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Gif version of the ubergeek stamp i made. if you get this one, then you are an uber ubergeek.
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Illustration by Bill Beachy. Designed by Jeff Finley.
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My second batch of adoptables ^w^
You can do whatever you like to them once you buy them, except claiming you designed them.
1. = SOLD
2. = SOLD
3. = SOLD

Base: [link] by :iconcats-onfire:
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You know it's true. WORSHIP US! :evillaugh:

Can you believe there were no goalie stamps? Unacceptable!
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I've been wanting to try a piece like this for some time. Be sure to give both small view and full view a look.

EDIT: Darn, it looks like deviantART isn't cooperating as I would have liked it to. Well, I've changed it from gif to swf, so at least now once it's loaded you can click and click and click...
To "full view" it you'll have to click the download button on the side.

EDIT2: Yeay! My faith is restored in deviantART's ability to be rational and not require the download button.

Made in Flash & Fireworks
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Mirror, upon the wall, do you reflect me, or do I reflect you?
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:flame: DeviantART + Google Search Plug-in for Mozilla FireFox :flame:
[ Version 1.4 | January 7, 2007 ]

I no longer support this product.

:flame: :star: ... updated with better code and awesome icons by ~jujimufu... :star: :flame:

:flame: :star: ... added HTML installer made by `dancewiththesky :star: :flame:

:star: Function:
:bulletblue:Searches for various deviantART pages through Google.

:star: Features:
:bulletgreen:Now with the Beta Search included.
:bulletgreen:Corresponding icons by each search.
:bulletblue:Anyone who is running FireFox can use it.
:bulletblue:You can search for the following: :bulletgreen: Deviants :bulletgreen: Deviations :bulletgreen: Help/FAQ :bulletgreen: News :bulletgreen: Prints :bulletgreen: Journals :bulletgreen: Deviations :bulletgreen: or anything that has in its url!!
:bulletpurple: You can search specific catagories now, just type in the category before the keywords (ex: ' photomanipulation suzi9mm' gives you manips with Jen's work).
Includes the original deviant art in-site search!

:star: Requirements: </a>
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or greater.

:star: To install:
1. Unzip the contents to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins or similar directory .
2. Restart FireFox.
3. Enjoy searching deviantART on the go.

Mac OSX:
1. Download the zip file.
2. Locate the Firefox folder from your hard drive ( most likely it is in the Applications folder).
3. Right click on the Firefox icon and choose 'Show Package Contents' from the options.
4. Open the 'Contents' folder then 'MacOS' folder then the 'searchplugins' folder.
5. Extract the downloaded plug-in's files into the 'seachplugins' folder.
6. Restart FireFox.
7. Enjoy searching deviantART on the go.

Alternatively you can use the included .html file to install the plugins without messing around your directories.

:star: Support:
If, for some odd reason, you cannot get the search plug-ins to work, please note me with your problem, FireFox version, and basic computer info.

:star: Previous versions:
1.4 01/07/07 Added HTML installer made by `dancewiththesky and fixed a typo
1.3 06/09/06 Icons for each search, better code (all thanks to ~jujimufu )
1.2 09/08/05 Added beta search support.
1.1 04/25/05 Category support, new Mac OS X instructions.
1.0 04/24/05 Inital release.

:star: Pimp it out:
If you find this plug-in useful, and want to get others aware, you can pimp it out in your Journal or ShoutBoard. All you have to do is get the HTML here and paste it in the desired Journal box. (Remember you can only use HTML in your journal if you are a subscriber.) For non subscribers, y'all can try this: [acronym title="“DevART + Google Search Plug-in”, by `hyper-psycho"][a href="[link]"]deviantART + Google Firefox Plug-in[/a][/acronym]. </a>

All trademarks, logos, and other marks are copyrighted to their respected companies/authors.
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:bulletpurple::bulletblack::bulletgreen: ID – Shadow Doom:bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletpurple: [This is not Oc x Canon]

I´m going to start saying … I love it!! LOVE IT! And this is like an official welcome to Zim into my gallery. This time it´s me, Herzy/Diana at my laptop trying to draw something with my top two fav charas, Yami no Marik and Invader Zim taking a look.

Hope you like it! XD

(Español) Empezaré diciendo... que lo amo.... LO AMO! Esto es como una bienvenida oficial para Zim en mi galería. Esta vez soy yo, Herzy/Diana en mi laptop tratando de dibujar algo con mis dos personajes favoritos, Yami no Marik y el Invasor Zim echando un vistazo.

Espero les guste! XD [Etto... no me dio tiempo de traducir el diálogo, pero si alguien lo requiere dígamelo y lo haré con gusto]
Y. Marik-What are you doing woman?

Herzy- Huh… just drawing… where is Herz?

Y. Marik- She said something about pain, suffering and stab a “dear friend” in the face or something, you know … I don´t like to get into her business... Eh! And that bug, what kind of monster is that? [Pointing to Zim]

Herzy- Isn´t related to Duel Monsters if you think that… he is an alien…

Zim- Lies!! You are lying human!! I´m normal, I´m a …

Herzy-You are not wearing your disguise Zim -.-

Zim- Oh… ehmm… LIAR!!


Herzy-Yesss, his name is Zim and is our future overlord, dictator, master slave or something like that.

Zim-Yes! I AM ZIM!

Y. Marik-What? Ha! Isn´t possible, I´m going to destroy everything! I´ll destroy this world…

Zim- Tsk! You don´t have opportunity against me, you filthy human!

Herzy- STOP FIGHTING!! If you continue barking I´ll draw you fucking passionately.

Zim-You mean, he and me… together?

Y. Marik-You wouldn´t …

Herzy- Hmmm I wondered … who will be seme and who will be the uke here.

Y. Marik/Zim- ….

Herzy- Oh come on!!

Y. Marik/Zim- ….

Herzy- Ahhh D: *disappointed*

Yu-Gi-Oh >>> Kazuki Takahashi
Invader Zim >>> Jhonen Vasquez
FanArt >>> *HerzyDIshtar (Diana Sotelo)
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okay. uhmmm. i don't have an id.

i will probably get sick of looking at this like all the other ones and delete it.

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:boogie:I won 3rd place. Three month sub!:boogie:

My entry in :iconvlei:'s dA map competition.
The brief was to create a map of deviantART, either the site in it's entirety, or just a part of the site.

I figured Monopoly being a geographical game, could be a fun way to get to know your way around dA, and all it's curious corners.

Had a great time putting this together. :lol:

Pick up cards could have things like: "Your forum post is locked for inappropriate content, miss a turn". or "Your deviation was uploaded to the wrong category, move back three spaces". or "Your subscription runs out, pay bank £200". (or whatever your local currency is)

And the pieces could be diecast models of the following:

:relaxed: :lol: :aww: :community: :slow: :work:

yeah, I've really been thinking about this...:lol:

Oh and full view or download probably best, what with all the text n' stuff... :)

Sorry if I missed your favourite category but I felt it best to go with the most prominent content, and also the size of the wee boxes restricted some.

Fella Logo © deviantART
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