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VU football. done for my reel and other cases. i have more to do, but of course.... i'z haz to do other folks' work. this was getting fun but i'm stopping. probably get back to it on a day i feel my best. please enjoy this as i enjoyed animating it.

basically was going to be a football game. my VU characters vs a bunch of supernatural footballers. have so many ideas i gotta put on the back ends. i really REALLY can't wait to start working with other animators this year. i'm a noob but i would so work my best. here's to my year and yours of course. (toasts with a glass of warm milk)
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Uploaded this to youtube a while ago, felt like uploading it here too.

Has no sound right now.

Animation I was working on when I was in University but never completed for various reasons. Gonna add extra bits I feel are really needed later on.
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An animation I trying to complete!

work in progres!

later I`ll add secundary animation, clothes, clean up and color

this is just a pencil test

character animation and timming by ME

voice by ma beloved Estefania morales Thank u babe
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Commissioned by :iconlovelychu:

Lovelychu's OC character Himawari and Shikamaru from Naruto.
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this is a demo for a tv spot for Honduras, about a bizzare hero of tomato sauce :XD: [link]
I try to use the old comic print texture as an interesting graphic resource... I'm working on the final tv spot... hope U like it :)
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Unfinished episode 01 of the animated series i was attempting to do.
the subtitles haven't been set or timed, and only 1 scenes worth of dialog has been added.
but what little here should give you a loose sense of where I was trying to go with this animated project. C:

this is totally as far as i was able to get on episode 01 of Munch Chunky before realizing that in order to do a full series (6 minute episodes, every 2 weeks)
I would have to hire a team of 5 animators, and pay theem at minimum $10 an hour, where we would then work at least 10 hour days on everything from foley, storyboards, to the clean up animation.

and if you do the math, that's a lot of money, per day, week, and month.

if Munch Chunky were the only project I was working on, i would be able to produce an episode per month by myself.
it's not the only project though.

but to tell this story right, it has to come out on at least a bi-weekly basis. (i think you know where i'm going with this
until i can afford to pay a crew of animators, i can only tell the story of Munch Chunky one other way.
as a comic.
it's not the intended way.
but, in all honesty, the pages can one day serve as the animations storyboards.
one day.
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I think this is the final time I'll be posting this, I have the rest of the day to touch up any bits I feel need fixing but overall I think I have a final result. if you have any suggestions I could fix within an 11 hour period I would love to hear them.

I'm certain I wont get 1st place with this, but I hope to at least get top 10 or something lol. Either way I had so much fun making this and its been a great learning experience which I can use for future projects.

forgot to mention.. sound is provided by the 11 second club from the film "O Brother, Where art thou?"
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By clicking on the "wrench" icon on the bottom of the player, you can choose 720p. PLEASE WATCH IN HD xD

TBH he looks a bit like mako lol
Okay folks... What you see before you is friggin 112 layers of hardwork and 12 hrs of extreme research and scratching away at the Wacom Create! And voila, my favorite animation I have ever done, if thats not gloating I dunno wat is xDDD

The specs (READ CAREFULLY!!)

--Referenced a lot of bboying videos, and tbh these are the two I most heavily relied on: [link] [link]

--The music is COMPLETELY ROYATLY FREE and can be listened to here: I think its an awesome song.... [link]

--Yes, the scratch at the start of the video is made by my mouth xD I am a rookie beatboxer myself, and I plan on adding my own routine to my next bboying animation xDDD

--Softwares Used:
------------:iconadobepsplz: for drawin and animating;
------------Adobe Premiere and After effects for adding music and exporting

A lot of effort put into this one, please temme how you like it! xD

ŠIzanagi Aadi | ARTworks 2012
Please dont steal, BROFISSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!

Snapshot of working process:

My animation and Film:

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:star; attention, at the ending part with rose, she calls Matt her nephew, due to bad english back then xD lol but it sohuld have been cousin

Azurehowl Episode 3 when help is needed (uploaded on youtube originally and now uploaded on deviantart as well )

:bulletblue: I wanna note from the start people, This is old

:bulletblue: Haahaha xD yaya I remember the making of this episode so well ^-^ This believe it or not, was one of my favorite episodes to make x) I had so much fun animating Ruuza batteling those earth wolves, especially my fav animation was when she jumped on the head and such x) I back then was a littlebit sad I didn' make that scene longer ^^' oh well x)

:bulletblue: This episode was originally uploaded on 1 october 2010 , in other words people, this is OLD, why i'm mentioning this is simpel, i'm aware that on Deviantart you have a lot more chance of having people telling you what's wrong and what you should work on, that's why i'm mentioning the date, I can't edit this episode ( so subtitles and grammar mistakes can't be fixed ), the only way for me to edit this episode, would be to start over, but personally I prefer working on my new episodes, otherwise i'm gonna be stuck with the old ones for ever... So please no need to tell me what should change, and what's wrong this is old, also quallity of sounds or voice actors people, I don't need to hear it

:bulletblue: Programs = Photoshop, Sony vegas, wmm

:bulletblue: All information , credits, music, voice actors all stand in description, I wouldn't mind adding it here, but personally people it's an old episode, so if you want information on voice actors I suggest you to look in the credits on the vid


:bulletblue: you don't know what %AzureHowl is ? No worries, feel free to check out the current group to find out, and below you can find the official Azurehowl episode list.
AzureHowl Animation Episode list 1-6 by AzureHowlShilach
This is the official episode list, Here you can find back all current episodes!


Ruuza-stamp by AzureHowlShilachLuna-stamp by AzureHowlShilachLocin-Stamp by AzureHowlShilachChaos-stamp by AzureHowlShilach
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REUPLOAD! in the film Gallery ;)

BUBU show OPENING 2005 Copyright TeleCorporacion Salvadoreña TCS

this is the finished version for a tv show intro

music by: Miguel Mesa TCS Audio stdio

story board
frame by frame animation ( with mi hand :) )
colors in photoshop
composition in after effects
edition on Premier
and extra animation in Anime studio ( like those dancing flower that appear in the back ground in the garden )

frame rate: 24 FPS
real size: 720 X 486
time: 00:01: and some seconds :P

more stuff about this animation:

a sequence that I had to remove :( ( a clown was removed from the show) check it here [link]

character sketches:

some backgrounds (my favourite is the first one ;) ) :


I hope u like it :)

c ya
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