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:iconhe-manplz: AND OMG DID HE TRY :iconyoutriedplz:

...Haley is a known menace around the office - She knows full well that Jules has a mild phobia of Whimsicott thanks to her, and she fully abuses this to prank him as often as possible. XD

This comic was doodled up ages ago in response to a bit of a silly mishap we had (Jules can't make lists, apparently XD) and I just never really got around to finishing it until tonight, thanks to chat having a drunk-drawing night. Because everything's funnier when you're tipsy and have trouble colouring between the lines. XD

Also it's totally his bday in a few days, so that's the perfect time to poke fun at my boy lol
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zatanna my fav girl in JLU/JLA. so sexy!
was gonna finish her off. but suddently i just lost interest...-____- ever happen to u?

so now its just a sketch. will move to scraps soon.
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In which you see Taz take a day off to reflect on what those around her really mean to her.

Happy Valentines, BFOI. <3

Trainer Info:
Taz & Gen - [link]
Marie - No App Yet
Niko - [link]
Tash - [link]
Nats - [link]
Marty - [link]
Jules - [link]
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My personal fave - Robin from Young Justice as Sailor Robin!

Do you like her? ^_^ Tell me!

Make your own here: [link]
Dollmaker (c) !DracheaRannak & ~dolldivine
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Woo Woo!! I'm sorry DC the comic is AWESOME but I will always feel that show in my soul!!!! :D [Static pictured]
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Eager to prove she's not a whirlwind of disaster like her reputation says, Taz has accepted a role as a Judge and Demonstrator within an elite Coordinators Circle.

Even though the Team is primed for battles, just like their Trainer, their ability to perform on any stage is second-to-none and they can pull some amazing combos when the timing is just perfect!

Additional Info

Age: 26
Height: 5' 9"
Personality: Loud and ego-centric, but loyal to those she watches over.
Likes: Trolling Trainers and Coordinators ~
Dislikes: SPIDERS. Because f*** Spiders! >BU

History: Largely public. There's no hiding her rep for being destructive, nor her involvement with the BFOI and all its disasters.
That said, at the end of BFOIY2, she left the Ohana Islands, sorely needing a break from just everything. She travelled Unova again, met a few new 'mons, and subsequently got sucked into the world of Pokéstar Studios, which she and her team didn't leave for months -- The call of the silver screen was too much fun!
Following various successes in Pokéstar, she came out with a rather different outlook on life, which was about as unserious as a person could get.
Meeting up with Twili, a long time friend, it didn't take much convincing to join the Coordinators Circle - After all, the job required nothing but her showing off and being a troll! What could be better than that?!
That of course brings us to the present time that Coords sits in - One where Taz appears to take nothing seriously, and has far too much fun in her current job ~

Pokemon: Many and varied, but all ridiculously overpowered, just the way she likes 'em. They're also all very quirky and have a knack for getting into mischief just like their Trainer.

Genevieve - Gen for short, she is the 2iC on the team, and the one making a lot of Taz's pranks possible. Her pesonality is pretty similar to Taz's, albeit a lot calmer.
She has a air of mystery surrounding her at times. Especially as she seems more human than Pokémon most of the time.........
Note: Gen is mute, and communicates via Psychic.
Draco - Was Taz's first ever Pkmn and never not on her team. Just like the Trainer, he's capable of pulling ridiculous feats out of nowhere, thinks quickly and somewhat abstractly in battle, and doesn't mind a good bit of attention either.
He's a massive beast, standing at nearly 14' tall now.
Neptune - A swarmy git who's handsome as all heck and he damn well knows it ~ One of the few walls on Team Taz, he can take anything you can throw at him and make it look sexy.
Kazul - The original troll on Team Taz, Kazul's abilities are keenest in her flying agility. She can stop on a dime and pull aerial manuevers like noones business.
Gervaise - An honourble knight in every sense of the word, Gervaise is steadfast and strong. His appeals usually happen in doubles, as his best side is shown when partnered up with Firestorm.
Firestorm - This beast lives up to his name, being known for his 'Solarzard Deathray', and is usually partnered up with Gervaise for double appeals/battles as they make an excellent combo as Dragon & Knight Rider.

You can find out more about Team Taz and their history via their Tumblr and have a look at the current Trainer Registry to keep up to date with her story there as it unfolds.

Appeals and Demos:

(In order of occurance)

Maiden's Peak - [link] [link]
Saffron City - [link]
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Not part of my canon character series, but fun just the same. This is from roleplay, actually.

Rex Stewart/Warhawk and Olivia Dinah Queen/Black Canary. both of them are actual characters from DC's various canons, but their relationship came about IRP. And it's so fun. Rex is all battle-worn and stoic, all stability and order. Olivia is light and exciting, all chaos and romance.

Liv and Rex are DC's. This pic is mine.

"She was the one to hold me the night the sky fell down,
And what was I thinkin' when the world didn't end?
Why didn't I know what I know now?

When you look at her, she looks at me.
She's got me thinkin' about her constantly,
But she don't know how I feel.

And if she carries on without a doubt,
I wonder if she'll figure out,
I'm crazy for this girl.

Yeah, I'm crazy for this girl."

~Evan & Jaron - Crazy For This Girl~
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Jason Todd (c) to DC comics.
PankakeCarnivor (c) to Herself.

For :iconpankakecarnivor: who requested herself together with Jason Todd.

Sorry about the hair :( Curly hairs are really difficult to draw, I hope you don't mind that the hair style is slightly altered :>
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Fan-art of Klarion from Young Justice~~~~
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So I just watched the recent episode TTG episode and... I doodled a thing
let's face it Robin should have worn the bikini
I'm going to understand if I get kicked out of the fandom for things like this

I have no intention to infringe copyrights through my fan artworks/ ideas/ concepts or whatsoever

Teen Titans Go! is owned by DC Comics
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