )
The changes:
- New Zero form
- She grew up by an inch //weeps


✖ Name : Alicia (Alice is her other personality)
✖ D.O.B : May 8
✖ Age : 15
✖ Gender : Female
✖ Height : 5' || about 152.4cm (I apologize for failed anatomy that made her looks taller ;_; )

✖ Occupation : Student
✖ Zone : Zone 2
✖ Demonic Weapon : Parasite - Kiri (K-tan) Her self-made soft toy, which can morph into massive weapons by opening it's jaw and turning itself inside out. Her main weapon is a hammer-axe, another one being a Cannon. More details on the weapons at the weapon sheet.

✖ Appearance :
- Small stature, blue eyes, her hair fades from pale green to apple green.
- The red dress in her app is her school uniform, she still has the outfit that’s in her old design.

Zero: Mini Reference Sheet
- Equally as small stature, red eyes.
- Top half of her hair is white while second half is apple green. Comes down to her hips
- Red markings around eyes and wrists, and neck down to her chest (obscured by dress)
- She had been described as “porcelain white”, though now she gained a tiny bit of coloration. Her skin and rabbit ears are closer to cream, while her attire and tail remain white.
- She can actually pull down the zipper and zip translucent piece of cloth.
- A small pieces of bones that come out of her tail progress from blunt to sharp, and the diamond shaped end is sharp as blade.
- Green fingernails.

✖ Personality :
Joyful + naive: Practices a positive thinking and generous with her smile. Stubbornly believes that there is goodness in everyone, hence she is hesitant to fight back when being attack out of the blue, be it verbally or physically. Even goes as far as putting herself in a disadvantage.

Selfless + Caring: Always eager to help, especially to those she already knew. Tries her best to aid other who are in critical situation during battles, and it upsets her greatly to see people die. It hurts her to fight with the Keepers as she sees them the same as everyone else: people. Strives to help those who are down and seemed to be in an emotional turmoil, she only want smiles to return to their faces. Dislike giving someone physical pain unless she was driven up a wall.

Low self esteem: Part of this contributed from Alice’s constant insults. She tries to hide her insecurities behind her smile, and holds it up diligently around people she isn't close to. Afraid of being shunned due to her past. Behaves awkwardly around those that are polite. Also extremely bad in mending relations.

Emotional: Due to being the child that she is, she can get upset easily at times and will blurt out things that she'll tend to regret later.

✖ History :
Summary: Alicia was born into a single parent family, with no idea who the father was. Her mother was a prostitute and the girl was a complete accident. Stress builded up for the mother as Alicia grew up and needed more money for daily expenses, she tried to escape it with drugs and alcohol, and was fired from her workplace when her behavior took a negative turn. She brought men home for ‘business’ instead. One day, one of the regular walked into their home, drunk. With the high from the alcohol he forced himself onto the young girl who was making dinner at that time. The mother only informed him that Alicia would be more ‘expensive’, and if he could afford it, go ahead.

While struggling, Alicia grabbed the knife she was using and killed the man, but the murder didn’t end there. Fear and hatred drove her to end her mother as well. The police was called four days later, and they found the girl sitting at a corner looking frightened. She was sent to the hospital for treatment. During that period of time she hypnotized herself that it was all a dream, and after some time she started forgetting about the event, and Alice was born. When she was discharged from the hospital, the girl was taken into an orphanage, and has been living there ever since.

Full version

✖ About Alice : (portrayed in the Zero form)
Alice is the second personality of Alicia, one created from her desire to escape her past. Alice used that to threaten her until Alicia recalled all her past. Alice is selfish, vain, mischievous and arrogant, often insults others just for the heck of it (if she manage to come out) or jabs Alicia. Prefers war over peace, and won’t hesitate to take up challenge for a fight. Might even prick on Zeros who seems strong enough for a good fight. Absolutely enjoys slaughtering the monsters in Zero World. It is also easier for her to come out in the World as she claims that she more suitable for it than Alicia does.

Thanks to a little pep talk with Anon and X, Alicia is starting to learn how to communicate with Alice. Now Alice just won't stop making her second guessing everything she does. Though now that Alicia is more used to her presence, she’d learned how to brush off some of Alice’s jabs. While some of them still demoralize her. Alice always claims that she only has Alicia’s best interest, while in truth she wants to remove Alicia and take over the body for her own, to be ‘alive’ for real.

She reallu hates te goody side of Alicia, but also sees as a tool to get around with people and befriend a few stronger zeros. Surviving through the games and battles is perhaps the only thing both of them can agree on.

✖ Likes :
+ Soft toys
+ Has a wide range of taste, from cute and sweet, to cool, to weird. Usually she would describe weird as 'cute'.
+ Sewing and making trinkets
+ Cooking, better with baking than proper meals.
+ Sweets, animals, fruits, cookies...
+ Started to prefer the occasional peace and silence during her stay in Game#0.

✖ Dislikes :
- People calling her short / kid / kiddo / child....
- Heavy rain and thunder, as it might make her remember glimpses of her past. It terrifies her.
- Overly crowded places, such as public transport.
- People who doesn't take their responsibility seriously, people with bad time keeping.
- People that doesn't know 'personal space'. (getting too close to her, especially people that she met for the first time. She'll relax a little if she knows you)
:new: - Blue. It unnerves her because it reminds her of someone she once loved.

✖ Etc :
- No, she doesn't float in Zero form.
- She is kinda fussy about her look, she tries to dress her best to suit the occasion and location.
- She takes Ballet in school.
- She'd got a new Kyuubey plushie, which Anon won it for her in their first visit to a theme park. She ties a blue ribbon to make it a contrasting pair with her own K-tan. Though now she stowed Kyuubey plushie into her wardrobe

Bigger view + old design

Alicia + Alice © :iconyaochia:
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Oh. I got in! feel free to contact me to rp whenever. I do skype, DA notes, tumblr, google docs, whatever you want really. I'm not picky!

[DEVICE] :thumb362137376: (Level 14)

"You are all fucking crazy. I love it~!"

Name: Willow Borasco (More commonly known as "Bonsh" or "Bon")

D.O.B: October 24th

Age: 28

Gender fluid/nonbinary (Currently still uses male pronouns but is now leaning strongly into gender neutral pronoun preference)
Your character doesn't have to refer to them with correct pronouns if they are unaware of Willow's gender, but I'd appreciate if the creators of them did.

Body: Designated male at birth/DMAB/MAAB

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 210lbs

8/5/13: 220lbs (gaining weight due to stress)

Ethnicity: Mixed blood, mostly Hawaiian/Polynesian. They're just a pacific melting pot

Occupation: Worker at a no kill animal shelter/clinic
8/5/13: Now seeking additional work

Zone: 4

Demonic weapon: Terra Scorn Trecks

Magical [Poison Element]

Their demonic weapon manifests in the form of the strange looking shoes that largely function as inline skates. With them, they will kick and cut at opponents using the magical strength they give their legs. This goes along with the extremely sharp edges that inflict minor to major poisoning, seemingly dependent on their mood. The little balls that control the gravity of the trecks and act as the "wheels" can be willed into trailing the red spurs of the back of the skates if they wish to walk normally. The trecks allow them to slightly hover a few inches off the ground if they will it. If they become terribly flustered, confused, or in great pain, they have a decrease in mobility as their intuitive connection with the trecks as skates is lost and they fumble around consistently. Their weapon has a 95%* chance of not producing poison under these conditions as well. This is a bit of a catch 22 in the sense that their poison intensifies based on how they feels, but if they feel too strongly they are restricted from producing it.

The poison functions as an inward corrosive effect. It eats away at material, and causes nerve damage, and the more of it there is the more effect it has, and the longer it lasts. It essentially slowly drains health away. The exact effect varies between mild, which causes sickly irritation within the body and slightly decreased movement, to it's counterpart of major, which would have the subject be quickly and effectively eaten away from the inside in a painful manner, while also noticeably decreasing mobility. If the subject has no pain receptions or is very pain tolerant, there may not be any decreased mobility no matter what the severity of the poison effect is.

Due to them frequently suppressing their emotions, it is difficult to get anything higher than mild or maybe moderate poison out of Bon. Their weapon also becomes virtually useless if their legs are immobilized or if they are held in a position that would leave them kicking at nothing. A bit of a sitting duck. Obviously they'll get better at fighting as they level up**

*85% as of level 12
** Willow has adjusted to their skates more as of level 12 and can now utilize them much more effectively.


Seems to have a very charming, cheery, and happy disposition. They love jokes, and will be the first to laugh at them. Despite this, can get violently temperamental, and falls into mood swings at the drop of a hat. If confronted, they become quite sassy and abrasive. They can come off as quite superficial, but this is because they suppress themselves on a deeper level and often don't know what their own thoughts and emotions are, giving them reactionary behavior. They have little self worth and gather a sense of self through other people. Usually surrounds themselves with people who don't require substance.

They tend to think about others first before themselves, and is quite a people pleaser, along with having a very honest and blunt attitude. This gets them into trouble consistently and it makes them considerably easy to take advantage of.* Often they will forget to take themselves into consideration in the picture of priorities. If they do remember to take care of their priorities, they throws themselves at them relentlessly as they are a very hard worker, though a bit too obsessive and thus fatigues easily. They'll never be too fatigued to give bedroom eyes, though.

Operates on their own bizarre routine of hard work, play, sex, and solitude. Can be quite enigmatic and unpredictable. Doesn't try to rely on luck despite having copious amounts of the stuff. Likes animal company much, much, much better than human company, but will still seek humans out to feel normalized. Largely goes from secluding themselves within nature to trying to keep up with people. Treats women and girls nicer than they do boys and men. Usually has a much more blunt and stubborn personality with men unless they want "something" out of them. Overall they're still very cheery and happy though. **

*While this is still true, Willow is on guard these days.
**Willow tries their best to give off a positive vibe, but thoughts of zero world are slowly ebbing away at their happiness. Perhaps they need better friends?

:bulletgreen: Red
:bulletgreen:Shiny things
:bulletgreen:Physical activity
:bulletgreen:The Bedroom

:bulletyellow:Sensory overload
:bulletyellow:Graphic gorey imagery
:bulletyellow:That one color that looks like blue or purple and you spend the rest of the day trying to figure out which it is

~*… ~*~
tl;dr They were provoked into trying to kill their brothers, accidentally killed their father, then was later provoked again into actually murdering one of their brothers in an act of voluntary manslaughter (Court verdict)

Cats seem to like them a lot. That's why that nameless cat is up there. Willow themselves prefers snakes.

Despite being sentenced to 84 months of prison (7 years) they managed to rack up 12 additional months while in prison for various reasons ranging from amusing, to dangerous, to both.

Introduces themselves as "Bonsh" or "Bon". It's largely due to the fact that "Bonshaquitalafondria" was a nickname they got from one of their cellmates that they were on friendlier terms with for most of their prison time. Old habits die hard.

8/5/13: Hesitant now to give out their legal name to other zeros. Inspects eyes of everyone they meet.

It was quite difficult for them to get a job. The fact that they were able to get where they're working now is based in luck and someone liking how they looked.

Speaking of luck, they gains additional funds by gambling. Their type of luck enables them to throw large amounts away while only losing or gaining small increments by the time they're done, unless they play a game they can card count in. They find this extremely amusing, though it drives certain people insane.

An extremely photographic memory (Or the closest to scientifically possible) coupled with high math skill/processing speeds makes them as effective as it sounds. (see above)

Somehow managed to pick up a temperamental roommate who only shows up at odd hours and days.


Similar personality to normal form depending on if circumstances are neutral or not (Is your zero aggressive, or passive?) Brain operation is the same in a neutral state.

All their vines but the lower, larger 3 are retractable on their zero form. They're basically like tails. The other vines coming from their torso usually only get up to 9 at a time, and are very thick, but not as much as their tail vines. Won't hesitate to use vines to aid in attack or defense. along with their teeth...They are all sharp except for molars in back

Some visual notes on their zero form can be found here:…

They are in a near constant state of hunger in zero form and have yet to find the solution to neutralize it. Their hunger ranges from mild to severe enough to attack other zeros and try to eat them or take any food they may have. If they eat a zero theye will feel full for a decent amount of time (read: able to perform normal interaction)

The state of extreme hunger they enter is called "Red zone" because they will start to see the world literally in red, and they are much much much more predatory, and animalistic* in this state, but they are still lucid in thought. They has just discarded morals for the sake of hunger. When they enter this state is unpredictable, but it probably wont happen if they have already consumed a large amount, normal food or zeros otherwise.

Red zone Kill count: 7

Own deaths to monsters/players/keeper(s): 25

Appears to occasionally have voice distortions that they cant control well. Goes from "woman" voice to deeper "man" voice, high pitch to low pitch, etc.
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Edit: ahsduhufgt omgosh I got in!? can't belive this ahhh :iconcryforeverplz: so happy!!!

been stalking this group for awhile now thanks to *eirinnn and finally decided to go for it! ashufht better start praying now!
oh and my laptop is fixed! yay! ....I forgot to mention it broke 3 weeks ago and I had to use my old crappy laggy laptop but its all good now <3 I can speed up my drawing process again!

this is the same as pic above but the size is at 100 percent so you can see all the details;;...if you feel the need to that is - [link]

Hospital Name: Central Hospital Date: 11/02/---- Start Time: 12:04 End Time: 13:00

Name of Patient: Quote Zhen Chu

Department: Juvenile correction Patient Code:0034927344

Problem: Being seen for Pyromania and emotional detachment, some traits of Misogyny.

Age: 20 D.O.B: 31/07 Height: 174cm Gender: Male

Residence: Zone 3/2, been informed that he has no permanent residence borrowing from various girl “friends”

Occupation: “making woman and then breaking them” as quoted. suspected profession, Pimp/Host?

Demonic weapon: Magical type - great sword, has the ability to heat up to very high temperatures by stealing the heat from the surroundings around it, flames can also be created by scraping any of the darker metal against the lighter metal, soles of shoes are made from the darker metal for this purpose. Though very powerful its weight makes it very difficult to wield and move at fast speeds defense is very low because of this. It has a definite weakness against things with low body temperatures or cold surroundings in general as it then has hardly any heat to steal in this case it is possible to steal heat from the user (if this is desired then the gauntlet must be removed for bare skin to touch the handle) but this can backfire and seriously weaken him after a very short period of time. Weapon also has the ability to split in half, this increases his speed and agility somewhat but of course reduces the power in his strikes by about half, and the size of the blade is still pretty cumbersome so this technique isn't used often. when it is used, only one of the blades is normally used and the other left as an anchor.

Personality: Patient seems to have a pretty open personality not afraid to give opinions though there are defiantly aspects of him that he doesn’t show to others. Cheerful and doesn’t dwell on the past and moves on from things quickly. Very confident with himself, Creative in various things, romantic even if I suspect this is fake front for his “job”. Likes being in control and is what some may call arrogant, lacks the ability to visualize others feelings.

History: “Family consists of my father and mother and little brother, haha yeah though I don’t remember much about them, life was okay I guess? Not much to compare it to. My Father wasn’t the best at handling his emotions. I don’t know what his problem was, I was never one to try figure people like that out, but some nights he tended to take it out on mum, But neither of them where really that concerned about there so called “son” and what I did, Mother never really looked my way I know nearly nothing about her, but from observing she was an eccentric person, I guess you have to be for naming your child quote ….urgh. Father was a bit better he spoke to me sometimes after he came home late from work, though I took my care to avoid him when he was in one of his moods. It was basically down to me to fend for myself…I was a part of that family yet the same time I was like a stranger in the house. Thinking back on it someone must had taken care of me when I was very little but I can’t seem to recall who it was………My life was just my life until it really started to get me in high school when I started to interact more with other people. I suppose my childhood had affected more than I thought. I grew to hate my parents more and more especially after my little brother was born. They didn’t have the right to have another child which was the thing that bothered me the most. I took pity on my brother and took care of him as much as possible. But there’s only so much a boy in high school can do. I guess I’m missing the point you want to talk about though yes?”

“Well never mind I shall explain it here anyway it’s as good as time as ever. My obsession with fire grew as I was left alone by my parents, my mother used to leave candles lying around from her weird mumbo jumbo rituals and relaxing techniques she did and I often found myself staring at that tiny flame ……how should I explain… it was …rather hypnotizing and…warming? The rest is pretty simple though it just grew from there. I proceeded to make fires in the back yard and experiment with burning different objects in fascination watching how they all turn to dust using this one tool “fire” it gave me more of a sense of control over my life. Now back to high school things where okay in my school life, I made a few friends, my grades where below average but I never found the motivation to fix this, after school I entertained myself by causing small fires and looking after my brother. Then one night I was messing about as usual and the fire got out of control and burned are family home down, my dad had taken the fire alarm down to replace its batteries and failed to put it back up, and well you have the report right? My dad and mum died on the way to the hospital with severe burns, my brother only injured slightly his room being furthest away from the place the fire started and was taken to hospital and then taken away by child services. And I was taken here with only a few minor burns. And I was let go from juvenile correction a few years later. But here we are again tada~”

“What I’m doing currently? Hah Well just hanging around in Zone 3 and Zone 2 I suppose, just being a good samaritan and helping the big shots enjoy their free time, and well it’s funny what you can do with connections. Life’s pretty good I suppose. Is that it? Can I go now?”

“Hobbies? Why do you want to know? Well whatever let me think… Gambling is always good fun, photography I suppose, I did a short course on it once… pretty fascinating stuff. What else what else… I do general exercise down by the sea side every day is that a hobby? I’m pretty good at monkey bars recently if I do say so myself haha thinking of taking up tai chi as well a friend recommended it. Oh and fashion is a good passer of time as well pretty into this look at the moment. Oh that reminds me live alternative music is great as well, cooking I’m pretty good at though I wouldn’t call it a hobby per say…running out of things here. Nail art? …no ignore that, ummm nah I think that’s about it.”

Medication required: No Support necessary: Yes.

Other Notes: Needs more counseling to fix the problem. Still partakes in a fascination with fire e.g smokes a lot just so he can use a lighter, Other potentially illegal activities unknown. Slight signs of Misogyny with the fact he treats woman like objects, well-loved objects but objects all the same. Appears to have trust issues with people in general, I suspect that he lies a lot, though no way to confirm. Ability to function in society is very high despite this and has a way with sweet talking people…seemingly embarrassed about his skill at nail art, insists on using middle name due to obvious reasons. Blocks out anything to do with his brother for reasons unknown, refusal to find him when suggested.

Next session if required: 15/04/---- Signed: _____________________X

what is anatomy!? wut is side faces? wut is proportions!? what are writing skills?

Quote Chu....get it? get it? :iconohohoplz: /SHOT/ u can tell I took forever on thinking that name up.....I literally did. I was inspired by hong Kong English names, theirs a guy with the name "Never Wong" ...that will never be un-funny to me

I am now an expert (not really) on pyromania as well now having read like 9 essays on it. its a super interesting topic actually! So Quote fits in super well with the typical traits of a pyromaniac and some traits of misogyny, you learn like so much doing OC research lol

I wanted to be creative with the the text for once and do it from the point of view from his therapist seeing as I saw people had done loads of amazing stuff with there text bit after reading all the app descriptions currently in the group *such a stalker* and wanted to have a go....I'm not sure I managed it. I'm such a risk taker and cool kid going with out an app check I totaly did this on person yo. its not like I didn't manage to finish in time or anything.....:iconsulkplz: more like an idiot.... please don't reject meeee /shot/

The demonic weapon bit is so not relevant in a therapist report but I just thought if I don't mention it maybe it will look natural if I slip it in lool

hnnn another reason I wanted to do it from the point of view of his therapist is so that not everything is given away from the start ohoho its more fun to rp like that and people can find out more of the truth about him out and stuff ;; I hope that's okay to do god please say its okay to do this /so nervous/

oh and remind me never to try designing weapons again my god I suck /sobs/ look at it! just look at it :iconthisisawfulplz:

I been working on this for 4 weeks now my god and I still didn't manage to shade the damn thing...I've come to the conclusion I'm the slowest worker ever /sobs/ I'm sorry!
lol he's the most unoriginal design ever he looks like an Ai no exorcist reject /rolls about in frustration/
but I still like him asudhft /holds him/

anyways down to the most important of all ....................................................please be my friend and rp with me /grabs you/

I'm not a creeper... honest :iconheplz:
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[ R A N K ] : Keeper

[ T Y P E ] : Parasitic

[ H E I G H T ] : 5 ' 10" with heels // 5' 5" without them

[ S T A T S ] : High defense and speed. Low on power.

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Ki is manipulative and untrusting. She absolutely hates men and will fly into a rage if she is touched by any (even Keepers).

She has an obsession with being the most beautiful thing anyone has ever laid their eyes on. Ki has a habit of acting extremely flirty with the players while she fights.

[ P O W E R S ]
Ki has a corset piercing on her back. The rings from the piercings can expand into the four scorpion legs when she enters the battle room. Outside of battle, the metal claws on her fingers bear the appearance of rings on her fingers. The blades on her legs and claws are very sharp, and sometimes she digs them into walls so that she can travel along the battle room ceiling and walls like an insect.

Her pigtails can turn into pincers to grab the face of her enemies when they are close. Usually when she gets this uncomfortably close to you, she'll whisper a few choice creepy words. The blade ends of her tail come together to cut things apart like scissors.

[ L I K E S ]

:iconblacksparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconbluesparklesplz: :iconnplz::iconaplz::icontplz::iconeplz::iconbluesparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconblacksparklesplz:

- Metal piercings
- The color white because it looks pure
- young blood

[ D I S L I K E S ]

[ O T H E R ]
- She has corset piercings on the sides of her waist and along her back all tied together with black ribbons.
- Ki has an obsession with body piercings and has them all over her body. She has at least five in each ear as well as a tongue piercing and a belly piercing.
- Of the players she defeats (only for girls) she will take their piercings as a sign of victory and wear them.
- She hates all men and the only players she will acknowledge as worthy opponents are girls. Ki considers men the scum of the earth.
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Character Application

【 General Information 】

Beate Die Nullte

D.O.B :
November 25




Part-time worker as a faculty assistant at a nursery school

After becoming a Zero, he completely left home and was given a place to stay by a friend he met through his study of the discipline. The rent was free but in exchange, he had to work in the Nursery school his friend was teaching in.

Zone 2

【 Weapon 】


Parasitic Arm
In Zero form, his arm transforms according to his needs. It has three forms, each with its own uses.

Claw – The claw is the default appearance of his weapon(as seen in the app). He is able to move smoothly and efficiently with it, but could only cover an average amount of damage. It is more defensive than offensive. Rather than blocking, the host can revert the attack, unlike in the two other forms wherein he could only do so in special cases.

Scythe – The second form of the weapon, the scythe is much lighter but more fragile than the other two. It lets the host move and attack in a faster rate but does less damage than the other forms. With the scythe form, it is made possible to cut through air.

Hammerfist – The last form of the weapon, it is far heavier and drags the host’s speed down. It is however highly durable and could sustain attacks unlike the other forms. It strains the host from long jumps and movements but its weight itself covers a high amount of damage.

【 Personality 】


  • Bikes
  • Silence
  • Spicy Food
  • Video Games
  • Music
  • Reading Music Sheets
  • Rain
  • Cold


  • Noise and disruption
  • Crowds
  • Household chores
  • Children
  • Seeing people cry

Independent | Patient | Observant | Attentive | Quiet | Calm| Distrustful | Detached

Beate appears as an indifferent young lad, often striking an intimidating stare as he observes people very carefully. He has very few words even to people he trusts and even more so to strangers. He often keeps things to himself and dislikes useless chatter. Often, he would stay quiet to subjects he is not interested in, or something that does not concern him. However removed he may seem, he listens to everything that is said and will try to draw a conclusion on his own. This does not help his unhealthy suspicion about his surroundings that may sometimes be compared to paranoia. Despite this, he still has a calm demeanor.

Independent and determined, Beate can accomplish things on his own and will do his best in tasks given to him. He is passionate and is absolutely hard-working. He doesn’t want to disappoint his comrades and therefore he is very much attentive to their needs. It is despite the fact he is often seen as not having care about anyone. He is very patient and tries to extend his understanding though it is not always effective as he is often cynical. He remains as a lad who could forgive, but never forget.

【 History 】

The white noise sounded as I stared on the blinking screen. There has not been a sound in the household for a few days now.

The boy sat down by the end of the stairs, staring down at what seemed to be a now empty living room. The laughter echoed in his head as the memories now seemed like a fuzz of black and white noise. The deafening silence was only broken by the soft tapping of footsteps as they came one after another, getting louder and louder. Behind the woman he called mother, her baggage rolled and for each step she made, the boy’s heart seemed to just sink deeper into an abyss of anger, of frustrations and questions: a broken symphony. She stopped in front of the doorway and looked back at him. Her eyes like it never was: they were swollen, and there were trails of tears, but she was still beautiful with her locks draping the sides of her face. “Do you want to come with me?” She traced with her lips but did not utter a single word. He just looked at her and for a moment wanted to run to her but he didn't. He hugged his knees and buried his face in between them. In a few seconds, the only thing he heard was the continuation of the footsteps. He looked up at the man, ‘Father’, he called him, as he slammed the door closed. Since then, he has never looked at the boy with the same care he had back then. The space he once called home became quieter and quieter, and by each day the gap between him and his father became greater.

Only a few moons passing, the quiet nights became filled with a new laughter—it did not come from the young one, but from another woman who seemed much younger than the boy’s mother. In only a few more months passing, he already got used to the new complete ‘family’ his father was introducing him. Though the boy was still as quiet as ever, the woman made an effort to reach a hand to him. He did not ask for any attention but it was given to him without hesitation. He did not dislike it, the new music that was starting as the woman was kind and loved him as if she were her own. She tried her best to be the mother that the boy has been missing… but it was never enough. Sometimes the boy would find himself at the place where he knew he’d find his mother, but in the end he would return home to the empty space he has been living in.

Instead of burying himself in his anger, he disciplined himself by training under a Martial Arts temple and for the first time, he found what he excelled at. For years, that was what kept him and his step-mother applauded his every accomplishment. It was different however for his father who never paid attention to what he does. Sometimes he thought that maybe he’d forgotten his name, or maybe forgotten his existence. He loved his step-mother but couldn’t help but still feel alone in a space with no real family.

Time passed for him, and as a growing boy, he was still as quiet and detached as ever. He completely got used to everyday living with the same two people but it wasn’t until there was another addition to the family, just a few months after his step-mother and his father got married. The child was small and frail and had a weak body. Even as a baby, it was sickly and needed more care than other infants. This kept his step-mother away from him as she became busy taking care of the child. What bothered the boy most was how his father seemed extremely happy and how he praised even the littlest accomplishment of the child. It left the boy with questions and an even greater abyss than what his mother has left him.

The boy found himself one day sitting across the woman he called ‘Mother’. She still had that twinkle in her eyes and she was as beautiful as ever as her locks fall down her shoulders. Though they parted in a bitter manner, their reunion was much happier. She had tears in her eyes like back then, but she was smiling. He felt her strong desire to just go over to him and lock him in her arms… but she didn’t. She sat patiently across him. “Beate,” in a loving manner, she called her son’s name. “How have you been? You’ve grown.” A beautiful smile filled her face and with just that, he felt a little bit better. The years they have not even met each other was made up that day, and all his anger and questions just faded away. She seemed to know more than what he told her. All these time, has she been watching from afar? He did not ask but he knew she never left him… There was only regret that he never had the courage to walk up to her back then. The seldom meetings became more frequent, and ultimately it lead to him watching her from afar. Often he would see her with a young boy, a brother he never met. Though they were different, they had a lot of things in common. “Do you want to meet him?” She asked. A shake of his head and a simple “No,” he answered.

“Then perhaps I could tell him about you?”

He was happy that way—the way his mother comforted him. He enjoyed each second they talked, and he didn’t mind at all how she would tell about his younger brother each time. “Rhymu,” she would always start their small talks with. It was the only source of comfort he had, those meetings.

But those did not last, for every last goodbye he bade her, he welcomed himself to that empty space again. It was always the same sight, a family where he didn’t belong to. The child, though steadily growing up, was as weak as ever and needed all the attention he could get. There were times the child’s parents left him to Beate, and this wasn’t rare at all. He would just stay inside the same room and wait until the child’s parents finally arrive. However, patience didn’t last as long as he wanted to.

For each meeting Beate had with his mother, she grew weaker and weaker, and her voice softer. He always told her to at least take a break from her work but she would always say that his brother would worry, and she needed to work for both of them. Sometimes, he couldn’t stop himself and just drops by her work place to make sure she was doing alright. Mother always wears that beautiful smile… but I knew there was something wrong.

One day, as the child’s parents were away, the child was especially sick and as usual, he just stayed in the same room, waiting patiently. A beep from his mobile alerted him and reading the message, he didn’t have time for any hesitation and stood up. He was just informed that his mother had collapsed. That time, he didn’t know what to think, he couldn’t stay calm and he just ran towards the door… only to be stopped by the small hands of the child. A tight grip by his clothing and the loud crying filled the room. Patience didn’t last as long as he wanted to. He pushed the child away, but he knew he needed his medication that time. Without thinking, he grabbed what medicine that was available and left as soon as the child took it. He didn’t care; he needed to see his mother now. Thoughts filled his mind, but midway to the hospital, he stopped and turned his back. It wasn’t right; a child shouldn’t be left alone like that.

He swallowed his sinking heart as he ran back. To Beate’s surprise, the child lied down, fever rising as heavy breathing came after. He picked the child up, noticing his skin starting to have dark spots. He stared down, his calm demeanor fading as he stood up and ran out, towards the hospital where he was heading to just a little while ago. What did he do wrong, what was happening? Never had he before, but he held the child close to him. Before they arrived at the hospital, most part of the child’s body was covered in dark spots, and he himself couldn’t recognize him.

The young man stared down his mother’s face. He was losing two people right at the moment. He gritted his teeth, held her hand one last time before he went back to the child. There was almost no trace of how he used to be; the people in white all around the child as the frail body started to collapse. He had poisoned him with the wrong medicine.

Time continued to pass as the beat of the child's heart continued to wane and vanish. The empty halls echoed with a couple of footsteps coming closer. Leaning on the wall by the door of the child's room, he couldn't even raise his head up to see the agonized look on his step-mother's face. Much to his detriment, he swallowed his growing guilt and looked at them as they approached. They didn't even see him; they passed him by as they attended to the child with the fainted heartbeat. He had killed his own brother. Just like that as she knelt beside him, the doctor's lips traced the time; tracing the time that his father looked at him and will be the last time that he will. He remembered that he existed--and for that moment, both him and his father had wished he never did exist.

"For the sake of those you've killed, you have to live for them."

The white noise sounded as I stared on the blinking screen. There has not been a sound in the household for a few days now. Rhymu will wake up soon.

【 Others 】

  • Beate is currently training the discipline of Kempo
  • He currently lives with Rhymu in their own house.
  • He has zero talent in doing household chores but will try his best if he had to.
  • He disliked horror motion pictures.
  • Kawaii Otouto from Heaven is here:

Uhh... trying out a different style with photoshop....? I can't believe this took me more than a... just. It took very long //laughs// And now I finally finished it I'm so happy--Thank you to *My1Heaven *golden-essence and *Srinitybeast as you watched me suffer. //nods

We've been waiting very long so I'm happy we finally accomplished the app! >w</
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Going to fix the fullbody images ;u; Going to fix him up a bit since he hit level 10.

Can RP through chatroom, note, or google docs. Just ask~
tumblr † [link] † twitter † [link]

zero modeweapon

Name † Ren
D.O.B † December 22
Age † 18 [currently 19]
Gender † Male
Height † 5'8" [172cm]

Occupation † Warehouse Worker
Zone † Zone 4
Device † [link]

Demonic Weapon † Black Moon † a magical scythe that can engulf it's blade in black flames hot enough to scorch anything it touches.

+ fearless
+ intelligent
+ loyal
+ trustworthy
+ understanding
- antisocial
- competitive
- distrustful
- lone wolf
- stubborn

Ren almost always has a serious expression on his face, rarely showing a smile or any emotion. He is a serious person and can be rather sarcastic and condescending at times. Being a lone wolf Ren prefers not to associate himself with others and is quite antisocial. He doesn’t trust anyone and will keep his distance. Ren is generally cold to all who meet him and keeps his heart shut tight so no one can get in.

Don’t let his outward expression and attitude fool you, though. Ren is surprisingly kind and considerate towards those who earn his trust. His expression softens around those he holds close and he will laugh and cry like any other individual. Not having had friends all his life he can be a bit socially awkward and aloof but he is loyal, trustworthy, and understanding.

He may be quite patient and understanding but there is one thing you should watch out for. If Ren gets pushed too far, which is a rare occurance, and is angered he can become dangerous; he isn't afraid to pull a knife on someone if things get out of hand. Ren won't attack unless he has no choice to, however, because he won't risk getting into more trouble than is needed.

Ren is highly intelligent, practically on the level of a genius, and will take on any challenge. He fears nothing but having his freedom stripped from him. Having grown up to be a winner Ren is extremely competitive, prideful, and stubborn. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants and defeat is never an option.

Ren was born and raised in Central. He lived with his parents, his only living family, who were extremely strict and unkind. All his life he sat through countless tutoring sessions, piano lessons, kendo practice, flower arrangement, basketball practice, and many, many other activities. His parents made sure Ren could do anything and everything and kept him busy all hours of the day every day, not allowing him any time to himself. Ren himself was somewhat of a genius and picked up everything his parents made him do easily. Regardless of the fact, his parents were unimpressed and forced him to study and practice hours on end, accepting nothing but utter perfection. If Ren so much as made one single mistake his parents would beat him. Ren couldn’t even stay home when he was sick or ditch because he would get beat by his parents if he did.

Since entering elementary school his parents forced him to participate in countless contests and competitions. Excelling in anything he set him mind to, it was rare for Ren not to place first. Ren was pretty much a trophy child, a tool for his parents to gain social status amongst the community. Whenever he’d win first place his parents would boast to others about how their son was so talented. They would wear a mask and treat Ren as if they loved him dearly whenever they were in public, the total opposite of how they treated him in private. He had to play along with their act if he didn’t want to get beaten when he got home. All the trophies he won were displayed in a large display case in the living room for all who entered to stare at in awe. The prize money he would win along with the trophies and medals went entirely to his parents. Ren wasn’t allowed any of it and his parents would spend it all on themselves for their own selfish needs. His parents lived in luxury thanks to his natural talent and they worked him like a dog.

The only place he had time for himself was when he was at school, it was the only time his parents weren’t breathing down his neck. Ren wouldn’t talk to anyone, nor did he try. All he wanted was to relax from all the stress built up from his parents’ demands. His classmates either loathed him for being number one at everything or tried to kiss up to him so they could brag. Many were afraid of him since he never smiled or showed emotion. Ren just ignored them all and minded his own business, not interested in socializing with anyone. Aside from break school was a total bore. He already knew all the material but if he didn’t pay attention, or feign it, his parents would get a notification about the matter and he’d have a beating in store for him when he returned home.

Ren hated his parents. His hatred for them was so strong words couldn’t even describe it. On his 18th birthday Ren decided it was time to free himself from him parents’ grasp, but he couldn’t rush it, he had to wait for the right time. The date he set for his revenge was the 1st of January, New Year’s Day. On the fateful day his parents were passed out in their room after having drunk alcohol all night long, the same ritual they exercised every year in celebration of the New Year. As his parents slept away Ren took a butcher knife from the kitchen and quietly slipped into his parents’ room. This was his first time entering his parents’ room since they had forbid him from ever doing so. The room was a mess, cluttered with piles of fancy, expensive clothing and jewelry, all things they had bought with the money Ren had earned. Not once had they let him buy anything, nor did they give him birthday presents. They selfishly spent all his money on themselves. Ren’s anger increased tenfold after laying eyes on the unsightly room. Without any hesitation in his mind he put all his strength and eighteen years of anger into severing his sleeping parents’ heads from their bodies with the knife held tightly in both his hands. After both heads were cleanly cut from their respectful bodies he then took both decapitated heads and placed them inside the trophy display case in the living room with a twisted grin on his face.

“Thanks mother, father, I just won my final two trophies. Aren’t you proud?”

The deed now done, Ren washed his hands and changed into clean clothing. His next plan of action was to make his way to Zone 4 to start a new life, a life he could control himself. First, however, he had to cover up his parents’ deaths. Ren decided to put on a little act to aid in his escape. After packing some clothing and food into a bag he quietly broke the window in his parent’s room and left a trail of blood and footprints to throw off any detectives that looked into the incident. Ren washed the knife and placed it back in its rightful place in the kitchen before heading outside and locking the door behind him. His next step in carrying out his plan was to trick the neighbors. Ren ran over to the neighbor’s house out of breath with sweat dripping off his forehead and explained to them that he was being chased by a masked man with a knife. He told them he was going to try to escape and would return later when everything was okay; adding that if he never returned it meant something had happened to him. As a final touch he told the neighbor to watch his house in case the killer decided to go after his parents. The neighbor, having taken the bait, nodded and wished him a safe return. Once out of sight Ren started laughing to himself as he walked, a genuine smile lighting up his face. He was free now.

Ren was careful to stay out of sight on his way to Zone 4, he didn’t want anyone to see and recognize him because it could likely ruin his escape. He made sure to take the less traveled roads, not minding the fact that he’d be on the road longer. At this point in time he was enjoying every moment of his newfound freedom. The reason Ren chose to start anew in Zone 4 was because he figured his reputation didn’t reach that part of City and he wouldn’t be recognized and reported. After finally reaching Zone 4 the first thing he did was look for a job to secure some sort of income. He quickly found work in the warehouses along the port and found shelter in an abandoned shed. Once he cleaned up the shed a bit he lay down on the floor, head propped on his bag. Certain his new life would be relaxing and peaceful Ren drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face. The following morning he found a strange device in his hand and thus began his involvement in the game known as ZERO.

Likes † Dislikes
+ books
+ peace and quiet
+ the moon
+ the wind
+ wolves [+ animals in general]
- being forced to do things
- losing
- loud places
- people
- physical contact

Additional Info
† The dog tags he wears are blank. Ren abandoned his name and his past. But if you want to know his last name it's Kurogane.
† Ren’s parents forced Ren to take lessons for all of the following: piano, violin, guitar, flute, voice, acting, cross country, track, basketball, soccer, karate and other types of martial arts, kendo, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, fencing, swimming, acrobatics, sewing, and cooking.
† Out of all the activities his parents forced him to do Ren actually does enjoy playing music and going swimming.
† Ren has several scars on his body from getting beaten by his parents.
† Ren has never had a single friend in all his life. He’s never had time for any and people generally either didn’t like him because of his reputation or tried to get close to him in order to use him.
† Ren doesn’t smile or show emotion around people easily. If he does smile for you, a genuine smile, that means he’s comfortable around and trusts you.
† Despite being bad with people Ren is good with animals and will act gentle and kind towards them.
† In his ZERO form his left eye turns red. It emits a glow, or flame, when he's wearing his wolf-shaped mask.
† Ever since taking shelter in Zone 4 he is careful not to go too close to Central.
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