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Nezumi lay in his bed, his small white-haired friend laying beside him, fast asleep. He wasn't entirely sure how the two of them had come to sharing a bed. His guess was that Shion must have accidentally fallen asleep on his bed, and Nezumi himself didn't want to take the couch. After that night, Shion must have thought it was okay to take the bed any night. Thus, they had somehow reached the point where they were sharing a bed every night.

The grey-haired boy sighed quietly. He wasn't used to having half of his sleeping space taken.
However, despite this, Nezumi was just about to drift into sleep, until Shion randomly sat up. This made Nezumi flinch, since Shion was in a deep sleep just seconds before, and didn't even shift around before sitting up. After Shion sat there for awhile, Nezumi eventually decided to question his friend.

"Oi..." Nezumi said as he sat up and brought a hand to Shion's shoulder.

Shion didn't respond, and Nezumi sat up further to look at his face. His red eyes were half-lidded, and it seemed like there was nothing behind them. Nezumi quickly brought a hand to his mouth to silence his laugh. He didn't want to wake up his sleep walking friend just yet. He brought his hand up in front of Shion face and waved it a bit, to make sure he was really out of it.

"Oi, Shion, what are you up to?" Nezumi asked and snickered a bit. He wanted to see if Sleep-Shion would respond.

"What could he be dreaming about right now? A nightmare?" Nezumi thought. His light grey eyes stared into Shion's red ones, as if he could find the answer in them. He sadistically wanted him to be having a nightmare, so that he could possibly have fun teasing him.

After getting no response, Nezumi gave Shion a smile that showed that he was admitting defeat. He brought his hand to Shion's pearly white hair and ruffled it a bit.

"What's going on through your head, Shion?" Nezumi asked quietly.

Shion then reached his hand out and gripped onto Nezumi's night shirt.

"Eh?" Nezumi questioned as he continued to stare at Shion's face. He was definitely still asleep, unless he was secretly a very talented actor.

Shion then brought another hand to Nezumi's shirt and slowly pushed him down on his back. Nezumi couldn't help but let out a laugh this time.

"What are you---" Nezumi continued to laugh, but stopped immediately when Shion climbed on top of him and straddled his hips.

"Is he having THAT kind of dream?" Nezumi thought. He stared up at the drowsy-eyed boy above him.

Shion then gripped both of Nezumi's wrists, pinning him to the bed. A blush swept across Nezumi's face. He was starting to lose his amusement in Shion's sleep walking. He opened his mouth to yell loudly for Shion to wake up, but Shion spoke first.

"Safu..." Shion mumbled.

With his mouth still open, Nezumi found himself too stunned to yell. His eyes grew wide, and then slowly formed into a scowl. He then roughly kicked the sleeping boy off of himself.

"Whaaa!" Shion exclaimed as he finally woke up and landed on the end of the bed.

"You moron!" Nezumi yelled angrily, his face flushed in rage. Shion rubbed his head in confusion.

"I will not be a replacement!" Nezumi continued to yell.

"Re-replacement?" Shion mumbled.

"What happened?" He thought, "I was dreaming, and then... pain in my chest... what was I dreaming about?"

"You lied to me again!" Nezumi realized, and gripped Shion's shirt collar, "When I asked if you would take up her offer, you TOLD me she was just a FRIEND!"

Shion simply stared at Nezumi. He had no clue what was going on.

"Ah, that's right," Shion thought, "I was dreaming.. about the past... I was a kid, and Safu was there too... We were in a tickle fight..."

Shion rubbed his eyes sleepily, but Nezumi got his attention again by pulling him closer by his shirt.

"I told you that lying to someone is like looking down on them," Nezumi said, his voice deep and threatening. His scowling eyes matched his voice.

"How did I lie to you?" Shion asked as he slowly became more awake.

Nezumi paused. He was too embarrassed to tell Shion what had happened.

"Why am I so bothered by this anyway?" Nezumi thought. He released his grip on Shion's shirt and laid back down. He wrapped the sheet around himself and turned away so that he was no longer facing Shion.

"Its nothing," he grumbled, "Just.. whatever you ate last night, don't eat it again. It made you have nightmares."

"Nightmares?" Shion repeated. "Was I acting weird in my sleep?"
Nezumi didn't answer, and Shion pouted.

"I don't know what I did to make you mad, but, I'm sorry..." Shion said sadly.

"Just shut up and go to bed." Nezumi grumbled again.

This time, it was Shion's turn to scowl. He grabbed Nezumi's shoulder and turned him so that they were looking at each other face to face.

"I can't just shut up and go to bed!" Shion complained, "If I did something to upset you.. how can I sleep? You're the most important person to me... I at least want to know what I did."

Nezumi stared at him with his eyes wide. He then let out a chuckle.

"Most important person? You're lying again." Nezumi said. He wanted to turn away again, but Shion still had his grip on his shoulder.

"How can I prove it then?" Shion asked.

"Let go." Nezumi demanded.

"How can I?" Shion asked again, louder this time.

"Let go!" Nezumi yelled and gave Shion a glare.

"Nezumi!" Shion yelled. Nezumi grabbed Shion's wrist and yanked his hand of his shoulder. Shion used his free hand to slap Nezumi's arm away, and quickly leaned down and kissed Nezumi.

Nezumi was stunned yet again. He never closed his eyes for the whole kiss, he just stared into Shion's closed ones. Once the kiss was done, Shion gradually opened his red eyes. Nezumi then realized that his hand was in his pocket, gripping his knife. He must have instinctively done that after his hand was slapped away.

"You're really.... reckless, you know that?" Nezumi pointed out. If Shion had moved a bit slower, Nezumi would have had his knife at his neck.

"I don't care. I don't care if I'm reckless. If I want to kiss you, then I'll kiss you," Shion said bluntly.

Nezumi scowled.

"So you think you can just do it whenever you want?" Nezumi questioned.

"Yes," Shion said, and leaned down to kiss him again. However, the taller boy stopped him this time by gripping his shoulders. Shion scowled down at Nezumi.

"How else can I prove it to you?" Shion asked, and tears began to form in his eyes. Nezumi noticed this, and his anger began to fade. The white-haired boy had that power over him. He didn't release his hands though.

"Fine, I believe you." Nezumi said, and let out a sigh. Shion continued to cry as if he didn't hear him. The grey-haired boy decided to let go of the smaller boy's shoulders.

"You can kiss me now if you want." Nezumi said, but Shion didn't budge.

"Moron..." Nezumi grumbled and grabbed Shion's face with both hands, and pulled him down into a kiss. In between kisses, Shion cried.

"I'm sorry... whatever I did..." Shion cried.

"Just forget about it," Nezumi said, and continued to kiss him. He then finished the kiss by placing one last kiss on the crying boy's forehead.

"Now let's go back to bed now, alright?" Nezumi suggested. Shion sniffled and nodded, but instead of laying in his spot on the bed, he curled up against Nezumi.

"....Looks like I have less bed space now, than ever...."
I had written this fanfic a few weeks ago, and thought I might as well just post it so that it won't go to waste.
I had kind of given up on it, but at least I was able to finish it. So yeah, its kind of poorly written. I didn't nearly spend as much time on this one as I did on my newer No.6 fanfic: [link]

Preview Image: [link]
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This is the 6th and final part of the Right in Front of You series.  You can find the series here.…


Huntress Wizard opens her eyes.  She sits up and looks around.

It’s another day in paradise.  Yeah, paradise.  She has to keep telling herself that.  She lives exactly where she wants and does exactly what she wants to do.  She has it all!

But she keeps on locking into the memory, the memory of her time with Finn, and yes, Marceline.  They had a lot of fun together!  Marceline and she were in a not-so-friendly competition to win the heart of the last human on earth.  But when Finn showed the foolhardy heart of a hero to her, risking his life in a near suicidal attempt to save Marceline from being cooked in lava, she got out of the competition.  She couldn’t give her heart to someone who took so many risks that could leave her alone and broken.  Again.  So she went back to her life in the forest.

All of the denizens there loved her.  She is so powerful and has such an affinity with the land.  She takes care of them all and drives off anyone that wants to damage the forest she has sworn to protect.  Well, of course she is not friendly with manticores.  A group of manticores destroyed her village when she was a 13 year old human and killed everyone there except her.  They did not think her worthy of their attention.  They ransacked the village and left her there crying over her dead parents.  She went into the woods and met an old man, who turned out to be Hunter Wizard.  He taught her forest magic, and helped her master her skills as an archer.  When he was about to die, he showed her how to become a wizard.  After his death, she did the ritual that changed her forever, and became Huntress Wizard!  Now all manticores in the land of Ooo fear her name…

She sees that some of her magic supplies are running low and she needs to go to Wizard City to do some shopping.  She thinks, ‘Maybe I should stop by the tree house and see how Finn is doing these days.’  She gathers what she needs and casts some wards of protection on her camp, and heads out to the tree house.  She thinks, ‘Maybe I can deal with him being a hero.  I do miss him a lot…’

When she gets close, she uses a spell to magnify her vision, and sees Finn and Jake chasing each other around.  ‘Good’, she thinks.  ‘Maybe he has gotten tired of all that hero junk and is just having fun with his brother’.  Then a motion catches her eye, and she sees the door to the tree house open.  It’s Marceline the Vampire Queen!  She stays in the doorway out of the sun, just like a good little vampire should.  Finn sees her and gives Jake a noogy on the head, and then walks to the tree house.  There he gives Marceline a passionate kiss!  A really passionate kiss…

Huntress Wizard turns off the enhanced vision and is stunned.  It looks like Finn and Marceline are a couple, and she is too late to try and win him over.  Dejectedly, she forms her spirit bow and grabs one of her arrows, a special one that she hand crafted out of one of the tree limbs from her forest.  She forms a mystical energy field around it and fires it out of frustration towards the pond near the tree house.  Then she starts walking towards the forest.  She doesn’t much feel like going to Wizard City right now…

The arrow, encased in magic, felt her frustration.  It moves the aim slightly towards an old post, and ricochets towards the tree house.  Then it slightly adjusts to hit a metal pole hanging below the observation deck.  And then it sees its true target and homes in…

As Finn and Marcy are kissing, he feels a jab of pain in his chest.  He backs up and sees a slight bleeding wound, and thinks, ‘no big deal.  This should heal pretty fast with the demon blood that was mixed into his human blood helping’.  Then he looks up at Marceline and his eyes get big!  She starts shaking uncontrollably; there is an arrow sticking out of her chest!  Finn grabs her and holds her up.  Then he reaches for the arrow.  “D-don’t touch it, F-Finn.  It’s in m-my h-h-heart.  I sh-should be a flash of s-smoke right now…”  She gasps for breath and says, “If it m-moves even a little b-bit, I may v-vaporize.”  Finn, who is distressed beyond anything he has ever known, yells, “JAKE!  I need you here buddy!”  Jake bounds over and cannot believe what he sees!  “Hold her, I need to do something!”  He grabs his Vibranium Sword that he left in the entry, and brings it to Marceline.  Marceline gets a look of terror in her eyes.  “Finn!  Wh-what are you d-doing?”  He replies, “The sword is a pretty amazing weapon.  I can sheer off the end of the arrow so you can lie down without it moving a bit.”  She still has great fear in her eyes.  Finn strokes her cheek and says, “Trust me Marceline.  I love you more than the air I breathe.  There is no way I would try this if I thought it would hurt you.”  Every fiber of her being is resistant to what he is going to do, but she trusts the man she loves, and nods.  He swings with power and finesse; by timing the swing, he is able to slice off the tail of the arrow so when she breathes out it won’t go beyond the surface of her skin.

Jake gently uses his stretch powers to move Marceline into the tree house.  Finn leaps up and grabs a bunch of pillows to use to cushion her.  Jake gently sets her down on the pillows.  Marceline is lying there quietly, but suddenly they see a puff of vapor come out of her chest!  Finn sees what is happening – her body is trying to reject the arrow, but as it is slowly moved, it is getting closer to killing her!  Lady Rainicorn comes up to see what is happening and is stunned!  She says something in Korean, and Jake nods.  “Finn, I really don’t know what to do.  Even though Princess Bubblegum is angry at us, she may be the only one with an answer.”  Finn thinks about it.  He can only think of one other way to save her, her father Hunson Abadeer the Lord of Evil.  But Finn knows the cost for his help will be high.  That needs to be a last resort.

Finn nods, and leaps out of the tree house.  Even though he falls over 20 feet, he is not even slowed down.  When he was close to bleeding to death, Huntress Wizard took the demon blood sword that had been in his & Jake’s family for generations, and used it to replenish his blood supply.  Ever since then, his aging has slowed dramatically and he has gained tremendous strength and toughness, allowing him to run and bound at beyond 60 kph!  He takes off as fast as he can towards the candy kingdom.

When he gets there, he is stopped by the Banana guards.  “Halt!  The Princess has forbidden you from entering the kingdom.”  Finn is frustrated, and puts his hand on his Vibranium Sword.  The banana guards get a lot of fear in their eyes!  Most of the denizens of Ooo can be dealt with easily.  But Finn the Human is an amazing fighter, and that sword of his makes him nearly unstoppable, even by giants!  Finn lets go and pounds his fist into his palm and droops his head…

“Guards, allow the Human to enter.  His reasons are just, and the Princess needs to let go of her anger.”  Finn and the guards look up; it’s a Gumball Guardian!  The guards defer to the mighty defenders of the kingdom and allow Finn to enter.

He walks in, and all of the citizens are stunned to see him!  They were told not to expect to see Finn the Human for a long while, if ever.  He walks past them with some pointing fingers at him.  Many are very glad to see him.  He has, after all, saved many of their lives!  He gets to the castle at the center of the kingdom and walks in.  Manfried the talking Piñata sees him and squeals.  He starts to announce his entrance, but thinks the Princess may be mad!  “A-announcing the arrival of F-Finn the Human, please d-don’t kill the messenger!”

Immediately Princess Bubblegum walks out of one of her labs fuming!  “What are you doing here?  I thought I told you and your band of rats…”  She looks at the ground and says, “No offence, Science.”  Science the rat gets a stern look on its face and crosses its arms… “…to stay out of the kingdom until I said you could come back!”

Finn looks at her and says, “Marcy was hurt really bad, and I don’t know what to do.  She won’t make it much longer; I’ll do anything to save her, ANYTHING!”  With that he grabs her in a tight hug and says, “Please forgive me for the cloning incident…”  She loses the harsh look on her face and says, “No Finn, I’m the one that should apologize.  I set a ridiculous price for a silly kiss, and now I see that the result was worth it.  Ice King is now a model citizen of the land of Ooo, helping anyone and everyone that needs it.  His ability to control storms has brought record crops in this year.  And…” Princess Bubblegum holds him tight, “…my little grandstanding cost me four of my closest friends.”  She steps away from Finn, and says, “What do you need me to do?”  Finn looks at her with a plaintive look of desperation.  “She has a wooden arrow in her heart, and we have to figure out how to get it out without killing her.  But if we do nothing, she is as good as dead.”  PB gasps!  She turns into her lab and says, “I need a few things.  I’ll be right back.”  Within a minute she comes out with a backpack and Peppermint Butler.  “Let’s go.  I’ll get Morrow to take us all there.”

They go outside and she screeches like an eagle, and Morrow grabs the three of them and flies off.  PB whispers something in Morrow’s ear, and he flies to the tree house.  The three of them jump off and head into the tree house.

Finn leaps ahead and goes to his beloved, only to find that the situation is desperate.  The hole in her chest is getting bigger, and vapor is coming out every few seconds.  When PB and PB see this they are shocked!  Marceline is shaking every time a little vapor escapes, and she is obviously in a lot of pain!  “H-hey Princess, I-I wish we w-were s-s-seeing you t-to play a g-g-game of cards…”  Then her face draws in from pain.

Princess Bubblegum says, “You are a demon and a vampire.  Either of those should mean an arrow in the heart is vaporization.  Hmm.  The combination must make her heart stronger than either alone…”  She reaches into her bag and says, “Jake, you have to do this.  Shrink into this diving suit and take this camera into her chest.”  Jake is shocked!  “Oh man, that’s gross!  But I’ll do it for Marcy.”  He shrinks down and manages to get into a mouse sized diving suit.  Then he climbs onto Marceline’s chest and heads towards the hole.  Marceline’s eyes are really big!  This is the guy who can be distracted by a butterfly in a life or death battle!  “B-b-be careful Jake…”  Then she feels another wave of pain and they all see another puff of vapor.

Jake goes inside of Marceline’s body.  He sees that the organs aren’t dead, but they look… funny… He moves next to the heart, and can see the arrow!  Every heartbeat the arrow causes part of her heart to vaporize, and then it regenerates.  But Marceline’s body is losing the battle, and the hole in her heart is getting slightly bigger with each beat.  He holds up the camera and hits the button.  After a few seconds, he hears PB’s voice.  “That’s enough Jake, come on out.”

He climbs out of her body and then out of the suit, growing as soon as he can.  Then he goes to the sink and throws up!  “That was tough.  If it was anyone but you Marcy…”  She makes a weak smile, and then feels more pain.  PB beckons for Finn to come over to her.  “Finn, I really don’t know what to do.  If we take it out, too much damage will happen and she will vanish.  If we leave it in, she will live about another hour.  Her vampyrized demon heart is barely hanging in there.”

Then Peppermint Butler joins them.  “I have an answer to your problem, but Queen Marceline may not like it.”  Finn picks him up and says, “WHAT!  What is the answer?  Peppermint Butler says, “Finn, you know I am friends with Death.  He has told me a lot about the afterlife.  It turns out that when a creature becomes a vampire, part of them dies.  The part of Marceline that died that day is in the 50th dead world, waiting for the rest of her to pass to the great beyond.  If Marceline and her mirror image from the world of death touch, there is a 50/50 chance that she will live or die.” 

Finn looks up in the air, then down at his feet.  “Fifty fifty?  That’s the best chance we have?”  Peppermint Butler nods.  Marceline says, weakly, “I-I’ve heard of that.  S-Sometimes a v-v-vampire is haunted b-by their mirror image, but m-mine n-n-never bothered me.”  Finn goes to her and grabs her hand.  With tears in his eyes, he says, “Marcy, this looks like your only chance.  Do you want to try it?”  She nods weakly.  Finn carefully picks her up. 

“OK Pepbut, open the portal please.”  He shakes his head.  “Only under one condition.”  Everyone looks at him.  He looks at the Princess and says, “If you free me from my oath of service to you, I’ll do it.”  PB gasps!  Peppermint Butler has been an exemplary servant, never complaining and doing everything she says.  She had no idea he was unhappy!  She looks at Finn and Marceline, And Jake and Lady Rainicorn, and knows she wants their friendship back.  She thinks for a second and says, “OK Pep, once we are done with this mission you are free from your oath.”  He smiles a wicked smile, and then goes to a corner of the room.  He stares at the corner, and a portal opens to an eerie land.

Peppermint Butler, Finn and Marceline go through the portal.  This land is dark and dismal.  Fire is everywhere, and there are no living plants.  Pepbut says an incantation, and the visage of death himself appears in front of them.  Death smiles and walks up to Pepbut.  “Hello my old friend.  It’s been a slow day in the land of death, but I would wager that is about to change.”  Pepbut pulls Death’s ear down to his mouth and says something to him that no one can hear.  He stands up, and looks around.  Then death says, “Very well.  An unusual request, but I will do it for my old friend.”  An accordion appears in his hands, and he starts playing it.  An unresolved blob appears in front of them and forms, into Marceline!  But this is not the Marceline they know.  She is mostly human looking, and her hair is a different texture and shine from Marceline’s.  She looks at Death and says, “Why did you bring me here?”  She looks at all of the living souls, and says, “That-that’s me!  Is that the part of me that was left on Ooo?”  Finn looks at her and says, “Yes.  She is the love of my life, and I cannot- CANNOT let her existence end.”  Mirror Marceline says, “I’ve been with my beloved mother for 800 years in the land of death.  You will be taking me away from her.”  She is unsure what to do!

Then a voice rises from behind them.  "Go Marceline.  Do what you need to do.  I can wait patiently for you to return.”  Everyone turns to see that Death has summoned Marceline’s mom!  Even though vampire Marceline is in agony, it is obvious the love she has for her!  “M-mom?  I w-would have p-p-put on some makeup if-f I knew I was g-going to see y-you!”  Marceline’s mom nearly has tears in her eyes when she sees the condition of her daughter!  “Honey, you look wonderful.  And it seems you have found a wonderful handsome man to take care of you!”  Marceline smiles and says, "Y-yep, he's a k-k-keeper!"  Then the smile disappears from her face, and she says, “I hate t-t-to rush th-things, but I d-don’t think I w-w-will last m-much longer…”  Death says, “You know that when the dice are rolled, it is 50/50 which world you stay in, here or the land of Ooo."  Marceline nods, and then Finn, Mirror Marceline, Marceline's mom and Peppermint Butler nod as well...

Finn carefully lays Marceline on the ground and says, “I love you Marcy, you are the one for me.  No matter what, know that you are the one for me.”  She smiles weakly with love in her eyes, and says, “You were th-the one I w-w-waited a th-thousand years to m-meet.  You aren’t g-g-getting rid of m-me this easily.”  They kiss and Finn steps away.  Mirror Marceline walks up to Vampire Marceline and says, “Are you ready?”  Marceline nods.  With that, the two Marceline’s touch their palms. 

The arrow flies out of Marceline’s chest.  There is an orb of energy that surrounds them both.  It swirls around them, and glows brighter, and brighter, and brighter!  Then there is a flash of light, and everyone is blinded.

When the light fades, everyone sees that both Marceline’s are gone!  Finn is in shock!  He looks down and tears flow freely from his eyes.  Pepbut says, “Why are you crying, master Finn?”  He says, “Because she is gone…”  Pepbut smiles and says, “Finn, this IS the land of death.  If she isn’t here, she is in the last place that she existed in the land of Ooo.”  Finn’s tears dry up, and he looks up!  “Let’s go PB!  I can’t wait to see her!”  Pepbut leads Finn to the portal.  He turns and says, “Thank you death.  I know you are just doing your job, but thank you for giving us this chance.”  He looks at Marceline’s mom, who has a few tears in her eyes, and says, “Know you have a wonderful daughter.  A bit of a prankster…”  Marceline’s mom smiles knowingly!  “… But still wonderful!”  She says, “I know I will see her again.  Take care of her until then!”  With that Finn and Peppermint Butler walk through the portal.

On the other side, they see Marceline!  But something has changed.  Her skin is smoother, and her eyes look different.  Then it hits him!  She isn’t a vampire anymore!  He knows this girl is not the same one that he brought into the land of death.  She has the combined memories and experiences of both sides of the mirror at the edge of life.  Will she still want him in her life?

He takes a step towards her, and she looks at him.  Princess Bubblegum, Jake and Lady Rainicorn all move away from her.  They stare at each other for a moment, and Finn is unsure what to do!

Then he sees that look.  The one she has when he knows without a shadow of a doubt that she loves him completely.  She leaps into his arms and says, “Had you going for a second, didn’t I?”  They hold each other close and don’t say a word for a minute.  “What’s it like having two people’s memories?”  She replies, “A little strange, you know, I have to sort out every feeling and emotion through two brains.  That should go away pretty soon, but it’s a little weird right now.”  She looks at him in the eyes, and says, “But don’t ever doubt that you are the one for me.  Even my mirror image knew that.  That was the one thought that wasn’t a struggle!”

Finn feels her arm, and says, “You aren’t a vampire any more, are you?”  She shakes her head.  “And I was the last one.  There won’t be any more in the land of Ooo.”  As they hold each other, he says, “So what does the non-vampire love of my life want to do?”  She smiles and says, “Look in a mirror…”  Finn leads her to a full sized mirror in one of the rooms and she looks and stares.  This is the first time she has seen her own reflection in centuries!  She feels her body and her face and then puts her hands through her hair.  A tear forms in her eye, and she turns to Finn.  “Let’s go outside.”  He smiles and leads her to the door.  He opens it, and she puts her hand into the sunlight, and really quickly pulls it back!  But it didn’t hurt.  She takes a step into the daylight, and feels the sun on her skin.  She closes her eyes and savors the feeling!  She walks out and tosses her hair back.  The sun feels so good!  She says, “Finn, it looks like we are both mortals now.  We had better make every moment count!”  He walks to her and they embrace. 

About this time the rest of the gang walk out the door.  Marcy walks up to Princess Bubblegum and says, “Friends?”  PB nods and smiles.  “Yep.  And nothing will ever change that.”  They embrace for a few seconds, and then Princess Bubblegum turns to Peppermint Butler.  “So I guess this means goodbye, my faithful servant.”  He shakes his head.  “Nope.  I’m staying.  There is nothing in this world I would rather do than be your butler.  I just wanted to see if you were really over your anger at Queen Marceline and Master Finn.”  PB smiles and cheers!  She picks up Pepbut and gives him a hug!

Finn turns to his friends and says, “Thank you all for your help.  But I am really exhausted and want to go home.”  Marceline nods in agreement.  They wave at their friends, and Finn picks up Marceline and begins bounding towards their house.  She says, “You know Finn, I can travel just as fast as you can this way.”  He smirks and says, yeah but I thought it would be more fun to do it this way!”  She snickers and holds tighter to his neck.  “Yeah I think you are right…”  They travel, and then see the road to the Pillars of the Moon.  They look at each other and they both agree, that would be the place to end a very peculiar evening…



A dejected Huntress Wizard fires a random arrow at a pond, and life will never be the same for Finn and Marceline!
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 “Jareth, darling, it’s time to get up.”

“Not yet, Precious.  Can’t I admire you here next to me a little longer?”

“You can do it in and out of bed, my husband.  Now, do I have to mess up your hair to get you moving, or will you simply be a dear and come over to help me out of bed?”

“Perhaps if you kiss me first, I would help you willingly.”

“Six months we have been married, and already you are spoiled.  What shall I do with you?”

“You could start by kissing me,” said Jareth, slowly stretching next to Sarah.

“I suppose it wouldn't hurt.  It can only help me right now.”

“Help you with what?” asked Jareth worriedly.

“With what I need to say to you.  Unfortunately, it requires me to leave for a few hours, but I promise it won’t be long, and then we can talk about it all you want.”

“What has happened? Is it about the family?”

“In a way, yes.  It affects them, but more you.  I think you’ll be happy, Jareth.”

Now he was next to her, holding her hand.  “Well, what is it?”

“I’m pregnant.  I’m going to the doctor for a check-up, then visiting Karen for more help.  I didn't want to tell you until I knew for sure.”

“Is that why you visited the healer a few days ago?”


“Do you know if it is a boy or girl, yet?”

“No, it is still too early.  But, we are going to be parents.  Isn't that wonderful?”

The joyful glow in Sarah’s face was matched perfectly by the smile on Jareth's face.  The hug they shared then was more reverential than any, but just as warm and tender.

“In that case, Sarah, I am going to have to be extra careful with you now.  Perhaps you will allow me to carry you around bridal-style more often now.”

“Keep dreaming, Jareth dearest.  I’m a strong, independent woman who can handle most things on her own still, even if I like letting you help me because I love you.”

“I’ll bide my time, Precious,” he said before kissing her.  “I’ll have you in my arms soon.”

“Perhaps I can be convinced later tonight, after I get back.”

“Oh, you will be.”

“We shall see.  In the meantime, I have to leave now to go see a doctor Aboveground, but I’ll be back later.  Stay out of mischief in the meantime.”

“Me, get into mischief? Whatever made you think I would go and do that?”

“Considering the wide grin on your face, I wouldn't put anything past you.  Try not to take over anymore kingdoms for the future heir while I am out, okay?”

“Anything for you, Precious,” he replied bowing.

“Good.  I love you.”

“I love you, too.  Be safe.”


And so, Jareth was alone in his bedroom, and he felt great! He almost felt like roaring, but refrained, for fear of the goblins coming in to check on him.  It was time for breakfast, and then he could plan his night with Sarah.

After sitting down, he realized that Sarah’s place had been set for her.  Normally, he would just tell the goblins to stop being silly and kick one for not realizing that Sarah wasn’t there, but he was feeling happy and adventurous today.  It was time for a slight change as he looked at Sarah’s spot.

Yes, the chefs would have to start preparing Sarah different foods now that she was eating for two, and more dresses would be needed to accommodate her eventual size.  He made a mental note to contact the main clothiers, for new clothes for her, and maybe another pair of gloves for himself, to celebrate the grand occasion.  Maybe another pair of boots as well.

But, getting back to food, Jareth began to wonder about the hot mug that Sarah now drank every morning.  While they had been dating, Sarah never drank coffee, and then right after they got married, she started drinking it, as, according to her, she now had a reason to drink it.  He grinned to himself as he thought about why she was not sleeping as much at night now, and was satisfied with that.  It helped that they had a child coming, too. 

However, the question still remained: what was in this black coffee that she drank every morning? Why was it necessary to bring it from Aboveground to drink it? How could it possibly keep her that awake? There was only one thing to do, and that was to try it for himself.  He took a sip, and found that not only did he like the smell, but the taste as well. Since it had been sitting long enough, it was also the perfect temperature to drink, so he finished off that mug quickly, and asked for another to be brought around.

When the goblins finally came to take the mug and the rest of Sarah’s settings, Jareth enjoyed kicking two goblins, and found that his legs had some extra “kick” in them today, which made him feel even better.  The goblins “Ooo'd” and “Aww'd” in appropriate wonder, which prompted Jareth to say, “If my legs are still feeling this good in an hour, I will be glad to try an even higher kick on more of you, as I am feeling particularly generous today.”

“Why is Kingy feelin' so gen'rous?” asked one of the goblins.

“Because, as of this morning, I found out from your beautiful Queen that we are to be blessed with a little one, at last.  There will still be court held for an hour after this to settle disputes, but after that, it shall be a holiday for all.”

Universals cries of joy and “Congrats!” were being shouted everywhere, and already, talk began of the great party and new songs that would be created and sung in honor of this great occasion.  Chaos would have broken out, were it not for the loud roars from Jareth as he shouted for order and his coffee.

Normally, he didn't like all of the noise that came from the goblins, but today, it fit his mood well.  In fact, he felt like singing at that moment, but decided it best to wait until after court, to give maximum time to see if the coffee would actually affect him.  He rather doubted it, but he was willing to try.

After a second cup, he decided that he was still thirsty, so he asked for another cup to be put next to his throne so that he could drink as he listened to his subjects.  The hour went quickly, as most of the complaints were about ownership of chickens, so he relied on his best method for determining: flipping a coin.  So often, the goblins lived so close to one another that it was hard to tell where the chickens lived, as half the time the chickens just wandered about anyway.  Jareth decided to change things up a bit by occasionally just taking the chicken from both, and then kicking them both out of the court (to even louder squeals of delight). 

His legs had become quite jittery, for lack of a better word.  Skittish, perhaps.  Either way, he felt a need to use his legs more, and so he did.

When court was ended for the day, the noise level increased until one goblin asked whether there would still be more kicking.  That got everyone quiet as they listened anxiously for Jareth's answer.  Thankfully, Jareth was happy to oblige, so a line of the first twenty goblins got to be kicked, with goblins judging based on height and how long they made noises of awe.  By the end, Jareth had broken his personal best record of twelve feet three times, pleasing him.  The problem was, he still felt as though he had a lot of energy, and had no idea what to do.

After the goblins left to go drink and party, Jareth decided to speak to the cooks.  It didn't last long, as he was suddenly feeling rather exasperated with them as they were going too slow for his liking.  Impatience got the better of him, so he made it clear to them which foods were to be given to Sarah, to keep her happy.  Much chocolate disappeared from Aboveground that day, as the goblins had strict orders to do “whatever was necessary” to get and keep the chocolate for Sarah, and Sarah alone.  Bogging was the punishment for anyone who ate chocolate without Jareth controlling it, so there was more reason to obtain it.

Once the food was taken care of, Jareth proceeded onto the task of ordering clothes.  New dresses were ordered, with the understanding that she would be measured once a week, to officially record what size dress was needed, and unofficially, to see how big she was getting.  After that, Jareth indulged in a new pair of leather gloves and boots.  His collection of leather gloves was quite extensive, a different pair for each special occasion.  The amount of new gloves created during Sarah’s run alone was enough to keep Jareth reordering time for the goblins so that they had enough time to prepare for each meeting he had with Sarah.  After that, he thought it a good idea to get Sarah another pair of gloves, and would have had a pair prepared for the new addition, were it not for the fact that he still did not know the gender.  That put a slight dent in his plans, as a new wardrobe could not be created yet, but at the very least, he could have boots made, since male and female wore them.  Their child would have the most adorable leather booties ever known.

When Jareth was satisfied with the clothiers, he was still thirsty, so he had another cup of coffee.  He still did not feel the effects somehow, and since he was in a musical mood, he decided to see if any goblins had moved to the throne room. 

Normally, Jareth had to be in a very good mood to want to sing, and an even better one to dance while singing.  However, at this moment, he was still so proud of his accomplishments that he felt like dancing in his underwear, an event not universally known, except by Sarah of course.  She had that magical effect on him, and occasionally he indulged her whims when she asked him.  Sometimes the dance became interactive as he grabbed Sarah by the wrist or waist, but he never saw her complaining when he did that. All the same, he was not going to do that now, but later tonight was a very real possibility.  That and carrying her bridal-style, as he enjoyed doing that.

Once Jareth poofed himself into the throne room, he found just the audience he was looking for.  The goblins were already in the partying mode, but he had their rapt attention once he began.  Everyone loved watching as Jareth did his rendition of “I've got a lovely bunch of crystal balls”.  The verses changed every time as he sang of what he had and would do with them, but it always started and ended the same.

Several songs after that, Jareth left the throne room to raucous shouts and encores, and now he actually felt tired.  Nope, that coffee did not affect him.  However, a nap right now was not wise, as there was still more he wanted to do, and it might disturb his sleep schedule.  Instead of coffee, he had some of Sarah’s chocolate, as he was fond of a candy bar now and then.  After having two chocolate bars, he went outside to speak to various other goblins about having lunch and getting ready for when Sarah came back. 

After eating and talking, Jareth went to find roses in the gardens, as Sarah loved the smell of roses in their room.  He spread half of the petals artfully in their room, and then the other half when he didn’t like the job he did the first time and reordered time to fix it.  After a few hours doing that, he felt like pacing, as he was now feeling antsy again.  That would not do.

Going back to the throne room, Jareth still felt like pacing, which made him feel irritable, but with so much energy, he felt like singing, again! He didn't know what he wanted to sing, but some part of him was feeling the cabin fever, so after going through three different changes of clothing within ten minutes, much to the awe of the already drunk goblins, Jareth settled on wearing a sombrero with an appropriate outfit and lots of glitter.  As he danced, he gave the goblins spoons to attempt to keep up with the beat he clapped, deciding against maracas as they might become popular at all parties.  That, or they would all get destroyed as the goblins tried to figure out how they made noise.  Some goblins attempted to copy Jareth's moves, but going in a circle was difficult for some.  Jareth helped by throwing them up in the air, or kicking if they preferred it.

It was as Jareth came to the finale of the song he was dancing to that he got down on his knees as though about to do an air guitar solo when Sarah suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Sarah! You’re back at last!”

“And in the nick of time, too! What in bognation are you attempting to do?”

“Naturally,” he said smoothly as he got up and kissed her, “I was posing to greet my fair Queen.”

“With a sombrero on your head? The last time that happened had been at your bachelor party.”

“How did you hear about that? That night was special.”

“Sorry, but my dad was so entertained by that image of you that he told me about it right before we got married.”

“Is that why you were grinning so much as you walked down the aisle?”

“Partly.  That, and, you look amazing in a tuxedo.”

“Of course I do,” he said, practically preening.

“Well, now you know that, and I am hungry.  Shall we eat while we let the goblins celebrate?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.  All this dancing really helps to work up an appetite.”

After a long dinner discussing all that had happened that day, Jareth took Sarah to the library to show her the new plans he had made for the nursery, as well as show the new spot he had created for her while she read, so that she could read to their little one as well.  The only place with more pillows was their bedroom.  Then, he showed her where the nursery would be, and all the work he had set in motion while she was out, and then they went to their bedroom, for the last surprise.

The kiss Sarah and Jareth shared once the door was closed was very pleasurable and repeated multiple times for maximum results.  Then, Jareth showed her his new dance, and he joined her on their bed, quite worn out.

“I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel as though I could sleep for several days, Precious.  Why is this?”

“Well, based on all that you have done today alone, between several hours of singing and dancing, planning for us, court, and arranging all this, I’d say you have done several days of work all in one day.  Usually, you take your time, or the goblins slow things down, but not today.”

“Oh no, not today.  I had no patience today, so they did everything asked of them.”

“When did you start feeling impatient, Jareth?”

“Right after taking my first sip of-“

“Sip of what?”

“Coffee.  Did I mention that I tried your coffee today? I only had four cups of it.”

“Four? No wonder you were dancing so much! I get shaky after having two cups.”

“No wonder I felt so skittish today.  Perhaps it did affect me after all.”

“Perhaps? Oh, it definitely did.”

It was then that the sound of spoons being played terribly could be heard rising throughout the kingdom in a rather coordinated effort by the goblins.  It seemed they were trying to keep it in time with the song they were singing: “Hail to Our Victor, Sarah”.

“That’s it, Jareth.  No more coffee for you, ever.”  

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I still do not own Labyrinth, nor any of the songs that I make reference to.  All rights go to their respective
owners.  Also, while coffee puts me to sleep, it tends to affect everyone else in the opposite way, so I figured this would work.  Jareth is having a good day and is now hyper (or as close as he will ever be).  This story focuses on Jareth, but S/J is implied, as always :D

This is so silly and fluffy, but what do you expect out of me, honestly? The idea for Hyper!Jareth comes from a plot bunny thrown at me by ~Kyndsie, and then my mind went places. I figured that if anything would excite Jareth, it would be coffee, since he probably would have tea/nothing Underground. And, he loves Sarah, so if there was ever a time that he would be happy would be either: when he’s getting married, winning an argument with Sarah, or involving their kids. Also, some credit goes to ~NikiMaweird, whose comment regarding goblins and underwear sparked a variation of that theme in this story. You're welcome for the images. Also, in case you were wondering about the songs, the first can be heard in The Lion King, the second in a Muppets movie, and third I expect no one to know (as it involves college sports).

Also, I heard from ~Kyndsie that she needs a sufficient bribe for her to consider posting a second story in November, so this is Part 1 of my bribe. And she posted another story!!! :-) Also, I have now seen that *Ravenshymn has added something, too, to help with bribes. I like these odds :-)
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Black Manta

Voiced By: Khary Payton

Classification: Gadget character (with explosives)

Biography: Arch-enemy of Aquaman, Black Manta is a surface-dweller intent on causing the fall of Atlantis. With his high-tech armor, he is able to breathe underwater, withstand great pressures, and fire laser beams and torpedos.

Intro: Black Mask is seen stepping out of the ocean onto a shore at nighttime, his eyes glowing, carrying a harpoon; he is then shown walking into the arena, saying "You won't survive this!"

Post-Round Taunt: Holds his harpoon forward, pointing at the downed opponent, saying "We're not done here!" or "Lay down and die!"

Outro: Black Manta turns and walks away, and the screen changes to show Black Manta's manta ray-shaped submarine underwater, and then changes again to show Black Manta sitting in the captain's seat, watching as his henchmen navigate through the ocean

Special Moves:

* Harpoon Toss - Holds his speciaized harpoon forward, and presses a button on its hilt that sends the actual harpoon part flying forward to hit the opponent; Black Manta still holds the hilt, and after the move is over, presses the button again which pulls the actual harpoon, attached to the hilt by a wire, back to him
** Meter Burn - If the opponent is hit by the harpoon, Black Manta will reel them in towards him

* Devil Ray (Close) - Shoots a laser beam from his helmet's eyes at the ground close-range, creating a blast that will damage opponents; can be done in the air
** Meter Burn - Shoots another beam once the opponent is knocked into the air by the initial blast

* Devil Ray (Med) - Shoots a laser beam from his helmet's eyes at the ground mid-range, creating a blast that will damage opponents; can be done in the air
** Meter Burn - Shoots another beam once the opponent is knocked into the air by the initial blast

* Devil Ray (Far) - Shoots a laser beam from his helmet's eyes at the ground far-range, creating a blast that will damage opponents; can be done in the air
** Meter Burn - Shoots another beam once the opponent is knocked into the air by the initial blast

* Manta Ray - Shoots his laser beam straight ahead, reaching across most of the screen
** Meter Burn - Creates a larger, more focused beam that burns away at the opponent, trapping them in the attack if they're hit

* Torpedo - Fires a missile from his shoulder-mounted missile launcher, which flies straight forward until about mid-screen, where it starts to be affected by gravity and falls to the ground; when it hits the ground and explodes, it's still capable of damaging the opponent
** Meter Burn - The missile becomes heat-seeking, not falling after getting to the middle of the screen and tracking the opponent's movements; however, it can still be avoided

* Air Ray - Shoots a laser beam at a 45 degree angle as an anti-air move

Launcher: Hits forward with a power-up harpoon strike

Forward - Grabs the opponent by the throat and begins choking them to the ground; after they compltely fall over, he stabs them with his harpoon and slides them forward across the ground
Back - Grabs the opponent by the throat and begins choking them to the ground; after they compltely fall over, he stabs them with his harpoon and slides them backward across the ground

Character Trait:
Powered Armor - Black Manta's character trait increases the strength available to him, not only making him hit harder, but also allowing him to interact with the environment as if he were a power character temporarily

Super Move: Shock Guantlets - Black Manta stabs forward with his harpoon, and if it connects, he'll dig the bladde of the harpoon deeper into the opponent; letting go of the harpoon, still in the opponent, Black Manta activates an electrical current in his guantlets, and then grabs a hold of the opponent's face, electrocuting them violently; he finishes the move by roughly pulling the harpoon out of the opponent and smacking them in the face with it

Ending: When Superman's Regime took control, most supervillains were either killed, held prisoner in Stryker's Island, or reeducated to serve their new master. But Black Manta was subjected to another punishment. Aquaman kept Manta for himself in Atlantis's dungeons, torturing his nemesis almost daily for years for everything he's done. When Black Manta had just about given up all hope of escape, some of his surviving forces staged an attack on Atlantis, succeeding in freeing their leader. Now free and with a deeper hatred for Aquaman and his allies, Black Manta will seek his vengeance to the ends of the earth.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"I'll enjoy killing you."
"Stand against me and die!"
"Feel the manta's sting!"
"You'll pay dearly!"
"Don't think you can win!"


Black Manta - "We should stand together against oppression!"
Cyborg - "So it's a race thing? No thanks, dude."

Black Manta - "Your armor is pitiful!"
Lex Luthor - "Coming from the man in a glorified diving suit!"

Black Manta - "I can lead the Legion of Doom!"
Lex Luthor - "Not when I revoke your membership!"

Black Manta - "This time you won't survive!"
Aquaman - "You say that every time."

Black Manta - "It's time for the death of Atlantis!"
Aquaman - "Not while I'm still alive, Manta!"

Black Manta - "Our war ends here!"
Aquaman - "But it doesn't end with your victory!"


Cyborg - "You've got some surprisingly advanced tech."
Black Manta - "I have my resources."

Lex Luthor - "Bored of the ocean, David?"
Black Manta - "I have my sights set on a larger goal."

Lex Luthor - "You've made a mistake fighting me."
Black Manta - "I don't make mistakes."

Aquaman - "You'll never win, Manta."
Black Manta - "I've already won, Arthur!"

Aquaman - "This is for my son!"
Black Manta - "You'll end up just like him!"

Aquaman - "I still don't understand your hatred of me."
Black Manta - "I'm the only one who needs to understand it!"

* Khary Payton has voiced Black Manta in Young Justice; he also voices Cyborg in Injustice already

Everyone's favorite.
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Severus Snape stared down at the parchment in his hand.  As he reread it, he smiled briefly, and then inspiration struck. 

Work began quickly after that.  His lab was momentarily left in order to find all of the proper ingredients so that his new project would work.  And oh, what a project it would be! He would show those prankster Weasley brothers just how clever Severus Snape was after all.

Granted, he could not claim all of the inspiration for this idea.  No, it was due in part to an old school friend of his, Caroline.  She had recently gotten married, and had finally sent a note of thanks, thanking him multiple times for making it to her wedding.  In that letter of thanks, she also mentioned a new story that she had recently come upon, called Labyrinth.  The tale was simple enough, how a foolish girl made a wish and went through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered in order to take back her baby brother from a goblin king.  He hadn’t cared all that much about the story other than something at the end, a bog. 

But this was no ordinary bog.  No, this was a Bog of Eternal Stench.  And that gave him the idea he needed to finally put those Weasley brothers in their place.  Why did they bother him so much? Hadn’t it been enough that he had faked his own death and come back to help win the war? No, he guessed not.  Perhaps because he was now with Hermione?

Whatever the reason was, he wanted to out-prank the Weasley twins, if that was even possible.  After years of dealing with their “gifts” that appeared at his door or in his lab, he was going to have his revenge. 

He first needed a way to make the twins accept the trick, and so he called it a new toy.  He quickly wrote, using a false name to gain their trust.  Once they showed their eagerness for something new that would be “sure to delight people of all ages”, he told them that he would send it to them. 

He had had so many ideas running around in his head about what he should do, but none of them had seemed good enough.  He needed something that would surprise them and stop them from doing anything.  That was where the Bog of Eternal Stench came in handy. 

While he did not know of a potion that could imbue a smell permanently, he knew of several that could last for months on end.  That would have to do.  Getting the ingredients was the hardest part.  He enlisted Hermione to help, since she was Muggle-born  and knew what those things were that Caroline had mentioned.  Soon he had all the old shoes, sweaty clothes, and burnt popcorn he could ask for.  Combining those with the other things he needed, he extracted what he required, and the “toy” took shape.  Really, it was more of a dirty bomb, but they didn’t need to know that.

 It took several tries of taking all of the different smells and combining them into one noxious place, but he managed.  With each scent imbued in the smoke he manipulated, each had their turn to be added to fragrant mixture until they were placed into the small, glowing mortar on the floor so that it could be added to the liquid blob inside the mortar.  The lab smelled awful for those few hours as he meticulously combined everything into a blackish-green fluid, similar to the feel and movement as jello, yet more liquid, like silly putty.      

In the end, it was a small, non-threatening little ball, smaller than his fist.  Oh, but the power it packed! He quickly put the finishing touches on it, so that it would explode the moment it was released from its package by the twins, as well as adding a little flair of magic so that they could see his initials as it was released.  They would know who they were dealing with. 

The ball would explode, sending bits of it onto every possible surface, releasing the ghastly smell that combined all of the worst-smelling things imaginable, just like the bog.  And it would last for a long time to come.  If he was lucky, they would open it inside the main part of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.  Once it was packaged up, he wrote a note back to Caroline, thanking her for the inspiration he needed.  He also sent her a birthday present, since he knew it was coming soon.  His regular owl took that to Caroline, while he prepared another owl to deliver the dirty bomb. 

Once that owl was sent, he cleaned up his lab, airing it so that he would not be smelling the sweat for weeks to come.  He would create another potion to purify the air if it became necessary.  After that, he cleaned up himself, and went off to find Hermione.  She was working hard at the Ministry of Magic, but she should have been home by now. 

It was summer right now, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors with her.  He had read in a Muggle magazine in Hermione’s home that girls liked going on picnics outdoors, so he thought that he would surprise her this time with one.  

Perhaps, if he was really feeling lucky, he would also show her what he had bought for her at the jewelry store.  He had hinted to Caroline that soon she may be receiving an invitation from him of a similar nature.  It just depended on the moment. 

Certainly, he cared a lot about Hermione.  There could be no denying that.  She had caught his attention long ago, and had retained it since.  She had grown into a beautiful woman, confident and mature.  Someone he would gladly marry after slowly learning to love again.

In the weeks that followed that happy picnic, Snape had further cause to be glad.  He later heard from Potter that there had been a terrible accident in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, and it had been forced to shut down for a whole month.  Snape did his own version of a happy dance before Hermione or Potter noticed. 

But, what Snape did not find out about was what happened after the Weasley brothers opened their shop again.  Sure, they had been closed, but they had not been idle by any means.  When they opened again, it was with the promise of new tricks and gimmicks, and they delivered well.  Their best-selling product that made up for all of the lost profit of the month, in one day? Why, none other than Aromus Attackus.  

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Harry Potter, or anything related to it.  All rights go to their respective owners.  This story is part of an art trade with ScarletQuill , and I wanted to create something related to Harry Potter since that is how I found her originally.  We both love stories involving Severus Snape and Hermoine, so I wanted to write a little something in that honor.  This story is an AU of Harry Potter, taking place after the war where both Snape and Fred survive.  

Who won: Snape or the Weasleys? I’ll let you decide.  Yes, this is probably the definition of silliness, but I can’t help it.  It just needed to happen! ScarletQuill is fond of Harry Potter stories involving Snape and the Weasleys’ pranks, or him with Hermoine, so I thought I would combine them both.  A small tribute is paid to one of her stories as he leaves his initials so that the twins know it was him.   Also, it is ScarletQuill’s birthday, so I wanted to get this out in time for it.  Happy Birthday, Caroline! :D  :cake:

This story gave me serious writer’s block as I tried to figure out which combination I wanted to write about, until I decided to say screw it and include everything! No shame.  I hope you enjoyed the silliness! Thanks for reading and reviewing!    

Also, if you like the cover image, here is the original:

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I will keep on smiling
Even if it hurts
I will hide my pain
So not to burden you

I promised not to be selfish
To not take your precious time
Just to help fix me
You are more important

So I will keep on smiling
I will take your burdens
Pile them onto mine
I will carry them for the both of us

And I will keep on smiling
Even if the pain is unbearable
It’s worth it just to see you happy

I’d rather feel this pain now
Than feel the pain of losing you
Sorta how Lumin feels on the inside.
The one who smiles the most is usually the one in the most pain.
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The moment Sarah wished her brother away, Jareth knew his life was going to change. 

During Sarah’s run, he thought that it would be a good change to have Sarah and Toby be a part of the Underground at long last (as of course Sarah would lose).  At the end of Sarah’s run, Jareth’s feelings about the change became increasingly negative, until she finally said her right words, thus defeating him.

Then it was all bad.

Jareth was not accustomed to losing, and that it was to Sarah made it worse.  He loved Sarah, had watched her for years, and had given her the book.  To have it all come to this end was disheartening. 

The goblins had been hoping for a new queen, so they did the next best thing: follow her around to see if she still remembered the Labyrinth.  For several years, the goblins appeared in her home, wherever it happened to be, until sometime in college, when her room was too small to hide in.  The goblins had been fond of coming whenever she cooked, as she made amazing chocolate chip cookies, but after a time, she did not cook.

Sarah’s friends saw a change, too.  Sarah was so excited to talk to her new three friends, but after a few years, she worked so much that there was not enough time for her to see her friends, and then she never tried again.  They knew she had to work to save up for college, and that she wanted to go into the arts.  Later on, it seemed that Sarah had abandoned her dreams, as the goblins happened upon her as she worked as a store clerk.

Throughout all of this, Jareth held on to hope.  Hope that she had just grown up, and was too busy for the Labyrinth.  Hope that she had not forgotten about her dreams.  Hope that she remembered all that she had learned, and not forgotten anything during her run.  Hope that she remembered the Labyrinth, and most importantly, him.

Those hopes died when another wish came. 

Once again, Sarah was the wisher, and Toby the wished-away.  The only difference now was that both were thirteen years older.  Sarah was twenty-eight, quite a woman, or so Jareth thought. 

Jareth came in full Goblin King regalia, with as much black as he could wear, and glitter to make up for the lack of color.  The conversation was similar.

“Goblin King, where is my brother?”

So she was using that name.  Jareth’s shoulders dropped just a little at the thought of having to be the villain again.

“You know where he is.  In my castle.  Where he belongs.”

Jareth meant it, too.  He crossed his arms as he heard the first question, but he was soon pointing toward himself, emphasizing where Toby belonged, just as Sarah did.

“Are you sure you will be able to handle him? There’s a reason I wished him away to you, you know.”

That unsettled Jareth just a little.  What was Sarah trying to imply, about him and Toby? She underestimated him it seemed.

“I am the Goblin King.  I fear no boy nor beast.”

Sarah’s small grin turned grimace did not seem to fit in with the courageous (in Jareth’s mind, a little wilful and obnoxious, but still endearing to a fault)  tilt of her head as she faced Jareth head-on, now almost his height.

“You were warned.”

“Good.  In that case, here is a crystal.  Take it.  It will show you your dreams.”

She was not fighting for her brother.  Something was wrong.  Jareth did not understand.  The sooner this was done, the better, so he could figure things out.

Sarah chuckled before crossing her arms in defiance. 

“You can’t possibly know what my dreams are.”

Jareth stiffened at her words.  How dare she say that! After all this time!

“I beg to differ.  I think I have a very good idea of what you want.”

“If that were the case, you wouldn’t be saying these sorts of things to me.”

Sarah looked so smug as she said that, and Jareth wanted to know why.  Badly.

“Then do pray tell what I should be saying to you.”

“Not this.  What if I don’t want the crystal?”

There’s the fight! Jareth was overly pleased that she was going to try after all.  Then he would have a better chance at keeping her there.

“Then,” Jareth said, sweeping his cloak around himself and Sarah, using a little trickery on his part, “you shall have to solve my Labyrinth in thirteen hours, or else your dear Toby becomes mine forever.” 

In an undertone, he added, “Such a pity.  I thought you had learned better.”

Leaving Sarah to her fate, Jareth decided to see how dear Tobias was doing after all that time.  He had always wondered if the boy would remember him, now was a good time to find out.  Toward Sarah, it seemed that he was doomed to always be the villain: perhaps with Toby it would be different.  His assumptions surprised him.

“So you’re the Goblin King. Man, I was hoping you didn’t exist.  Sarah just likes to think of new ways to keep me in line, since my parents are too lazy and not around to do anything.  Well, what are you supposed to do?”

Jareth was troubled.  Toby would be around fourteen now, and it appeared that, with his strange haircut and dark clothes, he was being rebellious.  That was a pity.  That Sarah could not control him, nor his parents, was something he intended to ask Sarah about later.  Jareth knew the period of life well from personal experience, so he was ready to deal with Toby. 

“I’m not supposed to do anything to you, at least not until Sarah gives up or loses.”

Toby laughed outright.

“You could be a comedian; you know that, right? The idea of Sarah, with all her stubborn will and “kingdom as great” talk, actually giving up is hilarious.  She would never do that.  Why else do you think I’m here? For my health, or hers? Oh, she will come and solve your Labyrinth in no time at all.  She is just so determined.”

“Really.  I am surprised she still says things like that.”

Truly, he was surprised.  So she forgot about the Labyrinth, and yet still knew the words.  She must have found the book again.

“All the time.  Mom and Dad told her if she wanted to be a painter, then she would have to earn her way to art school, and then she goes and does it.  For two years in high school, she worked two different jobs and never came home so that she could go to school.  That was her mantra when up late doing homework.”

Jareth was pleased to hear that, for several reasons.  Clearly, despite the distaste Toby felt for his parents, he was still in awe of Sarah and her ability to face any challenge.  That, and, she remembered that phrase and went to art school of all things.  But why a painter?

“So, Sarah is an artist now?”

Since he did not seem to know Sarah as well now, perhaps it was best to get as much information from Toby as possible, seeing as he loved his sister, if his look of pride was any indication.

“Not just any artist.  A painter.  Oh shoot, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.  Don’t tell her that I told you, ok?”

“Of course.  It’ll be our little secret.  Now, shall we check on Sarah to see how far she has progressed?”

“How do you do that? Wait, do you have this place rigged with security cameras somehow? I knew it was too good to be true.”

“No, Toby, there are no cameras.  Just my crystals.  See here,” he said, as he pointed to the crystal.

“So how are you making these, exactly?” Toby’s disbelief was apparent.

 “Naturally, through my magic.  As Goblin King, I can do that.  And now that Sarah has wished you away, I can check in and watch you any time I like.”

“Wait, like spying on me? That’s weird and creepy.  Are you Sarah’s stalker?”

Jareth did not in any way stalk Sarah.  He simply looked in from time to time on the family to make sure all was well.  Stalk her indeed.  How could he if he did not have power over her, let alone know she was a painter?

“No, not really for either.  I just want to make sure that you are staying good and not causing trouble for Sarah.  I worry about her.  She works hard, and she shouldn’t have been forced to do this, it seems.  I’m just going to help.”

“Help how? What can you do?”

“What can’t I do? See, look at Sarah and that dwarf there, Hogbrain.  With magic, I can do this,” Jareth said smugly as he snapped his fingers and a branch suddenly appeared in the path, causing Hoggle to trip.

“You actually did that? That is so cool! Can you show me how to do that? I can think of several guys at school that I would love to do that to.”

“Do they bully you, Toby?” Jareth looked at Toby seriously.  “If so, just tell me their names, and I promise to make their lives miserable.”

“You would do that? For me?” Toby’s astonishment was great.

“Of course.  I feel as though we’re going to be great friends.  Now, were those boys bullying you, and do you want me to arrange something?”

Toby got quiet.  Finally, he said, “Can we go somewhere more private?”

“Yes.  We shall go to my planning room so that we can plot this properly.  And then, I will take you with me to a meeting with my War Council, as I think you’ll like them.”

“Cool! I always wanted to lead people and fight battles.  Let’s go.”

After some time plotting the bullies’ demise, Jareth decided it best to go check on Sarah.  She had already been in the oubliette, and was now visiting the false alarms, so it was time to bring back his favorite outfit with the tight gray pants.

This conversation between him and Sarah was much more unexpected.

 “Nothing? Nothing, tra la la?”

Jareth was ready to go and scare Hogwart until Sarah interrupted him unceremoniously.

“Jareth, really.  Can you be any more childish using that phrase?  Speaking of children, how is Toby?”

Sarah’s concern for Toby showed easily through her brave façade.

“He is fine.  Very safe with my War Council, helping them plot how to take on the trolls.  He has some excellent knowledge of guerilla tactics.”

“Of course, he does.  How else would he manage to go to detention at least once a week?”

“He just needs a proper outlet.”

“Plotting wars was not what I had in mind.  But, it’s you, so I shouldn’t be surprised.”

“I’m just that good at surprising you.  How are you enjoying my Labyrinth?” 

Jareth was tired of standing at a distance, and so he began his predatory strutting toward Sarah.  Sarah seemed surprised, and even gave him an appreciative once-over before staring him down with a smug smile on her face.  Her only response: “It’s a piece of cake.”

Jareth really had hoped that she would have forgotten that phrase over time.  Some things never change.  Perhaps the only saving grace was that she had not said “It’s not fair!” yet, which was an improvement.  Still, he wanted to strange Sarah for saying that, and then kiss her until she agreed to stay and marry him.

But, just as before, he did what he had to, so he took away some time, for which he only received another smug grin and a hand on his arm, which was promptly moved away as soon as she realized what she had done. 

Jareth laughed at Sarah’s smugness, and sent the cleaners after her and Hoggle, enjoying the conversation.  He was unsure how to take the once-over and hand on his arm, but it had to be good, right?

When Jareth came back, Toby was in the throne room with a crystal watching Sarah, smiling to himself.

“Are you really allowed to do that, Jareth?”

“Yes.  I’m the King.  My Labyrinth, my rules.  If she insists on using such silly phrases, she gets what she deserves.”

“Such as saying, ‘Nothing, tra la la?’”

The boy certainly knew how to use sarcasm, if nothing else.  They were going to get along just fine.  The moment he was introduced to the goblins, he would understand Jareth’s plight immediately.

“I’m the King.  I do as I like.”

“It still doesn’t matter.  She’s going to win,” Toby replied matter-of-factly.

Jareth smiled to himself.  “You have a lot of faith in Sarah.”

“Yep, always have, and always will.  So, will you show me how to make those crystals?”

“Let’s start with the basics, and then we’ll work up to creating them.”

The teaching continued until Sarah bit the peach, and Jareth began to smile uncontrollably before changing into a proper outfit..

“Excuse me, Toby, but Sarah needs me right now.  I’ll be back soon.  Here is a crystal to watch.”

“Be nice to her.  Make her feel special.”

Toby was dead serious, and so was Jareth.

“I will; I promise.”

And with that, Jareth left to enjoy another waltz with Sarah.  The fact that Sarah’s search for him was less frantic and scared from the first time was good, and even better once he got a better look at the new, emerald dress Sarah was wearing that hugged her feminine curves so well.  She actually looked happy to be there. 

It was another silent dance, but this time, Sarah knew all the moves, and Jareth took advantage of it to move closer to her while dancing.  Sarah blushed more as she tried to look away from him momentarily, but she turned back to him and his blue eyes quickly, unable to stay away. 

Finally, Sarah seemed to look sad as she started to pull away.  This was not a frantic push, so Jareth tried to hold onto her just a little longer, enjoying her warmth and smell.  Sarah looked surprised, so she stayed for a moment longer, staring intently at him as she gripped his hands. 

Finally, he let go as Sarah began to pull away more firmly.  Sarah broke the mirror to escape.  Jareth was very frustrated when he finally came back to the throne room.

“She took longer than usual there.  She might not win.”

It was unlikely, but he could always hope.  He wanted to keep her there so much.

“Doubtful.  She is more clever than you give her credit for.  She is going to finish, probably even early, and then she is going to take me back home.  Am I going to miss school this way?”

“No.  Time does not work here the same way as it does Aboveground.  She hasn’t won yet.”

Toby looked momentarily sad at the thought of going back to school, but his smile came back fully as he answered.

“She will.  Once she gets here, will you send me back immediately to home, or do I get to stay longer?”

“Sadly, you’re going home.  I’ll have to speak to Sarah briefly first, and then she’ll be home soon after you.”

Jareth was trying not to think about that possibility very much at all, and he was failing.

“Sure, that is what you say now.”

Toby winked at Jareth, then nudged him with his elbow, which threw Jareth off entirely.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I saw the way you were looking at her through the crystal.  I can see that you like her.  And you’re a whole lot better than the other jerks she has dated.  She could do worse.”

Was Toby really saying what he hoped he was saying?

“Does this mean that I have your blessing?”

“Definitely.  Then I might be able to come back, too,” Toby said grinning.

“You need only call for me, and I will be there.”

If he had Toby on his side, perhaps there was still hope.  Maybe Toby could stay a little longer, to help convince Sarah.

“Thanks, Jareth.  I really appreciate it.”

“I care about you, Toby.  I only want what is best for you and Sarah.”

“Clearly, with regard to Sarah,” Toby added with another wink.

“Alright, enough out of you.  We have more troll hunting to plan.  Will you join me?”

“Gladly.  This beats history class any day.”

After more time passed, Sarah finally made it to the Goblin City, and once she was inside the castle, she looked so relieved to see Toby.

“Toby! There you are, thank goodness! I was worried you would’ve been kicked out already.”

“Nah, Jareth is a cool guy; I like him.  He can do some pretty neat stuff, and he said he would teach me magic one day.”

Toby smiled at Sarah before rubbing her upper arm slowly.  Then, he elbowed his sister good-naturedly.

“Oh, did he now? Oh dear.  I’ll just have to go over there and have a few words with him about this first.”

“See you at home, Sarah,” said Toby as he winked to Jareth, giving him a thumbs up.  To Jareth, he said, “Thanks.”

Toby disappeared, leaving Sarah and Jareth alone again.  This was his final chance, and he intended to try as hard as he could.

“So, it seems that you’ve beaten my Labyrinth.”

“Twice now.” 

Sarah looked thrilled to be able to say that.  A true Cheshire cat grin was now on her face, and Jareth was momentarily taken back.

“Something wrong, Jareth? Or just surprised at me saying that?”

Sarah had been waiting a long time for this moment.

“Yes, I’m a little surprised.  I thought that you’d forgotten about the Labyrinth.”

What Jareth wanted to add on at the end of that sentence was “and me”.  But, he decided it best not to.

“How could I do that, if I was able to wish Toby away?”

“Wishing away someone is not uncommon, assuming you had heard the story, or still own the book I gave you.”

“But I’ve done more than that.  I’ve lived through it, and conquered it.  Twice.  I wonder if that is saying something about me or your lack of creativity in creating something hard.” Her smile got larger.

“It certainly says something about you, not me.  You are still the only human to beat the Labyrinth.”


Sarah looked inordinately pleased to hear that.  Sarah’s hope was increasing.

“Then why did you wish your brother away? Why did you neglect your friends and the Labyrinth? Why did you make it seem like you forgot?”

“Because I had no choice.  I had to grow up and live my own life.  Just because you made me an offer once did not mean it was real or ever going to happen again.  After learning so many lessons during my first run, I wanted to put them into practice and become a better person.  I had to fight for what I believed in and follow my dreams, and I have done just that.”

“How? By neglecting your family and Toby, allowing him to become unhappy and bullied?”

“No.  My family didn’t support my dreams, and so I moved out.  It was only ten minutes away, but my family didn’t want my “wayward tendencies” to affect how Toby chose his career in life.”

“And that is why you are ashamed to be called a painter?”

Sarah paused before adding, “Did he tell you that? I told him not to tell you!”

There was another phrase that Sarah wanted to add, but did not.  She was no longer fifteen years old, but in fact, a young woman of twenty-eight.  Jareth needed to see that, if he somehow did not realize that from her dress in the waltz.  The bigger problem was that Jareth knew somehow.

“Why? Just because everyone else can’t know?”

Jareth looked haughty, and Sarah was staring daggers at Jareth.

“No, because I wanted to surprise you!” At this, Sarah turned away to lean against a wall.  “This was supposed to turn out differently.”

Jareth was not sure how any of this could come out right, even with her remembering now.  She must think awful things of him still. 

“How, pray tell?”

“Look, I know you are hurt-“

“Hurt? You are accusing me of that weakness? Next you will be telling me that I feel something much stronger toward you.”

That got Sarah going. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be trying to distract me from finishing my run right now?”

“Why do you think we’re still talking?”

Because Toby is already gone.  Also because you enjoy hearing your own voice and making me feel bad about not being able to help Toby when I did everything I could.”

Sarah looked like she was ready to fight, with her balled up fists and determined expression in her face.  Jareth was not afraid.

“I don’t appreciate your tone.”

“And I don’t appreciate your tactics! Just let me go if you are going to already! You already sent Toby back, showing that I won, so why am I still here? I won.  Or do I have to say my words again to be done with this already?”

If there was anything that Jareth did not want, that was what he wanted least.  He could not handle that again.

“Why did you even want to be a painter to begin with?” Jareth practically shouted in frustration.  “What happened to costumes and acting? Why the change?”

“Because it wasn’t realistic, and my heart just wasn’t in it.  I saw so much more beauty in life and in the world around me as I appreciated it more, and so I wanted to be able to bring out that beauty by painting it.  Your Labyrinth helped me do that.”

“It’s nice to know that you can at least be grateful for what you received,” Jareth practically spat.

“Received? Hardly.  More like fought for.”

Sarah tried to stare down Jareth, but Jareth was still taller, and had some high ground here.

“You wanted an adventure, and you got it.  You asked for Toby to be taken away, and I took him.  I gave you everything that you wanted.  Isn’t that generous?”

“Generosity is giving without expecting to receive anything back.”

Jareth mentally prepared himself for whatever cutting words came next.  Perhaps more of the childish ways had not been conquered after all.

“Such as the way in which you looked after Toby today, and even managed to make him smile.  That was kind, and generous.  Another was my attempt to always have or make cookies when I knew the goblins were around.  I wanted them to be happy.”

This was not expected, but definitely more welcome.  Perhaps there was hope for this mess after all.

Sarah finally approached Jareth, taking his hand.  “For what you did for Toby, I will always be grateful.  Thank you.”

Sarah was showing how she truly felt as she beamed up at him, squeezing his hand tightly.  Good will surged through Jareth, and the desire to return the goodness in kind, on the off chance of running with his hope, was too strong to resist.

“It was my pleasure, truly.  I see a little of me in him, so I know what he is going through.”

“Whatever it is, I’m glad he was finally able to meet you.  You’ve cleared up some of my lingering doubts, and now I can return home.”

Sarah started to turn away, but Jareth was not finished. 

“Only some, and not all? What else is there?”

“It is nothing, a silly girlish thought that I always imagined.  It is nothing.”

Sarah tried to pull away again, but now Jareth was fixated, grabbing her wrists and pulling her closer than before.

“What is it, Sarah? Tell me.  I am willing to answer any question you ask.  I cannot deny you anything.”

“Are you quite sure? It’s a small doubt that I’ve had ever since I left last time.”

“I don’t care.  Just ask me.  Nothing you say is silly or unimportant.”

“Fine.  But first, was there anything else that you wanted ask me? Anything at all?” There was an almost desperate gleam in her eyes that confused Jareth.

“What I have to say would most likely only annoy you in your current state of mind.” Jareth looked away momentarily before Sarah’s hand brought him back to face her.  She was smiling.

“Are you absolutely sure that you know my state of mind right now? Considering your earlier wrong assumptions about me, are you absolutely sure about that?”

Now she was leaning in closer, not afraid of the contact being created between them.  This was the change that Jareth had been secretly hoping for all along.  He was no longer the villain.  He could have shouted for joy.

“No, I’m not, Precious,” he almost purred as he leaned into her ear, “but perhaps you would like to enlighten me a little about it? I’m rather unused to acting as anything other than the villain around you.”

“Then this will be good practice for later,” she whispered back.

“So there will be a later then?”

“If you want it.”

“I do, but I don’t know if you want it.”

“Then perhaps you should ask me, Jareth.  I’m not afraid of you. Nor will I ever be.”

“I could give you a good reason if you so desire,” he said seductively as he pulled her completely against him, making her shiver, “and I could give even more if you want it.  Do you want it?”

Slowly and softly, Jareth touched Sarah’s face for the first time.  He continued to lean in further until their noses touched.

“Isn’t there something else you wanted to ask me, or offer me, as the case so happens?” Sarah whispered.

Now Jareth could match Sarah’s Cheshire cat grin, tooth for tooth.

“Just let me rule you.  Fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave.” 

“I think we have already established that I will never fear you in that way.  That is not what a true relationship is built on.  How you would rule me, and yet at the same be my slave is something else that has always annoyed me because they are so contradictory, so they cancel one another out.  Submissive out of love, perhaps.  That just leaves one more.”

Jareth stopped stroking Sarah’s hair when she paused.

“Love, however, I can do.  With all my heart.  But can you?”

“With all my heart, yes.  I love you, Sarah.  I want nothing but your happiness.”

“Even if you’re not by my side?”

“It would hurt me, but yes, it can be done.  Why? Is there someone else? I was so sure from what Toby said that there was no one.”

“He would mention that, wouldn’t he? No, there is no one else, only you.  I realized that some years ago, though I was unwilling to admit it until recently.  Love makes a person say and do crazy things sometimes, as well as make a person vulnerable.”

“Why do you say this, Sarah?”

Leaning in to kiss him, Sarah said, “Because, Jareth, you have power over me.”

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Labyrinth.  All rights go to their respective owners.  I just like to have fun with the characters.   Sarah did it right this time ;-) I’ve always wanted to do a variation on the “girl who forgot everything” line, and so this story came about.  This story is as close as I’ve gotten to writing angst for these two, and it still unsettles me a little.  When I first wrote this, it seemed like Jareth was finding his inner “Within You” in this piece, but maybe that is me.  It was intended to just be more of my usual fare of fluff, but it is a little more serious.  That’s why I waited to post it until I could come back and read again to be sure.  I’m not always a big fan of the stories where Sarah loses her memories of the Labyrinth (just depends on the writer), as I think it was so important to her growing up and changing for good.  But that’s just me.  I’ve heard others give good reasons why she should not remember, so I understand.  Anyways, Happy 28th Anniversary of Labyrinth coming to theaters! I hope you enjoyed the story! :D

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Jonathan Crane woke up at precisely 6:00 A.M., the same time he does every weekday morning when he has work to do at his lab across town. Even this early in the morning, the shouts of his rebellious neighbors and the constant TV buzzing above his apartment room were still as loud as ever.

Something crashed upstairs and the man who sat around and got drunk all day yelled at his wife. The whole city could have heard their argument. Jonathan rolled his eyes as he came out of his morning shower and put on his clothes, making sure his vest and tie were neatly fastened and looking sharp. He wiped his glasses clean and ran a comb through his midnight black hair quickly so it would be only slightly wavy, not tangled, when it dried.

He fed his black cat and left his apartment room with a few loving strokes to the feline and another check on his appearance through the mirror on the wall. He walked down to the parking lot of his apartment complex with his hands in his jacket pockets, accepting the daily greetings of the city. Cars in the distance, people murmuring to each other on the street, a few homeless people pushing dingy old shopping carts on the sidewalk. Not the best part of town, but it sure could be a lot worse.

He slipped in his old grey car and drove the long twisting route to his lab, hidden in an even junkier part of town. The trip took an hour to complete, and he always observed his surroundings for any suspicious signs of cops on his trail. You never know. Maybe Batman was secretly an officer himself. Maybe he was an expert detective of the GPD. Maybe he stalked his city's biggest criminals during the day as well as the night. Jonathan was always careful, and hence, he never got caught. Well, almost never.

Crane slipped into his lab just as the sun rose over the smoggy city. It was a nice cloudless day, and Jonathan wanted to spend it inside his lab, testing out his new concoctions and experiments. He worked for a few hours at the lab, happily concentrating. He checked his calendar on one of his many frequently used desks, jotting down dates and formula I.D.'s as his eyes flickered back and forth.

November 16th. That was the date today. He ignored the number. Crane hadn't celebrated his birthday in years, and it really didn't matter anymore. He stopped having parties when he stopped having friends, and that dated all the way back to junior high school. Children celebrate birthdays, he had grown up.

Suddenly the back double doors swung open and bashed against the wall with a bang. Jonathan jumped, scared shit as the one man he did NOT want to see on his birthday strolled right into his lab, purple coat billowing behind his stride. "Jonny, Jonny, Jonneh!!!" Joker bellowed enthusiastically, delivering a poor excuse for a greeting.
Jonathan cringed, standing as still as a stature like a fawn hiding from its hunter. Joker pointed at him and grinned with a smirk, still approaching with a little hop in his step. "I hearrrrrd…. that someonnnne… has a BIRTHday today…"

If Jonathan had a gun, he would have shot himself. This crazy bastard knew his birth date!!! Much to Jonathan's relief, Joker stopped walking toward him and spread his arms with a turn of his head, basking in his triumphant victory and seeming to be asking for a hug. Jonathan yelled at him, getting over his shock and astonishment. "You get outta my laboratory!" He took a big step towards the intruding clown and shoved him away as hard as he could. "Or I'll experiment on your dead body!" How did Joker even know where his lab was!? Why did he keep coming here every few weeks and interrupt his work!?

Joker laughed at the scientist's little rage. Jonathan gritted his teeth and planned his next attack. Joker stopped laughing and looked genuinely sorry. "Aw, I just wanted to give you a present, come on Jonny!"

Great, now the clown was having puppy eyes. Jonathan stared him down. "I'd rather die than receive a gift from you. OUT!" He threw his scolding finger at the door showing him the exit. Joker started to pull something out of his pocket. "It's not even a 'gift', reeeeeally, it's just a—"

"Gun? Knife? Grenade? I'm not stupid!" Jonathan stepped back and grabbed a needle off his desk to defend himself with, certain that the madman would whip out some sort of weapon.

Joker rolled his eyes and smiled to himself. "I love my reputation."  Jonathan tensed up, ready to fight or duck or dodge or something as Joker simply flipped out a harmless piece of paper. "It's just a note, Jonny! Jeez, paranoid or something?!"

Jonathan just eyed the paper suspiciously. Joker held it out to him and Jonathan leaned away, looking at Joker's painted face to detect any sign of danger. "You remind me of a henchman I used to have. Schizophrenic. Shiffy, I think his name was… or schiffy, or shifty? I don't remember. Some Arkham patient." Joker looked around the lab, still holding out the paper to Crane. "You gonna take the paper or am I gonna stand here all day?" He sneered, finally getting impatient.

"It came from you, who the hell knows what it could be." Jonathan stayed still, his hand still resting on the needle on his desk, just in case.

"It's not a damn bomb, good grief!" Joker unfolded the paper himself and flicked it carelessly in Jonathan's general direction. "I've got places to go, people to interrogate yadda yadda yadda. I'm going to leave the almighty 'Master of Fear' to analyze his stupid paranoia of a silly little paper."

Jonathan took his eyes off the paper on his grey laboratory floor and watched Joker walk out with a dramatic salute. After a few minutes, Jonathan sighed and decided the paper was truly just a paper. He was surprised to see nice handwriting in a dark red pen, looking so flawless, it was hard to tell if it was printed from a computer or not.

Jonathan smiled slightly to himself. Harley's handwriting. He would recognize it anywhere.

Dear Mr. Fear
First of all, happy birthday! How old are you now? 50? I'm just kidding, we all know you're 150. I haven't seen you in a while and I thought it would be nice of me to take you out to lunch today. How about the sandwich joint on 33rd and Arcellion Street? 2:00? Alright! See ya there!
Giggles from The Diamond Queen
P.S. This is NOT a date, no matter how much Joker wants it to be!

Jonathan couldn't stop a humorous smile from bubbling up. He folded the paper back up and grabbed his jacket from his chair.

"Who is that old man!?" Harley grinned as Jonathan approached her in the alleyway next to the sandwich deli. Jonathan ignored her joke and they exchanged a small friendly hug. They were both dressed as normal people, and Harley wore as little red as possible, much to her obvious disappointment. Her blonde hair was down, swishing along her shoulders with every move of her head and dyed with some streaks of brown that Jonathan assumed were able to wash out easily with water.

"How are you?" He asked, leaning against the building calmly. "Super duper!" She grinned with a small energetic fist pump in the air. Jonathan liked the pleasantly good mood she was in. She was always so positive and happy.

"Should we go in?" Crane offered, smiling into her sparkling blue eyes. She checked her watch and glanced around him to the street where a few cars passed and shoppers talked amongst their groups. This was a classier part of town, empty of homeless people or punks ready to pull a gun on you for no reason. "Well, actually I need to give J something first. He's gonna go play around while we eat." Harley stated plainly. "In fact he's laaaate!" She sang softly, fidgeting in the cold air. It was the time of year where fall transfers into winter.

Jonathan helped her look around, hoping to himself that Joker wouldn't be here long. How was he going to show up outside in public? Was he going to be disguised, or in his famous purple attire? Turned out, he showed up only partially disguised, with a big brown coat instead of his purple one and a wide brimmed hat that hid his half painted face when he tilted his head a certain way.

Harley hugged him as he came up from another alley behind them, keeping out of the public eye as much as he could. He ignored her and adjusted his hat as she snuggled up to him for warmth and pulled a gun out from her purse, which was nothing but a temporary prop for today. Joker made sure the gun was fully loaded, then slipped it in his inside pocket. "You kids have fun. I know I will." He smiled down at Harley, seeming as if he acknowledged her only after she gave him what he came for.

Jonathan scratched the back of his neck, looking away as Harley stole her chance to delve into a passionate kiss. The awkward moment lasted a good 10 seconds, and the time went by painfully slow. Finally Joker made Harley stop, smiling down smugly at his little worshipper. Jonathan's attention turned back to the couple as Joker gave Harley a hard pat on the cheek. It was really more of a little slap.

Harley smiled as he left, walking back down the way he had come, still keeping out of the public eye. Jonathan led her in the deli, discreetly looking at her face to see if her 'boyfriend' had left a red mark. She smiled up at him innocently, without even a hint of a red mark, as they got a table together and ordered a couple of sandwiches.

As the waiter left their table, Jonathan folded his napkin in his lap, looking up at Harley across from him. "Really? How are you?"

"Really, I'm super duper." She grinned. Jonathan decided to let the subject go. She was apparently fine. They talked and ate for a good half hour, laughing and smiling constantly, like two old friends. She listened to his ideas and scientific studies while he let her talk about her frequent and intense encounters with the Batman himself. She didn't talk about Joker a lot, since they were in a public restaurant, and Jonathan was glad.

Harley paid for the check, but they still stayed at their table and talked after they paid. "I'm sorry I couldn't get you a real present" She smiled with a good-natured wink at him. "I owe you one."

"There's really no need, its fine." He protested. This little get-together was great enough.

"It's your birthday! Of course there's a need! Just a little favor or something!, I owe ya!" She insisted happily.

"….A time machine." He said after thinking. "I don't suppose you can get that, though." He put his napkin on the table from his lap, thinking deeply.

"What would you use it for? Oh wait let me guess!" She grinned still in good spirits. "League of Shadows! When Batman first appeared. You want to change one thing about that moment, don't you? So your plan could work?" She whispered to him enthusiastically.

"No…I wish I could change something far…far before that." He thought out loud quietly, staring down at the wood table in front of him.

"High school?" Harley was starting to calm down and focus on the faded regret in his voice. "Yes," Jonathan nodded. "High school."

Harley was quiet for a while. "I'm sorry." Jonathan looked at her and let her speak. "But… Jonathan, I… I wasn't right for you. Hell, I was dating that football guy, shit what was his name? Ha! I don't even remember his name!" She sighed after a laugh. "We were total opposites… you know that."

"Harley… I was the one who rejected you."

Harley cocked her head, trying so hard to remember. Everything that didn't include Joker seemed like someone else's life now.

Jonathan looked in her crystal blue eyes. "I was the one who told you to stop flirting with me. I was the one who pushed you away." She remembered that night at prom. She had a crush on him for a few weeks and eventually went up to him and obviously acted flirty towards him. He told her to stop acting like a child, and he walked away. "I remember…" She said sadly.

"I regret that night. Right now, I regret it." He was resting his head on his fist. "If we ended up together… things would be…better for you."

Harley hardened her gaze. "Jonathan, things are the best they have ever been for me right now."

Jonathan raised his voice in a harsh whisper, covering his mouth slightly so others wouldn't hear.  "Like that bruise on your stomach? Like the cut on your back? Harley, you think I don't notice those?" He commented only on the wounds he had caught a glimpse of in the past. He was certain she was hiding much more under her clothes, and hiding much pain under her joyful spirit.

"I am happy. I am in love, my life has a purpose. Do not question that." She said sternly, tired of everyone (and she meant everyone) shaking their head at her relationship.

"You could have been happy without any scars." Jonathan tried to convince her.

"Jonathan!" She raised her voice, but luckily no one stared. She waited before continuing. "He's not JUST my boyfriend." She stood up, putting her black purse over her shoulder. "He's also my best friend. He was there for me when you never were."

Jonathan kept her gaze, still thinking back to their high school years together.

"He doesn't roll his eyes at me like you do. He's not disappointed in me like you are!" She walked out briskly, gone in less than a second, and Jonathan was stunned into silence and he slowly realized, everything she just said… was entirely true.

College, he remembered those college years with Harley. She tried to be his friend, maybe not his girlfriend, but his friend. He kept pushing her away. Jonathan held his face in his hands now. He was so focused on his studies and grades back in college, he never hung out with her once. Not once, in four years. She never stopped trying to be his friend, not even after college, when they ended up working at Arkham together.

She was just looking for a friend. He took a sharp intake of breath as the painful truth crept in his mind. She was looking for someone to cling onto. He could have been that person, but it ended up being Joker. Why him? Why him, of all people!?!

He knew why. Because Jonathan had forced her away. He had pushed his chances away, all of them. He was selfish and blind and stupid.

Jonathan grabbed his jacket and went back to his car in its parking spot on the side of the road a few blocks away.

Later that night, Jonathan laid in his bed and tried to think of what to do to make things right. He turned on his side and was about to go to sleep when someone knocked quietly on his door.

He ignored the knocking until a voice spoke up. "Jonny?...It's me…"

"…Harley!?" Crane shot out of bed and opened the door, expecting to see her bleeding from a new gaping cut somewhere on her body or strikingly bruised beyond belief. But there was no blood, and there were no bruises. She half smiled up at him, holding her arm in the chilly outdoor hallway. "Can we talk… for a while?" She asked, obviously cold.
"Of course." He brought her in and locked the door behind her. "What happened?" He gave her his jacket to keep warm.

"Nothing, I just… wanted to talk." She sat on his bed, wrapped in his black jacket. "I didn't want to end your birthday with a fight. I'm sorry."

"It's my fault; I'm the one who is sorry." He said, sitting with her and putting his arm around her. There had to be something wrong; she had to be hurting somewhere. He desperately wanted to know what happened.

She kept the subject focused on him, and she insisted on getting him some kind of present for his birthday. They talked about high school and college, and they said apologies that were wrongly forgotten and necessary to unload form their list of regrets.

An hour passed and they lied on their backs under the warm covers of Jonathan's bed in the cold drafty room, staring at the ceiling and laughing about old times. "Now will you tell me why you are really here?" Jonathan looked at her after they finished chuckling about an old inside joke.

"…..He didn't hurt me… He just told me to leave." Harley assured him, smiling and cheered up by their talk.

Jonathan sighed. "Why?"

Harley inspected her painted yet chipped fingernails. "….He was mad… and he told me he didn't want to hurt me. So I left." She clarified and shook her head over at her old friend. "He's not abusive, Jonathan, you shouldn't stereotype him like that."

Jonathan had no comment. She could just be saying that because she loved him and was in denial. Harley didn't give up on her quest to justify her boyfriend. "Gentleness is something he's never… had to give to someone. You can't give someone a car if you don't know anything about buying or driving a car, you know?"

Jonathan nodded slightly, thinking about the metaphor Harley gave him. It made sense. "Being gentle isn't hard."

"That's like saying driving a car isn't hard. It's only 'easy' to you because you've had practice and experience." Harley stared at the ceiling again. "But… if you never even… saw a car before… it's a very foreign thing to you."

A few minutes of silence passed before Jonathan spoke up again. "What was he mad about?"

Harley smiled. "He didn't have as much fun as he wanted to today. Gordon apparently was right on his heels all day after he left us at the deli, and he wasn't able to shake the cops off for a long time. Leading cops on a wild goose chase is only fun if you're in the mood." She giggled, pulling the covers up to her chin. "He was so excited to use that new gun today! Poor guy."

Jonathan laughed as well, his spirits lifted by her cute girlish little giggles. "So in the morning…. you probably have to find some new henchmen, right?" He grinned. He was pretty sure Joker used that gun tonight, and he was happy it wasn't on Harley.

Harley laughed long and hard, so hard that she curled on her side, burrowing her face into his chest, muffling her laughter with his shirt.  "Yes, yes I do!"
Happy Birthday Jonathan Crane :D Yeah I guess this is a HarleyxScarecrow themed story. I actually like this pairing a lot. :D I might write some more of this theme sometime. ;)
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Warnings: Yaoi, vampire sexytiems, Twilight bashing and Lovino's ridiculously foul mouth.
Pairing: SpainxRomano


"Ve, Lovi! Why do we have to walk so fast?" Feliciano whined as he tried to catch up with his brother. Lovi... or Lovino, as he preferred to be called, huffed from a few paces away from his whining younger twin and replied haughtily, "Because it's dark, cold and I'm hungry damnit! Now hurry the fuck up! I'm not waiting for you again!"

The other Italian brother hurried to catch up and he fell in step with Lovino. He nervously looked at the other male and despite his bad mood, he struck up conversation, "Ve, Lovi! Don't you think it was nice that we got let off work early tonight? That means I get to talk to Ludwig longer—"

"Why do you still talk to that bastard?" Lovino asked with a scowl. He really didn't like his brother's new boyfriend Ludwig. He hated him from day one... the moment he heard that ridiculous German accent, the Italian decided he loathed him. He absolutely loathed him and no whining Feliciano did could ever change his mind. Not now, not ever- his mind was made up and he decided that he would hate the man forever and always.

"Because he's nice and he looks after me! He can be mean sometimes but he can be nice most of the time," Feliciano gushed happily and he now had a slight spring in his step. Lovino raised an eyebrow at his brother's behaviour and he sighed.

"He's a stupid potato bastard and I hate him. I don't know why you like him so much..."

"I told you, fratello!" Feliciano smiled happily, almost dreamily, "He's nice to me and he's really good in bed! He—"

"Feliciano!" Lovino shouted and clamped his hands over his ears, "I did NOT need to know that!"

Feliciano blinked but shrugged it off. Lovino walked a faster and kept his hands over his ears as he did so. When he noticed that Feliciano was lagging behind, he removed his hands from his ears and he looked behind him, "Feliciano! Hurry up! I'm not waiting for you! Do you want to get kidnapped?"

The threat of this seemed to scare the younger twin and he hurried to the safety of his brother's side.

"You won't let them, right fratello?" he asked, his amber eyes wide. Lovino snorted.

"I might... if you carry on talking about the kraut like that..."

"You're so grumpy, Lovi..." Feliciano stated and moved closer to his brother, "You should smile more."

"Fuck you."

The two brothers rounded a corner and walked down the small street. The two of them lived together in a small apartment and neither of them could afford anything better. Their grandfather had recently passed away and he'd left them some money but the family was poor anyway so it wasn't much. Lovino, being the oldest, took responsibility of the money and kept it locked away, using it only to help them pay the bills and rent. The brothers worked in a pasta restaurant not far from where they lived- a fifteen minute walk at the most- and it was that money that enabled them to have a social life... well, Feliciano anyway. Lovino didn't make friends easily so he usually just stayed home.

Lovino punched the code to the door and pushed it open. He and Feliciano walked to the elevator and he pressed the button to their floor. As they stepped into the elevator, he tuned out Feliciano's constant chatter about Ludwig and pasta... he sighed and looked at the wall ahead of him, wishing the fucking elevator would hurry up.

When it finally reached their floor, Lovino pulled his brother out of the elevator and walked to their apartment. He sighed; from his left he could hear a heated argument between the couple that lived a few doors away from them. He could hear the British male shouting all sorts of obscenities and his American partner shouting back that he didn't have a clue what he was saying.

"Ve... it's such a shame they argue all the time," Feliciano sighed as he and Lovino reached their apartment. Lovino unlocked the door for them both and walked inside. Tossing his jacket on the chair, he snorted at Feliciano's statement.

"Yeah, well... they'll shut up eventually..." he said and moved to the kitchen area to get himself something to drink. Feliciano was about to answer when his pocket started to vibrate. He retrieved his phone and looked at the ID before smiling happily, "It's Ludwig!" he squealed in delight and answered the phone in a bright tone, "Ciao Ludwig! ...Ve, work was good... si... si... really....?" Lovino tuned him out again as Feliciano wandered around the apartment talking then to his room.

Lovino was left alone again and he was greeted with silence. The clock on the kitchen wall ticked loudly and eventually it started to irritate him, "Shut the fuck up..." he muttered but the clock continued to tick away, mocking him somewhat. He scowled at it and decided that sitting around here wouldn't help so he walked back to his room and slammed the door. An angry shout emitted from the apartment next door. Stupid Turkish bastard... Lovino could slam his door if he wanted to.

He flopped down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. He couldn't help but wonder if his life was supposed to be this boring. Sure, he could go out and hit on girls- they loved him and were always besotted with him- but whenever his temper took a turn for the worst, their interest soon disappeared. Lovino rolled his eyes and sat up once again. Life was so fucking boring!


Lovino had work again the next night. This was one of those shifts he didn't share with Feliciano and to be honest, he was glad. Feliciano's constant chatter drove him crazy and he had to live with the guy! He honestly didn't know how he was still sane after all this time.

"Fratello, I'm leaving!" he called as he grabbed his bag. He heard Feliciano shout something in return, but he didn't stick around to continue listening to the rest. He grabbed his jacket and walked out of the apartment. The British man from across the hall had stopped shouting an hour ago and everything was quiet as Lovino walked to the elevator. He pressed the button form the ground floor and when it finally stopped he walked out of the apartment building and down the street.

He shoved his hands in his jacket pockets and huffed as he walked into the cool night. The sun had just set but the sky was still alight with that reddish-pink glow. Lovino found himself looking up at it, wondering how beautiful it looked—he blinked as his thoughts stopped short. Why the fuck did he just think of something like that? He shook his head as he cursed under his breath. He kicked a stone down the narrow street and continued to do so as he turned a corner.

He stopped short, and to be honest Lovino didn't know how it happened, but before he knew what was going on, someone stepped out a few metres away from him. He couldn't make out the person's features just yet, as he wasn't close enough but he did take a few steps back.

Shit, was he going to get robbed? Or perhaps his fate would be worse?

"Who the fuck are you?" he asked harshly. He got ready to run; there was no way he was going to take on someone who could potentially hurt him more! However the reply he got was not one he was expecting.

"Aw, that's not very nice!" the man replied in a clear Spanish accent. Lovino narrowed his eyes but kept his distance. He couldn't pass him without getting too close- the street was too narrow- so he would have to wait for the man to move... but he didn't look as though he were going to.

"I didn't say I was fucking nice, you bastard! Now move so I can pass!" Lovino spat, but the man refused to move. In fact, he started to move closer, "Hey!" Lovino snapped and took a step back. He blinked and his breath caught in his throat when the man was now inches away from him. How did he...?

There was no other way to describe this man other than beautiful. His skin was tan and his green eyes sparkled. His wavy brown hair lifted slightly with the soft evening breeze. Even in the shadows, the Italian could see that the man was smiling... and he noticed a set of very long and very sharp canine teeth.

Lovino's eyes widened and when he attempted to take another step back, the man pushed him up against the wall. The Italian struggled but the man held him firmly against the hard concrete building and now Lovino was starting to get irritated.

"Let me go! If you're going to rob me, just fucking do it!"

The man blinked and tilted his head to the side almost innocently. Then he smiled again. It was bright and happy and Lovino may have liked it if the man didn't have those sharp teeth.

The Spaniard leaned in and without a word, he inhaled deeply. Lovino found himself blushing; just what the fuck was this guy doing. Lovino was scared... like, actually shitting himself standing here while this random stranger took in his scent. He wanted to push him away... fuck, he wanted to push him away so bad but his body froze and his muscles wouldn't respond. He could only stare wide eyed at the man as he inhaled again. When he finally moved away, he continued to smile and Lovino found his voice.

"What the fuck was that?"

"My name's Antonio, what's yours?" the Spanish man asked happily. He continued to keep Lovino pinned to the wall but he offered his free hand to shake. Lovino just stared at him. You have to be fucking kidding, right? Was this guy for real?

"Seriously... I don't know what the fuck you've been smoking but Halloween isn't for another five months!" he snapped and struggled against the Spaniard- Antonio's- ridiculously strong hold. He was only holding him with one hand and even that felt as though something might break. Antonio's green eyes sparkled and he took a step closer.

"I saw you yesterday," he smiled, "With who I presumed was your brother—"

"If you go anywhere near Feliciano I will rip your fucking balls off!"

Antonio flinched, both at the threat and the tone of voice the angry Italian male had adopted. Still, after a moment he started to smile again, "I don't want your brother. I want you... only you. Lovino..."

"How the fuck do you know my name?" Lovino demanded and Antonio merely smiled that bright, cheerful smile of his.

"I saw your name tag!" he grinned and Lovino looked down at his shirt and cursed loudly.

"Fuck you! Just... just get out of here and leave me alone!"

Antonio's eyes darkened slightly and Lovino felt his blood run cold, "I can't do that," the Spaniard said quietly. He began to lean in and Lovino's heart began to pound in his chest. Just what the hell had he gotten himself into? As he watched Antonio move closer, the Italian instinctively plunged his hand into his bag and shoved the tomato he was supposed to have on his break into Antonio's mouth and watched him with wide eyes.

The Spanish man... or whatever he was, just stared at him in shock with the tomato lodged in his mouth. Some of the juice from the red fruit started to drip down his chin and it was then that the Spaniard decided it would be a good idea to remove it. He kept Lovino pinned to the wall and with his free hand he reached up and took hold of the tomato. Lovino watched as the man before him chewed the food substance and swallow. He licked his lips them grinned brightly, "I love tomatoes!" he stated happily and took another bite. Lovino couldn't believe this was happening. This was just NOT happening.

"Give that back, bastard!" he snarled but Antonio held the tomato out of his reach. He pouted, "But why, Lovi? You gave it to me!"

"What did you just call me?" Lovino hissed and tried to shove at him. Antonio just smiled brightly.


"No! No no no no! That is NOT my name! My name is Lovino! Lov-i-no! Did you get that or are you too fucking stupid?"

"No, I know your name! I just think Lovi sounds cuter!" Antonio said sweetly but in return for that statement, Lovino tried to punch him. Antonio grabbed his wrist and pinned it above his head forcefully.

"Play nice," he smiled and leaned in again. Moving an arm around Lovino's waist, he kept him against the wall as he slowly brushed his lips against the soft skin of his neck. The Italian began to tremble. He didn't know what was happening and he didn't know why, but he was powerless to stop it. Antonio moved slightly and when he found the spot he was looking for, Lovino could feel him smile against his skin. He felt the smoothness of a tongue sweep across his neck and before he could fight down a blush, a sharp pain engulfed him. He gasped and squirmed but Antonio held him firm. Then Lovino felt a strange sensation... he didn't quite know how to describe it. That was when he realised that Antonio was drinking something and he felt as though his energy was being drained from him.

"What the...?" he managed to whisper but the Spanish man removed his hand from his wrist and pressed a finger to his lips as he continued sucking. Lovino felt weak. He didn't understand... his brain would not allow him to and he could do nothing to stop it. His knees felt weak and they wanted to buckle from the sheer shock and stress he was under.

Antonio continued for a few more minutes before he pulled away. Lovino felt an ache of pain as the sharp teeth were removed from his skin and he felt Antonio lick over the wound. He moved away, removing his arms from around him and he looked at the Italian, "I knew you'd be tasty," he commented with a smile, "I'll be back..."

"...the fuck?" Lovino mumbled as he held a hand over the wound on his neck. Antonio merely nodded as he took a few steps back and disappeared all together. Lovino continued to tremble and he shakily moved himself to sit on the floor.

That man... that fucking creepy man just drank his blood. He just cornered him, and preyed on him. He just drank his fucking BLOOD. Lovino refused to believe in such nonsense... well, he used to believe in such nonsense until tonight. He looked up at the sky and ignored the stinging sensation on his neck. Confused was not the word. In fact, he didn't know how feel about this whole thing. He just didn't know.

When he found the will power and strength to move, he hauled himself to his feet and took a shaky step forward. Then another and another and he found himself walking back home. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone then dialled the number for his workplace.

"Ciao boss... it's Lovino... si, I won't be able to work tonight..."


Feliciano had been worried when Lovino arrived home looking like he'd seen a ghost. He slowly approached him and asked with a worried frown, "Ve, are you alright fratello?"

Lovino looked over at his brother and with a grunt, he nodded and walked towards his room, "Si... just leave me alone," he muttered and walked inside and closed the door behind him. He pushed the lock in place and slid down the door to the floor and buried his face in his hands. He didn't know what to do. His stomach was in knots; what did Antonio mean by 'see you next week'? Was he going to come here... but that was impossible, right? Unless he followed them home the previous night... he did mention he saw his brother. Shit...

That meant that both he and his brother were in danger. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't tell Feliciano what had happened. Imagine how well that would go down!

Hey fratello, I don't mean to worry you but a fucking VAMPIRE may be after me!

Yeah... that totally wouldn't freak him out.

Lovino finally stood and walked to his mirror. He removed his collar from his neck and he flinched at the wound Antonio had left. There were two small puncture wounds on the right side of his neck and around them was what looked like bruising. Lovino could have laughed; the bastard decided to give him a hickey too? Thanks a bunch Antonio.

He huffed and walked to his bed. He removed his clothes and climbed inside the covers and pulled them over his head. He didn't know what to think and he didn't know what to do. He took deep breaths and he tried to calm the panic but the strange feeling in his stomach didn't leave.

He closed his eyes and tried to block out the night's events but he was greeted by a man with shining green eyes and unusually sharp teeth.
Well... here's ANOTHER vampire story I decided to work on. I remember roleplaying something like this a while ago and I remember that I quite liked the idea so I decided to turn it into a story. I'll tell you now that even though I write mostly USUK, I do like Spamano more. Though I couldn't resist including Alfred and Arthur (but don't worry, they'll only show up from time to time).

I am two chapters ahead with this story and I hope to continue staying ahead as I update this. I want to try and update this every couple of days or so, depending on how much time I have to write- University is starting soon, after all.

If anyone recognizes the title from Bring Me The Horizon's song Blessed With A Curse, just know that this story has nothing to do with the song (even though I was listening to it at the time).

Should I put a mature tag on this? Lovi curses an awful lot D:

I think that's all I have to say, so enjoy!
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All was quiet, with the exception of Feliciano's whimpers and Ludwig's grunts of pain as Kiku attempted to clean his wound. The campfire had died down to a bright orange glow, but none seemed to notice as the sun was rising into the sky. It had been a few hours since the Axis had encountered with the Allies and kidnapped you. The bullet that had been shot from Ivan's rifle was still deep into Ludwig's arm, and there was no way to get it out safely without causing an infection since there was too much swelling.

"I'm going to have to wait until the swelling goes down before I attempt to get the bullet out, Ludwig," Kiku said, wiping his bloody hands on his military jacket that was practically ruined from the fight earlier. Ludwig nodded.

"Thank you thought for cleaning the wound, Kiku. I can't save (Name) with an infected arm," said Ludwig as Kiku began to wrap the wound in gauze. The Japanese man gave Ludwig a disbelieving look.

"How can you go after (Name) when we don't know where she is?" he said to the German. Ludwig was quiet for a long time. Kiku did have a point. There were five Allies and their headquarters could be in any five countries. "And besides, you're in no condition to go looking for her. Wait until the bullet comes out before we discuss a plan," Kiku added. Ludwig nodded slowly and looked over at Feliciano, who had his white flag clutched in one hand and a piece of paper in the other.

"Feliciano! What do you have?" yelled Ludwig toward the terrified Italian. Feliciano squeaked in fear. Just like the others, he was still recovering from earlier, making him incredibly jumpy.

"I found it, I swear! It was-a lying by the-a campfire!" Feli said, handing the note to Ludwig, his hand shaking so bad it took a few attempts before Ludwig could grab the paper. He looked at the scrawny handwriting, which was obviously by the American, and read it. Ludwig gaped his mouth in disbelief and read the note over and over again, making sure he was reading it right.

"What? What does it say?" said Kiku, obviously noticing the shock on his face. Crumpling up the note, he turned to Japan.

"It's from the Allies. It said that (Name) is alright and in no harm, but it won't last for long. It says if we surrender the war to them, they'll release her in the same condition they kidnapped her in. But, if we refuse, they'll take over her country and force her to join them," Anger built up quickly in the tempered Ludwig's body with each word he spoke. Kiku and Feliciano both blinked in shock.

"Why-a would those bastardos do-a such a thing to (Name)!?" said Feliciano, also angered. It was rare for Feli to show his anger, and when he did it was never pretty. Being a hotheaded Italian, he had a very colorful language. But, fortunately, it was always spoken in his native tongue. Ludwig threw the crumpled up paper somewhere far on the beach and sighed angrily.

"Verdammt..," he muttered, running his fingers through his slick blonde hair. Kiku sat quietly in thought. Feliciano kept shouting out random curse words and insults to the Allies in Italian. I hope (Name) is alright. She's strong, but not strong enough to take on the Allies by herself. And with that thought in Ludwig's mind, he turned to Kiku and said:

"Kiku, get this damn bullet out of me."
Holy crap, this is so very short~ XDDD I'm so sorry, but it was intended on being short~ XDDD SEE?! GERMANY ISN'T DEAD~!!! :la: He's just in a bad mood~ XD;; Hell, I owuld be too if I weres shot~ :iconnotimpressedplz:

*ahem* So, please enjoy this chapter~!

Kiku = Japan
Ludwig = Germany
Feliciano = N. Italy

Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya
You The Allies~

Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 3 - [link]
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