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Here is a little tutorial how I draw fur. I think it works just with tablet. You will just need the airbrushtool.

Note: Try different sizes for the fur. ;)

Any suggestions for the next Tutorial?
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The special winter visitor with Suizo for :icondevilsshadowoct: (The entire get-up with seasonal visitors will be explained in the audition journal)

Name: Luna
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ht: 5’ 6”
Wt: 131 lbs.
Job: Assassin (only during winter months or when it is cold enough for ice outside)
Ability: Using ice magic
Likes: Cold temperatures, but also warm things (She doesn’t like being in hot temperatures but she does like eating, drinking, or hugging warm things); Glacies and her winter assassin partner Suizo; Snow and ice (obviously); old friends; sweets
Dislikes: Hot temperatures; Tizuka (she’s actually afraid of him); losing Glacies somehow since she is her buddy; getting frozen solid on occasions; new people
Favorite drink: Hot chocolate
Wanted to (Reason for Tizuka picking her as an NPC): To be the second assassin besides Suizo and to make it snow or at the very least cold for a few days
Goal in life: to kill as many people as Suizo
Personality: Luna acts shy around new people and stutters, trailing off with her words and slowing backing off to quietly leave the situation. However, if you try to attack, hurt, or touch her, she will stop slipping up on her words and tell you to go away. (It’s sort of like a very short-term bipolar disorder that is only triggered when she is threatened.) Luna doesn’t think of other people as ‘human’ until she gets to know them, so she has no problem killing another person. If she is talking to any of her friends, which is basically only Suizo, she has no issues talking. She’ll even joke around a little and enjoys eating sweets with her buddy.

Bio: Luna is an ice mage that wanders alone with her buddy Glacies. She usually walks through forests and visits towns to eat, living off of the money she earns from killing people with Suizo. She can walk around in her odd clothing since she has no issues with cold temperatures and actually gets hot easily if she wears more layers without so much ‘openness’.

You may have noticed her skin is blue. That is because her body temperature is very low. She’s as cold as an ice cube when you poke her, but not wet like one. The only reason she is physically like this is because her magic is ice-based, and gives her no medical conditions.

Luna is not afraid to kill anyone, as that is her job during the winter months or cold days. She has three main uses of her magic: 

1)- Ice weapons. She'll usually create a dagger out of ice to stab someone with, but can also create other weapons as well. Depending on the size of the weapon, the amount of magic this uses varies.

2)- Ice shards. She can make little shards of ice that can float in the air before stabbing into flesh. This barely uses any magic at all.

3)- Ice barriers. Luna can freeze her own body, or encase it in ice, in order to protect herself from attacks. She leaves this as a last resort however because a) it's hard to move, b) uses a ton of magic, and c) she can't escape until she thaws out.

(Luna does have a high magic stamina, however)

Name: Glacies
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Species: Sealish-thing
Ht: 5 inches
Width: 6 inches
Length: 20 inches (or 1’ 8”)
Wt: 5 lbs
Bio: Glacies is a seal-like familiar for Luna. She can float and fly around and make it snow around herself. She doesn’t like other people and doesn’t warm up to them quickly. She really just likes to hang with Luna.

-Luna and Glacies mean moon and ice in Latin, respectively. Because of this, Luna is Greek
-Luna got the old personality that another character, Shirotsuki, was originally supposed to have at first!
-She was going to be in a set of adoptables, but I liked her design too much to sell her :3

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Luna, Glacies, and Devil's Shadow are mine~

The Ice Mage: Luna
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Joint Sky Icon for Snow-Body 2/2 by ZombieMutt13Seraphim
(c)  Snow-Body & LittleAmira

Husband: ?

pink-white sparkle can be around her. love to wear pearls, feathers... eye markings BLACK! (those lines)

Friends: Sitis, alone....

Art (c) NeonRaptor (anthro, back, markings ...!) & Szczurzyslawa (sketch in the bg) & Snow-Body (feral, headshot, right anthro, paw, ref sheet)

Seraphim as human:Seraphim by FrozenViolinist (how she could look)
Seraphim by NeonRaptorCommission: Dear Sister by framtidenRinaeria Trade by Xivaque*01242014* Snow-Body by Trick-or-Treat
Old Ref:

Special Thanks to NeonRaptor because she did the anthro drawing markings back etc
because i'm so fucking lazy XD and can't draw always anthro. so please STALK HER!!!!
She is awesome! *** I really need more information for her XD

DOWNLOAD-bigger version

Her background story:
Meadows of Heaven (Sample)"I can do no Evil."
It was her oath, a statement, a command- but now it was a question.
Seraphim took a moment to look around the landscape, almost drowning in harmonic beauty. Grass swayed and rustled in a warm caressing breeze. Chirps and the beat of tiny wings in the sky, even the quietest of sounds, the whisper of wishes could be heard by Seraphim. She drew in a breath, fresh grass and new wood and wild garlic caught and lifted her senses. The Meadows of Heaven were vast and untainted.
But she might be.
All of this had started about a week in earth time before...
Seraphim is an angel. And she has a command that she must follow, else she would end up like her sister, residing in Hell. She was one of those who took the souls of the good to Heaven. She was staring in the lake, the serene calm of the water's surface with her canine form gazing back at her, a symphony of a starless black canvas with white dashed down her ears and back, whilst wading in the colour over her legs. Her mane

written by Symrea
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just got to often this "request"
i'm not good at explaining, also
by multiple etc, idk more words X'D
by me they are all in german
also PS filters in english idk

Sternchen by Snow-Body You know you must download? -bigger version
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Caterpilar by MistiqartsWhite Queen an Cheshire cat anime screenshot by MistiqartsRose Queens by MistiqartsDream in Color Artbook preview by MistiqartsDragon Age: Throne room Love by Mistiqarts

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See more "Naor" images and information here:…


So, a very, very simple guide for the first one. No pictures sorry, I just don't have time to draw 21 small images.


The Naori did NOT have a written language for Naoru. It was nearly exclusively a spoken language. Only a very select group could read or write and this was mostly Zaihkt and the Gods. The written version was initially created when the Nyumon, the group of people moving into Naor needed a written way to communicate with the Naori population. In trying to teach the Naori English, it evolved into what you see here.

If you guys have questions, please ask. I'll be submitting more stuff soon. Again, I will be keeping it simple since I just am too busy to fully "decorate" this. I know things with pictures are always way more fun. Sorry.
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Entertaining the thought of having a sona that looks a little like me. Hair colour, "skin" colour, hair style, clothes im wearing right now and jewellery. A bit more personal than my other design.
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Und das Grauskala-Tutorial
Bitte beachtet, das es nur der Anschaaung dient und deswegen noch lange nicht so detailliert ist, wie ich sonst immer zeichne :x

Wer ein super detailreiches Grauskala-Tut sehen möchte, der wende sich bitte an *EscyKane - sie hat ein geradezu fabulöses Tutorial gemacht :)

Referenz: [link] von *venomxbaby
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Well, about two weeks ago I had my first clumsy contact with real-life reference material.

My great-uncle was killing and quilling some doves he'd bred (I've already drawn one of them, if you remember [link]) and I watched (and actually helped. :D I finished three doves myself. And no, it wasn't that disgusting)
What I wanted to say, when I was holding this headless dove in my hands, I had an idea. And I asked my great-uncle if I could get one wing.
He cut it off for me and I asked him what I could do to preserve it - he said it had to dry (as, in olden days, goose wings were dried and used as hand brush).
I put it in the sun for two days, but in the end, yeah, somehow went wrong and maggots were using my precious wing as a new home. I had to leave it in the bin.

But before I dumped it, I referenced it and the feathers and everything, so I would have a pretty little reference sheet for myself instead of a real wing.


Please use it as reference if you want! That does not include copying it or something like that, it's only supposed to be a little guide you can look at when you want to draw a wing.
Art (c) by me
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ahah XD i wrote Bruses in the picture *fail*

Cloud Brushes :3 ~ just for fun
Brushes for Photoshop
- made with Photoshop CS5

- Don't steal, copy etc. / don't remove signature
- Free
- Fav it :+fav:
- Use it for whatever you want
- No credit requirement

- works them on Gimp, sai, etc? /// i don't know
- Do you have it for other art Programms? /// no
- With which Programm do you made them? /// Adobe Photoshop CS5
- Can i upload them on a other site? /// no, when you do it anyway give credit <__<

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