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Edit9: The contest is now over and use admins will begin with the judging.

Edit8: The Contest has been extended for another week. The new deadline is October 7th. So if you wanted to enter then this is your time to do so. Spread the word, we need to get more people to enter.

Edit7: 3 days left and only 9 entries. If you planned on entering your time is almost up so you better, HURRY HURRY HURRY!

Edit6: Adding the entries we have so far to this journal post to get you all more excited about the contest. If you want to still enter you got 6 days left, so you better hurry.

Edit5: ONE more week left to enter the contest, so if you haven't already and still want to join you better hurry, and don't forget to spread the word. We need at least two more entries. +Prizes were updated

Edit4: Got 10 days left of the contest and only 8 entries, so hurry up and enter before it's too late. There's so many great prizes. If you can't enter please spread the word and support Gummybunny!

Edit3: More prizes have been added! Thank you!! :)

Edit2: Got 5 entries so and we're looking for more. There's only 16 days left of the contest so hurry and enter or spread the word and support our favorite pairing.

Edit1: Just one month left of the contest and only 2 entries. So you wish to join the contest then do so. You don't need to be a member to join. Please spread the word and support this pairing and our group!

Hey everyone, group co-founder Hailey here. I have great news; today marks the second year anniversary of when our beloved group was created. Crazy right? Two years of sharing amazing art of our favorite Adventure Time pairing by so many great artists. We couldn’t have done this without you all, the watchers, members, and artists that stuck by us and supported Fionna and Prince Gumball.

To celebrate this wonderful day, my fellow admins and I decided to hold a group contest where you could win great prizes. Let’s support GummyBunny and celebrate our group’s anniversary by having all you amazing artists draw and write and win some prizes.

Here’s what we want you to do; a deviation based on one of the following themes:

Theme #1- First Date (make it special and unique)
Theme #2- Fionna and Gumball’s wedding has been ambushed. Now they have to fight for their lives. Make an artwork, short comic, or short story based on this idea.
Theme #3- A crossover between a scene from a movie and Gummybunny.

Anything is accepted; cosplay, paper children, short comic, short fanfics, traditional paintings, drawings, digital artwork, animations, icons, cosplay, etc. And it can be in any style you want.

Any prize donations are welcome; badges, points, drawing requests, watches, favs, etc.

1st Place-
:bulletpurple: Llama badge and 30 :points: from our founder, BOBBDAPENGUINN
:bulletyellow: Llama badge, 30 :points:, and A free requested drawing (shaded) by AlwaysForeverHailey (me)
:bulletpink: A spot in the Hall of Fame
:bulletblue: Winning artwork will be placed in the featured folder
:bulletpurple: Llama badge and 75 :points: from our co-founder TheRosePrince
:bulletyellow: Llama badge, 20 :points:, free requested digital art (1-2 characters)from Shai3518 and Featured on her profile for a month

2nd Place-
:bulletpurple: Llama badge and 20 :points: from BOBBDAPENGUINN
:bulletyellow: Llama badge, 20 :points: and A free requested drawing (flat color) from AlwaysForeverHailey
:bulletpink: Llama badge and 50 :points: from co-founder TheRosePrince
:bulletblue:  Llama badge, 10 :points: from Shai3518 and Featured on her profile for a month

3rd Place-
:bulletpurple: Llama badge, 10 :points: from BOBBDAPENGUINN
:bulletyellow: Llama badge, 10 :points:, and A free requested drawing (flat color) by AlwaysForeverHailey
:bulletpink: Llama badge and 25 :points: from co-founder TheRosePrince
:bulletblue:  Llama badge and 5 :points: from Shai3518

~No using bases or dollmakers
~No tracing
~Submit your entry to this folder:…
~No r-rated material
~Does not need to be colored
~You need to favorite this journal
~You can enter more than once, but you can’t win more than once.
~Do not put in (we must be able to favorite it)
~You can edit your entry as long as it’s before the deadline. If you do so after the deadline you will be disqualified.
~The entries have to be especially made for this contest. No artworks accepted from before this contest starts.

The Deadline will be October 7th

So GO, GO, GO! Support our beloved pairing and enter this contest. ^^ Share this contest in a journal entry and spread the word. We want all the support we could get and as many entries as possible. Do it for Gummybunny!!!

Entries so far:
Fiona x Gumball contest entry by MelloChello195Adventure Time: The First Dance by ImmoblissAT | Fionna and Gumball by KsiezniczkaOlyaSugar Sweet Date by pink4ever4uSimply Meant To Be by FreyamustdieFirst Date by crescentshadows19painting date (gumballxfionna) by michelle-lennon9Tangled Gum by Xiaooyu A Gumbunny (Fionna x Gumball) storyFionna and PG sat under a tree, with its huge branches, laden with leaves, sheltering them from the scorching rays of the sun. There they were having their first picnic together. How Fionna’s heart fluttered in her chest! She was alone with Gumball, her Prince Charming, with his muscular chest, that short pink hair, that incredible face…one of Glob’s masterpieces laid beside her. He was the one who satisfied Fionna’s heart, from his charms to his gentle and calm attitude.
For Gumball Fionna was the embodiment of beauty, with the noble heart of a warrior. Never in his life had he come across another damsel with such gorgeous figure, long golden hair, coupled with those blue eyes that had melted his soft heart of gum. He wanted to serve her, to worship her, to please her in any way whatsoever. He was the knight in shining armour, while Fionna was his queen.
Fionna giggled when Gumball got icing all over his face from eating a creampuff. Oh that voice, so angelic,
A GummyBunny FanFiction (A CONTEST ENTRY)I never thought this would be the way I would see her now.
At first I thought she was just like my knight in a shining skirt that would protect me no matter what.
Then she became my best friend, some I could laugh with, hang out with, even cry with.
Then she became my admirer.
Whom I rejected more than once.
I guess Love really is a cruel being. It comes when a person least expects it. It takes a place in your heart making it skip a beat a little too late. And the worst part is, it makes you fall in love with a person that can never love you back.
I don’t hate love. What I do hate is pain it brings, the pain from loving her...
... from loving Fionna.
A Gummy-Bunny Fan Fiction
I feel like I finally want to tell her. Tell her how I really feel about her. But when I get too close to actually doing it, horrid memories play back in my mind.
“I love you Prince Gumball!” She confessed. I looked at her with a confused expression. I scratched my head, trying t
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How do you put together a great Storyboard Artist portfolio? Pixar Story Artist Ted Mathot has some great advice...…
Looks like Nickelodeon is easing up on their usual policy of 3-5 years experience needed for storyboarding jobs. I know that always frustrates new artists trying to get in to the field. A new job post separates the requirements into "Basic Quaifications" (which I assume means that they're required) and "Desired qualifications" (Which sounds to me like its preferred, but not a deal-breaker). Now they desire only 1 year of experience, but they add: "and/or training on a similar show; or equivalent combination of education and experience." The bottom line is that studios just want someone good and reliable, but they don't want to swim through an ocean of amateurish portfolios from people that are clearly not prepared for the job.

see… and…
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100 Point GiveAway!(Spare#1)(Closed)

Thu Oct 10, 2013, 7:36 AM
Hello! My sparing starts from today:dance:


Bullet; Green Add this journal to your fav+fav
Bullet; Green Watch me Added to my devWatch!
Bullet; Green Make a journal like this:
 :icondaspare: is holding a 100 point giveaway!


At dASpare, you can donate points to receive watches, llamas,or favs!

Go check them out today! I am a dummy!

+favlove Help him with some donation so that he can do more giveaways.

:iconcutypanda: :iconsweet-zatch: 

The Winner

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Contest! Draw Sophie and get a MH Drawing!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 16, 2013, 9:05 AM

link | link | link | link
link | link | link | link | link

What is this contest about?:
Draw my doll Sophie
Sophie 2.0 by MySweetQueen-Dolls Sophie (Repainted Draculaura) by MySweetQueen-Dolls MH Repaint Number 7 by MySweetQueen-Dolls
you can draw her chibi, realistic or in your own style, but her face must be always visible and you must draw her joints. She is a doll, I wouldn't like her to look like she wasn't. This means you MUST draw her joints, but you can draw her with any expression, like if she was alive.
You can draw her with the clothes she has in the photos or even design your own clothes for her, so you have total freedom about it.

how many drawings can I do for this contest?:

As many as you want without limit, as long as they are 100% original and finished (full colored). No work in progress, no drawings in striped paper.

Traditional or digital?:
Both are accepted

Please, be original:
Don't steal other people's drawings, don't use bases, and please, don't just copy a photo T_T
You may use a photo as a reference, but don't traze it.
If you do, you will be kicked out from the contest.

How can I participate?:
Sending me your entry's link in a note or commenting here, faving this journal and making a journal yourself to advertise this contest.
The entry must be submitted to your DA gallery to be valid.

Must Sophie be alone in the drawing?:
You may draw her with other of my dolls, but she must be always the protagonist.

What about backgrounds?:
You can draw her with or without background, but the drawing always looks better with it. You can draw any from the photos or create a new one of your own.

When will the contest end?:
The contest ends in July 16 of 2013 (you have 3 weeks to draw at least one entry)

The Prize:
A monster high digital drawing (I'd submit it to this account :iconmysweetqueen:)
something like this: Contest Prize by MySweetQueen-Dolls
It may be your own MH character, my own MH character, or any canon MH character

How will we know who's the winner?:
I'll do a poll with the finalist drawings, and they will be voted in a poll. The most voted will win.
If you ask for help to get more votes you will be kicked out from the contest.


1) :iconcocoismynumber1food: Sophie ~ Contest by Cocoismynumber1food Sophie Contest Entry 2 by Cocoismynumber1food
2) :icontesuai: Contest Entry by Tesuai
3) :iconwinged-blackshell: MH Sophie Contest Drawing by Winged-blackshell
4) :iconmimoldiere: Doll Sophie by mimoldiere
5) :iconkumaprince: Sophi by kumaprince
6) :iconfranzmori: Sophie the Doll by franzmori
7) :iconkikiuchiha32589: Sophie by KikiUchiha32589
8) :iconpeachshark: {contest entry - sophie} by peachshark
9) :iconglittere: Sophie by Glittere
10) :iconsedated-enigma: Contest Entree: ''Draw Sophie'' by Sedated-Enigma
11) :iconkairix13: :thumb378853674:
12) :iconflightyfelon: MH Sophie Contest Entry by FlightyFelon
13) :iconsonic-vs-crash: :thumb378879214:
14) :iconhalloween360: Sophie by Halloween360
15) :iconstrawberry-kytlynn: Sophie by Strawberry-Kytlynn
16) :icontoyboxfox: Sophie Entry by toyboxfox
17) :icondrop-dead13: Sophie by drop-dead13
18) :iconreploid: Sophie MH by REPLOID
19) :iconalbuslupus7: Image (2) by AlbusLupus7
20) :iconmariarvaldes: :thumb379154862: :thumb381347945:
21) :iconnanathecoyote: :thumb379129953:
22) :icona-konichiwa: Sophie [Contest] by A-Konichiwa
23) :iconmdragonflame: Monster High Contest Entry by Mdragonflame MH Pixel Entry by Mdragonflame
24) :iconpharaoh-ink: sophie by Pharaoh-Ink
25) :icontechnicolorhearts: Sophie Love by Technicolorhearts
26) :iconxxvampypandaxx: Sohpie by XxVaMpYpAnDaxX Sophie2~ by XxVaMpYpAnDaxX
27) :iconpsychodelicon: Beauty of a Doll by Psychodelicon
28) :iconeeyoreandpooh: Sophie by EeyoreAndPooh
29) :iconrainydaycloud: Contest Entry: Sophie by RainyDayCloud
30) :iconhoneyprincessf: Sophie (3) by HoneyprincessF Sophie (5 reupload) by HoneyprincessF Sophie (4 reupload) by HoneyprincessF Sophie (3 reupl.) by HoneyprincessF Sophie (2 reupl.) by HoneyprincessF Sophie (1 reupload) by HoneyprincessF
31) :iconmatthew-ray: :thumb382309763:
32) :iconedithsparrow: MySweetQueen-Dolls comp entry by EdithSparrow
33) :iconconsort-of-the-crows: Contest! Draw Sophie by Consort-of-The-Crows Broken Doll by Consort-of-The-Crows
34) :iconhellslamia: Sophie by HellsLamia
35) :iconhayari-kuroi: Ccf04072013 0007 by Hayari-Kuroi
36) :iconangicmyk8: CE: Sophie Doll by angicmyk8
37) :iconkory307: Sophie - Contest by Kory307
38) :iconassureastheskyisblue: Sophie by assureastheskyisblue
39) :iconkurai667: QueenDoll: Sophie by Kurai667

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Tails Butt Rotor by darkspeeds

Credit goes to I randomly found this on Facebook and couldn't help but share it. :D

The animated version will make full sense of the joke but deviantART couldn't display animated GIF's of this nature on journals. Click here to see Tail's butt in action! lol

Anyways I've just finished penciling pages 3 & 4 to Sonic Boom: Unwrapped! I'm pretty chuffed with the results. = ) Right now I'll have to get my ass back into uni-work mode - got some assignments to finish off. Enjoy your week everyone!

:star: Burnbot Wants Revenge!

Untitled by darkspeeds

:star: I Got The Masterplan!!

It's been raining all day in San Francisco. I couldn't do much other than draw... And this is what I came up with!

Untitled by darkspeeds

Anyways, after watching 'The Wind Rises' with Svend Joscelyne (aka Dreadknux, creator of The Sonic Stadium and The Summer of Sonic) who came to visit San Francisco for business I was pleasantly surprise to see this trailer:

I'm going to make an effort to watch Ernest & Celestine tomorrow morning. The animation is gorgeous, the concept is heart-warming and the music is divine. It's already received plenty of praise and awards from some of the harshest critics out there, I'm sure I will benefit from watching this. 

In fact this children's/all ages feature film brings me back wonderful memories of my childhood watching cartoons after school - Barbar was one of them!

I'll let you know my thoughts on the film tomorrow! For now here's a lovely shot of the two main protagonists of the film:

Ernest Hires1 by darkspeeds

(Their watercolor art style is absolutely gorgeous!)

:star: I Ran Out Of Ideas... O.O

As I left for San Jose to visit my friends two weeks back I remembered thinking right after I finished my Perspective class: "Awesome! Two-point perspective, this should be a breeze! I'm sure I can come up with something while I'm visiting Evan and Devin for the weekend. :)

Fast forward to last night and I flabbergasted at how I couldn't come up with a concept that was brilliant and, at the same time, satisfying enough for me to enjoy the drawing process. I only had 18 hours till my assignment was due and I was kinda knocking myself on the head with disappointment and frustration at why I couldn't produce an idea that I was happy to work with.

When all else fails, just shoot for something that you really enjoy drawing - in my case - Sonic the Hedgehog. To be more precise, Sonic Boom.

With very little time in my hands I had to think of something real quick, one that would be captivating enough for me to focus all night and morning.

Then I remembered the this concept artwork from the Sonic Boom team:

12336335984 120706e11c O by darkspeeds

I still get such a sweet sensation tingling inside me whenever I see this artwork. It's so strong, so captivating that it makes me want to LIVE and BREATHE there. I want to go and explore such an amazing setting! It speaks to me of an exciting village hidden in an island just off the coast, delve deep into the mountainous jungle and there you'll find a lost paradise of ruins, hidden gardens, rustic bridges and waterways, clever civilization that recycles junk to create and refurbish architecture and landscapes and surprisingly temperate weather!

I got inspired by the idea to draw a different section of this work in progress setting for the Sonic Boom video game series. I had to use another reference to help me out. Then I remembered the island!

12336336034 2db0f391a4 O by darkspeeds

Yeah! How about I draw the port of this fantastic village hidden on the island? And so I began the drawing process: gathering more reference material, class notes on how to do two-point perspective and all the tools I need to get the job done.

Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

At this point in time it was around 12AM, I had to call it quits after drawing for 6 hours (alot of the time for this segment was dedicated to gathering reference material to work with, planning on the composition, and working out the corrective perspective points and measurements). 

I work up at around 5AM this morning, ate my brekky, watched a bit of the news and got straight back to drawing (with speed)!

Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

Just before I show you the final here's a quick look at what it looked like in thumbnail form:

Untitled by darkspeeds

Now then, 6 hours later... After touching up on the details to the buildings... And after checking up on all the corrective measures for the two point perspective applied to the artwork... Here's the finished drawing! Ooo! The sun's up! lol

Untitled by darkspeeds

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak on my drawing process for an assignment of this nature. Get inspired and get drawing. ;)

Oh and also! If you didn't know who those characters are other than Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles well here's my reference. 8-)

Sonic Boom characters from TV series by darkspeeds

I want to call those hippos Gin and Tonic. And as for the fisherman dude, I'll call him Bobby for now. XD ;)

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Hello my wonderful members of this fantastic group! It's time once again for a contest!

A LOT of you suggested that we have a contest that is summer themed! But I also got a suggestion that we use a song as well... but of course majority rules..... so the contest will be summer themed... but this will not be your ordinary summer themed contest...


Yes, you read right. This is a break up contest! Because let's face it. Everyone goes through it at least once in their lives!  What I'd like you to do...

Listen to this song right here ---->… and what ever pops into your head DRAW IT! Make sure your submission is summer themed and the song link is put into the description.

                          Please don't bash the artist of the song if you don't like it. I just need you to listen to it ONCE

It has to be a CANXCAN pairing! There are no crossovers or OC's permitted into this contest. There will be a OC contest soon enough but not for this contest.

All art work must be new! I will not allow any old artwork this time. I want to see how much effort you really can put into this contest! Don't be lazy!

You are allowed to have two submittions. But no more than two.

Date has not been set yet.

Prizes have to be collected.

With that said! I need your help with prizes again! If you'd like to contribute a prize for this contest please comment below what your offering and what place the prize is being given to.

EX: I'd love to contribute a line drawing for third place!

There will be a third, second and first place winners. If you are interested in helping out the contest in another way besides submitting artwork [Judging, prize sorting, helping out with those who don't know where to submit, folder management.] Please send me a note via my personal DA page and we can talk about what you need to do/ can do.

Can't wait to see what your minds conjure up!

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Just a heads up, regarding some dates!

Book pre-orders will close on Monday, October 7th, 2013 12AM EST, and regular orders will start after that. 

Regular orders will begin to ship out October 14th, since it will take me some time to wrap up the orders.

Thank you so much for everyone who pre-ordered! 8)

I've finished putting together my second art book, "Places"!

It is 5.5" x 8.5" in size, 40 pages, and features 38 paintings and drawings made between 2012 and 2013.
Printed on glossy stock, with 14+ soft cover.

Pre-orders are currently open on Storenvy.
All pre-orders will come with a set of unreleased mini bonus prints!

The orders will begin to ship out on October 11th, 2013.
Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr
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Win memberships and points! -CLOSED-

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 10, 2013, 7:59 AM

Edit: This action is now over, but if you carry on to promote my FB page and it will get close to 6000 likes, I will start a new one!

For your lovely support in the last time, I'm giving more than 5400 points to my supporters in the following competition.
I would like to have my Facebook page more promoted, to ensure that the promotion is more fun, you can win prizes. So tell all your friends and promote this project, so that I can award the prizes!!

How to join:

  1. like my Facebook page

  2. fav this journal

The offer is valid until Halloween - October 31st.

So try hard, tell your friends or post it in your journal, so that I can award all prizes.

Next 3-month premium membership will be given, when my Facebook page got 6,000 likes.

If you push it up to 9,000 likes, one will get another
3-month premium membership.

And if you reach 12,000 likes, a lucky one will get a
12-month premium membership.

The winners will be picked from their journal favourites numbers using "".
The winners can choose between 636 points/3-month premium membership and 2396 points/12-month premium membership.


Thank you for 3,000 likes on my Facebook page. I'm giving away 636 points (were choosen by the winner) to the (by choosen # 168: LINK
:icondaja88:  Milana and Filip by daja88 Lady by daja88 Orlando by daja88

Winner of the daily 50 points:

I also give away 1100 points! Every day I'll pick someone who has favored this journal. I'll use "" too.
Every day someone will win another 50 points!! I'll update this journal then.

All winners: LINK

Winner of 50 points (October 31th)
:iconynne-black: Hope :commission:. by ynne-black Count Girolamo Riario (Da Vinci's Demons) by ynne-black Show your colors by ynne-black

Winner of 50 points (October 30th)

:icondegasclover: ACEO -ON SALE- by DegasClover <da:thumb id="401554736"/> Sherlock ACEO -ON SALE- by DegasClover

Winner of 50 points (October 29th)

:iconalherya: Fujin by Alherya ParadiseHis skin, soft, seemed velvety by the dim light of the morning coming shy through the curtains. As if he was a baby, he slept placidly in fetal position. With the fingertips and delicately I caressed his lips; my fondling seemed not to interrupt his deep sleeping.
Then I slid my fingers to his neck until I reached his rounded shoulders. Sometimes I had touched slightly his weak eyelids, but now I didn't pretend to wake him up.
Hours ago he'd been angry with me, but now the tranquility of his dream emanated from him, filling the room. The peace and the calm, together with the aroma of the roses and lillies of the vase, made of the room an idyllic place. The Paradise of Adam and Eve, the Olympus of the gods. My paradise.
 Gwen went pop art by Alherya

Winner of 50 points (October 28th)
:iconmisinna:Susan by Misinna Jacey Poster by Misinna Bethany by Misinna

Winner of 50 points (October 27th)
:iconchockoladien: Safe place by chockoladien Spread 2 of 3 by chockoladien pinkish by chockoladien

Winner of 50 points (October 26th)
:iconzidaria: <da:thumb id="400934865"/> <da:thumb id="406541894"/> <da:thumb id="407496146"/>

Winner of 50 points (October 25th)
:iconveelra: Lugh Akhtar by Veelra Nr.192 Nachtblau und Signalschwarz by Veelra Ich beschuetze dich by Veelra

Winner of 50 points (October 24th)
:iconkayalina: first tablet drawing! (Katniss) by Kayalina Gaze WIP by Kayalina .:Katniss:. by Kayalina

Winner of 50 points (October 23rd)

:iconwicked-illusion: Fading by Wicked-Illusion New Crows by Wicked-Illusion Pure by Wicked-Illusion

Winner of 50 points (October 22nd)
:iconfenna-maruda: Warsaw in air by fenna-maruda castle-mountain by fenna-maruda Krzywy Wroclaw 2008 by fenna-maruda

Winner of 50 points (October 21st)
:iconshimmer-thestral: If we burn,you burn with us-CRAYON MELTING ART by shimmer-thestral{halloween egg 1 hatched} by shimmer-thestral Deathly Hallows Chalk Art by shimmer-thestral

Winner of 50 points (October 20th)

:iconshaymin-chi: 69. Happy Halloween by Shaymin-chi 66. Let's Fly by Shaymin-chi 1. A World Without Colour by Shaymin-chi

Winner of 50 points (October 19th)
:iconichigomeichan: MoE : Birthday's Gift by ichigomeichan Happy Birthday Sonia! by ichigomeichan A hidden gift under the sea by ichigomeichan

Winner of 50 points (October 18th)

:iconrey-of-arcadia:  Reasons to Be Yourself
If I have to go on
A long rant about how awesome
Anyone is, they're awesome.
If I don't have to.
They're awesome.
There are a lot of reasons
To be Yourself.
And I mean every one of them.
Even if you don't believe me.
But I mean it.
And if you really need me
To tell you why I will.
One because you are
Someone who's one in a million
And there is no one else like you.
No one who can exactly act like you.
Because you have your own quirks
And special little things that make you you.
Two because you are
This person who cannot be replaced
And have done something
That has completely changed
Someone else's life.
Three because you are
You are brilliant, even if you don't think so.
You are unique, even it you don't know it.
You are loved by someone out there,
           Even if they don't show it.
Remember these reasons.
Out there, someone cares for you.
Anywhere really, just don't change yourself.
Be yourself, as hard as it is
And love who you are.
You might be
Humble, Sweet, Shy,
Emperor Penguins by Rey-of-Arcadia Star Girl by Rey-of-Arcadia 

Winner of 50 points (October 17th)

:iconsnow-lantern: Twitter Fanart by Snow-Lantern Desert by Snow-Lantern Jihoo Snow  by Snow-Lantern

Winner of 50 points (October 16th)

:iconwildphoenix22: Jared Fantasy by Wildphoenix22 Hero of Time by Wildphoenix22 Semera by Wildphoenix22

Winner of 50 points (October 15th)

:iconaivelis: You've been in the roses AGAIN? by Aivelis Anime: All together by Aivelis Colour SPLASH! by Aivelis

Winner of 50 points (October 14th)

:iconcheekybird: Finished XD by CheekyBird Owl by CheekyBird Johnny Depp WIP by CheekyBird

Winner of 50 points (October 13th)

:iconleokayla: A Tree by Leokayla My Oc's by Leokayla Realistic Girl by Leokayla

3rd winner of 50 points (October 12th)

:iconshatiel85: Close to you - Pirography gift by Shatiel85 Fatima in the night by Shatiel85 The Humanoid Races by Shatiel85

2nd winner of 50 points (October 11th)

:iconlonelyfullmoon:Elf Lady by LonelyFullMoon Lady Galadriel by LonelyFullMoon Thorin Oakenshield by LonelyFullMoon

1st winner of 50 points (October 10th)

:iconravenshymn: Book Cover Challenge by Ravenshymn Breaking Through by Ravenshymn Christmas Angel by Ravenshymn


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Hola a todos! me es grato anunciarles mi primer proyecto como diseñadora: Bambú.
Bambú es una revista (nombre derivado de la fonética de "Wacom Bamboo") dedicada a exhibir el talento de aspirantes, estudiantes y recién egresados de ilustración, principalmente chilenos, y contar experiencias de vida de como ellos van dando lo mejor de si para surgir en el rubro. 

Si bien esto partió como un simple certamen de la U todas las entrevistas que tuve con diversas personas, de diversas regiones y diversos países me motivaron a continuar! Si bien esta edición es de solo 20 hojas (por un tema de lucas pues tenía que imprimir maqueta y blah blah), la próxima será más larga, con más imágenes y, quizás más secciones.

Bueno, acá les dejo el Link!…

Espero les guste y la sigan mes a mes C: pueden sugerir cosas, sugerir artistas, estoy abierta a todo tipo de recomendaciones.
Un saludo enorme!


  • Reading: El temor de un hombre sabio~ Patrick Rothfuss
  • Watching: Shingeki no Kyojin, como todos.
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