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Editing/art replacement will commence soon!

:bulletorange: TRAINER

Name: Joanna "Jo" Ciole
Age: 21
Occupation: Ranger
Current Residence: Vientown, Almia
Old apps for reference: UBF10 UBF11
 :bulletwhite: Round Zero - NA
 :bulletwhite: Round One - [x] [x] [x]
Appearances: (Please link me your entries! I'd love to see them. ^^)
   [x] [x] [x] [x]
Memes/Events: [x] [x]
Jo's days of being bullied are long over, but she still prefers the company of pokemon over humans.
She is terrible with first meetings, appearing to be shy and distant at first a glance. However, if you manage to get past the nervous stuttering and awkward smiling, she can turn into a surprisingly energetic person.
Her headstrong attitude and short temper tend to get her into trouble.
At the same time, she's willing to go all out for what she believes is right.
She recovers slowly to failure, especially the shortcomings of her pokemon.
Since becoming a Ranger, she had cut down on time spent training her Pokemon. While her team isn't incompetent, one should not expect her to be exceptionally well versed in battle strategies.
During Jo's UBF11 run, she decided that she still had much to learn, so she dropped out and set off for Unova once again.
Before she could finish challenging all of the region's gym leaders, she was attacked by Team Plasma grunts who pressured her to release her pokemon, to which she refused.
However, her Absol, Miracle, went turncoat, verbally and physically attacking her former teammates before leaving with the Plasmas, as she had harbored a deep hate toward her trainer since day one.
To this day, Team Plasma and her Absol remain rather touchy subjects.

After taking a short hiatus, Jo traveled Almia in order to train as a Pokemon Ranger.
Some time after graduating, she came across advertisements about the Ohana Islands, host of a Battle Frontier run by someone she recognized as UBF10 finalist Taz Saints.
She took a break from her Ranger duties and made her way to the Ohana Islands for vacation.
Upon she learned about the BFCC, she made her way to the Squirtle Bay HQ and requested to be stationed at the islands, where she could both continue her responsibilities as a Ranger and participate in the tournament.

:bulletorange: POKEMON
Refs of each mon will be added if I'm crazy. xD
Highlighted moves in the app are their favorite/most used moves. Just for reference. ^^

Lucario | M | Expert Belt
loyal | brave | strong-willed

Formerly the 2iC, he is both the leader of the team when Jo is unavailable and her bodyguard.
He is usually peaceful, but he won't hesitate to pull the blades on you if you prove to be a threat to his teammates or trainer.

Gallade | M | Wise Glasses
naive | cheerful | enthusiastic

Cho originally wanted to evolve into a Gardevoir, but in the end, he chose to evolve into a Gallade just to prove to his sister that he could.
His move set raises the eyebrows of more strategic trainers, but he's working hard to live up to his name as a Gallade all the same.

Luxray | M | none
mischievous | loud | reckless

Fang is the team's prankster.
Be it Discharging in your direction or suddenly popping up with Scary Face, it's better if you watch your back around him.
He used to prank Rai back when he was a Riolu when the opportunity arose, but he grew to respect him.
When Cho came along, he became his next victim until they realized their shared love for mischief making.
Although he has toned it down since his Shinx days, his bite still makes people cry for their mommies - after all, Jo didn't dub him "Fang" for nothing!

Altaria | F | Dragon Fang
vain | sarcastic | short-tempered

Tired of being called a useless ball of fluff behind her back, Tanaba surprised Jo and her pokemon by volunteering to help out on Jo's Ranger missions.
Albeit somewhat unreliable, Jo sometimes uses her to scout. Her ego is still as large as ever, perhaps even larger after learning Cotton Guard from Jo's Whimsicott.
She uses it even out of battle to keep herself in top fluffy condition.
She is easily offended, so it would be best refrain from provoking her if you do not wish to be Fire Blasted to a crisp.

Sawsbuck | F | Big Root
philosophical | observant | serene

Meypha is one of Jo's newest additions.
She prefers to be alone and is often seen deep in thought.
Nevertheless, she sometimes acts as the team's counselor, lending an ear and giving advice when needed.

Floatzel | M | Leftovers
adventurous | suave | happy-go-lucky

Named after the unusual mark on his forehead, Starr really knows how to have fun in the sun.
He was undoubtedly the most enthusiastic of the group upon hearing that the team was headed for a tropical island.
Aside from being a total bro, he is a rather innovative individual - recently, he figured out how to take humans and non-Water typed Pokemon underwater by forming an air bubble with Protect, which proved to be a useful skill.

Zorua | M | none
quiet | sensitive | shy

Mirage is actually a wild Zorua, but he took a liking to the Ranger after being found by her, so she lets him tag along.
Unlike the majority of his species, he prefers to stay quietly by Jo's side as opposed to causing mischief.
He communicates through mental images and memories.

Any information that doesn't quite fit up there will be added here.
- Rai is pronounced like "wry." His name came from the misspelled version of Riolu.
- He also happens to be the shortest in the team. Hm.
- Tanaba's name comes from the Chinese dub version of Altaria (七夕青鳥or chi-shi-ching-niao) and the Japanese adaption of the Chinese holiday mentioned in its name (七夕, "Tanabata" in Japanese).
- It is unknown where the bead Mirage keeps with him is from, but Jo's coworkers assume that he is an orphan and that the bead was dropped by one of his parents.
- Meypha's name comes from the Chinese plum flower (梅花 ,pronounced "may-hwa"). Since it flowers in winter, it has come to symbolize strong spirit in Chinese culture.
- The markings on Meypha's head are inspired by 雲鬢 (pronounced yun-bing), a popular way to style hair among Chinese women in ancient China. (Refer to the wisps of hair hanging down in this picture)Apparently, it's also a phrase used to describe a young and pretty girl.
- Her Big Root is ginger, a common ingredient in Chinese cuisine (I swear I'm done with the Chinese influences. xD)
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I think I've sat down and started this meme at least three or four times, but I always got caught up in the debate of whether to choose my top ten of all time or my top ten at the moment. This particular take I just decided "fuck it I'll just draw superheroes."

So here they are, my top eleven ten superheroes (the twins are totally one person DON'T TALK TO ME). I don't really care whether or not you know all of them since by my count only one of these characters has yet to appear in my gallery. :V

Some honorary mentions go out to Speed, Xavin, and the new Ultimate Spider-Man.

Like on Tumblr: [link]

Characters DC and Marvel
Meme base: [link]
Art me
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Say hello to our good friend Kaldur'ahm, from Young Justice depected in Flashpoint Paradox. It looks like the animated films that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are making show more respect to the beloved Young Justice cartoon than the comics are (Given how they treated many of the characters that appear in that same series).

And this is also a good time to mention something with my own JLA series: I'm making these characters official in my JLA series as the side kick of some of the heroes, and the official sucessors of the Original Five members of the Teen Titans (Outside of Tim Drake that is):

Damian Wayne as Robin (Succedding Tim Drake)
Cassie Sandmark as Wonder Girl (With Donna Troy being Troia)
Mia Dearden as Speedy (Roy being Red Arrow)
Kaldur'Ahm as Aqualad (Garth being Tempest and Aquagirl being someone else)
and Jessie Quick as Kid Flash (with Bart Allen being Beyond-era Kid Flash)

But in all, I am liking how Kaldur is getting some respect...makes me wish Artemis gets the same amount of respect...
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Myself and all of my favorite (chibified) superheroes. Including my five main OCs and headliners from DC and Marvel.

You know who's whose. XP
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Cassie!!!!! Too sporty!!!! I like this character!!!! No base this time!

Wonder Girl belongs to DC.
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Here's another take on Robin, Nightwing and Batman!! you can see the original Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood designs here let me know what you guys think!!

*Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood are of DC Comics
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FINALLY! ITS COMPLETE! i started this pic a while ago hopefully i didnt forget any ocs well you might no some of mah ocs but some ive never posted or are changed lemme intro duce them to u

Zar- the tall dark blue eyed dead irken
Zav- the tall ruby eyed dead irken
Tech- the zarken (its a race i made ,shes the tallest one)
Toxyc- the white skinned irken (adopted)
Zak- the irken cyborg (the only other dude thats there)
Maz- the purple eyed irken
Raz- the black eyed irken
Zin- the red eyed zombie (the one with alot of stiches)
Kil- the light blue eyed irken (adopted)
Pet- the green eyed irken
Rilo- the little irken girl (the one with dark purple blank eyes)
Nikki- the grey eyed irken
Dusk- the dark purple eyed irken (shes behind nikki)
Zee- the white eyed irken (behind raz)

i think thats all of em
yea i have alot so i might put some up for adoption MIGHT!
well i hop u enjoy this pic cuz i poured my blood sweat and tears into every inch ENJOY!

(yea i no i didnt put in the 2 sir unit i has)
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Green Lantern stamp to go with my other DCU stamps.
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Red Arrow.
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