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It has been a while since i posted something here on DA. First of all i want to thank all of you for the kind words and faves that you give to me. I wish i had time to chat to each and one of you:)

Trying to give something back to the community I restarted posting videos on my youtube channel with studies that i do these days. This is the link to my channel:…

If you like, please subscribe, there will be more videos posted soon. If you have questions please leave comments on the videos and i will answer when i see them

For new sketches and studies you can check up my facebook page. Its the most updated thing that i have. The only problem is that i cant add any more friends because i reached the 5000 limit, so please if you are interested in my latest artworks use the follow feature.
Here are links to my FB:

sketches album:…
studies album:…
speedpaints album:…
3d album:…

Thank you again!


Applibot Illustration 3 by alexnegrea Applibot Illustration by alexnegrea Applibot illustration by alexnegrea Applibot illustration by alexnegrea A Song Of Ice And Fire - Mother of Dragons -fanart by alexnegrea

My blog:
CGhub Sketchbook:… (here you can find studies that i do)
Youtube:… (here you can find video tutorials that i did)

For freelance work please contact me on my personal email
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:rose: Thank you very much for participating, everyone! We're afraid the contest is already closed and judging will begin. We will inform you when the results will come in. Until then, please wait and have great holidays ahead of you! :xmas:

Check the entries out at: forgotten-sorcerer.deviantart.…


*EDIT 1: ~•.:. Please submit your entry to the "Winter Contest-Submissions" Folder. :) forgotten-sorcerer.deviantart.…

Just a quick reminder that the deadline is fast approaching! Contest ends at 22 December! To be fair, we are going to follow this time zone:…
Contest is over when it hits 23 December in the said clock. Good luck and have fun! :D


Warmest greetings, Vaati fans! :D

1st of December had just arrived, and you know what that means! We only have a few more days to go til Christmas, and this is exactly what this contest is all about!

The gist is: draw a Christmas-themed Vaati.


The mechanics are:

:bulletpurple: Entries must comply with the group's rules. (Check the group's rules here! forgotten-sorcerer.deviantart.… )

:bulletpurple: You may include other characters (canon or fan OC), but the main subject here should be/should include Vaati. (which means he should not be a mere background character)

:bulletpurple: Media used can either be traditional or digital.

:bulletpurple: Take note that old artworks will not be accepted (artworks submitted a day before this journal entry), and must be solely made for this contest.


Artworks will be judged (by the admins) according to the following criteria:

:blackrose: Alignment with the theme (the way it corresponds to the theme)

:blackrose: Execution (the way it's made)

:blackrose: Effort (we do know you all exert effort, but it will be evident with how you work at your piece :))


The prizes will be:

:rose: 1st prize:
A free, fully-coloured drawing from his/her chosen artist from the group's admins, plus 70 points!

:rose: 2nd prize
A free icon/avatar from his/her chosen artist from the group's admins, plus 50 points!

:rose: 3rd prize
A free sketch from his/her chosen artist from the group's admins, plus 30 points!



If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask the admins about anything about the contest.

Have a nice day, everyone! And we do hope that you will participate and will have fun in this year's contest!


~ * ~ :heart: CONTESTANTS :heart: ~ * ~

:bulletpurple: 1 - :iconblackorchid2007:…

:bulletpurple: 2 - :iconthetigi:…

:bulletpurple: 3 - :iconattack-on-maou:…

:bulletpurple: 4 - :iconmirria1:…

:bulletpurple: 5 - :iconnoah15th:…

:bulletpurple: 6 - :iconsuperherogeek13:…

:bulletpurple: 7 - :iconlink-of-the-twilight: link-of-the-twilight.deviantar…

:bulletpurple: 8 - :iconsilverblue-neko:…

:bulletpurple: 9 - :iconauragemi:…

*Your name will be listed as soon as you have submitted your entry.
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New One Piece OC List!:new: +OP+ OC x Canon List :new:
:new: +OP+ OC x OC List :new:
Okay lets get started~
Click here for more information: List of (all) One Piece OCs - Rules
Btw. if you like you can
 tell your friends about this list or write a journal
any help is welcome~
Current number of OCs:


:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletyellow:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Blue]
[Bullet; Green]A[Bullet; Green]
Abbo Bach Pic
Devil Fruit: None
Arms dealer (Onyx/black market)
Devil fruit: Phero Phero Fruit (pheromones)

Hey guys!
I decided to do a ONE PIECE list with (all) OCs :la:
Lets bring the One Piece fandom back to life!
(It would be great if you could tell your friends about this list so we can collect as many OCs as possible~)

All you have to do:
Comment with your One Piece OC(s)
-Name of the creator
-OC Name
-Pirate or Marine or sth else
-what sort of Devil Fruit / no Devil Fruit
(you also can send a link with a picture of your OC)


Petrol  Pic
Devil Fruit: None

Sth like this :D
(comment if you have other suggestions)


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Edit: 20th December - If you want in now is the time to link your entries I only have 2 so far!

I'm doing a contest to celebrate the release of the book Red solstice, that I did not write :( but I did do the illustration for on kindle. :)
In order to spread about some of my high spirits I figured I'd force give away some free copies of the book and some other awesome prizes but there's a catch. You gotta participate and stuff which is kinda lame fun.



(the best bit)

- A kindle copy of Red solstice
- 100 150 200 :points:
- One free full colour commission
- Journal feature

- A kindle copy of Red solstice
- 50 100 150 :points:
- One free full colour commission
- Journal feature

- A kindle copy of Red solstice
50 100 150 :points:
- One free sketch commission
- Journal feature

The more people that enter/fave the journal the higher the prizes go.


How to enter

So now the shinies are on display what's the contest about I don't hear you asking through my screen. Well, shouty psychic person, the theme of this contest is the book itself, Red solstice. Nope, you do not have to have read the book beforehand, that'd be dumb of me to try to give you a copy of a book you already own. There are two ways of entering:

1. Create a book cover for Red solstice based from the title and/or the book blurb.


2. Draw one or both of the main characters from the book. Nobody has drawn them before so whatever direction you want to take them is fine, even changing their outfits is okay by me so long as enough of the features from the descriptions below remain to tell they are the characters.

Female. Dark blue eyes, short red hair with a thin plait at the back and items weaved into it, wearing jeans and patchwork t-shirts of old rock bands.

Male. Aquamarine eyes, white hair with a long red wave fringe, wearing a red t-shirt and jacket.

All types of art and mature rated are welcome. I'm looking more for creativity than skill so even if you're a beginner you have a shot for a prize.


The deadline is December 23rd 2014, winners will be announced on December 24th and prizes given out in time for x-mas. Because Ioik is now Santa :santa:

Good luck :thumbsup:

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Guide to being a confident Artist.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 6:35 PM
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APRIL 23 2013

"Cartoon Network has issued the following press release announcing the April 2013 premiere date for Teen Titans Go!. The half-hour animated series, Teen Titans Go! premieres on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 7:30pm (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network, and will then be rebroadcast during the DC Nation programming block on Saturday mornings at 10:30am (ET/PT) beginning April 27th, 2013. The press release also runs down details on the show’s premise and more. Continue below for the complete press release."…
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Polymerclay - Unlimited Possibilities

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2014, 7:48 AM

Polymerclay is a wonderfull material to let every dream and vision come true, and even if its a simple material the possibilities to use it or to combine it with other materials is nearly unlimited - combined with glass, gems, metall or even leather and wood the most beautifull works can be created!

So, to continue with features here some of my very favourite artworks and jewelry pieces made from polymerclay - many of these artist are my daily inspiration and I hope they can inspire you too!:love:

   Moon Dancer by tishaia
   by tishaia

   Hummingbird Necklace by pyro-helfier
   by pyro-helfier

   The Four Winds by Strepetarh
   by Strepetarh

  Silver Color Dragon Pendant by AstridMakosla
  by AstridMakosla

  Luna moth by FairysLiveHere
  by FairysLiveHere

   Phoenix Necklace OOAK by Hidden-Treasury
   by Hidden-Treasury

   In Frozen Seas Mermaid Art Pendant by DeidreDreams
   by DeidreDreams

   Mushroom Necklace - Alice in Wonderland Inspired by PetitPlat
   by PetitPlat

   OOAK Quetzal bird pendant from polymer clay by Krinna
   by Krinna

   Pokemon Pidgeot - Sculpture by Escaron
   by Escaron

   Bee-eating Dragon by soulofwinter
   by soulofwinter

   Portal Dragon Air by EnchantedTokenArt
   by EnchantedTokenArt

                   :heart: To spread creativity :heart:

:bulletgreen:Websites to order different polymerclays:
->  - shipping within US
-> - shipping within Germany & EU, all clays and all colours
->…   - shipping within US

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Look at these 2 videos and click on the articles in the description!……

Also from a source it's bringing back in a form of TPPA.…

Sign the Petition…

SOPA is Fucking back! We need to smight it down and make sure we fucking burn it and bury it! 
Everyone that reads this, Spread the fucking word and make calls. do whatever you can to stop it again!!! 

I'm guessing it's time for everyone to upload this again! But this time, upload on FB, Twitter and everywhere else imaginable!…
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*Art not by me, I just help to made video!!!!*
Art by KiH
Video made by DeluCat
Music: DRRR!! Ending1 - Trust Me

Eyeless Jack © Azelf5000
Sally © :iconkiki-hyuga:
Jane the Killer © :iconmrangrydog:
Clockwork  © :iconluciiid:
Ticci Toby ©  :iconkastoway:
Offender Man © :iconarcanineryu:
Bloody Painter © :icondelucat: 
Judge angels © :iconyaguyi:
Masky & Hoodie © Marble Hornets :…

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