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Part I:
Part III:
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Part V:

Damian Wayne's road home after resurrection continues. Now traveling with the eccentric rich teen J. Bowden Hapgood and his bodyguard Brighton; Damian will have to contend with two of the Seven Men of Death; the League of Assassins' most feared killers, who are under orders to bring back Damian as intact as possible. From the streets of Hong Kong to the bustling markets of New Delhi; Damian and his new associates will have to defeat and outwit killers who are devoted to Talia Al Ghul.

As I mentioned in a recent journal; this will be a five part series.

And I'm surprised I kept this to 34 pages (as a comic); I thought for sure this would be much longer.

And to paraphrase a line said at the Passover seder: NEXT ISSUE, IN JERUSALEM! :XD:

Damian Wayne, Batman, et al belong to DC Comics

Preview image art by Patrick Gleason from Batman and Robin #1 (Sept 2011)

"J" and Brighton belong to me, though "J"'s present alias is inspired by a character from Anyone Can Whistle, one of Sondheim's rare flops.

Script and Story belongs to me as well.
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"We are certain about this? There can be no mistakes made in this endeavour."

"We are certain."

"We were to believe that the Atlantean led the children."

"That is truth, but also temporary."


"Yes. Another is being groomed for the task."

"The youngest of them."

"We believe so. He is apprentice to the leader of the Justice League."

"The Batman."



"Collect him."

The shrill clang of the bell signalled the end of the last period of the morning and before the reverberating sound diminished most of Gotham City Academy AP Calculus class had already gathered their things and was heading for the door.

"Tomorrow," Ms Reckolson's voice called over the sudden rise in student conversation, "we continue our practical applications of the extreme  value theorem so I want you to have the next two chapters in your Differential Calculus Texts read and the practice equations at the end of the chapter calculated and graphed before you step food in this classroom.  Mr Grayson, this also means just the next two chapters, please do not finish the book like you did last term."

Richard Grayson, adopted son of Gotham billionaire Bruce Wayne, slid his textbook into his sling-pack and allowed a wry grin to tug at his lips. "Sorry Ms Reckolson, I finished last weekend. It was a quiet Friday Night."

He exited the class as the instructor sighed and shook her head, and the remaining students' explosion of laugher echoed into the hall.  As the only seventh grader in a room of twenty upper classmen, seniors mostly, Dick was use to their teasing and amusement at his expense. He was also use to them approaching him when they needed help. Most people, teachers and administration included, felt his class attendance a mere formality.

Ah, the joys of being a genius.

The swell of students heading for the cafeteria and lunchroom would have swept up any other student, especially one of Dick's small stature. Dick, however, was most definitely not just any other student. With the agility of a boy raised amongst agile circus folk, a skill trained to near perfection by Gotham City's own Dark Knight, he wove his way through the throng of bodies until he was standing in front of his locker in the Junior High Grades' hall.

"Dude!" a voice all but shouted as a body slammed into the wall of lockers next to him. "You totally missed a humiliation of epic proportion in Life Studies this morning. They will be talking about this for weeks! Months! Decades even!"

Suppressing a sigh of annoyance, Dick pulled the door of the locker open which gave him a barrier from the ramblings of his 'best friend'. Hamilton Hill III was the son of the current mayor of Gotham City, and had latched on to Bruce Wayne's ward after meeting at a fund raiser a couple years back. Despite the barely veiled feelings of loathing Dick held for the teen, the other boy just couldn't take the hint.

"You going to tell me what happened, or just keep me in suspense for the rest of my life?" Dick asked in a bored tone. He slid his pack from his shoulder and hung it on the hook inside before removing his school blazer and hanging it as well.

"I don't know, man," Hamilton said with an oily chuckle. "I'm not sure us plebeians are up to the standards of one as high and mighty as you."

"So nothing happened, again, and you're just ragging on me again for my placement with the upper classmen." Dick reached to the shelf and retrieved his Blackberry and Bluetooth earpiece. "We do this every Thursday. Can't you think of something original for once?"

"Hey Grayson."

A smile found its way back to his lips as he turned his head to the side to acknowledge the new greeting. "Hey Crock."

The lithe blonde freshman returned the smile as she continued on with her friends.  Dick entertained the brief thought of what her reaction would be if she knew the truth of who he was.

"So not fair, Dude!" Hamilton moaned as Dick let the phone fall into the back pocket of his slacks and he clipped the earpiece over his lobe. "How is it, that one as popularity challenged as you knows all the hot chicks?! You have seriously got to introduce me to the new transfer!"

"Hamilton," Dick nearly growled as he closed the door to his locker and finally allowed his steel blue gaze fall onto the other boy. "Give it a rest, okay? I met Artemis at the Alumni banquet hosted by the Wayne Enterprises' Foundation for Academic Excellence last month. She's one of the ten Scholarship awardees that accepted the placement here at the Academy. We say hi to each other as a social nicety. That's it."

Hamilton snorted. "Yeah, right."

There was no withholding the annoyed sigh this time. "Whatever. I need to get to the courtyard before Alfred calls to check in." The central area of the Academy, a large outdoor area for the students to congregate was the only location cell phones and laptops were permitted. "Bruce won't get me a replacement if I get another phone confiscated this year."

"The old man still makes you do that?" The boys were some of the last to finally make their way out of the hall.

"Three time a day." Even Dick had to admit to the ludicrous notion that anything would happen while at the school. As the daytime home to the children of the Gotham elite, security was tighter than Fort Knox. But in the pursuit of keeping their secret identities just that, Batman and Robin agreed the pretence of a paranoid guardian was just another necessity.

"Seriously, Dude," Hamilton griped as they separated at the doors to the cafeteria, "Wayne needs to lighten up a little! Let you breathe!"

Grateful for the silence that descended with the departure of his "friend" Dick made his way out to the courtyard and took his normal spot on the stone bench partially hidden within the drooping branches of the large willow tree. No sooner had he sat, leaning forward with his elbows resting on his knees, his phone chirped alerting him to an incoming call.

"Afternoon Master Richard," the jovial British accent of Alfred chimed in his ear when he answered.

"Hey Al."

"Master Bruce wished me to remind you that you will not be going to Rhode Island this weekend and to pack your things this evening."

"The conference in Budapest? I thought that was next week and Bruce was going by himself?"

"It is, and he is, but you and he will be leaving directly after school lets out tomorrow for the Wayne Enterprises plant inspection in-"

"Dubai," Dick groaned an pinched the bridge of his nose. "Crap, I totally forgot. Kaldur and I were planning on working on tactics this weekend."

"You will need to inform him of the oversight, Master Richard."

"Yeah, I'll pop over to the Cave after patrol tonight. Maybe we can work it into next week's schedule before he-."

The sudden silencing of the din of conversations around him drew his attention to the courtyard. He swore under his breath as he slowly got to his feet as a trio of masked and armed men exited the school.  "Change of plans, Alfred," he hissed, barely moving his lips as the eyes beneath an all too familiar mask scanned to students.

"Master Richard?"

"Get Batman." Dick flicked the Bluetooth from his ear and let it fall into the grass beside the phone he slipped from his pocket, using the tip of his shoe to push both beneath the bench. Only a few seconds later one of the gunmen stepped into the shade of the tree and pulled him into the open with the others.

"Everyone on your knees," Sportsmaster snapped the order. "Heads bowed, hands on your head, wrists crossed."

It was an awkward position, but none of the teens hesitated to comply with the mercenary.

The girl to his right was shaking visibly and the guy to his left was muttering under his breath. It took Dick a moment to decipher it. "We're gonna die…we're gonna die… we're gonna die…"

Sportsmaster shouldered the assault riffle he carried casually, walking up the row of students as the other two men lifted the heads of the male students.

They're looking for someone…

The gunmen reached the boy next to Dick – a sophomore he shared Algebra with – and the strong smell of ammonia assaulted his nose. He couldn't fault the guy. If he had been a typical thirteen year old Dick probably would have pissed himself too.

But it had already been established that he was not a typical thirteen year old.

A leathered hand painfully gripped his wrists, gloved knuckles digging into his scalp as the fingers encompassed both his wrists and much of his hair at the same time. He allowed a yelp of pain to pass his lips as his head was yanked back and brought a flash of fear into his eyes.

The mercenary stared at him, and although he couldn't see the man's face, Dick could tell by the look in Sportsmaster's eyes that he had found who they were looking for.

There was no faking the quickening of his heart when Sportsmaster leaned over and the hard mask brushed against the side of Dick's face. The hissed words were barely heard, and Dick doubted anyone but he heard the words that froze the blood in his veins.

"Hello, Robin."

Artemis Crock sat, bored, her elbows on the table between her and her new friends. The girls were what one would expect to find in the freshman class of any high school: gossipy, narcissistic, and incredibly shallow. No different than the girls at her old school, Gotham North, but at least she'd had a few years to get use to them. These girls… their current choice of conversation was making her wish she could stun them with one of the new arrows Green Arrow was designing for her. Or at the very least, smack them upside the head.

"It's a shame he's so young," Mari, the 'leader' of the clique, sighed as she opened the bento box in front of her with her perfectly manicured hands. "And sooo skinny! Why do you bother even talking to him, Artemis?"

Repressing an annoyed sigh of her own, the blonde resisted the urge to strangle the debutante. "Dick's a nice enough kid."

"And there's no denying he's going to be a hotty when he grows up," one of the others chimed in. "I mean, seriously, have you seen him in the gym? He may only be a seventher, but he's got some meat on those arms. And those eyes!"

"Not to mention those billions! When Wayne kicked it, he gets it all." Mari smirked, a less than flattering dreamy expression on her face. "That definitely makes up for any deficiencies he has."

Artemis felt nauseous. If they thought Bruce Wayne was going to let his kid have anything to do with gold diggers like them, they were in for a very rude awakening. She'd enjoy seeing that. She snorted, a sound she was unable to cover, and the girls at the table with her looked her way. Instead of answering their questioning glances, she rose from her seat and slung her back pack over one shoulder. "I'll see you in class. I need to double check my English paper before I hand it in."

"You study too hard, Artemis." A petite redhead informed her with a nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Some of us have a scholarship to maintain."  She started for the cafeteria doors without another word, or a thought of what her 'friends' would think. No doubt they were already gossiping about the 'charity case' they were allowing in their midst's. Girls like them didn't hang with girls like her.

The halls were surprisingly quiet when she stepped out of the mild roar of nose from inside the lunch room, but she welcomed it. Silence allowed her to think about things.

Like why she found it necessary to say hi to a kid two years younger than her when she had only actually met him that one time. She hadn't lied when she told the others that he was nice. He really was. He'd gone out of his way at the dinner to talk to each of the Scholarship awardees, telling them about Gotham City Academy. She had expected him to be just another rich jackass, but Dick Grayson was anything but.

Definitely not your typical rich kid.

A faint series of beeps sounded over the PA suddenly and her heart leapt into her throat as she noticed the open doors around her swing shut on their own and the automatic locking mechanisms engaged. She remembered what this meant from her orientation. Something was happening that was putting the school into lockdown.

And she was one of the few students in the hall and in the open!

Artemis threw herself into the doorway of one of the closed doors, curling herself into a ball as they had been instructed. She noticed what few teenagers in the hall doing the same. For what seemed like an eternity, nothing happened and she felt herself wondering if maybe this was just a drill.

That was until she heard the gunshots coming from the courtyard and saw the doors forced open from the blast.

It was hard to fight her gut instinct to jump at the masked gunman when he stepped into the hall. Even more so when the second came out. But as she tensed to jump them as they drew nearer, her body froze when the third gunman entered the hall, gloved hand viciously clutching the arm of a student.

The dark haired boy was fighting against the grip on his upper arm, a task made difficult as it appeared his hands were secured behind his back with some form of restraints. But it was the familiarity of the third man's mask that made her heart all but stop.


In the terribly quiet of the hall, her breathless exclamation was still loud enough to be heard.

Sportsmaster paused, the eyes beneath the mask – eyes nearly identical to her own – roaming the hall until they landed on her.

"Now this is a surprise," the mercenary growled.

His hostage stilled momentarily in his struggles and Artemis saw who it was for the first time.


Before she realized what she was doing, Artemis was on her feet and standing between the gunmen and the school's exit. "Let him go!"

"Crock, no!" Dick shook his head.

The blonde watched as the boy was shoved into the arms of one of the others, and she was able to see the wire that was coiled around his wrists. Her stomach dropped when she noticed the faint traces of crimson already staining his bindings.

Heavy booted steps drew her attention back to the man approaching her as he drew to a stop only inches from her.

"What are you doing here?" The man snarled.

She swallowed the lump of fear in her throat and forced herself to look at Sportsmaster. "I – I go here. Now. Scholarship." When he didn't comment, she whispered. "Let him go, Daddy. Please."

The humorous glint in his eyes answered for him.

"Get away from her!"

The shout was followed by a grunt of pain and a moment later the once captive was barely into Sportsmaster and knocking him away from his daughter. Artemis was moving again before she realized it, intending to pull Dick back from the mercenary, when the butt of a riffle was driven painfully into her solar plexus.

Air was expelled from her lungs explosively, doubling her over before he knees buckled and sent her to the tiled floor. As she gasped to regain her breath she could hear the scuffle off to the side, a striking of leather against flesh, and a groan. A moment later a shadow fell over her and she looked up at Sportsmaster.

Father and daughter stared at one another, but in the background she could see the two other gunmen dragging a limp Dick Grayson between them toward the door.

She cringed and cried out as a heavily booted foot stuck hard into her abdomen. It was not the first time Lawrence Crock had hit her, but it had been a while and it still brought tears to the corner of her eyes.  The shadow moved on, leaving her whimpering on the hall floor.

"Artemis!" Something had changed in Dick's voice and Artemis snapped her head to the side at the familiarity of the tone. He was fighting again, his dark blue eyes boring into hers with an intensity she had never seen before, and yet knew all to well. "Artemis, tell Bruce – tell my father – 'broken wing'! Tell him!"

And then he was gone.

Whispers broke out around her, reminding her that she was not alone in the hall. She felt the moisture from her eyes tickle down her temples and to the floor. A hand on her shoulder caused her to flinch but she did not turn to look at the student that now knelt beside her. A spot of blood on the tiles, only a few inches away from her face, kept her attention. It was followed closely by a second drop, and then a third, several more staining the floor in the direction of the door.

"Are you okay?" The boy, a freshman she shared a couple classes with, was the only one that had moved.

She clenched her eyes shut, her body trembling in shock, and shook her head.

She was so far from being okay.
This is chapter one of my first Young Justice FanFic and I had such an overwhelming response over on another site that I wanted to share it where I've loved lurking for a while now. I'm not an artist, but I am a writer. I hope the artists that I've come to admire will enjoy my deviant contribution. =)

SUMMARY: The Heroes of the world have a *BIG* problem when Robin - yes, Robin - is kidnapped from Gotham City Academy. The big deal, other than the obvious? He was Dick Grayson at the time!

{Chapter Two}
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Hush little baby, don't say a word,
Mamma's gonna kill for you the whole damn world
And if the whole damn world don't die,
Mamma's gonna shoot the rest in the eyes
And if the people still can see,
Mamma's gonna release some deadly bee's
And if those deadly bee's don't sting,
Mamma's gonna make everybody scream
And if those people still don't scream,
Papa is surely gonna steam
And if Papa happens to kill them all,
Mamma and papa won't let you fall
Because you will be our legacy,
And Mamma will be so proud of Baby...
Thought of this while cleaning. funny huh? anyway, this is my my extended version of Harley's lullaby from the end of the game, if you trigger it by looking at the pregnancy test. i find it quite cute, and might even sing this to my child if i ever become fully insane :)
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Chapter Twelve: Amazing vs. Superior Part 1.

“I’m alive?” Peter Parker questioned in a whisper as he tried to comprehend his resurrection that nearly ended in disaster. He then noticed his surroundings as he saw four individuals resembling his Spider suit in some way: one he obviously knew it was his clone “brother” Kaine, another was the new Venom that helped him take down Carnage when he tried to take over a small town, the third was a Spider-Man from the future he teamed up a few times, but the last one was a black and red Spider-Man with black eyes, claws, and four mechanical limbs coming out of his back. Then the recent memories started flooding back; full of pain, suffering, and betrayal.

“This cannot be!” Octavius thought to himself as he was trying to absorb what has happened. He was so close to maintain his control over Peter’s body, but somehow he failed and he now fears for his life, again. “But the other heroes are still trapped, leaving me to have Parker all to myself. And the way he looks, I doubt he remembers what has happened to him.”

However, Peter starred Otto down with eyes full of anger and conviction as he growled “Octavius…” obviously not happy to see his “successor”. Peter then puts his mask on and stood up, as if he wants Otto to be afraid of him.

“Well well well…” Octavius tried to regain composure as he stood up as well. “It seems you’ve managed to comeback against me again? I’ve beaten you two times now, so like the old saying says “Thirds a charm”’

“Cut the crap Otto!” Peter said aggressively “I’ve always knew you would disregard everything that I showed you when I was Spider-Man, and yet I trusted you when I died by giving you essentially my soul! But you corrupted what Uncle Ben thought us and it’s time for me to kick your arrogant ass!” Peter declared as he leaped in the air and dropped kicked Otto in the face, hard. Octavius then got up in agony by the sudden attack, only to have Peter unleash an onslaught of punches and kicks.

“Damn, remind me to never to get Peter pissed again.” Venom mussed by Peter’s sudden attack on Octavius.

“We could use less stupid ass joke Thompson and can someone get these damn tentacles to let go!” Kaine cursed as he struggled against the metallic tentacles restraining him.

“Um Madame Web, we can use some help here.” Miguel asked the psychic assistance as he too tried to fight against the tentacles.

“I am sorry, but you cannot interfere with this battle.” Madame Web’s voice said calmly.

“WHAT?!” They all said in unison in both shock and outrage.

“In order for Peter to reclaim his body, he must do it himself by defeating Octavius once and for all.” Madame Web explained as in the real world she observed the fight between Peter and Otto continued.

“But last time I check, Peter tried to reclaim his body before, only to have Ock erased him from existence?!” Kaine tried to counter Julia’s explanation.

“That was only a fragment of Peter’s consciousness, but here this is Peter’s entire mind and with Otto on the brink of mental breaking down, Peter truly has a chance to regain his mantle.” Julia answered Kaine’s question.

Back with the fight between Otto and Peter, Otto was truly afraid of Peter. In Peter’s last attempt to reclaim his body, he was a nervous wreck. But here, not only Peter was confident in his battle, but he seems to want Octavius dead.

“What’s wrong Otto?! Don’t have any smart comments to say how much better you claimed you are?!” Peter insulted Octavius as he punched Otto in the face so hard he knocked him down on the ground.

“I can’t lose to again! Not when I was so close to maintaining my right as Spider-Man as Spider-Man!” Otto thought as he tried to regain his fight while trying to come up with a plan to outwit Peter like the last time he defeated Peter.

“I always knew you were a coward, but I can’t imagine how much damage you did while I was gone.” Peter said bitterly as he cracked his knuckles.

‘That’s it!” Octavius thought as he as a sinister grin grew under his mask while he stood proud against his rival. “You seem to not know what I did in your absences. If that’s the case…” Otto said calmly as the ground began to shake as Madame Web knew what Octavius was up to. “…THEN ALLOW ME TO SHOW YOU MY BEATIFUL WORK!”

In the real world, Julia and even Carlie already figured out what Otto was planning and out of instinct Carlie yelled “PETER GET OUT THE WAY!”

“Huh?” Peter asked in confusion as he heard Carlie’s voice somehow, but it was too late. Suddenly four mechanical tentacles similar to the ones that are trapping the other Spiders burst from the ground, only this time they were midnight black and wrapped themselves around Peter’s arms and legs, restraining him from resisting.

“Cheap bastard!” Kaine yelled in anger as Otto again tried to cheat his way out of a fight.

“You think being whole can defeat me Parker?” Otto mocked as hecasually walked to a restrained Peter, with a black Octobot materialized in his hands.

“What are you doing Ock!?” Peter demanded as the Octobot leaped onto his forehead and wrapped its limbs tightly around his head.

“Showing you my work on how I was always a better Spider-Man then you!” Otcavius said proudly as suddenly the Octobot glowed wildly.

In that instant, Peter began to see images on what has Octavius done after his failed attempt of reclaiming his life. He saw Otto viscously attacking gangs and villains like White Dragon and Owl. Octavius brutalizing the cyborg Alistair Smythe as he enjoyed seeing Spider-Slaying die in humiliation and defeat. Blackmailing Mayor Jameson on finding his dream of militarizing New York City into essentially a police state. Otto humiliating Phil Urich by revealing him as Hobgoblin in front of his love ones and driving him truly insane. Otto coldy killing Norman Osborn who told him the very truth. And finally Otto Octavius planning and nearly killing his love ones, including putting MJ into a comatose state!

“Octavius!” Peter yelled in both anger and pain while the images went into a loop, while Otto simply enjoying his pain.

Back with the trapped Spiders, Flash desperately wanted to save his friend and idol from Otto’s torture. He already knows what’s be torture while a madman goes around and gleefully proclaim their enjoyment of seeing his love ones pain.

“But how the hell can I help!” Venom cursed internally as he knew Madame Web wanted Peter himself to beat Otto.

“YOU CAN’T HELP, BUT I CAN…” Familiar raspy voice said Flash. It was the symbiote talking to him.

“How?! I thought you’re brain dead?!” Flash tried to communicate with his symbiote.


“Of course! You wanted to kill get at Peter for rejecting you and having you bond to nut jobs like Brock and Gargan, yet you still are grateful for him saving you from your own species.” Flash realized what the symbiote wanted to do, get revenge on Otto and saving its first “love” all at once. “Well buddy, do your stuff!”

In that instant the symbiote flowed off of Flash and slithered to Peter. The same thing happen in the real world.

“Flash!? The hell are you doing!?” Miguel questioned in shock.

“Giving Peter an added boost!” Flash said proudly.

“He’s right; this must be done for Peter to defeat Otto. Fight a cheap trick with another.” Madame Web said, agreeing to Falsh’s plan.

In seconds, Otto realized what was going on, but he was too late. The symbiote slithered onto Peter, who tried to fight it off, but moments later he calmed down as the creature quickly enveloped his body.

“No! I will not stand for-“ Otto tried to threat before the symbiote covered Peter slashed him with a tentacle whip, the force effected his consciousness so hard that his costume seemed to shatter like glass, revealing the suit Otto wore when he started his career as Spider-Man. Peter then began to rip the black tentacles apart as if they were paper while ripping the Octobot from his forehead and crushing it.

It seemed the symbiote in control of the situation as the ruined scenery began to change as black tendrils burst from the buildings as the face of Octavius in the sky morph into that of the symbiote’s.

“What’s going on! The hell is that thing doing!?” Wolverine demanded in the real world as anger his senses knew what symbiotes can do.

“Do not fear.” Julia tried to calm the room down “The alien is severing Otto’s consciousness in Peter’s brain and though it can’t implant Peter’s, it’ll give him a fighting chance.”

Otto himself could feel his connection to Peter’s body gone while seeing the now free Peter slowly walk to him while white eyes formed on his mask with a large white spider appearing at the same time on his chest. If Otto’s mind wasn’t completely broken, he would’ve swear the reaper has come to him.

Trying to regain composure, Otto simply starred at Peter as he yelled ‘I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU! YOU HEAR ME YOU FRIEDNLY NEIGHBORHOOD-ACK!” Otto tried to threaten before being grabbed by the threat.

“My friendliness disappeared the moment I saw you nearly killing Mary Jane.” Peter said calmly as he slammed Otto against a wall. “It’s time we end things here and now.” Peter Parker said coldly as he starred down Otto in his black costume he wore when the symbiote first bonded to him.

To be continued.
Spider-Man and all related characters©Marvel Comics

Images © Their respective owners

The first part of the final fight between Peter and Otto has begun, with some new surprises! including A MORE CONFIDENT Peter, an Otto now fearing for his life, and the return of Symbiote Suit Spider-Man! Stay tune for next chapter as one shall stand and one shall fall! Also leave a comment on how this chapter is.
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Chapter Six: Scarlet Fever.

“Noooooo!” Kaine yelled in fear as he rushed to save Mary Jane before he was pinned against the wall by Otto.

“It’s too late now! Soon in a few moments she’ll die of the fall and I will be closer of achieving a Peter-less world! A SUPERIOR WORLD!” Octavius said in triumph as Kaine was helpless as he saw Mary Jane plummet closer to the pavement below.

And just as the young red headed woman was going to face her end, a blue and blur swung at high speeds and caught Mary Jane just in time.

“Thank God I got you time.” Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099, said in relief as he gently held MJ to safety.

“Peter…” Mary Jane groaned in pain as she shifted in and out of consciousness.

“You’re okay ma’am. I’m taking you to safety.” Miguel tried to calm Mary Jane down.”

“I’ve let you down Peter…I was so stupid…I’ve should’ve known…” MJ whispered before becoming unconscious again.

“Who the hell was that!?” Otto Octavius demanded to Kaine as his plain the frame the clone failed.

“Forget him…” Scarlet Spider growled as he gained new found strength and used one of his claws across Otto’s chest, letting the impostor let go of his grip “…you are going to deal with me!”

Seeing red, Scarlet Spider took the opportunity to defeat Octavius quickly by lunging at him through the open window. As they began to plummet to the pavement below, Scarlet Spider attacks Octavius with viscous blows fuel by his growing anger towards Octavius. The onslaught ended with both of them slamming onto a parked taxi, crushing the roof.

“Is…that…all…you got clone?!” Octavius hissed in anger and pain as he trying to comprehend just how quick Scarlet Spider gained the upper hand.

“Unless you give up and have the Avengers send your ass to hell, I’m to keep at until one of us f**king dies!” Scarlet Spider answered as he grabbed Otto by his leg and tossed Octavius to nearby convenient store, crashing the window and lacerating Otto’s already damaged body.

“I’m not going to lose to this clone!” Octavius thought as he tried to get back on his feet “After I kill this inferior copy, I hunt down whoever saved the woman and kill them both! Nothing will stand in my way! Nothing!”

Just as customers and employees fled to avoid the oncoming fight, Scarlet Spider simply walked into the store just as Octavius managed to recover and took a combat stance.

“I will not be defeated by an inferior clone…” Otto threatened.

“There’s a difference between us Ock!” Scarlet Spider angrily said as he addressed Octavius with an almost offensive word to his views “…You stole that body to kill, however, I was made to kill!”

The two spiders then began to attack each other in an almost animalistic fight. While Otto had problems with Venom’s brute strength and powers, he found Scarlet Spider was much more skilled in combat and seemed to have a style designed to attack an opponent until it either tires out or dies.

“Maybe if I can use the claws in my gloves I can distract him long enough so I can send a signals to the spider bots and end this squabble much more quickly.” Otto planned as he tried to claw Kaine’s face, but was stricken with a sharp pain as he saw Scarlet Spider use one of claws to stab Octavius’s hands dead center.

“Too slow Doc!” Scarlet Spider mocked as he took the claw out of Octavius’s wounded hand as Otto grasped it in pain.

“Damn…you.” Otto growled as he tried to stop the bleeding.

“The other guys want that body alive so we can evict you from Peter’s head. But that doesn’t mean I can still kick your ass!” Kaine growled as he then suckered punch Octavius in the remaining masked part of his mask and damaged the last functioning goggle.

“Blast it! My mask can’t send a signal to the remaining spider bots!” Otto cursed to himself as he removed his mask and exposed his bruised face. And now at the boiling point, Octavius lunged at Scarlet Spider and the two continued their fight until they now completely tire from the viscous fight of their lives.

And just as they were ready to finish each other off, a familiar voice is heard “HALT SPIDER-MAN!”

The turned above to see a Quinjet above them as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Red Hulk, Spider Woman, Wolverine, and Black Widow made their decent from it and surround Octavius and Scarlet Spider.

Now at the edge, Otto decided to use his original plan against Kaine and tried to use his Peter impersonation on the Avengers “Oh thank god you guys are here! This crazy clone tried to attack MJ and I tried to save her but…”

“Nice try Otto, but they know…” Another familiar voice was heard as Octavius saw Agent Venom on a nearby rooftop with a sniper rifle aimed at him.

“And soon you will pay for your crimes.” Carlie Cooper growled in anger as her police car came and she had her pistol aimed at him.

“No, this can’t be happening!” Octavius said in denial as the Avengers starred down him with pure anger in their eyes.

“Tried to fool us by stealing Peter’s life!?” Wolverine growled as he took a feral stance.

“This ends here punk!” Red Hulk said as he cracked his knuckles.

“Avengers Assemble and take Octavius into custody!” Captain America ordered as all the heroes began to assault a now injured Octavius.

Otto tried all he could to avoid the attack, barley managing to avoid bullets, punches, repulsor blasts, lighting, Captain America’s shield, and other attacks. It took several minutes for Otto to finally collapse in exhaustion as the heroes finally have in cornered.

“It ends Otto, here and now!” Venom said as him and his team now finally has a chance to stop Otto’s masquerade.

“Actually, I’ve just proven, you are inferior to me!” Otto said sinisterly as a small amount of Spider Bots began to surround them and began to form a strange formation.

“At least I have enough to escape from these idiots!” Otto thought as he pressed a button on his wrists and suddenly the spider bots began to create a screeching noise as all but Otto were afflicted in pain.

“Now’s my chance!” Otto said as he grabbed a nearby manhole and slid down into the sewers below as sever spider bots began to fill the hole and create a firm wall between the upper streets and sewer below as well as stop the ear piercing sound.

“The f**k was that!?” Scarlet Spider asked in outrage.

“A neural assault…” Iron Man explained “…seems Octavius had on last escape plan for us.”

“I’m going to report this and have anyone willing to see Otto’s lies and try hunting this bastard down!” Carlie said as she grabbed her radio.

“Right now we need the Mayor’s help in this. Doubt this will change his mind.” Captain America added.

“At this point, I just hope MJ is okay…” Venom said to as he hoped Spider-Man saved her in time.

Meanwhile at the entrance of Mercy Hospital, Miguel landed softly with Mary Jane in his arms and rushed her to the Emergency Room and immediately yelled for assistance.

“Hey, this woman is badly injured and she needs help!” Spider-Man 2099 yelled as several doctors and nurses grabbed a stretcher and rushed her into surgery.

“IT SEEMS DISASTER WAS AVERTED…” A mysterious voice said in Miguel’s mind.

“I guess you’re at this hospital too Web?” Spider-Man 2099 communicated.


“Yeah…then why do I feel so bad about it?” Miguel whispered in regret.

To be continued.
Spider-Man and all related characters©Marvel Comics

Images © Their respective owners

Well MJ is saved, Kaine kicked the crap out of Otto, the Avengers kicked even more crap out of Otto, Octavius did a cheap move and escape (though now a wanted man), and Madame Web can still communicated with Spider-Man 2099! Leave comment on what do you think of this chapter.
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Of All the Things...

It was hard for him to be there, on so many levels.  He really shouldn't be there.  The others were avoiding their families and friends, staying in the shadows like they all promised until they figured out how to fix things.  But as soon as he heard, he had to see it for himself.  The others couldn't blame him.  They'd do the same if one of their own had died.

Steph and Cass wanted to go with him, but that was risky.  If too many bats, or doubles of bats, appeared in Gotham, things could spiral out of control.  One at a time could come though, if he tested the waters first.  Shaky, Tim made it to the grave site and gaped at the headstone.  

Another Robin dead.  

Damian Wayne.

He was only ten years old.

Horror filled him, more than he'd like admit.  He hated the brat when he was alive.  He took everything from him when his whole world was crashing down.  Dick. Alfred. Steph.  Robin. He tried to kill him on more than one occasion, and their first few meetings were filled with misunderstandings, harsh words, and blood loss.  Nothing ever went right between them.

Tim had to remake himself, adopt a new identity, all while people believed he was crazy.  In time he had realized he hadn't lost anyone of them to the demon; he was the one who pushed them away and the hobbit was just a target for his anger, something to blame.  The kid was raised to be a menace, but with Dick he started becoming something else.  They had come to accept they wouldn’t get along the same way either got along with Dick.  But they could work together.  They'd learned that much.

Before the strange shift that changed the world around him, they were beginning to act like siblings.

Holding back tears, Tim, in his Red Robin uniform that survived the shift, stood vacant minded in front of his kid brother's grave.  Now he knew how Dick felt when he learned of Jason's death all those years ago.    All the regrets... all the things left unsaid... all the time they wasted fighting... Despite all the things they said and did to each other, they were still brothers.  Robin bound them together.  Batman was their father.  Nightwing, Dick, was their big brother.  Alfred was their grandfather and confidant.  Why didn't they see the similarities when he was alive?

Looking at the brat's grave, he could see now how similar the two of them were.  Both were isolated from their parents from their youths, bent on education until they found something more to live for.  Bruce had inspired them both.  They just wanted to be accepted by people, but put up barriers to stop them from coming too close.  Dick broke through them and they both gladly accepted it.  Both of them had clambered over their barriers and Bruce's to get close to him.  Both worked hard to get where they were.  They were so much alike, just from different directions.

"I should have brought flowers," Red Robin admitted, ignoring the wind around them.  "But I never learned if you had a favorite kind.  Did you even have a favorite color?  I know you liked cats... and if the reports are right, you liked animals in general.  I'd ask Dick, but now's not a good time to present myself."

He looked down again, looking at the ants below.  Already doing their job on the fresh grave.  Life moved on, even if a Robin died.  "You remember that hit list of mine right?  It wasn't the only list out there.  I've had hundreds.  You'd be surprised how much they clear my head and keep me from doing things.  There were a few of them venting my frustration about you.  So many pranks... so many attacks... I just wanted to hurt you the way you did me, but I didn't do any of them... Because I didn't want to lose my family.  Our family.

"But you know," he started, both crying and laughing at himself, "of all the things I wanted to happen to you, this wasn't one of them.  I wanted to deflate that ego of yours, humble you down to our level.  Remind you you're just as human as we are.  To get you to try and be nice to people, genuinely nice, without the tough guy act.  To be a normal ten year old, like we were.

"But..." His voice hitched in his throat.  This just couldn't be happening.  "I never wanted you dead Damian.  Not once.  Gone from my life maybe, but not dead.  I knew Bruce couldn't take it if you died.  Dick or Alfred either.  And me."  Tears dripped past his mask, whether he liked it or not.  "Too many people have died in my life.  Friends, family... now you.

"You know, I was beginning to think you were like your dad or Dick.  Practically invincible.  You sure acted that way at least.  I don't think I'll ever have the confidence you do.  And how you helped Dick realize how great he is..."  He shook his head.  "I couldn't do that.  You even made Steph a better Batgirl.

"Course you don't remember do you?  No one does."  He huffed out a bitter laugh as he explained to a grave what was going on.  "Something happened, something huge that mixed up the multiverse, and things happened.  People were rewritten, history was changed, some were replaced by cheap knockoffs, and only a handful of us realize it, unaffected.  You should be happy to know Steph, Cass, and Kara are with me.  Same with Wally, Irey, Jai, Donna and a few others.  And a kid saying he knew you, Collin.

"We're still trying to figure out what happened, why the 'shift' as we call it occurred, and to see if we can shift everything back.  Who knows what'll happen then.  Maybe..."  He looked over the tiny grave, a wishful smile trying to come to his face.  "Maybe you'll be brought back that way.  Death didn't stick to Jason or Donna.  Maybe what we do will bring back the dynamic duo.  Return you to Bruce."

He put a gloved hand on the boy's headstone, trying to convince himself.  "Me and the others, we're outsiders, those who know something happened, but can't show our faces until we can put things back where they belong.  I wish I could confront my doppelganger right now and make him talk to you and Bruce, but I can't. The repercussions..."

He shook his head.  This was hard, harder than when he grieved for his friends and family in the past.  He didn't want to accept this death at all.  Couldn't.  Damian was dead, he knew that better than anyone, but this couldn't be the end for the little demon.  "I just can't believe your mother would go to such lengths to get you back... to hurt Bruce like this.  There was a time we cheered for Bruce to settle on your mom and leave Selina alone.  She was good once.  But she hid you from your dad and... Now I don't think we ever knew the woman.  He would have married her at one point too."

His hand left the stone and he took a step back.  "I'll keep an eye out to find out what kind of flowers you liked and make it up to you next time.  I'll be sending Cass and Steph to visit soon, even Wally's kids and that Collin friend of yours.  Once I knew what times Bruce and Alfred visit that is.  Can't have them crossing paths.  Not yet.  I hope... I hope the next time we meet, really meet, we can actually be good brothers for once.

"Just know, I didn't really hate you that much.  Part of me loved you too.  You were so much like your dad's grumpy side and... Honestly, you were an adorable little brat."  Tears threatened to escape him again, telling him to leave at last.  Damian would see it as a sign of weakness and use it as evidence that he was unfit for this line of work.  Maybe that was his way of saying he cared.  "I'll be seeing you again soon."

Swiftly he turned and walked away from the site, knowing he'd keep his promise now.  If they could shift the reality back to the way it was supposed to be, maybe... no... Damian would come back.  His evil twin would be vaporized, his friends would remember who they were, and the little demon would come back to life.  Everything could go back to normal, with less life altering cases and world shattering problems.  Where he could actually hang out with his friends, finish school, and take his place in the business world like he was supposed to.  They'd fix things, and Damian would come back.

Looking up at last, his eyes widened in dread.  Jason was there, flowers in hand and gaping at him.  "Crap."

The former rogue Robin (so much had happened to this guy in this new world it was hard to believe this was the same crazy who tried to kill him so much in the past) glared at him, distrusting.  Well he should be.  Tim's uternet uniform seemed to survive the shift and he was wearing it all the time these days.  If an alternate version of the former Robin you hung out with most suddenly appeared in front of you next to the latest dead Robin's grave, you'd be suspicious too.

So Tim did something he didn't think would really work.  He grinned stupidly and hyperly waltzed past him.  "Great day for a con don't cha think?  Unfortunately I'm a bit lost.  Gotham Science Plaza?  My pal Ives said to meet him at a cemetery but wasn't very specific where.  So many of them around here."

Jason eyed him still, a hand going for his gun slowly.  Still he answered.  "Three miles south of here.  Look for the statue of Argus Flynn and turn west.  Can't miss it."

"Thanks!"  He whistled a merry tune as he skipped away, making himself look as stupid as possible.  He could feel the guy's eyes on him as he left and a good few minutes afterwards.  As soon as he was out of sight though, he shot off a line and started to breathe a little easier.  Too close.  And Jason fell for the old Con line?

Quickly he pressed his comlink, landing on a rooftop to escape to where he stashed his motorcycle.  "Double R to Outs."

"Reading you Red.  How was the visit?" Wally.  He really understood what they were going through best, and supported this trip emencly.  

"Cut a little short.  Jay came by when I wasn't looking.  I'll need to do a little more recon before the others can visit safely."  A slight smirk came to his face.  "Hard to believe it, but I think he gained something from the shift.  He was rather sane and civil with me.  Donna's going to love to hear that."

"Sweet!  Think we can talk to him about everything?"

"Maybe later."  He tried to focus back on the matter at hand.  Identifying what the hell happened to  their world and why only they were preserved, or in his case replaced.  "I'll check back in after I take a look into Robin's murder.  Red Robin out."

Just had to write this. Got an idea for a new AU, or rather a way to fix the DCnU so fans are happy. Hope you've enjoyed. Not planning on expanding on this any time soon though.
Usual disclaimer. Characters aren't mine, story is, steal and die, comments loved.
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  Jack cried out as he was slammed into the trunk of the tree, pain spreading across his back. He fell to the ground but before he could make any movement to get back up, a furry paw pressed down on the center of his back.

  He cried out again as the claws tore though the fabric of his hoodie and dug into his flesh, drawing blood. Tears rushed to his eyes as he grit his teeth, trying to pull away from his attacker. But the paw held him in place.

  The cruel laughter stung in his ears and the paw pressed down harder on his back, feeling as it would break his spine. He dug his fingers into the ground, trying to hold back the sob that rose in his throat.

“Not so cocky now, are you? Serves you right, you little pest.”

  Jack managed to turn his head, glancing at the animal. He was only a bit taller than the boy, but much larger in weight. In fact, he was rather fat. His fur coat was dirty brown, with a middle long tail trailing behind him. His eyes were cold and his smirk was cruel.

  Jack came to understand why Bunny didn’t like the Groundhog, but he guessed they could have different opinions for their dislike. His however was that the stupid rat had attacked him for no valid reason. All he had done was spreading snow in the area that was suppose to experience winter for another two weeks.

  The immortal teenager glared up at the woodchuck, but cringed as his attacker put more pressure on his back.

“Let me go, you over-sized rat!”

  The Groundhog growled at him and pushed down harder on the boy's back, drawing his claws backwards. Jack screamed as his skin was ripped open, blood running down his back. He kicked at the woodchuck, but his feet only met fat.

“Watch your tongue, boy! You should show me some respect.”

  Jack grit his teeth harder and snorted, managing to pull out one of his smirks.

“Yeah? What makes you think I should do that?”

“Because I’m better than you.”

  Jack felt like laughing out loud. Had he not been in pain, he probably would.

“I don't think so. I'm not gonna show respect to some fat ball of fur.”

  Jack found himself suddenly lifted off the ground and slammed back into the trunk of the tree, a paw holding him up by the throat. He grabbed the paw with both hands and tried to pry it away, but the owner held firm.

  The Winter Spirit kicked his legs, but his actions was futile. His movements stopped immediately when the paw closed around his throat, closing off his intake of air. He gasped as his eyes widened, his hands clawing at paw holding him.

“I warned you, you stinking brat! You will regret that you didn’t listen!”

  Jack wanted to give the woodchuck a sarcastic remark, but he was unable to gain any air. His lungs had begun to burn from the loss of oxygen and he was beginning to see stars. He needed air and he needed it right at that moment.

  The Groundhog laughed cruelly at the boy's distress, finding delight in the Winter Spirit's pain.

“It's time you learn your lesson.”

  He loosened his hold around the boy's throat only slightly, leaving the immortal teenager able to draw short gasps of air. He punched the boy in the face three times, once on the cheek, once on the forehead and once in the eye.

  Jack shut his eyes tightly at the pain, but the tears still managed to escape and traveled down his cheeks. His face was hurting so badly as was his back, the wound still bleeding heavily. He wanted it to stop.

  But the Groundhog was far from finished.

  The woodchuck sliced his free paw across the Winter Spirit's chest, tearing through fabric and flesh. Jack cried out as those black claws created five small, yet painful, gashed across his chest, his torn hoodie immediately gaining a slickly copper color from the blood gushing out of the gashes.

  The Groundhog then bit into his shoulder, his large buck teeth slicing through flesh and reaching the bone. Jack began sobbing, unable to take the torment and pain any longer. He screamed as the mammal withdrew his teeth, his shoulder burning with pain.

  The Groundhog smirked down at the Winter Spirit, actually happy to see that his actions had brought the boy to tears.

“Had enough yet, boy?”

  Jack nodded, his voice unable to bear any words. He wanted the torture to end, wanted the woodchuck to let him go. He wanted to be as far away from the mammal as possible and never come in contact with him again. He didn’t care if it would interfere with his spreading of snow, he just wanted to go home.

  The Groundhog let go of the boy and Jack fell down to the ground, his back pressed to the tree. He immediately wrapped his arms around himself, tears still running down his cheeks. He shielded himself away from the large mammal, afraid the beating would begin again.

“Make sure you have learned your lesson, or the next time we meet will be even more unpleasant.”

  Jack sniffled and nodded, staring at the Groundhog. Fear lingered in his blue eyes, making him seem younger than his sixteen immortal years. The skin of his face where the woodchuck had punched him had had begun to change color to a nasty purple, making his skin seem even paler than it was. One of the punches had caused him to gain a black eye, the area already slightly swollen.

  The Groundhog turned away from the boy and opened a hole, the large mammal having a similar gift as the Easter Bunny. But while Bunny's tunnels were smooth, clean and filled with light, the Groundhog's were uneven, damp and dark.

  Jack watched the woodchuck leave without another word, but only once the hole was closed did he dare to move. He uncurled and let his arms fall to his sides. He slowly stood up and wiped his cheeks with the sleeve of his now destroyed hoodie.

  The immortal teenager felt new tears slip down his cheeks as he took in the actual state of his blue cloth. Blood and dirt stained the soft fabric so much that it was nearly impossible to see the original blue color. The fabric was so badly ripped that Jack knew it could never be mended, not even by North.

   Jack knew that it was only a hoodie and that he had several others waiting to get used in the wardrobe back in his room at the North Pole, but that didn’t matter. This was his hoodie and he loved his hoodie. It was a part of him and getting a part of yourself completely destroyed really hurt.

  Knowing there was nothing he could do Jack limped over to his staff, his hand clutching his shoulder. The bite mark hurt most of all and had yet to be sealed by ice. The gashes on his back and chest had already stopped bleeding thanks to his powers creating a cover of ice over them, but the wound on his shoulder was too deep.

  Picking up his staff, Jack pulled the hood over his head and dried away a few tears. He sniffled and cringed slightly when the action hurt his bruised face.

“Wind, please taken me home.”

  The Wind immediately picked up the Winter Spirit into her gently embrace and lifted him into the air, quickly escorting him to his home. She was furious with the Groundhog, but she had been unable to interfere, having been too far away. The only thing she could do now, was bring her Winter Child home safely.

  They traveled quickly and reached the home of Santa Clause within a few moments, the coldness easing Jack's pain slightly. The Wind brought him to the window that always stood open for him, seeing how Jack was not yet comfortable with walking through doors.

  The Wind gently settled her Winter Child down on his feet, Jack whispering softly in gratitude. She played with his hair like a loving mother, telling her Child of Winter how sorry she was. But Jack would never blame her, his heart was far too big for such an action.

  Jack limped down the corridor, set to reach his room without being seen. He needed his shoulder cared for and he had a first aid kit hidden under his bed, so he wouldn’t ask for help. He could take care of himself.

  Voices made him stop and he looked down the corridor, seeing a door standing wide open. He recognized the voices of his family and they all sounded irritated. Catching a few words Jack cringed, knowing he was in trouble. He had forgotten about the meeting.

  Jack looked down the opposite direction of the corridor, knowing that his room was just around the bend. He could easily continue on his way and avoid the other Guardians. Or he could just go back outside and bury himself in a snow bank.

“If Frostbite's not here in five minutes, I'm gonna track his ass down and whip it!”

  And that idea instantly went out the window.

  Jack huffed, knowing that Bunny would be able to track him. The giant bunny was like a bloodhound with that nose of his and his stubbornness didn’t really play in Jack's favor. The boy had good lust to freeze Bunny's nose sometimes, in hope that it would stop working.

  Jack knew he wouldn’t be able to hide from his family. He could hide in Antarctica and the stupid kangaroo would still be able to find him. He pulled his hood tighter around him and limped towards the door, knowing that it was best to get it over with.

  Bunny felt like punching North in the face, he really did. The Cossack was being an completely idiot, the man refusing to listen. What else was new? But this time the former thief was being too stubborn for his own good.

  Jack was two hours late and the Cossack refused to knowledge that something was wrong, only saying that the Winter Spirit had just forgotten about time and that he should be there at any moment.

  But Bunny knew that it was wrong, he knew something wasn’t right. His whole inside was screaming at him to get up and find Jack. But North refused to listen and to Bunny's growing irritation, both Sandy and Tooth was agreeing with the Cossack.

“Now listen here ya old cookie-munching oaf!” Bunny glared at North. “I'm telling ya he should have been here now, so get off yar high horse and-”


  The Pooka spun around at those quietly uttered words, the argument between him and North already forgotten. Jack stood in the open doorway, hidden slightly in the shadows. The boy's head was covered by the hood, hiding his face from view.

“Jack, you have arrived!” North called out. “Then let us get meeting started.”

  He, Sandy and Tooth moved towards the table, but Bunny stayed where he was. Something was very wrong, he could feel it in the air. Jack had yet to move, instead lowering his head and actually taking a step back, putting more distance between himself and the other Guardians.

  Bunny frowned and his eyes narrowed as the scents reached his nose. The damp scent of dirt, the scent of salt that only could come from tears, the musky scent of dried blood and the horrible scent of blood still running from an open wound.

  But there was also another scent lingering on Jack, a scent that didn’t belong to the boy. While Jack smelled of pine and freshly fallen snow, this scent was that off an dirty enclosed space and the stance of old fur. Bunny knew the scent, but at that moment he couldn’t pinpoint from where.

“...Jack?” Bunny spoke carefully. “What happened to ya?”

  His words caught the attention of the others and only then did they noticed the strange behavior of the Winter Spirit. His head hung towards the floor and his whole body was stiff. He looked much like a scared animal, ready to flee at any given time.

“'s nothing.”

  Bunny frowned, his ears falling back. Jack sounded so afraid and that wasn’t right. He looked so small, acting nothing like the cocky immortal teenager they all knew. He looked so fragile, like he would shatter at any moment.

“Mate,” Bunny's voice was gentle. “Come out from the shadows.”

  Jack hesitated and clutched his staff close to his chest, wincing quietly when he made contact with the gashes running across his skin.


  Bunny felt his worry increasing tenfold, his instincts take control. Jack was hiding something from him and it wasn’t good. He knew right then that he had to be even more gentle than he first thought. For Jack was ready to run, ready to flee if his fear took over completely.

“So I can see what's wrong.”

  Jack made no movement to move from his spot and only shook his head.

“Nothing's wrong.”

  Bunny's frown slipped from his expression, sadness taking its place. Even after seven months, Jack still wasn’t comfortable with coming to them with his problems. He wasn’t comfortable with telling them about his emotions.

  Bunny knew that three hundred years of being an outcast would leave its scars, but the Pooka had hoped that the boy would be more at ease with them after they had all became family. It seemed at that moment, they had only been fooling themselves.

“Then why do I smell blood?”

  Jack's head shot up and while Bunny still couldn’t see the boy's face, he could still see the fear in those blue orbs. What he also saw that those eyes had a red tint to them, indicating that Bunny had been correct on the tears.

  The Pooka immediately felt his inside burn with rage and he understood what that redness meant. Jack had been crying, someone had made his Snowflake cry. If it was one thing Bunny was, it was that he was very protective over Jack. No one hurt his little brother, physically or mentally, and got away unpunished.

“You know you can tell me, Snowflake.”

  Jack looked at the Pooka, never having seen Bunny so worried before. While Jack didn’t enjoyed being injured, he somewhat enjoyed Bunny worrying about him. For it meant he really cared and while Jack wasn’t used to it, he really like it.

  The Child of Winter lowered his gaze back to the floor and then finally walked into the room, closing his eyes as he heard the gasps from the others. For a moment there was only silence and then Jack heard the sound of footsteps, the Winter Spirit wincing as a paw gently landed on his injured shoulder.

  He immediately pulled away and placed his hand across the deep gash, a grunt escaping him as pain spread from the wound. He forced his eyes open and saw Bunny standing before him, the Pooka looking at him with concerned eyes.

"Jack…what's wrong?"

  Jack took a step back and shook his head, turning his gaze away. He frowned angrily at the floor, hating himself for being such a baby. It was so stupid, it wasn’t like he hadn't been hurt worse before. He needed to pull himself together and not act like a weak little child.  

"It's nothing." He mumbled. "I'm fine."

  He raised his gaze in surprise as he heard the Pooka let out a growl and shrunk back slightly as he saw the fire in Bunny's emerald eyes.

"Ya're not 'fine', Snowflake! Ya're hurt and I wanna know who's responsible!"

  Jack bit his lower lip nervously.


  Bunny let out a sound that Jack guessed mass a mix of a growl and a huff, the Pooka throwing his arms up.

"Why?! So I can beat the crap out of them, that's why!"

  Jack's eyes widened as he stared at the Pooka before him, feeling touched by Bunny's caring and…protection, if he guessed right.

"You…you would do that…for me?"

  Bunny's anger immediately melted away as he took in the wide eyes and uncertain voice of the immortal teenager. His eyes grew soft and he gave the boy a gentle smile, hoping to ease Jack's fear.

"Of course I would, Jackie." He smirked. "And I will, when ya tell me who did this to ya."

   Jack returned the Pooka's smirked with his own, weaker than normal. But Bunny didn’t care, it warmed his heart to see his little brother smile again.

  The immortal teenager then turned his gaze away and looked down at the floor, his cheeks gaining a light purple color as he blushed. He rubbed his arm with his hand as he bit his lip in uncertainly.

"…it's stupid."

  Bunny walked forward and placed his paw on the immortal teenager's covered head, smiling as the boy looked up.

"No, it ain't, mate. Now, tell me who did this?"

"…it was the Groundhog." Jack slowly said. "I wasn’t doing anything wrong, that part of the world was suppose to have winter. But he just attacked me, I swear it wasn’t my fault."

  Bunny's eyes narrowed, not at Jack, but at the thought of the woodchuck. The Pooka knew then where he recognized the sent from, it was from the Groundhog. And that overgrown rat had hurt his little brother. Bunny swore he was going to beat his rival into next spring.

"I know it wasn’t yar fault, Jackie. I'm not mad at ya."

  Jack smiled weakly and Bunny removed the boy's hoodie, his eyes widening as he saw bruises that littered the boy face. He heard the others gasp as they saw as well and Bunny could feel his blood begin to boil in his veins.

  He was going to kill the Groundhog.

  Tooth flew over to them and began fussing over her Sweet Tooth, cradling the teenager's head in her hands gently. She then forced Jack to the North Pole's infirmary and demanded the boy to show her all the injuries so she could treat them.

  Having gotten good look at the injuries, Bunny could feel his anger growing. He left the room, knowing his little brother was in good hands. He opened a tunnel and jumped in, a red flower appearing as the hole closed after him.

  He had an old rival to visit.

"You should have seen the little twerp! He was crying his eyes out like the little baby he is."

  The Groundhog felt proud of himself as the Leprechaun, April Shower and Cupid laughed as he told them with his meeting with the Winter Spirit.

"I sure wish I had been there to see it for myself," Cupid snickered. "That boy have always been nothing but problem."

  The other spirits nodded. It was a well known fact that Jack was not like or accepted in the Spirit World. The only who cared for him were the Guardians, but for Jack that was more than enough.  

  But because he wasn’t accepted, the other spirits took great joy in seeing the Winter Spirit in pain. Some even made it into a sport and everyone like to brag to the others whenever they were able to send the immortal teenager running with a few injuries.

"Yeah, it was great." The Groundhog laughed. "I sure would have no problem beating up the little wimp again."

"Is that so?"

  The Groundhog spun around with a gasp, while the three other spirits jumped several steps back in fear. Bunny stood in front of the woodchuck, glaring down at the Groundhog with blazing eyes and arms crossed over his chest.

"B-Bunnymund," The Groundhog managed to stutter out. "What brings you here?"

  Bunny's eyes narrowed and the Groundhog knew that if looks could kill, he would already be six feet under.

"I came here because someone thought it would be a good idea to beat up my little brother."

  The Groundhog's eyes widened with fear and he raised his paws in surrender, lowering his whole body slightly.

"N-now s-see here Bunny, it was just a joke. The little twe-"

  He was cut off as Bunny reached out and grabbed him by the throat, lifting him off the ground and brining them closer despite of his weight. He let out a whimper as Bunny's usually bright eyes darkened with rage and the grip around his throat tightened, cutting of his ability to breath.

"Beating up a kid is a joke to ya?! My little brother came home bleeding and in pain, and ya think it's funny?!"

  He looked up towards the other spirits and growled, the three of them cowering under the Pooka's glare.

"Ya think it's funny too?!"

  The three of them quickly shook their heads and took several steps back.

"N-n-n-no, n-n-not a-at a-a-all." The Leprechaun managed to stutter out.

  Bunny's glare hardened and he growled, his fur bristling.

"Ya have two seconds to get out of here!" He snarled. "And if I find out ya ever hurt my little brother again, I will hunt ya all down!"

  The three spirits didn’t need to be told twice and they quickly scattered, running with the hope that the Pooka wouldn’t come after them. And they were going to spread the message, that Jack Frost was being protected by the Guardians.

  Bunny turned his attention back to the Groundhog, the woodchuck's face blue from lack of air beneath his fur. Bunny spun around and slammed the rodent up against the nearest tree, leaning forwards with his large buck teeth bared in a silent snarl.

"Now listen here, ya overgrown rat, because I'm only gonna tell ya this once! Ya're gonna stay away from my little borther in the future, or MiM help me! If I find out ya hurt him in any way, I'm gonna rip off yar tail and shove it down yar throat, before burying ya where no one will ever be able to find ya! Ya got that?"

  The Groundhog nodded quickly and Bunny glared at the rodent, not completely satisfied.

"I should feed ya to Pitch's Nightmares after what ya did to Jack! Ya completely destroyed his hoodie, one of his very few possessions which he loved, and that bite mark on his shoulder took fourteen stitches to seal! And then all those bruises on his face! Ya're lucky ya didn’t damaged any of his teeth or Tooth would have personally ripped out every one of yars!"

  The Groundhog's face had gone deep purple from the lack of air under his fur but Bunny wasn’t finished, not yet.  

"Spread the message. Jack Frost is under my protection, as well as the rest of the Guardians, and we will come after anyone who dares so much as threaten him."

  With that, Bunny drew his fist back, before ramming it into the Groundhog's face.

  When Bunny returned to the North Pole, he moved directly to Jack's room, knowing that the others had taken him there as soon as he had been treated to be more comfortable. Opening the door, he smirked seeing his little brother sitting up in his bed with a glare and arms crossed over his chest, while he leaned against the headboard with several large pillows behind his back.

  Jack's hoodie had longed been removed and thrown away, much to the Winter Spirit's distress. But there had been no saving the old piece of clothing, something Jack clearly wasn’t happy about. Instead the boy was dressed in a light blue sweater, the thing being so large that Bunny could see the white bandaged around his little brother's chest under the collar.  

  When the immortal teenager saw the Pooka however, his expression split into a hug smile.

"Bunny! Please tell me you have come to rescue me!"

  Bunny snorted and walked up to the side of the bed.

"Save ya? From what?"

  Jack threw his arms up.

"The others!"

  He groaned as he dragged his hands over his face, wincing slightly as he touched the still tender bruises.

"Tooth have been force-feeding me with some goo that tastes like old socks and North have gone off to form a plan of attack to anyone who have even looked at me the wrong way. Sandy has been trying to get me to sleep with that stupid sand of his, even though I'm not tired. I don't know where he's right now, but I bet his lurking somewhere and will put me out as soon as he gets a chance."

  He glared at the Pooka as Bunny broke out laughing, a purple blush spreading across his cheeks.

"It's not funny!" The Winter Spirit mumbled. "You have to get me out of here or Tooth's going to smother me to death! She forbid me to leave the bed! Do know what a torture that is for me?! Just get me out of here!"

  Bunny reached forward as he chuckled and ruffled the teenager's white hair, smiling softly as he noticed how Jack leaned into to the touch.

"No can do, Snowflake. Ya need the rest and Tooth would skin me if I helped ya escape."

"We don't have to tell her."

 Bunny snorted.

"As if that would make any difference. Sorry mate, but ya're staying in bed."

  Jack let out a groan of irritation and fell back against the stack of pillows, his arms once again crossed over his chest.

"Can you at least stop North from going off on his hunting trip?"


  Jack growled as he sank beeper down in his mattress.

"I hate you all so much right now."

  Bunny chuckled, knowing that his little brother didn’t mean it. He saw as Jack eyes flashed with sudden realization and the Winter Spirit sat up straight again.

"North said you went to find the Groundhog. Did you?"

  Bunny crossed his arms over his chest and smiled proudly.

"I sure did. Don't ya worry, Snowflake, he won't mess with ya again."

  Jack eyes narrowed.

"You didn’t kill him, did you?"

"No!" Bunny huffed. "I broke his nose."

  Jack's eyes widened and his mouth fell open in shock.

"You broke his nose?!"

  Bunny chuckled at his little brother's stunned expression.

"Yes, among other things. No one messes with my little brother and gets away with it."

  Jack's expression soften and he lowered his gaze, his hands clutching the covers tightly. He swallowed thickly as he felt his eyes dampened.

"…thanks…you didn’t have to do that…"

  Bunny's arms fell to his sides as he smiled kindly, sitting down on the edge of the bed and drew his paw through the white hair once again.

"Yes, I did. That's what family do, mate. We will always be here to protect ya."

  Jack sniffled but smiled, looking up at his older brother with thankful eyes. He smirked as a tear ran down his cheek, his inside comfortably warm.

"Can't say I'm still used to this whole family-thing."

  Bunny smirked softly.

"Ya and me both, mate. But we're both getting there."

  Jack chuckled as he wiped away his tears.

"Yeah…I kinda like it."

  Warmth wrapped itself around Bunny's heart and he leaned forward, gathering the boy up in a hug. Jack smiled and leaned into the embrace, closing his eyes as he knew he was protected.

 But at the same time he couldn’t help but worry. The Groundhog may stay away from him, but there were still so many other spirits out there that hated him.

  Would his family really be able to protect him from all of them?

  So when Jack met Nira, the Spirit of Water, and Hallow, Spirit of Halloween, a few weeks later, he was nothing less than shocked when the two of them had fled at the sight of him, shouting of a madman with swords, a teeth-ripping fairy, a scary man of golden sand and a crazy Pooka.

  Jack had stared after them, before falling to the ground laughing so hard his stomach hurt. Once his laughter had subsided he remained on the ground and looked up at the stars covering the night sky, smiling softly.

 Perhaps having a family wasn’t so bad after all.
A story I have been working for some time now, hope you all like it!
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Robin spun away from Cinderblock, safely out of range as Cyborg shot at the villain with his ultrasonic cannon.

"Please, could you be leaving now?" Starfire called out in an endearingly hopeful voice, always in the mood to make friends rather than to fight. However, instead of politely backing off, the concrete creature rushed towards her, causing the Tamaranean to fly up in the air, narrowly missing a swinging limb, and shoot a few starbolts out of her outstretched arms.

It had been well into the night when the team recieved an alert that Cinderblock had escaped from the Jump County Jail-again-and was attacking pedestrians in front of a 24-hout mini mart. So, tired and grumbling, the Titans pulled themselves together and had headed after the cement monster.

Beast Boy headed him off and turned into a large green elephant, trumpeting loudly before rushing at Cinderblock, only to be tosses to the side like a rubber ball. Crumpling to the ground, Beast Boy quickly shrank back into himself, rubbing his head and groaning.

After a quick glance that their companion was alright, Raven and Cyborg ran up to the villian and shot at him with their respective powers, Cyborg unleashing another sonic wave while Raven levitated some nearby trashcans and hurled them at Cinderblock. Still, their waves of power simply bounced off the large body, only serving to make the concrete cretin angrier. Reaching up with a roar, he caught sight of Starfire flitting around him. He swatted her down like a pesky fly, the alien princess hitting the ground with a muffled thump and lying there.

Angry, Robin snapped out his bo staff as he waited for his teammates to recuperate, but he wasn't given much time when the criminal swung at him with one leadened arm. Jumping into the air, Robin managed to twist nimbly and land on the outstretched limb, running up the arm with quick, sure steps and quickly striking the blockish head twice with his staff before backflipping off of Cinderblock and landing safely on the ground, knees bent to absorb the impact.

"Still as jumpy as always." a teasing voice floated our of the surrounding darkness, and Robin froze, eyes widening as he whipped his head towards the familiar presence. "Oof." he gasped as Cinderblock took advantage of his distraction and pelted him in the stomach, sending the much-smaller teen sprawling to the side.

"Give a guy a little warning next time." he croaked as he saw a familiar red and yellow figure leaning over him. It grinned and flashed him a thumbs up before rushing away at an impossibly fast speed, diverting Cinderblock's attention to the far end of the dirty parking lot where they were fighting, long enough for Robin to push himself to his feet.

Robin turned around, still breathing heavily, and was greeted by his shocked team. Four stunned gazes met his, and they turned around as one to see a little yellow blur dashing around Cinderblock's feet, twisting and tangling until the gargantuan creature until he was disoriented.

Seizing the opportunity, Cyborg let out another decimating sonic wave, this one set at twice the intesity as the others. Coupled with Starfire's and Raven's attacks, it sent Cinderblock reeling, by which time Robin had snatched a bola from his utility belt and sent it spinning at Cinderblock. It wrapped around his legs, sending him crashing to his knees. Beast Boy transformed into a green yak, and headbutted the criminal, knocking him out.

He changed back and loped over to join the Titans, all of whom were too occupied with looking at the eveidence of their victory with satisfaction to notice the yellow blur pull up next to them.

"Hey, Rob." Kid Flash quipped, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

"KF!" Robin cried, stepping forward to greet his friend. He found himself being hugged, his hand being shaken and his back being pounded in an enthusiastic "bro hug", all at the same time.

"Uh, excuse us." Raven deadpanned. Her eyes looked at the two boys curiously. "Who is this?"

"Oh, sorry." Robin grinned, stepping away from his friend with a sheepish smile. "Titans, this is Kid Flash. KF, this is Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy." he said, pointing out the individual members. He didn't need to, though. Even Kid Flash ahd heard all about the Teen Titans and their work in Jump. It was, after all, tradition in the superhero community to take notes on all other metas in their country.

"Whoa," Beast Boy suddenly said, his eyes growing wide, "You're like, the Flash's si-uh, partner." he changed quickly, remembering that some people were sensitive-cough cough, Speedy-about being called sidekicks. He practically gushed over the second hero, junior hero, whatever, he had even met.

"Sure am." Kid Flsh said, donning his trademark crooked grin. "I'm just taking a little vacation from Central City-you know, tour the world, stiff like that." he said, spreading his arms out grandly. "I heard that my old buddy Rob was staying here and I decided I'd drop by."

"Yeah, thanks." Robin grumbled, rubbing his ribs, but even the Titans could hear the uncharacteristic smile in his voice.

"How do you know friend Robin?" Starfire asked, brows lowered and her head cocked a few degrees to the side.

"Me and Rob go waaaay back." Kid Flash said, running over to the shorter boy's side and giving him a noogie, or at least attempting to. Robin ducked out of the way, rolling his eyes.

"Really?" Raven asked, comparing the usually silent countenace of Robin with the perky, upbeat chattiness (and was that and understatement) of Kid Flash.

"Sure." he said amiably, dissapearing momentarily then reappearing over by Raven's side. "I could tell you about it over dinner, if you'd like." he purred, leaning in and smirking, one eyebrow raised. Raven looked unamused and raised her arms, sending the ginger speedster flying backwards.

"Or not." Kid Flash said, getting up and rubbing an arm. He clutched his stomach and grinned sheepishly. "Hey, um, sorry about asking this already, but do you guys have any food?" he said, his yellow and red arm still firmly pressed up against his gurgling stomach.

"Food?" Beast Boy and Cybrog chorused, the two of them glancing at eachother and grinning. "To the Tower!"


An hour later the gang plus Kid Flash were resting in the tower, having filled up on pizza and old soda. Beast Boy and Cyborg were fighting over a battered silver game controller ("This one has better handling!" "Yeah, well, I saw it first!") while Raven was grudginly helping Starfire clean up the kitchen after her latest pudding creation had exploded in the over, splattering both Starfire and the entire kitched in a sticky, foul-smelling, bright orange paste.

Robin and Kid Flash were relaxing on the sofa, chatting about old times with Young Justice. The speedster had found out quickly that Robin didn't want to mention Batman, so he filled up the awkward air with fun stories about how he and Flash had gotten in and out of trouble.

"I ran into a group the other day, called themselves the Hive Five, even though there were six." Wally pursed his lips together criticizingly.

"The H.I.V.E.? They're pretty tough.: Robin said, a barely concealed warning in his voice.

"Yeah." Wally brushed it off. "That Jinx girl's pretty nice, though." the canary-clad speedster said, causing Robin to look at him weirdly.

"Uh huh." Robin said slowly, talking as if to a little kid.

"She is!" Wally insisted, a blush rising up his freckled cheeks. "You know, once she gets over that 'trying to kill you' phase."

"Sure." Robin snickered.

"Hey, can I talk to you somewhere private?" Wally cut through Robin's chuckles. He looked at his old friend confusedly, but said nothing as he directed him to one of the many balconies on the outside of Titans Tower.

"So what's up?" he asked, leaning against the railing and staring at him quizzically.

"Why'd you leave?"Wally said, getting straight to the point. He tore off his cowl and looked straight at his best friend, long-suppressed feeling of hurt and anger bubbling up to the surface.

"Wally, I'm sorry I didn't say anything, but-" Robin began, only to be cut off by his furious friend.

"But what?" Wally snapped, the uncharacteristis anger looking so out of place on his face. "You just left, Rob! Didn't tell anyone; it's like you were trying to be all cool like Spe-Red Arrow!" Wally said, flinging his hadns in the air. "Were you tired of being a sidekick? Being second place wasn't good enough for the oh-so-perfect Boy Wonder, was it?" Wally said, throwing his friend's nickname like an expletive. Robin was at a loss for words. He had never seen his friend so angry. "Megan cried for weeks! And you should have seen Kaldur and Superboy, they were so mad and I didn't know-"

"I'm sorry!" Robin finally shouted, stopping his frind's monologue. "I had to leave."

"Why!" Wally said, slightly calmer now but still simmering.

"Because Batman wanted to make me quit Robin."

"What?" Wally froze.

"You heard me." Robin said morosely, long-gone memories suddenly at the forefront of his mind. "I got in some..trouble, with the Joker, and Batman told me that I was done with Robin if I was going to be as stupid as that..." Robin closed his eyes and let his chin drop to his chest. "So I ran away. I'm really sorry I didn't tell you, but if I stayed longer he'd have found me." Robin said, twisting his fingers and wringing his hands. "And I didn't want to be stopped. You get it, right?" he said quickly, looking into his friend's eyes in desperation. "You wouldn't stop being Kid Flash, would you?

"Jeez, Rob. You should have said something." Wally said, falling back against the cool wall and running his finger's through his wind-blown hair.

"I know." Robin said.

"But hey, looks like you're doing pretty well now!" Wally said in an effort to lighten the mood.

"Yeah." Robin agreed. "The Titans are great. You know Speedy does a little work with Titans East, now?"

"That liar." Wally snickered. "He really does like being on a team."

"He liked it, just doesn't like being League sponsored. It makes him feel like he owes something to GA." Robin said, nodding. "You could be a Titan, too, if you want. Everybody would love having you on the team."

"I would," Wally started, uncertainty on his face. "But I just started this 'on my own' thing and I'd like to try it out some more. But I'll stop by, and I'm just a call away."

"Here." Robin said, digging through his utility belt and drawing out a yellow and black communicator, the polished 'T' shining even in the dim starlight. "Take this. You can be an Honorary Titan."

"Thanks." Wally grinned, tucking it away in one of his wrist compartments. He looked at a hidden watch and his eyes widened. "Oh, man. Sorry, Rob, it's past four, I gotta run." he said, backing away from the edge of the balcony and heading back inside.

"What? It isn't even dawn!" Robin said, surprised. "But you've only been here for a little while."

"Sorry, man." Wally repeated, tuggin on his cowl and slipping on his goggles. "Places to go, people to meet."

"More like people to annoy." Robin teased, and Wally zipped over and slugged him in the arm.

"Well, I'm going now." he announced, and the other four teens in the tower came over and clustered around him. Wally looked over their heads and caught Robin's eye.

"See you." he mouthed, and then zipped away before anybody could blink. Robin walked back out onto the balcony, smiling as he watched a familiar yellow blur rush across the water and kick up dirt on the rocky Jump City shore.

"See you." he said softly.
Lol, I guess, since I can't draw, I'll stick to fics for now. Hope you like it.
I'm also on fanfiction. net, under TheGrayson.
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Chapter Seven: Ignorance Abolished.

It had only been a few hours since Otto’s attack since Otto’s failed attempt to murder Mary Jane Watson and things hasn’t been going so well. Miguel O’Hara, in his “21st civies” disguise, was waiting outside MJ’s hospital room in a state of guilt. Despite saving her from certain death, Mary Jane suffered extreme blood loss and broken bones that once she had placed in surgery and is now in a medicated coma and has recently been given a blood transfusion.

“Damn you Octavius!” Miguel growled internally “You claim you’re a hero but in the end you’re a man with an ever growing ego that will be you’re damnation!”

Miguel then turned to see two older women and an older man who resembled the current mayor. He instantly recognized them as MJ’s Aunt Anna and Peter’s Aunt May and Uncle-in-Law Jameson Sr.

“Hello, are you a friend of Mary Jane’s?” Aunt Anna asked frantically.

“Not really.” Miguel answered as he tried to figure out a way to not pin the blame on Spider-Man, at least not on Peter. “I found her hurt like this and saw some psycho run off. I tried to stop him but she looked really bad so I help her here.”

“You must have a big heart young man.” Jameson Sr. told Miguel.

”Thanks, I’m sure the doctors can let you see her.” Miguel said as the elders walked in the see a broken Mary Jane.

After that Miguel decided to up on the roof to see how progress on finding Octavius after his escape. It seemed things were getting from bad to worse by the seconds, both figuratively and literally. Though his actions of saving MJ slowed down the time decay significantly, it’s still roughly at 56% and it’s already affecting the 21st Century weather as dark clouds are already forming.

“So this is what it looks like when the horsemen begin there ride?” A familiar voice is heard behind Miguel said as Agent Venom walked next to him.

“But this ride will end short once that bastard is caught in time. Speaking on which any luck on your end?” Miguel blankly asked.

Agent Venom sighed as he answered “Not yet, the Avengers are doing what they can, we even got the X-Men and Fantastic Four to help us out but this city is way too big to search.”

It was then a few moments later Scarlet Spider came as well and despite wearing his costume, it was obvious he was fuming in irritation.

“I guess you didn’t have any luck either?” Agent Venom said with a dry chuckle.

“This is pointless. We need the freaking army to hunt his ass!” Kaine said in anger.

“Or we can lure him out, but he’s too smart to fall for a trap so easily.” Agent Venom added.

In that instant Miguel had an idea, though Flash was right that Octavius was too smart for a simple trap, his massive ego wasn’t invincible for traps and that got him think of a way to use that to their advantage.

“I got it!” Miguel said in victory as he pressed his watch-like device and his Spider-Man costume as the other two heroes looked in confusion. As if Miguel became a mad scientist himself.

“Venom, get Rogers and Stark to meet us at the Mayor’s office and as quickly as possible.. I have a plan snuff out Ocatvius in the open.”

“What in that god’s name are you up to O’Hara?” Scarlet Spider questioned.

“You’ll see…” Miguel simply said as the three Spiders made their way to city hall.

Moments later the relative peace of city hall was disturbed by the usual anger of its mayor.


“Wrongfully persecute? Otto Octavius murdered Peter Parker and stole his life, has turned New York into a totalitarian city state, and is targeting people whose lives are the key to stop Armageddon on a biblical scale!” Agent Venom said in anger on the stubborn mule’s words.

Captain America sighed as he tried to be civil with Jameson “Look Mayor Jameson, we have plenty of evidence that shows how dire the situation and we simply need your aid to stop this madness from continuing.

“HOGWASH!” Jameson yelled in anger “I know what you’re planning! You’re just jealous that Spidey is doing a damn better job at cleaning this city of scum than you have in your lousy career as “heroes”. You probably hired some actor pretending to be from the future and some Stark tech and trying to use fake evidence to frame the real hero. And even if Octavius is in Parker’s body, he’s at least giving Peter a spine that he lacked ever since I met him! He is a Superior Spider-Man!”

In that instant the currently quiet Scarlet Spider snapped as he grabbed Jameson by the throat and web swung from an open window.

“Kaine you idiot!” Agent Venom yelled as he and Spider-Man 2099 rushed their way to the clone, hoping that he won’t do anything stupid.

Minutes later Scarlet Spider held Jameson outsid Mercy Hospital as the Mayor tried to fight off Kaine’s grip.
“Are you insane?!” Jameson asked in fear.

“LOOK IN THAT WINDOW IN FRONT OF YOU!” Scarlet Spider demanded as Jameson did as he saw his father and mother-in-law as well as another older woman at the bed side of a familiar face from Peter’s life; it was a comatose Mary Jane Watson.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” Jameson whispered “…I was afraid of what Spider-Man will do if I go against him.”

“What the hell you are talking about?” Scarlet Spider questioned.

“A few months back he asked Otto to personally kill Alistair Smythe with disregard of the legal system. Otto decided to use this as blackmail ammunition in order to turn Ryker’s Island into his own fortress complete with mechs and an entire army.” Spider-Man 2099 answered suddenly as he and Venom caught up and Kaine and Flash looked in shock.

“Are you insane!? Do you realize how much damage Octavius can do if you would’ve gave him that crap!?” Agent Venom demanded as he couldn’t believe just how careless that he could’ve if he gave Otto that much power.

“He had me against the wall. It’s either stop Spider-Man or kiss my career goddbye.” Jameson tried to tell his side of the story.

“Well if Otto escapes for good, you can kill your life goodbye as the time stream will decay in a week at most.” Spider-Man said bluntly.

After some silence, Jameson sighed as he said “Alright, what do you want me to do exactly?”

Meanwhile in a secret underground lair, a wounded Otto Octavius grunted in pain as he finished patching Peter’s body from his recent battle.

“Months of work keeping this disguise in check ruined!” Otto ranted as he poured a glass of champagne and sat in a chair you used during his time laying low as Doctor Octopus. “I’ve should’ve known erasing Peter’s memories would backfire! Oh well, guess I have to move to the Caribbean to avoid these morons.”

Otto then turned the TV on to try to relax as he saw Jameson on the News.

“…And as of right now, I’m going to resign as Mayor of this fine city as I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been protecting a criminal. It turns out that the psychopath Otto Octavius has used his devil technology to transfer his mind to the body of the Spider-Man you know who is also my cousin-in-law Peter Parker who has been a real hero when I was blind with anger and now I am supporting a murderous madman who has been corrupting justice that Peter stood for. And as such my last order as Mayor is to have SHIELD freeze all of assets Octavius used from Parker’s life and to revive the Anti-Spider patrol to aid the real heroes to block all exits from New York and to continue a massive man hunt for the criminal. If you can hear this Octavius, I am not afraid of a coward like you who stolen a heroes life due to your fear of death and I dare you come to if you have to guts you miserable menace!” Jameson said in his speech as he left of screen.

There was silence as Octavius’s glass hand began to tremble before shattering the wine galass as he yelled in fury “JAMESON!”

Back at city hall, Spider-Man 2099 and smirking in triumph as the first stage of his plan against Octavius is in full motion. Jameson then walked up Miguel and said “Okay I did my part, what in god’s green earth is this supposed to do?”

“Simple…” Miguel answered as his grin is now visible under his mask “…it was a declaration of war.”

To be continued
Spider-Man and all related characters©Marvel Comics

Images © Their respective owners

Well it seems things has escalated. MJ is currently in a medicated come and Jameson now has brain cells as realizes he was supporting a villain and has now aided Spider-Man 2099's plan to use Octavius's ego to set a trap against the Otto. Stay tune for the long awaited fight of The Superior Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man 2099! Stay tune for more and leave a comment on how this chapter is.
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Chapter Nine: Great Minds Never Think Alike.

Mercy Hospital, in one of the intensive care rooms, Julia Carpenter, the second Madame Web, laid ever more still ever since he went in her comatose state. One of the nurses came check her vitals routinely to ensure no complications occur.

“I wonder if even psychics are aware when in a coma?” the nurse thought as she finished the check and left to other patients. Unknown to her, Julia’s hand began to twitch and her eyes began to move under the closed eyelids.

Meanwhile outside city hall, two Spider-Men were preparing for the fight of their lives. Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099, took a defensive stance while Otto Octavius, in the body of the modern Spider-Man Peter Parker, took the offensive stance.

“That was a clever trick you’ve set up for me.” Otto said calmly as he seemed to be stalling for something.

“It was easy; all I needed was an angry mad scientist, some holographic explosive mines, and some good calculations.” Miguel mocked, keep an eye on Octavius.

“If that’s the case, can you calculate how long you can srvive this?!” Otto growled as he lunged at Miguel with his mechanical arms aimed at him. But suddenly Miguel dodged very quickly by simply side stepping as Octavius crashed into a garbage can as the trash covered and stained Octavius’s new costume.

“How can he dodge that attack so quickly? Even my sider sense could’t aid in an attack like that?” Otto asked himself as he tried to get back on his feet.

“How Otto? I just have a good perception of my surroundings and I recommend that new look for that costume, looks very matching to your soul.” Miguel chuckled as he pointed out the dirt covering Octavius.

“I killed Peter to rid of his annoyance, I can kill you the same!” Otto proclaimed as the two dueled.

“He may be a fast fighter, but he’ll realize I’m faster.” Miguel thought as the two seemed to be locked in an almost even fight. Otto tried to use his upgrades to maim Miguel, but it seemed that Spider-Man 2099 was one step ahead as he could easily dodge Otto’s attacks with little effort on his part. Miguel even countered attack, though it did little damage and it seemed it was to spite Octavius.

“You know Otto, I’ve always wonder how dangerous one man ego can bring to the world. Then you decided to screw up reality itself by taking the life of better man, tried to eliminate his legacy, and bring fascism to New York? Dr. Doom looks like a saint compared to you?” Miguel berated Octavius as he webbed Otto’s face and kicked him down on the ground.

“I’m trying to build a superior world, a world without Peter Parker!” Octavius countered as he removed the webbing and saw that Spider-Man 2099 is gone.

“You’re going to destroy the world. Time is decaying and if you don’t surrender, there won’t be any world!” Miguel’s voice demanded as Otto tried to find the source.

“Liar, you are simply trying to have me surrender this body so you can bring Peter back, but I am here to stay. I AM THE FUTURE!” Octavius proclaimed, as if his old Doctor Octopus persona was unwittingly returning.

“No Ock, I am!” Miguel corrected as Otto looked up to see Miguel free falling down like a missile  and landed on Otto, using the force to destroy the device on Otto’s back and making his mechanical arms useless.

“And soon you’ll simply be a relic of the past Octavius!” Miguel said in victory as it seemed he had won.

“Know, that’ll be you O’Hara…” Octavius hissed as suddenly a massive army of his spider bots surrounded them.

“Oh dear, your spider bots, whatever should I do? Oh how about I push this button!” Miguel laughed as he pressed a button on his wrist and suddenly the spider bots began to have static surrounding them before they all fell on the ground and lost all movements.

“My pets, but how?!” Octavius asked in shock as his army seemed to fall dead.

“EMP pulse, remember I have future tech at my disposal. Face it you’ve lost, without your bots I won.” Miguel told over his opponent.

It was then Otto realized he had lost. He’s now a wanted man, has no resources, has no allies, and has now realized he isn’t a superior Spider-Man. It was then he grabbed a fallen spider bot and whispered “You’re right, I have been defeated. I am a loser…” he then pressed a button on the robot “…BUT I AM A SORE LOSER!”

Otto suddenly lunge at Miguel and placed the spider bot and the robot’s legs clamped down on O’Hara’s head as Otto leaped a distance away. In seconds toe robot exploded and Spider-Man 2099 was launched back to a car behind him and seemed to gone limp.

“If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me…” Octavius said with venom as he regained his strength and stood up and just when was about to leave the scene, a soda bottle hits Otto in the back of the head. He turned to see a little girl in the middle of the street with other items in hand and had both tears and anger in her eyes.

Instantly Otto recognized the girl, it was the child who he saved from the brain damaged received during his time as Doctor Octopus, and said “I will forgive this once, now go home child.” Only to have the girl through a piece of cinderblock right into Otto’s face, cutting a portion of the suit and leaving trail of blood.

“You murdered Spidey…” the girl said coldly as he seemed to stare Otto down. Angered and now over the edge, Otto was about to kill the girl before suddenly he was barraged with various items and it seemed to overwhelm Octavius. It was then various citizens seemed to surround Otto and grabbed whatever they could and threw it at Octavius. Things like garbage, loose paper, even faller spider bots while saying things like “murderer”, “fake”, and even “monster”.

It was at that moment all of what’s left of his Otto’s Spider-Man persona had completely shattered, leaving what was truly Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man’s body as he yelled ‘YOU IDIOTS! I AM A REAL HERO! I HAVE MADE YOUR STUPID CESSPOOL OF A CITY SAFE AND THIS IS THE GRADITUDE I GET!? I AM YOUR SUPERIOR! I AM YOUR HERO!”

“No, they know who the real hero is, and his name is Peter Parker.” A voice said behind him and suddenly Spider-Man 2099 kicked Octavius in the face, knocking him to a wall as Miguel ,now with his masked partially burned off and revealing his bright red eyes and fangs, began to overpower Otto as he punched and slashed Octavius with his natural claws.

“Think you can defeat someone who’s suit is made of unstable molecules?! I may not have the right to say I’m the best Spider-Man, Peter has proved that he would never compromise his morals to take an easy way out. All you’ve done is turning your desire of perfection and nearly sent this city straight to hell! And seriously claws?! That’s my trademark!” Miguel yelled as he continued his assault.

“Desire for perfection is the true ideal to follow, and I always have a perfect way to win!” Otto said as he grabbed another spider bot.

“That trick won’t work on me. But I have one that’ll work on you!” Miguel said as he open his jaws, letting his fangs extend and then bit down on Otto’s neck. Otto pushed O’Hara off and in a matter of seconds; his vision began to fog as his thoughts started to turn into a jumbled mess.

“What…did…you do?” Otto weakly asked as his words began to slur.

“Neural toxin. You’re lucky that’s a small dose, otherwise it’ll kill you. I may not be the best Spider-Man, but I’m definitely more spider-like and right now you’ve been…” Miguel explained as he suddenly gave Octavius a hard uppercut “…SHOCKED!”. It was then Otto was out cold, defated at least.

Taking some time to recover, Miguel then pressed his communication device and said “I got him, prep the device. I’ll bring him in.” Spider-Man 2099 then webbed up Octavius head to foot and carried him off to Avengers Tower. And just as Miguel left, the citizens that helped him cheered as they knew a real hero has defeated Octavius.

Meanwhile at Mercy Hospital, Julia Carpenter’s room, Julia continued to stir in her comatose state, as if she was trying hard to wake up. And moments later, Julia opened her eyes and whispered ‘The time has come…”

To be continued.
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Well after a titanic battle of skills and brains, Miguel O'Hara has proven he's the superior and Otto has been humiliated by not only Miguel himself, but by the citizens of New York City. Also Julia Carpenter aka Madame Web II has recovered from her coma! What could this lead? Stay tune for more and comment below on how this chapter is.
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