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Author's Note: This fic came to me after I heard, then saw the video for, the A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera duet "Say Something". It struck something in me and... well, this story is what came of it. If you haven't heard it, it can be found here: Say Something.

Usage of the cover image, entitled "Mission failed" was granted by artist f19850928.

Warning: I never thought I would write one of these, but it turns out I was wrong. Not only is this a sonfic (something I'm not a big fan of) but it is also a Death!Fic.

Disclaimer: Young Justice & Batman, or the song "Say Something", are not mine. Any recognizable content is not mine.


Say something I'm giving up on you

The scream was torn from his throat as he collided feet first with the heated metal. His knees buckled beneath him and he fell to the catwalk that had halted his descent. He lurched to the side, his weight causing the already twisted metal to tilt and his body began to slide toward the edge. Instinctively, his legs hooked around the railing, once again jarring his bruised and broken body from falling into the inferno below.

I'll be the one if you want me to

For the moment, he hung there partially upside down, desperately trying to regain his breath. But the air was scorching his lungs and he was finding it almost impossible to breathe. His arms hung limply below his head, the metal cuffs searing into his flesh of his wrists as the fire below heated them.

Anywhere I would have followed you

He wasn't supposed to be there, not alone in any case. Batman and Robin had been en route from Gotham when things went south. Blockbuster's men had shown up early and had been far too meticulous when they searched the area. They found his surveillance devices and a short time later, they found him. Desmond had been only too eager to express his frustration at the appearance of the vigilante.

Say something I'm giving up on you

His ribs were broken, his nose and cheekbone as well, his back was flaring with pain and his legs were a mass of pins and needles. Being tossed from a helicopter and through the skylight of the now flame-engulfed warehouse had not improved his condition. Sweat trickled down his face and into his blood-caked hair, and who was to say if a few tears slipped from beneath his mask.

And I am feeling so small

He was scared; no point in denying it. But it didn't mean he was ready to... God, he was only nineteen! It wasn't supposed to be like this! This wasn't how it was supposed to end! Not for him! Not when there was still so much he had to say and do.

It was over my head

Something on the floor below him exploded, sending a jet of flames into the air and rocking the building. The catwalk heaved once before it shifted in the air and he was sliding again. He managed to twist his body, crying out at the pain lanced through his back and chest, and grabbed onto the railing with his bound hands.

I know nothing at all

The soles of his boots dangled over the flames, his feet burning inside the heavy leather. His shoulders screamed in protest and he felt something stab at him from inside his chest. His already laboured breathing stuttered and he tasted the blood that bubbled up the back of his throat.

And I will stumble and fall

"You're Batman."


"Were you ever going to tell me?"

"Maybe someday."

"But probably not."

"Probably not."

"... Not cool Bruce."

I'm still learning to love

He'd been so angry after being lied to by the first adult he had trusted since his parents. He hadn't talked to Bruce for an entire week. Not until Bruce had walked into his room and tossed him a padded staff. The man had offered to train him, to teach him how to harness the anger and grief and pain. It hadn't been easy, rebuilding the trust and forging a partnership. It still amazed him that somehow, in all the sparing and lessons and late nights, he had found not only a friend and mentor but a father as well.

Just starting to crawl

Had he ever told Bruce that?

Say something I'm giving up on you

Smoke billowed up around him as a second something exploded beneath him and the temperature rose even higher. It curled around him before finding its escape through the shattered skylight above him. His eyes stung as they followed its path out into the night, though not from the smoke itself. Some part of him had hoped to see a caped figure overhead, but there was no one.

I'm sorry I couldn't get to you

He couldn't remember a time before this that Batman hadn't come for him, hadn't been there when he needed him. From the first moments after his parents fell, to nursing him back to health after being nearly beaten to death by Two-Face. Batman had been his stalwart protector, his rock, his hero.

Anywhere I would have followed you

Is this how Jason felt in those last moments? Beaten and broken, bound and hopeless? Begging for rescue and knowing, deep down, that it wasn't coming? That HE wasn't coming?

Say something I'm giving up on you

Another explosion rocked the warehouse and the catwalk finally gave out and plummeted, taking him with it. He fell, heat rising up around him, only to be stopped by a metal staircase that had twisted in the raging fire and into his path. He cried out as blistering hot metal lanced into his side, ripping and tearing his flesh even as it momentarily saved him.

And I will swallow my pride

He gave up any pretence of strength, his body going limp as blood dripped from his body and sizzled on the metal frame beneath him. Tears flowed freely from beneath his mask as he stared up at the skylight. The still visible, clear night sky seemed to mock him; his one chance of escape even further away now.

You're the one that I loved

It didn't hurt much anymore. His mind felt heavy as he stared at the stars that seemed just a little bit brighter. He felt a light hand on his shoulder, slender and elegant, a woman's touch.

A mother's touch.

And I'm saying good-bye

A calloused, comforting hand cupped the side of his face and he felt himself turning into the touch. A hand that had once caressed a fevered brow, wiped away the tears from childhood hurts and had clasped unfailing to his wrists as he soared through the air.

Say something I'm giving up on you

Smaller hands clasped his tightly between them, promising him that he wasn't alone. Hands that had once held the promise of partners. Of friendship. Of brotherhood. Hands that had been taken away far too soon.

And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

The pain was gone. Chased away by the fleeting touches and the hushed whispered that seem to drown out the cracking of the fire around him. The stars were growing brighter and he didn't feel so alone anymore.

And Anywhere I would have followed you

"Rest now, my little Robin..."

"It's almost over, son..."

"You've done good, Dickie-bird..."


Say something I'm giving up on you

A flash of shadow blocked his view of the stars, but somehow the light grew brighter. It blinded him and he felt his eyes drifting closed of their own accord. The three comforting presences solidified around him and he felt his lips turning up in a sad smile at their warm and welcoming faces.

"Sorry... Bruce..."

Say something I'm giving up on you

"Don't speak... Stay awake! No... No, Nightwing! Stay awake! Stay with me! Nightwing! DICK! Dick, stay with me! Dickie Please..."

Say something

So... yea... I went there....
Cry run Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] STITCH LLORA 1 
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Corena boarded the Wayne private-jet with the most intense smile on her face. She held hands with her boyfriend, Damian, and was ready to travel to Gulf-Shores, Alabama. It was the Wayne-family-and-friends-vacation. Oh, that’s right. Everyone from the “Bat-Family” would be going. Including Artifice, A.K.A. Corena Marilyn Vanteski, and Bruce Wayne’s new fiancée, Selina Kyle, plus their three children, Helena, (not to be mistaken for Helena Bertinelli) Terry, and Matthew. Even Carrie Kelly, Bat-Mite (In his new alter-ego, Kip Jones) and Bilal Asselah. Alfred and Ace were also tagging along, as well as Kate and Bette Kane, and David Zavimbe, Renee Montoya. All of the Robins and Bat-Girls were there too, plus newly-discovered, Mar’i or Mary Grayson. Altogether, including all of those mentioned above, there were 27 people total going on the trip. Lucky for them, they were staying at a Wayne- Enterprises Resort, which had large, luxurious, beautiful suites with multiple bedrooms.

   “How many pools are there?” Kip asked.

“Yeah, how many are there, Bruce? I just love the water!” Corena added on.

  “Well,” Bruce answered, “There’s a regular pool with LED light-shows and dancing waters, there’s two with water-falls and ‘secret compartments’, a hot-tub with all luxuries,  a pool that is basically a water-park, there’s a lap-pool, a kiddie-pool, and finally, a wave pool. Plus the countless fountains throughout the resort and a coy pond in the lobby, and we’re a few miles down from the beach.”

“Tt—why is there a wave-pool if the hotel is only a few miles down from the beach?” Damian asked snobbily.

 “Well, I think that it’s for lazy people and people who are afraid of aquatic animals,” Bruce answered looking up at the ceiling and scratching his chin. Everyone in the plane started laughing, except for Jason, whom was recently magically rehabilitated by Corena and in the bathroom at the time.

Oh yes, this was going to be the best … vacation … ever.
The first part of a new story that i'm working on. Tell me if you like it. i chose gulf shores because i like it there, i like swimming, and gotham is in the hands of knight, squire, and their colleagues.
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Dec 20th: 12:00 AM.:  A cold winter night. Or rather a new day.

Batman was on his usual night patrol. He made the roof top of a tall building as his operating point, from where he could have a clear view of the street, especially the museum, which, according to his sources, is the site of action for the night. He was alone. He insisted Robin to stay out of these chilly night patrols and concentrate on his studies. His grades were beginning to worry him. He had not faced such problem with Dick, he perfectly balanced between his studies and his work. Tim, on the other hand was so obsessed with his newly acquired Robin persona that he dreamt of flying the streets of Gotham all day. No wonder there was a protest from him to Bruce's decision, but the big man had the final word.

The night was colder than usual. Why could't Joker choose a better day to bother him?  There was no reason why he should rob a museum, except to attract Batman's attention. "Crime is no fun without Batman" he once remarked. Ever since the Justice League was formed, Joker didn't strike. Perhaps he took his time to devise a better plan, as he had to deal with more than one cape. Little did he know that it shall always be his favourite cape who'd bite his bait, as Batman preferred to work alone.

A cold breeze ran across his face, and he shivered. He then turned around to make sure no one had seen his unplanned reflex. He hated to expose his weakness. Previously, the domain was only two. Now, as he'd started working 'with' the league, the number increased by 6. He could not hide from Jonn and Superman knew too much about him already. His secret identity was turning out to be less than a secret between two. The thought of it frustrated him, and he cursed under his breath.

A shooting star passed in the sky, above his head. He heard an thump on the roof and footsteps approaching him. It was a tall, slender but strong figure. A woman, Wonder Woman!

"Superman sent me" she said, moving towards him.

"I know. You are too conspicuous" he remarked, without turning around.

"Why should I hide?" she questioned. He didn't see that coming.

"What happened to Superman?" he said, changing the subject.

"He is on another mission, in Metropolis" she said.

"And when did Metropolis become a night city?" he muttered. She was unsure if she had got him right.

"I beg your pardon!" she said.

"Never mind!" he replied, banishing the wave of thoughts in his mind about Superman, "what happened to the others?"

She thought for a while. "Jonn is guarding the watch tower. The others, I don't know. May be they are in some other mission, or may be at home."

"Strange! You guys don't keep each other informed? Some Justice League you are!" He knew he was pulling Superman's legs again. He was enjoying that.

"I didn't know you talked so much" she remarked, very casually. But that hit him straight on his face. His smile vanished.

Finding him silent, she added "I am sorry if I hurt you! I usually speak my mind, but I think it is not the right thing to do in the man's world." She waited for acknowledgement, but didn't get any. He was already all the talkative he could be for one day. He stayed quiet, eyes on the street.

She continued "I mean, with the very short association I had with you, I formed an impression that you talk less and work more, sign of a true warrior. So I was a little taken aback when you started talking casually." She paused.

"Blame it on me!" he said to himself. He realised she was waiting for his response. He felt awkward. Two minutes ago, he was enjoying the talk, and now he doesn't want to talk.

He heard her moving towards him. She stood right next to him. She was glowing as she reflected the light from the street lamps.

"Stand behind me, you are too conspicuous." He ordered. She was taken aback by the sudden change in the tone.

"Why should I hide?" she retorted. This time, he had to answer.

"If they see you, they'll not strike and we cannot catch them." He found himself searching for an answer. It was not on the tip of his tongue this time.

"Isn't that good?" she questioned again, bringing all the innocence in the world into her voice.

He remained silent. He did not have an answer to that, or rather he didn't want to answer.

She continued "If they see us, they won't commit the crime, and hence we'll not have to catch anyone". "It's plain and simple" was unsaid but was implied. She waited for an answer.

He was unaware of the smile that swept across his lips for her innocence. Her words made perfect semantic sense, but she didn't know that man's world is not perfect and these words can be marked 'childish' under the given circumstances.

He was brought into senses by the sound of the alarm. He got up swiftly. "There!" he pointed, and before Wonder Woman could get a clear look, he swung across the street, to the museum. She thought to complain, but decided it was better she followed him.

Catching Joker and team was a snap. He ceased to run the moment he saw the new player. All Wonder Woman had to do was stand at the entrance with hands on her waist and stern look in on her face. Joker had faced both the big capes before, but this was a new one. Batman wasted no time in securing their limbs and making sure they don't escape.

The police arrived sooner than usual. Batman swung away. Wonder Woman didn't understand the reason for his impromptu retreat. She only followed him after she was surrounded by a considerably large crowd mumbling her name. They met at the same roof top.

"Why did you run away?" she enquired.

"We don't have to pose for the newspapers or answer to the inquisitive crowd." he said. He was frustrated by the kind of attention this charade drew. He turned back and prepared to leave.

"Yes we have to. We are not appointed by the law. So, when we try to take law into our hands, we have the responsibility to answer to the people. To say the truth, we had no right to do what we did now.", she argued.

Batman was pushed to the edge. He turned around with his fists and his teeth clenched, his face flushing red. He brought his face extremely close to hers.

"That's why they call me vigilante. Happy! Now go away! And next time I ask for Superman, if Superman is not available, tell me he's not. Don't send replacements. I can handle things myself." He swiftly turned around.

Wonder Woman was stunned at this sudden outburst. Soon her astonishment turned to anger and she said "Then why did you call for help?"

Batman who was about to launch his grab wall paused for a while and said "I thought it would speed up the things so that I can prepare myself for tomorrow. As it turns out, I was wrong!" Without giving her a chance to raise another point, he jumped off the building.

Wonder Woman ran to the edge instinctively, to make sure he hadn't crashed to the ground. He glided past the buildings with his grab wall. She stood for a moment, watching him. She wasn't sure if her first impression of him was right. She knew for sure that his behaviour annoyed her.

"How can he be so cold? He is so different from Superman, and the others!" she thought.

The wind augmented the snowfall. She flew up into the sky, back to the watch tower.
Ok here are the chaps till now

Chap 1 "[link]"

Chap 2 "[link]"

Chap 3 "[link]"

Chap 4 "[link]"

Chap 5 "[link]"

Chap 6 "[link]"

Chap 7 "[link]"

Chap 8 "[link]"

Chap 9 "[link]"

Chap 10 "[link]"

Chap 11 "[link]"

Chap 12 "[link]"

Chap 13 "[link]"

Chap 14 "[link]"
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A new adventure as Batman takes on ancient magics and those who would wield them. When a routine patrol is interrupted by a strange explosion. When Batman and Robin investigates, they come face to face with ancient horror. Also, an old love comes back into Bruce Wayne's life...

Part of the idea behind this is to write a tale where my OCs, Joseph and Sam Kane, are firmly supporting characters instead of being more to the forefront. Part of it was just to write a new "mini".

Julie Madison, for those of you not in the know, was Bruce Wayne's first girlfriend (and damsel in distress) in the comics.… This is my own quasi New 52 take on her. She will be Bruce's prep school girlfriend who went on to fame and fortune in the movies. Picture Catherine Zeta Jones crossed with Elizabeth Taylor in her heyday.

Plus this story allows me to do a few things. 1. it lets me use my love of Ancient Egypt (which I've had since I was a kid) for this tale. 2. it allows me to write an old fashioned pulp like story. 3. It let's me clear up some mistaken ideas about Egyptian myth. 4. It let's me use Felix Faust, who is always an interesting baddie.

The cover image was compiled by me in (of all things) PowerPoint. I'll keep the Arkham City Batman bit, I'll just switch out the background each time ;)

This will be, at least, a three or four part story.


Joseph Kane/Operator and Sam Kane belong to me

Batman, Robin, et al belong to DC Comics
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My hate unleashed, my Rage Unbound,

My bellows of anger the only sound.

All will burn before our sight,

A Blood soaked day of Crimson Light!

In War of Light, or Time my Own,

My Hunger has only ever Grown.

My Light speaks truth, I hear its call,

It tells me what I know; I Want it All!

In Shadowed day, in Fire blazed Night,

What you Fear is all in sight.

Terrified screams fill the emptying room,

At Sinestro's word, we spell your Doom!

From Time beginning, to Night most Black,

I'll defend the Universe from chaotic attack.

With will unchecked, and Emerald might,

Beware my Power, Green Lantern's Light!

To those downcast, without guiding light,

Let our hearts relieve your fright.

When the skies darken in Blackest Night,

The heavens will burn with Hope filled Light!

The Guardians don't know what we say,

But we know a secret that will turn them grey.

We met a Lantern named Abin Sur

He told us, we laughed and said - Again Tomorrow Sur!

With Hearts forsaken and done no right,

We reach out our hand with Violet Light.

The Universe is dying, we can make all well,

Love will deliver us from a loveless hell!

The Darkness grows and gathers might,

The Universe falls as we extinguish Light.

Your deaths are here, your flesh will burn,

The Herald shall call, and the Dead Lord Return!
I was rather pleased with the Orange Oath I came up with, and came up with these during my German class.

The Indigo one of course is a joke, and the orange one is the same as last time, but it was fun anyway.
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"Shit it's freezing out here!" you mutter under your breath as you make your way down the road. You were wearing ripped jeans a cut off shirt and some worn out sneakers, it was all you had from living off on the streets. And wearing these clothes in the freezing rain was not the smartest idea but what could you do about it you had no home, no money and no one who cared about you. "There's got to be some place out here I can stay dry." you say as you move your wet (h/l) (h/c) hair out of your face. It was after this you noticed a bright light in front of you on the road. You didn't had time to react you became in shock and this caused you to faint.

"Is she ok Alfred?" Bruce had asked his butler.

"She's alright master Wayne, just passed out from shock." Alfred answered, "Should we take her to the hospital master Wayne?" He asked.

"By the look of her I say it wouldn't be the best she was probably trying to avoid the city if she's all the way out here." Bruce said.

"Are you saying we should bring her back to Wayne Manor sir?"

"Yes I believe that would be the best thing to do." After Bruce said this he picked up your unconscious body and laid you down in the back seat of the car.

"Well lets head home Alfred."

"Yes master Wayne." Alfred said. And with that you were heading to a whole new world and you weren't even awake to know about it.
My First X the reader fan fiction! I hope you like it!!!!!
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50.I believe in Jim Gordon. I believe in Harvey Dent. I believe in Gotham City.
49.I made a promise on the grave of my parents that I would rid this city of the evil that took their lives. By day, I am Bruce Wayne, billionaire philanthropist. At night, criminals, a cowardly and superstitious lot, call me... Batman.
48.You and I... with what we do... what's at stake... we can't fail. Others don't understand, but even if it's... impossible, we still have to succeed.
47.Your life could end here, now, and nobody would ever know. Would anyone even miss you? Tell me, what's your life worth, punk... ?
46.I've known Commissioner Jim Gordon for more years than I'd care to admit. During that time a friendship has grown that I thought was as solid as a rock. I would have trusted my life to the man.
45.You can never escape me. Bullets don't harm me. Nothing harms me. But I know pain. I know pain. Sometimes I share it. With someone like you
44.My life has been a crusade to save this city. But as Batman. And now, in its greatest hour of crisis, Gotham turns to Bruce Wayne.
43.That's the trouble about girls who love secrets: They can't keep them.
42.It's because of people like you that I became this. And you'll never give me a reason to become someone else.
41.This is a story about Mercy. It's also about revenge... justice... and fighting for yourself.
40.Whatever the case, I won't stop until I have rescued Gotham City.
39.If I ever see you in this city again, God help you.
38.Clark has told me about Bizarro. How he speaks in opposites. Makes The Joker seem sane...
37.I'm Batman. And we both know Batman's secret identity is.....Bruce Wayne!!
36.Quiet or Papa Spank!!!(To some women during a comic in the 60s)
35.Grief is the enemy. There's no time for grief. There's no room for grief. Grief turns into acceptance. Forgiveness. Grief forgives what can never be forgiven. Never.
34.He thinks he can scare me. He thinks he can stop me. There's nothing wrong with him a bullet in the head won't fix.
33.The most powerful being on the planet and they kept him hidden on a small Kansas farm
32.You're a junkie. A Chocos junkie!
31.No, Clark, you're missing the point of the question. Why do I keep that giant penny? Or old costumes, models of the Batmobile? Orphans are collectors, Clark. Losing so much... makes it that much harder to give things up.
Time for the 1966 film quotes
30.They may be drinkers, Robin, but they're still human beings.
29.Hand me down the shark repellent Batspray!
28.Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb...
Lets go back to the comics now.
27.Horrible things happen to children everywhere.
26.There's no reward in being right all the time.
25.Supergirl, you're one of the most powerful creatures on the planet. If someone intelligent were to come after you, they wouldn't attack you directly. They'd try to trick you. Surprise you. Remember Supergirl... only your body's invulnerable.
24.You can't fight fate, and you can't survive alone... I can't help but notice that almost seems like a definition of who I am... A person who's trying to do both.
23.The Batman can't die. He feeds on evil like yours.
22.He calls himself "Scarecrow." Psychologist turned psychopath. He preys on the innocent and instill them with fear.  When I chose to wear my... costume, it was to prey upon the criminals, and instill them with fear. The irony is not lost on me...
21.I have questions. You will answer them. Or else.
20.The rain falls on murderers and madmen, the same as it does on innocent children... and it can't stop a bullet.
19.Some would say it isn't him attacking. It's his disease. It's his addiction. Too bad I can't kick his addiction.
18.What are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I'm the GodDamn Batman.
17.I'm Batman. I don't enjoy anything.
16.People think it's an obsession. A compulsion. As if there were an irresistible impulse to act. It's never been like that. I chose this life. I know what I'm doing. And on any given day, I could stop doing it. Today, however, isn't that day. And tomorrow won't be either.
15.Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well. You've eaten Gotham's wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over. From this moment on -- none of you are safe.
14.Become like me? The Night-Monster. The man who taints the lives of all around him. Is that what I want for him? Is that what he will want for himself?
13.Man-Bats. Ninja Man-Bats. Alarming Twist.
12.Sometimes it's only madness that makes us what we are.
11.Bruce Wayne is a mask I wear, that I've been wearing since I was a child... but it's become a liability, so it's over. Bruce Wayne and his troubles aren't my concern anymore. The only thing that matters now is my mission. Nothing will stand in the way anymore.
10.Criminals are a terror. Hearts of the night. I must disguise my terror. Criminals are cowardly. A superstitious terrible omen. A cowardly lot. My disguise must strike terror. I must be black. Terrible. Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot. I must be a creature. I must be a creature of the night. Mommy's dead. Daddy's dead. Brucie's dead. I shall become a bat.
9.You don't seek justice. You seek vengeance. They're not the same. You have no regard for life. So I'm stopping you.
8.It's humiliating to admit Batman has his limits. That none of my abilities makes any difference if the mark doesn't believe.
7.There's law ... and there's justice. What have you gained by all this? Nothing. You've put yourself in your own prison. And I'll always be around to make sure you stay there. That's the promise I made -- and that's the promise I'll keep. For the rest of our lives.
5.I wear a mask. And that mask, it's not to hide who I am, but to create what I am.
4.We're seeking justice, Alfred. How can that ever be a mistake?
3.I decided early that I would never take a life. Right around the time I decided that I wanted to live. It wasn't an arbitrary decision and it was more than moral. It's about identity. As long as you can choose that, choose who you are in the world... you can choose to call yourself sane
2.And as the sun, that had been too afraid to show its face in this city, started to turn the black into grey, I smiled. Not out of happiness. But because I knew... that one day, I wouldn't have to do this anymore. One day, I could stop fighting. Because one day... I would win. One day, there will be no pain, no loss, no crime. Because of me, because I fight. For you. One day, I will win.
1.(to Superman) Everyone looks up to you. They listen to you. If you tell them to fight, they'll fight. But they need to be inspired. And let's face it "Superman"... the last time you really inspired anyone ... was when you were dead.
:iconrobinplz::iconsaysplz:Gosh, if I could just figure out that riddle. Why can't I get it?
:iconbatmanplz::iconsaysplz: Maybe your mind's on that cute little teenager who waved to you on the way across town, eh?
:iconrobinplz::iconsaysplz:Awww, come on, Batman.

:iconbatmanplz::iconsaysplz:The joke's on you, Riddler!
:iconrobinplz::iconsaysplz:When is a donkey spelled with 1 letter?! When it's "U"!

:iconrobinplz::iconsaysplz:Holy Benedict Arnold... Suzie! Chief cheerleader, a member of The Joker's criminal gang!
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“Officer Grayson, may I have a word?”

Grayson turned to the young voice belonging to the CEO of Wayne Enterprise. Grayson sent a small smile to the business man.

“Of course Mr. Wayne. I wouldn’t have much of an investigation without ya.” Grayson greeted the CEO warmly as they shook hands.

“Please, just call me Wayne. With the amount of time we’ve spent together the last few months, I think we can drop the formalities.” Wayne corrected. Grayson just nodded and took a seat in the empty chair in front of Wayne’s desk.

“So Wayne, what is it you want to talk about. Has the mob contacted you again? Has He been sending you threats about the inheritance?”

Wayne sat in the extravagant leather seat behind the desk, tightening his tie and fixing his cufflinks.

“No, they have gone underground again. They have been laying low ever since the news published the investigation. It’s a shame how press always needs the next hot story, and every time they try to ‘help’ bring down organized crime, they end up telling the Mafia everything we know.”

“I see. Then what is it you need Wayne?” Grayson questioned, hoping Wayne would spit out whatever he wanted to say.

“I just wanted to advise to visit Father Todd in the Gotham City Cathedral. Father Todd is my spiritual advisor. Has been for many years. I think you should pay him a visit.”

“I’m sorry Wayne, but I‘ve never been a real, religious man.” Grayson confided. Wayne let out a small chuckle. Before leaning close to Grayson.

“Neither have I.”

The cop car rolled to a stop in front of the old Cathedral. A sigh escaped Grayson’s mouth as he looked at the poor building missing half of its windows.
“Whoever decided to put a place of worship in this town must’ve been a real dumbass.” Grayson mumbled as he stepped up the grime and filth covered stairs to the building.

Inside, there were two or three people praying near the Alter, while a few homeless men slept in the various pews. Grayson clicked his boots slowly on the glossed floors. He looked around, trying to find where this ‘Father Todd’ could be.

He hadn’t been in a church for years, much less the famous Gotham City Cathedral. While Grayson wasn’t one to believe the rumors of the city, when he learned his partner was killed while praying, he never wanted to step foot in the church.

“Hello Officer. Are you here for a confession?”

Grayson whipped around as he was jolted out of his daze. A man in a traditional priest outfit was standing behind him, holding a red rosary with one hand a bible in the other. His black hair had a streak of gray running straight through the middle, probably from the stress of having a cathedral in one of the worst neighborhoods of Gotham.

“Um, are you Father Todd?” Grayson asked wearily. He wasn’t expecting someone so…young, to be a priest.

“Yes my son. Are you here for a confession? I’ve seen a lot of police men come in here looking to repent for their sins.”

“Sorry sir, I’m not here because of my sins. I’m Officer Grayson. I just wanted to ask you a few questions. Is that alright?”

“Of course. Anything to help the fine officers of our town. Why don’t we go the confession room? It will be a little more private.”

Todd led him into a small room with two chairs and a screen. Todd slid the screen to the side, giving Officer Grayson his attention.

“I hear you’re Mr. Wayne’s ‘spiritual advisor’.”

“Oh yes. Quite a brilliant young man. It was such a devastating day for him when Wayne senior perished. I’ve helped guide him down the right path ever since then.” Todd Explained.

“He’s told me a lot about your guidance. Especially about dealing with the ones who killed his father. I was hoping you could help me with some ‘guidance’ as well.”

Father Todd’s soft face became slightly frigid as Grayson finished talking. Todd knew Grayson was no longer talking about religion.

“ ‘Guidance’ isn’t simply given, my child. You have to prove to me that you truly deserve it, and that you are not a devil in disguise.”

Grayson turned to look Todd in the eyes.

“The devil is a mere Joke. God is a mystery floating above. And I am merely a bird flying between the two.”

Todd closed his eyes and rolled his head.

“I have not met many men of your status, Mr. Grayson. You are the only one deemed fit by Mr. Wayne.”

“Can we cut the smoke and mirrors now? I’ve got a Mafia to take down, and you’re the only one who can tell me where they are.”

“Alright Grayson. I can’t reveal everything I know, but for now I can give you the name of the new boss.”

“New boss? Did the other get thrown outa power or something?”

“Not exactly. But those details will come later. Giving ‘guidance’ is a very long process, Officer Grayson, and you have a long way to go for your salvation.”

The small monitor flickered as pictures of the church were displayed. Two men stood on either side, waiting for commands from the boss.

“So, Lil’ Matches, you think this guy’s gonna be a threat? He looks too young to be an experienced cop.”

“We all know age doesn’t determine experience. He might even have enough of a drive to try and finish us off. It doesn’t matter though. There’s no way he can win that fight.” Matches stood from his chair and waltzed closer to the monitor.

“Do you have a badge number?”

“Yup, and from what we gathered from the audio, his name is Grayson. He’s the main investigator on the underground crime in Gotham. From what I’ve heard, he’s actually taken down some of the bosses of organized crime in Bludhaven. Must’ve gotten bored of the glamour he was gettin’.”

The second man spoke up. “Do you think he’ll be much trouble, Damian?”

Matches turned around, putting his gun on the inside of his suit jacket.

“If he thinks he can infiltrate the Gotham Mafia, I’ll have to teach him a lesson about messing with the Gotham family.”
...........I’m just gonna hide under a rock now.

I know there was so many terrible puns and stuff in here, and I’m pretty sure half of it doesn’t even make sense, but this was actually really fun to write!

This is about this super awesome picture on DA called Gotham Undercover. I love it! Go look at it! [link]

Hope ya like it! Thanks for reading and Enjoy!
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This is a redone and expanded version of this story:…

Which is part of this proposed arc:…

In the aftermath of Jason Todd's attack on Joseph Kane, Sam Kane is left in an uncertain world where his brother might not longer be with him. Joseph's will names Dick Grayson as Sam's guardian when Joseph is either incapacitated or dead. But with one small boy dealing with a tragic and painful moment, it reminds Dick of how he felt when his parents died. And when Sam runs away, it's up to Nightwing to decide how to help this young boy the best....

Sam Kane, Barkley and Joseph Kane belong to me

Nightwing, Batman, Red Hood, etc belong to DC Comics

Preview Art done for me by :iconrafa-road-to-marvel:…
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Ace the Bat-Hound Episodes

Season 1 (2007)

Episode # 1 – Becoming Bat-Hound
Ace the Bat-Hound recalls his former past and how he became the Four-Footed Wonder he is to this day.

Episode # 2 – In Living Collar/One Bella-va Night!
The Joker’s hyenas Bud and Lou gets their own utility collars, filled with deadly practical jokes, to “out-gadget” Bat-Hound; One of Ace’s bat friends in the Batcave, Bella, goes out as heroine “The Bat-Bat” to help the Dark Hound(against his wishes, of course).

Episode # 3 – K-9 Calamity/The Frozen Foursome
Police dog Booker is infuriated with Bat-Hound always getting the job done before the K-9 unit could and makes a deal with Bane’s snake Venom to take him out; Ace the Bat-Hound and Bella the Bat-Bat must stop Mr. Freeze’s polar bears (Chilly, Nippy, Icy and Frosty) from turning Gotham City into the new North Pole.

Episode # 4 – Mad as a March Hare/Mogo the Bat-Ape
Mad Hatter’s March Hare and Dormouse finds a lonely new girl who just moved in and invites her into their never-ending tea party; A duo of crooks give their stolen circus gorilla a Batman costume and a backwards view of good-and-bad to get them the loot they wanted and keep Bat-Hound(and Robbie the Robin) out of their tracks.

Episode # 5 – Sheldon’s Shear Luck/Robbie’s Sour Song
Ace helps his friend Sheldon the Sheepdog improve himself and protect his herd of sheep from Two-Face’s vixen, Sugar and Spice; Robbie the Robin discovers a nefarious plot, but no one, including Ace, believes him.

Episode # 6 – Virtual Pest/Cat Got Your Tongue?
Riddler’s Dalmatian Enigma traps Bat-Hound and police dogs Booker and Murphy in a virtual dog game; Catwoman’s siamese Isis gets her paws a small ancient box that steals voices, leaving her targets mute.

Episode # 7 – Hound-napped/The Bat gets the Bird
The Penguin’s Bad News Birds (Gruff, Waddles, and Artie) abducts Ace the Wayne pet from a Dog Show and demands a ransom of rare bird seed that only Bat-Hound must deliver, so it’s up to Bella and her new-found “bat commandos” to set a surprise act for them; With Ace out of town, Bella must team up with Robbie to handle a case, but they started to have trouble getting it done when they’re together.

Episode # 8 – Here’s What You Can Do/That Dirty Rat!
Bud and Lou are down on their luck until they find a mysterious, but trustworthy, dog who will give them tips on defeating Bat-Hound; Jimmy the Rat forces Bat-Hound to be his guard after finding out that someone’s out to “return his favor”.

Episode # 9 – Little Bat Lost/Sugar Can’t Buy Love
Despite Bella’s warnings, Roxy and her friends play out the batcave further than they should and ends up getting trapped by scientists; Sugar dates Ace the Wayne Dog for his riches, but soon becomes more affectionate towards him than what was planned.

Episode # 10 – Booker’s Big Break*/Ricky Rubbish’s Rotten Rampage
Booker wants to join Bat-Hound on a case of robberies so that he can prove he’s a capable police dog; A  raccoon that makes anything in the trash into weapons attempts to spoil Gotham’s cleaning and recycling plans by overflowing the city with garbage.

Episode # 11 – Nosing Around/Streaky’s Big Chill*
An accident leaves Ace temporarily without his unique since of smell, so Bella becomes his “smelling-nose bat”; Ace teams up with Streaky the Supercat again to solve a case on the Frozen Foursome, but Streaky’s not taking his crime-fighting any seriously.

Episode # 12 – Stalker**/Krypto-Maniac
Ace follows a cat who is doing justice far out of his league, and turns out she belong to the Huntress; Krypto the Superdog has suddenly gone mad and causing damage and Ace must find a way, even it means jeopardizing their friendship.

Episode # 13 – The Gotham Kritters
Bud and Lou, The Bad News Birds, The Frozen Foursome and other animals of the Gotham Zoo had taken over the whole place, and it’s up Bat-Hound to put an end to this. But when they got him captive, Ace’s sidekicks must get inside and save him together.

*Original idea by Brad Palmer and Steve Smith
**Original idea by “KnightsMysterio”
This is a list of episode summaries for my Ace spinoff series, which is part of my SatAm block:[link] All episode ideas are by me unless noted.

I'm currently developing Season 2. If you have any ideas you like to contribute for it, please note me.

Ace, Robbie, Bud and Lou, Mogo, Isis, Bad News Birds, Jimmy, Streaky, Krypto (C) WB/DC Comics

Bella, Roxy, Sheldon, Ricky Rubbish, March Hare, Dormouse (C) Me

The Frozen Foursome, Sugar and Spice, Enigma, Booker, Murphy, Venom (C) :iconcomickook: and other creators at forums
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