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Long ago.....

A young princess was hidden deep withing a beautiful flower garden of coral deep under the ocean as she sat singing softly to all of the sea creatures. Her beauty won the sight of many suitors of the other mermen and many of the shark men, but as her beauty became more alluring. The more many of her subjects began to hide her deep within the coral garden grounds of the underground castle, Atlanta.

"Thou, Princess must stay hidden here." Said a merman with a long scaled tail with a slit fin as the lime color of green reflected through the water.

As if a prisioner, her heart began to grow weary as she felt that the sight and the soft melody of her voice will never once again appeal to her beloved creatures of the deep. As the days and nights shifted passed as waves over the ocean surface. A terrible storm slowly approached near the princess could sense the danger of her loving servants as she swam pass the guards only meet a shark man. His dark cold eyes glimmering as if charcoal as she could only stare as the sudden sense of danger vanished instantly, but soon as her heart began to beat fast as he stared at her. Sounds of yelling mermen were rushing fast toward them, bust as her heart felt as if she was going to be locked up again. The Shark man smiled and pulled on her arm. Taking her away from the castle.

As the sight of the beautiful coral castle walls vanish she felt the grip of the shark man tighten as he twirled around to place a hand on her face. Reflection of her face shimmered against his darken eyes as if a mirror of shadows. His strong arms tightly locked around her into an embrace as a gush of wind whipped passed them as pain shot down his back from the whipping of the currents.

As she healed him with her special powers, the mermaid princess could feel a strong force that began to bind them as if they were meant to be.

As the ages passed, the castle began filled with sorrow as the beauty of the princess reflecting off the coral walls has forever left them, but as the beauty faded. The bond that bound the mermaid and and the shark man grew stronger with every bash of a wave as they hide deep in a beautiful reef of different kinds of fish. With a marriage to bond them forever was close and the bearing of the proof of their love. A large storm hit the beautiful waters that were their home as a large furious water dragon wailed against the reefs, crushing down many of the sea creatures and rupturing many deepen slumper volcanoes. With her heart in worry, the Princess and her lover rushed to the castle. With only the sight of the darken walls and the merpeople swimming in saddness struck a strong blow to the Princess's heart as she began to cry.

With her heart still strong she swam to her only spot in castle she was kept in secret as she began to sing softly. As if to lighten the castle with beauty once again, the dragon approached. With wish of devouring the princess, but as it's jaws opened. The Shark man quickly rushed over to save his beloved, but at the cost of half his fin. Injured her encouraged his love to hide with their now on the way child. Retrieving in tears behind a large wall of rock with her newborn finally arrived. Despite her great pain, she watched as her love was swallowed by the great beast. However as it began to swallow a large light shined within its mouth as the words of the Shark man echoed into the water, "If I die, my child and the people must live on. So thou and I will forever become their barrier, monster!"

As the words vanished the dragon quickly drained away of life as its scales tightened up into stone. With her heart broken, the mermaid found her way into the dragon's body as she found that it was all completely stoned over as it a cave as she rest her body on a stone. "Thee, people..." She looked around at the merpeople as they retreated behind her into the now stone dragon's belly. Her eyes covered in swollen tears a man with a long beard approached. With her shaking hands, she jumped off the stone and looked at them. "Like thee on lank, I will use my life to grant though the freedom of walking on land. Within these cavern walls I will use every ounce of my heart to bear life and freedom!"

With her hands cradling her child she cried, "I love you my child..." Slowly lowering her infant son into the man's arm she smiled, "Even if I die allow the child to grow strong as he will inherit the wisdom need be..." With that as her finall words a bright light shined through the water....

"What happen after that?" Said a boy with long brown hair and a crystal shards incrested into his forehead. "Did the Princess promis be fofilled?"

With his old hands wrinkled as he gripped his cane he looked up at the cavern walls. "If she failed...I wouldn't have been able to live in this underwater heaven..." He smiled as he pointed over towards a large wall. "It is said that when the lovers reunite within this cavern...something amazing will happen."

(the end of land f Sea Salt Lover History)
Instead of making like a million chapters of the story legend i thought to pur this up instead XD Im lazy

However, many people of the land of seasalt see both Sakura and Sasuke as the reincarnations of the historical lovers, but hehe mystery.........:P


Blossom Chapter Recent chapters!
Blossom Chapters 22
After being flirted with by the king and held against his body, I looked up at Sasuke as his face was erupted in anger as he grasped hold of my hand and yanked me away. Only moments later we met a young girl with short green hair. She smiled wide in happiness toward us as a hand touched Sasuke's shoulder. "This young girl will lead you to the Uchiha village."
"My name is Kagime Uchiha!" She laughed as she twirled in a small spin if she walked forward as we followed as the trees vanished slowly as the sight of bricks engulfed into a large mouth-like structure as two large figures stood up right with their hands pressed together. "It is alright Kimo and Dacido, they are with me."
Nodding their heads they pressed their hands against the brick wall as the stones slowly fell to the ground as an image appeared of children playing, people laughing, and all wear Uchiha crests. Sasuke's face was bright in happiness as tears fell down softly over his cheek as his  fingers locked. With mine
Blossom chapter 21
Hours has passed since we left the king's chambers and were escorted to our rooms and forced to rest. Now I sit here, looking over my shoulder to stare at him as he was covering his face with his hands and hide in the darkest corner, "Are you okay Sasuke?"
"Yeah....just hurry up and change!" His voice sounded scratchy as i stood up and quickly pulled on a long ribbon that held my clothes tight to me. With the soft fabric of his shirt sliding off my shoulders, and my back becoming bare. I felt my face began to freeze and my heart to start pound heavily. Glance back at him slowly I saw him as he slide down the wall on his knees trembling. I raised my hand up, but as I slowly felt myself walk over. Something felt a sharp knife, sliced across the back of my leg as I turned around. Only my imagination. "Sakura....please..."
Without saying anything back I turned to the bed as a along red kimono with long white strips hung off the hips as it slipped easily around my thin figure as the tight f
Blossom Chapters 20
"WELCOME!" Yelling loudly, setting shock down our spines in shock. "I am King Mystogon Archor! Welcome to our lovely kingdom."
His large belly overlapped his beaded black crystal belt as I turned to glimmer at Gaara as he didn't know what to say as well as his eyes were wide. Almost all the faces were in shock as Sasuke tried to control himself as the King hymped in excitement over to him with his eyes staring up and down SAsuke's body. I didn't exactly like his perverted old orange eyes looking around Sasuke's waist, but it quickly turned to mine as he locked onto my beasts. "Hm..." HE whispered for a second and moved his hand to press against my chest. "Oh they are real!!"
"Sakura stay calm!" Naruto and Karin both ran over to hold my arms down as the king started laugh as hie raised his hand up in victory.
"Oh the soft tough of a young woman's chest is the best feeling in the world." Yeah, and the throbbing pain to toss you out of the window felt best to me, but Sasuke knotted his ha
  We are just begining the Land of Sea Salt Arc of Blossom Chapters :)
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I'll stay with you

You stood on top of Wall Rose, watching the silhouettes of titans roam around the abandoned inside of Wall Maria. You slowly walk to the edge of the wall and sit down , with your legs dangling off the wall. A small sigh escaped your lips and you closed your (e/c) eyes.

The walls will fall before we do

Jean watched you from the distance. He adored your sense of peace, your strong will, your beauty, your gracefulness, how you deny it when ever someone says you have those said traits, how you get flustered afterwards. He loves everything about you. But the loud, normally out spoken young man could never find the courage to tell you those things, to tell you how much he loved you.
He takes a deep breath and walks towards your sitting figure.

So take my hand now

You turn at the sound of your name, to meet Jean's golden gaze. 
"M-May I sit with you?"
You nod and look back over the wall as the young man sits next to you on the wall's edge.

We'll run forever

You two sit in silence, Jean fidgeting with his hands and you staring out into the distance. Jean breaks the silence first, "I... need to tell you something..."
You turn your head to look at him, and he turns his face away, a light blush visible on his face, "Yeah, what is it Jean?"

I can feel the storm inside you

"I...... I..... I love you!"
You stay silent in shock before reaching a hand to his face and turning it towards you. You lean up and place a gentle kiss on his lips.
"I love you too, Jean. I'll always be here, I'll stay with you."

I'll stay with you
So I got into Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and I really like Jean but there is hardly any fics for him so I decided to give him some love.

I don't own you or Attack on Titan

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You woke next morning to a fresh sense of pain, and the feeling of arms wrapped around you. You craned your neck to side, your gaze resting on Jean;s peaceful sleeping face. His bangs fell over his face askew, soft exhales escaped from his slightly parted lips. You smiled to yourself, reaching up a hand and letting it trail through his soft locks. 

"Jean." You whispered. "It's morning."

Jean grumbled something and brushed your hand away, making you giggle. You replaced your hand again, and this time Jean;s words were slurred, but audible.

"Ah, go away Reiner, I'll be up in a few."

You chuckled, the laugh escaping your lips in a soft sigh. You closed your eyes, laying back onto the mattress, taking inventory of your body and its injuries.
There was fresh pain in your ribs, a dull hurt that seemed to spread through your chest. You could feel the sting of several splinters and scrapes in various places around your body, most noticeably on your legs and arms. You could still feel the sticky feeling of blood on your forehead. You must have smacked your head pretty badly.

You exhaled slowly, the pain in your chest intensifying at the action. There was a slight shifting beside you, and you turned your head to find Jean propped up on one elbow, studying you.

You blushed and looked away when your eyes made contact. Even after spending the night in the same bed as the boy, you still felt embarrassed whenever he looked at you with those grey eyes.

"Feeling better?"

You nodded slightly. "Can you help me sit up?" You asked, feeling a bit ashamed for asking something so simple that you couldn't do yourself. Jean neverthelness nodded and sat up, slipping a hand underneath you to lift you up gently and set your back against the headboard. You made a small wince as pain began to spread through your chest. Jean noticed and immediately halted his actions.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked gently, eyes narrowed in seriousness. You shook your head. 

As soon as you were all set against the headboard, Jean rolled out of the bed. He stood, shrugging on his belts and jacket and boots. He then turned to you seriously. "Can you walk?"

You pondered the question for a moment. "I don't see why not, I mean, my legs aren't broken."

Jean chuckled nervously. "Do you need help getting up?"

You shook your head. "No, I'd rather try for myself." You replied, shifting so you were sitting up fully, feeling your chest protest in pain, which you tried your best to ignore.

You paused, then quickly swung your legs over the side of the bed. Your couldn't help but groan in pain, but as soon as your feet were planted on the ground and you swayed to your feet, you smiled. Jean looked impressed. 

"Okay, point taken. But I still don;t think it's a good idea for you to use your 3D Manuever gear. You nodded in agreement. "I don't think you can carry it. You are probably going to have to ditch it."

Your frowned. "There should be someway..." You trailed off as you saw the stubborn expression Jean's face.

"I'm not lugging you and your gear around." He stated simply, crossing his arms. 

You shrugged, the action causing you to wince in pain. "Alright."

Jean turned away from you, walking down the hallway. "I don't know if the corps are still in the forest. But I didn't see any retreat signals yesterday, so they have to be somewhere in the forest."

You nodded, turning to your jacket and boots. Your shrugged them on as Jean continued to speak.

"But we need to be careful. There's Titans all over this god damn forest, and I can't fight while towing you around."

You felt a little guilty. You should be able to fend your yourself, but instead Jean was forced to protect you at the cost of his safety. 

"Okay then." Jean declared, stretching, then reaching for his weapon boxes. "Let's go."

You nodded seriously and followed your comrade outside cautiously, awaiting the dangers that you knew would befall you in the forest.

Not a good chapter, and not very well written either, and also I'll make it up by doing a double update~! :dummy:
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You sat inside an abandoned building, cowering from the humanlike beasts that lurked outside. Your gear broke, leaving you helpless and alone. Every noise made you jump, every shadow made you shake with fear. You put her head on your knees and thought; you were going to die here.

You shook your head. If you were to die now, you would die fighting. It would be not only for yourself, but your whole squad who died imbued with the courage you never had. You pushed yourself off the ground and walked over to a window. The window was shielded by a heavy curtain which you grabbed with your trembling hand. As you pulled it away from the window, you froze. Looking in on the other side of the window was a titan. It looked at you with its dull eyes. The titan broke the window with ease. It gripped your waist and pulled you out of the house. You didn’t scream for help, knowing that no one would come for you. The titan lifted you up to its twisted face. It was at that moment you realized; they were just as human as everyone else. You shut your eyes to that deranged thought. You waited for the titan to eat you. ‘One…two…three…’ You counted. You stopped at eight. Why weren’t you dead yet? The titan’s grip loosened and within seconds you were on the ground. The titan was beside you, dead. You saw a shadow resembling a hand. You flinched before looking up. Reiner was standing there with his hand held out to you. “Thanks.” You said, taking his hand.

He pulled you to your feet. “I’m glad I found you when I did. If I hadn’t then you’d be dead. What happened?”

“My gear broke.” You didn’t explain anymore than that. You were angry that you hid like a coward and you weren’t about to tell Reiner about it.

You squeaked when he hugged you. “I won’t let you die.” He said.

You smiled, “Thanks, Reiner.” You blushed as he kissed your forehead. From that point on, you knew you were going to be safe.
This is my first character x reader so I was kind of nervous about uploading it cries
I hope you guys like it Q 0 Q

I don't own Reiner
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Things never go the way they're supposed to. There's always one flaw , one slip up that can change a future.

The one ripple in Reiner's plan was believing that he could actually love someone without consequences.

Such a vile creature like himself didn't deserve the affection you had given him. The angel like kisses, the warm embraces. He didn't deserve any of it.

Though he didn't have to worry about it any longer. You were gone. One slip on your part , one ounce of fear in your heart and you were devoured. Right before his eyes.

He didn't want to believe it. Even though he had seen it happen, he refused to acknowledge the fact that such a caring person like you was snuffed out of the world.

He had locked himself up at first. Not showing any signs of emotion because of your death.

Though the absence of you slowly started to show.

He had no one to hold anymore. No one to tell sweet nothings to him.

Then he started to forget your voice. Your beautiful laughter that carried out through the mess hall. Your breathy moans whenever you two indulged yourselves. Gone.

Finally , the part that struck him to the core , even to this day , was that he had forgotten your face. Your eyes that shined whenever he appeared in the room. Your lips that curved up whenever he spoke. Disappeared. A distant memory.

It was then  he realized that you were never coming back. He could no longer feel your touch. No longer hear your voice. No longer see your face. All he had left was a name.

Reality had finally caught up with him. And there was nothing he could do about it.
Amazing Artist:link

So much angst.~ I'm sure most of you have a love hate relationship with this here guy so I decided to put him through some angsty turmoil. Too bad Reader-tan had to die though
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Reiner x Reader

Weak. You felt so weak. You couldn't take it anymore, pain was taking over. A titan had thrown you to a building breaking a few of your bones. You didn't expect anybody to find you, but were wrong. You heard steps coming next to you, rather quickly.

"(Y/N)! Hey! Don't close your eyes. Look at me!" It was Reiner. He picked you up, and started running.

"Stay awake, I'm not losing you today. I'm taking you the infirmary, ok?" he said between the huffs he let out. You wanted to say yes, but nothing came out. The pain worsened due to him running. Once he found more buildings, he started using the 3DMG. Within the few minutes, he kept telling you to stay awake, and have your eyes open. It was hard, your eyes felt very heavy.

You closed your eyes, letting them rest. He cursed, and went even faster.


You opened your eyes, instantly closing them since the light was too strong. But opened them again, adjusting to it. You let out a sigh, you weren't dead. You turned your head to the side, and noticed someone sleeping in a chair beside you.


You moved your hand to his knee. Pain shoot through your body, making you groan. This awoke Reiner, and he noticed your pained face.

"Hey, (Y/N) don't move a lot. You're still recovering." he gently told you. You nodded, and put your hand back to your side. He sighed, looking very tired.

"Why are you here?" your voice echoed through the room. He looked at you, before answering.

"I just wanted to look after you." He blushed.

A smile appeared on your face, making his heart flutter. He moved even more beside you, taking your hand in his.

"I'll be here until your fully recover, don't expect me to leave any time soon." he said smiling. Before you can say anything, he kissed your forehead carefully. A blush crept to your cheeks, quietly thanking him.

A few weeks have passed, and he kept his promise. Reiner was there, helping you with everything. You couldn't thank him enough, you wouldn't be healing quickly if it wasn't for him.

"The nurse told me you'll be out sometime in the next 2 weeks." he told you happily. He squeezed your hand, kidding it gently.

"Can you come closer." you requested. He nodded coming closer.

"Closer." he started to get nervous.

He was close enough. Then you kissed his cheek, "Thank you so much Reiner, I don't know how else I can thank you. You've done so much, I'm just thankful you're here with me everyday." he had a blush on his cheeks.

His blush disappeared, and he had a smirk.

"Well there is one thing.." he trailed off. He leaned in and kissed your lips. Reiner moved away, and still had that smirk.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

sweet Reiner oh yes (was he ooc? lol)
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If you’re reading this, then Reiner and I are already far beyond the walls. This also means that you’ve discovered the truth about us, and what we really are. I wish I had the courage to say this directly to you, but I guess I’ll have to say it here instead: Reiner and I are the Armored and Colossal Titan. The ones who broke through Wall Maria, and almost succeeded with Wall Rose. The ones sent to infiltrate humanity’s forces and destroy them. The ones who worked with Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan, and the ones responsible for hundreds and thousands of military and civilian deaths.

I’m sorry.

When I first joined the 104th Trainees Squad, I was prepared for people to hate me for what I had done, who I was, and what I was going to do. I had it all planned out; I would avoid everyone and only look out for Reiner, Annie, and myself. After all, what could we possibly have in common with everyone else? They joined the military to defend humanity; we joined for the sole purpose of destroying it. My intentions were to isolate myself and stay hidden in the background. It would be much easier for me and for everyone else. No friends would mean no weaknesses or problems right? That way, I wouldn’t truly be betraying anyone, if I’d never even gained their trust in the first place. But then Reiner started making friends with everyone and turned into the big brother of the squad. Annie befriended Eren and Armin, even going as far as to teach Eren her very own fighting skills. How could they do something as irrational as befriending the very people we were going to kill? I was lost, and unsure of what to do next.

Then I met you.

You showed me what it was like to have someone to talk to, to laugh with and just relax and wind down. Even when the training was tough and discouraging, you always found some way to cheer me up or offer some sort of solution. When I was with you, I felt normal, like every other teenager in the world. Sometimes, you even managed to make me forget my mission. At those times, I’d turn into a soldier, dedicated to humanity’s victory. But dreams don’t last forever, and once the dreamer awakens, they disappear. And once that happened, I’d turn back into a warrior and a titan shifter, not a human.

Not only this, you also introduced me to everyone else in the squad. Marco, Connie, Jean, Sasha, Mina, Thomas, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Krista…I never would have imagined myself actually being able to laugh and talk with them, or anyone for that matter. They included me into the group so easily, and I found myself even enjoying it.  But every time we trained on the 3DMG, practiced hand-to-hand combat, or went on those teambuilding trips, I felt like I was digging myself into a deeper and deeper hole. Everyone seemed to trust me so easily, with their lives and even with their secrets, and wishes. But I was drowning. How could they trust me so easily? Before I knew it, I’d done the one thing I’d sworn to never do; I’d made friends. I’d built relationships with others, and I’d gained their trust; something that I couldn’t reciprocate back to them, and something I didn’t deserve.  

These past years have been hard on everyone. We’ve watched our friends, comrades, fellow trainees, and soldiers push themselves to the very edge and beyond to fight the titans, all for the sake of something called freedom.  I know I don’t have the right to call them my “friends,” but if there’s anything you’re going to remember in this letter, it’s this: these past years have been the happiest years of my life. One of the best things that had ever happened to me was being able to meet everyone. All those adventures we had; the late night discussions, games, training, horse-riding, and pranks we pulled- I treasure every single moment of it. My identity and everything may have been a lie, but the happiness and joy I felt during this time were genuine- along with the guilt and shame.  Not only that, but I’m glad I was able to meet you especially. Even if it was all a farce, I was truly proud to have trained and fought alongside with you, and to have been your friend. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking that maybe we could’ve been more than that, but I know that’s not possible now. But it doesn’t stop me from wishing.

Every day, I wake up and wish I wasn’t the Colossal Titan, and that I could live a normal and happy life, like in those fairy tales. But I’ve got no choice. I wish it could’ve been anyone else, but the world doesn’t work like that. It’s cruel, but someone has to do it.

I’m sorry.

Bertholdt Fubar


You look at the letter in your hand, your vision slightly blurry and unfocused. You stare at the words, but not really seeing or reading them. You don’t need to; you can still envision them in your head and hear Bertholdt’s voice, almost as if he’s reading out the letter to you.

You stand up and walk over to the fireplace. Standing in front of the fireplace, you hesitate, and then gently release the letter into the fire.  The paper begins to blacken as the flames dance along the edges. Holes appear, burning through the words and spreading through the page like a wildfire. The ink fades, and everything turns into an illegible mess. Within minutes, nothing remains except for ashes.

I’m sorry too, Bertholdt.
Bertholdt really interests me. In the anime, he's not very noticeable, but in the later chapters of the manga he gets a bigger role. At first, he seemed really cold and detached (even more so than the other shifters, except maybe for annie =P) but in Ch. 48 and 49 you really get to see what he's feeling and his emotions.

So, I decided to try writing about him, and how he feels about betraying the 104th Trainees Squad and you.

This is my first serious/sad/angsty piece, so sorry if it seems really forced or cliched! ^^;
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"Benders aren't any better than us normal folk," the man said, spitting derisively at Korra's feet. She clenched her hands into fists.

"I know that," she said through locked teeth. She took a deep breath, then tried to settle her first ever Avatar dispute. "Benders and non-benders are a source of balance for the world. The spirituality… um… it does… stuff. I suppose."

The crowd laughed in her face, and Tenzin sighed heavily.

"Okay, I could have done better," she snapped at him. "Look, I'm trying my best, alright?"

"Come back when you got a handle on that, honey," the man said, and they all laughed.

Korra turned on him and fell into her favorite waterbending stance. The crowd took a collective step back, and Korra gave the daring man a hard smile.

"Come on, if you're so tough," she sneered.

"Korra," Tenzin snapped. "Stop this."

"Trying," she replied, not taking her eyes off her new opponent. He hesitated, then shrugged.

"What's the use?" he asked. "You're going to freeze me or burn me or crush me, or… whatever it is Airbenders do to the folks they don't like."

"Smile," Tenzin supplied. Korra would have rolled her eyes if she wasn't trying to break the man with her stare.

"Alright, honey," she mocked. "If mama doesn't bend, will you be willing to quit being such a possum-chicken and fight?"

The man looked like he bit into something nasty. He glanced around at the crowd, hesitant to fight a bender, not trusting her promise to keep her power out of it. Korra glared.

"Come on," she jeered. "Are you going to insult me and leave? Real tough, aren't you – challenging a teenaged girl then walking off."

He ground his teeth, then ran at her.

She reached to block what she thought was going to be a punch, but he surprised her by launching into the air and kicking. Pain shot up her arm, but she managed to block the extra two or three kicks he was able to get in before he dropped back to the ground.

She turned to build up a decent swing, and struck a downward block on his punch. She slid one foot forward to hook around his ankle. She yanked, then gave his ducked head a push. He stumbled back in awkward surprise, rubbing his face and giving her a confused stare. She swept her hands through the air, miming one of her katas.

"Water," she told him. Leaping forward, she landed some hard hits on his chest, then planted her feet and struck him with both fists. He fell into the crowd, coughing and red-faced.

"Earth," she explained.

"Korra, watch it!" Tenzin called.  Korra saw a flash of steel out of the corner of her eye, then turned.

She watched as a man soared toward her with a sword raised. She barely managed to duck away, turning and aiming a kick at his chest. She barely grazed him, and he kept coming at her. She leapt out of his path, evading and sweeping just out of his reach for a tense few seconds.

"Air," she ground out. He either didn't hear or ignored her. She finally got around behind him, but was too close to the ground to use her fists. Instead, she rolled onto her hands and swung her feet in a quick, dangerous circle in the air. Her foot caught his hand first, knocking his sword away, then his face. He flipped back and landed on his stomach, groaning.

Korra twisted onto her feet. "Fire."

She turned to the crowd, who flinched and shuffled back. She held out her empty hands. She hesitated for a moment, wondering how to turn this into a speech on acceptance and… whatever else Tenzin wanted. Her eyes caught a small girl in front, and Korra focused on her. She smiled, and after a moment, the girl smiled back shyly. Korra drew on her Water Tribe protective instincts, then set to comforting the crowd through this little girl.

"I know some of you are frightened by the forces around you," she called, nodding at the girl. She looked around the crowd. "I know that it seems unfair that some people are given powers and others aren't. But you aren't any more or less because you can't fling elements around. You're part of the balance of the world, just as important as anyone and anything else."

A few went to pick up her attackers, and many were nodding contemplatively. Korra took that as a good sign. She bowed to the crowd, and many bowed back. She turned and walked to Tenzin's side. He was frowning severely at her, but she ignored it.

"Pretty good for my first real Avatar challenge," she enthused. "A fight that only took five seconds and a little speech. Not too hard, huh?"

Tenzin gave her a withering look, then turned and walked away. "Nine seconds."

"Oh, come on!"
... is like a mooselion without horns. ~ Old Earth Kingdom Proverb

That is to say, still dangerous. :)

Anyway, I had been watching the leaked line test on YouTube and I wondered -- why would Korra be fighting without bending? Then I recalled the anti-bending revolution going on, and... well, this came out. :D
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You wished that you would never fall in love. Since you were young, you have been told that love meant butterflies in your stomach, and you were scared of those creepy little fuckers. Unfortunately, those persons did not have a warning label when they first came up to you and said hi.

“Aww, you are just the sweetest thing on earth!” You squealed, as you held a tiny puppy in your arms. Your two friends, Marco and Jean, were both walking home with you.

“Isn’t she just the cutest thing you ever saw??” You quickly whipped around to show your friends the puppy you picked up on the street.

Marco agreed, while Jean huffed and said

“There are animals that are cuter than that mongrel.”

“Don’t be such a grump Jean! I swear, you are just like a lady with PMS!” You reprimanded the golden-eyed grump beside you.

You returned your attention back to the pup.

“Don’t believe Jean, he’s just a grumpy old horse face, like what Eren always says. Besides, you’re cuter than most of the animals I’ve seen!” You cooed to the squirming puppy in your arms.

“I heard that!”

“Shut your horse face trap Jean!” You retorted, not looking at the said person. Marco sighed.

“Will the two of you ever get along?”

“Who died and made you Mom?” Jean turned his attention to Marco.

“Nobody Jean, Marco’s just being Marco.” You said happily, and the complimented person grinned good-naturedly.

The three of you stopped at Jean’s house. You would always study together after school, and your real mother couldn’t complain, because your friends were the reason you had high grades.


You squirmed and moved about in your place on Jean’s bed. A slowly increasing crumpled mess of papers were on the floor. You groaned as you read the essay you wrote. It was an essay about love.

“Ugh. Why does our school make things so difficult for me? It’s like they wanted me to suffer while doing this.” You groaned as you crumpled the paper in your hands and threw it across the room. It landed on Jean’s head.

“You’re a girl. You’re supposed to know love better than guys.” Jean replied irritably.

“Well, do you see me writing a foot long essay about love here? Come on, use your brains
Jean! ‘Love’ means butterflies in your stomach. THOSE LITTLE SHITS ARE NASTY. Get it? N-A-S-T-Y. WITH EMPHASIS ON EACH LETTER.” You said, dramatically making your hands swing around in the air.

“Calm down _, you’re scaring the puppy.” Marco said cautiously, one of his hands stroking the said puppy.

“I’m so sorry!” Your facial expression immediately shifted from angry to concern in a flash. Behind you, Jean shuddered.

“_ is a demon disguised as a girl, I shit you not.”

“Horseface.” That was your only reply.

“Now we could see the rare species of demon-girl imitating Jeager.”

“_ is more like Princess Mononoke than a regular demon-girl.” Marco was so sweet. You turned to face him with a grateful smile.

“Thanks Marco!”

“Whatever, she’s still a demon in girl’s clothing in my book.” Jean’s snarky remark earned him a knee to the back of the head.

The three of you went back to writing your essays. You soon gave up, and you said that you would just wing it. You received a throw pillow to the face, which was accidentally thrown by Jean.

“What the heck?!” You yelled, but your voice was muffled by the pillow.

“Are you okay _?!” Marco sounded alarmed as he sat down beside you.
You gave a nod of confirmation before glaring at Jean.

“You owe me a large bag of Cheetos.” You menacingly said as you smiled evilly.

“And what in the world would happen if I don’t give you a large bag of Cheetos?” Jean said. You only grinned wider as you got your cellphone from out of your pocket and made sure that Jean could see whatever you were doing. Jean watched as you scrolled down your list of contact numbers in thick suspense.

“Hmmm, letter M, letter M…” You hummed as you looked for a certain oriental’s name. Jean looked as if he would wilt any minute.

“Ah! There it is, Mikasa Ackerman!” You shouted out a few seconds later.

“What the fuck are you going to do?” Jean readied his secret hoard of crumpled paper balls.

“Hmm, I don’t know…. Call her?” You grinned again. Jean pulled his hair in frustration while Marco watched with an amused smile plastered on his freckled face.

You pressed a button to start a call with your friend. You put the conversation in loudspeaker mode as your phone began to ring.

“Hello.” Mikasa answered your call.

“Hi Mikasa! I just wanted to say hi!” You cheerfully said, as you twirled a lock of your hair while smirking all the while at Jean.

‘Mikasa! Armin’s catching up!’ You could hear Eren’s loud voice boom out, and the sounds of a Mario Kart minigame could be heard in the background.

‘Eren, _ called. Pause the game for a while.’ Mikasa answered her adoptive brother without blowing a switch.

‘Really? Hi _! Eren! Don’t steal my balloon while I’m not looking!’ Armin said, and you could hear the two boys play fighting while Mikasa sighed.

“Sorry about that. Did you want to talk about something, _?”

“Well, not exactly,” You replied. “I just wanted to tell you that Jea-“

You were bombarded by paper balls of different colors and sizes. Some even had bits and pieces of tape and glue stuck to them. Jean’s face held a triumphant look, and Marco helped you remove the paper balls that had tape and glue attached to them.

“-n and Marco also wanted to say hi! I also want help in our ‘love essay’.” You said cheerfully, but you glared at Jean with a look that could rival an ice queen’s.

“Oh. Hi Jean, Hi Marco. _, I left my homework at school since I did them earlier.” The genius of a classmate deadpanned. You felt Jean slowly releasing you from his death glare, and you sighed in relief.  

“Hi Mikasa!” Marco said, playing with the puppy’s limbs. Jean mumbled a small ‘hi’ and you noticed a small dusting of pink on his face. You didn’t know why, but his actions made your stomach contract, creating an unpleasant feeling.

‘MIKASA! ARMIN’S TAKING MY LAST BALLOON!’ Eren frantically yelled, and Mikasa chuckled.

“It seems that Eren is losing.” You said, as you erupted in laughs. Jean grumbled something about Eren being so dumb in playing Mario Kart, while Marco continued to play with the dog that apparently grew very fond of him.

“I better go check on them. Bye _.” Mikasa ended the call.

“That went better than expected.” Jean mused as he flicked the little puppy’s forehead, resulting in a fierce bite from the latter.

“Ahaha! You just got owned Jean, you horseface!” You shouted out, still mad at the guy for bombarding you with paper.

You quickly hid behind Marco because you saw Jean holding up a dart. Marco chuckled, and messed with your hair, creating a weird reaction in your stomach. Not that it would matter to you, they weren’t butterflies and they wouldn’t multiply and kill you from the inside.
The moment was topped off with a surprise entrance made by a large butterfly. It circled the room, shaking out dust from its wings. You shuddered, and covered yourself with Jean’s blanket.

The butterfly went out of the room without any care in the world. Honestly, it annoyed you
for some reason you couldn’t quite grasp.


“Why are we watching this again?” For the fifth time that day, Jean was lying down on your couch, munching on microwave popcorn and drinking root beer. You were watching all the Harry Potter movies, while Jean wanted to watch the Dictator. He lost in a heated game of rock paper scissors concerning the movie choices.

“It’s interesting Jean.” Marco was the one who replied as he grabbed the remote control that was in the process of being stolen by Jean.

“But Reiner and Connie said that the Dictator is awesome.”

“Shut up Jean, Harry is about to meet Voldy. Again.” You said, as you threw popcorn kernels at the said guy.

“Voldy? I swear _, even though I don’t like these kinds of movies too much, I think that you’re seriously sabotaging the movie.”

“How about this? We will watch the Dictator after we watch the Harry Potter series.” Marco said, and the two of you ignored everything Jean said afterwards.

You felt Marco’s hand grip your arm when the basilisk suddenly appeared. You also noticed a faint shade of pink on Marco’s cheeks as he watched the next scenes holding your arm.
You were about to relish the moment where Harry stabbed Tom Riddle’s diary with a basilisk tooth when Jean’s phone rang.

You glared as Jean fished around for his phone. As it turned out, it was just an alarm. And it totally ruined the moment. It was maddening.

You watched the movie in silence and you fiddled with the tassels on the throw pillow you were currently hugging. Jean was slowly intrigued by the movie and stopped complaining.

Why couldn’t he choose a better time to do that, like when the movie marathon started?  That way, he wouldn’t be a nuisance throughout the first two movies.

You suddenly felt someone leaning on your shoulder, and someone resting his head on top of yours. You slightly shifted to see who they were, even though the answers were obvious.

You felt that something had appeared on your face, though you couldn’t quite understand what it was. You stomach felt as if a million worms were crawling, and it seemed more like butterflies flying inside. Well, cross out the butterfly part and stick to the worm part.

Your lip quivered and the palms of your hands began to sweat profusely.

“_.” You heard your name being called out in what seemed to be sleep talk.

"W-what?" You nervously said.

“Marco, _’s mine.” Jean drawled out sleepily.

“Better find your own Jean, cause I got her first.” Marco replied in a very un-Marco like way.

You stiffened. Although you thought it cute that the boys were conversing to each other in their sleep, it was awkward to hear. There was that wormy feeling again, only it was twice that.

You turned your attention back to the movie.

‘Admit it, _, those worms were not worms, but butterflies.’ Your so called ‘angelic’ conscience said, making you annoyed.

‘Shut up conscience.’

‘Oh! I see, itty bitty _ doesn’t want to talk about L-O-V-E.’ your ‘evil’ conscience said. You then wondered why the hell did you have two consciences, even though both of them were not on your side when it came to love.  

‘For the last time, I don’t feel love. It was just a stomach upset over the excess popcorn.’ You said, and you directed all your attention to the movie.

‘Stupid girl, she knows that she is in love, but doesn’t want to accept it.’ Evil conscience said.

‘You know, I don’t agree with you on a daily basis, but I certainly agree with you when it comes to _ and her lovelife.’ Good conscience said back.

‘I still won’t accept love because of butterflies.’ You said.

‘Well, why don’t you think of love as a special thing that doesn’t include butterflies in any way?’  Good conscience said.

That made sense. Suddenly, all sorts of wisdom flowed through your brain. Love no longer became an enemy, but became something. Something that didn’t include butterflies or moths. And things that don’t include butterflies or moths are safe for you. So it was probably okay if you love somebody, right?


“You’re really funny, Mommy.” [D/N], your cute little daughter giggled. She was 6, and 6 was the age where little girls would love to know how mommy met her prince charming. You thought that it was really cute.

“I was pretty dumb back in the day.” You confessed, as you lightly pinched your daughter’s rosy cheeks.  

You knew that her father would probably scold you for saying a ‘bad word’ in front of [D/N], but you didn’t care. [D/N] was not so easily influenced by those things. She had inherited her father’s strong sense of justice.

[D/N] let out a laugh, showing her pretty pearly white teeth, and also showing small gaps where some teeth got taken out.

“I wish that I could meet my prince charming too, mommy.” Your daughter said earnestly as she locked her pretty (e/c) gaze with yours.

“As long as he doesn’t bring in butterflies in the house, he’s fine with me.” You honestly said, and giggled along with your daughter.

Extended ending!:

“Wait, what happened to the dog?” [d/n] said, suddenly remembering your furry little canine friend.

“Oh her? Auntie Sasha and Uncle Connie took care of her, and she grew so chubby that whenever she would sit down, she needed help to stand back up.” You said, remembering that the cute little puppy grew all plump because of the two.
Your daughter laughed as she tried to picture the puppy, struggling to maintain its balance.

*Ding dong*

“Daddy’s home!” [d/n] rushed to greet her daddy.
So, yeah..... ONE REQUEST DOWN AND 3 MORE TO GO!!!!!!!!

Hope ya liked it, :iconfrenzydaydreamer11: :iconmoesmileplz:

I made your husband anonymous so that you could choose between Jean and Marco ;D

*Mario Kart games are the cause of broken friendships... XD




Word count: 2,225 (LOONG. Longer than a normal chapter of ASFAWU)
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It didn't bother you that Jean placed first; what bothered you was how he came about it. Once he noticed the name, your name, right under his, he chuckled, and decided to hang it over your head the entire school year. Everyday after school, when the Top Ten Senior Class club meeting commenced, he'd poke at you, saying how he was just the right amount better than you to rank first. It made your blood boil, causing you to clench your fists and bite your tongue. As much as you wanted to smash his head in, you knew you had to be the better person. 

And although he teased  you, it didn't change the fact that you kind of found him....attractive. It wasn't just his looks (although that made up a good percentage of it), it was also how well of a leader he was. Along with his busy schedule, he still managed to lead club everyday, and continued to help underclassmen with their studies after. It was remarkable to see someone so dedicated to their school.

One day, however, as you and the rest of the top ten students readied your float for the school festival, Jean was nowhere to be found. It startled you when Armin asked where he was.

"Um, that's a good question," You raised a brow. "To be honest I haven't seen him all afternoon."

"He hasn't been answering any of our texts. It's quite odd of think he's in danger?" A look of worry crossed Armin's face.

You shrugged, "Maybe. If anything happens to him, though, that's fine with me. I'll be first instead."

"Don't say that!" 

"Armin, I'm joking!" You chuckled. "If Jean was held at gunpoint, he'd probably give a lecture on morals and spiritual matters to the point where the gunman would probably shoot himself instead." 

Armin rubbed the nape of his neck uncomfortably, "I guess you're right....he could take care of himself."

"If it makes you feel better, Armin, I'll go look for him."

And so you did. You began to wonder where he  could be at a time like this; it wasn't like him to miss club. You decided to shoot him your own text before going through the west hall. 

It wasn't long before Jean replied to you, which was quite surprising. 

East hall janitors closet

What was Jean doing in the janitor's closet....?

"Jean?" You whispered as you approached the closet door. "Jean?"

The door flew open and Jean pulled you inside. The door quickly shut behind you, submerging you in darkness. 

Jean clicked on a flashlight near his face, revealing dark circles under his eyes and bed hair. This was the worst state you've ever seen him in.

"Jean, what are you doing in-"

He  yawned, "You're too damn loud."

You exhaled, continuing in a lower quieter tone, "What are you doing in here? You should be out helping club finish the float for tonight." 

"Yeah, well, club can do without me for a little while," He flashed the light towards the ground. There lay a cot, and on top of that a pillow and blanket. He retreated towards it, facing the flashlight towards the ceiling as he climbed under the covers. The flashlight dimly lit the closet, and you could see Jean patting the space beside him.

"Relax," He mumbled.

You hesitated, realizing that you would have to share a pillow and blanket with him. You slowly crawled onto the cot, resting your head against the very edge of the pillow.

He yawned again, "You know you could scoot a little closer. I'm not dangerous."

You obeyed, though this was a side of Jean you've never encountered before. It was quite....charming. His arm curtained the blanket over you, his hand coming to a rest between your shoulder blades. 

"How long are we going to be in here for?" You questioned, although you wouldn't mind staying for a while. 

Jean's shoulders rose and fell, in a gesture that meant he could care less. He mumbled, "Don't know. Probably not until I wake up again."

It became silent as Jean continued with his nap. He looked peaceful and almost cute, with his mouth slightly ajar and his hair frayed in different directions. Your hand, deciding to move on its own, reached upwards, your fingers just tracing his jaw and chin. It then continued its ascent, placing itself over his cheek. 

Then, on cue, his eyes fluttered open, catching you in the act.

"What are you doing?" He asked groggily.

Instantaneously, you retracted your hand, "I, um, I was just- uh, you know, just-"

His chest rumbled with laughter, "Your hands are so cold they woke me up."

And then you found your hand intertwined with his, the warmth from it coursing through your entire body. This was not the Jean you knew, although there was no point in complaining and pushing him away. Might as well enjoy it, right?

Just when you thought he had fallen asleep, he spoke,

"You know, I always thought you were kind of pretty."
just a little something before i go off to school play practice
this idea was based off of the anime, Special A
its a really cute anime you should all watch it if you havent watched it c:

oh and possible bonuses for this in the future!!!!!!!!
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