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My entry for the Scribblenauts contest, at the behest of my children, whose favorite cartoon (or one of the many) was the Teen Titans CW show.
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Drawn for the Scribblenauts Unmasked contest because; Scribblenauts and DC! Aw yeah!

The characters from left to right:

Krypto the dog (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Adventure Comics, DC Super-Pets! and Infinite Crisis)
Aquaman (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Aquaman, Justice League and More Fun Comics)
Flash (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Flash, Justice League and Flashpoint)
Wonder Woman (Appears in multiple comic series such as: Wonder Woman, Justice League and Eath 2)

And of course the hands of Maxewell himself!
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Hell yeah, I drew something for DA contest! :dummy:
1. I drew it in 14-16 hours, BUT when I failed with saving, I needed 6 hours to repair this art. Phew, that wasn't easy...
2. Background on this picture is symbolic - every colours symbolize every members in TT Team. And mixed colours symbolize that every members are need and nobody can be live without others. Like a family :la:
3. My favorite ScribbleTitan is BB, because he was first I drew.
4. The least favorite ScribbleTitan is Robin, because... Gha, he was SOOOO difficult to draw xDD. Everything was wrong: his hair, his costume, his pose... Only what I like is Mr. Stick :"D
5. I don't know, that you know about it, but I love Scribblenauts style, because is similar to my chibi's style xD

Teen Titans Cartoon Version (c) DC&Warner Bros
Beast Boy (c) Teen Titans
Starfire (c) Teen Titans
Raven (c) Teen Titans
Robin (c) Teen Titans
Cyborg (c) Teen Titans
Art by :iconbeastkonoha: <- it's me :"D
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My Entry for the 'Scribblenauts Unmasked' contest :
I tried combining stylized chibi style with painting in comic style so hope u like it :hug:

Villains used: The name is " Cerber Doomseid "
It is a combination of 3 characters from the DC Comics Universe :

• Cerberus (main body) - Created by Roy Thomas
- Occupation: Guardian of Hades and Hell
- Base of Operation: Hades and Hell
- Group Affiliation: Titans of Myth; Hades’ minions
- First Appearance: DC Comics Appearance (historical): Arak, Son of Thunder #12 (August 1982)
(canonical): possibly Sandman Special #1 (1991)

• Doomsday ( head center) - Created by Dan Jurgens
- Occupation: Destroyer
- First Appearance: Superman: The Man of Steel #17 (November 1992)

• Darkseid (head right ) - Created by writer/artist Jack Kirby
- First Appearance: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (December 1970)

Heroes used: Justice League team
-First Appearance: Justice League #1 (2011) (current incarnation)
-Wonder woman
-The Flash
-Green lantern
See more at:…
P/S: I do not have much time, so Justice League team is lacking Cyborg, hope you will ignore this problem :D:D

Maxwell is from Scribblenauts © WB Games / Konami

Background is from Scribblenauts © WB Games / Konami
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My entry for the Scribblenauts contest! :) It was SO much fun and definately a new style for me! :) I really enjoyed doing that entry, good luck to all participants!
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Teen Titans having some fun with Maxwell..

Main characters- Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg
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Love the game. Love DC. So yep, I had to be on it.

From left to right: Zatanna (Justice League Dark), The Flash (Justice League), Adam Strange (R.E.B.E.L.S), Captain Marvel (Justice League), Mister Terrific (Justice Society), Starfire (Teen Titans).

All characters are property of DC Comics.
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Entry for the contest "Scribblenauts Unmasked"

the drawing is kind of weird and confusing because it is supposed to be a battle or something
the selection of characters feels like random, but because I chose them thinking in the cartoons

Cynder Block, Plasmus, Overload - Teen Titans
Más y Menos - Teen Titans
Harley Quinn - Batman the animated series
Amy Winston (Amethyst) - Amethyst Princess of Gemworld
Aya - Green Lantern the animated series
Jayna (and Zan) - The Super Friends

all of them -〉DC Comics

Maxwell - Scribblenauts
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So the concept is pretty straight forward. Maxwell summons Super Heroes to help him in his adventures, And here we have Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Power Girl, The Flash, Black Canary, Hawkman, and Aquaman.

The following characters are featured in the following Comic books:

SuperMan (aka Clarke Kent) from Dc Comic- Superman
Wonder Woman (aka Diana of Themyscira) from Dc Comic- Wonder Woman
Martian Manhunter (aka J'onn J'onzz) from Dc Comic- Martian Manhunter
Batman (Bruce Wayne) from Dc Comic- Batman
Green Lantern (aka Alan Scott) from Dc Comic- Green Lantern (also featured in the "Green Lantern Corps" comic)
Green Arrow (aka Oliver Queen) from Dc Comic- Green Arrow
Power Girl (aka Kara Zor-L) from Dc Comic- Power Girl
The Flash (aka Wally West) from Dc Comic- The Flash
Black Canary (aka Dinah Laurel Lance) from Dc Comic- Black Canary Green Lantern"Birds of Prey" comic)
Hawkman (aka Joseph Gardner or Carter Hall) from Dc Comic- Hawkman (also featured in the "Atom and Hawkman"comic)
Aquaman (aka Orin) from Dc Comic- Aqua Man
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Hey everyone. This is my entry for the scribblenauts contest!

Prerequisites of the contest were to draw any DC characters we like in the "scribblenaut style". Also the artwork had to be 2000x550. I admit that this troubled me as i had to abort several ideas due to the fact that they wouldnt look good on the required proportions. However , after working on this piece i feel much more confident on the matter.

So , why Batman and Mr. Freeze.... Even though i was sure that 9 out of 10 entries will feature the legendary Batman , i still couldnt stay away from Gotham City. After all , he is my favourite comic book hero. I choose to draw a duel between him and Mr Freeze , my favourite antagonist in the DC Universe. And ofcourse , i couldnt draw Victor without featuring Nora aswell...

Batman is a superhero co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and published by DC Comics. The character made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 (May, 1939). Dr. Victor Fries a.k.a Mr. Freeze is a fictional character, a supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by David Wood and Sheldon Moldoff, he first appeared in Batman #121 (February 1959). In his early career, he used the name Mister Zero. His wife , Nora Fries was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, first appearing as part of the DCAU in Batman episode Heart of Ice. (1992) Her first appearance in the DC Universe was Paul Dini's Batman: Mr. Freeze. (1997)

Thats it for now , C&c are always welcome! Cheers!
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