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4/2/08 - Thanks to :iconmmc-kun: for being the 1234th person to :+fav: this crazy game!! :D :boogie:

2/16/06: THE BEARSOFT WEBSITE FINALLY HAS SOMETHING UP!!!! hahah granted, it's only stuff that I've already posted here, so it's nothing new to you guys... but it's SOMETHING dammit! hahah sigh :slow:


Helloo again :wave: Well guess what!! Not only did I fix two GLARING bugs in the game (sigh, I hope no one really noticed :shakefist:), but I also added SEVERAL new easter eggs!! :boogie: :D :boogie: :D :boogie: :D (if you're too lazy to find them yourself, click here to read how to find the new ones: [link] )

So yes, I hope you guys enjoy the new stuff, cuz I worked SUPER hard on them :faint: I pretty much killed myself JUST as much on these extra easter eggs as I did on the original thing!! ^^; damn me and my psycho perfectionist work-ethic/addiction to not sleeping!! >___<

But yes, I hope you guys have fun and/or get a laugh from the stuff I added!! :) :heart:

ps- I apologize for the slightly larger file as as a result of the newer stuff :hmm:


sorry for editing again, I just wanted to say:

1) Thankies to everyone who faved and commented!! :glomp: I actually got the daily top favorite earlier this week!! :boogie: Hooray! :D

2) I wanted to fix the Ren and Stimpy quote, because I'm stupid and anal about things like that. haha

3) Here's a bigger picture of the model, Quackamoley (and some of my other friends): [link] I forgot to mention, he's huuuge :D

Soooo.... Here it is!!! ahahahah about EIGHT MONTHS after the matter of fact I've finally finished ~rurouniuno's kiriban prize!!! :party: :boogie: :faint: (YOU DIDN'T THINK I'D DO IT, DID YOU??? I TOLLLLD YA' I'D SHOOT!!! BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!!! WHYYYYY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME??? ... *ahem* I mean, um: ha-HA!! to you!!! :nana: :slow: [wtf.])

Anyhoo, onto the actual description:

:gummybear: If you are confused, click the question mark button for help. If you are still confused, please feel free to comment, and the first available customer service ducky will be right with you. :)

:gummybear: 100% of the graphics used in this game were drawn by me. (okay, well, I'm not counting the icons in one of the easter eggs, but that's just because they're supposed to represent other people; so okay, 99.9%. Damn nitpickers. haha) 90% of the graphics were done in Illustrator, 10% in Photoshop (the pixel art), and 84% in Badatmath Pro.

:gummybear: This game was entirely coded/actionscripted by myself. (a few tutorials were used from various sites, mostly FlashKit, but overall I came up with how to make the meters and the growing, etc., nothing like, SUPER SUPER specific that was blatently ripped off like "HOW 2 MAK UR OUN VIRCHULE PETZZZZ... PLZ RIP MAI IDEYA OFF CUZ I SUX AT SPELING KTHX" or anything like that.)

:gummybear: There are five easter eggs, although a couple of them are so easy to get that you might not even consider them easter eggs, haha note: I have made a list for those that don't want to be surprised here: [link] (and if you read the second comment, you can get a little more commentary on one of the easter eggs)

:gummybear: I've already included a sound credit list in the actual game, but just for the record... the jump rope whoosh is from apple/mac; the alarm clock noise, the pooping noise, the love twinkle, and the button click noises were all from FlashKit's freeware sound section, and the intro beep was from Nintendo.

Yep, so thanks again to :iconrurouniuno: for being my 1000th visitor :glomp:, and everyone who visited in general, for the 1000 hits!!! :heart: :blowkiss: .... and the 4000 hits that passed DURING THE TIME I was trying to FINISH this damn thing. hahaha ^^; :love:

Aaannd, last but not least: Thankies x 3493485908345 to :iconmandichan: for being my super bug finder and consultant on this project!!! :handshake: :D :heart: She probably almost killed me numerous times for how long I took to complete this damn thing, though :lmao:

4/2/06: I changed some stuff, so I could be a good girl :floating: if you notice/like the changes, hooray! :dance: if you don't like them, I'm sorry :( I just didn't want to get in trouble (and risk almost 400 :+fav:s :faint:) and if you don't notice at all, then that's fine too :)
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++Air Hockey Flash Game++

- Coded with AS3. Took me an entire week to make everything from scratch.

- If you manage to beat the computer, u deserve some type of medal. The difficulty level is old school :D

- Hope you enjoy it


Note: I've had people complaining that the game is a bit hard. You need to time your strikes. If you practice for a couple of minutes, you'll get the hang of it

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This is a commission I did for ~dolldivine a month ago. I made most of the linearts and then she put it all together and also added some things.

Go check out her page [link] She has a lot of other great dressup games :)

1. Right click on game, select "Forward"
2. Play it here instead: [link]
3. Try a different browser
4. Press "Download"
5. If you can't see the kitten eyes, you need to download Flash Player

Yes, you can post your kittens on DA, but if they're not modified much, you have to put them into the "Scraps" category.

* Facebook | My Blog *
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poor lonely emo boy, he needed a girlfriend! XD

this time I decided to do the drawings in illustrator, and then create the game in flash.
It's not finished yet, I promise she'll have a LOT more clothes and other stuff... my inspiration works faster than my mouse :P

there are two things that work differently than the boy's game:
:bulletgreen: you can now choose her underwear by clicking one of the two buttons on the right, where it says "underwear" ;)
:bulletgreen: the hair works with buttons too, above on the right you have all the haircuts, click them to change it (I had to make it this way because of the longer hair... it's a long story =_= )

well, I hope I'll update it soon and add more clothes, if you have any idea you can tell me and I'll try to add it.
oh, and I'd love to see how do you dress her! you can send me a link to a screen capture of your dressed emo girl ;P

have fun!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
you can dress the EMO BOY too
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

edit: version 02! now she has some jeans ;P I also added more t-shirts, more haircuts, a new scarf and I don't remember what else XD

*edit: version 03! I changed the layout a little ;P I HAD to do it because of the amount of clothes and haircuts x_x I also added a button to hide or show the text balloon
I added more haircuts (choose the color by clicking the little dots!), two new underwear designs, tights, white earrings, and some more things but I don't know how they are called in english XD
aaand also, now you can choose her skin color! ;D
I still have a lot of things to add, so if you think there's something missing please tell me! I'm always open to suggestions ;)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

:+fav: dress-up EMO girl . game has received its 1,000th view. Aug 1, 2006, 4:06 AM

OMG! that was quick XD
thanks thanks thanks thanks a lot!!! :heart:
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French Harvest moon style game I made for my Macromedia Flash class. Simple but fun!
About 30 hours of work.
BTW, the sheep and chicken both eat chicken food. You must have empty hands to pick up yor vegetables. Magasin=Shop. Marché=Animal shop.
Also, I know, I didn't include a number so you know how many you have of each item. Sorry :)
All graphics were made by me! As well as all the programmation.

Tell me what you think heehee.

I'll be working on a more complete harvest moon style game this semester! To be continued :)
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I know about all the little errors and typos, but it's too late to change them. anyway, I finally finished this bitch. time to get on to some respectable work now... something that doesn't involve stick figures...
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Just a quick game i made in around 3 hours. Inspired by one of the C&H comics, couldnt find the link, so yeah..

Just smack it around with the mouse for super fun.

And for anyone that cares, i used a method of calculating all the collisions between the mouse so it doesnt skip over the hit.

EDIT: fixed the lag, there were blood particles going off the screen :P and i got rid of the dot.

EDIT EDIT: Made it so the pinata explodes, also made it so the blood piles up :) and you can now click to reset
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Play Box2Bounce2 ? PLAY IT RIGHT NOW

A platform game called "Box2Bounce" with emote :

- 5 level
- Many sound
- Interactivity with keyboard and mouse

Enjoy :dummy:

If you like the game fav the news

I really think this is my best work and I hope you like it :happycry:

BTW my personnal score to finish the game is :
- 78 secondes :la:
- 27 favorite :la:

Best score by ~Konusoyoa :worship:
- 40 secondes :la:
- 14 favorites :la:

Show me a screenshot with you score and the best one will be added on the artist comment :w00t:

Look at my website for game !

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FULL VIEW OR IT WILL BECOME FASHIONABLE TO HAVE CLOTHES MADE OUT OF LEAD, AND EVERYONE WILL LAUGH AT YOU IN YOUR STUPID LIGHTWEIGHT FLEXIBLE CLOTHING AND YOU WILL BE A LONER! ... (at least you will be able to get away from the bullies, so its not all bad, but you'd best full view anyway, imagine how bad traffic could get...)

Ok, finally its done! :D

new features include:
-you now pick the little things up to throw them around!
-if you are holding one, you can use it to push the others around
-different colours!
-a shocked expression on any one you pick up
-if you pick one up, the others look nervously at it
-they are surprised when they bump into each other :)
-a background gradient thing :boogie:
-doubled in size... is now 4k :(

also I played around with sounds but I couldnt get anything that fit and I like them mute anyway :D

ok, thats it... have fun :D
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[Firstly, I should mention that deviantART is ANNOYING because it doesn't let you specify the preferred dimensions of Flash files; therefore this is WAY too small! It's shown bigger on my site, here: [link]


I am EXTREMELY happy with this!
It's a Flash game that I made entirely by myself! Essentially everything in it is by me; the graphics (vectors AND rasters), story, coding, music, that planet... The only thing I didn't make is the sound effects; I got those from some free sound effects websites years ago, but I don't know which ones specifically because I've had the sounds on my computer for years!

Anyway, this is an RPG. Instructions are provided within.

I'd GREATLY appreciate it if you'd give me GOOD feedback; that it, something a bit more than just "this is cool"! I DID spend countless hours of this, y'know, and it'd be good to know what people think of it.

MARDEK will be a series of 8 chapters; this is the first, introductory one, and as such it's rather short (for an RPG). The others will be several times longer.

Anyway, tell me what you think!! (Especially about the music!)


Oh, and I made this (Fig Hunter Games is my own site), but it was *sponsored* oh so kindly by [link]
They paid me money, so give them a visit!
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