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glad I could get a film account so I could share this with you guys.

made entirely in After Effects CS5 for my after effects class. rough in some spots but I was happy I was able to do this much in the amount of time I had.
(sound added in Final Cut Pro)

alt link on vimeo: [link]
openfilm: [link]
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Hi everyone! After a 6-year haitus, KAGE Productions is back in action and has completed its first animated trailer. This is the first in a series of animations that will begin airing online in 2013 based on my previously published manga graphic novel, Shadow Magic.

Please take a gander and let us know what you think!

VIEW FULL VERSION on Youtube: [link]

Couldn't figure out a setting for a more copressed filesize =_= so my apologies I couldn't upload the full version on DA since there's a 200mb cap.

Story: College student Lina and her best friend stumble upon ancient ruins of a mysterious origin and get pulled involuntarily into the politics and war of another world where magic and technology co-exist.

This trailer is a promo for the novel written by Tiffany Lei *cough yes me cough* and will be available in e-versions very soon! The first chapter of the manga is also available in print via the website and at KAGE Productions' convention booth. Chapter two is on the way and will be available in March of 2013.

Visit us on Facebook and Like us for the most up to date info and behind the scenes snippets!

Facebook: [link]
Website: [link]
DeviantArt: [link]


Storyboards: :icontiffa:
Animation: :icontiffa:
Background art: :icontiffa: and :iconcassiopeiaart:
3D Art and Animation: :iconelectronic-fox:
Manga Art: :icontiffa: and :iconsuitandarmour:
Music: Dynamedion (liscenced through ; Credits music copyright KAGE Productions
Editing: :icontiffa:

Everything in this belongs to KAGE Productions (me). All rights reserved! =D
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Oh! I can now post movies.

This has been colecting dust in my folders for the last 4 years...
It was my first student animated short which I completed in 2007 (in glorious 4:3) at the Cegep du Vieux Montréal.

Music by Bernard Asselin
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13 two-five minute poses with added inbetweens

Made with TVPaint
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An epic quest for a sacred artifact starring a single pixel and a dragon that vaguely resembles a duck.

All content copyright yours truly.
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Update 2: Freedom Fall is now available on Steam</a> for PC and Mac, iTunes, Android and the Ouya 

*UPDATE* Oh wow, a DD! <3 I've been so busy working on Freedom Fall, I only noticed today (and on my birthday, too!) Thanks DA!

Since I posted this video, we've been Greenlit on Steam, and are currently working hard on Steam-related features. Thanks so much for your support!


If you're unfamiliar with Freedom Fall, you can also check out the trailer there. If I had to describe the game in one sentence: It's a story-driven platformer where you'll want to be saved from the princess. I'm the creative director, responsible for the art, design, level building and story. It's been a two year journey from creating the prototype to building the game with Stirfire Studios to releasing at PAX Australia earlier this year.

To celebrate, here's a preview of the opening movie I've animated! If we get Greenlit, we'll be able to add this and new content to the game too. =)

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The Context

This was done for my 2D Animation class midterm last year. This was strictly speaking an After Effects assignment, and though most of it is just individual frames imported from PhotoShop, I did need a lot of After Effects skills to sew it together.

The Behind-the-Scenes

Frames were "hand drawn" in Photoshop CS5.5 using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and brought into After Effects CS5.5, except for the carnosaur which was a puppet with pieces drawn in Photoshop and rigged in After Effects. Sounds are from

The original storyboards started at primordial soup and ended at a pair of cockatiels, but after I realized this was a MIDTERM project and not a TERM project I had to cut out acts 1 and 3. O.o Animation takes... a while....

I didn't really do much paleontology research for this but I used to be into dinosaurs like ten years ago and this is based on what I remember.

EDIT: original storyboards available here: [link]

The Ranting

There are mistakes all over the place and I didn't have time to properly synch the sound or add touches like eye blinks during the walk cycles, but I do like the way it looks overall. I also would've liked the running up the tree bit to be a new cycle, but there wasn't time to do it.

The Rejoicing

I was so glad when this was done! And there are bits of it I really, really like, like the running dino animation (after our hero gets startled by the carnosaur).

EDIT: Holy cow a DD?!
Wow, thank you so much ^kingmancheng! I'm delighted by everyone's enjoyment of this little short. :3
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Thanks so much for the DD. I am really honored. I hope everyone likes it.
Also the PVC figure is still available for preorders here: [link]

Thanks, Hauke
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My First Line Animation
Assignment consists of 200 pictures , looping animation
8 hours work in total ++
no tracing makes the working even longer

Adobe Photoshop CS 5.0 , edited on After Effects

*EDIT: downloadable

youtube: [link]
vimeo: [link]
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Collab with *KajikoKylance:iconkajikokylance:~!

Youtube version: [link]

ˇˇˇˇˇHere you have the whole picture!!!! ^w^/

Kajiko and I have made a parody of this Ending using our Pokémon Adventure forum characters, ALL THEM!!! And all the characters have with them their starter pokémon!! I made the pokémon and the Premiere work while she made the human characters and part of the backgroud *^*

The characters, from left to right, his/her starter and the owner in the forum:

Lina Ryűsaki (c) + Chikorita *Lina17Inverse
Kajiko Bethner (c) + Flaaffy *KajikoKylance
Yvi Hibiki (c) + Growlithe *Cachomon
Mitsui Hibiki (c) + Deerling *Cachomon
Dag (c) + Shiny Zorua *KajikoKylance
Ada Gamansu (c) + Poochyena *Foxymon
Will (c) + Absol *KajikoKylance
Ureshi (c) + Politoed (+Spiritomb) *KajikoKylance
Kajiko Kylance (c) + Buizel *KajikoKylance
Ronnie Odair (c) + Purrloin ~DeiAkMa
Michael Locks (c) + Beldum (Tank) ~Trencalos
Kirin (c) + Riolu *Cachomon
Eon Dalmau (c) + Bulbasaur ~Eonkun
Tony Stark + Porygon-Z (Jarvis) *KajikoKylance
Steve Rogers + Braviary ~DeiAkMa
Tyrano (c) + Mandibuzz *Cachomon

Art (c) :iconcachomon: & :iconkajikokylance:

I hope you like it *A*/~! :iconawwwplz:

Programs used: SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Time Spent: mmm 3-4 days more or less (but in hours, maybe 2 days as much)
Tony Stark & Steve Rogers belong to MARVEL, all other OCs belong to their owners
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