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Hey guuys~
Im back with a little draw of Christmas!!! ^v^
I hope you live  a happy holiday! Love snowmans and snow, and trees and lights...i work a lot in the BG this time...i hope you like it!
I explain the scene: a little boy bought some christmas ornamentation and he's back to his house :33 With his little cat!!
The background is the village, with snow falling and houses and trees and...dah, that is all Q v Q

Tomorrow i will send it!! Its my first time in this project, so i hope that someone receive it!! *-*

I work a lot on this so i hope you like it!!! :iconfangirlzplz:
Hope you like the coloring too, it was difficult ; v ;
Now im going to study. Love you guys:3

full view plzz:3
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Blair (SE) in her cat form~


Cuz mascots should not be slaved by cats.

I bet there'll be a ton of Warriors fanart being posted today xD

How that pumpkin is staying at that angle we shall never know...

For some reaon I like blair, even though she can be kinda... disturbing... at times.

But she's just so innocent so, that's probably why I like her xD

Just... let's keep Issun away from her, neh? (and Spirit, but a bit too late for that...)

Blair belongs to Atsushi Okubo
Texture: [link]
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Had to get in on this cat fun =P Didn't have time to do more than a sketch but here you go a cat

sketch is of this pretty kitty [link]
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Happy Valentine's Day to All~

I might add a comment later after I get some sleep. 

For now, hope you guys like it. 
I guess this is my first personal artwork for 2014. :D

Oops forgot to update the description.
Anyway, I wanted to try something different; made my characters a bit more... Realisitc?
But I think I still like my old ones better. >.<
I'll try to challenge myself further in my next personal work. Hopefully I'll be happy with the result.
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I've never had strong feelings for Valentine's Day and at first I thought that the whole dA's Valentine Exchange thing was cheesy and stupid. After receiving a couple of valentine notes myself I changed my mind, it's actually a pretty sweet idea. 

So have an unusually sentimental Machete. With pink ribbons and a rose for you.
Just because.

Happy Valentine's Day, folks! :heart: 

Graphite, Gimp and Paint Tool SAI.

Artwork, character ©CanisAlbus
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For *KneelingGlory's [link] (Not for Sale contest) (+ [link] (update)) under the digital art category.

Created entirely in GIMP 2.6.7 with gimp-painter on karmic. Used a [link] (texture) from ~MindClot

My area of focus for this contest is southeast Asia, especially Cambodia, where men, women and children are sold into slavery of various evils including begging, forced labour, and prostitution. a close church friend of ours was Cambodian and my husband is half Malaysian half Taiwanese, so this area of asia has particular significance. in my childhood and teenage years i was also deeply concerned by child/child sexual abuse (CA, CSA), so that also contributes to this piece.

The jewellery worn by this child is intended to be ironic, inspired by traditional Cambodian dress in reliefs of goddess-like women in Cambodian religion. This is intended to represent the inappropriate substitution of a child for an adult act. The child is also wearing an adult-sized shirt of common southeast Asian style.


[link] (article for cambodia) from

"47 percent stated that their mother was the facilitator of their trafficking."

also see [link] ( by The Emancipation Network. This page indicates many children are trafficked by their parents, often for far less than the slave trader receives later on. Don't like to quote too much but it also gives insight on how trafficking happens, to whom (everyone, including tourists, but mostly certain groups), and what the implications are. It also briefly outlines their long/short term plans to combat trafficking.


CSA was a bit of an obsession of mine from a legal and psychological perspective so I hope you don't mind if I go on a bit about it here.

CSA (and indeed trafficking in general) is often viewed as "little girls being snatched away by nasty old men" when usually it is far more personal and devastating than that. I don't want to make this all about CSA but one of the most common issues victims deal with is the guilt - yes, guilt! CSA is much more complex than "stay away from dangerous situations" - we are dealing with families, children, lives, suffering.

Often the child takes on the responsibility and the shame, either inadvertently or as a result of being deliberately conditioned by the adult. This molds their identity as they grow up, commonly the child identifies themselves as a prostitute (having the lowest value of all social classes, vermin, dirty, worthless etc).

When a trafficking racket is uncovered by the authorities, the children themselves may be arrested as illegal immigrants or prostitutes, with no way of defense. Making it more complex is that their family is the one who usually sold them, and the child may feel that their slavery was a result of their own decision out of love for their family; therefore believing not only that they deserve the slavery but that they ARE an illegal immigrant, etc. On top of that, the child will be missing their family terribly too. The analogy in CSA is that the abuser is usually a member of the family, and ensures secrecy by calling on the child's loyalty to the rest of the family, eg "If you tell X about this, you'll tear our family apart." Again the child comes to believe that the abuse is somehow a decision made by them and therefore the only fault is their own. Yet, paradoxically they also know and love the person who abused them.

There is nothing simple about CSA. Neither is there about trafficking. Though yes the parents are frequently at fault, we cannot simply write off the parents for selling their child because the rest of the family was starving. It's conceivable even the slave trader's family was starving. Everyone is suffering to various degrees. Blaming any particular person is not the solution.


All that being said, psychology and the law is not the answer. We can analyse it until our witnesses and victims crumble, but nothing on this earth will permanently solve the evils of CSA or human trafficking. They said slavery was abolished, once, but we know now that was not true - rather it thrived in greater secrecy.

We must love people and help them to escape a cycle of human trafficking if we can. But I believe our best attempts cannot fully abolish slavery. If you and I are human, we'll both see and inflict suffering; and with it cruelty, slavery, violations of various human rights. Humanity, including you and i, we are evil. We cannot save ourselves. And you may disagree with me, but I will tell you that only Jesus can do that.
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Yes halloween is coming! :dummy :the beautiful weather, the bunch of parties i'd love to go but end up being too lazy to actually, and then that confused state of mind where i ask myself, how come i almost never party on halloween if i like it so much D'8 i'm sorry if i've just depressed you a little bit o.o

THIS IS A "REDO" OF AN OLD DRAWING of mine GUISE! from 2008 OMG! i didn't even have prismacolor pencils back then D': the horror
how do you like my background skillz though :iconsexybrowsplz:

She's a very old OC, Alice (:
here's the original: 31  the one thing i kept completely unchanged was her eye cause i love it :3 other than that, sweet baby jesus SO MUCH wrong with it D:
here's a side-to-side-comparison: Comparisonosnosnosnsos

hope you guys like it :3

This is also meant as an entry to this contest: 'Halloween Theme' CONTEST~! by AsukiSanNMei :3
for more halloween contests, check out my contests folders:…
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I can only imagine what it must feel like to be the top of your food chain in your natural environment...

before being sedated and shipped to a whole different continent where you're now in chains, stuck in a cage that compared to your jungle might drive the most un-claustrophobic to the point of insanity.

Where the merciless circus 'master' whips you and makes you stand on your hind legs and roar while batting at the air,
like a common house cat.

Of course there are those kinder circus owners that do care for their animals.
But just as there are kind pet owners that treat their dogs and cats etc as family.

There are the abusive ones that beat their pets like worthless animals.
Unfortunately, frankly I have to study for a math test and this sounds out of place. Or else I'd be doing research to fill this with material on Abusive Circus's and the majestic animals in their custody.

Haha.. frankly speaking as well, I don't like this image at all, for the most part. Boring concept and wacky shading xD Only thing that makes me like it just enough to submit is I guess the experimental technique on fur movement.. and direction. //didn't come out as planned but oh well >~<
But at least it'll do something to get the attention of 'viewers like you' :3

Just remember that there are always animals in need, just like us. But unlike us, we're the cause of their problems.

If you can't donate or take action in the field, then use art, literature, photography, as your way to spread awareness for a good cause :)

Want to save these animals?
Join #AnimalAwareness to show your support for saving endangered and abused animals and contribute to our galleries to spread the awareness!

|Other works by me|

Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 1-2 hours(sketch and finishing the image up)
Corel Painter 12: 1 hour (base coloring)
[lost track of time]
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