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Quite a few of you have successfully completed your submissions for the contest and already uploaded your art, but there are also a few that contacted me regarding the time limit on the contest, and asked for me to extend it, as they would have to rush their final piece. So we decided to give you all a bit more time on this, and extend the contest deadline until 15/08/13. We feel that it's more than enough time for you to complete your piece and submit it, plus it gives some extra time for people who have already completed their entries to re-visit them and add final touches if necessary.

Kind Regards, absolutejackass.


So here's the shit! 

I've been thinking long and hard about this, with a glass of Jack Daniels, cigarette and a view over a wild forest. (true story)

I knew that the contest will be based on Post Apocalypse, but couldn't quite decide what exactly I want from this. 

And then I thought to myself. Let dem boys and girls do all the hard work! So the title is:

'My World, My Apocalypse'

It's up to you how you want to understand this title! You can't go wrong! 
It's up to you what format and media you want to use for it! You can do absolutely anything! Drawing, painting, sculpting, the list has no end. The reason why I'm giving you such a wide range of choice in this, is because I want to let your imagination and creativity run wild in this contest! As long as the final piece is related to the theme Post Apocalypse, you can go ape shit!

What you will be marked on:

:bulletgreen: Originality
:bulletgreen: Creativity
:bulletgreen: Impact 
:bulletgreen: Use Of Selected Style

What is forbidden:
:bulletred: I can't stand modifications of pictures that belong to other artists. (Somebody's photograph is taken and drawn over in Photoshop). So none of that crap.
:bulletred: No pure nudity please... I personally don't mind a bit of flesh showing, but here on deviantART, we got a variety of people of different ages and religious beliefs, and they might find it offending. As long as the private parts are covered, it's all right!


:bulletgreen: 1st PRIZE: £30 or 4,000 points + A drawing from me (it will already be drawn and waiting for you, so it's not a request)

:bulletgreen: 2nd PRIZE: £20 or 2,000 points + A free drawing from the selection of artists which will be given shortly.

:bulletgreen: 3rd PRIZE: £10 or 800 points + A free drawing from the selection of artists which will be given shortly.


To enter the competition, you need to submit your deviantART name into this Journal.

The deadline for the contest is on the 15/07/2013. There will be no delays, so try to make it on time.


List of Judges:

:bulletorange: absolutejackass, ChavisO2, Gibrayel, Queen-Soulia and lexispurr

List of contestants and their entries so far:

:bulletblue: xxBrandy…

:bulletblue: lynxrush

:bulletblue: wild-wallflower

:bulletblue: ehoustoun

:bulletblue: JetThePai…

:bulletblue: Mahaha1985

:bulletblue: Coldfinger008…

:bulletblue: TheSaneInInsanity thesaneininsanity.deviantart.c…

:bulletblue: Silent-Songs

:bulletblue: kuraikitsune13…

:bulletblue: RiflingSniper…

:bulletblue: KawaiiPanyuu

:bulletblue: Debior…

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Drawing Contest Topic: Drawing my Original Character doing something! Seriously, anything PG.

Deadline: September 13th, 11:59pm

Guidelines for participants~

    Your submission can be done in any drawing media (traditional, digital, pixel) Please do not change or alter her gender without permission. You can enter a maximum of three pieces, but only may win once Send me a note or comment here with a link to your entry, and I'll add it to the entries folder. (I will not go searching for it) You're free to submit your entry to any group you want, but you must accept my request to put it in my group Collection-System

    Drawing Smoochy is what this contest is all about!

    Please link to this journal in your contest entry's description! The entry must be made specifically for the contest! (You cannot use previous deviations for the entry, this includes bases. Collabs are fine as long as the lines/art is original to one of you)


(I'm always looking for prize givers! If you want to add prizes note me or comment on this journal)

1st place
:star:$20.00 (or 1600:points:)
:star:Commission of your choice from me 
:star:Two chibi's from mitsu-kisu
:star:A feature on my profile from mitsu-kisu
:star:Full color half-body by calpico-chan
:star:Two custom adoptables by kisu-adoptables
:star:One chibi by sundayshivers
:star:One chibi by Skull-san
:star:One chibi by Dathne
:star:Feature from sundayAnarchy

2nd place
:star:$10.00 (or 800:points:)
:star:Half Body commission from me
:star:One chibi by sundayshivers
:star:One Chibi by mitsu-kisu
:star:Full color bust by calpico-chan
:star:One custom adoptable by kisu-adoptables
:star:One chibi by Skull-san
:star:One chibi by Dathne
:star:Feature from sundayAnarchy

3rd  place
:star:Bust Up commission from me
:star:One chibi by sundayshivers
:star:Black and white bust by calpico-chan
:star:One chibi by Skull-san
:star:One chibi by Dathne
:star:Feature from sundayAnarchy

Honorary Mention
:star:One Chibi by sundayshivers
:star:Bust sketch by calpico-chan
:star:One chibi by Skull-san
:star:One chibi by Dathne
:star:Feature from sundayAnarchy
Meet Smoochy
Gift for Smoochum! by bunnibelSmoochy by smoochum302
Info and references:collection-system.deviantart.c…


Don't have the ability to draw but still want a chance to win some points? This random raffle is for you! All winners will be chosen at random, picked from a random number generator.

Random Raffle Guildlines~
    Recommend a friend or stranger to my contest! Leave a comment or note me saying who you referred And your entered!

Extra entries will be given if the person(s) you referred actually entered my contest.
Winner will be given 100:points:



Q: Can I draw Smoochy younger/older than 22?
A: Of course! As long as the clothes generally stay the same, you can do whatever floats your boat.
Q: Can I draw her with my OC?
A: Yes you can! However they can't be romantically engaged, and she must be the focus of the picture (this contest is about her after all)
Q: Does my entry have to be colored?
A: Nope, you're free to do black and white art, though if you go this route, your chances are better if its really nicely shaded.
Q: Does my entry have to be full body?
A: Nope. Its recommended, however I will be judging this contest on imagination, not what parts of her body you drew.
Q: Is Smoochy a Smoochum gijinka? Can I draw her in the Pokemon world?
A: Yes she is, and yes you can. But don't feel limited by it, even more than being a gijinka, shes my persona and can be in the real world or pokemon world.
Q: I have a different drawing style than most, can I still join?
A: Of course! I welcome all styles of art!
Q: Can I join?
A: Of course! The contest, and raffle are open to everyone!

My sisters throwing a contest too!! Check it out!
Draw My OC Contest! $25 in prizes! -DATE EXTENDED-Due to increasing interest in having the deadline extended, I have decided to extend the deadline from 11/21 to December 1st!
I've talked to some of you about this, and hope this gives you enough time to finish your current entries!
Drawing Contest Topic: Drawing my Original Character doing something! Seriously, anything. (Even NSFW things)
Deadline:  November 21st, 11:59pm  December 1st, 11:59pm

Guidelines for participants~

Your submission can be done in any drawing media (traditional, digital, pixel)
Please do not change or alter her gender without permission.
You can enter a maximum of three pieces, but only may win once
Send me a note or comment here with a link to your entry, and I'll add it to the entries folder. (I will not go searching for it)

Drawing Monchichi is what this contest is all about!

Please link to this jo

id also like to add a special thank you to Skunkyfly who not only entered both my sisters and I's contest, but has donated to both. Your awesome!
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Lately I've been doing work for DC Direct--the wing of DC in charge of statues, toys, etc.  It's been a nice break from PRJ.  The money is good, and it hasn't been soulless like I imagined.  Corporate gigs can go either way--sometimes they want you to do exactly what "they" want, other times they want you to do your thing unencumbered.  Luckily this was the latter.

The rates for toy designs are broken down into three parts: you get paid for the sketches, the final pencils and the inks.  For this gig, the inking rate was higher than my normal inking rate.  It felt good, but then I realized that 25% of my fee was for inks.  And it raised an unsettled concern that's been on my mind.

How long will inkers be needed?

In the old days they needed inkers because computers weren't yet being used in print.  I forget the name of the machine that preceded the scanner (process cameras?), but it was low-tech enough that inking was REQUIRED because the pencil lines weren't dark enough to pick up.  A side effect of this lumbering technology was that it created "inking" as an art form exclusive to print and to comics.

Imagine you're an artist working for Ben Franklin at one of his printing presses.  Ben loves your comic strip ideas and wants to publish it.  But there's a problem: scanners haven't been invented yet so your pencils won't translate.  He hands you a pen and brush and a bottle of ink and tells you to go over your pencils to make it darker.  You frown--your pencils have nice shades of gray that ink will ruin!  Surely Ben will understand that.  "Too bad!" he says while staring at some chicks walking past the window, "Take this ink and find a way to make it work.  Or you're fired."  And off he goes to get laid.

Demands like this are what gave birth to hatching, cross hatching, feathering, and other tricks to give the impression of "gray" even though there's only black and white.  Before Ben Franklin, it was the lithograph invented by some Bavarian guy in the late 1700s.  Before him, it might have been the Greeks using stone blocks or something.  Whatever the history, we have to acknowledge that it was the shortcoming of technology that gave birth to modern inking.

After Ben helped improve the mass production of newspapers, comic strips came of age.  Then comic books, then the golden age and silver age.  Then the "fat lady" Art Crumb underground age.  Then Watchmen, then Frank Miller, then the Photoshop age of comics was boosted by Image.

The 90s is when many publishers switched over to scanners and modern printing technology.  While it helped give birth to better coloring via Photoshop, it also helped make inking obsolete.  But inking survived because it was part of the identity of comic books.  Many people working in publishing still had a soft spot for the writer/penciller/INKER/colorist/letterer dynamic.  We had the technology to print pencils and colors without needed it inked, but it wasn't enough to kill off inking.  Would readers even buy books that  were just pencils?  Thus, Marvel and DC continued including inking rates.

With Wacoms and Cintiques coming of age, traditional inking is completely unnecessary.  We no longer need comics to have that "comic book style" because readers have adapted to variety of styles that Cintiques easily create.  And if it's an old fashion "comic book style" you want, Cintiques can do that too!

Obviously, most of comics is now digital.  I write to my editors digitally--phone calls aren't needed anymore.  Even though I create my art traditionally, it's scanned into digital files which is exactly where digitally created artwork ends up--there IS no distinction at the end of the day.  Comics are colored and lettered digitally, the graphics are added digitally.  The printers are digital.  And if we could find a way to automate the writing and artwork at a lower cost, you'd better believe it would happen.  Cost of iArtist (the computer program designed to create art based off the script create by iWriter)--a one time fee of $500.  Cost of hiring Sean Murphy for one 22 page issue--$10,000.

So there I am, cashing my paycheck from DC.  My inking rate still included.  But for how long?  In a few years, I wouldn't be surprised if the publishers cut out inking rates altogether in order to save money.  You can still ink if you want to, they just won't pay for it.

Like I've said before, I'm an art snob.  I like creating art the old fashioned way, and I enjoy other people's art more if I know it actually exists and isn't just on a computer somewhere.  But my values don't stop me from acknowledging what's happening around me.  I can clearly see that inking is technically obsolete.  But there will always be purists who can carve out a living.  Records are obsolete, yet there are still record shops for the music snobs.

I imagine that even if Marvel and DC stop their inking rates, the most in-demand artists could still get what they want if they fought for it.  If Bachalo wants Townsend to ink his Xmen, he'll get his way.  And if I prove myself valuable to DC, I'll still get my rates as well.  If they cut my inking rate, I'll just up my pencilling rate by the same amount.
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:UPDATE: Release date: December 12! :UPDATE:

Okay, so I guess everyone's noticed by now that I won't make an Advent calendar this year but a little Klaine Christmas RPG. :)

Here a few pics:
Screenshots, Rachel's and Blaine's faceset. :) And a preview video for the first map. :)

I'll give updates on the progress of this project via journal entries and on tumblr. Here a little overview over all game information I've revealed (mostly on tumblr) so far:

  • Release date: 1st week of December December 12 (hopefully)
  • Play time: no idea - maybe 2 - 3 h? I have everything planned, but I need to do all the maps and the eventing before I can give more accurate info on that
  • System requirements: Internet connection (to download it); Windows (I'm building it on a Windows XP with tiny disk space and very low RAM, because my PC is 11 years old (same goes for the graphic board). So… if your PC is less than 11 years old it should be no problem to play the game. It won't work on Mac because I'm making this game with a Windows program. I'll try out some emulators and link the best ones when I put the game download link online. A friend of mine will try to convert it for mac, but we don't know if we can make it at all or if we succeed if it'll be in time…)
  • Programs used: Photoshop CS 5 for Mac (for face sets, overlay/parallax mapping, pics and some sprites) and RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Price: 0 $ - it'll be completely free (of course it will, it's not like I own glee or anything XD)
  • Story: Klaine and Christmas - You can choose whether to play from Blaine's or Kurt's point of view (it also disregards most of the story lines in season 4 because I planned it long ago and I'm still in denial about the break up ^^°)
  • Maps: Kurt and Rachel's NY apartment, Blaine's room, the Hudmel house, airport & airplane, 2 tiny shopping center, a subway station
  • Additional Info:  Jesse and  Doro are helping me with the game (cause there's way too much to do to make such a little game) and there'll be a Christmas lottery again (with snow globes with this pic as a price)

That's all for now. If you have any more questions, just write a comment. :)
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Welcome to Painted Portrait, a new Interview series focusing on traditional artists worth keeping an eye on.  Painted Portrait interviews aim to give the community more insight into talented traditional artists and how they came to be successful with their art.  Today we are interviewing koyamori.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you, let's start off by having you introduce yourself.

Hello there!
My name is Cynthia, and I mainly use koyamori or maruti-bitamin for online handles.
I live in Toronto and have studied psychology and biology, and am currently attending college for graphic design.

What inspires your illustrations?

Childhood nostalgia and exploration of the unknown are some dominant themes that are great inspirations.  

Bakeneko district by koyamoriabove by koyamori

What are your favorite medias to work with and why do you liek them?

My favourite medium for some time is a mix of watercolours and inks. I like them because the colours are light, bright, and often can come out with unexpected results due to paint/water reacting with the paper.

What are your tools of the trade?

Some tools I always end up using are nib pens for inking, sable hair brushes for painting, and loads and loads of watercolour. These days I like to line with Pentel's red mechanical pencil because it dissolves nicely as water is added and adds a warm tone to the picture.

How long, on average, does it take you to finish one of your illustrations?

On average, probably 2 hours. Some sketchier paintings can take all of 20 minutes, but the detailed ones take up to 10+ hours.

Time by koyamoriA whale by koyamori

What inspires your stlye, how did you come by it?

Tove Jansson who is the author and artist behind the Moomin comics/novels inspired me stylistically. Also, Igarashi Mikio who created Bonobono influenced my general philosophy in terms of themes I guess. Styles develop organically over the years, so there are definitely many more artists and designers who have influenced me, but these two would be a big part of that.

At what age did you begin painting and do you have any formal training (art school etc)?

I started to paint at 15 or 16, mainly for a high school art class. I don't have formal training, but I did tag along to a few drawing classes and life drawing sessions.

Are there any artists or other inspirations which have helped you become inspired and or progress with your art?

Since artists have already been mentioned, the other major inspiration toward art would probably be my childhood. I spent the first few years of my life in China where there was a lot of change and the countrysides were quickly being rebuilt into small cities. When I moved to Japan, there was a lot of nature in conjunction to human living, and I was exposed to the culture there.
I think having moved around a lot and seeing the different ways in which people live was a big influence.  

box of things by koyamorimuffler by koyamori

What is the most rewarding aspect of completing a work of art for you?

I enjoy the painting process the most, because it helps me relax and for that moment it's the one thing I need to focus on.

What advice do you have for other aspiring artists?

Draw as much as you can everyday.

Is there anything else you'd like to say in closing?

Thank you for reading!

fishbones by koyamorisecrets to a whale by koyamori

Previous Painted Portrait Interviews:

Scenceable / ZawArt /
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I'm asking for your support

Fri Jul 10, 2015, 7:31 PM
You probably know this deviantARTist writing to you through one of his projects. I have started 2014 with a big challenge, making 365 doodle/drawings, one every single day. And I've managed it! You can have access to all of them at my Deviantart gallery or  Instagram account

And right now I'm on another challenge. The Palette Project, a seven-month long color challenge, is a series where I create new illustrations each month based around a central color. 

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodlivww

Hello therrre, this is Picolo and his cat, whose name is unknown.

All this you already know about me. What some of you don't know is that I'm a Graphic Designer student who recently quit his job at a hostel to start a Freelance Illustrator career. As far as it goes, the big commissioned works eat the time dedicated to create the artworks you enjoy to see.

In light of this, I've decided to create a Patreon account. It was supposed to be launched months ago but I confess I was too scared to ask for this kind of support from you. My head was full of stuff like:

  • " but Picolo you aren't half as good as [insert amazing artist that has a patreon]" 

I won't say I simply got over all of this but an honest talk with a friend (who's an Amanda Palmer's fan btw) made me change my mind about Patreon. 

:bulletblue::bulletblue:What Patreon means?

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodles d8civw

– Tip me I'm an artsy cat

Patreon is a website where you can fund your favorite artists or musicians. In other words Patreon will be my tip jar. You can visit me there  and choose which amount you want to tip. For each different amount I'll have a different reward for you.

:bulletred::bulletred:What Patreon doesn't mean...

If you're broke or simply don't/can't donate that's totally fine! 

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodles d8civww

No pressure

I'll still create the same sort of content, I'll still be the same Picolo as ever. I always uploaded my doodles for free and I always will.

That's why I'm asking for support, not demanding it in any way. 

However, if you're able to support me I'll share with you extra content that I wouldn't have the time to create if it wasn't for you. 

:bulletblue::bulletblue:What's coming after Patreon?

With Patreon I will be able to do stuff you always ask me to do. I plan to publish tutorials of how to draw/paint, anatomy and composition tips, create challenges and of course book compilations of my work (365 Days of Doodles book for example, that would be a dream even for me)

dsc 0497 2 by 365 daysofdoodlesjjcivww

The more support I receive from you the more content I will be able to create (for you) in return. That's my way to say "thank you".

support my work patreon

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Claremansons Baking Contest!

Wed Aug 14, 2013, 9:33 PM
Contest is now officially closed!
I have received so many amazing entries that I am going to have to think long and hard about this!  I will be drafting in my husband to help as it's just too close to call! So many great entries in fact that right now I can not even give you a date I will be announcing the winners, it is just that close!

The people of DA have chosen and with a winning score of 60 votes I can now reveal the theme of this contest is to make the recipe for *drum roll*

Cool Mint Oreo Cheesecake (+recipe) by claremanson
Cool Mint Oreo Cheesecake!

Funny enough there is no baking involved in this baking contest!!!!

Rules and requirements:

You must use the basic recipe provided however Feel free to replace certain ingredients to suite your needs if, for example you have allergies, intolerance's etc. 

Some countries such as my own do not sell mint Oreo's! Some do not even sell Oreo's at all so, feel free to use another flavour or similar chocolate sandwich cookie brand.

Please state in your entry description it is for this contest and link this journal (the more entries to more fun it is!)

I know some of you do not/are not allowed to bake so you may get help making your entry with a parent, partner, friend etc just please state in your entry who helped you.

Finally, one entry per person.


Overall winner:
We first eat with our eyes so careful and elegant presentation of the over all dish (not to be confused with food photography) is highly encouraged as this is what I will be looking out for most when judging.  TIPS: Clean the inside of your glass between layering to give your cheesecake a nice clean line.  Present your cheesecake in a pretty glass or bowl.  Finish your cheesecake off with some pretty decorations (careful consideration into flavour combinations also comes into play here whether making a mint or another flavoured cheesecake, pairing with a complimentary topping as well as pretty will provide a great and unique extra to your dessert)

There will be extra points for the best food photography.  For you photography beginners, check out my food photography basics guide which involves no special or fancy equipment.  For the rest of you photographers out there, carry on!

There will also be extra points for the most creative entry so for those of you more into the artistic side why not try and present your entry in a new and usual way, think outside the box or outside the glass so to speak! Check out my gallery for inspiration.

1st place: 100 points + journal feature
Best photography: 50 points + mini journal feature
Most Creative: 50 points + mini feature

To enter:
Post the link to your entry in the comments below or in an inbox message to me.  I will add all entries to this folder in my favourites.

Start Date: Thursday August 15th 12am

End Date: Tuesday September 10th 12am


Me and my family.

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There's a bunch of challenges run by yours truly over on the small but growing, honest but lovely forum permanoobs. Everyone is welcome to join and learn together! Go here!…

Most importantly though, check out all the awesome sketchbooks O___O…


Hey everyone!

Some of you might remember the old days on when everyone would post all the things they drew every day and kick each other's butt and give critique and get motivated over seeing how much everyone around you would be improving. For the last years, there hasn't really been a place to get that kind of motivation any more.

I made a small forum to rekindle that kind of helpful atmosphere. It's a really small community, just for posting practice work and getting critique from others. A bunch of great people are already there posting their daily stuff and kicking each other's butt. Obviously I'm there too, updating every day with studies and drawings and so on.

If you're looking for a place to get your ass kicked with motivation and your head filled with insights from others, you're welcome to join.

So to those burning to get better, I'll see you there! Everyone else is also welcome to come lurk of course <3

Edit: Here's my own thread full of sketches and stuff that I update daily!…
And I also just made an account on artstation - follow me if you want! <3…

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*heavy sigh*

I really have no idea how to put this into words but I think this should be done. Some of my closest friends have known this and I feel like I should be telling of you guys now.

This week... has been a really drainful, hectic, stressful week. And it'll probably be my last week to be goofing and drawing around ;u;
Now let's start with every possible hectic thing that can happen to a girl in just one week.

1. I got the letter calling me to work. As you know, I'm about to be working as a medical doctor; doing my hell-ish internship for 2 years in the government hospital. I got the call, and I'll be going to a some sort of 'training/orientation' on the 25th Nov (that's tomorrow for me) and I'll start working the week after.
The dreadful hours, stressful environment of senior doctors have all be warned to me by my friends who had been working, so yes; I am leaving dA, and might as well put down the tablet pen for forever. Might be overdramatic in a sense, but I cannot see any chances I have left to even draw.
I'll leave this account alive nonetheless, but only with little art in my gallery, only the ones that I'm actually quite proud of.

2. Financial problems just got worst and worst. On one rainy day that is possibly the worst day of my life; the plaster ceiling in my living room fell. IT FUCKEN' FELL. and my house was literally flooded with water. really? on my last week of freedom?
Due to the roof leaking or sum sheit, the water kinda got trapped, hence the plaster ceiling falling off. We can barely managed to pay for the leaking roof, so my house still yes. have a giant hole on the ceiling.

Img-20131119-wa0000 by kai-choo

3. My cat, Tiger died 2 nights ago.
I'm sorry but I'm still tearing up typing this. My cat, barely 2 years of age, suddenly got sick, and after 2 freaking days, died after we submitted him in the animal medical center. The doctors suspected him having FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). It just... happened so fast and I just don't know... I'm just...
Img-20131110-wa0000 by kai-choo

This was him. If you cat starts having fever, not eating or drinking and have trouble difficulty breathing, please be careful and get them to the vet.
And now I'm deeply paranaoid my other cats would develop this. TT_TT

So I guess that's it. The beginning of my stressful life and more stressful things to look forward to. There's all these emotions in me that I can't even begin to let out. I've never been that good in letting out so I'm just waiting for the time to really breakdown. haha *nervous laugh*

Anyways, i did planned to have a farewell livestream, but now you know why I can't or why I didnt have the time. I'm too busy wallowing in despair. So, yeah. I'm really sorry guys that we have to part this way.
And I really hope I haven't still owe anyone art, (except you, Hayden, omg i really should just refund you) and I have already contacted those that I can't finish their commissions in time so I can refund you back. Sorry I dunno English anymore and I can't type correctly so yeeah.

SO. yeah, I'll have to start packing now. I'm still stuck with this old lappy so I hope he can hold on for at least another 2 years. And I hope I would still keep my very little sanity and humanity left after this internship.

Lastly, I would just like to say my thanks for you guys for sticking around with me. It has been a wonderful journey and time here. And you guys were the one that made it that way. I hope that someday I can still come back and do what I love again.


p/s= I have no time to proof read this so sorry for any confusion.
and guys, PS4 looks so cool TToTT

-oh, and happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who, i really hope the download would finish quickly and watch it before I go oTL
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The winners of November's challenge are:

Lil baby keldeo by Icedeb

Realistic Narwhal Plushie by cutekick

Another month, another challenge! 

We totally didn't do a poll this month. Oops. November creeped up all stealthy-like, so I'm gonna find you a theme by looking backwards for a moment.

Not quite so painfully as that. 

Looking over our past polls, the closest runner up for the theme was unicorns. So we're gonna craft unicorns this month!

Here's everything you need to know to enter this contest:

The theme this month is "Unicorns". 
You are free to interpret this however you want, we're not exactly strict. Also, a small description of how you interpreted the theme might help. 

Seriously, read those. No more warnings! Your entry will be automatically disqualified if one of these is not respected.
The challenge will run from November 1st and November 30th.

Two winners will receive a 3 month premium membership and 500 Points.

Enter by submitting here.

To the winners: you should receive your membership a few days after the announcement. Receiving the points can take a bit more time, you should receive those in the first two weeks of next month. IF you have an issue with not receiving your prize PLEASE contact cakecrumbs or maytel as we are the organizers of this challenge. 

Previous challenges
October (winners NyaSkory & bgerr)
August (winners: Nymla & Magical525 + bonus FreakieGeekie)
July (winners: 13anana & MorgansMutations)
April  2013 (winners: Costumy & funkichkn)
March 2013 (winners: Brookette & sombra33)

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