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Tumblr dumping ground

Name: Evelyn D'Amico
Age: 18
Height: 5'3
Weight: 47kg
Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto

Evie is an energetic little lady who spends most of her time swimming, watching other people swim and running in place when bored to let out all her pent up energy.
Raised by an ocean fanatic of a swimming instructor, Evie may be a little serious when it comes to water safety, that doesn't stop her from enjoying herself, but she will lose her mind if she catches you running by the pool.
On weekends she can often be found training her pokemon just outside of the harbour. She is incredibly competitive and a terrible sore loser, so it's probably not a good idea to challenge her to a battle. Least you wish to become a tasty snack for Aldric.

Evelyn works as a lifeguard and swim coach within Hyperion. Wherever there is water, she is there. Saving butts and kicking lives.

Aldric: Evelyns baby. Aldric was her first pokemon given to her by her Mother. As a magikarp he was child friendly and easygoing so pretty much perfect for a little kid to train and raise up. He's as energetic as Evie is and loyal to the bone, but maybe a little more irratable.

Prince: Absolutely silent and still, Prince doesn't move until he's summoned for battle, he only watches intently. He's very hard to read but Evie's sure he's enjoying himself. He hasn't kicked up a stink yet so that's a good sign.

Dorian: A lazy bum tirtouga. He loathes battle and often times acts as though he's above all that. Evie's intent of whipping him in to shape though, he just needs a little more insentive than the others. Usually snacks.

Ernest: Another gift pokemon from her Mother, Ernest was given to Evie as an egg, a child of her faithful partner pokemon. He's a cheerful sort, just born with the wrong expression. He shows affection by gently biting. Really, he's not mean at all, blood means he loves you.
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Name: Eli
Age: 32
Hometown: Humilau City, Unova
Height: 5'7
Weight: 68kg

About Eli:
An arrogant man with nothing to lose, Eli hardly acts his age but often boasts his elder status over younger trainers, he's known to harbour little respect for those younger than himself.
Eli is rather lazy and always will take the easy route in everything he does.
He's not a very open person, and tends to avoid people when possible, when forced to mingle he switches to rude mode until he's left be.
Is known for being rather ruthless when it comes to competition. If he's pitted against a kid he wont hold back at all, call it a harsh life lesson of sorts~

Other things
- Loves to disagree with people for fun, he's known for saying he dislikes even things that he enjoys just to see if it will rile people up.
- He likes ugly pokemon and is hoping throwing Little John into harsh battles will rough him up a bit so he evolves with some nice battle scars.
- He once hiked up a mountain just to dropkick a charizard in the face for not being a real dragon.
- Alternate outfit Alternate Shirt

The Pokemon
Margo:Possibly brain damaged from too many battles, Margo is fierce but a little bit direction impaired. Known for hurling attacks in random directions.

Mahtoek: A brutish creature, he's rather careless in battle and will run head first into any attack with his own relentless assault. He's thick skinned and tough but lacks stamina because of his carelessness.

Little John: Eli's recent purchase, he brought Little John from a breeder for his rare colouration and intends on evolving him and training him to be a tough monster for his team of dragons. They often disagree.

Mary-Anne: An old beast from the coast of Humilau, being passed down 4 generations within Eli's family, Mary-Anne is a harsh, brutal creature with more experience in her little claw than Eli has in general. Her and Eli don't get along well.

I know, changed again ;u; I just thought a fresh start was needed~ Simple character this time haha.
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EDIT: Updated with post mission 1 info.

General Info

Squad: Scouting legion

Name: Franziska "Franzi" Sturm
Ethnicity: German
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 58 kg

Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Black



Combat - 8
Teamwork - 1 -> 3 The last few months, coupled with fighting alongside Konstantyn during the assault have made her warm up to the idea of teamwork a bit.
Strategy - 4 -> 5 Having to navigate a titan-infested district teaches you a thing or two about thinking on your feet.
Defence - 4
Agility - 8 -> 9 As horrible as it may have been, the recent invasion was still the best training for her 3DMG skills.


Franziska likes to present herself as tough and strong at all times. The harsh world she lives in has shaped her in its very own way to the point that she feels like she cannot allow herself to ever show any weakness in front of her comrades, or anybody for that matter. No need to bring down the morale with any crying or faltering, right? Though it is not all too hard to break through all that, if one just knows how to rile her.

Thing is, this attitude makes her often come across as abrasive and uncooperative to anybody else. It doesn't help that she's already spent too much time around soldiers and has become rather foulmouthed as a result.

Though the main reason for her working badly with others, is a pure and simple fear of her mistakes getting her comrades killed. Franziska has a bad habit of claiming responsibility for every death she thinks she could have prevented. In general, she only really winds down after knowing someone for a longer time, but this isn't exactly easy in a squad with such a high fatality rate.


After the most recent assault on the walls Franziska has warmed up to cooperative fighting at least a little. If anything, she figured that it's better to at least fight alongside her comrades to keep them safe. One could say that her protective streak has grown quite a bit. And after all those months with her squad, she's become more willing to just let her guard down a little at times.

Past Story

While humanity was growing complacent with its peace behind the walls, Franziska grew up within one of the districts of Wall Maria. Sure, it was the outermost wall at the time, but no one would have ever expected that it might ever get breached. It was a quiet life - even though Franziska's mother served within the stationary guard, nothing major ever happened. Humanity had its giant walls and only scouts ever had to fight, so why worry?

Franziska herself joined the military to follow in her mother's footsteps, rather than doing so to follow any big cause. It just seemed appropriate at the time. And seeing how there had been no major onslaught in a century, her parents did not really object to her career choice.

The little world they had built themselves only crumbled when all of the territories within Wall Maria found themselves overrun by titans, right after the armoured titan breached its inner gate. The little settlement where Franziska's family lived was no exception to that. She was only a rookie at that time, sent to the front as cheap cannon fodder. Even if it was her duty to fight, she was paralysed by her fear.

Her father and grandmother were still devoured on the spot and the rest of the family would have suffered the same fate, had it not been for one of the scouts killing the monster that had already killed two of them and bringing the rest of them to safety.

This entire event coloured Franziska's entire view of the military and the Recon Corps in general - and out of both gratitude and admiration the older man who saved her became something of a personal hero to her. Again, one of her decision was motivated due to her looking up to someone. This time, she scrapped all her plans of being a part of the Stationary Guard and enlisted into the scouts.

Over the time the older scout, Klaus, would form a sort of odd friendship. He simply enjoyed telling her all those stories about former expeditions he's been on. In particular, Klaus would often say that he just wanted to see the ocean once in his life before he'd ever allow himself to die. It was his big dream of freedom and in the end he died before ever seeing that endless blue. The only thing that could be recovered from his remains was an old, broken pocket watch. One that Franziska treasures until this day.

Despite that grand loss three years ago, she's been part of the Recon Corps ever since.


First, Franziska's reason was simply the wish of entering the military just like her mother before her. It was all before the massacre of Wall Maria and her younger self did not really much further than that.

Only after her time as a trainee, her motivations had changed.

Most of all, old Klaus passed his dream of freedom on to Franziska. She herself wants to see the world and that ocean the old man never got to see with his own eyes. In a way, she hates thinking that the deaths of all those scouts could have been in vain. So she wants to contribute to the cause they died for and honour all those sacrifices.

Additional notes

-> Franziska suffers from a slight case of rosacea, hence why her skin is permanently ruddy.
-> That's what having naturally sensitive skin paired with the stress of being in the military does to you.
-> Constantly zipping through the air might be one of the "culprits" as well.
-> In a way, she's lucky enough that it's only a very harmless case and little more than a permanent flush.

-> When she was a kid, Franziska already loved climbing on every tree and rooftop she could find and this love for being aloft has just grown after her first run-in with the titans. Add the 3DMG to that and eventually she's developed quite an obsession with being far away from the ground and feeling the wind in her face.
-> That might be the reason why some joke about her being part bird.

-> She always takes some time in the morning to do her braids. Call it a quirk of hers.

-> Klaus' old watch is always in her left breast pouch. In a way, it has become a lucky charm to her.

-> She hates being restrained in any way, whether it's tight spaces or her feeling like something's impeding her movement.

-> If she has the opportunity, she'll always sleep in a makeshift hammock instead of a bed.

-> Actually a pretty decent cook, but there's really not much time for that.

-> She loves just picking up any flowers that only grow outside of the wall.

-> Very prone to survivor's guilt.


-> In the meantime it has shown that she's a rather jealous person, due to her own insecurities.

-> In the same vein, she's rather scared about "messing up" a relationship somehow and thus needs some validation here and there.



[Under construction]

Konstantyn McNair:

Fidel del Tierra:

Tuesday Belyakova:

Natalia Holzmann:

Avery Krause:

Salma Ida Sinclair:

Koldan Iakovek:

Task 2

Steel bites into flesh, it cuts and tears until that giant neck is cut open down to the bone. That one, vital lump of flesh falls to the forest ground and so does the rest of the titan's grotesque body with a resounding thud. So far so good, but the one thing Franziksa didn't consider was how cutting through that tough skin would throw her off-balance. Four years in the legion or not, fatigue breeds poor planning.

Maybe she should be grateful that it's just a tree branch she crashed into and not the next flesh-eating giant, though her ribs sure didn't appreciate the impact. The girl's breathing comes out in short, hectic huffs as she takes a look around. Below her, it's basically hell - for lack of a better comparison: giant mouths with those horrible, yellow teeth and deformed grins; hands that reach up for any soldier they can just snatch out of the air and- well, some didn't make it.

That scene, it's all too familiar. There's only two possible outcomes when titans and humans run into eachother and here's the ugly side of it again. Hell, Franziska has seen it before, but the sight never fails to make her throat grow dry and let cold sweat run down her back.

There's little time for losing herself in disgust, however, as her rotten luck just so decides to have a fifteen meter class make a beeline for her with that same grin - too much of a good reminder of what will happen if she doesn't move, that's for sure. Franziska's limbs feel heavy, but in her head she keeps screaming at her body to move, bail, get away from that thing.

She barely manages to zip away when a giant hand comes crashing down into the branch she's been standing on and breaks it like some tiny splinter. That could have been her.

Alright, just move, move, cut its neck open and then get the hell out of here – it’s what she keeps telling herself to not screw up again. Almost there, almost, Franziska can already smell that rotten breath, she grabs both her blades, tighter and-

Someone just zips by, and the deformed giant falls like a sack of potatos. Franziska’s jaw drops in a mix of relief and indignation, she wants to scream something along the lines of „That’s no fair“ and „You kill stealer!“, but following the rest oft he squad is more important now. So she does, before the next titan can show its ugly mug.

Only later, she notices that one of her blades is broken.


:bulletpurple: Task 1&2: You are here.
:bulletpurple: Task 3-A:
:bulletpurple: Task 3-B (collab):


:bulletred: Mission 1 (collab): 

:bulletred: Mission 1, second part: 
C-A Mission 0.1: OnwardNo matter what came their way - the military police, broken gates, titans - at least they could always face it together. As abrasive as Franziska could be, there was always something reassuring about having Konstantyn watch her back, they would both keep eachother's morale up.
All of this just makes the separation worse. It all happens too suddenly: a titan crashing right into that building, debris and dust flying up in the air and Franziska finds herself losing her balance. The meeting with the ground below is anything but a pleasant one. Blurry vision, aching bones and libs that won't obey - the worst that could happen in the middle of a titan attack.
And the thing closes in on her, baring horrible, yellow teeth , the horrible stench of rotting flesh follows, it’s pushing her to move, move, just move already damn it! Gritting her teeth, Franziska staggers back on her feet, slashes at the titan’s face as it approaches. That thing is messing with her, kind of like a cat pla
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Captain america movie version cubeecraft.
I want to thanks Chris from cubeecraft to achieve the shield's design.
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Hi there! :)

Many ppl asked how I draw manes digitally. I did a little step by step tutorial to give you the general idea behind. I know this method isn't the best around, but its perfect if you doesn't have a tablet or a reliable mouse. For example I like using this method when I work on my laptop touch-pad.
(Editor: GIMP)

I won't go into small details, but I try to write down the basics.
Please note, the uploaded pic is juts a rough illustration, but I think it's enough for a helping reference.

Ok so these are the steps:

TIP: for the hair/mane/tail/... you should use a separate layer! (BUT please note the whole thing should be on one layer with this method)

1. Draw the general shape of the hair/mane/tail or whatever you want. You need only one base color for this. You don't have to draw strokes here, just define some shape.
Tools: NO smudge, just a simple plain brush.

2.a. open your color palette and choose some additional colors you want to add. (usually it's the darker and lighter tones of the base color you picked, but it can be anything you like)
2.b. now change the width of your brush, make it smaller to draw "thin" strokes. Check the reference image and try to make something similar. (Imagine how the hair strands would fall, and try to follow it with your strokes "over" the base color made in step 1.)
Tools: a simple brush, no smudge! Choose something that you can use to draw "thin" strokes.

3. now pick up the smudge tool. You should choose a small brush width here, but try it yourself which one suits you more. According to the reference pic -> smudge the strokes together, but follow the lines you drawed!
(important: avoid messing it together. Try to keep the general flow you did earlier.)
Tools: smudge with a suitable brush setting

TIP: The more you work with it the more beautiful the strokes will become, this applies for the width of your smudge tool too. if you choose a very small brush you can do more realistic and natural looking surfaces! As you can see I didn't go with a small one, but I hope you can get the idea :)

4. Pick up the dodge/burn tool. Imagine how would the light appear on the surface. According to this add lighter and darker areas with the dodge/burn tool. The more you dodge a given target the more "shiny" it becomes, the more you burn an area the more dark and "strong" it appears. Try to check the last step, sou you will get the idea what it is for :)
Tools: simple dodge/burn tool the way you desire it.

5. switch back to your smudge tool. Try to work the additional parts together to smooth and blend the surface. You should follow the stroke lines while you smudge!
The tip I gave at step 3 applies here too!
Tools: simple smudge tool with a small brush

6. This last step uses smudge and the eraser. As you can see I added some additional strands here. This way it will really look like hair/fur/mane or whatever you want. You can play with this step easily, just try to use smudge on the edges, this way you can make the threads and strokes. If you use a very small brush for this, you can make beautiful and thin threads. In my ref pic I used a medium sized one. It's not really good, but still you can identify it :D (or at least I hope so lol...)

So the more time you spend with this method, the more natural and realistic it will become.

If you don't understand something feel free to ask! :D
I hope this tutorial was helpful.

(and sorry for my bad english! >.<)
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More Pokemon? Yep. Hakon's dragons were part of a very impromptu personal project called Pokemon Redesign on my tumblr, hence the drastically different designs.

Hakon himself was redesigned from 2009, when he was part of Mahon Region. With the abrupt death of the group Hakon disappeared for three years before I resurrected him for the Challenge and made his former backstory into a part of this group's. He is now the primary co-host behind the OCT in-story.

Technically Hakon's name should be pronounced "hah-ken", so in fact everyone will be pronouncing his name wrongly AND correctly - the right pronunciation being in regards to the character. I have a weird sense of humour.


His best friend and assistant's ref is here:


Name: Hakon Eiger
Age/Height: 28/5'11"
Hometown/Region: Sincrest Town/Astria

Despite being a fairly young gym leader, Hakon has a weathered outlook towards him. He is known for being a realist and a very strategic planner. When he wants something to go his way, he will make sure to plan everything out as much as possible. Unfortunately, he takes it a bit hard if it doesn't go his way.

He is wholly singleminded; when he has a goal in mind, he will do anything and everything to achieve it. Whether utopia justifies the means or not with him remains to be seen.

Towards other trainers he seems a little harsh at times, if only because he believes in a 'tough love' approach to trainers seeking his tutelage. To people in general he is humble and considerate, never thinking himself too busy to listen to people's problems. However, he tends to not tell people a lot of things, keeping them to himself. Hakon is also known for not being able to judge people well; in fact, he can't read people much.

Hakon is passionate with everything he loves - mountain climbing, Dragon pokemon and pokemon in general. He has been known to talk about his most beloved subjects for hours on end, and doesn't exactly realise that sometimes people want a change of topic once in a while. Sometimes he can be quite blunt and expressive; he is also known for having a lack of patience with people who are slow thinkers.

He is reputed for being a bit of a show-off. His love for the occasional flashy entrance is not exactly reciprocated by Rhea (or Dune). He also may flirt with a pretty girl, although it's just a way of keeping himself on his toes. Dune finds this slightly annoying, because sometimes this is why his best friend gets distracted.

While Hakon is no longer gruff and asocial like he used to be, he has earned himself a very stubborn streak. Currently he and Dune sometimes argue, especially when both of them feel that what they're doing is right, and Hakon is not one to back down easily.

He seems to be slightly preoccupied with something of late and tends to be somewhat distant when he gets left alone to himself. He also takes responsibility seriously, and will always seek to finish a task he's started no matter what. Dune often worries for him.

Hakon follows the Astrian Gym Leader oath to the letter, especially "It's not always your fault, but it is always your responsibility". If he fails in his responsibilities, he feels like he's failed himself and his position as a Gym Leader.

Hakon started out like every eleven-year old - he chose his starter from the region professor and set out to learn more about Pokemon. His starter Pokemon was a Charmander, which he eventually trained to full evolution and released. Unlike other trainers his age, though, he took great delight in exploring untrodden paths and navigating difficult courses. Around the time he won his eighth gym badge, he became fascinated with Dragon-type Pokemon and has never looked back since.

Instead of continuing onwards to Victory Road to try and win the title of League Champion, Hakon worked in the Lazareth Nature Reserve and Pokemon Rehabilitation Centre. Most of his knowledge of taking care of Pokemon comes from the decade or so of working there. He picked up free climbing as a way to get to injured Pokemon in higher areas.

It was around this time he picked up an injured Dratini, who took a liking to him; he named the Pokemon Esith and to this day still keeps the Pokemon with him. With care he nursed Esith back to health, and also accepted the invitation to work in Lazareth Gym as one of the battling trainers. Eventually he was appointed gym leader by his predecessor and took over the duties of looking after both the gym and the rehabilitation centre.

At this time, his team consisted of Lurana (Flygon), Tesil (Altaria), Rithis (Gabite), Gidora (Kingdra) and Esith (Dragonair).

Up until 23 years old, Hakon had very long hair. When he was 23, the Dragons Incident took some of the naivete out of him. In a bid to forget what happened and move on, he stayed in solitude for a year, releasing Lurana and Tesil into the wild and appointing his top trainer as Acting Gym Leader in his absence. He then cut his hair short and departed for Unova for two years, picking up a Deino and an Axew, and in general recovering from said event. When he came back, quite a few of his colleagues were surprised over his physical and personality changes, and that he managed to regrow his hair.

Hakon now seems determined to make up for what happened five years ago. He doesn't talk about it, would prefer people to not talk about it and won't explain anything about it. He is the reason why about 90% of the Astrians do not know the full details behind the event at all.

He and Rhea are the hosts of the Trailblazer Challenge. The environment problem challenges are based on his experiences. When not in his gym, he can be found supervising Rangers in the Nature Reserve or taking care of Pokemon in the Rehabilitation Centre. Trainers often call him the Dragon Master, owing to his expertise and knowledge in Dragon-type Pokemon as well as his battling/fieldwork team.

- The scar on his face was a result of Esith slapping him with his tail when Hakon tried to bring Esith to a Pokemon Centre. It appears to be fading around the edges, although he reckons it would take a lot longer to disappear completely.

- Esith doesn't want to evolve into a Dragonite. Apparently he doesn't like Dragonite's form and is happy the way he is. He doesn't like it when people tell him being a Dragonite would make him much stronger.

-Hakon's Flygon, Lurana, now lives somewhere in the Meridian Desert, mostly helping people find their way across it. Hakon's Altaria, Tesil, is the head of a flock of Altaria in the Nature Reserve.

- Gidora was given to him as a Seadra holding a Dragon Scale by a trainer, before he became a Gym Leader.

- Hakon prefers that people pronounce his name as 'ha-kon ai-ger'.

- Since people notice his flirting with girls in general, they often ask if he's ever flirted with Rhea. The answer is yes, and he hasn't flirted with her since.

- Do not touch his hair.

- His best friend is Dune Stuttengard, who is the final trainer in Lazareth Gym. Dune is the only person known to consistently draw with Hakon in battles.

BADGE: Endurance
A large, light blue octagon with four red points at the top, bottom, left and right of the octagon, all bordered with titanium. The octagon represents the eight Gym Leaders of Astria, with the four points representing both the Elite Four and the cardinal points of a compass. It symbolises that the trainer has had the strength and skill (titanium) to defeat all eight Leaders (the octagon), and points the way to the Elite Four (four points, cardinal points of a compass).

Hakon constantly carries one around as Gym Leader ID.

Rithis | Garchomp | Naughty | Sand Veil | Female | Quick Claw
Rithis was found injured in a seaside cave when Hakon had gone to get some free climbing done. She took a shine to him and hasn't let it go ever since; when Lurana was part of the team she would argue with the Flygon over Hakon. She is known for being an extremely mischievous and annoying prankster. Hakon has said she has no sense of personal space.

Outrage | Sandstorm | Draco Meteor | Dig

Gidora | Kingdra | Serious | Swift Swim | Male | Mystic Water
The 'father' figure of the team after Hakon released Tesil. Gidora is the second oldest in the current team. Hakon uses him to get across bodies of water. He likes to accompany Hakon outside of his Pokeball, and is a very quiet and reserved Pokemon. He sometimes admonishes the others if they've been mischievous, especially Rithis.

Hydro Pump | Ice Beam | Rain Dance | Dragon Pulse

Esith | Dragonair | Jolly | Shed Skin | Male | Everstone/Eviolite
Esith is Hakon's very first Dragon-type Pokemon, and the most loyal to him. He is the most cheerful of the team and is probably far more optimistic and supportive than his owner. Very protective of Hakon and very sensitive to changes in weather. He is Hakon's signature Pokemon and can usually be found keeping an eye on the Nature Reserve.

Thunderbolt | Dragon Rush | Dragon Dance | Protect

Medea | Hydreigon | Modest | Levitate | Female | N/A
The second newest member of the team, Medea is surprisingly harmless for a supposedly perpetually aggressive Pokemon. She loves hugging people and being praised. Hakon uses her to fly to cities; previously his Flygon did that job. For a period of time she was also bred to provide Astria's population of Deino.

Flamethrower | Crunch | Acrobatics | Dragon Pulse

Galtimor | Haxorus | Adamant | Mold Breaker | Male | Haban Berry
The newest of the team, Hakon found him as a wild Axew lost in Driftveil in Unova. Galtimor liked Hakon and eventually challenged him to catch the Axew. He is responsible for the current bred batches of Axew in the Reserve, and is the ladies' man of the team. Unlike the others, he is aggressive and very physical.

Earthquake | Dragon Claw | Outrage | Dragon Dance


Hakon Eiger belongs to me.
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In celebration of my dA page reaching 10.000 pageviews, I made this .psd pack for those who helped me reaching this, you all :D
Remember it is LRO, so don't rip or you won't see more resources from me to open public.
And hope you guys enjoy it and learn something :)
If anyone wants to share it elsewhere, I'll happily allow, just inform me first ^^
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People always ask me how I draw linearts. I hope this will help ^^
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Finally finished this plush! After so much work and frustration, I'm happy with the way it turned out~ Although I hate to let her go, she is for a friend IRL. *sad face* The pattern just needs a little bit more work, and then I'll be happy enough to take commissions if there is anybody out there crazy enough to want one from me. (Note me if interested~)

Derpy stands at roughly 35cm from Head to Hoof, which is around 15". Made out of Minky, she is so hug-able!

MLP:FIM (C) Hasbro
Plush (C) Inky-Pinkie (me) Please do not re-upload/steal without first seeking my permission.
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Hello guys! I wanted to share something for RWBY OC creators (perhaps this could also help with other kinds of character creation).

When me and my friend were creating our RWBY OC team, we kinda found it a bit hard to balance or remember the character's abilities without a visual aid XD So I made this attribute chart, which lays out weak and strong areas and specialties.

I'll try my best to explain how the chart works XD

PHYSICAL STRENGTH - mainly about the character's physiological abilities

Attack/Damage - Physical damage; how much their strikes hurt; **related to weapon as well
Endurance - Physical defense; ability to endure physical blows [of weapons or brute body force; magic is not included]
Critical - Chances of critical blows, depending on Attack/Damage
Stamina - Endurance to physical fatigue

DEXTERITY - everything about the speed of their movement

Agility - Refers to quickness of movement, such as in running or setting weapons or doing sleights of hand
Evasion - Reaction speed/Defense speed/Alertness to attacks
Attack speed - Speed of dealing damage/attacks
Accuracy - Ability to hit the correct target

MAGICAL ABILITIES - related to Aura/Semblance/Dust-handling

Magic Attack - damage dealt/dished out by their "magic" (may be Semblance or Aura) or Dust
Magic Defense - Defense based on Magic
Magic Speed - Speed of casting magic
Magic Stamina - How much magic they can carry out before their Aura depletes

DEF/DEFENSE IS AN INVISIBLE ATTRIBUTE. I made it as a mere result/combination of Endurance, Evasion and Magic Defense.


Attributes that would naturally affect each other under normal circumstances (i.e., think of it as the character have no weapons, dust nor faunus abilities. Completely a normal person.)

1. Attack/Damage affects Critical
2. Stamina affects Attack Speed
3. Agility affects Evasion or Attack Speed

**Weapons, dust, faunus heritage and other special abilities are to be considered when using this chart. Remember, everything can affect the attributes on the chart, just remember to balance as you could. I am just relaying examples coming from my own characters, and I'm stating the most possible scenarios to come up while thinking of your character's abilities.

-For example, a character with a heavy weapon makes their ATK/DMG rise up, considering that they may be heavy-built/physically powerful to carry heavy weapons, thus, even when stripped of those, they can still dish out great damage. But this is also applicable for not-so heavily built characters, considering their Aura/Semblance may be giving them enough strength to lift heavy objects.

-A character may have high Agility but low Evasion; that's because she may be quick at moving, such as fast running, but her awareness/alertness to dodge attacks from the surroundings is not very polished, thus lowering her chance of evading attacks.

-Attack Speed can be affected by Physical Strength AND their weapon. If your character is heavily built/equipped, she may not be able to launch an attack as swiftly as possible, (i.e., characters wielding large axes and heavy blades).

-Attack Speed is also affected by Semblance. If speed is your character's specialty, then it may make their Attack Speed high even if they don't have high Agility. For example, Character A has an ability to rapidly launch arrows without actually moving because either their Semblance or weapon permits it.


Magical Abilities are related to Aura and Semblance. That section is very volatile, and it directly affects the rest of the chart as well. To get my point across, I'll use examples as much as I could.


-Character A has the Semblance of fire, and depending on how strong he deals damage with that semblance, his Magic Attack may rise up or lower down.

-Character B has the ability to create shadow illusions. If it's only meant to confuse enemies, then the Magic Attack isn't very high. Unless it could directly hurt enemies, then the Magic Attack may change.


-Magic Stamina is related to how much magic they can use before their Aura depletes. For example, Character A may be able to dish out great damage with his fire semblance, but he could not prolong use due to immediate weakening/depletion of strength.

-Character B can create shadow illusions as much as she wants almost without any effect to her Aura status because she can handle as much.


And I hope I've made you understand [somehow] how this thing works. XD You don't have to depend completely on it, it merely serves as a guide and it makes it easier (at least for me) to note down and remember reasons why the character has such attributes or so.

Some information may be incomplete or incorrect, so I wouldn't mind corrections or suggestions to improve the chart! I may add your suggestions later on when I re-edit.

Thank you for reading and good luck with making awesome characters! : )))

THE PSD FILE IS ALL FREE TO DOWNLOAD. If you have difficulties adjusting/editing the PSD file, please do tell me!
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