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Scribblenauts Unmasked Contest

Wed Sep 25, 2013, 12:08 PM

Contest Ends October 2, 2013 at 11:59 PM, Los Angeles, CA, time.

In Scribblenauts Unmasked, Maxwell solves puzzles by summoning anything you can think of using his magic notepad. This time, he has the ability to summon thousands of characters from the DC Comics Universe! Help Maxwell in his mission by creating your own unique Scribblenauts version of any character from the DC Comics Universe, in any environment. Scribblenauts Unmasked features all of your favorite DC Comics characters like Superman, Batman, and the Joker, and all the obscure ones too like Calendar Man, Stephanie Brown, and The Zoo Crew.

Watch the trailer above for inspiration and ideas. It will clue you into the Scribblenauts world.

Create your own Scribblenauts version of your favorite DC Comics character(s) using any drawing tool. You can place your character(s) in any environment.

Enter your unique Scribblenauts character(s) into the contest by using the SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY button below. Remember to put the name of the character(s) in the description for your entry when you submit. Your entry must be a single .JPG or .PNG file and must be approximately 2,000 pixels in width by 550 pixels in height.

Each grand prize winner will receive $1,000 USD and their entry will be featured in a billboard on the deviantART homepage that links directly to the winner's deviantART profile for maximum exposure!


  • Entrant must be at least 13 years old as of September 25, 2013.
  • Entrant may reside anywhere in the world.
  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59PM (PT) on October 2, 2013 and be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART;
  • Membership to is required to enter the Contest;
  • Membership to is free;
  • Entrant must submit an original rendering of a Scribblenauts version of any character(s) from the DC Comics Universe;
  • The Work may originate in any drawing medium but must be submitted as a single .JPG or .PNG file;
  • Your entry must be approximately 2,000 pixels in width by 550 pixels in height;
  • You may not use any third party stock images for the Work however licensed brushes and textures are acceptable. Do not include the Scribblenauts name in your entry.
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply and please read the Official Rules carefully.

Three grand prize winners will be selected by full-time deviantART Staff on or about October 5, 2013, from all eligible and qualified entries.

Judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Adaptation of the DC Character(s) in the style of Scribblenauts
  • Overall Impact of the Work,
  • Originality and Artistic Skill.

The three winners will be announced by appearing one at a time and one per day on October 6, 7 and 8, 2013 in home page billboard takeovers and thereafter in a message center announcement to all entrants.

In Scribblenauts Unmasked, Maxwell solves puzzles by summoning anything you can think of using his magic notepad. Help Maxwell in his mission by creating your own unique Scribblenauts version of any character from the DC Comics Universe, and you could win cash and a feature on deviantART's home page!
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Invader Zim Secret Santa!

Sun Nov 3, 2013, 11:19 AM

Hey everyone! Halloween's over and it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!


I am going to host a Secret Santa for all of you in the IZ fandom out there! : D

What is a Secret Santa?

A secret santa is a "tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift" however in this case the "gift" will be a drawing.

All of you who sign up for the Secret Santa will be randomly assigned someone to draw a gift for, and you also will be receiving a gift from someone. 

How does it work and how do I sign up?

1. In order to be in this Secret Santa you need to feature this journal, spread the news so we can get as many people as possible. :) (Smile)

2. When you join you must tell me WHAT you want your Secret Santa to draw for example you can say "I'd like a drawing of my character ____ doing ____" or "I'd like a scene of ____ and ____ doing _____" etc etc etc. 

3. In order to sign up complete the following form and post it in a comment on this journal...
deviantART name: 
Dear Secret Santa, I would like...(write what you'd like to be drawn for you here)
Character Reference(s): 
Any Additional character information: 

4. On December 1st sign up will be closed and you will receive a note with who you are drawing for and what they want as a gift.

5. You have until December 25th on which you will be expected to upload your gift for the person you were assigned AND you MUST note them/comment on their page and let them know their gift is posted (If you cannot post on the 25th for whatever reason you will be expected to post it either the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, or 24th, please do not post it AFTER Christmas, it kinda defeats the purpose :I if you have an emergency/computer crash/etc, contact me and let me know and I will see what I can do) 

Rules and Exceptions

1. IF you have a family vacation and will be leaving BEFORE the 20th and wont be back in time for the 25th, just make sure you post it before you leave

2. You WILL BE EXPECTED to do a quality image for the person you've been assigned. If you simply draw them a wimpy sketch/line art, that isn't very nice :( (Sad) HOWEVER if sketching/line art is all you can do 
(like you don't have photoshop or a scanner or w/e the cause) that is okay.

3. TRY NOT to not request anything too complex for your Secret Santa, how would you feel if someone requested you to draw something with 5+ characters and a complex background? <:/ 
(I'm not saying you can't ask for more than one character, but I would say leave the max at 3, and provide an alternate idea in case you think your request might be too complex so you don't overwhelm your Secret Santa)

4. DROPPING OUT, if you need to drop out PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY it would be quite troublesome if you were assigned a person and had to drop out, that leaves them without a Santa, and I wouldn't have anyone to put in place of their Santa. 

5. It is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE for you not to produce a gift for your assigned person by Christmas. It will not be tolerated. If you KNOW you aren't going to be able to produce a gift PLEASE LET ME KNOW I need a minimum notice of 10 DAYS prior to Christmas, the 25th of December.

In all honesty I do not know what I will be able to do if you have been assigned and need to drop please, let me know before your assigned if you cannot produce a gift. If you realize you can't after you've been assigned you need to notify me ASAP no questions asked.

Now, with all that said, let it begin!


(Slots are unlimited)

1. :iconcuddlesandhuggles: Yes I will be joining in this x'3 of course whoever gets assigned to me...I will know .3. so it isn't exactly secret for me x'D BUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE IT WILL BE MUAHAHA
Dear Secret Santa, I would like... a picture of Mason and Chana enjoying Christmas together, doing something Christmas-like, such as sitting in front of the fireplace, putting up/decorating a Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate, being out in the snow, etc.
Character Reference(s): cuddlesandhuggles.deviantart.c…
Any Additional character information: 
-Chana must be wearing a hoodie of some kind, you can give her whatever kind of hoodie you want but she must be wearing a hood.

2. :iconhalfinane-halfmental: 
Dear Secret Santa, I would like...A picture of my OCs Insane and Cyan kissing or hugging, something on that level, but nothing more mature than that. OR my OCs Mist and Thunder kissing or hugging, something on that level, but nothing more mature than that.

Character Reference(s): Insane:




Additional character information: 

-Mist's headset is see-through, so make sure it stays that way. 

-Insane's PAK is grey with three red spots. 

-Cyan's PAK is grey with three cyan spots. 

-Mist's PAK is grey with three light grey spots.

-Thunder's PAK is grey with three dark grey spots. 

3. :icongeckospine:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my OC's Grurr and Zun on a winter/christmas themed date. The setting can be on earth or any other planet of your choosing.
Character Reference(s): 
Any Additional character information: 
-Zun will act embarrassed showing any form of affection especially in public. 
-Grurr is usually the one leading the relationship, she will always have a smile on her face. 
-You can change their outfits if you want but please keep Zun's freckle and antennae ring so he is recognisable and not just a yellow eyed irken.

4. :iconnixsrebellionoflies:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like... a cute picture of Nix and Akir sitting down on the floor of some living room, wearing Christmasy clothing (and maybe one of them is wrapped up in a blanket or something) and drinking hot cocoa while playing some sort of card game. also, if you do draw any windows, could you make it snowing outside? 
Character Reference(s): 
Any Additional character information: 
-Nix is about 6ft 4 and Akir is 7ft 3. 
-Akir is more of a peaceful, nicer person who cares a lot and is often sweet (and awkward). 
-Nix is a flirt, and can be rather full of himself and a jerk. He really only cares about Akir, and can be a softie for him and kind to him. He hates loosing he is stubborn and doesnt like to admit he is wrong. Right now, though, he has humbled down, and is a lot more quieter, and not as jerk like as he was before. 
-Akir and Nix are in a romantic relationship together. 

5. :iconsilentrisingsun:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a drawing of my Vortian OCs, Kya and Tabris, dressed in winter-themed clothing (scarves, coats, parkas, mittens, earmuffs, etc. Any clothing associated with winter) and having a snowball fight. 
Character Reference(s): 
Kya: ; (Kya is the purple-skinned, green-eyed girl on the far left, and Tabris is the blue-skinned, pink-eyed boy on the far right) 
Tabris: (Tabris with father)
Any Additional character information: 
-Kya is the more calm and quiet of the two 
-Tabris is more outgoing, and a bit rowdy. 

6. :iconraynahero200:
Dear Secret Santa, I would really like a pic of my oc Rayna with my bf's oc Rift in a cute romantic scene with them snuggling up together in a blanket by a warm fireplace while drinking hot chocolate x3
As clothing goes it should be something comfortable like pjs
Rayna wearing a red nightdress and Rift wearing men pjs, if not, he can wear a green sweater and black pants
Character Reference(s):
Rayna and Rift:
Additional Character Information:
-Rift is the red Irken 
-Rayna is the normal skinned Irken with purple eyes

7. :iconraekeiko:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a ZADR(Zim x Dib) pic, fluffy or violent or any way you want it, its just my fave pairing! xP
Character Reference(s):

8. :iconalison-lynn:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of these two characters, Rec (from TheEvilTeaDrinker ) and Vortx (mine) sittin inside of a space ship (or just somewhere with a window that shows the space), with Rec looking amused and Vortx looking annoyed or plain tired of Rec (: if that's not too much to ask >w>;  
OR My fc Morck and Tea's Cyshkil cuddling Bucktooth
Character Reference(s): 
-Cyshkil: (the one on the very left with the brown jacket, those are the current clothes he wears) (Cyshkil does not currently wear his Bloodsport clothing)
-Morck - - -
Additional Character Information:
-Morck is embarrassed very easily, but he's very proud and usually will try to hide it, so he looks like he's pouting or grumpy Bucktooth
-Vortx suffers of Rec's constant pranks, and he has a temper, so he gets annoyed with him rather quickly...even when he has a thing for him wat

9. :icontheevilteadrinker:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my OC Enya, and my friends OC Skulli together. Doesn't have to have anything to do with Christmas. Just something cute like her sitting on his lap leaning against his chest, or perhaps Enya bringing him some soda or coffee or something with Skulli looking all tired from too much work.
Character Reference(s): 
-Enya: (third from the left)
Any additional Character Information:
-They are a Shipping :T and actually they do work whether well together.
-At times they looked rather frustrated with one another, but there is a bit of a understanding between them in a sense. Whether they admit it or not.
-They aren't the type to display affection too openly, if anything their intimate moments that actually show that they care for one another are more private.
-In public it is more like little things, Enya putting up with Skulli's wild behavior for example, or just the way they interact with one another.
-Enya manages to always keep Skulli guessing when it comes to how she behaves, in a way they are completely Yin and Yang but help to fix the broken pieces of one another.

10. :icon0tt0maton:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like�
My pals OC, Simone and my OC Cirque in a rather ridiculous hot chocolate-related conundrum. Doesn't need to be romantic in any way possible. It's more or less for the kicks
Character Reference(s): 
Any Additional character information: 
-The two are a pairing that's still in it's early stages. How the two interact is somewhat of an awkward fashion. 
-Simone is generally the positive one
-Cirque acts really reserved and quiet.
-Overall it's an amusing couple

Dear Secret Santa, I would like... a picture of Angel and Gaia enjoying Christmas together, doing something Christmas-like, such as sitting in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate (coffee for Gaia XD), being out in the snow, etc.
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information:
-Angel's pak is really low on her back
-Gaia loves tukes and Scarves in winter

12. :iconhetha4eva:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like my oc Nekka doing something Christmas related. you know, opening presents, playing in the snow, ...singing? just be creative! i would just like it to be Christmas related somehow. You can draw her as a smeet or mature, whichever you feel like!
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information:
-Her PAK is just light grey with purple spots.
-Her eyes don't match other irken eyes, instead of just purple she has a hint of red in her eyes as well (mostly on the top and bottom), so make sure her eyes are dark purple and a little red. -Nekka is happy-go-lucky so she will most likely be doing something fun and exciting, or something to help others. I'm pretty sure that's all

13.  :iconzoologykam:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like my OCs Vern and Makove, setting up a Christmas tree together, with the tree next to a fireplace (if you catch my drift). If you don't then I'll just say that Vern likes setting stuff on fire.
Character Reference(s):
-Vern and Makove:
-Bio Refs: (the two in the middle)
Additional Character Information:
-Vern can't wear shirts or anything on his upper torso or arms because he would catch himself on fire.
-Makove does not talk! Ever! But that doesn't mean he's flat and emotionless. He's a big brother and laughs and makes facial expressions like everyone. Just doesn't use words. If he has to communicate then he uses gestures, or if absolutely necessary, typed messages.

14. :iconglowing-galaxies:

Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my OC Vix (she's the only one I have a ref for anyway XD) doing something Christmas-y. Not really picky what she's doing, just something that's related to Christmas and not romantic or anything.
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information:
-Vix isn't really someone who likes romantic and/or girly things, she prefers technology, adventure, and hanging out with friends.

Dear secret santa, I would like a picture of my two irken Oc's Nanamech and Tavvf around a fire enjoying the holidays...
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information:
-Nanamech is usually very calm  and serious but tries to enjoy things around his daughter
-Tavvf a smeet that looks up to her father is usually very happy and she always has a smile

16. :icondefect23:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like my OCs Jed and Serka wearing scarves and doin' somethin' Christmas-y. XD nothin' really in particular
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information:
-Jed can be rather flirty with Serka, but she either doesn't really seem to notice, or just doesn't care.
-Either way, they're still friends.

17. :iconinvaderlez:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a deviation of my two IZ OCs, Zak and Narzi, cuddling on a park bench (or just generally sitting down) amongst a bunch of snow. 
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information:
These two aren't an official pairing, so I really won't care if its OOC. :) (Smile) Go nuts!! 

18. :iconirkenfundip:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like my irken OC Cou sitting (or if need be, standing) between Zim and Dib with a long scarf that they can all wear at the same time, maybe outside in the snow or something (the background doesn't matter much it can be simple) c:
Character Reference(s): 
Additional Character Information: 
-Cou is super excited just to be near them.
-Zim and Dib would not be too thrilled about it, but I prefer they be at least tolerable with it. (maybe a smile i dunno! I'm not really picky~ Have fun with it!)

19. :iconinvaderrosirken:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my OC, Dax and his son, Dext with santa hats on, and in a snowy background. (on irk)
Character Reference(s):

20. :iconpikasweet:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my OC Kira doing some thing cool or a ship with her
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information: 
-She likes technology and she's a bit paler then In the picture I have

21. :iconigotnonamelol:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my irken OC Harper sitting on a beanbag chair drinking some hot cocoa. If it's not too much can the bean bag have some nice Christmas pattern (or colors). Harper doesn't have to be in his regular outfit he can be in some pajamas. Again if it's okay I would like him to have Christmas colors. It won't be necessary to put a background so don't worry abut that.
~ Thank you :)
Character Reference(s): I hope this is a good ref because I haven't made an official one yet ^^;
-Harper: he is the one on the bottom
Additional Character Information:
-I would really appreciate it if you drew his tail but it's not necessary. 
-What I would really like you to do is to draw him wearing a scarf that has stripes and the colors will be green and red.

22. :iconbiohazard-mummy:
Dear Secret Santa, I'd like a scene of Yverin and Milliz celebrating Christmas, with Yverin having lots of fun unwrapping her gift and Milliz kind of staring at her like "what the hell is this?!" while holding a Doctor Who screw driver. 
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information:
-Here's a pic of Milliz and Yverin at the beach: ;Yes, Yverin likes to tease and grope Milliz just because she can and because they're best friends. 

23. :iconprojecthalfbreed:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of Kid and my friend's OC Risk cuddling in front of a warm fire drinking hot coco together. It can be either outside or indoors in front the fireplace I don't mind. I also wouldn't mind if both of them were dressed warmly for the holidays.
Character Reference(s):
-Risk: (if this is too detailed for you, here is a simple version so you don't have to struggle )
Additional Character Information: 
-Kid is around 5'4 in height and Risk is about 6'2. So there should be a huge height difference. 
-And yes they are lovers (and eventually they get married in their canon stories XD) I think that is all I can say about them.

24. :icondggarcie:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a drawing of my character Lucy or Stitch with one of your characters
If you choose Lucy, I would like it to be Christmas Themed: decorating the house with holly and drinking hot coco or drinking tea outside
If you choose Stitch, I would like anything Christmas themed wearing a big fluffy Christmas sweater (pick whatever Christmas theme)
Character Reference(s):
-Lucy: (the orange one on the left)
Additional Character Information:
-Each character's bio and info is in the artist comments

25. :icondj-irky:
Dear Secret Santa,  I would like a picture of my OC's Sahuri and Tyson exchanging gifts and drinking hot coco. If you want, make them be in the woods (or indoors it doesn't really matter) with a pretty fireplace all cozy and stuff. You can also change their outfits patterns and if you want the color. 
Character Reference(s):
-Sahuri and Tyson:
Additional Character Information: 
Tyson and Sahuri are similar but very different. Tyson likes violence and Sahuri is more calm.  Be creative!! Have fun with it.

26. :iconsweetsinster:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like me surprise kissing my girlfriend on the lips under the mistletoe hanging from a dead tree outside in the snow. 
Character Reference(s): (I am on the left and my girlfriend on the right)
Additional Character Information:
She blushing beat red and we are wearing the most cheesiest Christmas sweaters you can come up with. 

27. :iconphvntom:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like my OC Nini and CuddlesAndHuggles' character, Todd under a mistletoe. Nini is kissing him on the cheek slightly blushing and Todd is completely bashful and shocked, but of course happy..! I only wanted this because I'm a huge fan and I think it would be a cute fan chara mash up picture c'; Only if she doesn't mind ^__^
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information: 
-Nini is short, but not Zim short. 
-Instead of her regular outfit, maybe a cute, but "trap"(sexy) like santa outfit for nini and a xmas themed outfit for Todd like this 

28. :icondarkwolfhellhound:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my OCs Dameon and Anuk kissing under the mistletoe. :) (Smile) I have to draw a reference for them real quick but I can. I'll add it on here as a reply. :) (Smile) but these are the ones I have so far.
Character Reference(s):
Dameon- Dameon antenna:

29. :iconmaliforger894:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of Mira teaching Dural how to ice-skate on a frozen lake. I'd like them holding hands with Mira perfectly balanced and Dural looking very unstable like he's about to fall. They can be dressed up in warm winter clothing. And if you feel like it, have it snowing. I don't really care what's in the background, just as long as they're on a frozen lake, then it's fine with me.
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information: 

-Dural should be pretty scared because he doesn't want to fall. And Mira can just be all happy and smiling.

-I would appreciate it if Dural were wearing a hat and scarf as well (he likes them). Mira doesn't need those but you can add them if you want. 

-Plus...height difference! Mira must be taller than him. (she's 5'3", Dural's 4'11")

30. :iconwak-tak12:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a picture of my OC'S Jazz and Lex walking down the side walk drinking, alcohol haha, and I'd like them to be super happy and kind of leaning on each other. In other words super cute drunk time! =D (Big Grin) and winter clothing would be good too! 
Character Reference(s):
Lex- (on the left) (on the right)
Additional Character Information: 
- Lex and Jazz are both very flirty and sexual, so they should have chemistry. But not OVERLY lovey, more like good friends who are drunk and flirty.
- If you can, it would be awesome if you drew Jazz without his glasses.
- Also, Lex isn't a huge fan of wearing clothes, but she also hates the clothes, so any combination of skimpy and Warm would be perfect! haha

31. :iconfangirliluv1011:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like a drawing with my ocs Scream & Axel with their son, Aero, opening presents on his first Christmas morning thank you Heart
Character Reference(s):
Axel and son
Scream and son

32. :icondoctor-sunflowerpony:
Dear Secret Santa, I want my character wax and her family merlin and kole to be doing something ehhh Christmasy 
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information: 
-Wax actually just got pregnant again other then that there is nothing else to be added i dont think at least.. Well besides merlin doesn't belong to me he belongs to X39-The-Wolf and we share kole

33. :iconoo-hana-oo:
Dear Secret Santa, I would like an image of my OC Qwif attempting at get ready for a Christmas party by cooking, putting decorations up or anything else you can think of, but It kind of flailing.
She would also probably try multitasking but again, flail pffft xD
Character Reference(s):
-Any of your OCs could be in there too attempting to help her poor soul xD
Additional Character Information: 
-She is a very bad cook and decorations would probably be very messy too |D
-She's a cheery person and probably wouldn't be getting angry/ stressed about the situation and maybe wouldn't even notice how horribly everything is going
-I wouldn't mind if you altered her clothing abit to make it more Christmasy, but please try to keep the colour scheme about right x)
Thank-you c: <3

34. :iconkickingkoryanders:
Dear Secret Santa, 
I would like a picture of plain ol' Zim reacting badly (and maybe violently) to any Christmas tradition or object, please.
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information: 
It weirder the picture the better. I don't really want anything super fancy just funny, you know? 
feel free to stick any of your OC's in the if you want to 

35. :iconstraight-asa-rainbow:
Dear Secret Santa, 
I would like a picture of my OCs Ziv and Ady... Doing something Christmas-y. Like opening presents or something like that?
Character Reference(s):
Ziv and Ady
Additional Character Information: 
-They're friends, in a messed up sort of way. 
-They tease each other a lot. 

36. :iconwoifrea:
Dear Secret Santa, 
I would like a picture of Dib trying to explain to Zim what "Christmas" is and Zim not understanding.
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information: 
Zim does not understand Earth's customs very well, but is still bent on conquering it one day.
Dib: Is determined to make sure Zim doesn't conquer the planet, but is willing to work with Zim on rare occasions.

37. :iconprepare-your-bladder:
Dear Secret Santa, 
"I'd like a drawing of my character (Violet) with tallest Purple "I'd like a scene of Violet and Purple kissing, (Purple and Violet, doing anything really)
Character Reference(s):
Violet and Tallest Purple:
Additional Character Information: 
-Violets personality is very panicky, shes very shy and often has a confused/sad look on her face, she loves purple but red makes her very uncomfortable ( shes my irkensona! 

38. :iconthegalaxyrose:
Dear Secret Santa, 
I would like...A picture of my OC Nova dressed in Christmas clothing singing Christmas songs, She can be in her normal form or in her Human form.
Character Reference(s):
Additional Character Information: 
- Nova is normally a happy character. Smiles a lot and loves to bring smiles to others.

39. :iconinvadermaythe1st:
Dear Secret Santa, 
I would like... My irken May to be doing something cute and christmassy! (Preferably with her boyfriend marshall, who belongs to anonymousinvader24)
Character Reference(s):
May and Marshall:
Additional Character Information: 
-The diamond on May's head changes colours, the ones that suit her emotions- the pink is love. The purple is her neutral emotion. Her diamond also is connected to her guitar, which can be included- which changes colour to fit her emotions too
-May is the princess of irk, so she is usually stressed- don't be afraid to make a picture of her stressed in some way, vs long as it's cute to some extent
-May will not usually wear fancy clothes
-Marshall is a vampire, he can turn into a bat
-Marshall will usually do sweet things, but can trick May if you like.
-They both love red foods, especially strawberries

Dear Secret Santa, 

Character Reference(s):

Additional Character Information: 

Dear Secret Santa, 

Character Reference(s):

Additional Character Information: 

Dear Secret Santa, 

Character Reference(s):

Additional Character Information: 

Dear Secret Santa, 

Character Reference(s):

Additional Character Information: 

Dear Secret Santa, 

Character Reference(s):

Additional Character Information: 

Dear Secret Santa, 

Character Reference(s):

Additional Character Information: 

Have fun!

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Just wanted to UPDATE this journal with another quick clip of some of our interviews from Tuesday night's premiere in NYC. This one was a bit strange because I didn't want to look right in the cell phone camera... it was so close to my face, lol! Enjoy the awkwardness.

YO! I just returned safely from our JL: War Premiere in beautiful and blizzardous NYC, and I just wanted to thank all the fans and comics and animation press that braved the insane weather to come see us! You guys and gals helped make it a really special night for us, and on behalf of the cast and crew I want you to know that it is deeply appreciated. We have another JL War screening coming up NEXT THURSDAY the 30th of January at the Paley center in LA. Not sure if tickets are still being sold, but I do believe it's still possible to get in for the resourceful and dedicated who either love what we do, or can't wait to tell us how much we suck to our faces! 
Here is clip featuring a couple interviews from last night…

ALSO ...the first Son of Batman trailer hit the internet... 
I am personally really proud of this one, I think it is some of our best work yet. 

  • Listening to: Pandora the explora
  • Reading: The Last Wish
  • Watching: Sherlock
  • Playing: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • Eating: Home cookin'
  • Drinking: Single Malt, of course
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  • The "Edit In Writer" button would not work when single-clicked. Fixed by ZombieCoder
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  • Various fixes were made to's delta API. Fixed by kouiskas
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Your Feedback

Thanks for your feedback on last week's Site Update! Here's some of what you had to say.
  • Feedback regarding the update to the Earnings page was positive.
  • Responses to the Discuss topic varied. Several deviants mention that they add Prints to their Wishlist when browsing, and then purchase them at a later date, while other deviants mentioned searching in the Prints Shop or browsing their Favourites for artwork that has Prints enabled.



In June, Multi-Submit was launched, giving Premium Members the ability to easily upload and submit several deviations from the Submit page all at once. Have you used Multi-Submit? If so, how often do you use it, and what do you submit with it? Do you find it easy or useful to be able to submit multiple deviations at once?

Screen Shot 2013 05 14 At 11 07 21 Am By Danle by wreckling

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This week's Site Update includes a dynamic way of writing deviation descriptions with Writer, an updated Profile creation process for new deviants, and more!
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PE: Forum Overview

Tue Apr 9, 2013, 2:53 AM by 3wyl:icon3wyl:

After Astralseed's awesome article on Breaking Into Chatrooms, today's article will be focused on providing a general overview of the forum!

Within the forum, there are many Forums that you can enter into to create threads for discussion. These threads encourage other people to make posts in response to the 'original post' created by the 'original poster' - the person who created the thread. If you scroll down the forum page, there are many Forums that focus on a specific topic so that all threads within that forum must relate to the specific topic of the Forum itself. For example, if you stumble across the 'Gaming Forum', the specific topic is 'Gaming', so all threads within the 'Gaming Forum' must relate to 'Gaming'. This is important because if your thread does not relate to Gaming, it will be moved or locked.

After clicking the forum, for example, the Deviants Forum, you will be presented with 'Sticky Threads' which are significant threads that ideally should be read before you start posting or creating threads. Then, below that section, you will be presented with all the threads that other members have created for you to take part in. If you scroll to the bottom, you have the option to create your own thread too.

It's pretty straight-forward, so let's get cracking into what these forums are! :dummy:

Main/Popular Forums
  • :bulletblue: Deviants ~ Discuss general topics that do not belong to any of the other forums in forum
  • :bulletblue: General Art ~ Discuss general topics specifically related to art
  • :bulletblue: Suggestions ~ For serious suggestions in proposing a new feature or improving an existing feature on deviantART.
  • :bulletblue: Welcome Centre ~ Introduce yourself and make new friends!
  • :bulletblue: Complaints ~ Vent your frustration here. We strongly recommend lurking before posting!

Art Related Forums
If you want to go more specific than the General Art Forum, we have...

Community Focused Forums
  • :bulletyellow: Politics ~ Discussion related to politics
  • :bulletyellow: Philosophy & Religion ~ Discussion related to philosophy and religion
  • :bulletyellow: Help with Life ~ Seek serious advice for real life concerns. We do not encourage self-diagnosis and will not help diagnose issues
  • :bulletyellow: Praise ~ Discussion related to all things wonderful

Entertainment Focused Forums ~ Discussions related to entertainment

Technology Focused Forums

Forums that offer opportunities
  • :bulletpink: Deviation Thumbshare ~ Sharing and exchanging onsite art and feedback
  • :bulletpink: Groups, Chatrooms & Events ~ Promote your Groups, Chatrooms, and offsite events here
  • :bulletpink: Projects ~ Promote point commissions, requests, art trades, onsite contests, giveaways, contributions to deviantART, offsite projects and other deviantART related happenings
  • :bulletpink: Job Offers ~ Promote your job offers if you are offering to pay someone to do a job for you
  • :bulletpink: Job Services ~ Promote your job services if you are offering to provide a service for a fee

Specialised Forums

Before you get carried away with this all and start posting, we strongly suggest you read the Forum Rules before posting or creating a thread. These rules will be at the top of every forum you go into, and it will start with 'READ BEFORE POSTING'. All of them will link to FAQ #801: Are there any rules for the Forums? which we recommend you take in. These are the ground rules that are established for you to understand and take on board so that your experience with the forum is as good as it can be.

So after bearing that in mind, we hope you all have fun in the forum, because it's a place on deviantART like no place other! :la:

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All info on the Venasions ever made (Plz read)

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 5, 2013, 9:59 AM
this is a Journal about my Venasions. Venasion (HUGE REVAMP, READ PLZ v ) by Dipndotz97

If you own a Venasion oc, Please read. I would also like it if everyone would read through this all and maybe you'll seem interested in an oc.

ok heres the thing. I can't have the Drogon's anymore For many reasons. I don't feel like explaining on, so hold onto your questions till lator.

Here we go:
1. Appearance: a VenaSion is a a leaf Lizard that eats meat. the blue cover on it's back is a large Reptile scale that holds Several tendral-like vines that are able to quickly catch prey with a very sticky substance all over the vine.  the Vines on the Venasions head are Basically vine antennae. as for the vines on the gold colar, the venasions use these vines to pick up things because they have trouble using their feet.
they can have three eye styles. an Irken esque a regular round pupil, or a cat like slit. Venasion Stuff to know by Dipndotz97
the only colors they can be are Blue, Green, Red, Dark Purple, Brown, Dark Orange, Turquoice, And Indigo
their Eyes can be ANY color thought of, It doesn't matter
what ever color you make the eyes, the large scale, and the tongue, HAS to be the same color. you can add some markings like spots freckles, or stripes to anywhere on their bodies, except their vines scales and Poison barb (I'll get more into barbs lator)
when making a Venasion you can choose wheather or not you wanna give it one or two horns. Males don't have to have horns so horns are optional. However, but when it comes to making females, try to Make sure you give them a horn, rather then none, because of certain reasons, that I'll get to later.
their horns can be either black, grey, or Golden.
Every Venasion HAS a Golden Colar on their neck. This colar is the source of their used abilities.

2. Difference between male and female:

Female:        Varzi Venasion Oc~ by Dipndotz97          Male:     Venasion oc for Dan~ by Dipndotz97

Females have fluff ball like furr on their tails        Males have poison barbs.

when creating a Venasion, it's always fun to try and pick the gender because there are few things different about both genders!

the Males have a sharp Poison barb at the end of it's tail. note, that the barb is the same color as the horn. if you don't have a horn on your male, the colors you can choose from are of course the same as horns. inside the barb, a dark purple substance is always visable. this is the poison it injects into enemies or prey.

the Females have very puffed up tails that can be any shape or size at the ends. this is just for looks, and doesn't get any use out of it. females do have their own ability that differs from all males. the reason females always have horns is because they can shoot them at The Enemy, or prey, stabbing them well.

3. Abilities:
paralysis: The venasion's use this once they catch their Prey with their Tendrels.
Sizeshifting: Every Venasion has the ability to change size, Which is how they eat huge insect prey, and Grow a larger size then them.
The Last ability depends on the gender:
Males: Have Poisen Barbs Hidden in their tail.
Females: Can shoot Their spikes from their Head, harming foes easily.

4. Diet:
Being a leaf Lizard, the Venasion loves to eat anything that resembles insects. the two smal prey found on Their planet are the most common
Venasion prey: Venasion Prey by Dipndotz97

the one thing that most venasions really want, are to find the Irkens and   Feed on them. normally, They try to go for the helpless prey. so if they found your smeet, watch out, cause it'd be Reptile food XD

5. young: a young Venasion, is aslo known as a Lart. it eats the greens it can find in it's living area. it also is very loyal to it's care taker. a care taker is a female Venasion that takes care of all the Larts ever made. (I'll draw the care taker soon) once the Lart is old enough, the care taker lets it go and the lart Tries to find it's Parent, reuniting with them and continues growing older into a full grown Venasion.
Lart: Venasion-Lart- (IMPORTANT INFO TOO v) by Dipndotz97

6. Planet, and clans: the  Venasion lives on a beautiful Planet called Flora. There is all kinds of Plant life living there so that the larts can eat as much as needed.
on Flora, The Venasions work together as one big Clan. the leader of the Clan, Veen, is the one that does the ordering on them all. Veen loves her clan and only gives them orders when really needed.
in order to feed her clan though, she is sending out a group of Venasions to hunt for Irkens.
in this Venasion group, they will travel out of Flora, and find a planet to hunt on. (My oc Varzi is on earth in disguise as a young girl with green hair XD )
 this Is what gives you Venasion fans an awesome chance make an oc to BE in that group~

I hope you all like this 'wonderful' species, and I hope to see some Venasion art if possible~

If you wanna make one, and maybe have your oc in the Venasion group, ask me, and I'll be sure to let you know~ ^^


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For weeks, we've been teasing you with our "It's coming..." campaign. Claiming that something  was innovative, expressive, inspiring, and coming... soon! With August 7th, 2010, upon us — aka deviantART's 10th birthday — the time has come to unveil the product we've spent months developing: deviantART Muro!

From start to finish, deviantART Muro allows users to create complete works of art in ways never before realized by digital drawing programs. deviantART Muro already boosts standard and interactive brushes, full-blown layer capabilities, and the ability to upload directly to your deviantART account, but we've also left room for expansion. You can expect to see many features and functions added in the coming weeks and months.

  • deviantART's free HTML5 powered drawing app
  • 21 brushes, each uniquely programmed
  • Basic and Pro modes, both free
  • Intuitive layout and functionality
  • Supports all HTML5-enabled browsers including the iPad
  • Submit drawings directly to your deviantART Gallery
  • Convenient design allows more focus on your art
  • Join fellow deviants in a public forum to share drawings
  • Start private threads in your group's Admin Area and enjoy picture comments

A handful of deviantART's top digital artists have been helping test deviantART Muro, ensuring that it's exactly what they, and the community, would expect from our top-tier drawing tool. The nine deviations to the right were created exclusively with deviantART Muro and accurately depict the tool's wide range of drawing capabilities.

The time has come for you to start using deviantART Muro! The standalone tool is available in both Basic and Pro modes — Basic for beginning artists and Pro for more experienced users.

If you're interested in sharing drawings with friends, two options are available via Basic mode.

Participate in the deviantART Muro forum to share drawing enabled forum comments.

Groups can choose to allow drawing enabled comments in the Private Discussion Forum of their Admin Area.


We've been developing deviantART Muro for many months now and to finally release it to the world is an important and special moment for us. Many conversations have brought us to this point and we've come to realize that making deviantART Muro as widely adoptable as possible, while still giving enthusiasts options for expansion, is one of the tool's most integral features.

Deviants can sit down with deviantART Muro and have fun from the first stroke, or can spend hours crafting the perfect masterpiece. An intuitive drawing tool that's easy to understand and master, with the benefit of being contained within a single browser window, we truly believe that deviantART Muro will revolutionize how art is created and shared on the Internet. The work our developers and engineers have put into this product is inspiring and is a testament to deviantART's commitment for enhancing and revitalizing the arts.

Please join me in leaving your mark with deviantART Muro.

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The essentials of Macro photography.

Sun Dec 23, 2012, 2:36 AM

Hi, deviants! This week is Community week, and I am giving my best to introduce some essential tips concerning macro photography.

But first of all: What is macro photography?

Macro photography - what is it about? 
Wikipedia tells us things like "extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size" (Source:
But is that really all that matters? It is a common fact that many people believe that macro photography is photography which refers to life size, which means 1:1. The object is the same size on your sensor/film it is in real life.

"Great thing, but I cannot start macro photography, since I do not have a macro lens."

That's what many people think. It is not the lens or the camera taking the pictures. Of course everything is made easier for us when we use a macro lens, but if you do not have any knowledge about your camera settings, then you will just take snapshots, even with the most expensive camera ever. If you do not know what I mean, then check out this journal, it will help you! 
How to improve your skills in close-up-photographySince many people asked me how I take my pictures and why they are so "special", I would like to tell you how I manage things when I take pictures.
I. Finding the location
When I go outside to take pictures of nature, I do barely have any concepts in my mind. I just go and let nature inspire me. The first important step is finding a location.It is not that difficult to find an interesting background. I personally do prefer backgrounds which are not monochrome. Many shades of light (light and dark contrasts or different colors) make your picture interesting, no matter if the final result will be monochrome or colorful in the end.I look out for locations where not many people are. Like a big meadow in front of a house or a field or forests. (Forests do have the special plus that it does almost always have different light shadings I mentioned in 2).
II. Know your possibilities!

You have found your favourite location? Great! Many people do the mistake to

Right. As I already said, it is not that difficult to take macro shots, or to come close the 1:1-ratio, even with a Kit lens!
You do not know how? Then listen to me, I will try to explain it to you.

Which equipment is absolutely necessary?

That's a fact many people ask me, actually. 
As I said, it is not the camera taking the pictures, and it is also not the lens. It is the photographer taking pictures, and that's why it is up to you how to take pictures! You may choose the angle, composition, etc.
So I would not say you need the newest Canon-Mark III or the Nikon D800 to take great pictures, the megapixel size of the sensor does also not count that much (almost always it is better to stick around 10MP, since there are not that many pixels on one millimeter, and the grain is reduced then). But what I would really recommend is a DSLR, because while a "normal" Digicam may have the best macro mode ever, it will never have the ability to create shallow depth of field, which is important for a "good" macro photo. (Which does not mean you cannot take great pictures with a point and shoot-camera, but I will continue with DSLRs now.)
You do not even need a macro lens for macro photography.
"Oh really??" will some people ask now. Yes, it is possible, and you can also take even higher scales (like 2:1 [the object is twice the size on your sensor as it is in real life) with you Kit lens, which is normally a 18-55mm lens. I do also own one, and I began my passion for macro photography with this Kit lens.
Of Endearment. by dragonfly-oli

Which equipment is optional?

I personally own a closeup-filter, which really helps me to get much closer to the object. But I will talk about that later.
Helpful are also extension tubes, which increase the focal distance of your lens. I never tried it, but many people told me it is a great alternative to a macro lens, too.
Optional is also an adapter for sticking your lens upside down towards the camera, which means: The electrical devices are pointing towards you then, not to the camera!

What are the techniques?

Yes, I used the plural, since there is more than one technique!
I will try to explain them to you in a short, but understandable way.

1. Reverse macro technique
This technique does not require any purchase of additional equipment, since you only need your kit lens, or any other lens, which can also have a wide angle (10-50mm). 
Step 1: Remove your lens from your camera.
Step 2: Turn it around 180°, so that the electrical devices turn towards you.
Step 3: you only need step 3 if you have a retro-adapter, which allows you to stick the lens reversed to your camera. If you do not have an adapter, skip to step 3a. Put on the reverse adapter to your lens (like a filter) and put it on your camera again. Tada, you have a selfmade macro lens!
Step 3a: If you do not have an adapter, do it like I do: Take your lens and hold it to your camera, which can be quite complicated. 
Since you cannot choose the settings to use, just do experiments. There is no general formula for doing this, but I am sure you will make it when you spend a little time on it.
Pictures taken with that technique:

Of Endearment. by dragonfly-oli  

2. Getting closer to the object with the help of Extension tubes (… )
These tubes allow you to get closer to the object, since their closest focussing distance is avoided here. The focal length of the lens is increased through the millimeters you win with them. You can go closer to the object and focus normally, like you did before.
How to use it: You put it behind your lens, between lens and camera.
Advantage: You get no loss of quality.
Disadvantage: Since the lens is "longer", the light needs more time to travel through it, which leads to a loss of light. Also, when you buy cheap ones, there are no electrical connections in it and you cannot choose aperture or shutter speed anymore.
I personally did never use any tubes, but maybe you prefer trying that method out.

Pictures taken with that technique:

little reminders by wolf-minori    Happiness by fruitpunch1

3. Getting closer to the object with the help of close-up-filters (… )
This method allows you to lower your closest focussing distance by the use of a filter. You put it on in front of your lens. The Closeup-filter operates like a magnifying glass, depending on which dioptre you use. Be careful: You need to go much further to the object, which means that the depth of field gets really shallow.
Advantages: More light comes in, the pictures are brighter
Disadvantages: The image quality gets lost a bit if you do not buy expensive filters. 
Pictures taken with closeup-filters: 
Of happiness. by dragonfly-oli  The end of autumn. III by dragonfly-oli
50.52 - Little wonders. by dragonfly-oli 17.52 - Rest in peace. by dragonfly-oli Elements in heaven. by dragonfly-oli
When everything's quiet. by dragonfly-oli Leave me alone or.. by dragonfly-oli The jump. by dragonfly-oli

Finally, some tips for macro photography, and then I will come to an end.

Use composition rules like
DSC 9032 DxO raw1111mit111da by dragonfly-oli 
the rule of thirds


DSC 8088 DxOda by dragonfly-oli 
the golden ratio.

2. Avoid distracting objects in your picture, try to focus on only one object.
DSC 8964 DxO rawda by dragonfly-oli

3. The most important one: Take care of the focus. Some millimeters handshake may lead to unsharp pictures. I recommend a tripod or a really calm hand. :giggle:
Some DON'Ts:

DSC 9038 DxO rawda by dragonfly-oli 
the focus is behind the flake

DSC 9036 DxO rawda by dragonfly-oli 
focus behind the flake

4. Get close to your object. The closer you get, the more shallow will be your depth of field.

DSC 8972 DxO rawda by dragonfly-oli

My final snowflake-pictures:

Silence. by dragonfly-oli  50.52 - Little wonders. by dragonfly-oli

The last tip is very simple:

Shoot, shoot, shoot! ;)

I hope this tutorial helped you a bit. If you have got questions, just note me or write it in the comments!

I wish you a Merry Christmas! :love:

Macro photography tutorial - 23.12.2012
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Welcome to the 100th installment of Anthro Challenge! We've reached the 100 mark! This one will have a wide range of possibilities for you to draw up something really fun!

If you have any suggestions for themes, please feel free to comment on the front of our group or send us a note! We are welcome to new ideas from the Community! What themes do you find more challenging vs others?

AC Challenge #100 - Pumpkin, Potion, Candy

What Your Challenge Is


October is known for fall, the change of season, fiery colors and the excitement of Halloween! We love Halloween just as much as the next person, so, our theme will be centered around Halloween! Put your artisitc witchy hat on and let's get to creating something magical! Make sure your piece has something to do with pumpkins, potions or candy! Any one of those three objects needs to be in your piece!

Your Art Piece Must Be...

Skull Bullet by Gasara Anthro Related character/creature/thing/etc somewhere in the piece

Skull Bullet by Gasara MUST be related to the contest theme!

Skull Bullet by Gasara Must include a short description about the piece

Skull Bullet by GasaraInclude somewhere in your description that this is for the contest!


Contests -> 2013 -> Anthro Challenge -> Pumpkin, Potion, Candy

Ends October 31st @ 11:59pm


1st Place
:bulletyellow: 3 month premium membership
:bulletyellow: Featured in our anthrochallenge gallery for the remainder of the month
:bulletyellow: Featured on the front page of anthrochallenge
2nd Place
:bulletorange: 1 month premium membership
:bulletorange: Journal feature
3rd Place
:bulletwhite:  480 :points:
Honorable Mentions
100 :points:

Contest Details & Information

Contest Details

Contest Theme: Pumpkin, Potion, Candy

Deadline: October 1st - October 31st @ 11:59pm PST check your local time! ( Note: The timer doesn't have "59" so it says 55. Just be aware it is 59 )

Submit Here: Here

In order to qualify you have to submit to the Contest Gallery!

Contest Rules

Rules intro

Please make sure that you go through all the rules in regards to our contest otherwise your entry might not qualify!
all the rules
If you have any questions about the rules, please make a comment on this journal! Also if your deviation was moved out of the contest gallery, please make sure that you contact KovoWolf ASAP with any inquires!


:bulletgreen: Any medium is welcome! Literature IS accepted for this contest!

:bulletgreen: Anthropomorphic artwork only!

:bulletgreen: Enter as many times as you'd like! But only one entry will win!

:bulletgreen: Be as creative as you can!

:bulletgreen: You may use stock but all resources must be referenced & credit given in your description. Failure to give proper credit and links will result in a disqualification.

:bulletgreen: Bases are allowed however you must give proper credit and links back to the original base. If no links are included or the proper credit isn't given as per the instructions of the owner to the base, then your deviation will be disqualified!

Not Accepted

:bulletred: Your submission must comply with DeviantART's submission policy

:bulletred: Your work must be your own

:bulletred: Must be anthro related!

:bulletred: Your submission must be created for this contest and not a previous (already) submitted deviation

:bulletred: Your submission must be submitted to the correct contest gallery to count here ( Contests -> 2013 -> Anthro Challenge -> National Celebrations )

:bulletred: Your submission must be PG13. No rated R or suggestive submissions please!

What IS Anthropomorphic Art?

What is Anthropomorphic Art?

Anthropomorphism or personification is any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed to belong only to humans) to other animals, non-living things, phenomena, material states, objects or abstract concepts, such as organizations, governments, spirits or deities. The term was coined in the mid-1700s. Examples include animals and plants and forces of nature such as winds, rain or the sun depicted as creatures with human motivations, and/or the abilities to reason and converse. The term derives from the combination of the Greek ἄνθρωπος (ánthrōpos), "human" and μορφή (morphē), "shape" or "form".

As a literary device, anthropomorphism is strongly associated with art and storytelling where it has ancient roots. Most cultures possess a long-standing fable tradition with anthropomorphized animals as characters that can stand as commonly recognized types of human behavior. In contrast to this, conventional Western science, as well as such religious doctrines as the Christian Great Chain of Being propound the opposite, anthropocentric belief that animals, plants and non-living things, unlike humans, lack spiritual and mental attributes, immortal souls, and anything other than relatively limited awareness.
Original Source: Wikipedia


Mr. Wolf by imperioliCeremonial Garb by caramittenSalted to death by ThemazeJark by Quoosa
non title3 by Ryohei-HaseSamurai Beaver by blazi76outlaw by Noir-xMob Dog by ConceptGuyVictorian Natilla by stucatThe Time-Tested Genius of Absurdity by sgibb

Designed and Coded by KovoWolf
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~Picture My Words~ Contest! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 4:23 AM


Thank you so much for your participation! Please wait as I begin to analyze each of your art!
Will announce the winner around this weekend!

There are the arts submitted. There are 12 entries in total! You've done a very good job! ^^

Beautiful Scar by CatSummonerI'm just bored so I change the title //hit by naoyatoudoI Bleed Starlight by Snowshoe-Rabbit
:thumb356539723:.:Contest:. I Bleed Starlight by maccalonHati Seluas Samudra by de-yuli
Contest Entry : I Bleed Starlight by cakweShoot me down but I won't fall.. by pochidechuSuicide by kurorrain
Dad and I by hiuchanit doesn't matter if i had a thousand scar by roku999CON: I Bleed Starlight by manisaurus

Hello everyone! I decided to hold a contest that'll require your analysis and depth thinking of how will you convey some of the themes that I'll give! Let's just start it straight away!


In this contest, you have to choose ONE out of the two given quotes. Your task is to CONVEY the 'quote' in your own perspective of how do you actually see or understand the quote. Pour all of your ideas and point of views into the art you'll be drawing.

You don't have to use my OCs in the drawing; you can use yours, or any random character (NO FANART) but you have to remember that if you're using any existing OCs, I won't analyze the relevant of the picture with that certain OC's history or personality.



"I bleed starlight"


"There's a beauty in every scar."



★ NO MATURE CONTENT shall be seen in the art. Please keep the rating under PG13. (info about ratings:…)

★ Size of the canvas must be minimum A6 (1240 x 1748 pixel) with the resolution minimum 300dpi.
A4 will be the best size

★ The picture must be submitted without words or quotes on the art itself. The art that has words on the drawing will be defined as 'fail to picture the quote' completely.

★ Please keep your watermark on your art (if you do have it) small and with less opacity; so that it won't 'disturb' the content of the art.


★ You don't have to be my watcher but this contest is only available for Deviants.

★ Please write your chosen quote, opinions and description of your drawing on the artist comments. Tell me about your picture.
(I will definitely read between the lines but I want to see your point of views about the quote given)

★ Minor edits are allowed after the art is submitted as long as it haven't met the deadline yet. Make sure you TELL ME that you've edited it or else I will judge based on your previous art.
(DO PLEASE NOTE that editing your submitted art will reduce a few points from your whole score)

★ Make sure you're fine with sharing your house address to me; since the price will be sent to your house address once you've win the contest.

NOTE me with the link of your entry once it's submitted in Deviantart.

★ Make sure you have READ ALL THE POINTS IN THIS JOURNAL because those who have not meet the requirement will not be given warning but to lose points from the total score right away.



★ Pixiv Almanac Vol. 1 (Picture of the book:

★ Full Digital Drawing (maximum 2 characters)

★ 30 copies of requested Chibi Printed Stickers

★ 1000 :points:

★ Certificate of winning~! (✿。・v・。)

All will be drawn by CLassicNightmare


★ Full body & Simple BG digital drawing (only 1 character)

★ 20 copies of requested Chibi Printed Stickers

★ 700 :points:

★ Certificate of winning~! (✿。・v・。)

All will be drawn by CLassicNightmare


★ Waist up + Simple BG digital drawing (only 1 character)

★ 10 copies of requested Chibi Printed Stickers

★ 400 :points:

★ Certificate of winning~! (✿。・v・。)

All will be drawn by CLassicNightmare

~A form of reward for our favourite art from the entries other than the winners~

★ Waist up sketch (1 character)

★ 100 :points:

★ Certificate of achievement~! (✿。・v・。)

All will be drawn by CLassicNightmare


I'm going to give you some of the points that I'll analyze your art upon:

How do you convey the quotes given in a limited space of canvas? What does the gesture of your character tells me? What does this object actually 'say' within the scene?

What is the mood of your drawing? What are the relevance of your drawing with the quote? How's the composition, the color scheme and the atmosphere?

Yes, I will definitely visit each of your galleries and see how do you actually put your effort into this entry you submitted.

All will be scored with points, the one with highest points will become the winner.


The judges will be ME, alas, :iconclassicnightmare: and my family~!
(Just so you know, my family are all critical about what's 'between the lines' so you have to give me your best, alright? ^^ )



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