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Here is a little tutorial how I draw fur. I think it works just with tablet. You will just need the airbrushtool.

Note: Try different sizes for the fur. ;)

Any suggestions for the next Tutorial?
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Edit: Updated with new and clear reference!

Finally, I worked on the sketchy ref of my beloved T0Xx to give him this new one <3 Well, the side view of the tail fails a bit, but so what~

Hope you like him! Oh, and feel free to draw him, but don't forget to show me the result ;3

Art and character belong to me, =Lunakia


1000 :points: GIVEAWAY

Commission Information

I'm doing reference sheet commissions! c:


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Entertaining the thought of having a sona that looks a little like me. Hair colour, "skin" colour, hair style, clothes im wearing right now and jewellery. A bit more personal than my other design.
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Hi boys and girls!
Meet a new species of mine called Ladae.
Yes, this will be an OPEN species, but You'll have to show me your design first for me to approve it.

They all have an wing marking on their shoulder or their back. They use these to fly, but those will only appear the Ladae no longer touch the ground.
All Ladae have an white dot on both their ears.

also, remember that Dark ones aren't so common. So I don't want all dark ones.
Also theit pawpads match their eyes, and they have 2-3 spines on their lower back.

Also only their mane and tail have bright colours!!

if you follow this then it shouldn't be a problem. But still, please note or comment your design to me, and don't be mad when I tell you to change something about it!
But yes, I want to share this species with you.

I hope you like my Ladae and enjoy them!

art and species me
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and then i was a massive douche and kept hi for myself bye
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This textures weren't 'found', I made every single one of them so, please, if you download this pack, like or leave a comment below and don't claim any of the stuff inside as yours and don't repost! I had a lot of work doing all that then I'll be very glad if you do this small thing for me :) 
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Haschka, the main character of Passage. She's a cute small and chubby vixen <3

I'll draw the pages on paper, means that I have to use everywhere the same colors for one character. I'm usually using a copic base color + a polychromos shade (+ some extra colors to make it more interesting and real). C means copic, P polychromos, e.g. CE21 is the copic #E21.

'Passage' by *PrinzNero and =Lunakia


Commission Information

Yes, I'll do reference sheets too x3
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I put this in Vector art section but I'm not so suureeeee....

This is like my second ever of which was drawing hands :s....bit of a difference now...this one took screen shots maaaan...anywho enjoy my pedegree chums.



Any questions fire away please!
I may not have been clear in areas so if lots of questions are asked I will make an FAQ here...not that it will happen :)

Just thought I would put up a small tutorial on super clean lineart.

If you don't have adobe illustrator you can always stop and just clean up your's easy enough.

All art on here is miiiine...
I may be putting this out as free line art soon, along with a Thourghbred and a Quarter horse...doing them for a project.
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Edit: She's not my fursona anymore, Dante is :3

Here's a reference for my fursona, Secret.


Secret (Nickname:"Boo")


15 Human Years




March 3rd




Quiet, shy, can be loud, sometimes very depressed, somewhat bi-polar, friendly, sarcastic, keeps emotions to herself, doesn't trust easily, loner.


Sleeping, being with others that she likes, thinking, writing, drawing, purple, black, blue, red, climbing, alone time, being lovey, rats, screamo.


Vacuum cleaners, loud noises, pink, complain-y people, show-offs, people of authority, conflict, awkwardness, big social events, pop music, soda.


Thermophobia(fear of hot objects) and Fear of Lakes and Dark Water(where you can't see the bottom)

When you can't draw...make reference sheets.
Character and Art belongs to me
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Joint Sky Icon for Snow-Body 2/2 by ZombieMutt13Seraphim
(c)  Snow-Body & LittleAmira

Husband: ?

pink-white sparkle can be around her. love to wear pearls, feathers... eye markings BLACK! (those lines)

Friends: Sitis, alone....

Art (c) NeonRaptor (anthro, back, markings ...!) & Szczurzyslawa (sketch in the bg) & Snow-Body (feral, headshot, right anthro, paw, ref sheet)

Seraphim as human:Seraphim by FrozenViolinist (how she could look)
Seraphim by NeonRaptorCommission: Dear Sister by framtidenRinaeria Trade by Xivaque*01242014* Snow-Body by Trick-or-Treat
Old Ref:

Special Thanks to NeonRaptor because she did the anthro drawing markings back etc
because i'm so fucking lazy XD and can't draw always anthro. so please STALK HER!!!!
She is awesome! *** I really need more information for her XD

DOWNLOAD-bigger version

Her background story:
Meadows of Heaven (Sample)"I can do no Evil."
It was her oath, a statement, a command- but now it was a question.
Seraphim took a moment to look around the landscape, almost drowning in harmonic beauty. Grass swayed and rustled in a warm caressing breeze. Chirps and the beat of tiny wings in the sky, even the quietest of sounds, the whisper of wishes could be heard by Seraphim. She drew in a breath, fresh grass and new wood and wild garlic caught and lifted her senses. The Meadows of Heaven were vast and untainted.
But she might be.
All of this had started about a week in earth time before...
Seraphim is an angel. And she has a command that she must follow, else she would end up like her sister, residing in Hell. She was one of those who took the souls of the good to Heaven. She was staring in the lake, the serene calm of the water's surface with her canine form gazing back at her, a symphony of a starless black canvas with white dashed down her ears and back, whilst wading in the colour over her legs. Her mane

written by Symrea
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