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flash version of my sudoku puzzle thanks to the help of the loverly *QueenOfDorks

:heart: :heart:

credits: this is my game but it could not be flashy without the help of
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I added in some platforms.. still a few bugs though. but i tried to make it so you cant see them ;)

Up, Left, Right for movment
Hold shift to fly
Mouse wheel to zoom in and out
Space + Click to blow him around
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click the tools on the right, then click around in the middle area. when you're ready, click the play button. pause the game and drag your mouse around while holding spacebar to delete objects you've made.

one thing you can do is click and hold and draw a thick line of those white dots to create ramps and curves and things.

it's not polished by any means, it's got like, 1/3 of the tools on it I'd like it to have and the hittesting on the corners of those boxes is really messed up, but I hope this brings people enjoyment.
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Comments have been disabled because this game is now aging a bit and... um... to be honest, I'm kinda sick of the 'OMG KAWAII's I still get on it now :P

I had that "I WANNA MAKE A DRESS UP GAME!" feeling again, and I think it's out of my system, only now you poor people just have to deal with the results. :roll: =P I should do something more productive with Flash than this.

If you ever wanted to dress up a fox in a giant, rubber Homer Simpson head and have it shoot lasers out of its eyes, now is your chance. How can you refuse advertising like that huh?

Just click the items in the left hand box (don't drag). Because my image summarising ability sucks, you probably won't know what the hell some of the icons are, so just try them and see. I was going to have it so you could only put one hairstyle on the fox at once and suchlike, but stuff that, you can put everything on it at once, if you desperately want to, although it'll look appalling. =P To get rid of items click their icon again, or you can click the item of clothing on the fox (except for the animated stuff).

The curly arrow in the bottom right resets everything if you want to play again (weirdo). Oh yes, and because I was incredibly bored and sick of drawing clothes, I added something else - see the speech bubble in the top right corner? Try clicking that a few times. =P The fox says 25 different things!

I'm very sorry for mindlessly raping so many character outfits.

Potential FAQ
Q: Why doesn't -blah- work? There's a bug when I try to do -blah-. Blah blah.
A: I'll fix it if you tell me the problem, assuming it won't cause my computer/brain to explode. :D
Q: Why don't you include a -blah- outfit?
A: Bog off. In the nicest possible way. = D
Q: -Blah's- outfit doesn't look like that.
A: See answer to question 2.
Unanticipated question from ~Freakzee: wtf is the thing on its back? the green flamy thing
A: It's from Okami. ^^;
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Another plateformer engine still in wip. I was "working" on slopes so that the character rotates according to the terrain slopes. I'm quiet satisfied on how it turned out, hope you'll like it. :)

There's no goal at the moment, you can only test the movements, move with the arrow keys.

And remember to click on the flash object to give it focus before moving.
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Comments are disabled until the drama stops. Sorry to those of you who have legitimate comments to make.


Create elegant dolls inspired by the art of Alphons Mucha. Beautiful dresses edged in lace can be teamed up with delicate scarves for a classic style or with boots for a modern twist.

This game was commissioned by the lovely and incredibly talented OLa from Dolldivine. Check out her fabulous dress-up games here.

Click on the icons in the menu to change her appearance and to add clothes. To remove items, click on the relevant x or click the item on the doll. Drag flowers and other accessories to the stage and place them anywhere you like. Drag them back to the menu to remove them. You can also click on the ? icon to create a doll using random features.

If the game pauses at the preloader, right-click and choose the Forward option. Repeat, if necessary, and the game should start.

♥ Press the Print Screen (Prt Scr, Print Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Sc, Prt Scrn, or Prnt Scrn) button on your keyboard. This will take a screenshot of your desktop. There will be no indication that anything has happened, no noise or message, but trust me that it works. ;D
♥ Open up ANY image editing software - Photoshop, Gimp, Sai, etc.
♥ Click Paste from Clipboard, Create New from Clipboard, Paste as New Image, etc. This will vary depending on your software. Usually these options can be found in the >File or >Edit menu.
♥ Crop the image and save as a JPEG or PNG.

Share your creations and designs at #G-Revo-Games

Art and programming by =Gasara
Additional programming by *dolldivine
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Meet Loli~ a girl who i created in less than an hour. Loli can cosplay 2 characters apart from dressing up however you like! the first person who can name both the 2 cosplay correctly gets... urmm.... gets a... sketch request? if anyone really want it.

my first flash project. Did it in.. well... less than 24 hours. Iwill refine when i'm free <3 and any dress suggestions, feel free to suggest~

have fun~<3
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I've been meaning to put this one on here for a while ^^' I was in a DDR mood when i was making this, so now i have a tone of sketchs of what i'd like a character on DDR to look like (this game only has some of my ideas). And yes, im still trying to sway away from darker dress up's (it not easy for me to draw and think up cute stuff)

If you choose to use the EYELASHES/EYE SHADOW it ONLY works with the open eyes.

any who i hope you enjoy~

music by~ Enrique P.
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The stand alone version which is resizable and has a better framerate.
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Moved to scraps

Ember dress up yay.
sorry for the lack of outfits was mostly a try out

Ember is created by Butch Hartman
Her rockability outfit is =Twisted-Persona 's
Art is mine
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