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The HD version of this video, shot by Jamiez, can been seen here: [link] He also has other videos from Wai-con up, so be sure to check his channel out! [link]

So, do you remember that Azula firebending skit I did at Manifest? Well, here's the skit that that was a mere warm up for!

Needless to say a lot of work went in to choreographing, voice recording and practising this skit! We spent around two months putting the combat part together.

Unfortunately, the lighting was far from ideal. I'm not sure whose idea it was to have glaring back lighting AND a smoke machine, so when they turned the lights down even further than we asked them to, it was really bad combination for videoing. There's another video just of the fight scene where it's easier to see what's going on in the fight scene here: [link]

The lights that we used are Flowlights, a kind of LED glow poi. Specifically, Fire, Air and Water 2. It was really convenient how my favorite kind of poi are element themed. =)

A few other neat points about the group:
-:iconintricatia: actually shaved her head for this
-it was :iconzzzzing: and :iconcheru3:'s first cosplay!
-:iconrallamajoop: and I have both practised poi for a few years, but :iconvelithya: learned to swing poi in a few months for this skit!
-:iconhotarukitty: very kindly jumped in to be Toph for us at the last minute when our other Toph cosplayer was unable to make it over for the convention.
-Drayke was making Sokka style wise cracks all day!

Aang - :iconintricatia:
Katara - :iconrallamajoop:
Sokka - :icondrayke:
Toph - :iconhotarukitty:
Zuko - :iconvelithya:
Azula - :iconrisachantag: (Me)
Ty Lee - :iconzzzzing:
Mai - :iconcheru3: (costume made by :iconyiji:)

Script - :iconrallamajoop:
Audio recoring & mixing - :iconrisachantag:
Video - Jamiez

MC - John Robertson [link]
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Model: Aiko as Hatsune Miku (World is mine) from Vocaloid -- Outtakes:

Thanks for watching! You can find all of our cosplay videos @
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For the full quality, high definition version, please visit Neil Creek's website here: [link]
Thanks so much for taking this video, Neil!

This is me, cosplaying as Azula, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, at Manifest 2010.

The Costume:

This is the outfit that Azula wears through certain episodes in season 3. [link] [link]

The entire outfit is sewn by myself, over a two month period. I ended up sewing right up until a few hours before I left for my flight to Melbourne! Usually I'm pretty well on top of things for my costumes, but I spent one week sick, and another week unable to walk or kneel down properly, so I ended up pretty short for time.

I made all the patterns for this costume myself. The shoes were made by buying a pair of slip-on shoes, attaching points made from craft foam, then making a boot cover to slip over the top and glue down.

I also want to say thanks here to ~rallamajoop for helping to style the wig.

The Skit:

Oh man, I'm just really glad I got to actually perform this skit, after what happened. I tore two ligaments in my knee only a month before the convention, in a training accident. The occupational therapist I went to worked wonders, but I only ended up being able to practice and choreograph the skit a few days before I went.

The glowing lights you see are "Flowlights", a kind of super bright LED glow poi ([link]). I've been learning poi for fun for about two years, but this was the first time I'd been in front of an audience with them.

I used to be a red belt in taekwondo in high school, so I have a little background in martial arts. Unfortunately the knee injury meant I had to hold back a fair bit. That's also why all the kicks in the routine are with my right leg, as it can't support me when kicking with my left.

I was so happy at the audience response! It made it all worth it. The skit won best solo skit too. =)
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Yey, im on vacations! which means im officially done with college and soon, a happy graduated person from the animation program.

This is the result of two years of learning and one with lots of awkward moments and frustration, but you know what, everything is worthy, specially when you have awesome family that supports you and a sister that menaces you with your allowance, a new way for motivation.

Garlic Sauce, a random tale about what happens when you are a curious creature on the night delivering food during Halloween.

Music made by my cousin/godfather Carlos Hernandez [link]

Everything done in this short film (c) Me
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Thanks for watching! You can find all of our (cosplay) videos @
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The first fully animated stop motion cartoon I did (I did before this but there were several sections that were just stills).

It's a dark comedy about the Grim Reaper falling in love. I shot in on 16mm film on a Bolex camera. The score was written for the project by a friend of mine.
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Makorra Week: Day 5 (Damage)

Featuring the Makorra Bots.
When Legend of Korra goes literal and robots can become physically and emotionally damage. Total of 55 pictures, lots of subtle changes and underline messages. A 5 day work project with several days wondering what to do for this theme. Don't know if I should make a sequel, but all of you know what happened, right?

Hope you all like this, comment, favorite, share the Makorra Love.

[ Youtube Link ]
[ Tumblr Reblog Link ]

Day 1: [ Link ]
Day 2: [ Link ]
Day 3: [ Link ]
Day 4: [ Link ]
Day 5: You're Here!
Day 6: [ Link ]
Day 7: [ Link ]

Legend of Korra (c) Bryke
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Finally completed this animation. Wow I can't believe this 1 min and 44 sec animation took so long to make. I literally did all animation, sound design, and music. This is a huge change from my previous work. Thank you for watching this animation everyone and hope you'll like it. :)

All animation and music is done by me (KhanhCPham).

You can view the YouTube version here:…

I managed to get the daily feature award on newgrounds. It shows my hard work is paying off. :)…
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If you like it, please, you vote in YouTube:…
Videoclip (making in traditional animation in hand) for the 2nd single of my LP "Encerrado en mi Mente (Enclosed in my Mind):…
The song is also part of the soundtrack of "Rapunzel Nabunzel", my independent animation film:…
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Short fiction film made ​​entirely with timelapse technique, we (bambaray and SergioGonzalez) hope you like it!

Sound: Spanish
Subtitle: English

Data of the short: 8.790 photographs + 118 videos = 185 Gb of data

Some gear used:
Canon 450D
Canon 7D
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly

Summary: From a dream language, the authors address the issue of human-nature relationship. Man finds himself increasingly isolated from the environment in which he lives and is at a tipping point which authors seek to expose deeper into the world of the unconscious.

Short film made by @LabBambara

More credits:

Voice and Advertising Image:  Isaac Berrocal
Music (Original Soundtrack): Óscar Xiberta Soto
Sound Mixer: Pablo Vega
Poster Illustration: Juan Darién
English and French Translation: Emma Delgado Perrier
German Translation: Raquel Domínguez
Administrative: Javier Llamas



Watch on vimeo:
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