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ZatannaŠ DCcomics

Lines by: :iconcoltnoble:
colored by: :iconchronicle-l:
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well i always wanted to make a team of super heroes like teen titans, but using marvel and DC ideas on my style and alterated to my own AU.

well here is bat-boy this character is based on Batman Beyond, but is a different character, is actually an asian kid that has ninja training since he was almost a baby (exagerating a little) and he has a lot of hidden pockets in his custom where he carries all his gadgets and stuff.

hope you all like it ;D


well this is Michio Kurai, michio means :Man with strength of three thousand, Kurai means: Dark. Michio is from Japan and raised as a ninja (one of the best), but when he turnud 13 he flew to U.S. and there he ran into Night-Wing when he was fighting some villian and Michio helped Night-Wing. Night-Wing trained Michio as the new Robin, but soon Michio got tired of that and secretly became Bat-Boy till he was discover once by Night-Wing and after a strong discussion Michio walked alone and moved out of town but he didn't stop been Bat-Boy.
----member of the Neo Titans
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Just a little gift to :iconenasni-v: aka. Enasni Volz

Find her also in facebook! -->…

Because I'm IN LOVE with this cosplay and it has been so funny to draw! And can't wait to draw more Harley cosplays!

Wanna see more chibi cosplayers? There will be more soon!! :heart:


Find me on Facebook // Twitter // Tumblr // Store

Thanks also for your comments, +fav And +WATCH! 


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One day I suddenly wanted to draw a sailor moon picture XDD
and here it is XD
hope you like it. i worked hard on it >_<

Medium: Photoshop CS
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Im not sure if I even got her shit correct xD I just got the colors from
people who drew her SOOOOO


MISHTI BELONGS TO: :iconmishti14:
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I will avenge you...
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Hover over the [?] I programmed it to have interesting facts pop up

Ask Blog || Scar Map || App v.1 || Winter Outfit
Trainer ID - FI2-39
Round 0 - [1] [2] [3]
Round 1 - [1]
Round 2 - [1] [2]
Round 3 - [1] [2] [3]
Round 4 - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Round 5 - [1] [2] [3] [4]

Edit dd/mm/yy
Edit 17/06/13 - Updated App artwork to fit BFOI guidlines, two chibi's included as well as a 'Relationships' section
Edit 04/12/13 - Orrin turned 31, Happy Birthday Orrin!

O R R I N - D A N

Name: Orrin Dan [?]
Age: 31, born December 4th
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0" [?]
Weight: 184 lbs [?]
Hometown: Castelia City


Orrin was born and raised in Castelia City. Knowing only the city lifestyle for most of his life, he was very comfortable with it. As a single child (for most of his childhood) coming from a wealthy family, he had a luxurious childhood. He had been taught and groomed to be quiet and reserved as he grew up, so that he could have a hand in family politics later on in his life. Despite having an average lifestyle of growing up and going to school, Orrin did manage to develop a taste for Pokémon at an early age.

His father who used to visit safaris for different game, would come home with unique Pokémon not always found in Unova. Upon one if his father's returns home, Orrin took an interest in the new Pokémon he caught. In this case it was an Onix that impressed Orrin with its great intimidating size. Orrin begged his father to let him have the Pokémon, although his dad refused, and told Orrin to first train his own Pokémon from scratch, because the Onix would be too high of a level for him to handle in his current state.

Wishing to help Orrin start off his budding interest in Pokémon, Orrin's mom went out of her way to have a breeder breed a Deino just for her son. As she put it, 'only the best for her child.' Thrilled and rather spoiled at the opportunity to work with such a Pokémon Orrin began his Pokémon journey at the age of 13.

Despite wanting to just run off into the wild to start his Pokémon journey, Orrin's parents denied him the opportunity. They would prefer if he first concentrated on his studies and finishing school, rather than leave his education unattended. Sulky about the trade off at first, Orrin stuck around Castelia City throughout the school year, and would adventure out once school was over for summer break.

By the time Orrin went off to university, he had decided to specialize in training Steel/Dark type Pokémon, and he had amassed a pretty strong team. Throughout his travels in the summer, he had come to enjoy the nature and outdoors that were unavailable in the city. As Orrin progressed in his studies, he became a Pokémon Vet. He fully enjoyed working and helping out Pokémon in need, and eventually came to work at the well known Poké-Center just in front of the Castelia docks.

However one spring back when Orrin was 27, he had a horrible accident. In a rush to get to an emergency call at work, he wasn't paying attention as he crossed one of the Castelia boulevards. He got struck hard by a car, which crushed the left side of his body. Rushed to the hospital in a state of emergency, he was then treated there for a broken arm and leg along with head trauma. However while he was being attended to, one of his heart valves collapsed from too much trauma to the left side of his body. Luckily for him, he was rushed straight into surgery as he went into cardiac arrest. He managed to come out and recover, but this time with a mechanical heart valve made of titanium, along with metal plates to fix the fragmented bone in his arm and leg. He sets off all the alarms at security checks.

Although Orrin did take time off to recover, he eventually went back into work once he was able to walk and use his arm again. However he experienced multiple episodes of arrhythmia when dealing with all the stress at work. His co-workers, friends, and family all told him to take a break to fully recover from his heart surgery. Finally taking their advice to heart after one too many arrhythmia episodes, Orrin now finds himself on Ohana Islands to start off his vacation.

However once he discovered there was a tourney, he couldn't help but sign up in spite of his plan to relax. His mother was not amused, although his father helped him out and wired him his Pokémon.


Quiet and reserved due to his upbringing, Orrin has never been a man of many words. He is rather cautious around all people excluding his family, especially if he doesn't know their intentions. Strangers are always met with a cold stare, and polite but blunt words. He doesn't enjoy beating around the bush and always gets straight to the point. On the other hand, when dealing with Pokémon, and I mean any kind of Pokémon, Orrin's demeanor changes completely. He thoroughly enjoys working with them, and if a trainer's Pokémon is in need of help, he will always be willing to provide it. He may or may not however, criticize the trainer for putting their Pokémon in such a state. Scars and man made deformities on Pokémon cause him to judge the trainer even more so than usual, as he questions their capability of taking care of their Pokémon. He will not however, voice these opinions until he knows the history of the Pokémon/Trainer.

Relationships: [?] - To be moved & updated.

Cain Dan - Brother
Ten years his junior, Orrin view's his younger brother as an equal. Although he remained completely unaware of the rather poor treatment his brother went through as he grew up, since Orrin had moved out of the family home when Cain was 12. None the less the brother's aren't on bad terms, however Cain gives Orrin constant support, while Orrin occasionally forgets he has a brother.

Nathan Lanz - "Adopted" Brother
Orrin met Nathan through a series of unfortunate events, which resulted in the two battling together. Nathan won in the end and the two parted ways, but Orrin couldn't shake the feeling that Nathan reminded him of a little brother (in both his appearance and attitude). And since has taken to calling him Lil Bro. In a sense, Orrin subconsciously replaced his real flesh-and-blood younger brother.

Eden Booker - Friend / Work Acquaintance
Recognizing the girl from her frequent visits to the Poké-Center in Castelia city, Orrin was glad to meet a familiar face during the first round of the tournament. Although back when he worked as a Vet in Castelia he found her frequent visits to be overabundant, he does admire the care and dedication she gives to her Pokémon, and as such is more than happy to give frequent checkups.

Sydney - Friend (GIRL FRIEND)[???]
Not starting off their relationship on the best of notes, Orrin lost his wallet to Syd and has yet to get it back. Flustered by her outgoing demeanor, Orrin doesn't know what to make of the gal and her fortune telling, thus keeps finding himself in odd situations with the lady. Still thinks she is nice for offering her fortunetelling services, though he isn't too sure if he wants to know about bad omens in his future just yet . . .

Kaaryn Goldsun - Friend [?]
Through a series of unfortunate events, Orrin met a desperate Kaaryn looking to help her injured Pokémon. Orrin was more than willing to provide care and help Scraps get back into full health. Although outgoing Kaaryn thanked him in her own way, Orrin currently gets flustered when he meets her from time to time. Trying to get over his embarrassment the two agreed to arrive at the Valkyrie Tea party together.

Corrie Ross - Friend
A new friendship recently made during the first round, Orrin was skeptical of Corrie's trainer abilities when he first met her, as her Dragonite had many old battle scars. However after clearing the air between them, Orrin learnt about Corrie and why she came to Ohana. He also discovered not to underestimate her in battle since the girl was more than capable of handling herself.

Frederick "Poppet" Kirkman - Acquaintance
While out an about Orrin stumbled upon Poppet who challenged him to a lively battle. However things didn't go according to plan, and Orrin now believes Poppet is incapable of controlling his Pokémon.

Nathaniel Levitt - Work Acquaintance
Orrin ends up at Nate's place a lot, for reasons to do with Nate's skarmory. Not that he particularity minds, as he likes the steel bird-- to an extent. He always finds that the birdy does a number on his hair.


+ Pokémon
+ Quiet places, Nature, Stress Free Environments
+ His pet Sneasel & all his Pokémon
+ Helping the sick/injured Pokémon

- Strangers, but (--) horrifyingly loud strangers [?]
- Injured Pokémon
- Arrhythmia Episodes
- Setting off all the metal detectors every time
- Security guards, for the above reason.
- Rude Trainers


▪ Because his left leg and left arm have been reinforced with metal plates, these two limbs are extremely strong. Kicking his leg or punching his arm would only serve to hurt the attacker in question.
▪ He takes medication to keep his blood pressure low, and as such is extremely slow in the morning and cannot do exercise for an extended period of time with out feeling faint.
▪ His sneasel he keeps primarily as a pet, although he plans on raising it once he feels better.
▪ Decided to join the competition because he got bored fast.
▪ Sometimes gets too into the Pokémon battles, which ain't good for his heart.
▪ He used to have an alcohol problem, and would often earn the name Mr.Hangover from his co-workers
▪ Since his accident he has tried to stay away from excess booze and stuff, for his own health.
▪ He has a younger brother


    F O R A S [?]

    Steelix | Male | Relaxed | Sturdy
    ▪ Stealth Rock
    ▪ Gyro Ball
    ▪ Earthquake
    ▪ Roar

    Foras, Orrin had obtained from his father when he was experienced enough. Due to the Pokémon's Relaxed nature Orrin never had trouble training it, and the two have a good relationship with each other. Foras prefers Orrin over Orrin's dad any day, as the man had left him in a box for what felt like forever. Likes to cuddle soft looking things and as such dere dere's over Rakko with Orrin. Is actually quite gentle.
    B A A L [?]

    Ferroseed | Female | Relaxed | Iron Barbs
    ▪ Gyro Ball
    ▪ Leech Seed
    ▪ Protect
    ▪ Power Whip

    Baal is Orrin’s main go to defence Pokémon. Sturdy and proud Baal always tries her hardest to try and make sure the rest of her team is well protected. Orrin caught her as a Ferroseed one day in chargestone cave, and has kept her in the party since. Outside of battle she’s pretty laid back and relaxed, and enjoys when Orrin spends time with her.
    V U A L [?]

    Metagross | -- | Jolly | Clear Body
    ▪ Meteor Mash
    ▪ Hammer Arm
    ▪ Agility
    ▪ Zen Headbutt

    Orrin won Vual as a Beldum during a charity ball set up by one of his parents friends. When he saw that a Pokémon was up for auction, he got infuriated that they treated the Pokémon as an object. He proceeded to out bid every bidder (with his parents money -little did they know) in an attempt to get the Pokémon away from the people at the auction. The Beldum never fell into bad hands, and had come from a nice breeder so it grew up healthily and happily around Orrin. When put on the field though, most of its attacks are an aim to kill type, making it a big offensive asset to Orrin’s team.
    A M O N [?]

    Honchkrow | Male | Jolly | Moxie
    ▪ Roost
    ▪ Brave Bird
    ▪ Sucker Punch
    ▪ Superpower

    Orrin met Amon as a Murkrow one fateful day. The Murkrow was sick and had been separated from its flock in Castelia city. Orrin decided to take it and nurse it back to health before attempting to release it again. However the Murkrow grew attached to him, and became one of his mother’s favorite Pokémon. So the bird stuck around and mooched off the family for awhile before Orrin even got around to training it.
    B O T I S [?]

    Sableye | Male | Calm | Prankster
    ▪ Shadowball
    ▪ Recover
    ▪ Calm Mind
    ▪ Will-o-Wisp

    When Orrin first met this sableye he was scared out of his wits. Never meeting one before in his life, he proceeded to beat the poor Pokémon to a pulp, believing that it was some monster out of a horror story. Only once he K.O.’d the sableye did he calm down and have a close look at it, which is when he discovered that the monster was actually a Pokémon. Feeling horrible for what he just did, Orrin took the sableye back home and nursed it to health. Definitely isn’t the strongest Pokémon on Orrin’s team, as he baby’s it constantly, but can pack a punch with health status problems.
    B U N É [?]

    Hydreigon | Female | Modest | Levitate
    ▪ Dark Pulse
    ▪ Dragon Pulse
    ▪ Roost
    ▪ Fire Blast

    Orrin’s very first Pokémon that he has raised since it was a Deino. He’s loved and cared for it all its life, making the Hydreigon very attached to her trainer. Has been and travelled to all the places Orrin has gone, and thus is his most powerful Pokémon on his team. Likes baths and having her fur fluffed up, which is why she looks so poofy all the time. Occasionally gets jealous when Orrin uses other Pokémon over her, but has slowly gotten over it. Sometimes has a hard time honing instincts, and finds small Pokémon looking like delicious snacks. She has two STAB type moves plus a method of health recovery, which means she will be a force to be reckoned with on the field.
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Uhm... this kind of shows my lack of title-making skills. Anyway, it's a remake of my samurai girl drawing, hence the same floral patterns. She started out with a katana, but I thought a fan would look nice, and the katana looked out of place so I changed it into a staff and modified her outfit accordingly. Then I abused the use of flowers and petals.

Stuffed up the hair a bit, but I think I managed to salvage it. Can't say the same about the sleeves, though... Urgh.... definitely should've gone for blue. And I might have abused the white ink a bit too much, while the gold ink doesn't seem to show up as well as I hoped (ah, well, it was cheap).

Copic Markers, Staedtler triplus fineliner, white and gold inks.
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