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This is my fave so far. Many because I've been on such a superhero trip lately. XD
Raven is in one of her multiple personalities, and BB is FREAKING OUT.

Beast Boy and Raven (C) Cartoon Network
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Happy Valentines Day
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Well, late for a holiday again! Don't let me break my imperfect record! And very sorry I have not posted anything in a long while. :<

Anyhow, you remember Li? My eldest and most beloved OC?
Probably not, but she went under major construction for a while.

This is L'yi now; god of water and embodiment of the moon; seeker of knowledge; and master of mimicry, shapeshifting, and perception.

This is a goofy doodle of xem in xyr true form: making big, nasty, acidic, poisonous, heart-shaped spit bubbles. Because that's totally romantic. And Valentine's-y.

So far, everyone I've shown this redesign to get fucked up by xyr facial configuration. No, xe can't see very well.

Art, concept, character TinPockets
(Do not steal L'yi. I will find you. And I will pester you. Why the fuck would you want xem anyway, xe's a big snotty fish.)
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This is a photo that I took of a stray cat we found around our apartment. He was ADORABLE and I was actually kind of proud of how this photo came out and considered posting it a number of times. Well dA, thanks for giving me an excuse to. xD

We couldn't keep him ourselves, but we found a home for him :)
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Multibillion-dollar debt? Countless millions of illegals streaming over the border? Criminally inept public schools? Joblessness so bad that the Obama administration doesn’t want the state’s statistics included in the national unemployment numbers? Five-dollar gasoline? Corrupt politicians who have never read the Constitution? Vicious death row inmates dying of old age after decades of being cared for by the taxpayers? Forget about all that--the true threat to California has been identified, targeted, and destroyed…

Plastic bags. No, wait, let me do that again… plastic baaaaags! :fear:

Yes, the above problems will never be solved, but it seems that when it comes to the plastic bags you (used to) get from stores to take your purchases home in, the mighty engine of government has positively roared to life, allowing intervention to charge full steam into the affairs of private business, politicians moving so swiftly to attack the problem that they simply did not have time to ask questions or even think about what they were doing.

I don’t get paid for this, and now that I’m actually sitting down and typing about it, I find myself wanting to wander off and read a comic book or something, so real quick, here’s the gist of what’s going on in my county:

:bulletblack: Retail establishments are legally unable to provide bags made of plastic to customers. It’s against the law. A crime.

:bulletblack: Retail establishments may provide paper bags, but are required by law to charge ten cents per bag. They are unable to decide for themselves if they want to offer them for free to their customers; the government is making that business decision for them.

:bulletblack: Plastic bags were so popular and handy to use again for other purposes that customers offered to buy, to pay money, for our remaining supplies of them.

:bulletblack: The paper bags take up seven times the amount of space the plastic ones did. My store’s stockroom does not have room for even twice the space to be taken up for that, let alone seven times; every inch is valuable, and the situation will only get more dire come Christmas, when we will be storing not only more merchandise, but more of the paper bags. We will have to deal with that, not the people who passed the law.

:bulletblack: Taking up seven times the space means cashiers can only keep one-seventh the amount of bags on hand at their registers than they used to, meaning someone has to restock them seven times as often, spending man hours we do not have.

:bulletblack: Forget holding gallon jugs or multiple two liter bottles in the paper bags, and if you have a heavy load in them and don’t hold them by the handles so the bag is hanging perfectly vertical, there’s a nice chance you’ll end up crawling around the parking lot, trying to get that can of clam chowder that rolled beneath a car after you’ve gathered up the rest of your spilled purchases.

:bulletblack: It rains where I live. Do something that the passers of this law apparently did not, and think about what happens to paper when it gets wet. Not only that, you can’t close the top of these bags with a quick spin, like you could the plastic ones… your stuff’s gonna get soaked.

:bulletblack: If you don’t find a way to close these worthless new bags, they’ll fall over while you drive and you’ll be repacking them when you get home.

:bulletblack: Roadside pollution was allegedly the reason for the banning. It may be the reason… I don’t know and don’t care. Littering is already against the law, which means the government is doing what it always does, which is to--instead of enforcing laws already on the books--adding new ones we have to live by in addition to the old ones.

:bulletblack: This makes my county look like a joke. People not from around here are rightfully laughing at us or perplexed by our stupidity, like explorers stumbling upon a tribe of especially backward pygmies throwing their own feces at one another. This is annoying because I live in a fairly decent town; there are violent amigos to the north and aging hippies who refuse to die to the south, but they have voted in big-government morons, and I have to pay for their bad decisions.

:bulletblack: Cashiers are being berated for this mess by rightfully annoyed customers. Trust me, nobody in my store is happy about this, from the cashiers and stock boys to the management. The people who are the cause of it are not in the stores, and therefore not facing daily criticism for what they have done.

:bulletblack: Customers are encouraged to bring in reusable cloth bags. Carrying around big, opaque bags greatly aides shoplifting, as anyone with a brain that works better than a Southern Californian politician’s will be able to grasp instantly.

:bulletblack: Said reusable bags cost one dollar, and we give a five cent bonus to customers who use them. This means that after twenty uses, we will be losing money every time the bag is used… that adds up.

:bulletblack: And nearly worst of all? My store is putting a smiley face on this! Why? Why put signs like the one above all over the parking lot, with more clogging the store? Why not have signs that simply state what has happened? Private enterprise is not yet required to be cheerleaders for the very government intervention that is hampering it, so why are we going out of our way to do so now? “Yay, we’re not allowed to run our business the way we want to, and you’re not allowed to have something convenient that actually works as intended! Oh, yippee!:dance:

There you go, my first foray into photo journalism. Was it professional? No way, but like I said, I don’t get paid for being pissed-off, so it is what it is. Besides, what journalism is professional nowadays? Alright, that‘s done; where did I put that stack of She-Hulk comics…

Comments welcome, even if it’s to point out that should local hippy politicians start being found suffocated to death by plastic bags, I’ll be the prime suspect…=D

(I just realized there’s an American flag in the background. Interesting how it is dwarfed in the picture by the huge banner happily announcing government intervention and the loss of freedom, huh? Wish I could say I composed the shot like that on purpose…)
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Early Valentine artwork about my favourite Silent Hill character, Cheryl. 

Dedicated with affect-- no, with LOVE AND PASSION to :iconygure: xD

Cheryl "Heather" Mason from the Silent Hill series, recreated in DAZ Studio and rendered with Octane.

As usual, these are NOT official models, they have been created from scratch using DAZ Studio's Genesis 2 as base.

This preview does not give enough justice to the massive work and effort put for this piece, I HIGHLY suggest you to see the full HQ version by downloading the picture.

If you like my work, please consider taking a second to express your ideas and/or feedback, any kind of consideration is appreciated and it helps me shape new and improved artworks in the future.

Thank you.
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mangle wants to wish you happy valentines! 
damn... i know im late but i still wanted to make a valentines card!!
bleh i totally screwed up the freaking endoskeleton mess or whatever it is called... 
feel free to send it to whomever you please (if you really want too...)

mangle belongs to Scott Cawthon, the almighty ogrelord
Freddy Hue-bearFreddy Hue-bearFreddy Hue-bear 
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No comments have been added yet. my Valentine?

Thank you for the love and support all of you have given me! It really means a lot~:heart:

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all get the lovin' you deserve!


Character: :iconxlita-lynnx: / :iconxailita-azulex:
One Piece: :iconodaplz:
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Show some respect. We're all human beings.

In early October 2010, Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan promulgated the observance of a new commemoration called Spirit Day, the first observance of which took place on October 20, 2010, in which people wear the color purple to show support for LGBT young people who are victims of bullying. Promoted by GLAAD, many Hollywood celebrities wore purple on this day to show their support of this cause, and many websites added a prominent purple shade to their design. (Font: wikipedia)

Know more at GLAAD website: [link]

:icons-lancaster: as Poison (a perfect choice for Spirit Day )
Photo by Laura Asmus
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...from *TeenTitansMan

Can't believe it's been 10 years already, or that I've spent the last 4 making a daily visit to this place. As usual, I gotta make a birthday shout-out to my home away from home on the internet :devart:

The story behind this your wondering? Well, let's just call it a costume shindig for DA's big day, and the DA Fella is the life of the party ;). Of course I had to involve the fan art that got me on the site in the first place. Can't go a whole year without honoring one without a little taste of the other. And what anniversary is complete without cake?!

I'll pretty much always have a B-Day pic to help celebrate. :party:

Enjoy. And A Happy Birthday deviantArt! :cake:

Artwork by me.
":devart:" & "DA Fella" & greatLP respectively.
"Teen Titans" (c) Cartoon Network & DC Comics.
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