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Game made for school project XD

Haha i wanted to do more with it but i ran out of time :x ... and the score is... so random XD

theres 3 backgrounds and they're random XD so different one will play each time you play :3


my highest so far are:

Easy: 14800 pts
Hard: 43026 pts

both levels are different, so try both! XD

hope you like it XD

harhar sorry for any bugs :x

sound effects are :iconmuse-less: and modified by me XD

bg music is commercial/royalty free by [link]

[EDIT] the keys are spacebar to start game, then arrow keys to move left and right XD

and DAMN stop playing easy LMAOOOOOO
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The Impossible Quiz is now available to download from the AppStore for iPhone/iPod Touch! [link] Only $0.99

Urrrgh. The Impossible Quiz got removed from DeviantART because of the music... so here's a 'lite' version, with the music removed. On the upside though, it reduced the filesize quite a lot.

It still pisses me off that all the comments and faves are gone! Go and see it at Newgrounds. It's tons better: [link] (PS: VOTE 5!! :p)

If you get stuck, you can download the official answers and descriptions here: [link]
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Oh it's finally here! Big flash project '07! :(
Introducing bitbit the virtual babie creatch! Love himmm

Here are some words:

-Every image you see is drawn pixel-by-pixel by me. All scripted by me too.
-The long load is because of the music, I think. sorry!
-If you need instructions, click on the snut button.
-Babie creatch #027 [link]
-The music is by Lullatone, and all the sounds are from
-Don't forget the grow button.. it's very important

Make sure to click everything! everywhere! there are different scenes for babie bitbit and bitbit bear, and a lot of art & care went into each and every scene.

And don't give me no "there can't be stars inside a house." I don't play that.
Except do tell me if you find an important glitch and I'll fix it :bug:


also this is 2-3 months of work right here :( LOL BYE
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If the screen is blinking and saying it's Loading and Paused, that means your browser can't run AS3 and that YOU ARE NOT USING FLASH PLAYER 9. GO GET IT.

Pressing any key will pause/unpause the game
Right-click / Control-click to bring up the context menu for more commands

In addition, when you "rub" the ball, it's actually finding the angle between the mouse and the center of the orb and measuring the change in that, so tiny circles around the center works well (as does "scribbling"). Also, you can charge while the bolt is sailing, so do that.

This is firstly a test for me to code in Actionscript 3, and secondly a mini game, so don't expect like, a full blown set of stuff like options and story and a way to beat the game.

Anyhow, here's the backstory:
Abby Scratch the Third is rummaging through her grandmother's possessions in search of tic tacs when she comes across a crystal ball. She discovers that not only can it open a gate to the netherworld, but more excitingly, it can spark! Putting two and two together, she decides to electrocute ghosts. Naturally.

Okay, so that's it. The point of the game is to rack up as many points as you can before her grandmother realizes what's happening. Bigger ghosts mean more points, but also bigger penalty for letting them by - eventually some'll be instant death for you.

Oh yeah, and not mentioned in the instructions: The alert will slowly drop at a constant rate, the orb will automatically charge itself if it drops below the needed charge for one shot, and a bolt that's been sailing longer will gain a boost in its explosive power. Rubbing left and right will give you better charge than up and down. The dog's name is Charleston.

So, after this experience, some of you aspiring programmers might be asking, "So, what are your thoughts on AS3?" to which I might reply, "It a bitch."

Well, enjoy. Sound effects were made from whistling, snapping, and clapping. Completed in 3 days.

Made in Flash

EDIT: Made the beginning easier and the latter portion harder. They should come at you faster and with more life now. Around 10000 points or so you should notice your charge will start to increase on its own, though slightly. At this point I figure your hand will tire, so I'll help you out a little.
EDIT2: Fixed a line of code so that the enemy will actually have that boosted life I mentioned earlier. Now it won't be possible to play forever.
EDIT3: Added difficulty levels and the option to mute the sounds from the context menu (that is, right click menu)
EDIT4: Fixed the problem where ghosts congregate at the left.
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This has been in the works for a while; I just had that final motivation to finish it today. It's like my other games on here, but with more Lemmings and less Samorost. Enjoy.

If I ever end up updating this it'll be the version at [link] , not here.

Edit: You'll need Flash Player 8.

Please don't ask me how to solve it. That defeats the purpose of a game.
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Well, here it is. The second and FINAL Impossible Quiz! Final full one anyway. (If I say that, it leaves me open to Christmas specials and stuff :p)

This has been the biggest thing i've ever made.... it's taken so many hours, i've lost count. It wasn't very easy to think of new ideas for questions, but we've done our best. SO ENJOY!

You CAN use your Skips and Fusestoppers freely this time. No need to save them up, I promise. :thumbsup:

If you want to discuss the answers, and get help and stuff, can you please do it here: [link]
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this has been finished for like a month i think

to hear music: click the music note on the right! to change alpha: highlight/click on the 100 in the alpha box and type in your desired alpha. you can also change color and line thickness. and if you want to draw in pixels, right click and select quality>low. this could be useful to people without drawing programs, i think.

you can actually make some pretty nice things with this, because of the alpha and all the colors and stuff.
i made this: [link]

done in flash professional 8

:bug: as usual! all drawn and coded by me!
and the music is (c) Lullatone :)


I think I fixed the loading problem.
Also, the music loops! yayayay
If you weren't able to load this properly before, i think it should work now.
If it doesn't, please don't comment saying "this won't load WHY." Instead read:

If this doesn't load..
1) keep refreshing
2) right click and select Forward
3) download

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UPDATE November 23, 2011:

Interactive Buddy: Santa is available in the App Store! New items, cutting edge graphics, and plenty of holiday cheer! Get it here: [link]


UPDATE December 11, 2010:

Interactive Buddy for Mobile is available in the App Store! Get it here: [link]


UPDATE June 7, 2009:

I am actively developing Interactive Buddy 2 (have been since 2008 actually)--you can track my progress here on my page at DeviantArt, as well as the official "fan" page for Interactive Buddy on Facebook ([link]). Comments always appreciated!


This Flash had been submitted to! Please vote or write a review if you have time!

Link to submission:

Thanks again, and more updates are forthcoming!
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this is a little something i made for my typography class. it lets you type in 3d.
its not perfect but i am not spending another minute on this because i spent
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on it as it is:).

so how does it work?

the gui is split in three parts: colour, character orientation, cursor movement

this lets you change the colour of the sides of the cube.

you klick the side you want to change, pick a colour, optionally do the other two and press ok.
from there on the cubes will have that colour.

character orientation:
this lets you control how the character will be oriented relative to the cursor.

by klicking on the sides of the cube once you chose the plane on which the
character will lie. if you klick more times you switch the axes of this plane.
by klicking on the plane you can choose one of the four positions the character
can have relative to the cursor. you can also flip the character

cursor movement:
this lets you control where the cursor will move after you type the next character

the cube with arrows lets you pick the direction of the movement.
the three cubes under it control the amount of movement for each
axis separately (these are 3 rows of 3 radio buttons)

other controls:

with the mouse you can drag the cursor around.
if you klick on it and drag it, it moves on the red-green plane.
if you hold down the shift key before you klick it moves along the blue axis.

by klicking on a character you move the cursor to where it was before
the character was created. shit+klick moves it to where it was after the
character was created.

backspace deletes the last char.
left/right cursor keys move the cursor like you are used to.
up/down cursor keys move it up or down for the height of the line.


no matter how you place the chars they are always on the same
line/chain - you cant insert or delete the chars anywhere else but
on the end, so you have to think ahead. this is because of the
structure of the program and because it would be waaay slow if i
tried to redraw the whole line at once.

you can type yourself off-screen. if you do that just hold backspace
until you come back or click a letter.

because this is all done in vectors it gets slow quite fast. i optimised
it as much as i could.

supported chars: a-z A-Z 0-9 !?.,
the ? doesnt work for me - i guess flash player has trouble with
non english keyboards (the reason i didnt include any other non letter chars).

thats it, have fun.
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Frustrated? Remember the sweet sound and how relaxing it is when you pop those bubbles on a piece of bubble wrap? Now you can do it online… virtually.

I decided to recreate what has already been done, except I think I have done a better job. You have two options to play around with, so give them both a go. The sound goes a little weird when you pop heaps at the same time, but nothing too bad.

Tell me what you think.

Edit: Updated with a slightly new look, I think it looks better (13/10/05)

Edit: I am working on an updated version of this, with more features and a better design. Keep your eyes open. (25/09/07)
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