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chibi commission for the lovely :iconcddmanful: who always seems to help me in though situations ;__; :heart: Thank you so much!! :glomp:(featuring his OC, Alice )

I shall use this space to announce I won't upload any art (or I think so) I mean HOPEFULLY because I have an english assignment to do till' 21st this month and I read 63/355 pages how am I even going to write a critical essay and omfg I can't I'm done my life and prorcastination times are over what I can do I'm not even I can't even--- uchuu iz in great panic :iconstephencolbertomgplz:
The only thing I'll be drawing and focusing on are commissions! :la:

but thank you so much for all your support and comments and everything! :love::iconflyingheartsplz: I'm not ignoring anything on purpose, I'll find a way to reply everything when my life assignment is done! :tighthug:
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          when you feel the sky is empty, I'll be your wings.

I finally squished some time for a doodle! UHYAH :iconfabulousplz:...annndd again, my lovebirds OCs Avis and Vinn :dummy: :heart: Vinn is actually quite desperate 'cause he doesn't know what to do to make Avis depend on him more~...:giggle:

:star: now doing *Haseoblack's commission >> COLOURING BG :faint: :star:

thank you so much for looking, wish you a relaxing week! :huggle: :rose:
other Vinns and Avises :dummy: :
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I have nothing else to upload, so here! An old sketch I drew few months ago (when was in Japan) due to bambootablet-Sick ;-; also wanted to try out the few Neopikos I bought. (size003) :eager:


 texture :
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have a wtf title! :dummy: it actually means something (very weirdly written of course), can you decipher it? :bucktooth:
young Yan and his friends successfully captured found the small red panda. Ah he had such a sweet childhood. :love: excuse the broken hand anatomy here, you know me. :iconherpderpplz:
Yan's story and fully grown wings can be found here :giggle: >> I don't need the sky by uchuubranko

I didn't do any of the things I planned to do on dA recently...!! :grump: I need more timmmeeeee OTL

thank you so much for looking, hope you have a relaxing week!! :hug: :heart:
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b-day gift?? art trade part?? I don't know what it is anymore...:iconlazycryheartplz:
for the wonderful, lovely, amazing :iconnaochiko: :iconnaochiko::iconnaochiko: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
her part : :iconrainbowtearplz:
thank you so much for the wonderful support, you are such an amazing artist and person!! :glomp: I loved drawing those two, I just hope I didn't butcher them too much asfdhagd!! :iconhappytearsplz: I'm so sorry ;~;

Hatoba Yudan >> ( *naochiko) " Just do like this and they'll come to yo--......"
Kiyomizu Maiko >> ( *soemei) "*she has already pigeons coming for her unconditionally*"
Hatoba Yudan >> ( *naochiko) ......:iconfacepokerplz:
have lots of pigeons and a white pigeon-like budgie! :icondummylaplz:

thank you so much for all the support, everyone! :blushes:Wish you a wonderful weekend! :hug: :heart:
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          we'll chase the sky on this valentine night.

Little Pixel Heart ~ Little Pixel Heart ~ Little Pixel Heart ~

Happy valentine's day everyone!! :love: I glomp you all! :glomp: :heart: I hope you'll have a warm day with many hugs :tighthug:
I can't believe I made it in time, oh actually I can, I don't remember sleeping! :dummy: Much love went to this starry sky. :faint: My two lovebirds (ocs) needed to be there, Avis is finally smiling and they finally got new clothes! :noes:

I'll reply all the comments in my inbox sometime soon. :tighthug:

~ massive thanks to my friend who lent me her body to reference things :evillaugh:

thank you for lookiiiiing--5 seconds hug 
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        I'd like to touch your cheek
          and chase butterflies
            like we did all the time way back then
            ...are you lonely? I shall leave now...

a little practice with emotions and faces :love:
colours were all eaten by textures but strangely I don't feel sad...even though I'm a colour freak :noes:

Please don't distribute this without credit, and do not print or sell. :stare::stare::stare:

wish you a wonderful week everyone! :tighthug: :heart:
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          ......But if you wanna go someplace where you and your family can have a future you can be proud of, to a brighter place where you can live with dignity, then...
      You must know no shame. Raise your heads and fight!

Kouha. KOUHA. ;-; :heart: you are so damn kind and twisted.

Magi >> Ohtaka Shinobu
Fnart >> uchuubranko
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< EDIT : full view please since the colurs in full view are the real ones...:grump: >

.......I realized I don't have a present for my mom and not enough time and MONEY to buy one on the 24th of December, yesterday... :noes: So I quickly doodled a horse on a canvas and put it under the tree this morning, the 25th :iconrlytearplz:
She was surprised because I used my big canvas (was lying in my room for about 2 years :paranoid:) and because this is the 2nd time in the year of 2013 that I touch my acrylics lololololol..........:iconinternalconflictplz:
I can see my mistakes, I could see them all the time :iconforeveraloneplz:  I don't have enough brain to fix them. Buuut she loves horses so I'm happy I was able to draw it :dummy: I had fun and a horrible back pain for a while! :love:


tools :
canvas (I don't know the size since it's a redrawn canvas, I lost the paper XD But up there is a creepily cute half mask = half human face)
time : 3 hrs

used ~MagicalFantasies's fantastic stock as reference :love: >>…

I did say I'll post a Christmas-themed drawing, so guessing this is unexpected. :bucktooth:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!! :tighthug: :heart: I wish you a warm and wonderful New year as well!! :glomp:
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Let's search together again.
The location of happiness, our distance from the sadness and
Touching the dream to verify
The strength of knowing the time when you know you can't do anything
Surely someday, if we can meet on journeys that don't cross...

feelz from Tales of the Abyss came back after watching…, ah inevitability. :dummy: I wanted to play with Luke's hair, Luke, thank you for coming back to Tear. Little Pixel Heart ilovethisseriessomuchomg
clean doodle, few hrs on and off
Luke >> Tales of the Abyss >> Namco Bandai Games

wish you a great week!5 seconds hug 
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