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Poison Ivy

Voiced by: Tasia Valenza

Classification: Gadget Character (without explosives)

Infused with plant based powers and the ability to control plant-life, Pamela Isley has begun to identify more with plants than with humans. As Poison Ivy, she terrorizes Gotham City with her plans to wipe out humanity.

Intro: The camera shows a large concentration of plant life, covered in leaves and bushes. It soon moves out of the way on its own, with Poison Ivy stepping out and readying to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Poison Ivy grows flowers around her, either laughing or saying "Now to finish you off."

Outro: Ivy says "Nice try, idiot." and lifts her arm up, causing vines to sprout from the ground and grab the opponent, lifting them up behind her. As they struggle in the background, Ivy creates a throne of plant-life and sits down, looking at the camera.

Special Moves:

* Underfoot Sprout - Creates a large venus fly trap plant underneath where the opponent is standing
** Meter Burn - Instead of a venus fly trap, Ivy creates vines that hold the opponent in place

* Blow Kiss - Poison Ivy blows a kiss that sends forward spores, temporarily stunning the opponent
** Meter Burn - Poison Ivy blows a kiss full of mind control spores, which not only damage the opponent, but makes them walk towards Ivy (like one of Quan Chi's moves in MK9)

* Vine Whip - Causes a vine to spurt from the ground and swat towards the opponent
** Meter Burn - Causes multiple vines to spurt from the ground, hitting the opponent one after another

* Spore Shot - Ivy summons a plant that shoots a large, glowing, poisonous spore in the direction of the opponent, similar to the ones seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum
** Meter Burn - The plant that Ivy summons instead shoots three spores in rapid succession

* Spore Leech - Poison Ivy creates a plant that shoots forward a gas that, if it connects with the opponent, steals some of their health and adds it to Poison Ivy's health bar
** Meter Burn - When enhanced, the move takes more health and adds it to Ivy's

* Rose's Thorn - Creates a thorny vine that spins around her, damaging opponents and blocking projectiles
** Meter Burn - The vine spins around her, and if an opponent touches the vines, they will be ensnared

Launcher: Holds her hand forward and makes a large plant sprout from the ground and ram into the opponent

Forward - Entangles the opponent in vines, seductively rubs their face, then has the vines throw the opponent forward
Back - Entangles the opponent in vines, seductively walks around them, then has the vines throw the opponent backward

Character Trait:
Poison Spores - Poison Ivy lets off pink spores from her body that will poison the opponent if they touch her, slowly draining their health. Once used, it takes a few seconds to recharge. If she gets hit while using the spores, the spores will disappear.

Super Move:
Nature's Wrath - Poison Ivy sends out vines from the floor, and if they grab the opponent, she will have them throw the opponent into the mouth of a newly created, giant venus fly trap. The camera shows the opponent being burn in the plant's digestive juices, before they spill out back onto the stage.

Ending: Having previously been a prisoner of Superman's Regime, Poison Ivy had freed herself and gotten her revenge. With Superman gone and the world without structure, Ivy saw her chance to enact her more sinister plans. Using her control over plant life, Poison Ivy had her "babies" hunt down every last human being on Earth. With humanity extinct, Poison Ivy had finally created a natural paradise for all plant life to thrive.

Clash Quotes:

Standard -
"Foolish creature."
"You'll make nice mulch."
"My babies will strangle you."
"Lay down and die!"
"Feel the wrath of Mother Nature!"


Poison Ivy - "Show me what you've got, kid."
Nightwing - "You first."

Poison Ivy - "You don't stand a chance, Batman!"
Batman - "That's what you said last time."

Poison Ivy - "Just accept nature's will."
Batman - "I don't need to. I'm Batman."

Poison Ivy - "I'll make you my slave!"
Batman - "I'd never give in to you."

Poison Ivy - "You'll pay for hurting Harley!"
Joker - "Alright, I'll cut you a check."

Poison Ivy - "I'll enjoy killing you."
Joker - "Time to do some weeding."

Poison Ivy - "Leave him behind, Harley!"
Harley Quinn - "I'm not leavin' my pud'n!"

Poison Ivy - "You're the only human I could tolerate."
Harley Quinn - "Gee, thanks, Red!"

Poison Ivy - "Sorry about this, Harley."
Harley Quinn - "I thought I was on your 'do not kill' list!"

Poison Ivy - "So, you're connected to the Green."
Solomon Grundy - "Grundy not green. You green!"

Poison Ivy - "I'll have to kill you, Selina."
Catwoman - "You'll have to try."

Poison Ivy - "Going to water some plants?"
Aquaman - "You're just hilarious."


Nightwing - "Where'd I leave my weedwhacker?"
Poison Ivy - "You monster!"

Nightwing - "Are you trying to seduce me?"
Poison Ivy - "Depends. Is it working?"

Batman - "It's over, Isley."
Poison Ivy - "Maybe for you."

Batman - "I'm sending you back to Arkham."
Poison Ivy - "I'll only escape again."

Batman - "Your 'babies' won't stop me."
Poison Ivy - "I'll feed you to them!"

Batman - "You're barely human anymore."
Poison Ivy - "That's a good thing."

Joker - "You and Harley are friends. Think we could--?"
Poison Ivy - "Not in your wildest dreams, clown."

Joker - "How about some nice Joker Toxin?"
Poison Ivy - "Pff, you call that stuff poison?"

Harley Quinn - "Show me what you got, Red!"
Poison Ivy - "Whatever you say, Harley."

Harley Quinn - "Did I tell ya you look nice today?"
Poison Ivy - "Well, this pretty flower has thorns!"

Harley Quinn - "Don't lecture me about Mr. J!"
Poison Ivy - "He's not good for you, Harley!"

Solomon Grundy - "Grundy crush plant lady!"
Poison Ivy - "Oh, you like to play rough?"

Catwoman - "Jeez, calm down, Ivy."
Poison Ivy - "I'll calm down when you're dead!"

* Tasia Valenza previously voiced Poison Ivy in the Batman Arkham games
* In the Arkham Asylum/Joker's Asylum stage, instead of stomping on the ground to activate the flower interactable like other gadget characters, Ivy would move her arms like she's controlling the flower to make it shoot its poison gas
* Poison Ivy is a ranged character, as her moveset does not have much to offer for close-up confrontation
Here's Poison Ivy.

If you're unfamiliar with Injustice, the characters are divided into two types: Power characters and gadget characters. (This isn't entirely accurate, as it's pretty much characters that have super strength and characters who don't) They use the objects in the stages differently. If a power character interacts with a car, they can pick it up and slam it into their opponent. Gadget characters can slam opponents into the car, jump off of it, or jump off of it and leave behind an explosive. However, some gadget characters (like the Flash) have no explosives and cannot do that last thing.
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Jonah Hex

Voiced by: Adam Baldwin

Classification: Gadget character (with explosives)

Biography: One of the most feared men in the old west, Jonah Hex was a skilled bounty hunter. Despite being from the past, the cowboy has often crossed past with the heroes of the present.

Intro: Jonah Hex is seen sitting in an old west tavern as a six-shooter is pressed against the back of his head; he swiftly stands up, holding his gun out, and disappears in a way identical to Scorpion in his intro; he is transported into the battlefield, and mumbles "Let's get to it then."

Post-Round Taunt: Spins his revolver around his fingers and says "Piece 'a trash." or "You best stay down."

Outro: Walks up to the downed opponent, looks at his revolver, as if considering shooting them, and instead just spits on their unconscious body and walks offscreen

Special Moves:

* Bowie Knife - Lunges forward with his bowie knife, and if it connects, he performs an automatic three-slash combo
** Meter Burn - Performs extra slashes on the opponent

* Quick Draw - Quickly grabs a revolver out of the holster on the right side of his belt and shoots twice
** Meter Burn - Grabs both revolvers, shooting two shots with each quickly

* Lasso - Throws forward a lasso which can entangle to opponent; if it connects, Hex will pull them towards him, allowing him some free hits
** Meter Burn - Once he pulls the opponent towards him, Hex hands them some lit dynamite and kicks them away, making them explode

* Tomahawk Toss - Throws forward a tomahawk
** Meter Burn - Throws two successive tomahawks after the first

* Molotov Cocktail (Close) - Tosses a molotov cocktail a few feet in front of him, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

* Molotov Cocktail (Mid) - Throws a molotov cocktail to about mid-screen, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

* Molotov Cocktail (Far) - Throws a molotov cocktail almost full-screen, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

Launcher: Performs a large Sparta kick

Forward - Grabs the opponent and stabs them twice in the stomach with his bowie knife before throwing them forward
Back - Grabs the opponent and stabs them twice in the stomach with his bowie knife before throwing them behind him

Character Trait:
Dead Eye - For a limited time, Hex's Quick Draw move will track the opponent's position instead of just shooting straight forward; it also deals more damage, even when the opponent is blocking

Super Move: Jonah Hex swings his lasso forward, and if the opponent is caught in it, he will pull them toward him and stab them in the stomach; a black horse then runs up, and Hex climbs onto it, still holding the rope; the horse runs around the area, dragging the opponent across the ground and bumping them around; he then stops the horse, steps off, lays one foot on the opponent's chest, and shoots them twice in the head before pulling out his bowie knife

Ending: Jonah Hex, history's deadliest bounty hunter, has a reputation that stretches centuries into the future after his death. Hex's skills were so legendary that the desperate Insurgency, led by Batman, who has met Hex at several points in history, created a device to transport Jonah Hex into their time. Tasking him with the assassination of several Regime officers, Hex was offered insane monetary rewards, especially for his time period. Jonah Hex accepted the bounty, but declined his reward. He instead asked the Insurgency to promise to never force him to deal with any more time travel.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes
"You ain't walkin' away from this."
"You picked a fight with the wrong guy."
"Do you know how many people I've killed?"
"I hate time travel..."
"Too late to let you walk away."


Jonah Hex - "How many times are we gonna cross paths?"
Batman - "Don't blame me for this."

Jonah Hex - "Yer fancy gadgets can't replace a good 'ol pistol."
Batman - "Anything but a gun."

Jonah Hex - "Why hold back from killin'?"
Batman - "Justice doesn't come from a bullet to the head."

Jonah Hex - "Yer weapon's outdated, son."
Green Arrow - "Coming from the old west cowboy? Yeah, sure."

Jonah Hex - "So you're the best the future has to offer."
Deathstroke - "The mercenary business has come a long way."

Jonah Hex - "What's with the get-up?"
Deathstroke - "An assassin needs more than just a hat these days."

Jonah Hex - "So you're the god of war. I'm unimpressed."
Ares - "You owe me everything, Hex."

Jonah Hex - "You just look plain ridiculous."
Lobo - "Says the man with the fragged-up face!"


Batman - "How did you get to this time period?"
Jonah Hex - "Hell if I know."

Batman - "Heroes don't need to kill."
Jonah Hex - "I ain't exactly a hero."

Batman - "This isn't how we do things here."
Jonah Hex - "Well, I ain't exactly from around here."

Green Arrow - "So am I a better archer than most Natives you've met?"
Jonah Hex - "I was raised by Indians. You ain't got nothin' on 'em."

Deathstroke - "Really? You're history's best bounty hunter?"
Jonah Hex - "It kinda obvious when I'm compared with you."

Deathstroke - "Don't get in the way of my contracts."
Jonah Hex - "Hey, it's an open bounty."

Ares - "Well, if it isn't my favorite killer."
Jonah Hex - "I've killed lots of people. I think I can add a god to the list."

Lobo - "Wow, Earth's bounty hunters are old fashioned!"
Jonah Hex - "Sometimes old fashioned is better."

Black Manta - "So you fought for the Confederacy?"
Jonah Hex - "I fought for country, not slavery."

* Adam Baldwin previously voiced Jonah Hex in the Justice League animated series

This makes me want a Red Dead Redemption-style Jonah Hex video game.
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Voiced by: Hynden Walch

Classification: Power character

Biography: A princess from the planet of Tamaran, Koriand'r came to earth after being betrayed by her sister. Becoming a member of the Teen Titans and calling herself Starfire, she became a protector of a new world.

Intro: Flies into frame, with glowing green eyes and star bolts charges around her hands; shes shoots forward two star bolts and her eyes and hands return to normal, and she says "If we must fight, I will!"

Idle Stance: Floats above the ground with her arms extended from the elbow out to her sides, fists clenched

Post-Round Taunt: Flies further into the air and does a loop-de-loop

Outro: Flies backward slightly then says "You should not have tried to fight me!" then looks up at the sky and takes off

Special Moves:

* Star Bolt - Throws forward two balls of glowing green energy that explode on contact
** Meter Burn - Throws forward two more additional star bolts

* Star Bolt (Air) - Throws forward two balls of glowing green energy that explode on contact

* Star Beam - Crouches and shoots forward a beam of glowing green energy
** Meter Burn - After shooting forward the beam, Starfire throws forward a barrage of three star bolts

* Flying Crash - Loops around in the air then flies forward, smashing into the opponent
** Meter Burn - When she hits the opponent, Starfire grabs onto them and drags them across the ground as she flies

* Star Burst - Releases a short-range burst of energy from all sides of her body to damage a nearby opponent or to cancel out projectiles

Launcher: Punches forward with a glowing fist

Forward - Grabs the opponent by the collar, flies up into the air, then flies downward at a 45 degree angle, smashing the opponent into the ground
Back - Grabs the opponent by the collar, flies up into the air while rotating to face the other way, then flies downward at a 45 degree angle, smashing the opponent into the ground

Character Trait: Star Charge - Starfire gains glowing green eyes and glowing hands for a short time, signifying that all of her energy attacks will be stronger for this time

Super Move: Star Power - Starfire flies forward to about half-screen, and if she runs into the opponent, she will grab them and take off into the air; she is then shown exiting Earth's atmosphere and letting go of the opponent in space, shooting them with a barrage of many star bolts; as the opponent begins being pulled back in by Earth's gravity, Starfire grabs them and begins flying back down, piledriving the opponent back down to the stage

Ending: Starfire was among the members of the Titans who were brought in as enforcer's for Superman's Regime. As a warrior princess, the philosophy of killing one's enemies wasn't as repulsive to Starfire as it was for other heroes. Working as one of Superman's more powerful underlings, Starfire was eventually called to return to Tamaran to negotiate a treaty with Earth's new government. But upon returning home, her treacherous sister Blackfire managed to convince Starfire that Superman doesn't deserve to lead. Earth needs a Tamaranean leader, and Starfire was willing to take the throne. That is, until Blackfire could betray her.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Let us finish this!"
"For Tamaran!"
"You have forced my hand!"
"This will end quickly!"
"Come on!"


Starfire - "Do not hold back, Dick."
Nightwing - "I doubt I'd be able to hurt you if I tried."

Starfire - "Why must we fight like this?"
Nightwing - "I believe it's called a lover's quarrel."

Starfire - "This is good sparring, yes, friend Cyborg?"
Cyborg - "It's a real challenge, Star."

Starfire - "I will not let you win!"
Deathstroke - "Well, I didn't expect this to be easy."

Starfire - "Why must you keep attacking the Titans?"
Deathstroke - "Money's the motivating factor here."

Starfire - "Is this what is called a 'girls' night out?'"
Raven - "I don't think you have the right idea."

Starfire - "Why must you always be so gloomy?"
Raven - "Sorry I don't live in the perfect world you do."

Starfire - "Did my sister Blackfire hire you to kill me?"
Lobo - "I'm impressed! Got in on the first guess!"

Starfire - "I do not know if I can do this."
Red Hood - "We're Outlaws now, Star. We need to be ruthless."


Nightwing - "What happened to us, Star?"
Starfire - "I think it is best we leave things in the past."

Nightwing - "Just like the good old days, huh?"
Starfire - "Fighting your friends is hardly 'good.'"

Cyborg - "Can those Star Bolts measure up to a sonic boom?"
Starfire - "Let us find out!"

Deathstroke - "It's over, 'princess.'"
Starfire - "It is far from over, Slade!"

Deathstroke - "You put up quite a fight."
Starfire - "Did you expect me to surrender?"

Raven - "Your powers are too bright for my tastes."
Starfire - "And yours are far too dark."

Raven - "I need to know you can beat me in case something goes wrong."
Starfire - "Do not talk like that, Raven!"

Lobo - "I've always wanted to hook up with a Tamaranean babe."
Starfire - "Do not expect I will let you."

Red Hood - "I need you to be in perfect condition for our team."
Starfire - "I would be more worried about your human capabilities."

* Hynden Walch is known for voicing Starfire in the Teen Titans animated series
* In her idle stance, Starfire floats above the ground
No mustard included.
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Sweet Tooth

Voiced By: Jim Cummings

Classification: Gadget Character (With explosives)

Biography: Often referred to as Sweet Tooth, Needles Kane is an insane killer clown who drives an ice cream truck. Known as the most twisted character in Twisted Metal, which says alot, he is the very embodiment of hate and destruction on an epic scale.

Intro: Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck is shown plowing through cars in Metro Square from TM2012, pulling over on the battlefield and Sweet Tooth exits it, saying "Heeeeere's Sweet Tooth!", ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Points at the opponent with his machete, saying "This is starting to make me angry..." or "Messing with the wrong clown!"

Outro: Sweet Tooth swings his machete around a bit as the opponent pleads for their life as he raises it up and yells out "SHUT UP AND BLEED, YOU MOTHER-" before slamming the the machete down on the opponent, killing the offscreen opponent as he gives a evil laugh.

Special Moves:
Machete Slam: Sweet Tooth swings down his machete down onto the opponent, knocking the opponent back to the ground. (Meter Burn- Instead of knocking the opponent back, the machete slams into the opponent, then Sweet Tooth takes it out and swings it up, knocking the opponent into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Chainsaw Throw: Sweet Tooth takes out a running chainsaw and throws it at the opponent, stunning the opponent, open for a free hit or combo. (Meter Burn- Revs it against the ground, lighting it on fire, doing more damage and stuns the opponent longer.)
Air Chainsaw Throw: Sweet Tooth takes out a running chainsaw and throws it down diagonally at the opponent while in the air.
Chainsaw Swing: Sweet Tooth swings around a running chainsaw, knocking the opponent down. (Meter Burn- Revs the chainsaw on the ground, lighting it on fire, doing more damage and knocks the opponent in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Sawn-Off Shotgun- Sweet Tooth fires a round from his sawn-off shotgun. (Meter Burn- Fires both rounds, juggling the opponent in the air a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Upward Sawn-Off Shotgun- Sweet Tooth fires a round from his sawn-off shotgun into the air at a airbourne opponent. (Meter Burn- Fires both rounds, juggling the opponent in the air a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Molotov Cocktail- Sweet Tooth throws a lit Molotov cocktail in a arc at the opponent, setting them on fire upon impact, stunning them for a open hit or combo. There are high and low variants of the move.
Mine- Sweet Tooth throws a land mine out in front of him, which explodes upon the opponent touching it or if left untouched long enough. There are close, medium and far variants of the move (Meter Burn- It does more damage.)

Forward: Grabs the opponent before stabbing the opponent with his machete before breathing out fire onto the opponent, burning them before kicking the impaled opponent back on the ground.
Back: Grabs the opponent before stabbing the opponent with his machete before breathing out fire onto the opponent, burning them before swinging the impaled opponent over him behind him on the ground.

Character Trait:
Weapon Select: Sweet Tooth can fire a weapon from his ice cream truck with a single button press. By pressing certain directional inputs with the character trait button, it allows Sweet Tooth to change the type of missile he fires into one of three different weapon types.
- The Default Machine Gun Fire deals little damage but can be used for quick combos.
- The Laughing Ghost deals the most damage of all the Weapons.
- The Napalm Drop deals less damage than the Laughing Ghost, but can be prematurely fire, using spreading damage to hurt the opponent.
- The Freeze Blast does no damage, but does freeze the opponent, open for a free hit or combo.

Super Move:
Deathmatch: Sweet Tooth fires a RPG at the ground in front of the opponent which explodes, sending them backwards into Shadow's open casket, which fires upwards, exploding in mid-air to which Axel, in it's War Wheel form, appears, ramming the opponent more into the air, to which Sweet Tooth, now in the Mecha form of his ice cream truck does a Sweet Slam onto the opponent, slamming them down to the ground as Sweet Tooth comes back.

Ending: The eviscerated corpse of Superman at his feet, Sweet Tooth, transported into this new universe due to his wish of seeking more tougher people to kill, was now the most feared person in this universe, carving his way through the Regime and the Insurgency without mercy. But one had gotten away from his grasp, Sweet Tooth was enraged, he won't stop till he has the head of Wonder Woman in his ice box.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Time for some fun!"
"Get ready to bleed!"
"Here's one hell of treat!"
"I'll end this contest!"
"Honey, i'm home!"
"Here comes the pain!"
"Oh, this is gonna feel good!"
(Against batgirl/Hawkgirl) "Always had a thing for redheads"

Sweet Tooth- "I've killed bigger."
Bane- "And i'll kill you payaso!" (And i'll kill you clown!)

Sweet Tooth- "Gotham sounds fun."
Batman- "Stay out of Gotham."

Sweet Tooth- "Crazy freak."
Batman- "Pot calling the kettle back."

Sweet Tooth- "Here kitty-kitty..."
Catwoman- "Oh, unorginal..."

Sweet Tooth- "Gonna run you over!"
Catwoman- "Hope you crash and burn!"

Sweet Tooth- "Remind me of Minion"
Doomsday- "I am no one's minion!"

Sweet Tooth- "Gonna carve a smile on that face."
Harley Quinn- "Don't steal puddin's material!"

Sweet Tooth- "Come here you clown whore!"
Harley Quinn- "Oh now you're gettin' it!"

Sweet Tooth- "Only room for one clown."
The Joker- "Yeah, me!"

Sweet Tooth- "People keep confusing me with you."
The Joker- "Yeah, not happy about that."

Sweet Tooth- "Killed a Raven before."
Raven- "Not this time."

Sweet Tooth- "Your voodoo don't scare me."
Raven- "It will."

Sweet Tooth- "Alright boy scout, bring it!"
Superman- "You got it!"

Sweet Tooth- "Come on you caped bitch!"
Superman (Regime)- "You'll regret those words."

Sweet Tooth- "Heard you hate clowns!"
Superman (Regime)- "Oh i do..."

Sweet Tooth- "Too bad i didn't kill your wife."
Superman (Regime)- "Shut up!"

Sweet Tooth- "Gonna hang you by that rope."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Was thinking the same to you."

Sweet Tooth- "I'll have your head in my ice box!"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Not a chance."

Sweet Tooth- "Ah, the head bitch."
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Say that again."


Bane- "Gotham atrae demasiados payasos!" (Gotham attracts too many clowns!)
Sweet Tooth- "And i'm the worst."

Batman- "One of Joker's?"
Sweet Tooth- "Not even close."

Batman- "Stop your killing"
Sweet Tooth- "A man has his priorities."

Catwoman- "Not in the mood for ice cream."
Sweet Tooth- "You'll scream alright."

Catwoman- "You won't catch me."
Sweet Tooth- "Trust me, i will."

Doomsday- "You can't kill me."
Sweet Tooth- "Liar!"

Harley Quinn- "That blade compensating for something?"
Sweet Tooth- "You little bitch!"

Harley Quinn- "Burned yourself?"
Sweet Tooth- "Yeah, you're next!"

The Joker- "Wanna hear a joke?"
Sweet Tooth- "Sure, a killing joke!"

The Joker- "Got any treats?"
Sweet Tooth- "Yeah, this blade down your throat!"

Raven- "Your hate rivals my father's."
Sweet Tooth- "Oh, i'll show you hate."

Raven- "I curse you!"
Sweet Tooth- "Too late for that!"

Superman- "The deaths end here!"
Sweet Tooth- "Sorry, it's what i do."

Superman (Regime)- "I killed the Joker!"
Sweet Tooth- "Like i give two shits."

Superman (Regime)- "Always another fool to kill."
Sweet Tooth- "For once, i agree."

Superman (Regime)- "You'll die by my hands!"
Sweet Tooth- "Like your wife and child?"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Just a mediocre killer!"
Sweet Tooth- "I'll kill you, you goddamn bitch!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You won't stop Kal-El's rule!"
Sweet Tooth- "Watch me Wonder Whore!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You're nothing but a fool!"
Sweet Tooth- "Go suck a railroad spike."

- Jim Cummings has voiced Dr. Robotnik on "Sonic SatAM", along with voicing Winnie The Pooh and Tigger in "Winnie The Pooh" and the Terror Mask in the 2010 remake of "Splatterhouse"
- To explain, Sweet Tooth (Or Needles Kane if you wanna know his real name, it goes back and forth with his name) won Twisted Metal once again, but wanted a change of pace, to be sent to a area where he can kill some people that could put up a fight, hence being brought to the Injustice Universe while his ending, kinda invokes his TM2012 story about him now going after the one who got away.
- Sweet Tooth is an all around character.
In maybe my last DA post of the year and last Injustice DLC, it's Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, figured "Fuck it, why not?", took me a while to find the right moves and such for him.

And before anyone bitches about it, yes, i know J.S. Gilbert IS Sweet Tooth, i'm fully aware of that, i love him as him, no fucking doubt... But i watched a playthrough of the recent "Splatterhouse" game and Jim Cummings (YES, that Jim Cummings of Darkwing Duck) as the Terror Mask was FUCKING AWESOME, best part of the game, hearing him be just evil and cursing like crazy, why can't Eat, Sleep, Play games give Jim a shot at voicing Sweet Tooth?! I'd buy the shit out of that game just to hear Jim say "Shut up and bleed you motherfucker!"

Also, still do my favorite past time, insulting Regime Wonder Woman... The cunt. Chances are, if Injustice was M rated, the clash quotes against her would be more vulgar and funny, trust me.

Find the usual references and injokes!

Edit- Added in Joker clash quotes.
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Voiced By: Will Friedle

Classification: Gadget Character (With explosives)

Biography: Anarky is Lonnie Machin, a teenage prodigy anarchist, creates improvised gadgets and attempts to subvert government in order to improve society. While his goals are well intended, many heroes recognize him as evil for his violent methods and his refusal to back down from his goals.

Intro: A red flare fires down and hits ground to which Anarky zips down from above thanks to his scepter, stepping on and putting out the flare, saying "Like the goverment, you will crumble before me..." before getting ready to fight.

Post-Round Taunt: Throws one of his Anarky Stars on the ground and takes a step back, saying either "First strike against you!" or "Soon, you fall..."

Outro: Shakes his head and fires the grappling hook from his scepter into the air and zips away, then is seen pressing a button on a remote, watching as a city hall building explodes, simply saying "Ah, another government falls..."

Special Moves:

Anarky Star: Anarky tosses a throwing star shaped as circle-A's forward at the opponent. (Meter Burn: Throws three Anarky Stars in a wave instead of one.)
Air Anarky Star: Anarky throws a Anarky Star down at the opponent while in the air. (Meter Burn: Throws down three Anarky Stars instead of one.)
Flared Up: Anarky fires a flare from a flare gun, shortly stunning the opponent as they burn, leaving them open for a free hit or a combo. (Meter Burn: Does a bit more damage and the opponent is stunned longer for a free hit or a combo.)
Swing Line: Anarky uses his scepter's grappling hook to to swing, can swing forward or swing backwards.
Grasp Of Anarky: Anarky fires his scepter's grappling hook at the opponent, if it hits, it drags the opponent towards him and flip kicks them away. (Meter Burn: Instead of flip kicking the opponent away, Anarky slams the opponent on the ground, bouncing them against the ground for a free hit or a combo.)
Anarky's Strike: Anarky does a backflip, striking the opponent with his scepter during it. (Meter Burn: After the first strike, Anarky also swings the scepter, knocking the opponent back.)
Rebelling Blast: Anarky throws a small wick fused bomb at the ground which then explodes if the opponent touches it or after a couple seconds, knocking the opponent in the air for a free hit or combo. Can be thrown in Close, Medium or Far variants. (Meter Burn: Anarky throws three bombs at all three distances.)
Smoke 'em Out: Anarky throws down a smoke bomb. If the opponent hits him while throwing it down, another smoke bomb sets off behind the opponent to which Anarky appears, slamming the opponent in the ground with his scepter. (Meter Burn: Instead of slamming the opponent down, Anarky grapples the opponent into the air, leaving them open for a free hit or combo.)

Forward: Swings his scepter once into the opponent's stomach, then their head, knocking them down before whacking them in the face away.
Back: Swings his scepter once into the opponent's stomach, then their head, knocking them down before hooking the opponent with the scepter and swings them away over his head.

Character Trait:
Shocking Touch: Presses a button on his scepter, letting electricity course through it, allowing for any melee attacks using his scepter to do stun the opponent, allowing for longer combos, while also doing slighter more damage to blocking opponents for a short while.

Super Move:
Son Of Anarchy: Anarky throws down a smoke bomb before appearing behind the opponent and shocks them with his scepter to their knees before throwing down another smoke bomb, then the opponent shown tightly tied up to a huge Circle A shaped bomb on top of a Government building as Anarky presses a button on the remote, blowing up the bomb and building, blasting the opponent to the ground, hitting it hard.

Ending: When the Regime took effect, Anarky, one of the first to speak out and go against them, ended up imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, but the Anarchist resisted all their attempts to 're-educate' him. Taking advantage of the guard's attention of another prisoner's escape, Anarky escaped and fought against the regime, managing to kill Superman, the first step in his plan to let Anarchy reign!

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Anarchy reigns!"
"Like all order, you fall!"
"The essence of anarchy is surprise!"
"A ridding of the old... It's necessary"
"Pity, you fails to see the wider picture!"
(Against a villain sometimes) Hero, villain, you're all the same...


Anarky- "Late at night you fly..."
Batman- "Isn't it your bedtime?."

Anarky- "We share the same goals!"
Batman- "Not even close..."

Anarky- "Gotham will be the first to fall!"
Batman- "You first."

Anarky- "Your rule ends now!"
Black Adam- "You dare defy me?!"

Anarky- "Perfect example of corruption..."
Black Adam- "Gods are never corrupt!"

Anarky- "Law and order won't save you here..."
The Joker- "Oh, love that show!"

Anarky- "If it were up to me, you die..."
The Joker- "Them's fighting words..."

Anarky- "Anarchy will end even you!"
The Joker- "This Anarchy fellow sounds fun!"

Anarky- "There's no truth and justice!"
Superman- "There's always truth and justice!"

Anarky- "Everything you stand for is a lie!"
Superman- "You're wrong there..."

Anarky- "Your regime will burn!"
Superman (Regime)- "No, just you..."

Anarky- "You failed to 're-educate' me..."
Superman (Regime)- "Well, time to learn by force..."

Anarky- "Your dictatorship will end!"
Wonder Woman (Regime)- "Never to fools like you!"


Batman- "Your Anarchy dies here."
Anarky- "Anarchy will always be alive!"

Batman- "You're predictable..."
Anarky- "Then do i got a surprise for you..."

Batman- "Bad and harmful..."
Anarky- "Evil does needs to be intentional."

Black Adam- "You seek to destroy all i built?!"
Anarky- "At the cost of independence?!"

Black Adam- "I am a god!"
Anarky- "Typical political fool..."

The Joker- "So, you're a agent of chaos?"
Anarky- "More than you'll ever be..."

The Joker- "Oh, let's put a smile on that face..."
Anarky- "I'll smile when you're dead."

The Joker- "I like to give people smiles..."
Anarky- "I'm against anything that's against people!"

Superman- "Order beats anarchy!"
Anarky- "Screw your order!"

Superman- "Your ideas are foolish..."
Anarky- "Same could be said about yours..."

Superman (Regime)- "Kneel before me!"
Anarky- NEVER!

Superman (Regime)- "Your terrorist acts end now!"
Anarky- "You're the real terrorist!"

Wonder Woman (Regime)- "You will sumbit to me!"
Anarky- "Like i'd take advice from Superman's whore..."

- Will Friedle has voiced Terry McGinnis/Batman in "Batman Beyond" along with voicing Jamie Reyes/Blue Beetle in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
- Anarky's age in this, due to the five year gap, is around Nightwing's (Damian Wayne) age.
- Anarky's appearance is influenced by his appearance in "Batman: Arkham Origins"
- Anarky is primarily a all around fighter.
Chaos Reigns...

Injustice DLC template by :iconlookitsjarvis:
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Voiced by: J.S. Gilbert

Classification: Power Character

Biography: After the space sector 666 was decimated by the Guardians of the Universe's original army, the Manhunters, Atrocitus was one of the few survivors. His thirst for vengeance growing over the hundreds of years, Atrocitus created a red lantern, one fueled by rage, to finally get his revenge.

Intro: A burst of red energy erupts when Atrocitus holds his ring to his lantern, and he then turns towards to the opponent and says "You will burn!"

Post-Round Taunt: Takes a feral stance and roars

Outro: Turns away from the opponent and breathes heavily for a brief time, then flies away; he is then shown surrounded by other Red Lanterns on Ysmault

Special Moves:

* Plasma Burst - �Releases burning plasma from his mouth at a short range, burning away at the opponent if it connects and leaving them unable to move for a brief time
** Meter Burn - After the plasma begins burning the opponent, it explodes, causing the opponent to take extra damage and fly upward

* Rage Blast - Fires an oval-shaped blast of pure rage energy forward from his ring
** Rage Blast - Fires a full beam of red rage energy forward from his ring

* Berserker Launch - Jumps forward and slams back down to the ground
** Meter Burn - After landing on the opponent, Atrocitus will begin to claw at them

* Demonic Fury - Grabs forward and stabs the claws of his right hand into their stomach before slamming them into the ground in front of him
** Demonic Fury - Instead of slamming them into the ground, Atrocitus throws them forward and shoots them with a blast from his ring

* Vengeance Charge - Flies forward very quickly, plowing through the enemy
** Meter Burn - After hitting the enemy, Atrocitus grabs a hold of them and drags them across the ground as he flies

* Crimson Spike - Slams one hand onto the ground, and a stream of red energy flows forward from the ground, reaching mid-way across the screen

Launcher: Slashes forward with both hands to knock opponents away

Forward - Brings opponent up close, vomits burning plasma onto their face, and tosses them forward
Back - Brings opponent up close, vomits burning plasma onto their face, and throws them backward

Character Trait:
Blood Magic - Kneels onto the ground while drawing a symbol on the ground with his bleeding thumb; once it is fully charged, Atrocitus will glow red with rage, taking less damage and dealing more of it for a limited time; it does not need to be charged all at once

Super Move:
Wrath of the Red Lanterns - Claws forward three times; if the opponent is caught in this, Atrocitus will bind them with a simple construct and create a symbol on the ground, which summons multiple Red Lanterns, including Dex-Starr, Bleez, Zilius Zox, and a few others, who brutally attack the opponent with their claws and their plasma; finally Bleez grabs the opponent, flies them into the air, dropping them; Atrocitus catches them by their throat and slams them head first into the ground so hard it partly buries them

Ending: After the Red Lantern planet Ysmault was attacked by Sinestro, causing the deaths of many Red Lanterns, Atrocitus focused his rage toward this enemy and his forces. But upon learning of Sinestro's support coming from Earth's new Regime instilled by Superman, Atrocitus made it his mission to tear down this organization and make all involved with it suffer. Traveling to Earth, Atrocitus shows no mercy in his war for vengeance against the Regime.

Clash Quotes:

standard Quotes:
"I will tear you limb from limb!"
"Your blood will stain this ground!"
"My rage will consume you!"
"There is no escape!"
"Feel my wrath!"


Atrocitus - "The cyborg version of you commands the Manhunters!"
Superman - "Don't blame me for Hank Henshaw's actions!"

Atrocitus - "You are a fool to fight me!"
Sinestro - "You overestimate your abilities!"

Atrocitus - "Fear holds no power!"
Sinestro - "And rage is uncontrollable!"

Atrocitus - "You will die for your actions!"
Sinestro - "My actions are for a noble cause!"

Atrocitus - "I will enjoy this!"
Hal Jordan - "You'll enjoy getting your ass kicked?"

Atrocitus - "Your precious Guardians will suffer!"
Hal Jordan - "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Atrocitus - "I shall crush your bones, Jordan!"
Hal Jordan - "I bet you say that to all the Lanterns."

Atrocitus - "First you, then the rest of your Corps!"
Hal Jordan - "Good luck with that, buddy."

Atrocitus - "You'll pay dearly for your insolence!"
Lobo - "Ha! You make me laugh!"

Atrocitus - "You are a perfect candidate for my corps.!"
Scorpion - "I belong to the Shirai Ryu!"

Atrocitus - "Your heart burns for retribution!"
Scorpion - "I will seek vengeance on my own!"

Atrocitus - "The Green Lantern Corps. is a joke!"
John Stewart - "A joke that you copied."

Atrocitus - "One of the Guardians' lackeys..."
John Stewart - "I'm way more than a lackey!"

Atrocitus - "Your Corps. will burn for the Guardians' sins!"
John Stewart - "The Green Lanterns can't be blamed for the Manhunters!"


Superman - "Earth is under my protection."
Atrocitus - "It is not your planet I want!"

Sinestro - "You will learn to fear me!"
Atrocitus - "I fear nothing!"

Sinestro - "You mindless animal..."
Atrocitus - "I am in complete control!"

Sinestro - "Allow me to explain my--"
Atrocitus - "I will tear out your throat!"

Hal Jordan - "Come on, man. Have a heart!"
Atrocitus - "My ring is my new heart!"

Hal Jordan - "Why do you always want to kill everyone?"
Atrocitus - "To get revenge for everything they've done!"

Hal Jordan - "You should try some anger management."
Atrocitus - "Anger is my power!"

Hal Jordan - "Another day, another evil alien."
Atrocitus - "I am not evil! I seek justice!"

Lobo - "Ya better give me one 'a those rings!"
Atrocitus - "Never to you, bounty hunter!"

Scorpion - "I seek vengeance for my family and my people!"
Atrocitus - "We are more similar than you think!"

Scorpion - "You use similar magic to Quan Chi..."
Atrocitus - "I use more than magic to accomplish my goals!"

John Stewart - "We don't have to fight like this."
Atrocitus - "I neither offer nor accept surrender!"

John Stewart - "You can barely even make constructs!"
Atrocitus - "I only need my rage to kill you!"

John Stewart - "The Guardians aren't perfect, but you--"
Atrocitus - "Do you know what they have done to me?!"

* J.S. Gilbert has never voiced Atrocitus, but he is known for playing Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal series
I know Atrocitus has learned how to make constructs, but this helps make him different from the other ring users.
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Mdama chaus...oragata katana da torra shupatana showdeuna.

-Shipmaster Mdama...It is where you said it would be.

No endiyoko. Nekoko reke Forerunner nittete uneu.

-No my loyal friend. The planet is where the Forerunners promised us it would be.

Regatito omeo ezon. Requiem's kaneno reu momeu.

-Find us a way inside. Requiem's treasures shall be ours.

Mdama chaus! Gai taka esho. Tashi mahri domo oriyaka tohshibo ngendo norevu tashi nokitano!

-Shipmaster Mdama! The raiding parties have returned. They bring supplies and news of a human ship!

Domo ikagen? Umasa ahn?

-Human? Did it follow them?

Ahe. Korikumo tahshi magachi.

-No. different approach vector.

Matanashi ruahie! Domo ikagen san Requiem!

-Prepare boarding parties! Keep the humans away from Requiem!
The following is conversations from the Halo 4 Prologue Terminal between Jul Mdama and a Sangheili Vetran.

Translated in both their native language and English.

- translated into english.

All rights go to their respectable owners.
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Dec 20th: 12:00 AM.:  A cold winter night. Or rather a new day.

Batman was on his usual night patrol. He made the roof top of a tall building as his operating point, from where he could have a clear view of the street, especially the museum, which, according to his sources, is the site of action for the night. He was alone. He insisted Robin to stay out of these chilly night patrols and concentrate on his studies. His grades were beginning to worry him. He had not faced such problem with Dick, he perfectly balanced between his studies and his work. Tim, on the other hand was so obsessed with his newly acquired Robin persona that he dreamt of flying the streets of Gotham all day. No wonder there was a protest from him to Bruce's decision, but the big man had the final word.

The night was colder than usual. Why could't Joker choose a better day to bother him?  There was no reason why he should rob a museum, except to attract Batman's attention. "Crime is no fun without Batman" he once remarked. Ever since the Justice League was formed, Joker didn't strike. Perhaps he took his time to devise a better plan, as he had to deal with more than one cape. Little did he know that it shall always be his favourite cape who'd bite his bait, as Batman preferred to work alone.

A cold breeze ran across his face, and he shivered. He then turned around to make sure no one had seen his unplanned reflex. He hated to expose his weakness. Previously, the domain was only two. Now, as he'd started working 'with' the league, the number increased by 6. He could not hide from Jonn and Superman knew too much about him already. His secret identity was turning out to be less than a secret between two. The thought of it frustrated him, and he cursed under his breath.

A shooting star passed in the sky, above his head. He heard an thump on the roof and footsteps approaching him. It was a tall, slender but strong figure. A woman, Wonder Woman!

"Superman sent me" she said, moving towards him.

"I know. You are too conspicuous" he remarked, without turning around.

"Why should I hide?" she questioned. He didn't see that coming.

"What happened to Superman?" he said, changing the subject.

"He is on another mission, in Metropolis" she said.

"And when did Metropolis become a night city?" he muttered. She was unsure if she had got him right.

"I beg your pardon!" she said.

"Never mind!" he replied, banishing the wave of thoughts in his mind about Superman, "what happened to the others?"

She thought for a while. "Jonn is guarding the watch tower. The others, I don't know. May be they are in some other mission, or may be at home."

"Strange! You guys don't keep each other informed? Some Justice League you are!" He knew he was pulling Superman's legs again. He was enjoying that.

"I didn't know you talked so much" she remarked, very casually. But that hit him straight on his face. His smile vanished.

Finding him silent, she added "I am sorry if I hurt you! I usually speak my mind, but I think it is not the right thing to do in the man's world." She waited for acknowledgement, but didn't get any. He was already all the talkative he could be for one day. He stayed quiet, eyes on the street.

She continued "I mean, with the very short association I had with you, I formed an impression that you talk less and work more, sign of a true warrior. So I was a little taken aback when you started talking casually." She paused.

"Blame it on me!" he said to himself. He realised she was waiting for his response. He felt awkward. Two minutes ago, he was enjoying the talk, and now he doesn't want to talk.

He heard her moving towards him. She stood right next to him. She was glowing as she reflected the light from the street lamps.

"Stand behind me, you are too conspicuous." He ordered. She was taken aback by the sudden change in the tone.

"Why should I hide?" she retorted. This time, he had to answer.

"If they see you, they'll not strike and we cannot catch them." He found himself searching for an answer. It was not on the tip of his tongue this time.

"Isn't that good?" she questioned again, bringing all the innocence in the world into her voice.

He remained silent. He did not have an answer to that, or rather he didn't want to answer.

She continued "If they see us, they won't commit the crime, and hence we'll not have to catch anyone". "It's plain and simple" was unsaid but was implied. She waited for an answer.

He was unaware of the smile that swept across his lips for her innocence. Her words made perfect semantic sense, but she didn't know that man's world is not perfect and these words can be marked 'childish' under the given circumstances.

He was brought into senses by the sound of the alarm. He got up swiftly. "There!" he pointed, and before Wonder Woman could get a clear look, he swung across the street, to the museum. She thought to complain, but decided it was better she followed him.

Catching Joker and team was a snap. He ceased to run the moment he saw the new player. All Wonder Woman had to do was stand at the entrance with hands on her waist and stern look in on her face. Joker had faced both the big capes before, but this was a new one. Batman wasted no time in securing their limbs and making sure they don't escape.

The police arrived sooner than usual. Batman swung away. Wonder Woman didn't understand the reason for his impromptu retreat. She only followed him after she was surrounded by a considerably large crowd mumbling her name. They met at the same roof top.

"Why did you run away?" she enquired.

"We don't have to pose for the newspapers or answer to the inquisitive crowd." he said. He was frustrated by the kind of attention this charade drew. He turned back and prepared to leave.

"Yes we have to. We are not appointed by the law. So, when we try to take law into our hands, we have the responsibility to answer to the people. To say the truth, we had no right to do what we did now.", she argued.

Batman was pushed to the edge. He turned around with his fists and his teeth clenched, his face flushing red. He brought his face extremely close to hers.

"That's why they call me vigilante. Happy! Now go away! And next time I ask for Superman, if Superman is not available, tell me he's not. Don't send replacements. I can handle things myself." He swiftly turned around.

Wonder Woman was stunned at this sudden outburst. Soon her astonishment turned to anger and she said "Then why did you call for help?"

Batman who was about to launch his grab wall paused for a while and said "I thought it would speed up the things so that I can prepare myself for tomorrow. As it turns out, I was wrong!" Without giving her a chance to raise another point, he jumped off the building.

Wonder Woman ran to the edge instinctively, to make sure he hadn't crashed to the ground. He glided past the buildings with his grab wall. She stood for a moment, watching him. She wasn't sure if her first impression of him was right. She knew for sure that his behaviour annoyed her.

"How can he be so cold? He is so different from Superman, and the others!" she thought.

The wind augmented the snowfall. She flew up into the sky, back to the watch tower.
Ok here are the chaps till now

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Basic Information

Full Name: Maya Emily Mustang

Nickname(s)/Title(s): First Daughter

Gender: Female

Age: 16/17

Date of Birth: December 22nd, 1919

Occupation: None


» She began school at age 5, her parents enrolling her in a simple grammar school. Since Ishval was still in the stage of early rebuilding, the school was small and mostly Ishvalan dominated, leaving a lot of discrimination against Maya in the beginning of her schooling that she eventually overcomes. The school was very basic, but Maya was able to study further in her love for reading at home, also picking up knowledge from her parents.

» Once she moves to Central at age 12 when Roy becomes Fuhrer, she is enrolled in an elite private academy primarily for her new high status as First Daughter; however she is also fairly intelligent. The school, Kingston Academy, is for grades 6-12, and Maya is in her junior year (year 11) in the present time of her story.

Race/Ethnicity: 75% Amestrian; 25% Xingese

Zodiac: Capricorn

Xingese Zodiac: Sheep

Religion: None

Place of Birth: Central City, Amestris

Current Residence: Central City, Amestris

History of Residencies:

» Maya is born in Central City. Her parents reside in Ishval at this time, but are in Central for work related reasons when Riza goes into labor. Maya remains in Central for another one and a half months. She stays in the hospital a month after she's born, and once she's released her immune system still isn't well enough to leave the city and go to Ishval, so she stays in Central until she's able to handle the change.

» Maya lives in Solvira, Ishval from when she's an infant to age 12.  She lives in a small house with her parents.

» Maya currently resides in Central living in the Fuhrer's Mansion with her parents.

Medical Info

Blood Type: A

Allergies: Dust and mold

Mental Problems: Dissociative amnesia

Medical Problems: Asthma and weak immune system

Notable Information: Born 6 weeks premature (scar tissue on right lung), had separation anxiety as a child, had appendix removed at age 15


Hair: Black hair that goes just above her chest; straight. Her hair is naturally coarse and thick, but soft when taken care of properly. Only really wears it down when she's in her nightgown, ready for bed.

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Tone: Caucasian; Pale

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 135 lbs

Accessories: Silver rectangular dangling earrings (one on each ear) as well as a small, thick silver hoop on her right cartilage. Silver necklace with pink stones. Sometimes various other jewelry depending on the outfit.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Surgical scar on lower right side of her body from having her appendix removed; lighter in color than the rest of her skin and about four inches long.

Make-up Maya wears eye make-up (eyeliner and mascara) and paints her nails.  When she's a bit older she'll start wearing lip gloss.

Body Type: Slender, but her hips are just a bit wide with little chest. She's a bit athletic from dance and defense training, but her body is naturally weak so it's hard to tell. Almost fully developed.  

Style: Stylish and feminine, though tends to be on the simpler side. She prefers darker or bold colors, giving her wardrobe a serious air to it. Fashion is extremely important to her, putting much effort into her appearance.



Maya heavily revolves herself around her family, holding much admiration for what her parents have done for their country. She's come to be loyal and an idealist from their influence, wanting to help the country in her own way as well. When putting herself in comparison with her parents, she feels her actions to be insignificant and small; she feels a need to do more with her life to follow in their footsteps and make them proud. From this she tends to be overly ambitious, often biting more than she can chew. Maya, however, is not someone who can take initial action on her own; she's dependent of others to be a catalyst for her to be able to make the necessary steps in reaching her goals. She justifies her actions by assuring herself it's for her parents, and even though that's partly true, she subconsciously does this selfishly for herself as well to make herself feel more meaningful.

Maya is not someone who gives her trust away, and finds it hard to put trust in others, even in situations where it's needed. She can be a bit paranoid as well as overly cautious in what she does, usually overthinking things and favoring having a plan of some sort, becoming anxious when she feels she has no sense of control over a situation as well as sometimes even freezing up when things go wrong.

Maya's a perfectionist; she's very orderly and neat as well as methodical. She feels a need to keep up a good appearance and doing things perfectly, something that began when her father became Fuhrer, wanting to maintain a positive image for the sake of her parents. She can be easily irritable when someone moves or touches her things as well as when her appearance is ruined in any way. Maya hates being late and isn't flexible with her time, annoyed when people try to change her schedule. She's also rather picky; with the way she does things, the things she wears, even the foods she eats. Maya feels the need to always do well and puts a lot of pressure on herself in that aspect as well as leading her to become a hard worker. She's big on personal space, but doesn't seem to mind receiving affection from her parents and maybe a few close friends, even if she does get flustered over it. Her perfectionism, however, can also allow her to become easily distracted by things that feel out of place to her, as she feels an immediate need to fix them.

Maya was well disciplined by her parents; she's been raised to be polite and well-mannered as well as respectful. Maya has a rather serious nature, though she loves to tease playfully those close to her, including her parents.  However, she's not one to talk back or disobey them; on the contrary she's rather obedient. She'll go against her parents though when she feels she needs to, especially if she feels in the end the outcome will be something that will benefit them. However, this sometimes can be selfish of her.

Maya is a very opinionated girl; she doesn't like being wrong and can be quite stubborn. She's headstrong when it comes to reaching what she wants to do, believing you should always put 100% of yourself in what you believe in and how you achieve it. Maya finds it difficult to accept the reality that she can't do everything on her own and that she needs the help, support, and trust of others to get her to where she wants to be. Though she possesses leadership qualities, Maya doubts herself in handling others, and feels uncomfortable with involving other people to help her. She finds herself unknowingly relying on others to gain the confidence she needs at times. Because of all of this as well as her perfectionism she's very hardworking and focused; though this can make her lose herself in what she's doing and be taken advantage of at times.

Maya's always had a natural curiosity that's allowed her to further her studies in order to learn more about things of interest to her; a factor to her high intelligence despite her low grammar education. She observes the world around her, becoming perceptive as well as more open-minded, especially growing up in Ishval during the earlier stages of the rebuilding, a rather unstable time. Her curiosity also makes her quite inquisitive; along with being a bit persuasive, she's good at being able to get information she needs from people through a bit of manipulation--her perception can make her clever. However, prying others and going into areas due to this curiosity can get her into troublesome situations and consequences.

Maya's a bit socially awkward and shy, causing her to usually keep to herself, especially at school; she only expresses herself to those close to her, though she tries to be initially friendly with anyone she may cross paths with. She focuses on her grades while at school, feeling out of place with her status as the Fuhrer's daughter. She's quite studious due to this as well as from her hardworking nature. Her mistrust and perfectionism make her feel a sense of insecurity at school due to how people act around her from her high status. She tries to lay low and withdrawn, though she has made a few friends.


» Polite

Maya was well disciplined by her parents, and was simply raised to be well-mannered. And especially for the positions her parents are in, it's important for her to be polite. She has respect for those close to her as well as initial respect for strangers.

» Curious

Maya's curious by nature, ever since her infancy. She's grown up with this natural curiosity and that lets her be very observant of the world around her; when she was younger she especially loved to explore. Her curiously also causes her to look deeper into things, wanting her to further learn about things she sees or is interested in.

» Intelligent

Though Maya didn't go to a particularly good grammar school, her curiosity was something that helped factor into her intelligence, always reading and wanting to learn new things as well as having her parents educate her on various topics. As she gets older this helps her to be particularly perceptive.

» Family oriented

Family was always heavily emphasized in Maya's life, her parents being very affectionate with her since she was born. Seeing the close bond between her parents also helped influence Maya's close bond with them as well. Family is something Maya considers very important, it being what she trusts and depends on most. She highly admires her parents and feels protective of them, also wants to have a family of her own someday.

» Open-minded

Maya grew up in Ishval while it was still early in rebuilding. Since she can remember, she had been exposed to much violence and poverty among the streets of Ishval as well as the happiness, hope, and faith among the Ishvalans. She observes all of this, allowing her to become open-minded about different people and perspectives. Her parents, being in leadership positions of the country, also find it important to teach and stress this open-mindedness, so it became well embedded in Maya's mind as she continued to grow with it

» Loyal

Maya's loyal to her family, close friends, and to her country as well. This is something that was heavily influenced by her parents strong sense of loyalty.

» Patriotic

Her parents are both very patriotic; she grew up with their influence and admires the work her parents are doing to make the country a better place with things like the rebuilding of Ishval she witnessed firsthand and now with the democracy they want to achieve when Roy becomes Fuhrer. She feels inspired to somehow help her country in her own way, especially feeling a close bond to Ishval.

» Idealistic

She stays strong to her dreams and tends to dream bigger than what she knows how to accomplish. She feels determined to help others and her country in some way, but is not yet sure how to achieve this. She feels like she wants to do something bigger to make her parents proud after all that they've done for so many people. Once she has a dream or idea in her head she becomes stubborn about reaching it.


» Stubborn

Something that rubbed off from her parents as well as something factoring from her perfectionism. She wants things done a certain way, and she needs to be able to stick to her schedule. Once her mind is set on something it can be difficult to change it.

» Opinionated

Maya is someone who carries strong opinions and believes heavily in them and her ideals. She doesn't like being wrong and this is something that can make her quite stubborn.

» Irritable

Maya's irritability is something that develops as she enters her teenage years upon moving to Central when Roy becomes Fuhrer. The more complex lifestyle frustrates her at first, and she finds herself to become irritated by her new school and the new, fake attention she receives from classmates. Her perfectionism can also make her irritable when her appearance or other things become out of place. All of this can make her become more stubborn or in bad temper.

» Picky  

Something Maya was born with, starting with simple things like not liking formula or many types of baby food, staying with her as she grows up; she's also stubborn about trying new foods. In her teenagehood when she develops her perfectionism this applies with her appearance and organization as well.

» Somewhat paranoid

This is something that develops when she becomes the Fuhrer's daughter after an incident where she was held hostage. She becomes paranoid of being attacked or harmed, but this leads her to become more cautious than cowardice. Growing up in the unstable environment of Ishval also made her adapted to a sense of danger. She feels decent confidence in her self-defense skills and uses her make-up mirror to keep an eye out for any signs of threats. Riza and Roy made sure she learned how to look out for and handle these sorts of things.

» Can have a bad temperament

Her bad temperament is something that stems from her perfectionism, pickiness, and stubbornness. When she's like this she just becomes stubborn and can be difficult to deal with.

» Inquisitive

Maya's able to pry and probe people for information, her curiosity drives her and she's able to be clever with her perception making her a bit manipulative. She can take advantage of others when it's called for; she analyzes situations to help her do so.  


Socially awkward: Maya's rather shy and isn't good at initiating conversation. She finds it hard to connect with people in her school, so she's usually unsure of what to say and keeps most of her thoughts inside. However, this social awkwardness just mainly applies in school, and she'll be friendly and polite with strangers and open and comfortable with those close to her. Though, in general, she does have a shyness to her. This develops from the separation anxiety she had as a child.

Insecure: Stemming from her perfectionism mostly and her want to maintain a good image for her parents. She gets insecure when she isn't wearing make-up or dressed properly, and this can cause her to be quiet, nervous, or anxious. This insecurity is worse in school, also factoring from wanting people to like her for her and not for her status as Fuhrer's daughter.

Perfectionism: She always has to have her appearance just so, always fixing and checking up on her looks to make sure they're just the way she wants them. She's easily distracted and bothered by little changes in her appearance (for this she hates things like rain or wind, or anything really that messes up her appearance) and also feels the need to immediately fix something if someone insults or simply makes a comment about any aspect of her appearance. Her perfectionism also makes her methodical and bothered by disorganization, and is annoyed when someone even just touches her belongings. On a more serious note, she feels the need to do things perfectly, working hard yet overthinking things and freezing up easily when things go wrong or not how she planned. This develops when Roy becomes Fuhrer, feeling a need to maintain a good image for her parents.

Overthinks:  This develops from her perfectionism as well as her paranoia. She can be too slow to think about things, and this can cause her harm.  She's also easily distracted by thinking too much about her appearance being messed up and things of the like. However, it helps her to be cautious and refrain from being too impulsive.

Dependent: Maya can't take initiative on her own and is dependent of others to act as a catalyst for her actions. Because of her position as First Daughter she's limited of what she can do on her own, forcing her to often rely on others in certain situations. She also possesses insecurities that require the help of others to help increase her confidence.


Sweets: She has a sweet tooth, liking things like ice cream, pastries, etc., especially if they involve strawberries.

Dancing: Maya started dancing at age five. She often watched Ishvalans dancing and saw how happy and connected it made them through that sort of expression, and wanted to dance to also create happiness and express herself. She was also influenced by watching her parents dance at home, seeing the close wordless bond it expressed. She thinks dancing makes powerful ties between people by showing feelings and culture. As a teenager, she now loves to express herself and relieve stress through dancing, finding it the only way to show all of the bad feelings she has as the First Daughter without needing words.

Fashion: Keeping a good appearance is important to Maya due to her perfectionism as well as wanting to maintain a good image for her parents. She also feels good when she knows she looks good.

Reading: She particularly likes romance/mystery novels. She's a sap for romance, but at the same time loves putting her analytical mind to work. But she also always loves a good adventure story. Her parents always used to read to her as a child, so she's grown to love it.

Culture Maya was raised in Ishval, being engulfed into their culture since she can remember. As she grew older, she loved reading and learning more about different cultures, and she enjoys traveling with Roy and Riza if she can come with them to another country for work related reasons or for when they take vacations.

Children: Maya can be very affectionate (she grew up in an affectionate environment), and growing up as such has made her to be rather nurturing. She'll later teach children dance and hopes to have a child of her own someday.

Warm weather: Growing up in the desert has caused her to grow a tolerance to the heat and has adapted to it; when she's in Central hot weather reminds her of Ishval.

Outdoors: When she was younger she loved exploring,  and although she's calmed down since then, she still has a like for the outdoors, enjoying just taking a simple walk and window shopping (with her dog, Helios) or just sitting outside to relax. When she's in Ishval she especially enjoys walking around the market places and wondering the lesser developed areas.

Shopping: Maya loves clothes, and this is something she can do to just have fun in the midst of her hectic schedule. She also enjoys the quality time she can spend with Riza and or Rebecca when she shops. Even just window shopping is something she finds fun.

Family: Family is what she has always had and always been able to trust. Her family is an extension of herself, and considers them as close friends. She will put her family before herself and do what she can to do good for them or protect them.

Chess/Board games: Something she does with her family in down time. She enjoys it for the time she can spend with them and finds them fun in general.


Storms: She's afraid of thunder and lightning, but dislikes just the rain and wind in general due to the fact that it messes up her appearance.

Bitter/Spicy foods: She just simply doesn't have a taste for them, something she always wishes she did since spicy foods are common in Ishval.

Cold Weather:   She's not used to colder weather from growing up in the desert, and it causes her stamina to shorten as well as more easily triggering her asthma symptoms.

Crowds: All the people make her feel uncomfortable. When she's with someone in a crowd, she's nervous of being separated from them, stemming from the separation anxiety she had as a child. She also doesn't like invasion of her personal space.

Rudeness/Bad Manners: She was brought up to be polite and thus finds herself to have an intolerance to rudeness, her irritability making her particularly bothered by it.

Sports: She doesn't like getting dirty or sweaty if she doesn't have to, and finds watching sports to be boring. She's the type that would go to a sporting event and bring a book.

Messes: Her perfectionism makes her a very cleanly and organized person, so she becomes extremely bothered by messes of any sort and feels a need to fix or avoid them.


Thunder and lightning: The loud sounds and flashing lights make her nervous

The dentist: She doesn't like invasion of her personal space. Also, all she sharp objects in her mouth make her uncomfortable and nervous.

Needles: Possibly something that resulted from all of the needles she had to be probed with due to her premature birth.

Bugs: She just finds them to be disgusting

Failing/Letting her parents down: Maya feels a need to maintain a good image for her parents and somehow help the country in her own way just as they are. Her parents are who she admires most and she wants to be able to make them proud with what she does in her life.

The safety of herself/ her family: This comes from her paranoia and her strong emotions for her parents. She knows that they can't afford for something to happen to them if they want to achieve their goal (the same could be said for herself), and at the moment with their status the three of them aren't in safe positions.  

Things beyond her control: Maya is someone who likes having a plan; she thinks everything through and her perfectionism makes her very particular about how she goes about things. She becomes afraid and anxious when she goes into something without knowing what to do and when things happen that she cannot have any control over.


» Reading

» Dancing

» Shopping

» Collecting cultural items


» Dancing

» Self- defense


» Fixing her bangs

» Fidgets with scarf or bottom of shirt with nervous/anxious


- To regain her memory



»Physical: She has good upper and lower body strength gained from self-defense classes and dancing; evasive and flexible.

»Mental: She's good at analyzing and observing situations and her surroundings; perceptive


»Physical: Her asthma causes poor stamina; endurance

»Mental: Overthinks things and situations; her perfectionism


Supernatural Ability: Alchemist



Favorite Food: Strawberries

Favorite Color: Salmon

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Activity: Reading

Favorite Animal: Fox

Favorite School Subject: World History

Favorite Music Genre: Jazz

Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon


Father: Roy Mustang

Mother: Riza Mustang

Grandfather: Berthold Hawkeye

Grandmother: Emily Hawkeye

Grandfather: James Mustang

Grandmother: Liang Mustang

Great Grandfather: Former Fuhrer John Grumman

Great Grandmother: Andrea Grumman

Great Aunt: Christine Mustang

Pet(s): Kou (Shiba Inu)

Notable Facts

- Maya thinks she looks "lame" using her inhaler in public, so when she's having asthma attacks she'll dismiss herself to use her inhaler in private, or if that's not an option, she'll silently suffer until she's able to use it secretly (of course, if it's bad to the point of being fatal, she'll use it publicly). Sometimes she'll ask someone she's with to turn away or cover their eyes.  

- Maya started learning self-defense at age 12 due to her parents wanting her to have a way to protect herself.  She doesn't particularly like it and she often complains when she has lessons she has to go to.

- Maya has a bad sense of humor

- Maya has a stuffed lion she's had since birth that was given to her by her parents named Emeka.

- Due to her weak immune system, Maya gets sick rather easily. As a young child especially, Roy and Riza had to keep a close eye on her, and she could never be outside for too long in colder weather.

- Her godparents are Rebecca and Jean Havoc; she views them as an aunt and uncle.

- Growing up closely with Riza as well as Rebecca, Maya expressed interest in getting her ears pierced from their influence. Unfortunately, Rebecca took this into her own hands and pierced Maya's ears herself when she was seven without telling Roy or Riza, and her ears ended up getting infected. Her cartilage was pierced at age 12, her Ishvalan friend, Ariella Wright, insisting upon it due to an Ishvalan belief that that metal piercings help purify the blood, often done for people who were sick or of bad health.

- Because she's the Fuhrer's daughter, Maya always has at least two guards following her inconspicuously when she leaves the mansion. Maya is sometimes unaware of their locations, during those times only showing themselves if someone actually threatens or shows signs of threatening her; she's actually rather close to her two personal guards, Eric Leech and Neil Cornell.

- Maya always keeps her purse on her, having to have her make-up, hairbrush, and inhaler on her at all times. She uses her make-up mirror to inconspicuously check her perimeter if she needs to, and uses her eyeliner to draw alchemy circles—though she rarely actually preforms alchemy. She also keeps a stiletto knife in her boot.

- Maya is properly trained to use a gun for safety emergencies; she does not have the license to carry one around and does not do so.

- When she was a young child, Roy and Riza often refer to her as a princess, going off on the "king and queen" concept from Roy's chess board. Roy sometimes still refers to her as this more humorously, Maya more unamused by it.

- She has a very close relationship with her dog, Kou. She lets him sleep in her bed under her covers (sometimes even using him as a pillow) and often shares food with him (including foods like ice cream).

- Maya poorly disciplined her dog (being too young to have a good sense of it) so he now reflects his master's stubborn personality.

- She doesn't like having her picture taken.

- She's a very light sleeper

- She collects cultural items; when going to new places or even just sees things she thinks are cool when wondering Ishvalan shopping areas, she gathers souvenirs that she places in her room as a decorative collection.


Maya was born in Central City on December 22nd, 1919. Her premature birth lead to health complications that will stay with Maya for the rest of her life, providing obstacles and limitations that she doesn’t always accept she has.  

Growing up during the early rebuilding stages of Ishval, Maya was exposed to the violence and poverty that infected the newly reborn land. Her home was often targeted by Ishvalans bitter of military occupation, but through her fear her parents would explain to her clearly their situation and why it was important that they were there. Maya's everyday life was a witness to hardships, and over time this slowly adapted to what she perceived to be normal. She grew to love Ishval; it was her home. She was able to see the pride, strength, and happiness expressed by the Ishvalan people as well as being immersed within their culture. At a point she was able to merely shrug off the discrimination she sometimes had to face with being an Amestrian.

Around the age of ten, Maya began showing interest in studying alchemy seriously. Having always had access to books on the subject, she found the seemingly mystical science to be captivating; it wasn’t until she was a bit older that she could better grasp the countless possibilities that could be done with it. Despite the environment she grew up in, she believed she could use alchemy to discover new ways to benefit others. Roy began guiding her through it, giving her readings and what help he could; his work kept him quite busy, so Maya was rather self-sufficient with her studies, often busying herself with the “homework” Roy would assign to her.

When Maya turned twelve, her father became the new Fuhrer of Amestris. The three moved to the Fuhrer's Mansion in Central City and Maya was enrolled in an elite school, Kingston Academy, halfway during the schooling year. Though Maya had anticipated this change, she found it sudden regardless and had difficulty adapting to her new and very different lifestyle. Overwhelmed, Maya began seeing her life in a different light; while she wasn't exactly happy with her new situation, she swallowed her bad feelings and tried to make the best of it, slowly learning acceptance—however she still looked forward to the day she could return back to Ishval.

In school she was rather quiet, focusing on her studies and not having much interest with those around her, sometimes leading her peers to believe that she thought more highly of herself over others. Even with her newly assigned body guards, she began taking self-defense classes to further help ensure her safety as First Daughter. When not occupied with school or other activities, she would spend most of her time at home alone reading or studying alchemy.

At the age of sixteen, Maya was involved in a hostage situation by a small independent group interested in negotiating her life for the release of a highly intelligent scientist that the military kept imprisoned. The military spent much time devising a plan to ensure her safe recovery without having to give into their demands, but it had little result with the whereabouts of the group being a complete mystery. Maya was kept in an unknown location for two weeks during this time, only found when an explosion had been heard in a neighboring town to Central and she was discovered at the scene in question. Any other people or information appeared to be lost, and when asked, Maya realized she had no memories of those two weeks she had gone missing.

Now, with the ADMC (Anti-Democracy Military Conservative) Party rising as a continuing threat for Roy’s plans to shift Amestris into a more democratic state, the country feels like a time bomb for conflict. With only one blurry memory of her time in captive, Maya feels that whatever happened to her holds significance to being able to help the country and hopes to find a way to provoke remembrance. But without full understanding, Maya will find that she’s dabbing into something much bigger than expected, and become involved with something that she won’t be able to turn back from.
Maya fan stamp by Mari-M-Stamps

Original template by NoVaNoah but we added things to it.

Other profiles:

Profile: Aaron Elric
Basic Information
Full Name: Aaron James Elric
Nickname(s)/Title(s): None
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Date of Birth: November 4th, 1919
Occupation: At the moment he has no formal job. In the future, he will work for the State Alchemy Research Program founded by Edward, Alphonse, and Roy.
Aaron began schooling at age 5, attending a grammar school in Rush Valley. Aaron was always eager to learn, quickly understanding the teachings in class. He made friends easily with his friendly personality.
Once Aaron finishes grammar school at age 12, he is enrolled in Preston Academy, a private high school in a neighboring town to Rush Valley named Silvermount. Aaron continues to excel in school as well as being popular and friendly amongst his peers.
Race/Ethnicity: 75% Amestrian; 25% Xerxenian
Zodiac: Scorpio
Xingese Zodiac: Sheep
Religion: None
Place of Birth: Resembool, Amestris
Current Residence: Rush Valley, Amestris
History of Residencies:
Aaron was born i
Profile: Michelle Elric
Basic Information
Full Name: Michelle Trisha Elric
Nickname(s)/Title(s): None
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 12th, 1921
Occupation: Works as an automail apprentice under her mother, Winry Elric. In the future, Michelle will take over Rockbell Automail.
Michelle began schooling at age 5, attending a grammar school in Rush Valley. She was very studious yet unsociable, not easily connecting with others.
Once Michelle finishes grammar school at age 12, she is enrolled in Preston Academy, a private high school in a neighboring town to Rush Valley named Silvermount. Michelle continues filling her schedule to the brim with studies, also continuing to isolate herself from her peers partly because of this.
At age 16 she withdraws from school to focus her time solely on her automail apprenticeship with her mother.
Race/Ethnicity: 75% Amestrian; 25% Xerxenian
Zodiac: Aries
Xingese Zodiac: Rooster
Religion: None
Place of Birth: Resembool, Amestris


Maya Mustang (c) :iconkasuria::icontoasty-coconut:
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Red Hood

Voiced by: Jensen Ackles

Classification: Gadget Character (with explosives)

Biography: The second Robin, Jason Todd was a troubled youth who was eventually murdered by the Joker. Resurrected years later as an adult and taking the mantle of "Red Hood," he acts as a violent vigilante, willing to kill villains, unlike Batman, who let Joker live after murdering Jason.

Intro: Red Hood cocks one of his handguns before placing it back in its holsters, then grabs his knife and says "Stay out of my way."

Post-Round Taunt: Twirls his knife around in his fingers and says "Is this a joke?" or "Too easy."

Outro: Red Hood turns away from his opponent and says "I've got more important things to do..."; the screen then switches to Red Hood riding a motorcycle down an empty highway

Special Moves:

* Desert Eagle - Shoots forward twice with one of his desert eagle pistols
** Meter Burn - Shoots forward with two handguns, twice each

* Outlaw - Lunges forward and, if it connects, slashes with his knife multiple times
** Meter Burn - Lunges forward and, if it connects, slashes with his knife multiple times before shooting the opponent in the head at point-blank range

* Razor Batarang - Tosses a razor-sharp Batarang straight forward
** Meter Burn - Tosses a two extra Batarangs forward

* Grenade - Throws forward a grenade at an arch, which explodes after a set period of time (usually by the time it hits the opponent)
** Meter Burn - Throws the grenade at an arch, but then shoots it, causing it to explode whenever the player presses the Meter Burn button

* Grapple Claw - Shoots forward a modified Batclaw grapple gun which, if it connects, allows Red Hood to pull the opponent towards him, similar to Scorpion's spear
* Meter Burn - Shoots the Grapple Claw and pulls the opponent towards him, then plants an explosive charge on their chest and detonates it, blasting them away

* Acrobatic Assault - Flips forward, shooting his two handguns as he spins

* Flash Bang - Rolls forward a flash bang, which explodes and stuns the opponent

Launcher: Charges up a large strike where he plants C4 on the opponent to send them flying

Forward - Stabs the opponent in the stomach with his knife, before pulling the knife out and kicking them forward, then shooting them as they fall
Back - Stabs the opponent in the stomach with his knife, before pulling the knife out, walking behind them, and kicking them forward, then shooting them as they fall

Character Trait:
Heated Knife - Presses a button on his knife that causes it to heat up, dealing fire damage with all knife-based attacks for a limited time

Super Move:
Red Hood's Revenge - Electrocutes the opponent by prodding them in the stomach with an electric baton, then shoots out both their kneecaps with his desert eagles. As they kneel on the ground, he kicks them onto the ground and pulls a collapsible crowbar from his jacket. He then brutally beats them with it (but the opponent's body is offscreen) before tossing away the crowbar.

Ending: - The Red Hood of the alternate universe began as a vocal supporter of Superman's Regime, agreeing with its policy that criminals do not deserve a second chance. However, as Superman's dictatorial power grew, so did Red Hood's uneasiness with the state of the world. Deciding that the safety he wanted for the world should not come at the price of individual freedoms, he went rouge, becoming a dangerous enemy of the Regime.

Clash Quotes:

Standard -
"You've brought this upon yourself."
"Bring it!"
"I'll do what I have to."
"Too late for you to give up!"
"Don't expect any mercy!"


Red Hood - "You were always Bruce's favorite."
Nightwing - "Well, you were the problem child."

Red Hood - "Why buy into the 'no killing' crap?"
Nightwing - "Stops me from going AWOL, like you have."

Red Hood - "You can't beat me, Dick."
Nightwing - "Don't be so sure, Jason."

Red Hood - "Even Batman's real son turned against him."
Nightwing (Regime) - "Don't be so smug."

Red Hood - "Why didn't you avenge me?"
Batman - "I won't break my one rule. Ever."

Red Hood - "Your methods are outdated, Bruce."
Batman - "And yours are disgusting."

Red Hood - "Don't treat me like some villain!"
Batman - "But that's just what you've become."

Red Hood - "Time for some payback..."
Joker - "Let me beat that confidence outta you..."

Red Hood - "Drop the crowbar."
Joker - "But it'll be just like old times!"

Red Hood - "I'm going to enjoy this."
Joker - "That makes two of us!"

Red Hood - "Where's the Joker?"
Harley Quinn - "Stay away from my pud'n, brat!"

Red Hood - "Bruce has always gone easy on you."
Catwoman - "And you will too, right?"

Red Hood - "I feel like bullets beat arrows."
Green Arrow - "Guess I'll have to prove you wrong."

Red Hood - "I'm shutting down Venom production."
Bane - "You will not stop me!"

Red Hood - "We both have reasons to hate Joker!"
Batgirl - "Doesn't mean I'd try to kill him!"

Red Hood - "Red Hood versus a red head."
Batgirl - "Please don't try to be funny."


Nightwing - "You really want to do this?"
Red Hood - "More than anything, Grayson."

Nightwing - "You jealous that Damian's Robin now?"
Red Hood - "I've left that title behind."

Nightwing - "I know you won't kill me."
Red Hood - "Not you. I'll just maim you!"

Nightwing (Regime) - "I'm not like you, Todd."
Red Hood - "You're right. You're worse.

Batman - "You're a disgrace, Jason."
Red Hood - "I don't need your approval!"

Batman - "I trained you to be a hero."
Red Hood - "And that's what I am. A true hero!"

Batman - "We all mourned for you, Jason."
Red Hood - "But you didn't care enough to avenge me!"

Joker - "Red Hood? You're taking my act!"
Red Hood - "And I'll take your life next!"

Joker - "You Bat-brats always get on my nerves."
Red Hood - "I fly solo now."

Joker - "This is really funny, when you think about it."
Red Hood - "I'll be the one laughing in the end!"

Harley Quinn - "You're not gettin' to Mr. J!"
Red Hood - "You have terrible tast in men."

Green Arrow - "So, you're Roy's new pal?"
Red Hood - "He understands how things should work."

Catwoman - "So you've given up on Batman..."
Red Hood - "He just doesn't get it."

Bane - "You cannot beat me!"
Red Hood - "You think I'm not prepared to fight you?"

Batgirl - "You're welcome back anytime, you know."
Red Hood - "What if I don't need to come back?"

Batgirl - "You've really changed, Jason."
Red Hood - "Yeah, dying does that to a person."

Batgirl - "I still consider you a member of the Bat Family."
Red Hood - "Yeah, I'm right there with Ace the Bat-Hound."

* Jensen Ackles previously voiced Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood
* Red Hood holds his knife in a reverse grip in his idle stance and uses it for many normal and combo attacks
I've decided that when doing these, I'll alternate from villain to hero to villain to hero, etc until I run out of villain characters. Red Hood counts as a villain.

I picked Red Hood since I feel he'll probably be a DLC character included in a second season pass, so I should make his thing while I can.
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