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EDIT: 11/08/10
That you for all your kind feedback! But I am essentially getting spammed with comments on the pairing generator, and have been for the past several years. There are just too many!
Go ahead and leave a comment somewhere else in my gallery.

Thanks to all who suggested characters, and sorry if I didn't get to yours ^_^;

The latest feature is the RANDOM button, for maximum crack-pairingness.

Couple of very easy-to-spot easter eggs.... fiddle around....
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Not as detailed as last year's Christmas animation, but I did make a video of me painting this year as a gift to you all. (Because you guys have been asking for ever haha.)

You can find the video on my youtube here: [link]

Yes, it's a girl in a bunny kigurumi. Because holidays are all about glossy curls, fur capes, bunny suits, and snow globes that cannot possibly be held up as shown in the drawing.
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There's the snow
Look out below
And bundle up
'Cause here it comes
Run outside
So starry eyed


You know that feeling you get, when it's the first big snow of the year, and you have to go outside and watch because it's just so beautiful? That's my favorite day out of the of the whole year.

testing out how this animation stuff works. oh my god. so proud of myself that I don't even want to hear it. trying out new things. C': (But first thing my mother says to me is "Why are you drawing such an ugly girl?" D:<)

Merry Christmas to you guys! FAHRAHRAHRAHRAH-RAH RAH RAH RAHHHH! Wrapping myself up in a blanket and watching Christmas movies all day.
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