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I will keep on smiling
Even if it hurts
I will hide my pain
So not to burden you

I promised not to be selfish
To not take your precious time
Just to help fix me
You are more important

So I will keep on smiling
I will take your burdens
Pile them onto mine
I will carry them for the both of us

And I will keep on smiling
Even if the pain is unbearable
It’s worth it just to see you happy

I’d rather feel this pain now
Than feel the pain of losing you
Sorta how Lumin feels on the inside.
The one who smiles the most is usually the one in the most pain.
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Jonathan Crane woke up at precisely 6:00 A.M., the same time he does every weekday morning when he has work to do at his lab across town. Even this early in the morning, the shouts of his rebellious neighbors and the constant TV buzzing above his apartment room were still as loud as ever.

Something crashed upstairs and the man who sat around and got drunk all day yelled at his wife. The whole city could have heard their argument. Jonathan rolled his eyes as he came out of his morning shower and put on his clothes, making sure his vest and tie were neatly fastened and looking sharp. He wiped his glasses clean and ran a comb through his midnight black hair quickly so it would be only slightly wavy, not tangled, when it dried.

He fed his black cat and left his apartment room with a few loving strokes to the feline and another check on his appearance through the mirror on the wall. He walked down to the parking lot of his apartment complex with his hands in his jacket pockets, accepting the daily greetings of the city. Cars in the distance, people murmuring to each other on the street, a few homeless people pushing dingy old shopping carts on the sidewalk. Not the best part of town, but it sure could be a lot worse.

He slipped in his old grey car and drove the long twisting route to his lab, hidden in an even junkier part of town. The trip took an hour to complete, and he always observed his surroundings for any suspicious signs of cops on his trail. You never know. Maybe Batman was secretly an officer himself. Maybe he was an expert detective of the GPD. Maybe he stalked his city's biggest criminals during the day as well as the night. Jonathan was always careful, and hence, he never got caught. Well, almost never.

Crane slipped into his lab just as the sun rose over the smoggy city. It was a nice cloudless day, and Jonathan wanted to spend it inside his lab, testing out his new concoctions and experiments. He worked for a few hours at the lab, happily concentrating. He checked his calendar on one of his many frequently used desks, jotting down dates and formula I.D.'s as his eyes flickered back and forth.

November 16th. That was the date today. He ignored the number. Crane hadn't celebrated his birthday in years, and it really didn't matter anymore. He stopped having parties when he stopped having friends, and that dated all the way back to junior high school. Children celebrate birthdays, he had grown up.

Suddenly the back double doors swung open and bashed against the wall with a bang. Jonathan jumped, scared shit as the one man he did NOT want to see on his birthday strolled right into his lab, purple coat billowing behind his stride. "Jonny, Jonny, Jonneh!!!" Joker bellowed enthusiastically, delivering a poor excuse for a greeting.
Jonathan cringed, standing as still as a stature like a fawn hiding from its hunter. Joker pointed at him and grinned with a smirk, still approaching with a little hop in his step. "I hearrrrrd…. that someonnnne… has a BIRTHday today…"

If Jonathan had a gun, he would have shot himself. This crazy bastard knew his birth date!!! Much to Jonathan's relief, Joker stopped walking toward him and spread his arms with a turn of his head, basking in his triumphant victory and seeming to be asking for a hug. Jonathan yelled at him, getting over his shock and astonishment. "You get outta my laboratory!" He took a big step towards the intruding clown and shoved him away as hard as he could. "Or I'll experiment on your dead body!" How did Joker even know where his lab was!? Why did he keep coming here every few weeks and interrupt his work!?

Joker laughed at the scientist's little rage. Jonathan gritted his teeth and planned his next attack. Joker stopped laughing and looked genuinely sorry. "Aw, I just wanted to give you a present, come on Jonny!"

Great, now the clown was having puppy eyes. Jonathan stared him down. "I'd rather die than receive a gift from you. OUT!" He threw his scolding finger at the door showing him the exit. Joker started to pull something out of his pocket. "It's not even a 'gift', reeeeeally, it's just a—"

"Gun? Knife? Grenade? I'm not stupid!" Jonathan stepped back and grabbed a needle off his desk to defend himself with, certain that the madman would whip out some sort of weapon.

Joker rolled his eyes and smiled to himself. "I love my reputation."  Jonathan tensed up, ready to fight or duck or dodge or something as Joker simply flipped out a harmless piece of paper. "It's just a note, Jonny! Jeez, paranoid or something?!"

Jonathan just eyed the paper suspiciously. Joker held it out to him and Jonathan leaned away, looking at Joker's painted face to detect any sign of danger. "You remind me of a henchman I used to have. Schizophrenic. Shiffy, I think his name was… or schiffy, or shifty? I don't remember. Some Arkham patient." Joker looked around the lab, still holding out the paper to Crane. "You gonna take the paper or am I gonna stand here all day?" He sneered, finally getting impatient.

"It came from you, who the hell knows what it could be." Jonathan stayed still, his hand still resting on the needle on his desk, just in case.

"It's not a damn bomb, good grief!" Joker unfolded the paper himself and flicked it carelessly in Jonathan's general direction. "I've got places to go, people to interrogate yadda yadda yadda. I'm going to leave the almighty 'Master of Fear' to analyze his stupid paranoia of a silly little paper."

Jonathan took his eyes off the paper on his grey laboratory floor and watched Joker walk out with a dramatic salute. After a few minutes, Jonathan sighed and decided the paper was truly just a paper. He was surprised to see nice handwriting in a dark red pen, looking so flawless, it was hard to tell if it was printed from a computer or not.

Jonathan smiled slightly to himself. Harley's handwriting. He would recognize it anywhere.

Dear Mr. Fear
First of all, happy birthday! How old are you now? 50? I'm just kidding, we all know you're 150. I haven't seen you in a while and I thought it would be nice of me to take you out to lunch today. How about the sandwich joint on 33rd and Arcellion Street? 2:00? Alright! See ya there!
Giggles from The Diamond Queen
P.S. This is NOT a date, no matter how much Joker wants it to be!

Jonathan couldn't stop a humorous smile from bubbling up. He folded the paper back up and grabbed his jacket from his chair.

"Who is that old man!?" Harley grinned as Jonathan approached her in the alleyway next to the sandwich deli. Jonathan ignored her joke and they exchanged a small friendly hug. They were both dressed as normal people, and Harley wore as little red as possible, much to her obvious disappointment. Her blonde hair was down, swishing along her shoulders with every move of her head and dyed with some streaks of brown that Jonathan assumed were able to wash out easily with water.

"How are you?" He asked, leaning against the building calmly. "Super duper!" She grinned with a small energetic fist pump in the air. Jonathan liked the pleasantly good mood she was in. She was always so positive and happy.

"Should we go in?" Crane offered, smiling into her sparkling blue eyes. She checked her watch and glanced around him to the street where a few cars passed and shoppers talked amongst their groups. This was a classier part of town, empty of homeless people or punks ready to pull a gun on you for no reason. "Well, actually I need to give J something first. He's gonna go play around while we eat." Harley stated plainly. "In fact he's laaaate!" She sang softly, fidgeting in the cold air. It was the time of year where fall transfers into winter.

Jonathan helped her look around, hoping to himself that Joker wouldn't be here long. How was he going to show up outside in public? Was he going to be disguised, or in his famous purple attire? Turned out, he showed up only partially disguised, with a big brown coat instead of his purple one and a wide brimmed hat that hid his half painted face when he tilted his head a certain way.

Harley hugged him as he came up from another alley behind them, keeping out of the public eye as much as he could. He ignored her and adjusted his hat as she snuggled up to him for warmth and pulled a gun out from her purse, which was nothing but a temporary prop for today. Joker made sure the gun was fully loaded, then slipped it in his inside pocket. "You kids have fun. I know I will." He smiled down at Harley, seeming as if he acknowledged her only after she gave him what he came for.

Jonathan scratched the back of his neck, looking away as Harley stole her chance to delve into a passionate kiss. The awkward moment lasted a good 10 seconds, and the time went by painfully slow. Finally Joker made Harley stop, smiling down smugly at his little worshipper. Jonathan's attention turned back to the couple as Joker gave Harley a hard pat on the cheek. It was really more of a little slap.

Harley smiled as he left, walking back down the way he had come, still keeping out of the public eye. Jonathan led her in the deli, discreetly looking at her face to see if her 'boyfriend' had left a red mark. She smiled up at him innocently, without even a hint of a red mark, as they got a table together and ordered a couple of sandwiches.

As the waiter left their table, Jonathan folded his napkin in his lap, looking up at Harley across from him. "Really? How are you?"

"Really, I'm super duper." She grinned. Jonathan decided to let the subject go. She was apparently fine. They talked and ate for a good half hour, laughing and smiling constantly, like two old friends. She listened to his ideas and scientific studies while he let her talk about her frequent and intense encounters with the Batman himself. She didn't talk about Joker a lot, since they were in a public restaurant, and Jonathan was glad.

Harley paid for the check, but they still stayed at their table and talked after they paid. "I'm sorry I couldn't get you a real present" She smiled with a good-natured wink at him. "I owe you one."

"There's really no need, its fine." He protested. This little get-together was great enough.

"It's your birthday! Of course there's a need! Just a little favor or something!, I owe ya!" She insisted happily.

"….A time machine." He said after thinking. "I don't suppose you can get that, though." He put his napkin on the table from his lap, thinking deeply.

"What would you use it for? Oh wait let me guess!" She grinned still in good spirits. "League of Shadows! When Batman first appeared. You want to change one thing about that moment, don't you? So your plan could work?" She whispered to him enthusiastically.

"No…I wish I could change something far…far before that." He thought out loud quietly, staring down at the wood table in front of him.

"High school?" Harley was starting to calm down and focus on the faded regret in his voice. "Yes," Jonathan nodded. "High school."

Harley was quiet for a while. "I'm sorry." Jonathan looked at her and let her speak. "But… Jonathan, I… I wasn't right for you. Hell, I was dating that football guy, shit what was his name? Ha! I don't even remember his name!" She sighed after a laugh. "We were total opposites… you know that."

"Harley… I was the one who rejected you."

Harley cocked her head, trying so hard to remember. Everything that didn't include Joker seemed like someone else's life now.

Jonathan looked in her crystal blue eyes. "I was the one who told you to stop flirting with me. I was the one who pushed you away." She remembered that night at prom. She had a crush on him for a few weeks and eventually went up to him and obviously acted flirty towards him. He told her to stop acting like a child, and he walked away. "I remember…" She said sadly.

"I regret that night. Right now, I regret it." He was resting his head on his fist. "If we ended up together… things would be…better for you."

Harley hardened her gaze. "Jonathan, things are the best they have ever been for me right now."

Jonathan raised his voice in a harsh whisper, covering his mouth slightly so others wouldn't hear.  "Like that bruise on your stomach? Like the cut on your back? Harley, you think I don't notice those?" He commented only on the wounds he had caught a glimpse of in the past. He was certain she was hiding much more under her clothes, and hiding much pain under her joyful spirit.

"I am happy. I am in love, my life has a purpose. Do not question that." She said sternly, tired of everyone (and she meant everyone) shaking their head at her relationship.

"You could have been happy without any scars." Jonathan tried to convince her.

"Jonathan!" She raised her voice, but luckily no one stared. She waited before continuing. "He's not JUST my boyfriend." She stood up, putting her black purse over her shoulder. "He's also my best friend. He was there for me when you never were."

Jonathan kept her gaze, still thinking back to their high school years together.

"He doesn't roll his eyes at me like you do. He's not disappointed in me like you are!" She walked out briskly, gone in less than a second, and Jonathan was stunned into silence and he slowly realized, everything she just said… was entirely true.

College, he remembered those college years with Harley. She tried to be his friend, maybe not his girlfriend, but his friend. He kept pushing her away. Jonathan held his face in his hands now. He was so focused on his studies and grades back in college, he never hung out with her once. Not once, in four years. She never stopped trying to be his friend, not even after college, when they ended up working at Arkham together.

She was just looking for a friend. He took a sharp intake of breath as the painful truth crept in his mind. She was looking for someone to cling onto. He could have been that person, but it ended up being Joker. Why him? Why him, of all people!?!

He knew why. Because Jonathan had forced her away. He had pushed his chances away, all of them. He was selfish and blind and stupid.

Jonathan grabbed his jacket and went back to his car in its parking spot on the side of the road a few blocks away.

Later that night, Jonathan laid in his bed and tried to think of what to do to make things right. He turned on his side and was about to go to sleep when someone knocked quietly on his door.

He ignored the knocking until a voice spoke up. "Jonny?...It's me…"

"…Harley!?" Crane shot out of bed and opened the door, expecting to see her bleeding from a new gaping cut somewhere on her body or strikingly bruised beyond belief. But there was no blood, and there were no bruises. She half smiled up at him, holding her arm in the chilly outdoor hallway. "Can we talk… for a while?" She asked, obviously cold.
"Of course." He brought her in and locked the door behind her. "What happened?" He gave her his jacket to keep warm.

"Nothing, I just… wanted to talk." She sat on his bed, wrapped in his black jacket. "I didn't want to end your birthday with a fight. I'm sorry."

"It's my fault; I'm the one who is sorry." He said, sitting with her and putting his arm around her. There had to be something wrong; she had to be hurting somewhere. He desperately wanted to know what happened.

She kept the subject focused on him, and she insisted on getting him some kind of present for his birthday. They talked about high school and college, and they said apologies that were wrongly forgotten and necessary to unload form their list of regrets.

An hour passed and they lied on their backs under the warm covers of Jonathan's bed in the cold drafty room, staring at the ceiling and laughing about old times. "Now will you tell me why you are really here?" Jonathan looked at her after they finished chuckling about an old inside joke.

"…..He didn't hurt me… He just told me to leave." Harley assured him, smiling and cheered up by their talk.

Jonathan sighed. "Why?"

Harley inspected her painted yet chipped fingernails. "….He was mad… and he told me he didn't want to hurt me. So I left." She clarified and shook her head over at her old friend. "He's not abusive, Jonathan, you shouldn't stereotype him like that."

Jonathan had no comment. She could just be saying that because she loved him and was in denial. Harley didn't give up on her quest to justify her boyfriend. "Gentleness is something he's never… had to give to someone. You can't give someone a car if you don't know anything about buying or driving a car, you know?"

Jonathan nodded slightly, thinking about the metaphor Harley gave him. It made sense. "Being gentle isn't hard."

"That's like saying driving a car isn't hard. It's only 'easy' to you because you've had practice and experience." Harley stared at the ceiling again. "But… if you never even… saw a car before… it's a very foreign thing to you."

A few minutes of silence passed before Jonathan spoke up again. "What was he mad about?"

Harley smiled. "He didn't have as much fun as he wanted to today. Gordon apparently was right on his heels all day after he left us at the deli, and he wasn't able to shake the cops off for a long time. Leading cops on a wild goose chase is only fun if you're in the mood." She giggled, pulling the covers up to her chin. "He was so excited to use that new gun today! Poor guy."

Jonathan laughed as well, his spirits lifted by her cute girlish little giggles. "So in the morning…. you probably have to find some new henchmen, right?" He grinned. He was pretty sure Joker used that gun tonight, and he was happy it wasn't on Harley.

Harley laughed long and hard, so hard that she curled on her side, burrowing her face into his chest, muffling her laughter with his shirt.  "Yes, yes I do!"
Happy Birthday Jonathan Crane :D Yeah I guess this is a HarleyxScarecrow themed story. I actually like this pairing a lot. :D I might write some more of this theme sometime. ;)
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They did it, they had won. The REACH had lost and the Light had been fractured. Impulse looked around the cave the Secret Summit had been held and grinned with pride.

Everyone was congratulating each other on a job well done.

"Hey hermano," a voice said from behind him.

Impulse spun on his heel to stare into the blue and yellow face of Blue Beetle.

Unsurprisingly Bart's body reacted faster than his brain and he jumped up to hug the teller teen around the neck. "Dude, how crash was I?" He asked excitedly!

"You did okay?" Blue Beetle commented.

Impulse let go of the armored teen. "Okay? OKAY?! Dude, I don't know what fight you were a part of but I took down The Brain. THE BRAIN!"

"So you broke a glass jar with a pickled body part, big deal! I helped take out the big bad guys."

"Yeah, but not on you own," Impulse pointed out wagging a finger at Blue.

The two friends stared at each other for a moment, baring their teeth and growling at who was the better fighter when thy simultaneously broke out into grins and started laughing.

"You did good today, Bart!" Beetle said, letting his faceplate crawl back to reveal the human face underneath.

Impulse felt his heart rate increase and his body warm at Jaime's use of his name. "Thanks hermano," Bart replied, doing his best imitation of the way his friend voice inflection of the word.


Jaime shuttered at the scarab's demand. "What? No!" Jaime shouted.

"Oh, did I say it wrong?" Impulse asked, running a glove finger over his lips. "Aw, man. I've been practicing too."


"Shut up, man. You don't know what you are talking about."

Bart blinked at Jaime's words. "Oh, you talking with the inspect on your back." He observed. "What is it saying now?"


"You wouldn't dare," Jaime said.


"You can't. Your threats are hollow. I control you, not the other way around."


"Uh, Blue? Is that thing trying to take control of you?"



Impulse was starting to wonder if he should call Nightwing over when he felt Blue's arms wrap around his waist and his slightly open lips being pressed against Jaime's.


"I hate you," Jaime said, pulling away from Bart.

"I hate you, too Blue," Impulse agreed and reached and reached up to kiss him.

Impulse felt Jaime's body heat against him as the Blue armor retracted into the sarcab as the boys continued to kiss.

"Ahem," he heard Wally clear his throat.

The two teens broke a part and stared at their comrades and they stared back. Some wore shocked expressions, others held blushing knowing looks.

"What?" Bart challenged. "Can't a guy celebrate a huge victory?"

That broke any tension in the room as the young team giggled at Bart's statement.

"Make it short," Nightwing instructed. "All of you savor this win. Because the battle isn't over yet."

"Short is all the time I need. B?" Without needing to be told Jaime's armor and wings appeared. He scooped up Impulse and in spiraling circles he flew out of the cave and into the night sky. "So, you never did tell me what your bug told you."

"Trust me. You did." Blue Beetle promised, tightening his grip on Bart.
Jaime and Bart celebrate the victory at the Summit. Takes place after the episode "Summit." BluePulse.
This is my first BluePulse story that I texted to my darling girl. This is for her. You know who you are.
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Prologue: End of the End, Beginning of Something

Almost 500 years had passed since two brave souls sacrificed themselves and took upon them the task of guarding Death's door. The calm, sensible older  male  and the cheerful, strong-willed younger female...

They watched as time went by, as their friends and loved ones vanished through the passing of each day. The two took upon their shoulders the pain and agony of the world and its wish for death.  

Now, their power had weakened. The power of the universe. Each and every day, the wish for Death grew strong, and their strength diminished. The world was coming to an end.

On one faithful day, Death's manifestation, a young looking male offered them a chance. A chance to change the world's fate. A chance to save it.

The older of the two seals answered in disgust. He hated the idea of saving the people. They wish for their demise, and yet, he and his sister suffered for them... He had his own limits. He wanted to abandon mankind. He wanted to leave this ungrateful generation and let them die.

But, the younger one protested. She wished to save the people. She insisted that there were innocent ones who will suffer. Innocent people who used to be like them. People who cherished their lives and continued to live. If they do not give the world hope... Then who would...? As long as there's life, there's hope. These were the words she always spoke of.

Hearing his dear sister's pleas, the male gave up and took up the offer. Looks like they will work to save mankind again... Does it matter now? They're dead anyway. Nothing to lose, and maybe, something to gain.

The scarfed male, or rather, Death's manifestation smiled. He clapped his hands and gave them his final parting words. He did not, however, tell them what they were up against, or what was this 'offer' about... All that they knew was, it will be a path to giving the world 'a new chance'...

"...And now... It begins..."
So... I've been thinking of this story... but I'm not really sure if I should go through with it ^^"

First off, I wanna finish Novus and Crimson first... Second, I'm really having difficulty with writing this XD

This one would actually be more on the slice of life side... And is just about 10-20 chapters I guess? I already have an idea for the ending... the important plot points...

In any case, I doubt I could continue as of now... UNLESS... Maybe I get someone to help me out... a co-writer or something of the sort XP

Anyway... yeah... any thoughts?
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            “WHAT?!” Rin roared out loud, making both you and Makoto jump in fright. 

            “What?! Why?!” Nagisa questioned, leaning forward so as to not miss any of what you were going to say.

            “Well, uh, Mako-chan’s father and my father both work/run the same company. His dad’s the President, and mine’s the Vice President. Um, it seems like the company’s not doing very well here in Japan, and they want a change of pace… So, uh, it’s been decided that our families are moving to China,” you murmured, eyes downcast.

            “…For how long?” a hesitant question came from Haru.

            “For… however long our parents decide to stay there,” you muttered, now looking off to the side.

           You stared at the ground, the knowledge that you would burst into tears should you look up to gaze at the trio in front of you flashing brightly in your mind. “(Name)-chan…” you heard Haru’s voice murmur. Your head shot up, and beautiful, watery (eye color) met icy cerulean blue. The boy looked off to the side and whispered in a barely audible voice, “I’ll wait for you.”


[Time Skip to Beijing, China, the Saturday after the first week of school]


            “(Name)-chan! How was your first week?” A bright, strangely cheery voice rang out, snapping you out of your reverie.

            “M-mako-chan?! Oh, uh, it was alright… Why?”

            “No reason~ But why are your eyes red?”

            You sniffed, rubbing your eyes quickly to hide the tears that had left a trail down your cheeks. “N-no reason, either! It’s alright.”

            “Are you sure? If you need help, you know, you can just ask me,” the brunette offered, smiling at you like always.

            “It’s just… the Chinese language is so complicated! Chinese only has one tense for its verbs, and it’s really hard for me to talk about the past or future. The language sounds all weird, and the voice inflections are so hard to learn! Whenever I talk in class, trying to get by with my meager Chinese skills, the other kids all laugh at me. It’s humiliating, and I don’t like it one bit! There are so many phrases, and so many different characters. Japanese was so much simpler… I miss Japan, Mako-chan, I miss Japan!”

            The boy smiled weakly at you, not entirely sure how to console you. “It’s alright, (Name)-chan. You’ll pick it up as you go, don’t worry!”

            “Sniff… I bet you’re doing well in school, right, Mako-chan? I bet no one’s teasing you...” You wiped your nose and blew into a tissue, balling it up into a wad when you finished. “我……我不懂中文!太难啊……我不喜欢![I… I don’t understand Chinese! It’s too hard… I don’t like it!]

            “Huh, (Name)-chan! Your Chinese isn’t all that bad; you learn fast! C’mon, don’t be so harsh on yourself~”

            You tossed the balled-up tissue into a trash can as you walked by it, side-by-side with Makoto. “But… It’s still really hard…”


[Time Skip to your third week in China, right after school, at the school gates]


            “你!新的学生!面对我,我在跟你说话呢。你怎么长得那么难看?我已经受不了你了…… [You! New student: Look at me when I’m talking to you. How did you grow to be so ugly? I already can’t stand you.]” A loud voice rang out, making you whirl around.

            You stared at the speaker, the gears in your head slowly turning. Did he just… insult me…? Your hands balled up into fists, anger bubbling up within you. “你说我难看?你应该看看你自己。[You say I’m ugly? You should look at yourself.]

            “新学生,你说了什么?我没听懂你的中文,你的说法真难听。你再说一次吧。[New student, what did you say? I can’t understand your Chinese; your pronunciation is terrible. How about you say that one more time?]” His tone was dripping with sarcasm, his eyes mocking you. The Chinese boy’s otherwise handsome face was twisted in a look of disgust, making you feel like the icky gum under his shoe that he had unwittingly stepped on. “你为什么不爬回你的石头底下呢?[Why don’t you crawl back under the rock you came from?]

            That was the last straw for you. Tears overflowing from your cheeks, you yelled at the cocky boy, “为什么你呢么卑劣?![Why are you so mean to me?!]” and, fighting back burning hot tears, raced past the school gates. You ran past Makoto – who had been walking towards you – and didn’t notice the bewildered look he gave you as you passed.


[Time Skip to the evening of the same day, in the apartment complex where both you and Makoto’s families lived]


            You could hear the loud voices of your and Makoto’s fathers as you sat on the couch in Makoto’s house, hugging a pillow softly to your chest.

            “Mako-chan, why can’t your dad and my dad get along?”

            “(Name)-chan, they do get along. It’s just because they’re overworked, and they’re in a new place; it’s stressful for them, you see.”

            Makoto’s little brother and sister crawled up to you, snuggling into your sides. “Onee-chan, how do you say ‘candy’ in Chinese?” Ran asked you softly, her long, olive-green hair coming to rest on your lap as she lay her head on your legs.

            “唐 [Candy/sugar], you replied as you stroked her head. You giggled as Ren burrowed his head under your arm so that your arm rested in the crook of his neck.

            “Ren, Ran, why don’t you go to bed? It’s a bit late for you two…” Makoto’s voice rang out as he smiled softly at his siblings, a loving look on his face. As you watched the duo out of the living room and beyond your line of sight, Makoto whispered to you. “(Name)-chan, it looks like our dads aren’t getting along that well…”

            “I know… I just said that,” you replied, sweat-dropping at Makoto’s repetition. “What do you suggest we do?”

            “Maybe we could pretend to date, just for now, to try to get them to get along?”

            You turned to look the brunette in the eye, surprise evident on your face. “Date…? But how will that get them to work together better?”

            “Well, if they see that we two can get along well enough, they might be inspired to try harder to cooperate. They might also cease their fighting for our sake, (Name)-chan~”

            “We can always try it and see how it works out…” you murmured, gazing off to the side as a light blush dusted your cheeks.

            “Great. See you later then, my new girlfriend~” Makoto landed a soft kiss on your cheek before making his way towards his room. “Sorry I can’t stay – I have homework to finish up.”

Free! The Water's Melody: ReaderxVarious Pt 9

Yes... Homework... It totally killed the mood LOL

Just FYI: I speak, read, and write Chinese fluently, but it is not my first language (my first language being English, of course). Therefore, the translations may not be spot-on, but they should be close enough to the intended meaning (provided in brackets). My translations are better than Google Translate's, at any rate. XD

WM, Part 1:
WM, Next Part:


I hope that you liked this! Please comment for Part 10 to come out, ASAP? ^ - ^

If you liked this and want to see more stuff like this, ASAP, add me to your watch! :+devwatch:

If you liked "The Water's Melody," you may also like "My Treasure is My Torment," "Sentimental Value," "Summer Heat," or "Poof!" Check them out here:  

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I don't own Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, or any of the characters affiliated with that anime/manga.
Plot line (for this part) was inspired by strawberrimilktea

Preview Picture from here

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. The only one that does is Soraxess. This a rebuild of my original fan fiction of Soraxess's tale. In this rebuild its like a final mix to each Kh game. Well This explains the back-story on how Soraxess was came to be inside the world of desire to be more powerful than Sora and Roxas together, this will be my first time to ever write a story based off my own character.

Chapter 1: Soraxess is born part 1

Sora, the chosen wielder of the keyblade had save many worlds and is known as a hero through the worlds he has saved from the heartless and the nobodies. Without the help of his friends he would have been helpless.

But everything will change this time. A new threat will be appearing.

Destiny Islands:

Sora stood by the beach listing to the waves rush in. sora was deep in his thoughts thinking about something.

"Hey Sora." Riku called, walking behind sora.

Sora turned around and saw his friend. "Riku." Sora responded with a smile. Riku had to smile back.

"Sora, Kairi was wondering if you like to join me and her on a friendly outing."

Sora chuckled leaning back a bit. "Like you thought I'd say no?" he said with a big grin. "of course I'll join! what's the outing?"

Riku laughed a little. "I gotta remember that you are one who doesn't say no very often." placing his hand on his side.

They both laughed.

"If its anything with you and Kairi I'll go." Sora said.

"well since you asked sora." Kairi said walking up to him and Riku. "I was hoping you like to go to the islands and eat a nice meal on such a beautiful evening."

Sora couldn't refuse, nor didn't he had something to do anyway.

"Okay!" sora said. "Lets go!" he said and ran ahead. Riku and Kairi looked at each other before looking at sora, seeing that he was still his cheerful self even after the battles with the heartless and the organization which brought smiles on their faces.

"Hey sora wait up!" Riku said and ran to catch up with him. Kairi followed right behind him.


Sora, Kairi and Riku had everything all packed up and were ready to go to the islands.

Once the raft hit the water it was ready to sail off.

The three friends headed for the islands to have a nice outing.

When they arrived they tied the raft and walked on the ground. Riku walked looking at the woods. Sora walked right beside him.

Kairi was getting everything ready for their meal, it was a picnic friendly outing.

"Hmmm, now that were here what should we do first?" Sora asked. He looked at Riku.

Riku looked at sora. "Hmm, I don't know."

"Aww c'mon Riku we can try to test who's gotten better." sora suggested.

Riku turned at sora and smiled. "Alright."

Riku and sora both found two wooden sticks and it reminded them when they were little. "You ready?" Riku called out to sora.

Sora sort of in a dazed. But he woke up and nodded with a smirk.

They both ran towards each other slashing the wooden swords.

Then in the woods something was watching them. It was a very strange creature that was shrouded in complete darkness. Through its eye sight, It saw both Riku and sora fighting. It's strange eye sight was very strange and all it could see was red and hear a little distortion in the wooden clashes. The strange shadow creature began to crawl forward and out from the bushes to get to Kairi, but stopped and moved back a bit to see a wooden stick in its path. "Don't worry I was just warming up!" Sora said running towards the fallen stick to pick it up.

Sora was going to reach for the stick when he looked in the bushes. He sensed like something was lurking there but he might have been thinking to hard.

"Sora!" Riku called out. Sora looked up to see Riku waving he seem to be calling him that dinner was ready.

Sora looked down at the stick and took off some strange black ooze that seem to be darkness wrapped in thorns on the wooden stick. Sora dropped the stick and tried to get the black darkness ooze off.

"Sora!" Riku called again.

"Coming!" Sora hollered and ran towards his friends direction.


After the meal, sora was sound asleep.

Riku looked at sora glaring a bit. "what a lazy bone."

"Riku, come on." Kairi said.

"Okay, Kairi but I have to let sora know that were taking the stuff home first before we can all go back home." Riku said.


Sora opened his eyes feeling a raindrop hit his nose.

He sat up quickly. He looked around. "Riku?" he said hoping to see them but they were nowhere in sight. "Kairi?" he said. He then looked to the floor and saw a note.

He slowly unwrapped the note and looked at it to read it.

It said:

"Sora, me and Kairi will be back, sorry to leave without waking you up, but we had to leave in a hurry. But don't worry we'll be back with the raft to pick you up."


Sora looked up at the sky. It was very dark and gray.

"That's weird, why would they leave me here?" Sora asked himself. He felt another raindrop hit his head.

He got up and tried to look for a place to keep dry before it began to pour. While he placed the note in his pocket.

Soon the stormy rains started to fall and sora ran through the woods hoping to find a place to keep dry.

He was wet a little but still dry.

He then saw a cave and walked inside.

The strange creature of darkness saw where sora had ran to and it crawl towards the cave.

Sora looked around, it was dark but at least it was dry.

He went outside to get some firewood.


He sat inside the cave with a warm fire. Sora then sneezed.

"Bless you Sora." said a voice. Sora looked up to see his nobody, Roxas.

"Roxas." Sora said. Roxas was a see through ghost, but was visible to sora.

"I find it very weird that my friends left me." Sora said.

"Sora I'm sure they'll be back." Roxas said with a smile to cheer him up.

Sora looked at Roxas and smiled.




Said a strange voice.

Sora looked around the caves walls, he thought someone was calling his name.

"Sora?" Roxas asked.

Sora looked around trying to find the source of the voice. He didn't hear Roxas calling him.

Sora then looked at his nobody and shook his head. "sora, are you okay?" Roxas asked.

Sora nodded. "Y-yeah, I'm okay."

Roxas looked at him with a frown. "it looked through you were looking for something."

"I heard a voice." Sora said.

"A voice?" Roxas asked.

"Yeah, like someone was-calling my name." Sora explained looking up at the ceiling.

Roxas looked up. "Hey what's that?"

Sora looked at Roxas and walked towards him. Roxas looked closely at the cave wall.

"Roxas?" Sora asked. Roxas then scraped some of cave rocks that looked like they were chipped off.

Sora looked and saw strange cave paintings.

"What's this?" Sora asked.

Sora saw writings on the cave walls it was a scripture.

"Darkness will awaken and the dark blood will arise in the moon of light and darkness… the chosen will fear his might….for he is true power…and feared…"

"For he is mighty…the mighty one we will bow too…"the tainted one." Sora and Roxas read together.

"You think it could be Ansem?" Sora said.

"No, I it doesn't look like it." Roxas said.

Sora then gasped. "what?!"

Roxas looked at sora. "What's wrong?" he asked sora.

Sora read more. "The tainted one is to be feared and be named as the mighty Sora!"

Roxas looked deeper. "What! No that can't be right, your not tainted or evil."

Sora then saw more chipped cave words. "X?"

"Less?" "as in Heartless." sora said.

"X" for the members of Organization XIII." Roxas said.

"S. O. R. A. X. E. S. S." sora said.

"Soraxess." he read.

"Soraxess?" Roxas said. "A missing member?"

Sora then turned around to see the cave and saw the heavy rain fall hard.

He then saw a flash and a shape. "Riku?" Sora said and ran outside.


Sora then arrived outside and saw a shape rise up from the ground. "What? Heartless?!" Sora said and pulled out his keyblade.

The strange figure looked like Riku's shadow.

Sora saw its strange red eyes and had a mind flash. He looked around and saw the figure in Riku's stance and a black version of his keyblade.

Sora then leaped towards the figure and slashed his keyblade at it. The strange figure had became darkness mist.

Then the strange mist had became very oozy and thick. it sank towards the ground making the darkness spread around sora. Sora looked at the strange darkness ooze coming towards his direction.

He tried to run away but he tipped from a tree leg. He looked back to see the rushing black darkness cove towards him. He shot his key blade's light at the creature but it seem to do little effect.

Then all of a sudden the strange ooze flew towards sora. Sora had to gasp and felt the whole black ooze go down his throat. Sora had to swallow.

He swallowed the strange darkness and tried to catch his breath. He began to cough, not only did the strange darkness attacked him and made him swallow it hard, but he was very soaked in water.

He walked back towards the cave and when he entered. Roxas was in the same state he was in. Roxas was forced out of Sora's heart and was coughing.

Sora sat up to try and keep himself warm and dry by the fire.

He looked very pale the more he coughed and before you know it he was very sick looking.


Riku looked towards the islands and saw the heavy rains. The heavy rains were making it hard for him and Kairi to get to the island while he was on the raft.

"Damn, the waves are very rough!" Riku said.

"No!" Kairi said with a frown. "Sora's still out there!"

"We have to go back Kairi, the waves are too fierce we won't be able to get to Sora, until tomorrow morning."


Sora looked very weak, Roxas was starting to get pale. "Sora you don't look so good." Roxas said.

Sora looked up at Roxas. 'Y-you're not looking good yourself." He said. "What attacked us?" Roxas asked.

"I don't know." Sora said. Just then sora felt a horrible cramp inside his chest. He began to groan in pain before falling over to the side and drag himself outside as he felt like throwing up.

Roxas looked up to see Sora coming back. Sora then looked up at Roxas. "Roxas, come on, were going back home."

"Sora, we can't go, the weather's too wild."

"I don't care! Riku an Kairi should be coming!" Sora said with a little bit of anger and walked dragged himself outside. Roxas followed right behind sora.

Before they could reach the sea Sora fell forward coughing very hard. So hard that a tiny bit of blood escaped alongside the darkness ooze that had attacked him.

Roxas went back into sora. Sora then fell to his knees coughing.

He coughed all night.



Riku and Kairi were heading towards the islands.

"I feel rotten for leaving Sora in that disgusting weather all night!" Riku said.

Kairi pouted. "Sora's mother said that we should eat more! So don't blame me!"

"Hmph." Riku didn't seem to care.

They arrived at the shore and saw Sora on the floor.

"Sora!" they said and ran towards him.

Riku saw that sora was drenched in wet and cold clothes. "Sora!" he said shaking sora awake.

"Sora!" Kairi said shaking him too. Sora opened his eyes slowly.

"Riku… Kairi…" Sora said with a small smile and tried to get up but he ached.

"Sora! You look pale like a dusk!" Riku said. Sora looked shocked. "what?" he said. His voice sounded very sick and very sore.

"Come on, we need to get you home fast!" Kairi said. Sora then smiled. "Okay." he then coughed a big cough.

"Sora!" his friends said trying to see what's wrong with him.

Sora then coughed again until the same ooze and blood came out.

"Damnit!" Riku said and tried to rush sora to the raft.


Sora continued to cough until they arrived home.

Riku called out to Sora's mother. Sora's mother opened the door hearing Riku's voice and Kairi's.

Sora was brought inside, he fell to the floor hitting his head!

Sora's mother quickly took Sora up to his room and put him into dry clothes and put him into bed. Riku and Kairi were worried, they could hear Sora's Coughs become worse.

"Riku, please bring me a wet cold rag, Sora has a very fast fever.!" Sora's mother said. Riku nodded and ran up to sora's room with a wet rag.

Kairi walked into Sora's room and saw him breathing very hard.

Sora's coughs were starting to slow down. Riku saw that Sora's mom's apron was a bit dirty from Sora's strange ooze coughing fest.

"I'm sorry." Riku said looking down.

"Come on Riku, Sora needs his rest, I'll have a doctor check him." Sora's mother said.

Riku saw sora sleeping. He frowned seeing sora very sick.

Something was wrong with sora what was making him sick?

End of chapter 1-

A/N: wow what a way to write a rebuild version of this story! I love it! lol
a rebuild of my old fanfiction story! Soraxess's tale! but this one is a rebuild of the od one! ^^
please review and enjoy!


fanfiction story: Rebuild:

original soraxess's tale:


cover art: [link]

chapter 2:
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All was quiet, with the exception of Feliciano's whimpers and Ludwig's grunts of pain as Kiku attempted to clean his wound. The campfire had died down to a bright orange glow, but none seemed to notice as the sun was rising into the sky. It had been a few hours since the Axis had encountered with the Allies and kidnapped you. The bullet that had been shot from Ivan's rifle was still deep into Ludwig's arm, and there was no way to get it out safely without causing an infection since there was too much swelling.

"I'm going to have to wait until the swelling goes down before I attempt to get the bullet out, Ludwig," Kiku said, wiping his bloody hands on his military jacket that was practically ruined from the fight earlier. Ludwig nodded.

"Thank you thought for cleaning the wound, Kiku. I can't save (Name) with an infected arm," said Ludwig as Kiku began to wrap the wound in gauze. The Japanese man gave Ludwig a disbelieving look.

"How can you go after (Name) when we don't know where she is?" he said to the German. Ludwig was quiet for a long time. Kiku did have a point. There were five Allies and their headquarters could be in any five countries. "And besides, you're in no condition to go looking for her. Wait until the bullet comes out before we discuss a plan," Kiku added. Ludwig nodded slowly and looked over at Feliciano, who had his white flag clutched in one hand and a piece of paper in the other.

"Feliciano! What do you have?" yelled Ludwig toward the terrified Italian. Feliciano squeaked in fear. Just like the others, he was still recovering from earlier, making him incredibly jumpy.

"I found it, I swear! It was-a lying by the-a campfire!" Feli said, handing the note to Ludwig, his hand shaking so bad it took a few attempts before Ludwig could grab the paper. He looked at the scrawny handwriting, which was obviously by the American, and read it. Ludwig gaped his mouth in disbelief and read the note over and over again, making sure he was reading it right.

"What? What does it say?" said Kiku, obviously noticing the shock on his face. Crumpling up the note, he turned to Japan.

"It's from the Allies. It said that (Name) is alright and in no harm, but it won't last for long. It says if we surrender the war to them, they'll release her in the same condition they kidnapped her in. But, if we refuse, they'll take over her country and force her to join them," Anger built up quickly in the tempered Ludwig's body with each word he spoke. Kiku and Feliciano both blinked in shock.

"Why-a would those bastardos do-a such a thing to (Name)!?" said Feliciano, also angered. It was rare for Feli to show his anger, and when he did it was never pretty. Being a hotheaded Italian, he had a very colorful language. But, fortunately, it was always spoken in his native tongue. Ludwig threw the crumpled up paper somewhere far on the beach and sighed angrily.

"Verdammt..," he muttered, running his fingers through his slick blonde hair. Kiku sat quietly in thought. Feliciano kept shouting out random curse words and insults to the Allies in Italian. I hope (Name) is alright. She's strong, but not strong enough to take on the Allies by herself. And with that thought in Ludwig's mind, he turned to Kiku and said:

"Kiku, get this damn bullet out of me."
Holy crap, this is so very short~ XDDD I'm so sorry, but it was intended on being short~ XDDD SEE?! GERMANY ISN'T DEAD~!!! :la: He's just in a bad mood~ XD;; Hell, I owuld be too if I weres shot~ :iconnotimpressedplz:

*ahem* So, please enjoy this chapter~!

Kiku = Japan
Ludwig = Germany
Feliciano = N. Italy

Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya
You The Allies~

Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 3 - [link]
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       Light suddenly filled the room and the young [H/C] boy groaned softly, turning in his bed and hiding his face in the pillow below him.

       "Master. It's time to get up.~" [Name] opened his [E/C] eyes and looked over at the tall, brown haired male. The male looked over from the curtains and smiled at the young boy.

       "Good morning Blake..." [Name] said yawning and stretching. Blake nodded, pulling some clothes out from a drawer and setting them on the bed.

       "Here are you clothes. I shall be downstairs, preparing your breakfast." He left the room and [Name] slid the blanket off of him. The boy walked over to the mirror, looking at the mark that was on his neck and collarbone. He slowly got dressed by himself, having told Blake that he could get himself dressed on his own. After getting on his normal outfit he slipped a grey scarf on his neck, covering the mark. He left the room, closing the door behind him. [Name] walked downstairs and was greeted by two maids.

       "Good morning master." They both said at the same time. He smiled softly and nodded.

       "Good morning Mika and Misa." The maids both smiled and went on with their chores while [name] went to the dining room. He entered the room and sat down immediately, taking a sip of the tea in front of him. "Blake, what are the plans for today?"

       "After breakfast you have your tutoring session, after that you have about an hour of free time so you could draw or do anything else in that time, at ten you have an appointment with one of the lead bakers and then you have more tutoring." [Name] nodded and ate his breakfast in silence. You see the [last name] family had been very famous because of them creating many of the most popular desserts and bakeries in England, right now [Name] was the head of the business. The day went by exactly as Blake had said and they were currently talking about history. After the lesson, he left the room and walked into the kitchen.

       "Mika? Misa? Can we start?" The two blonde maids looked over and smiled at their master.

       "Of course we can!" They both stepped back and showed a bunch of baking things ready to use. "We're ready!" They both said smiling. [Name] smiled and put on an apron, starting to bake with the maids.
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What do you see when you look at me?

Am I just another girl lost in the crowd?

Am I just another random stranger?

What about me might catch your eye?

Or perhaps you’ve never noticed me.

I don’t want you to see me as “the pretty girl.”

Don’t see me for being “the smart girl.”

I’m not “the musically gifted one,”

Or “the most popular girl here.”

I’m just me, and if you notice, see who I am.

I won’t force you to notice.

I won’t fight for your attention.

See me for the girl that I am.

See me for my heart and for my passion.

See the light in my eyes and see what I love.

I don’t want you to love me if you don’t want to.

I just want you to see me for me, to know me for me.

But on your own as I pass by…

What do you see?
everyone sees something different...
but I wonder what he would see.

~ if you like this please add it to your favorites :heart: ~

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You waited.
And waited.
And waited.
You still waited.
Your roomate, a Romanian named Vladmir,was still at the grocery store after two hours.  His phone had been killed during freak bunny attack, so you couldn't call him.  After a while, you started getting worried.  Not even the Flaming Rainbow Bunchie that ran around your house could help.  

Vlad still wasn't home.  Okay, NOW you were really pissed.  You waited at the door a bit, and devised a plan.  You opened the door and yelled-

Holy mother of bacon-snorting Canadians.  This line was HUGE.  Vladmir had gone out two hours ago to get food.  Only one checkout thingy was open, so that's why it was taking so long.  Well no shit, it's also Black Friday.
Ten minutes later, Vlad finally got to the front of the line.  Just as he handed in the first item, a cry was heard from across town.
"ACCIO VLADMIR!" The Romanian began floating and zoomed out of the store, breaking the glass doors.  He was flying straight towards his house, where he lived with his roommate.  
"YO BITCHES CAN'T HANDLE MAH SWAGGA" Vlad yelled as he crashed through the wall onto the sofa.
"'Bout time!" you said, slapping the now grocery-less man.
Because I can.
Harry Potter + Hetalia = YISSSSSS
Stolen from :iconawesomegirlo:
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