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Here is a little tutorial how I draw fur. I think it works just with tablet. You will just need the airbrushtool.

Note: Try different sizes for the fur. ;)

Any suggestions for the next Tutorial?
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I had asked Stitch boo if I could create a Castien- which is more than lucky considering they are a closed species! Goodness I am just so happy about this that she would even let me *V*
This is a super lazy ref because I have trades to do eheeeee sorry xx

General Information:

Name: Hidge Valcintt
Gender: Male
Species: Castien (=Stitchy-Face)
Height: (at Brow): 5'6"
Build: Slender, gently toned. Mostly Fluff.
Moral Ideal: Neutral
Element: Earth
Personallity: Lonesome, Cautious, Refined, Openly friendly.
Hidge is often a popular character in public areas unintentionally for the fact that he always has some sort of rare minerals on him. He will be friendly and respectful to near everyone unless he is suspicious; in which he can turn to being snarky and defiant.
Most of the time he will try to avoid social contact for the sake of not having everyone in his face at one time.
*He never takes his scarf off as it represents his family's Symbol and colors. Though simplistic, he keeps it with much pride.
*Enjoys traveling, so he is anywhere and everywhere; however he has a tendency to keep to tropical climates for his favorite snacks. Starfruit and Guava are very much prized.
*Mines rare minerals and precious stone to trade at markets.
Yoavrin: Crush.
Grey: A well known trading associate.

Other Forms:
Not Available.

Hopefully I can get a few trades with him soon?? <3

Castiens (c) =Stitchy-Face
Artwork, Hidge (c) Ariel Blyth / =Arii-Knave 2013
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I put this in Vector art section but I'm not so suureeeee....

This is like my second ever of which was drawing hands :s....bit of a difference now...this one took screen shots maaaan...anywho enjoy my pedegree chums.



Any questions fire away please!
I may not have been clear in areas so if lots of questions are asked I will make an FAQ here...not that it will happen :)

Just thought I would put up a small tutorial on super clean lineart.

If you don't have adobe illustrator you can always stop and just clean up your's easy enough.

All art on here is miiiine...
I may be putting this out as free line art soon, along with a Thourghbred and a Quarter horse...doing them for a project.
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Hi guys!

Because there was such a cheerful response to my last Masked Giveaway and many people who wished for me to have one or something similar again I thought it would be a great idea to do it now! For one because I really wanna show how much I appreciate all of you who support me and my art. :love: But also becuase Im gonna be most busy with my "normal" job this summer and wont have time to make much art. 
I was thinking of holding another Giveaway but then some 3 months ago I happened to see an artist making a adopt contest in wich he let people design a creature based on his species and it seemed so much fun and made me wanna try something similar! Since then Ive also seen many others do the same thing wich made me even more excited so du du du duuuuun now its finally my turn as well! :dummy:

The rules are very simple; I have a species called Masked, and among them are the small and most common spirits recembling wolfs (seen below), now what I want you do is to design a Masked: Wolf Spirit. It can look however you want so let your imagination run wild! And by the end of the contest I will choose the 3 I like the most and create them for the winners (as sculptures yes). Only restriction is that it has to follow my Wolf Spirits base features. If you havnt seen them before, this is how they look (here you may also get some inspiration for creating one): 

Masked: Skull Glower of Many - Sculpture by Escaron Masked Gathering - Sculpture by Escaron Masked: Skullery - Sculpture by Escaron Of Masks - Sculptures by Escaron        

If you want you can use my template (download for full size) to color your entry/s or you can draw it by yourself. Just remember I have to clearly see how it look since its gonna be made on my already exisitng base. And if you make any pattern to the mask, back, on top of tail etc I need to see from that angle. Also for the record; yes you ARE allowed to add details like wings or horns etc, and yes you ARE allowed to have glow in the dark parts as well, just dont go all crazy alright, or it will be to hard for me to apply to the base of the Masked. CX 

For example; 
- You design it with a horn on its head: OK!
- You design it with small fins to the side: OK!
- You design it without a mask -  NOT OK! (cause the mask is a part of the base and cant be removed) 
- You desing it with huge wings spreading in all directions - NOT OK! (cause the base wont support the weight and shipping will be highly difficult)

I would also highly appeciate if you make a story about why the Wolf Spirit you create look as it do (I love storys!) Does it live in the desert, is it a good or evil one? If you read their biography you can get a idea of how Masked "work" and how you can make up a story.  

MASKED BIO: (the short version - if you wanna know lots of more about them, ask me)
Masked are ancient spirits who has excisted all over the universe since the dawn of time. They look over worlds and their inhabitants, keeping the balance intact. There are many forms of them, all with different tasks assigned. Some are kind and loving spirits, others are dangerous and corrupted. Nontheless they are all equally as nessesary to keep the balance - without light there can be no darkness, without darkness no light. 

The Wolf Spirits who are rather small spirits are in charge of plants and insects mostly, for example there are pine tree spirits - who mainly care for the pines, ladybuy spirits, cactus spirits etc etc. They can however have other tasks too, but this is the main area. The different colors to them indicate were they live and what personalitys they have. Their masks tell when they are the most active - black masked ones reign over the night, white masked ones over the day, and there are other colors as well. They are mostly friendly, peaceful and curious spirits who often stay invincible for us humans but occationaly make themselves seen. However there do also excist more malicious ones, for instance like the Skullerys or Skull Glowers (see my gallery). These Masked live in dark places like caves and eat the souls from poor animals that are unlucky to get in their path. And then theres the corrupted, the ones destroying, torturing and feasting upon human souls. One thing to point out is that the corrupted spirits do not have tasks asigned, they did once but neglected them. (leading on to their corruption). Corrupted spirits get "born" in 2 different ways, either they are simply made from darkness, or they are pure from the beginning but "loose their minds" and turn "bad". It is however rare that pure spirits become corrupted, but it can happen if they dwell in places that are tragic/bad in themselves, like where war has killed many, the Maskeds essence mingle with the essence of those places and become the same. They can also become corrupted if something very awful happen that is linked to the task they carry - an example would be if humans burnt down a birch forest - the Masked asigned to care for those birches could "loose its mind" as it without a task has no purpose. But often these Masked leave these places and find other (in this case) birches to care for, however some are really attached to what they have and so they can become corrupted. There is also one other possibility, a spirit born from darkness can corrupt a pure one if a battle is fought and lost by the pure. And just the same a Masked born from light can make a corrupted turn pure. 

Nontheless both the malicious kinds and the good ones can be loyal to their masters alike (however not the corruped), so inviting one into your me will be sure to give lots of luck, inspiration, creativity and happiness for all years to come! AND especially the malicious kind pose as amazing guardian spirits who will keep your home safe from bulglars and the likes. 

:bulletpurple: Design a Masked: Wolf Spirit using my template or draw it yourself - its very ok to trace it and color traditionally too!

:bulletpurple: Write a story about why it look the way it does (optional but appreciated)

:bulletpurple: Only 2 entries per person allowed

:bulletpurple: Small wings, horns/antlers, glow in the dark parts etc are allowed but dont go too crazy

:bulletpurple: You have to post your entry and link back to this contest in the description so I see it 

:bulletpurple: 3 winners will be chosen by me who all will get their design made on a Masked Wolf Spirit base of mine and shipped to them (at no cost). 

:bulletpurple: Just to clarify: This is a contest to design a Masked: Wolf Spirit and get the chance to win a full 3D sculpt of that design made by me, that however doesnt mean I give away the right to own the Masked, make more, sell, copy, etc etc etc it or this species. This is not a adopt/OC contest but a contest to win a sculpture. ^^ 

:bulletpurple: If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

:bulletpurple: Contest will end at the last day of august so you have plenty of time to make it

:bulletgreen: This is optional but if you want to help me share this contest around via journal or fb or wherever you want I would appreciate it like nothing else! It would help me a great lot! :heart: :heart: :heart:

And lastly HAVE MUCH FUN OR IT DOEST COUNT!!!!!!!!! :dummy: :love:

Thank you SO much sis Vattukatt for helping me with the template! <333
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Haschka, the main character of Passage. She's a cute small and chubby vixen <3

I'll draw the pages on paper, means that I have to use everywhere the same colors for one character. I'm usually using a copic base color + a polychromos shade (+ some extra colors to make it more interesting and real). C means copic, P polychromos, e.g. CE21 is the copic #E21.

'Passage' by *PrinzNero and =Lunakia


Commission Information

Yes, I'll do reference sheets too x3
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Was sind Ebenenmasken und wie arbeitet man damit?
Hier ein kleines Tut dafür :)

Bitte nicht ohne meine Erlaubnis irgendwo hochladen!

Kritik und Anregungen sind immer willkommen!

Referenz: [link] von *venomxbaby
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Und von Grauskala zu Rappe :)

Bitte nirgendwo ohne meine Erlaubnis hochladen!

Kritik und Anregungen sind immer willkommen!

Referenz: [link] von *venomxbaby
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Another NPC for :icondevilsshadowoct:

Name: Colin
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ht: 5’ 7”
Wt: 139 lbs.
Ability: Seeing into any world/dimension he isn’t currently in (We’ll call it ‘peering’ to give the ability a sort of nickname)
Likes: Dakota; Friendly, nice people; Animals; Mythology; History
Dislikes: Being reminded that he is ‘blind’; Insects; Pasta; Tizuka; Having to be dependent on others; Being in unfamiliar places
Favorite food: Fruits, especially pineapple
Wanted to (Reason for Tizuka picking him as an NPC): Seek out possible competitors
Goal in life: to publish a novel

Personality: Despite being blind, Colin talks to any new people he meets anywhere and enjoys making friends. If he knows someone is near him, he will try to start a conversation and get to know them. He tries to be nice and not insult people, but if he does he apologizes several times. He is very gullible and trusts people easily. Colin doesn’t like having to be dependent on others to be able to get around properly and know what is going on. He would much rather be able to take care of himself, but with his disability it is difficult at times. He has a gentle grip and does not feel the need to grip things tightly, resulting in the dropping of items. He doesn’t want to damage anything by holding it too tightly, not realizing that dropping them can be worse.

Bio: Colin has been “blind” since birth. He cannot see in the world/dimension he is currently in, but he can see into others. His favorite pastime is looking around other worlds with his ‘peering’ ability. (When he is ‘peering’ into another world, he walks around like a ghost. He can see everything and go anywhere but only special individuals will be able to see that his ‘spirit’ is there.) If someone touches him during this, they can join in on the fun and walk around with Colin in another world. That will also be the only time he can see what they look like. When he (or other people) are ‘peering’, they get a blank stare and their real bodies are immobile. So when they are walking around, their real bodies won’t be wandering around and possibly fall off a cliff and kill them. He doesn’t have a harness for Dakota since he wants to sort of ‘blend in’, and Dakota stays right at his side so it works out anyway. Colin is from a rich family, so he usually has a servant with him as well. He enjoys walking around town and going outside with one of the servants and Dakota.

Name: Dakota
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Species: German Shepherd
Ht: 2 ft
Wt: 80 lbs
Bio: She was the best of her class and always stays close to her ‘master’. She even sleeps next to Colin on his bed at night to protect him. Dakota also protects him from potential threats and enemies by barking and growling at them (even biting if necessary).

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Colin and Devil's Shadow OCT are mine

The Seer: Colin
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Sesha Icon by AkliasinSesha (Sääscha)
the Seducer


Friends: (Valora) - (wow one XD hopes comes more)

Art: (c) Snow-Body , NeonRaptor & SiiLvAH & ItsOver900O

Sesha as human: (how he could look)
Seducer by NeonRaptorinfluencing by Snow-BodyYou've got till 3 to get outta my way... by ItsOver900OWho's sexier? by Snow-Body

*Download for full size*
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