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Tumblr dumping ground

Name: Evelyn D'Amico
Age: 18
Height: 5'3
Weight: 47kg
Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto

Evie is an energetic little lady who spends most of her time swimming, watching other people swim and running in place when bored to let out all her pent up energy.
Raised by an ocean fanatic of a swimming instructor, Evie may be a little serious when it comes to water safety, that doesn't stop her from enjoying herself, but she will lose her mind if she catches you running by the pool.
On weekends she can often be found training her pokemon just outside of the harbour. She is incredibly competitive and a terrible sore loser, so it's probably not a good idea to challenge her to a battle. Least you wish to become a tasty snack for Aldric.

Evelyn works as a lifeguard and swim coach within Hyperion. Wherever there is water, she is there. Saving butts and kicking lives.

Aldric: Evelyns baby. Aldric was her first pokemon given to her by her Mother. As a magikarp he was child friendly and easygoing so pretty much perfect for a little kid to train and raise up. He's as energetic as Evie is and loyal to the bone, but maybe a little more irratable.

Prince: Absolutely silent and still, Prince doesn't move until he's summoned for battle, he only watches intently. He's very hard to read but Evie's sure he's enjoying himself. He hasn't kicked up a stink yet so that's a good sign.

Dorian: A lazy bum tirtouga. He loathes battle and often times acts as though he's above all that. Evie's intent of whipping him in to shape though, he just needs a little more insentive than the others. Usually snacks.

Ernest: Another gift pokemon from her Mother, Ernest was given to Evie as an egg, a child of her faithful partner pokemon. He's a cheerful sort, just born with the wrong expression. He shows affection by gently biting. Really, he's not mean at all, blood means he loves you.
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Name: Eli
Age: 32
Hometown: Humilau City, Unova
Height: 5'7
Weight: 68kg

About Eli:
An arrogant man with nothing to lose, Eli hardly acts his age but often boasts his elder status over younger trainers, he's known to harbour little respect for those younger than himself.
Eli is rather lazy and always will take the easy route in everything he does.
He's not a very open person, and tends to avoid people when possible, when forced to mingle he switches to rude mode until he's left be.
Is known for being rather ruthless when it comes to competition. If he's pitted against a kid he wont hold back at all, call it a harsh life lesson of sorts~

Other things
- Loves to disagree with people for fun, he's known for saying he dislikes even things that he enjoys just to see if it will rile people up.
- He likes ugly pokemon and is hoping throwing Little John into harsh battles will rough him up a bit so he evolves with some nice battle scars.
- He once hiked up a mountain just to dropkick a charizard in the face for not being a real dragon.
- Alternate outfit Alternate Shirt

The Pokemon
Margo:Possibly brain damaged from too many battles, Margo is fierce but a little bit direction impaired. Known for hurling attacks in random directions.

Mahtoek: A brutish creature, he's rather careless in battle and will run head first into any attack with his own relentless assault. He's thick skinned and tough but lacks stamina because of his carelessness.

Little John: Eli's recent purchase, he brought Little John from a breeder for his rare colouration and intends on evolving him and training him to be a tough monster for his team of dragons. They often disagree.

Mary-Anne: An old beast from the coast of Humilau, being passed down 4 generations within Eli's family, Mary-Anne is a harsh, brutal creature with more experience in her little claw than Eli has in general. Her and Eli don't get along well.

I know, changed again ;u; I just thought a fresh start was needed~ Simple character this time haha.
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ben Affleck - Render

The real version :

Cut by Naif1470 
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So I hope this provides some insight into how my colouring process works, why I use thick lines, cel-shading, etc, and why I don't use 'more realistic' thin lines (Wand Tool doesn't grab thin lines well).

And to kick the norm on all the other tutorials, where the subject is generic and happy, you can watch how I create a picture of Victor dying in the desert. Because that just so happened to be the page I was working on at the time anyway, so why the hell not? XD

Said comic begins here: [link]
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This stock belongs to my gallery.
for full view click "download"

Premium - Stock / Resources Usage Rules

:bulletblack: You are allowed to use it wherever you want. Commercial use allowed.
:bulletblack: You may not use my stock to create new stock
:bulletblack: You may not redistribute my stock or sell my stock
:bulletblack: Do not claim my stock as your own.
If you pay for this download you agree with theese rules.

Resources made by .::Sed-rah::. 2008 - NOW.
Do not claim my resources as your own in any way or in any place.
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EDIT: Updated with post mission 1 info.

General Info

Squad: Scouting legion

Name: Franziska "Franzi" Sturm
Ethnicity: German
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 58 kg

Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Black



Combat - 8
Teamwork - 1 -> 3 The last few months, coupled with fighting alongside Konstantyn during the assault have made her warm up to the idea of teamwork a bit.
Strategy - 4 -> 5 Having to navigate a titan-infested district teaches you a thing or two about thinking on your feet.
Defence - 4
Agility - 8 -> 9 As horrible as it may have been, the recent invasion was still the best training for her 3DMG skills.


Franziska likes to present herself as tough and strong at all times. The harsh world she lives in has shaped her in its very own way to the point that she feels like she cannot allow herself to ever show any weakness in front of her comrades, or anybody for that matter. No need to bring down the morale with any crying or faltering, right? Though it is not all too hard to break through all that, if one just knows how to rile her.

Thing is, this attitude makes her often come across as abrasive and uncooperative to anybody else. It doesn't help that she's already spent too much time around soldiers and has become rather foulmouthed as a result.

Though the main reason for her working badly with others, is a pure and simple fear of her mistakes getting her comrades killed. Franziska has a bad habit of claiming responsibility for every death she thinks she could have prevented. In general, she only really winds down after knowing someone for a longer time, but this isn't exactly easy in a squad with such a high fatality rate.


After the most recent assault on the walls Franziska has warmed up to cooperative fighting at least a little. If anything, she figured that it's better to at least fight alongside her comrades to keep them safe. One could say that her protective streak has grown quite a bit. And after all those months with her squad, she's become more willing to just let her guard down a little at times.

Past Story

While humanity was growing complacent with its peace behind the walls, Franziska grew up within one of the districts of Wall Maria. Sure, it was the outermost wall at the time, but no one would have ever expected that it might ever get breached. It was a quiet life - even though Franziska's mother served within the stationary guard, nothing major ever happened. Humanity had its giant walls and only scouts ever had to fight, so why worry?

Franziska herself joined the military to follow in her mother's footsteps, rather than doing so to follow any big cause. It just seemed appropriate at the time. And seeing how there had been no major onslaught in a century, her parents did not really object to her career choice.

The little world they had built themselves only crumbled when all of the territories within Wall Maria found themselves overrun by titans, right after the armoured titan breached its inner gate. The little settlement where Franziska's family lived was no exception to that. She was only a rookie at that time, sent to the front as cheap cannon fodder. Even if it was her duty to fight, she was paralysed by her fear.

Her father and grandmother were still devoured on the spot and the rest of the family would have suffered the same fate, had it not been for one of the scouts killing the monster that had already killed two of them and bringing the rest of them to safety.

This entire event coloured Franziska's entire view of the military and the Recon Corps in general - and out of both gratitude and admiration the older man who saved her became something of a personal hero to her. Again, one of her decision was motivated due to her looking up to someone. This time, she scrapped all her plans of being a part of the Stationary Guard and enlisted into the scouts.

Over the time the older scout, Klaus, would form a sort of odd friendship. He simply enjoyed telling her all those stories about former expeditions he's been on. In particular, Klaus would often say that he just wanted to see the ocean once in his life before he'd ever allow himself to die. It was his big dream of freedom and in the end he died before ever seeing that endless blue. The only thing that could be recovered from his remains was an old, broken pocket watch. One that Franziska treasures until this day.

Despite that grand loss three years ago, she's been part of the Recon Corps ever since.


First, Franziska's reason was simply the wish of entering the military just like her mother before her. It was all before the massacre of Wall Maria and her younger self did not really much further than that.

Only after her time as a trainee, her motivations had changed.

Most of all, old Klaus passed his dream of freedom on to Franziska. She herself wants to see the world and that ocean the old man never got to see with his own eyes. In a way, she hates thinking that the deaths of all those scouts could have been in vain. So she wants to contribute to the cause they died for and honour all those sacrifices.

Additional notes

-> Franziska suffers from a slight case of rosacea, hence why her skin is permanently ruddy.
-> That's what having naturally sensitive skin paired with the stress of being in the military does to you.
-> Constantly zipping through the air might be one of the "culprits" as well.
-> In a way, she's lucky enough that it's only a very harmless case and little more than a permanent flush.

-> When she was a kid, Franziska already loved climbing on every tree and rooftop she could find and this love for being aloft has just grown after her first run-in with the titans. Add the 3DMG to that and eventually she's developed quite an obsession with being far away from the ground and feeling the wind in her face.
-> That might be the reason why some joke about her being part bird.

-> She always takes some time in the morning to do her braids. Call it a quirk of hers.

-> Klaus' old watch is always in her left breast pouch. In a way, it has become a lucky charm to her.

-> She hates being restrained in any way, whether it's tight spaces or her feeling like something's impeding her movement.

-> If she has the opportunity, she'll always sleep in a makeshift hammock instead of a bed.

-> Actually a pretty decent cook, but there's really not much time for that.

-> She loves just picking up any flowers that only grow outside of the wall.

-> Very prone to survivor's guilt.


-> In the meantime it has shown that she's a rather jealous person, due to her own insecurities.

-> In the same vein, she's rather scared about "messing up" a relationship somehow and thus needs some validation here and there.



[Under construction]

Konstantyn McNair:

Fidel del Tierra:

Tuesday Belyakova:

Natalia Holzmann:

Avery Krause:

Salma Ida Sinclair:

Koldan Iakovek:

Task 2

Steel bites into flesh, it cuts and tears until that giant neck is cut open down to the bone. That one, vital lump of flesh falls to the forest ground and so does the rest of the titan's grotesque body with a resounding thud. So far so good, but the one thing Franziksa didn't consider was how cutting through that tough skin would throw her off-balance. Four years in the legion or not, fatigue breeds poor planning.

Maybe she should be grateful that it's just a tree branch she crashed into and not the next flesh-eating giant, though her ribs sure didn't appreciate the impact. The girl's breathing comes out in short, hectic huffs as she takes a look around. Below her, it's basically hell - for lack of a better comparison: giant mouths with those horrible, yellow teeth and deformed grins; hands that reach up for any soldier they can just snatch out of the air and- well, some didn't make it.

That scene, it's all too familiar. There's only two possible outcomes when titans and humans run into eachother and here's the ugly side of it again. Hell, Franziska has seen it before, but the sight never fails to make her throat grow dry and let cold sweat run down her back.

There's little time for losing herself in disgust, however, as her rotten luck just so decides to have a fifteen meter class make a beeline for her with that same grin - too much of a good reminder of what will happen if she doesn't move, that's for sure. Franziska's limbs feel heavy, but in her head she keeps screaming at her body to move, bail, get away from that thing.

She barely manages to zip away when a giant hand comes crashing down into the branch she's been standing on and breaks it like some tiny splinter. That could have been her.

Alright, just move, move, cut its neck open and then get the hell out of here – it’s what she keeps telling herself to not screw up again. Almost there, almost, Franziska can already smell that rotten breath, she grabs both her blades, tighter and-

Someone just zips by, and the deformed giant falls like a sack of potatos. Franziska’s jaw drops in a mix of relief and indignation, she wants to scream something along the lines of „That’s no fair“ and „You kill stealer!“, but following the rest oft he squad is more important now. So she does, before the next titan can show its ugly mug.

Only later, she notices that one of her blades is broken.


:bulletpurple: Task 1&2: You are here.
:bulletpurple: Task 3-A:
:bulletpurple: Task 3-B (collab):


:bulletred: Mission 1 (collab): 

:bulletred: Mission 1, second part: 
C-A Mission 0.1: OnwardNo matter what came their way - the military police, broken gates, titans - at least they could always face it together. As abrasive as Franziska could be, there was always something reassuring about having Konstantyn watch her back, they would both keep eachother's morale up.
All of this just makes the separation worse. It all happens too suddenly: a titan crashing right into that building, debris and dust flying up in the air and Franziska finds herself losing her balance. The meeting with the ground below is anything but a pleasant one. Blurry vision, aching bones and libs that won't obey - the worst that could happen in the middle of a titan attack.
And the thing closes in on her, baring horrible, yellow teeth , the horrible stench of rotting flesh follows, it’s pushing her to move, move, just move already damn it! Gritting her teeth, Franziska staggers back on her feet, slashes at the titan’s face as it approaches. That thing is messing with her, kind of like a cat pla
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For :iconcolossus-atrox: 
(I just really wanted another male OC to RP with...ahahhaha.....hahha....*is shot*)

"Don't get the wrong's not that Titans don't scare's just that I'm more afraid of humans..."

Name: Marcellus Schirmer (He rarely gives out this name to anyone anymore)
Nickname: Marcel You could also call him Marcie/Marcy....but he probably won't like it *is hit
Squad: Stationary Guard
Age: 17
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Ethnicity: French/German
Sexuality: ???

:bulletblue: Combat: 3
:bulletblue: Agility: 9
:bulletblue: Defense: 5
:bulletblue: Strategy: 5
:bulletblue: Teamwork: 3

(Total: 25)

Task 3 Part A:
Task 3 Part B:

Honest | Selfish | Blunt | Quiet | Aloof | Hard Working | Pessimistic | Observant

Marcel is the type of person who will not just let anyone into his life. He takes a lot of time observing a person before deciding whether or not he will open up to them. While it is difficult to get Marcel to warm up to you, it is possible to befriend him...sort of... After almost starving to death after the fall of Wall Maria, his views on humanity become extremely jaded and instilled in him a sort of fear of other humans due to what he saw and experienced. This fear causes him to be more wary around others....

Generally, he tends to distance himself from others due to the fact that he's afraid of forming attachments with others and is afraid losing people. He understands that he cannot survive/live on his own and that he needs friends, however, the knowledge that they will all eventually die and he will be alone again is always present in Marcel's mind. He is also particularly worried about betrayal as he believes that when it comes right down to it, friendships mean almost nothing when a person's own well-being is at stake. (Maybe if he befriends the right people this mindset he's trapped in will disappear...)

Marcel is particularly honest and blunt towards everyone he meets. Seeing how they all do not know how much time they have left to live, Marcel sees no reason to hold back when telling people what he truly thinks when spoken to. Otherwise, he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself.

He is also the type of person who generally does not do anything beyond what he's told to do. Marcel is currently NOT willing to go the extra mile or do anything special for anyone else unless there is some sort of benefit to him. His current objective is to keep himself alive and in one piece and that is all.

In the beginning, Marcellus lived a relatively peaceful life with his father in the Shiganshina district. His mother had passed away when he was 3 and Marcellus spent most of the early years of his life helping out at his father, who was a tailor. With the arrival of the Colossal Titan, father and son had to flee their home. They were lucky enough to escape by boat, however, they were unable to escape the food shortages while they took refuge in Wall Rosť. Despite Marcellus' father having friends who resided within Wall Rosť, none of them would offer the two shelter or food.

When the central government government announced their plans to retake Wall Maria, Marcellus begged his father not to join the campaign...and instead work at a farm (it would be hard work, but at least they would be together and more importantly, alive). His father reassured Marcellus and told him to get some rest and that they would discuss things in the morning. However, when morning came, Marcellus awoke to find that his father was long gone and all that was left behind was a single letter addressed to him.

Afraid of what the letter might say, Marcellus does not open it and goes to work on a farm. However, food is still short and Marcellus eventually started to steal any extra piece of food he could get.

One day, while he was running off with a stolen loaf of bread, he encountered another orphan in the alleyways. The child, who was extremely thin, reached out to Marcellus as if to ask him for a piece of bread. Marcellus, who was too hungry at the time, ran past the child and did not look back.

A few days later, after procuring some apples, Marcellus thought back to the child in the alleyway and decided to share the fruit with her. He found her. She had not moved from the spot where he had first seen her....however, she had already died from starvation. Upon seeing the child's corpse, something in Marcellus breaks... He was mortified that, during his time of desperation, he acted exactly like his father's "friends" had acted when he and his father needed help and had left the child to die. Marcellus then understood that he, like all other human beings, was selfish... This thought mortified Marcellus.

It was then Marcellus decided to live only for himself. As he devoured the apples, he swore to never go hungry again and more importantly, live his own life for as long as he can. He then enlisted in the military with the idea that the military can't have hungry soldiers.

With this new chapter in his life about to start, Marcellus decided to abandon his old name and now lives under the name "Marcel".

1.) To not starve to death (military's gotta keep their soldiers fed...right?) <- Such a noble reason, eh?
2.) Military's got to have people... so he might as well fight/die for humanity so someone who actually has people who would cry for them doesn't have to fight/die. slightly more noble reason

:bulletblue: Food (especially pomegranates)
:bulletblue: Using the 3DMG
:bulletblue: Sewing/Knitting/Embroidery
:bulletblue: Cooking
:bulletblue: Reading

:bulletblue: Cold weather
:bulletblue: People who waste food
:bulletblue: Rats (he had a bad experience with them)
:bulletblue: Being alone
:bulletblue: Losing someone he cares about


- Marcel does not 'hate' Titans....he doesn't like them...but he doesn't hate them. He thinks of them as acting on instinct like any other animal, so he does not blame them for what they do. (Again, he doesn't like them, but he doesn't hate them)

- He finds human beings to be more "frightening" than the Titans.... His reasoning is this: Titan's make it VERY clear what their intentions are... They are here to eat/kill you. Humans, however, don't always make their intentions clear... and doesn't that make them scarier? (He also finds it easier to fight Titans rather than dealing with people).

- For some odd reason, he keeps his fingers bandaged up. He won't give a reason why he does this (maybe it has something to do with his sewing hobby?)

- Marcel sometimes sleeps with his eyes open.

- Closure is VERY important to Marcel.... (though he still has yet to open that letter from his father) The main reason why he is willing to learn the names of the other soldiers is so that if they happen to die in battle, at least Marcel would be able to identify them and give their loved ones some closure. (Something he doesn't really have)

- Marcel does not believe "selfless" people exist. To him, everyone is selfish in some way.

- He has an extreme fondness of pomegranates.

- He is a light sleeper.

- Marcel tends to have some sort of food item on him at all times. One of his goals is to "not die on an empty stomach".

- Despite his fear of humans, he still values human life and always feels guilty when he fails to help someone in need.

- Marcel considers himself to be a horrible person. He knows and understands his flaws, but isn't really willing to change at the moment.

OMG....he looks NOTHING like his original self.... 
Marcellus Schirmer by FlyKiwiFly

Task 3 Part A:
Task 3 Part B:

RP Preferences:
Chat....Notes...or Skype (note me for my skype)
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NOTE: I AM NOT DOING A FULL TUTORIAL HERE. I'm just telling you how I do things. If you are confused about something I'm talking about feel free to ask without begging for explanation as to what photoshop does, otherwise there are plenty of actual photoshop tutorials out there. This process review is laid out assuming some knowledge of photoshop already.

So now begins COLORING. Which is actually VERY simple with this technique, which is the whole point XD It's all the incorporation of pencil work and real media that's the pain.

First thing's first, I create a new layer, sometimes grouping the pencil crap together so it's not in the way. I put the new layer on overlay ALWAYS, and name it COLORS. Yay. haha.

Then, with this technique it's very important to have a separate palette on white, which you can see I have there, and you can also see, hopefully, why I need it. The colors in the image are more saturated and much warmer than what is on the palette. That is the overlay composition in effect, the paper is very warm toned, so anything I put on top in that overlay layer is going to get warmer.
Kind of a pain in the ass but it looks cool. XD

So I start by just putting one flat color in the lighted areas, as that's the only part I'm painting, I like to keep the shadows flattened with paper texture :3
Then, once they're all mapped out/filled, I start shading and really painting. I always use a very high opacity, hard brush doing this, because my brushstrokes tend to get airbrushy if I soften them. This is rather annoying as this means I have to fade into the paper manually rather than by using light faded strokes, but hey, it pays off. Yay for the color wheel of magic tool, lol.

In some cases, like demonstrated in the closeup of that eye, it's necessary to have a colorization layer over top of this, because overlay won't change the black of the pencil. Thus, places like eyes and some pencil shadow will be black. So I like to make a colorize layer on top of the overlayed colors to colorize irises and certain more rosy parts of the skin etc.
I also have colorized the pencil line here, simply by using the selective color tool on the multiply drawing layer (just tinting the neutrals and blacks with red and yellow) :3 I do the same with the white chalk sometimes as well, depending. Here I believe I made the whites a little warmer in the lighten drawing layer.

In number four there I've started the hair. Sometimes this is difficult when painting like this because the paper texture runs the edges together somewhat, so I tend to really accentuate the highlights to compensate.

After all this is done, a lot of times the highlights will be faded and won't pop. I always use a separate normal layer to paint bright whites, like for eye shine and such. You can also use it to accentuate other highlights, but I don't like to do that as it'll start to cover up the paper texture, which defeats the purpose of painting like this XD So I use it sparingly.

And there you have it, finished figure painting. It's pretty simple. I had other plans for it though >3 So on to that next ;D
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Yeee Solomon’s back, let’s see if he can find a new group home. He’s probably one of my favourite characters to rp…though if I knew him in real life I wouldn’t be able to stand him for more than a few minutes lol. Too much energy, too much talking…

WHOA I got in. //frolics
You guys should join too JUST SAYIN'


‣ NAME: Solomon Mariakis

‣ AGE: 17

‣ GENDER: Male

‣ HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 168cm / 50kg

‣ HAIR/EYE COLOR: Brunette / Brown
      > There is a thin aquamarine ring around the inner edges of his iris along the pupil; this is due to an ocular implant that allows him to actively see holographic images at will, connected wirelessly to his modified schalter for application updates. It can only hold a small bit of information in itself, and is virtually useless without the schalter, except for basic application interfaces such as a clock or map.

Outgoing || Open || Emotional || Underachieving || Happy || Suggestible || Talkative || Stubborn || Kinesthetic || Rash || Somewhat Overbearing || Frivolous || Trusting
Sol isn’t one who could hide what he’s feeling even if he wanted to – he is extremely expressive. It all shows on his face and in his gestures, making it quite easy for others to know what his current mood is. Usually it’s a happy one, and the 17 year old is nothing short of a social butterfly. He is rather talkative, and enjoys learning about the people around him; he can at times be a bit too much, and needs someone to rein him in, otherwise he may keep going until the end of the world. Theory is vaguely relatable, though a more kinesthetic, “watch then do” method of learning is best given his short attention span. He tends to be hyperactive to a fault at times, multitasking like there’s no tomorrow, forgetting the other things he had been doing – it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that he probably has some ADHD tendencies.
Though Sol is generally accepting and open, once crossed, that person’s name is usually etched deeply into his blacklist. He can be tenacious and, in some cases, flat out malicious to those he considers his enemy. Such notions of friend or foe usually exist regardless of political affiliation, based more on personal experience than pre-existing stereotypes or collateral information. Generally speaking he is trusting overall and can be swayed to believe the good in people.
The lad may come off as unnecessarily coarse in his behavior, and is a bit hypersensitive to objective criticism in regards to his choices – he often angrily blows it off as someone trying to be a “party pooper”, one habit of his that can quickly become rather annoying. It’s rare to see him down in spirits, and even if he’s feeling under weather, Sol usually perks up within the day. It’s pretty safe to say that if he’s not talking or doing something stupid, he’s probably dead.

‣ STATUS: Active

‣ AFFILATION: Anarchist, Intelligence
> Rather than any kind of data collection, Sol's business is more data corruption and encryption. He writes code for both viruses and firewalls, which can be used to protect his own faction's database or to attack opposing forces. This includes influencing social media though content filters.

       - Static
         Even before the activation of this switch, he was already deep in the world of technology, employed as a programmer for human resources management systems. Now with the added powers of a technopath, he is able to further delve into the world of technology. It’s safe to say he is an above-average hacker, with experience under his belt from his work of bugging and debugging the programs he had created. Though not quite yet able to hack readily into government or higher-security systems, he can handle most civilian programs quite easily. While unable to control large amounts of actual electricity, he can manage a small voltage, akin to the slight hum of static when touching a balloon or metallic surface – it’s not enough to cause bodily harm or even pain.



>> tl;dr : While struggling through his childhood with characteristic ADHD, through a series of bad luck paired with his gifts as a technopath, Sol came to resent the government’s system and joined the ranks of the anarchists to try and prevent repeating the wrongs that had  been done unto him and his family, and probably hundreds of others too.<<

Solomon’s childhood was remarkably unremarkable. The terrorizer in his otherwise calm family, he is a loving (though somewhat annoying) younger brother to a Gigi Mariakis. Younger than Gigi by two years, he looked up to her since childhood, adopting a love for technology just as she had. She was his very first mentor in a sense, and taught him basic programming at a young age. Solomon took well to the entire concept, and as he grew up, it became clear that he had a niche somewhere in his mind that was perfect for such technological specialization. Soon enough, Sol had surpassed his older sister in skill even at a young age, and soon sought further knowledge.

Sol’s grades in school were lower than average, his hyperactive temperament a hindrance – it seemed that the only time he could keep his attention in one place was for things he was genuinely interested in, and in that point of time it was either programming or his love for socialization. During his 6th grade year, he was prescribed Ritalin to try and calm him down – though it took care of the hyperactivity, he became an insomniac and lost his appetite due to the side effects of the drug. Though it did cause his parents some concern, by this time they were desperate to keep their son in a ‘normal’ school – they largely abhorred the idea of having to enroll him in any kind of special needs classes, or become ‘social outcasts’ themselves. Quitting the drug was something that was always in the corner of his mind as the years passed, but he refrained from doing so – he was afraid of disappointing his parents any further. Though Gigi might have been there to support him, she too was 13 years of age with societal expectations quickly catching up. In an instance of peer pressure Gigi had made fun of Sol’s mentality, and a fissure formed between them. Though she had apologized later, it only pushed him further into feeling isolated, and urged him even stronger to keep on his medication. Albeit losing weight and some of his vigor, Sol learned to deal with it and life continued.

During his 13th summer, his condition took a nosedive. He and his family thought it as an intensification of his usual side effects – an uninterrupted state of insomnia, little to no appetite, and more frequent episodes of an upset stomach. The doctor too agreed that it was most likely related to the drugs, and for a period advised to discontinue the Ritalin until Sol was in better health. Little did they know it was his switch activating, and the symptoms continued for another few days. Coinciding with the fact that his health was already sub-par, the activation only made things worse. Even after the pain of the entire ordeal he was bed-ridden for another month, most of which he slept and seldom ate. Though weak he still smiled, and continued to keep in touch with his friends though the use of technology, and he felt thankful for the machines that had helped him get through the worst of it. That was when he noticed the change in his senses –he could ‘feel’ the machines and circuits, each with their own voice and circuit patterns. Sol found the newly found sense quite interesting, but did not yet realize its potential.

Once his health had improved significantly, he returned to school and continued his programming hobbies. Sol and his parents decided to discontinue his medication and, although his hyperactivity returned, with his switch and his mind at 100% he could code more complex, more elegant phrases for the systems. Though not a ‘genius’ per se, his skills were enough to land him a part time job at a business system programming corporation. The company was rather high-end, and sometimes even wrote security programs for the government itself. By this time, Sol was more or less known in his small community to be a tech wiz. Without much of a future in academics, Sol dropped out of high school in his second year at the age of 15 and proceeded to work full-time instead. Up to this point, his political views were more or less neutral, and the whole war of the factions was something he did not even consider.
For a few months he successfully worked at the firm. One day however the government’s bureaucracy came to intervene, with laws that disallowed a mere 15 year old to work at a facility that sometimes handled the government’s own security systems.  Instead of simply taking him off of the team of programmers that handled government-commissioned jobs, Sol was entirely dismissed from the company at the political superpower’s request. Though he was surely bummed, it wasn’t the event that caused his sway into his current status of anarchist.

Around the same time his father had lost his job as a governmental secretary, a result of budget cuts to the organization’s main funding. As the only man supporting a family of four, Sol’s father panicked to find another job. Gigi was just graduating and now enrolling in her first year of college- money was something they sorely needed, impulse further fueled by the fact that she would most likely be the only college graduate out of their two children. Gigi applied to financial aid but was declined, due to the fact that her father still fit into the category of being ‘employed’, as the job he just lost still payed him a minimum wage for the next couple of months until his contract was done.
To help, Sol found a job at a different programming company. The pay was much lower than his previous job, and it seemed like not all dealings were exactly legal. There he met some people who were affiliated to the anarchists – it piqued his interest more than it used to, but he still did not join. He melded into the environment while sending what money he could to his sister, and soon learned a few tricks about hacking into systems through his coworkers.  For a while it was smooth sailing, though there was always a flicker of shady business in the firm.

Sol’s father could not yet find a job that payed enough to support the family. For now he worked at a data storage and repair center, often taking some of it home to work on them through the night. With some of his and Sol’s money, their family just managed to scrape by the skin of their teeth. It was one unfortunate day when the police decided to raid the business Sol worked at – the visit was unexpected, and some less-than-legal data and technology was found after a thorough search. Sol too was detained given he was in the programming division, though he escaped going to prison due to being underage. As a part of the investigation however the police checked Sol’s home, and as their luck would have it, one of the hard drives his father had brought home to repair was encrypted with confidential information pertaining to the government. Accused of being a part of the racket that stemmed from the programming firm, Sol’s father was sent to jail, his mother detained for questioning, Gigi too questioned thoroughly despite her remote location at the university.

At this point in time the war of the factions was on the rise, and a small ramshackle data repair store could not afford to be associated with trouble with the government. They cast away any and all responsibility in regard to Sol’s father, claiming that the hard drive was never in their position, and that it was the Mariakis family’s possession entirely. Sol’s reputation as a tech wiz came to bite them all in the butt, and rumors started to spread, ‘I knew it all along’ ‘That kid was never right in the head, remember?’ ‘No surprise what they used his skills for.’ ‘ Like father, like son.’ His mother had a mental breakdown under the pressure of the rumors – she had always been especially sensitive to how others viewed her, just as she had chosen to medicate Sol to try and attain a ‘normal’ son - and without any counterevidence, Sol’s father remained in jail. That is, until he promptly removed himself from the world with the aid of a bed sheet noose several days after Sol’s 16th birthday. His family had broken. Only he and Gigi remained, and they were both terribly tired.

For a short while Sol stayed at a foster home, as he had no other relatives than his sister. He continued programming almost obsessively, and did his best to use his cheerful disposition to keep his sister going. At first he was angry at the anarchists – if it wasn’t for their illegal data, none of this would have happened. But then, he considered, deeply for once in his usually hyperactive mind. People didn’t do things just to be stupid. What drove the anarchists to even start moving? Then, a simple explanation surfaced. The government. Like a hungry wolf his mind latched onto the idea - ’The government has been pushing people into desperation. Just like they did to me, to my family.’ That was enough of an explanation for him and his simple mentality – he didn’t want to think any deeper about it. It was a direction at least, and he took the step from the ambiguous grey to the orange resistance.

Now 17 years of age he works in the intelligence division of the anarchists, programming and reprogramming security systems to better serve whatever purpose they need to serve. He has moved out of his foster home to live in a small apartment  just underground, in the remains of an old subway system. He’s just as lively as he’s ever been despite the hardships, and although his mannerisms and nature of coding stays frivolous and fun, there is an underlying malice that is directed at the Big Brother.

Voice: [Up to about 1:26 is spot on. The rest is semi-ok, just that some of the personalities don't match Sol www]
-    Sol has modified his schalter to be an all-inclusive device, from his cellphone to game applications. It also links wirelessly with the ocular implants in his eyes, and is capable of storing a few pictures taken with the lens.
-    The triangular tattoo on his left calf is his anarchist tattoo. When a small current is run through the area, it temporarily lights up the “hourglass” shape to complete the mark. He can do this with a touch of his hand.
-    The implants in his eyes were done soon after he entered into the ranks of the anarchists. The holographic projections can only be seen by him, unless individuals are wearing glasses that project holographic images in the same frequency as his implants. The commands can be accessed entirely with specific commands of minute eye movements, making it nearly undetectable when he’s using application interfaces. Typing must be done through an actual “typing” gesture or through his schalter, however. The air-keyboarding looks pretty silly. Prolonged use of the nanocomputer in his eyes can cause strain though, so he doesn’t use it for prolonged periods of time if he can help it.
-     He likes older street fashion a lot.
-    He can be touchy-feely, personal space isn’t really something he concerns himself with. He’s the kinda person who’ll grab someone’s crotch without much of a thought.
-    Can’t help but pull program-based pranks occasionally.
-    Scrawny in build, gradually recovering from the changes in his lifestyle due to the side effects of the ritalin. Still has insomniac tendencies, and will sometimes entirely forget to eat for a couple days.

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