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It seems to me is what you are
A rare and priceless work of art
Stay behind your velvet rope
But I will not renounce all hope

And I'm right by your side
Like a thief in the night
I stand in front of a masterpiece

And I can't tell you why
It hurts so much
To be in love with the masterpiece

'Cause after all
Nothing's indestructible

:cd: Madonna | Masterpiece :heart:

Ain't no song more precious than this one :faint:

I knew it was OroKonan the moment I heard it - and I had heard it way before I knew I'd ever ship them.
It was just so bound to happen.
Words can't describe how I treasure what's unsaid here :invisible:

The song itself found me as a result of some ethereal miracle - I received it as a gift from an amazing person who taught me to look underneath the underneath of songs' lyrics and discover the meaning the sender wished to transmit to the recepient.
It was one of the most beautiful lessons of life ever :aww:
and partly the reason for most of my artwork containing lyrics

This said, happy birthday, Orochimaru-sama :eyes:

Konan close-up :heart:
Orochimaru & Konan Masashi Kishimoto

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About time I've gathered all my stray artworks from around the net and kept them in one place :aww:
This one is drawn from "Screamers" screenshot, 'cause that scene was beyond amazing.
The movie itself was definitely worth getting acquiainted with, indeed :lol:

Vivat le linear burn speedpaint ;p

Keeper of tears by jesterry Thousand worlds by jesterry SdJ: Stalking Beast by jesterry Orochimaru Background by jesterry
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...Go watch "Hobbit" they said.

...It's for 6+ audiences they said.

...BUT no one told me about ovaries alert. No freakin' one.


Referenced from a screencap; though pretty far from the original (more portrait practice needed :nod:) - may be it's for the better...
I don't know anymore :drool:

The Hobbit J.R.R.Tolkien
=/= movie Peter Jackson & Warner Bros.

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Entry for Peachtrades Dimension Wanderers contest :aww:

:lol: Since in the current HeartShrineVillage's arc Joshee has gone MIA, I thought he could have as well travelled to another universe. Just for the lulz of it, you know :eyes:

The idea is to depict our respective OCs in the universe other than their own, so I chose Avatar universe with benders and elements, because swag :la:

Peachtrades's OC here is Mayuri Morita from Bleach setting, turned into a charming Firebender :flame:
And ironically, she meets my ex-battle-priest Joshua the Earthbender (coming from Narutoverse alright :nod:) and they dance in the eternal bending competition of "Whose hair is longer" :XD:

Mayuri Morita Peachtrades
Joshee jesterry
ATLA & LOK universe Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko

Blush like a sir by jesterry Road to Ninja - Omoichidou Style by jesterry ItaSaku Pro-Bending Tournament by jesterry HSV - Let my heart go by jesterry
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For ~PikaCheeka's Hashirama & Madara contest :heart: :meow:

You came to fight in a world that's ended
We're undividable
You have to know how your mind was blinded
So undividable

And this is what happens when you listen to Diary of Dreams way too much :nod:
Death won't ever be able to separate them.
So wicked... :la:

And no, this weren't exactly evoked by the myth of Apollo & Daphne, I've just noticed the reminiscence afterwards, which is entertainingly ironic :D

Heavily inspired by & partly referenced from this :omg:

Madara Uchiha, Hashirama Senju Masashi Kishimoto

MadaHashi - Parting Gift by jesterry Perfect Enemy by jesterry Viva la Vida by jesterry Uchiha brothers by jesterry Lone wolf don't run with the klan by jesterry
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Aiko & Eita busy being fabulous :iconbadassplz:
:party: Double birthday gift for =iLupinus (October 16) & *innocent-rebel (October 17) :cake:

Because seriously, October, y u have so many epic people being born?? I don't have enough hands!! Stahp may be, share some with other months, no? *okay face*

The Hair Care Club is an age-old whim of Joshua which his owner never actually got to draw in action, so here're, at least, some of its notable members in all their braided glory :drool:
The recent hair-related revelations motivated me incredibly :nod:

Aiko Byakko =iLupinus
Eita Warashi/Watanabe *innocent-rebel

La la la la :iconheartshrinevillage: La la la la

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:party: Belated birthday gift for ~Pack69Alpha :meow:

:omg: Yukiko-chan riding a magic Alpaca :shrug: :rofl:
I've never drawn alpacas before and I heavily recommend everyone to google "alpaca running" because it's amazingly cute :aww:
And rainbowsssss :iconlachoirplz:
It's a miracle if I see rainbow once a year... Hence they're gathering in my art :lol:

Nickname courtesy to =iLupinus :heart:
Yukiko Fujihara ~Pack69Alpha
:la: :iconheartshrinevillage: :la:

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Emilia - for :icongrims-charming: Grims Charming contest :meow:

*LaPetitLapearl explains:
"Emilia's character is based on the Beauty and the Beast. In the beginning she is in her normal state, w/ the pink hair, and she turns into the zombie form after a bad accident. A part of Grims Charming is about her trying to find the cure to return her to normal."

It really must be a creepy experience, meeting the future you. In your own mirror :omg:

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:party: Birthday comic gift for dear =zhusanna, mistress of the most exquisite pairings ever :heart:
Yes, it's Shisui/Mikoto you see here :nod:

It started out as an innocent one-sided crush on Shisui's part, and the initial idea was to depict just the interaction between him and Mikoto, but then the angst-machine kicked in and there I was, swept away by the possibilities that got me right in the feels :faint:
Apparently, Jess can't miss the tiniest hints of drama even in the fluffiest of fluffs :no:

:#1: Sasuke's role in the scene is crucial! :nod: - for if he didn't distract Itachi, the latter would have figured Shisui's infatuation with Mikoto then and there :eyes:
not that he didn't later

And if you wonder, where is it all coming from, I've made another :pointr: timeline research :pointl: recently which shows how Shisui could be 5~10~15 years older than Itachi :omg:

Meanwhile the Uchiha Matriarch gave birth to Itachi when aged 22, and before that, if you remember, she was a loyal Konoha jounin (hence the standard flac jacket) and I like to entertain the idea she & Shisui had gone on missions together :la:

:invisible: ...And although Shisui is happy for her family and absolutely adores her sons... May be, just may be, he regrets it couldn't be him, it couldn't be them; and wonders where the fierce warrioress had gone... :sniff:

:aww: Oi, and I've always wanted to illustrate the top popular gesture in fanfictions - scratching one's neck :XD:

Multiship like there's no tomorrow! :la:
Shisui, Mikoto, Itachi & Sasuke Uchiha Masashi Kishimoto

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