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    “Count off!” The loud German yelled.

    “Uno.” The Italian said with his normal smile.

    “Ni!” The Japanese man said straitening up.

    “Three.” You said as the German looked at his team.

    “Today’s training is a simple one.” He started as you thought.

    ‘A simple one? We just ran I don’t know how many miles already plus those pushups and pull ups oh and don’t forget the sit ups.’ You realized you were talking in your head and not listening so you pulled yourself back to what the German was saying.

    “Today ve vill deal vith how to properly throw a grenade.” He said as they all watched. “First you take the pin out,” He used his teeth and spit it out.  “and you throw.” He tossed the grenade as it exploded  from a distance. “______!”

    “Y-yes?” You cleared your throat as you repeated your reply without it sounding shaky. “Yes?”

    “You’re up first.” He stepped aside after handing you the explosive. “Ready?”

    ‘no.’ you thought as you got ready.

    “Hit your target!” The German ordered as you took the pin between your teeth removing it and throwing the grenade as it exploded in the distance. “Vell done, ______.” Germany said as her held his hand above his eye watching where your grenade went.

    “Thank you, sir.” It was strange calling Germany sir being he was your friend and all.

    “Japan!” Germany looked behind him.  “You’re next.”

    “Hai!” Japan walked up to take his place while you walked back to stand in your spot.

    “Nice throw, Bella.” Italy told you in his normal cheerful voice.

    “Thank you.” You smiled as your attention was pulled back by Japan’s grenade exploding in the distance.

    “Nice vork, Japan.” Germany looked over as he saw the third member. “Italy!” He called out as Italy skipped over to him.

    “Nice job, Japan.” You looked at your teammate as he gave you a nod.

    “Thank you, ______-chan.” He said as both of you heard the one word you don’t want to hear while dealing with explosives.

    “Oops.” As the words slipped out of the Italian’s mouth you saw that the grenade also slipped out of his hands. Even before Germany could yell ‘retreat’ all four of you started to run. The force from the explosion sent you all to the ground taking cover. You opened your eyes to a high pitch sound. You sat up covering your ears as it dulled out and stopped. You sighed in relief. That sound was giving you a headache. It wasn’t until you felt a hand on your shoulder as you looked up to see Germany by your side talking to you. But something wasn’t right. Luckily one of your trainings with Germany was to read your enemy’s lips but it wasn’t like you were an expert on it. You looked at Germany as his mouths made the words, “Are you okay?”

    “Are you mouthing the words or saying them out loud?” you asked as you answered your own question. You snap your fingers by your ears as you soon found out you couldn’t hear a thing.

    -Time Skip-

    You sat in the doctor’s office after being examined to see if your state was permanent or not. Your head rested on the wall as you sat on the doctor’s table with Italy by your side holding your hand. The doctor was talking to Germany and Japan as you wouldn’t be able to catch everything he said just by reading his lips. You saw Japan slightly bow thanking the doctor as he was handed a small note pad and a pen. Germany looked at Italy as he was talking to him. He was speaking to fast for you to be able to read his lips. You gave up as Japan handed you a note pad with his writing on it.

    ‘The doctor said that your hearing loss is about 60% temporary and it could return as soon as a few hours or in a couple of days.’ You liked it that Japan just kept it simple and didn’t write everything the doctor said.

    “Thank you.” You said to Japan but you weren’t really sure if you said it or not. It was like having headphones on and your music really loud while talking to someone at the same time. You sighed as you felt the embrace of Italy beside you. You felt the vibrations in his throat telling you he was talking. You looked up as you saw tears in his eyes as you didn’t need him to write anything down for you to know he was telling you he was sorry that he caused this. You wrapped your arms around him pulling him close.

    “It’s okay, Italy.” You told him, again not hearing you talk was weird. “It was an accident and no one got hurt.” You rubbed his back as he cried into your shoulder. “We’re lucky this was the worst that happened.” You told him as you looked into his water filled eyes putting on your best smile but the truth was you didn’t know if everything was going to be all right. You could only hope.

    -Time Skip-

    You sat on Italy’s couch while Italy and Germany were in the kitchen with Japan making dinner. You sat there as you looked at the same spot on the wall as you didn’t move from your spot. Your eyes widened as you felt a shove in your shoulder as you looked up seeing Romano looking at you with Spain behind him.

    “What?” You saw Romano’s mouth move in the words. “Are you deaf?”

    Before you could answer you saw Italy came in the room pulling Romano and Spain aside. You sat there knowing he was telling them that you had in fact gone deaf. You looked away as you soon felt someone sit beside you and a hand on your knee. You turned to see Spain’s smiling face that could make anyone’s day a bit brighter. You smiled back at him as he pulled you into a hug.

    Tears came to your eyes for he didn’t have to say anything to you to let you know he was there for you. You tried not to let any tears fall until Italy was out of the room. He already felt bad enough without seeing your fear in all this.

    [Axis POV]

    “I feel awful.” Italy said put his head in his hands.

    “You should,” Romano told his brother. “You took away her hearing.”

    “Itary it was an accident.” Japan told him as he took a sip of his tea. “Prus she might get her hearing back at some point.”

    Italy groaned putting his head on the table as Romano stirred the pasta. “I have to make it up to her.” He thought as he looked up. “They’re having that fireworks show tonight.” Italy looked at the others. “We should bring her to that.”

    “Yeah Sorry I made you deaf so here are some fireworks.” Romano mocked as he put the pasta in different bowls. “Bastardo.”

    “What about fireworks?” The team looked as they saw you walking in with Spain.

    “Bella!” Italy looked at you as he got up and took your hand so you would look at him. “Do you want to go see the firework show tonight?” He asked hoping you understood him as you smiled at him and nodded.

    “That sounds like fun.” You told him as Italy smiled.

    [Reader’s POV]

    You all sat down for dinner as you knew it would be different not being able to hear the chattering at the dinner table. You ate your dinner without saying a word or looking at anyone until your empty bowl was taken by Germany. Your hand was taken by Italy as he asked you ‘Are you ready for the fireworks?’ You nodded knowing what he asked as he pulled to along with the others following.

    -Time Skip-

    You sat in the grass looking at the dark sky waiting for the show to start. You sat between Italy and Japan as you held your knees to your chest. You made sure to keep a smile on your face when Italy was talking to you to make him feel better. Your eyes were drawn to the sky as a bright blue firework exploded in the sky. It was very pretty but it just wasn’t the same not hearing it. After a while Italy notice your smile wasn’t on your face as he knew why. He turned to Germany talking to him as you put your head down covering your eyes with your knees.

    Suddenly a faint popping sound of exploding fireworks reached your ears. You noticed this as you looked up to see if the fireworks were really what you were hearing.

    “…She’ll never forgive me for doing this to her.” You heard a familiar Italian voice as you looked beside you to Italy facing away from you.

    “Italy,” You said as he turned to look at you. “I already forgave you after it happened.”

    “But Bella I…” He stopped as he and the others looked at you. “Bella I said that facing away from you…” You smiled as he hugged you. “Your hearing! It’s back!”

    “That’s great, ______-chan.” Japan said hearing the news.

    “That’s vunderbar, ______.” Germany said as you smiled.

    “It just started to fade back a couple minutes ago.” You giggled as you hugged your friend.

    “I’m so sorry Bella!” Italy apologized again.

    “It’s okay, Italy.” You said as you put your head on his shoulder. “I forgive you.” You smiled as you watched the fireworks with your friends.
Alright I'm doing a small bit of three x reader stories for my "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" thing. This is the Hear no Evil as you can see. I hope you enjoy and look for the others coming up soon ^^

Hetalia: Doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Allies x Blind! Reader:…
Nordics x Mute! Reader:…
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    “I love the snow.” You said to yourself as you were walking to the house of your friends, the Nordics. You were staying with them while your place was going under construction. You held a couple plastic bags in your hands filled with your purchases from the grocery store. You breathed in the cold air as you smiled. You were about half way to the Nordic’s home when the winds started to pick up. The snow that was picked up in the wind was so thick you barley could see where you were going. “Well there are the bad sides of the snow I guess.” You told yourself as you heard a cracking from above as you looked up seeing a large branch tumbling down on top of you.

    [Nordic’s POV]

    “Are you sure you don’t need any help, Sweden?” Finland asked as he and Sweden were on their way back from cutting firewood. He shook his head as he held the stack of firewood on his shoulder.

    As soon as they saw their home in sight Hanatamago stopped and looked down a different path.

    “What’s wrong, Hana?” Finland asked as the small dog started to run and bark down the path. “Hana!” Finland said running after his dog as Sweden put the wood down and followed. The two  Nordics followed the small dog as she stopped and barked.

    “Wh’t is she g’ing on ab’ut? [What is she going on about?] Sweden asked as Hanatamago started to dig in the snow.

    “I don’t know.” Finland walked over to pick up his dog as he saw something (your favorite color). He brushed the snow away as he saw it was your coat. “______?” He set Hanatamago down as he started to dig at the snow. “Sweden!” He called out as Sweden saw it was you under the snow he started digging too. As soon as they got you out of the snow Sweden took you in his arms holding your body close.

    “She’s freezing.” Finland said putting his hand on your pale face. “We’ve got to get her back to the house.” Sweden agreed as he picked you up taking you back to the house.

    [Reader’s POV]

    Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open as you looked around seeing you were in the guest room of the Nordic home. You sat up putting your head in your hands as you felt a bandage around your head. You blinked as you ran your fingers along the bandage that wrapped around your head.

    “______!” You looked at the door as Denmark walked in. “About time you woke up!” His loud voice was nice for a smile from you. “How do you feel?”

    As you went to answer you didn’t hear anything. You tried to speck again and again nothing came out. Your hand went to your throat as you couldn’t make a sound.

    “______.” Finland said with the other Nordics behind him. They must have seen the fear on your face.

    “What’s wrong?” Norway asked as you patted the front of your throat.

    “I don’t think she can speak.” Iceland said as Finland sat on your bed as you shook your head.

    “The sickness must have done something to your vocal cords.” Finland said as you looked at him with wonder in your eyes. “We found you unconscious in the snow a couple days ago.”

    ‘A couple days ago?’ you thought as he went on.

    “You’ve had a high fever since then. It broke this morning but it must have left you mute.” Finland looked at you as your (e/c) eyes filled with tears of fear. He pulled you into a hug as thoughts raced through your head.

    -Time skip a few days-

    You sat on the couch watching the snow fall with Hanatamago in your lap as your hand slowly ran across the small dog. You sighed as a plate of fresh baked cookies were set on the table beside you. You turned your head to see Finland’s smiling face.

    “Thought you might like a snack.” He said in his happy tone. You had to admit if it wasn’t for his happiness of everything you wouldn’t be able to smile at all. You mouthed ‘Thank you’ to your Finnish friend when the door opened while Norway, Iceland and Denmark walked in.

    “How are things, Squirt?” Denmark asked sitting on the arm of the couch that you had your back against. You looked up at the Dane as he gave you his normal goofy smile. He got up as he walked into the kitchen with the other Nordics. “If you need us just holler.” He said as he disappeared behind the kitchen wall before you heard him making chocking sounds.

    “Why couldn’t you have been the one to go mute?” You heard Norway ask as you knew Norway got a hold of his tie.

    “Because it would take a lot to shut his mouth.” Iceland told his brother as you smiled.

     You got up scooping Hanatamago in your arms as you walked outside quietly closing the door behind you. Ever since the day you were found in the snow Finland has been a bit over protective of you going outside. You looked up at the grey skies as the snow crunch underneath your feet. You took a deep breath as you suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder. You jumped as you quickly turned to see Sweden standing behind you. You relaxed a bit seeing him as his blue eyes stared down at you.

    “Wh’t are y’u d’ing out her’, ______?”[What are you doing out here, ______?] He asked as he knew you couldn’t answer. He took off his long coat and put it around you. “D’n’t want y’u to catch an’ther cold.” [Don’t want you to catch another cold.”] You smiled up at him as you turned your head to hear a voice.

    “______!” Finland ran out of the house. “You’re going to get sick again.” You knew he was just looking out for your own good as Sweden put his hand on Finland’s shoulder.

    “It w’n’t hurt h’r to be out f’r a bit.” [It won’t hurt her to be out for a bit.]

    “Good!” You heard another voice as Denmark came out with Norway and Iceland behind him. “Then let’s go get some beer. We’re out.” He grinned as both Iceland and Norway facepalmed.

    “We’re also low on firewood.” Norway said as Sweden nodded and was off to get a couple of axes.

    Norway walked over to you as he handed you your thicker coat. You set Hanatamago down as you switched coats out so you could give Sweden back his coat.

    As you were out with the guys you sat on a fallen tree watching them as they either chopped wood (mainly Sweden) or goofed off (Denmark hitting Norway and Iceland with snowballs.)You smiled as you swung your legs off the tree you sat upon watching them only a few yards away. Your attention was taken from the guys as you saw a white dust in the distance. You looked to see it coming closer at a quick pace. You looked to see a herd of moose charging in the clearing. You looked in their path that passed through the clearing that led for the guys. You waved your arms but none of them saw you. You slide off the tree to warn them but as you started to go towards them you were pulled back by a dead vine wrapped around your leg. You tugged and tried to untangle yourself as the vine seemed to just get more tangled. You turned seeing the herd closer than before as the guys didn’t seem to see or hear them. You panicked as you looked around. There was no way you could throw a snowball that far to get their attention.

    You took a deep breath as you knew you had to warn them. You took everything you had as you tried to make noise. “Loo…Loo” You started to make progress but you had no time. You used everything you had. “L-look out!” You screamed. It hurt like hell but you got their attention.

    The guys looked at you then behind them as they saw the herd to close for comfort. Sweden took Finland out of the path with him and Denmark took both Iceland and Norway as they got out of the way letting the herd pass with no one harmed.

    “Good thing ______ saw those.” Denmark said as they all realized you had warned them. They all ran to you as you held your sore throat.

    “You warned us.” Finland said as he knelt down beside you. You smiled as Sweden got the vine from your leg.

    “It hurt like hell.” You said with a raspy voice as you cringed at even the small sentence hurt your throat as Norway put a hand on your shoulder and gave you a rare gentle smile.

    “Maybe a cup of hot tea will sooth that throat of yours.”
Alright so this is the third and final part of my "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" theme. This is the Speak no evil part. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you enjoyed my See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil theme. Thank you for reading ^^

Hetalia: Doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Axis x Deaf! Reader:…
Allies x Blind! Reader:…
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    “Achoo!” a sneeze left the sick American’s mouth. “I hate being sick.”

    “Ai-ya. Cover your mouth when you sneeze!” China yelled sneezing into a tissue. “That’s how this all started.”

    “Would you all get back to your rooms?” You asked them. You have had the Allies over for a meeting the few nights before when they all woke up coughing and sneezing so you decided that you would take care of them until they felt better.

    “Sorry, ______.” England sneezed. “We’ll try to stay out of your way, poppet.”

    “You guys aren’t in my way but if you want to get better I suggest you get back to bed!” You shooed the men out of your kitchen towards the hallway.

    “But Sunflower…” Russia said as you turned into his room.

    “Don’t you Sunflower me.” You told the large country as you pulled the sheets over him. “You guys need your rest.” You walked over to the room where France was already in bed.

    “I’d fell better if you come and lay in ‘ere wit’ me, mon cher.” He smiled as you shook your head.

    “No I have to take care of you all.” he frowned as you kissed his forehead feeling that he still had a fever.

    “How about you Canada?” You asked peered into a room with Canada in the bed.

    “I’m alright, ______.” He smiled as you tucked him in kissing his forehead feeling his fever as well.

    “I don’t know how I got sick, aru.” China coughed in his sheets in another room. “I think Russia got us sick.”

    “Why me?” Russia asked hearing China’s voice travel down the hall.

    “Excuse me, poppet?” England asked as you passed the room he was staying in. “Can I bother you for a cup of tea?”

    “Sure I’ll put some water on the stove.” You smiled as he thanked you. You walked down the small set of stairs as you walked into the kitchen setting your teapot in the kitchen sink and filled it up with water before setting it on the stove.

    “______!!!” you heard America whine your name.

    “Yeah?” you ran through the hall to his room.

    “Can you make me lunch?” He asked with puppy dog eyes.

    “Yeah sure.” You smiled. “But I don’t think McDonalds will be good for you so I’ll make some homemade chicken noodle soup. Sound good?”

    He pouted as you declined him of McDonalds but he nodded at your homemade soup.

    “How about the rest of you?” You asked walking down the hall as you heard agreement from everyone. “So there is something you all can agree on.” You smiled looking into China’s room. “Hey do you want some tea as well?”

    “Yes, Thank you, ______.” He smiled weakly as he started a coughing fit.

    “______?” You heard France as you walked in his room. “Can I get something to brighten up the room?” He asked looking around. “Every time you leave the room it gets so dull. ‘ell of course except with me being in ‘ere” He laughed as he coughed.

    “How about some Roses from my garden?”You asked seeing his smile break through the coughing.

    “Zat would be wonderful.”

    You smile as you rush back into the kitchen hearing the teapot whistling. You poured the hot water into two cups as you made the two teas know how both men took their tea. You hurried out grabbing your clippers as you got a few roses from your garden. You looked over seeing your sunflower patch knowing Russia would like some in his room you clip some of those too. You put the flowers in two vases and took the roses to France and took the Sunflowers to Russia

    “Sunflowers from my Sunflower?” Russia asked looking up as you were fixing them. You nodded as you pulled the sheets back onto Russia. “Lunch is almost ready.” You smiled as you left the room.

    You poured six bowls of soup as you held three bowl on each arm and balanced the as you went to serve the guys.

    “You’re amazing ______.” America told you as you handed him one of the bowl with a spoon.

    “Thanks I think.” You giggled as you went to England’s room.

    “Oh poppet let me help you with that.” He told you as he started to get out of bed.

    “No no I’m fine just take a bowl.” You told him as he sat back down taking his lunch. “Your tea will be coming along in a few minutes.” You smiled heading out the door again.

    “Thank you, love.” England took a spoon full of your homemade soup.

    After you got them all feed and gave the tea to both England and China you got them all to take some mediation, (Alfred refusing the most) Moments later you found the men sound asleep. You collected all the empty bowls and put them in the sink as you took wet washcloths and set them on each of the sick men’s forehead to bring down their fever. After you washed the dishes you crashed onto the sofa and sighed.

     “It’s like having six sons.” You giggle as you noticed in the whole playing nurse for your friends you forgot to make something to eat for you. You got up as you decided to make (fav homemade meal). As you were eating you jumped at a voice calling for you.

    “Duuudddddeeeeettttt!!!” America whined as you walked to the room he was staying in.

    “Yes?” You asked as you walked in.

    “Can I have another box of tissues?” He whined.

    “Yeah.” You smiled as you opened the hall closet getting a new box of tissues for the hero. You opened it and put it on the side table.

    “Thanks.” You smiled as you heard England calling you.

    “Yes?” You looked at the British man sitting up in his bed.

    “Would you mind finding me a book, love?” He asked as you flashed him a smile.

    “Sure hold on a second.” You told him turning around almost tripping on a small polar bear sitting in the hallway. “Oh Kumajiro are you looking for Canada?”

    “Who?” He looked at you as you sighed picking him up and taking him to Canada’s room setting him on the bed with Canada. You walked back as you looked at the clock noticing the time.

    “I’m going have to get dinner on a roll.” You said as you took some stuff out of the fridge and making the guys dinner.

    “______?” You heard China as you walked in the hall. “Can you make me some tea?”

    “Yeah.” You forced a smile as you heard a Russian accent asking for something then a French accent asking for something and then a Canadian accent was heard. You were running around the house grabbing different things as six different voices were heard asking for stuff when you walked in the hall it started spinning faster and fast until you finally fell to your knees.

    In no time your friends were by your side asking if you were alright as your face was in your hands.  

    “Poppet?” England asked as you looked at him with tired eyes.

    “Oh yes your book. I’ll go get it for you.” You said as he shook his head.

    “No it’s fine I can get it on my own.” He looked into your (e/c) eyes as he felt your face. “Oh love you’re burning up.”

    “So whatever is cooking.” America sniffed the air as you forgot you had dinner in the oven.

    “Oh no! Dinner!” You started to get up as England sat you back.

    “I will take care of dinner, mon cher.” France told you as he made his way to the kitchen.

    “We’ve got to get you into bed, Sunflower.” Russia told you as he picked you up bridal style and walked into your room at the end of the hall and set you in your comfortable bed.

    “I’ll make you some tea.” China said walking out into the hall.

    “But I have to get you guys better.” You weakly said as you felt tired all of a sudden.

    “You’ve done enough.” Canada told you as he hugged Kumajiro to his chest.

    “We’re well enough that our bodies will take care of the rest, Poppet.” England smiled at you. “It’s our turn.” He brushed your (h/c) hair out of your eyes as you smiled and your eyes started to close into a peaceful slumber.
Alright this was something I typed up and it turned into what you see now. I hope you enjoy it and if you don't I'm sorry.

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me.

You: I don't think you belong to me :XD:
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    “What was that?” You groaned lifting your head off your pillow after hearing a crashing sound. You sat up rubbing your eyes before reaching over taking a tissue and blowing your stuffy nose. You were taking care of your six sick friends before you got yourself sick. You slide your slippers on as headed down the hall to see what your friends were doing or destroying.

    “What do you think you are doing?” You heard a British accent.

    “It wasn’t my fault dude! The table got in the way.” You heard an American accent.

    “What’s going on?” You asked with a nasally voice. Both your friends England and America looked up as you as you saw a broken flower pot on the floor.

    “I’m sorry ______.” America told you as he saw you in the door way. “I backed up into your table knocking the pot over.”

    “It’s fine.” You said opening the closet and taking out your broom. “I have another in the back yard.” You covered your mouth as you sneezed walking over to the mess.

    “Love, you really should be in bed.” England said holding his hand to your forehead. “You’re burning up.”

    “I’m fine.” You told him when you felt the broom being taken away from you as you turned meeting the gaze of the Frenchman.

    “He is right mon cher. You need to rest to be able to get better.” He handed the broom to America who muttered as he swept.

    “What are you doing out of bed aru?” You turned seeing China holding a bowl of hot soup.

    “She was just about to go back to bed.” England stated before he started to guide you towards the hallway.

    “If the Sunflower wants to be out here you should at least let her have her lunch before she goes back.” Russia said as you looked up at the smiling Russian.

    “Fine,” England said as you went over to the couch. “But you’re covering up with a blanket so you don’t get a chill.”

    “A chill eating soup?” America laughed while England threw a blanket over you making sure you were fully covered. China handed you the soup he was holding as you started eating. The warmth of the soup felt to soothing on your sore throat.

    “I’ll go open a window in your room so you can have some fresh air in there when you return.” England said walking back to your bedroom.  You ate your lunch as your eyes started to get heavy. You let out a yawn as China took your empty bowl.

    “Now would you like to go back to bed, love?” England asked putting his hand on your forehead. “You still have a fever.” He told you as he helped you to your feet and to your bedroom. You snuggled under your sheets as England put the extra blanket over you and gave you a soft smile. “I’ll come back to check on you in a bit, poppet.”

    You slightly nodded as your eye lids could no longer stay open as you fell asleep.

    The sudden coolness that rested on your forehead brought a bit a joy to you as it helped you feel a bit better. You opened your eyes as a wash cloth was set on your head and a bowl of cold water was on you night stand. You looked up seeing the shy eyes of your Canadian friend.

    “I hope I didn’t wake you, ______” He softly said as you smiled.

    “No, Canada.” You just barley shook your head. You looked at your clock seeing you had been sleeping for a couple hours. “Where were you earlier?” You softly asked as you coughed into your hand.

    “I was at the store getting some stuff for dinner tonight.” Canada told you as he moved a piece of your (h/c) hair out of your eyes. “I also got you some medicine to help.” He helped you sit up as he held a spoon and poured green liquid into it.

    “Do I have to?” You asked looking at him.

    “If you want to get rid of that cough you do.” He told you as you stopped to think. “______?”

    “I thinking if the cough is worth taking the medicine or not.” You looked at him as he held the spoon to your mouth. You sighed opening your mouth and taking the medicine. You shivered as the medicine made its way down your throat.

    “Cherry flavor my foot!” You took the glass of water from Canada. “Biggest lie in the world.”

    “Well it will help you sleep a bit more and bring your fever down.” Canada said as you went back under your sheets. “Do you need anything else?”

    You shook your head before he stood up. “Hey Mattie?” You asked as he turned noticing you used his human nickname. “Can you stay until I fall asleep?”

    “Yeah.” He nodded sitting on the side of your bed as your eyes were already heavy. He started humming a French lullaby most likely one that France used to sing to him when he was younger as you drifted back to sleep.

    You (e/c) eyes fluttered open as you sat up stretching. You could breathe clearly. You head didn’t feel stuffy and you hadn’t coughed in the last minute. You felt pretty good. You stood up looking out your window seeing the sun already went down for the day.

    You made your way down the hall to see the damage of your home that the guys have caused. You were surprised to find your house clean and in order. You smiled as you walked into the living room finding all six guys sleeping on the couches and chairs. You smiled taking the blankets and covering them for the night. You walked to the door way putting your hand on the light switch as you smiled at your friends. “Thank you, guys.” You switched the lights out as you went to your bedroom for the night.
Alright this was a request made by :iconcoticotic: who wanted a sort of continued part of "Sick! Allies x Reader: It's Our Turn." I'm so sorry it took me so long ^^; I've been busy lol. I hope you enjoy.

Sick! Allies x Reader: It's Our Turn:…

Hetalia: Doesn't belong to me
You: Don't belong to me
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    You couldn’t control your tears anymore as they poured out of your eyes. The countries were speechless.

    “Whoa hold on, dudett.” America looked at you. “Did you say the doctor and the shrink are your parents?” You nodded through your tears that England was whipping away with a tissue.

    “My brothers are orderlies and a couple of my cousins are as well. My aunt is the secretary as well.”

    “So your parents put you in that awful place knowing how you would be treated and what they do to people in there?” China asked as Russia stood up heading for the door. “Where are you going?”

    “I’m going to give this doctor and shrink a piece of my mind, da.” He said reaching for the door before you got up grabbing his other hand.

    “No please!” You cried as the Russian looked at you. “If you go down there they’ll know I’m with you.” You looked up to his violet eyes as he looked into your watery (e/c) ones.

    “Alright sunflower.” He brought you back to the arm chair and sitting you in his lap as you rested your head on his shoulder as he gentle rubbed you back as you calmed down. Getting only a couple hours of sleep the countries thought it would be better if you go back to bed. They would be staying up to make sure everything was fine.

    You crawled back under your sheets as your (e/c) fluttered shut in a deep slumber. You’re eyes shot open at the sound of glass breaking in the front room. You shot up listening as you heard the front door being kicked open. You heart jumped as your bedroom door flew open as you saw your brothers in gas masks grabbing you before you could get away. You kicked and screamed as they put a straight jacket on you and tightened it dragging you into the front room where you saw all of your friends knocked out by gas.

    “Guys! America! England! Russia! Germany!” You screamed their names as you were being dragged. “Please wake up!” Your tears returned in your eyes as you were put in the back of the van and the doors shut. “Guys please help! I don’t want to go back!” You cried as you stood up looking out the window. “Please! Japan! China! Anyone!”

    “It’s no use ______.” You heard a voice as you turned seeing your mother in the back with you holding a needle. “Now be a good little girl, pumpkin, and don’t move. This is only going to hurt for a moment.” She held you down as you struggled and screamed.

    “Poppet!” You heard the British accent of your friend. “Poppet wake up!” Your eyes shot open as you were breathing heavily. You looked around seeing England holding you by the shoulders as the others were around your bed looking at you with concern looks. You sat up as you looked at your hands that were shaking. You looked at England as he looked at you. He wrapped his arms around you as you shook. He ran his hand through your hair as he tried to calm you down.

    “It was only a dream, poppet.” He kept telling you as he rocked you back and forth. The others left your room to give you space and England stayed with you. You had finally calmed down enough to tell England what the dream was about. His face was filled with concern for your fear of being captured by her parents and having to go back to that place.

    “Poppet,” He cupped his hand on your cheek. “If that happens you know that we’ll do all in our power to get you back to us.” You nodded as he smiled. “Plus we have Russia on our side and he won’t let you step back into that place.”

    “Da.” You looked at the door seeing the Russian standing there. You smiled as you got up from your bed to join the others in the front room when you heard glass break. You gasped as you saw knock out gas was thrown in the window just like in your dream. Russia pulled his scarf over his face as he grabbed you pulling you out the back door.

    “Everyone get out the back!” England yelled as they all made it before anyone had breathed in the stuff.

    You turned as you saw everyone coming out of the cabin but you also saw you cousins behind them. They all turned to fight them when you felt a pair of hands grabbing you around the waist and mouth to muffle your screams. In only moments you were taken from your friends.

    You sat in the back of the van with your knees to your chest as the van was driving down the road. Tears ran down your face.

    “I can’t believe those idiots fell for the distraction.” You heard one of your brother’s voices.

    “Yes,” You heard your father. “But we have #1478 back and that’s what matters.” You were just a number to him. You sighed as you heard a horn. You stood up as your eyes grew in delight. You saw a van driving behind you and France was in the driver’s seat. They did come after you. The van hit a pot hole at caused the back doors to fly open. You stood there as the side door opened and Russia held out a hand to you as France go closer to the van.

    “Get her back in here now!” Your father told your brothers as the small door was unlocked for them to get back to you.

    You reached out your hand to Russia’s before you were snatched back by your brother. You screamed as the other one closed the doors.

    “Hold on boys!” You dad called out as he took a couple sharp turns sending you to one side of the van then to the other. You made your way to the door but again was taken away by one of your brothers as you turned around. “Let me go!” You said throwing your fist into his face as he flew back let you go. You ran to the window seeing they were still following you. You felt your father take another sharp turn but this time he lost control as the van went off the road flipping into hill filled with trees. You hit the walls as the van flipped when you finally blacked out.

    You groaned as you woke up laying on the side of the van. You looked around seeing your father and brothers left the van. You pushed yourself up as the soreness of the flipping set in. You gasped as the pain kept you from getting up.

    “Sunflower?” You heard the voice of Russia.

    “Poppet!” You knew that was England. “It’s a bloody white van how can we not find it?”

    “England!” Your voice was raspy and horse. “Russia!”

    “’old on.” You herd France.

    “Dudette!” America yelled.

    “America! France!” You tried yelling but it wasn’t that loud.

    “Ai-ya I think it’s over here.”

    “Bella say something!” You could hear them all now.

    “Italy!” You called out when you finally heard one of the back doors open.

    “She looks bad.” Germany said kneeling down to look at you. “______ can you hear me?”

    You looked up as you tried to nod. “Yeah.”

    “Does anyone smell gas and smoke?” America asked as the rest smelled it too.

    “I’m sorry if this hurts.” Germany scooped you in his arms as they all made a run for it back up the steep hill. There was an explosion as everyone reached the top of the hill. With your arms wrapped around Germany’s neck you watched as the flames took over the van.

    -time skip-

    “This was the scene today when a van from the mental hospital lost control and flipped over catching on fire.” The news reporter said that night on the news as you sat on the couch with your arms and legs bandaged up as China held an ice pack to your head. “Unfortunately there was a patient in the back of the van that didn’t make it out. A young lady by the name of ______  ______.  For this report of this tragic event ….” Germany turned the TV off as you turned to look at him.

    “I don’t think ______ needs to be watching this.” He said as Italy brought in a bowl of pasta as he held up the fork.

    “Open up Bella.” He said as you smiled.

    “I can feed myself Italy.” You told him. “I’m just banged up not broken.”

    “Well good news everyone thinks you died in the fire.” England said setting a cup of tea on the table where your feet were propped up. “So no one will be looking for you anymore.”

    You smiled as you were free to live your life without having to look over your shoulder. Just to live your life with the best friends a girl could ask for.

    The End
Ok this is the last chapter of Hetalia x Crazy! Reader. I didn't think it would end this soon :iconsweatdropplz: well everything comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed my Hetalia x Crazy! Reader fic ^^

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me
You: belong to the countries ^^

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4: :star:
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    “Stupid girl, this is the wrong beer!” A beer bottle smashed against the wall as you ducked in cover. The man you knew as your father stood towering of your four year old self. “I take you in. Put a roof over your head and give you clothing and this is how you repay me?” His hand flew down as you dodged it. He hated it when you dodged even if it was a reflex. He took a strong hold of your small arm and swing again, harder this time for dodging the first one. The hit was so hard it sent you to the floor. “______ you can’t do anything right!”

    “I tried.” You said through your tears as you got up. “I’m sorry.”

    “Oh ______ is sorry?” He stepped closer to you. “Oh you don’t know what sorry is!” He swung and hit you again sending you back to the ground. “You’re worthless. You’re dumb. You’re scum and no one will ever love you because of it.” He spit on your face as he left the room. “Clean the mess you made on the wall.” He told you as he was talking about the shattered beer bottle and the beer on the wall. You used your strength to stand up but instead of going to clean the mess like you normally would you ran to the front door. Just able to reach the knob and turn it you ran out the door into the snowy night.

    “______! Come back here or I’ll bring out the chains!” You heard the man yelling as he ran after you. You knew even if you did stop and go back he would use the chains anyway. Your eyes filled with tears you shut them tight as they were getting cold but you didn’t stop running. You tuned into a field as you run into something that caused you to fall into the snow. You looked up to see five guys looking back at your small shaking form.

    “Oh dear are you alright?” the blond one with violet eyes asked kneeling down to you. “Guys I think she’s been abused.” He told the others as they got closer. “What’s your name?”

    Before you could say anything you heard the man’s voice again. “______!”

    You gasped hearing him as you turned to the one knelt down to you. “Pl-please don’t let him hurt me anymore!” You begged him as the man came in sight.

    “Hey that’s my kid you have in your grubby hands there! Give her back to me!” He took a few steps towards you as the boy took you into his arms and hugged you close and two of the taller men stepped in between you and the man.

    “Who’s going to make us?” The one with spiked up hair asked him grinning.

    “Are you challenging me punk?” The man said as he saw the other two guys join them.

    “Are you prepared to take all of us?” The boy in the sailor outfit and floating curl told the man as he started backing up.

    “Y-you don’t scare me.” He looked towards you into your (e/c) eyes that made you shutter in the young man’s arms that were holding you. “I’ll be back for you brat.” He said as he ran off into the storm.

    You buried your face into the boy’s chest as your tears fell. He rubbed your back as he comforted you. “It’s alright ______.” He hummed a soothing lullaby as he started walking with you in his arms. He took you into a warm home as he and the other men walked in you lifted your head looking at the place. While you sat with the men they introduced themselves.

    Tino was the one who held you, Berwald was the quiet tall blond that stood between the man and you, Mathias was the other tall blond but he was loud and his hair was spiked up, Lukas was the one with the floating curl and Emil was the one with white hair and had a puffin with him.

    You sat in Tino’s lap as he sat near the roaring fire to help warm you up. Berwald made sure that the extra room was ready to be in use while the others sat in the living room looking at you.

    “What’s that man’s name, ______?” Lukas asked as you raised your head up from Tino’s shoulder. You thought about it but you really had no idea what his name was.

    “I don’t know.” You said softly. “He always told me that I was to be seen and not heard so I never talked to him but he would yell at me. Most of the time he would tell me that the seen part had to go away too.” There was a beep in the kitchen which told him that the soup he was making on the stove for ______ was ready. He got up as he set you on the chair to put it in a bowl.

    “What did his friends call him by?” Emil asked as Berwald had returned from up the stairs.

    “I was locked up in the basement when he had friends come over so I never was seen.” You told him when Tino walked back in with a bowl of soup and set it on the table in front of you.

    “Alright ______.” He smiled at you.  “Eat up.”

    You sat on the couch as tears came to your eyes and your small body started to tremble. The tear started to fall as you looked up at Tino. “I don’t know what I did wrong.” You said through your tears as Tinos panicked picking you up and setting you in his lap.

    “Nice going Tino you made her cry.” Mathias said when Lukas grabbed a hold of his tie chocking him.

    “I didn’t mean too.” Tino told the others as he looked at your crying form. “______? Why are you crying?”

    You sniffled as you tried to talk to him. “ Wh-whenever I g-got a meal l-like this i-it was for pun-punishment.” Your tears still fell. “He would put stuff in it so it would make me sick for a while.” Your crying started again as Tino hugged you tightly.

    “What would he give you to eat when it wasn’t a punishment?” Emil asked as you looked at him.

    “A cup of water and some crackers.” You sniffled. “Sometimes when I was really good he would give me a dinner roll with butter.” You whipped your tears with your fists.

    “I’m not trying to make you sick ______.” Tino told you after him and the other Nordic heard what you had to say. “You don’t have to worry here.” He rocked back and forth to sooth you.

    “Yeah,” Lukas sat on the couch next to you and Tino. “No one is going to hurt you here. We’ll make sure you’re safe.” You crying has stopped and it was only sniffles now. Tino whipped the rest of your tears out of your eyes as he held you close.

    “I’m sorry for crying like that.” You muttered as Tino kissed you on top of your head.

    “Will you at least try to eat something?” He asked as you looked at him. Something told you that you really could trust him and the others. You nodded as he set you down as you sat in front of the coffee table. You slowly took the spoon and dipped it in the soup. You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and put the spoon in your mouth. Your eyes popped open as you smiled. The soup was really good and it didn’t taste funny like when the other man would try to make you sick. You ate some more as Finland smiled seeing you eating. After you were done eating Finland took the bowl to the kitchen.

    “So how long have you been living with that man, ______?” Emil asked you as you thought.

    “A few years now.” You sighed.

    “A few?” Lukas asked looking at you. “You’re what four years old?”

    “Well…” You didn’t really know how to explain it.

    “______?” Tino asked you. “Did you ever have another name perhaps?”

    You thought for a moment. “Well I used to have a necklace with the name ‘Greenland’ on it.” You looked at them as they looked at each other and smiled.

    “______, as the king of northern Europe I declare you stay here with us.”

    “Really?” your (e/c) eyes sparkled at the idea of living with them.

    “Stupid Dane.” Lukas grabbed a hold of Mathias’ tie chocking him on calling himself the king again. You had no idea but a sound came out of your mouth. A sound you haven’t heard for a while. You were laughing. For the first time in years you were laughing.

    -Time skip-

    Finland leaned on the door frame of the extra room watching you sleep with your arm around Hanatamago and Mr. Puffin on your other side. Finland smiled as he walked down the stairs to the other Nordics. They have told you about them being a country and that you were one too.

    “How’s the newest Nordic doing?” Denmark asked as Finland nodded his head.

    “She’s sleeping peacefully which something tells me she hasn’t done that in a while.”

    “It will be ki’d of n’ce having a lit’le one aro’nd the ho’se.”[It will be kind of nice having a little one around the house.] Sweden said as Finland nodded agreeing with him.

    “And with Christmas not so far off we can give her the best Christmas ever!” He smiled.

    “I’ll teach her all the best stuff.” Denmark smiled when Lukas grabbed his tie.

    “You better not turn her into you, you damn Dane.” He said tightening his grip on the Dane’s tie.

    “Um guys?” Iceland looked at the other Nordics. “Does any of us know how to take care of a little girl?”

    To Be Continued…
Alright this is my first Nordic x Child Reader fic. I've been wanting to do a fic for the Nordics so here it is. Hope it's good ^^

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me

You: Don't belong to me

Picture: Not mine (found on google)

part 1: here
part 2:…
Part 3:…
part 4:…
part 5:…
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part 7:…
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    You were staring off into space as the buzz of the lights was the only sound you heard. You sat on your single bed in your white room dressed in your white t-shirt and white pants. You were staring at the same spot you always stared at. All day. All week. All mouth. All Year.

    “What’s her story?” a young man’s voice asked looking in the window of your one way locked door.

    “That’s ______ ______. She was put in here talking about different people who were named after countries of something like that.” Another male voice said looking in there with the other guy looking at you.


    “Yeah. When she first got here she would being saying stuff about America’s hero voice or Russia going after China. I brought her food once and she told me that it was worst then England’s cooking.”

    “Could they be people she knew and they each had a nickname of a country?”

    “I don’t think so. She said she became friends with the countries themselves but they had human names as well.” He shook his head as he started to walk away from your room. “She even told the guy playing the piano he wasn’t as good as Austria.”

    The two men walked down the hall as you heard their footsteps fading away. You didn’t care. Your eyes never left the wall and that’s all you did. The only light you had or ever had was the buzzing. With time passing by you had no idea what time is was when you heard your door click as someone unlocked it. You hung your head looking at the ground not wanting to see anyone or not knowing what they were here for. To give you the food that you don’t eat any way? To take you to shock therapy? To yell at you? To poke fun at you or shove more pills down your throat?

    Tears began to run down your face as you heard one of them say your name. Another one walked over to you and knelt in front of you tilting your chin looking you into your (e/c) eyes with his emerald green ones. “What have they done to you, poppet?” He asked as he wiped your tears away. You slowly looked over to the other one

    “They turned her into a zombie, dude!” The other one said as he looked at you. “We’ve got to get her out of here.”

    “Indeed but we have to do it so no one knows that we’re…” Suddenly an alarm went off. “…here.”

    “To late now.” The loud one said as he picked you up bridal style. “Let’s get out of here!” He said as they both ran down the halls. The alarm echoed through the halls as the orderlies ran after you guys. You looked up at the one holding you as you looked at his sandy blond hair with the cowlick on top. His blue eyes behind his glasses. He looked down as he saw your (e/c) eyes looking at him.

    “Don’t worry dudette! We’ll protect you. We’re the good guys.” He said as you suddenly saw a black sky. We’re you outside?

    The other one with emerald eyes whistled. “France!” Suddenly you saw lights turn on and an engine as a van pulled up in front of you guys as the first guy jumped in and the guy holding you handed you to him.

    “Step on it!” The loud one yelled as he got in and the wheels spun as the van was moving.

    You were buckled in the seat as you guys were speeding down the road.

    “How is the little chérie doing?” The driver asked as he look at you in the review mirror knowing they were clear of anyone chasing the van.

    “They turned her into a zombie!” The loud one yelled as you didn’t move. You just sat there.

    “She’s acting like America when he watches TV aru.” A voice behind you said.

    “Da, What have they done to our Sunflower?” another voice behind you asked.

    “The most I found out was she was submitted to the as America calls it ‘Nut house’ because she said she knew people that were countries.” The emerald eyed one said.

    “But she does know us!” The load one said looking at you sitting between him and the emerald eyed one.

    “She doesn’t look like her happy self.” A soft voice said from the passenger seat. He looked like the loud guy that was carrying you but he had a long curl instead of the cowlick. The vans headlights turned off as the van turned down a dirt road. After a while the van pulled up to a cabin near a lake.

    “They won’t find you out here, poppet.” The emerald eyed one told you as the loud one took you in his arms again holding you.

    “I’ll go tell the others that we’re here aru.” The guy in the back seat jumped out of the door up to the cabin.

    “Canada and I will put the van in the hide out.” The driver said as he drove off. With that the one holding you started walking up the steps to the cabin.

    “Vhat do you mean she’s not the same?” You heard an angry voice ask as you were inside the cabin.

    “Look for yourself aru.” The guy said as three new guys came in your vision as you were being held in the guy’s arms.

    “Bella?” one of the guys asked as you slowly looked over.

    “What happen to her?” A dark haired guy asked as you were let down to stand on your own two feet. And that what you did. Just stood there.

    “They broke her!” The first guy yelled. “Germany!”

    “Italy, they didn’t break her.” A large man with blond slicked back hair told him.

    “Let’s get her into the kitchen.” The blond with emerald eyes told them as he guided you into the kitchen.

    “She might be hungry.” The man with the short black hair said looking at you.

    “I’ve got scones from earlier.”

    “No way!” The loud one yelled but you just sat there staring off into space. “We’re trying to help her not kill her. I can’t let you do that for I’m the HERO!”

    The word ‘hero’ echoed in your head as you suddenly turned looking at him.

    “She reacted to you aru.”

    “Maybe some pasta will help!”

    “I’ve got McDonalds in the fridge!”

    “Gits. Here you go, love.” A plate of dark biscuits were placed in front of you. The emerald eyed guy held one out to you as you took it. You brought it to your mouth…

    “______! NO!”

    You took a bite as the bitter taste hit you and you dropped the piece in your hand as shut your eyes tight! “AGH! England’s scones!” You shirked as you suddenly realized what you said and tasted. “England’s scones?” You looked up seeing your British friend. “England? England!” You lunged forward wrapping your arms around his neck.

    “______! You’re back, love.” He held you in the hug. You turned seeing your friends as you hugged them all.

    “America! Italy! Germany! China! Russia!” You stopped as you looked at Japan as you knew about his personal space rule. He gave you a gentle smile as you hugged him too. “You guys are really here? I’m not dreaming?”

    “I don’t know with Japan hugging you I might be the one dreaming.” America said as the door opened.

    “What did we miss?” France asked with Canada walking in behind him. You smiled running up into his arms in a hug.

    “France!” You turned hugging Canada. “Canada!”

    “You’re alright!” Canada smiled hugging you.

    You nodded. “Ironically I think England’s scone triggered something in my head and it reacted with the medicine they gave me back at the…” Your face paled as you thought of that horrible place. You started to feel light headed as France took a hold of you so you wouldn’t fall. “I-I can’t go back there.” He looked into your scared (e/c) eyes. “You don’t know what it’s like in there.”

    “Mon cher, we’re not going to let you go back there.” He told you as he took you in the living room and sat you on the couch.

    “Plus they won’t be able to find you all the way out here.”

    “Da they will have to go through me first Sunflower.” You looked up at Russia and smiled.

    “It’s getting late, love.” England said as you nodded. He showed you to your room as they all said their good nights you sat in bed for the first time in a while not hearing buzzing from the lights and not just staring at a blank wall for on the wall was a group picture of you and your nine country friends.

    To Be Continued…
Alright This is my Hetalia x Crazy Reader fic. I hope it goes well and that you enjoy it. Let me know what you think of it ^^ I would like to hear your thoughts lol

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Part 1: :star:
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
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    You have lived with the Nordics for a few years now. You have grown into a strong country and a beautiful young adult. You were happy with your family and who you became. You have taken responsibility of who you were and of your country. You attended the meetings to represent yourself and to put in your own word. You really grew up. Even so you were still (as Denmark would call you) the runt of the Nordics. You might have grown but you were still the little sister. Everyone enjoyed your smile as you walked passed them and you never seemed to make any enemies.

    You held your suitcase as you walked up the stairs to your hotel room where you and the other countries were staying for the world meeting. You got to your door as you found a piece of folded paper taped to it. You took it as you unlocked your room and walked in setting your stuff down You opened the letter as you read.

     “My dearest Greenland,

    I have admired you as long as I can remember and I can’t take it any longer. I was wondering if you would accompany me on a date tonight later after the meeting. I will wait for your response.

    With love and hope…”

    “Greenland!” You jumped to see Taiwan standing at your door. She smiled as she hugged you. “Isn’t this place great?” She was one of your closest friends.

    “Yeah it is.” You smiled as you took a (f/c) dress that went above the knee and had lace on it. “Hey can you tell my brothers I went into town for a bit?” You asked as she nodded.

    “Yes but where are you going?” She asked as you walked out the room.

    “I have a date tonight.” You smiled as you walked off.

     You walked into town to find the dry cleaner still open as it was getting later in the night. You walked in to see a man standing there.

    “Hello young lady.” He smiled. “What can I do for you?”

    “Hi how late are you open?”

    “We’re open 24/7.” He smiled. “Stains don’t have a time schedule so we are here when you need us.”

    “Great I need this for a date.” You said giving him the dress.

    “Alright it will be ready in an hour.” He said handing you a ticket.

    “Perfect! Thank you.” You smiled as you put the ticket in your purse and left. You walked down the street as you heard footsteps.

    “Are you ______  ______?” a male voice asked as you turned seeing two men looking at you.

    “Maybe.” You looked at them as they cornered you into an alley. Your eyes widened knowing where you saw these men before. These were the same two men that were shooting at you as a little girl. Somehow living with Denmark left you with kind of a smart mouth as you looked at the guy. “Hey does your aim still suck?” What the hell were you saying? With a hand gun now the man swung hitting you with the butt of his gun leaving you with a gash in your right temple. You fell as you blacked out for a second but soon got back up as you run passed the two men and seeing a third one not far behind them. The snow fell as you told yourself to do something.

    “Run.” You told yourself. “Just Run.”

Alright so this is the bonus chapter where you can see it connects to my first Hetalia x Reader: Finding the Truth. If you haven't read Hetalia x reader: Finding the Truth the first chapter can be found here:…

I hope you enjoyed this fic and can't wait to start on my next fic for you guys.

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me

You: belong to the Nordics
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  You hit the back of your head as you were slammed against your locker. The other girls laughed as you winced in pain and tried not to cry. "Aww, did wittle (Name) get a boo-boo on her head? Well, maybe now people will believe the reason for your ugliness is because you get hurt all the time!" the leader of the girls jeered, and the others laughed harder.

    "What do you want, (Leader's Name)?" you asked through gritted teeth, forcing back tears. You'd never give her the satisfaction of seeing you cry.

    "Nothing much. We just want to know why an ugly person like you would be wearing these," (Leader's Name) said, tugging your glasses from your face.

    "Hey!! Give those back!!" you commanded, trying to take the glasses back, but the other girls held you against your locker.

    "Why? They don't make you any prettier. They just add to your ugliness. In my opinion, you would look better blind," (Leader's Name) remarked bitterly, throwing your glasses on the floor and crushing them with her designer heels.

    "No!" you shouted, now openly crying. You fell to the floor and felt around for your glasses. You really were practically blind without them. Once you had found them, you scooped them into your hands and felt them to see if they were still wearable. No such luck.

    You felt so small compared to all of them. They were circling you, laughing, calling you names. It was almost too much to bear. They did it everyday, but even so, it hurt so badly. If only you'd had the courage to just end your life. You'd tried several times, but every time you just couldn't do it. So you had to suffer.

    "Hey! You brats better leave that poor chica alone, or we're gonna have some trouble," said an angry voice; a boy's voice, with a Spanish accent. Through your blurry vision, you could see the other girls backing off.

    "Zhaaaat's vright, valk avay, und don't let us catch you picking on her again!" said another voice, also male, with a German accent.

    "Now, gone with you, before we decide to get nasty," said one more voice, male, French accent. The other girls started to whimper, and then ran away. You heard footsteps coming towards you and saw three pairs of feet stand right in front of you. Two strong arms helped you to your feet.

    "Are you okay, mon cher?" the Frenchman asked worriedly. You could hear him on your left side.

    "Yes, I'm fine, thank you..." you lied. You were far from okay.

    "Can you see vizhout your glasses or no?" the German asked. He was on your right.

    "No..." you answered, your voice shaking.

    "Then we'll have to help you get home. Where do you live, chica?" the Spaniard asked. He was behind you. You debated on whether or not you should tell them. On one hand, you were almost positive that you didn't know any of them, and that scared you. On the other hand, they saved you from those wretched girls, and you didn't have any other way to get home if you couldn't see.

    "I-I live at (Home address)," you informed timidly, deciding to trust them.

    "Vell, come on zhen. Let's get you home, frau," the German said soothingly. You let the three boys lead you home. Once they had brought you to your front porch, you thanked them and told them you didn't need any more help.

    "You sure?" the Spaniard asked skeptically.

    "Positive," you replied.

    "Alvright zhen. Vell, ve'll see you at school zhen," the German stated.

    "And if those girls ever pick on you again, you let us know, and we'll fix them for you," the Frenchman informed angrily.

    "Thank you. I will..." you replied, opening the door to your house and running upstairs to your bedroom. You dug through your desk drawer to find your glasses case, where you kept your extra pair. They weren't as nice as your main pair, which was now broken, but it was better than being unable to see.

    You walked into your bathroom and looked yourself in the mirror. Why did the other girls call you ugly? Did they think you were fat? Did they think you had too much acne? Were glasses and braces really all it took to make someone ugly?

    Those girls were the prettiest girls in the whole school, so they must know these things. If they said you were ugly, you must really be ugly. But you couldn't help it. You needed your glasses to see, and you couldn't do anything about the braces. Would you be doomed to be ugly forever?

    You started crying again, wondering how you were going to explain your crushed glasses to your father. You'd never told him about how you'd been bullied for the past two years by the girls at school, and you didn't plan on doing it anytime soon. That would just make things ten times harder.

    You eyed the pair of scissors that sat on your bathroom counter. They were pretty sharp. Slowly and tentatively, you picked them up with your right hand and held them above your left wrist, but then quickly put them in an open drawer and slammed it shut, too scared to hurt yourself.

    You walked back into your bedroom and flopped down on your bed, exhausted, depressed, confused, and mixed with all of these negative emotions, happy. Happy that someone had helped you; that someone had stood up for you when you were too scared and too weak to do it yourself. You hoped that you'd get to meet these boys again and become friends with them, and thank them for all that they did.

~*Timeskip to next day*~

    It was lunch time. You'd made it half-way through the day without being physically bullied, but you still heard people calling you names as you passed by. You'd looked everywhere for the three boys that had helped you yesterday, but you only had their voices to go on, and you hadn’t heard them so far.

    Then, finally, as you were walking to a table in the back of the room, you heard the voices of the boys who'd helped you. You searched frantically for them, but when you saw them, you almost dropped your tray. The boys who had helped you were none other than the infamous Bad Touch Trio. The thought that you had trusted them made you want to puke. These boys were as bad as bad could get.

    The group consisted of, obviously, three people. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, a brown haired, green eyed, tan skinned boy was the Spaniard, rumored to have more than just a soft spot for small children. A top-notch babysitter for sure, but people say he'd tried more than once to plot a kidnapping.

    Gilbert Beilschmidt, a silver haired, red eyed, pale skinned Albino and Francis Bonnefoy, a blond haired, blue eyed, fair skinned Frenchman, were both rumored to be playboys and dirty minded. Francis had, apparently, done horrible things to girls on more than one occasion.

    Every girl in the school ran the other direction whenever they walked by. Boys beat them up to keep them away from their girls, and everyone in school went out of their way to make sure Antonio could never get a babysitting job. You felt sick knowing that you had trusted them, but something inside of you didn't quite fit.

    The boys who had helped you had seemed genuinely concerned about you. They hadn't done anything bad to you, or even tried to hurt you in any way, shape or form. Quite the opposite. They had saved you from the mean girls, helped you to your feet, walked you home, and told you that they would protect you if the girls ever tried to hurt you again. If they had done all that for you, they couldn't really be as bad as everyone said, could they?

    Slowly, you walked up to their table and tapped on Francis' shoulder. The three boys stopped laughing and looked at you. Each one of their faces lit up when they saw you. "Y-you guys are the ones who saved me yesterday, aren't you?" you asked them.

    "Oui, mon cher, we are. Are you doing okay?" Francis inquired. The others looked at you expectantly.

    "Y-yeah! I'm fine! The girls haven't harassed me all day! I wanted to thank you guys and introduce myself, and see if I could... Maybe... Hang out with you?" you asked hopefully.

    "It's alright with me if it's alright with my amigos. What do you say, boys?" Antonio asked.

    "Ja, you can hang vizh us!" Gilbert answered. Francis nodded approvingly.

    "Thank you! By the way, I'm (F-First name) (L-Last name), but I already know who all of you are," you stuttered nervously.

    "Not surprising, seeing how awesome ve are," Gilbert laughed, patting a seat between him and Francis and looking at you. Nervously, you sat between the two boys, and quickly became friends with them. As far as you could tell, they weren't anything like what the other teens had said they were.

    When the bell rang, you walked with the Trio to your next class. As you did so, you heard people whispering around you. The boys seemed oblivious to it, but you heard every word. "What's she doing with them? She's got herself in with the bad boys now. Who knew the ugly girl was such a flirt? Bet you twenty bucks she's cheating on all of em' with each other. Bet you fifty bucks they all know and don't care." It was almost too much to handle. Tears streamed down your face again.

    "You alright, chica?" Antonio asked, noticing the tears.

    "Fine," you lied again, walking away from the boys and into your next class. They exchanged worried glances and followed you. Throughout the whole day, they kept asking you if you were really okay, and every time you would lie to them. When you got out of your last class, which you didn't share with the Trio, you were greeted by the Girls again.

    "Well, if it isn't (Name) the flirt! What did you do to get the Bad Touch Trio interested in an ugly girl like you?" (Leader's Name) asked, cackling wickedly.

    "They're probably all on crack," one of the others remarked. (Leader's Name) pushed you against the wall and her eyes scanned you for something to torment you about, which didn't take long.

    "Is all the jewelry you own this ugly? If it is, I'd suggest you just don't wear any at all. It doesn't flatter you," she informed, grabbing the necklace that you were wearing, which your mom had given to you before she died. She was choking you. When she unclasped it, you were gasping for breath and coughing hysterically.

    "On second thought, this is really quite pretty. I think I'll keep it," she remarked, smirking evilly at you and putting the necklace around her own neck.

    "That's my mother's! Give it back!" you yelled, crying again. Suddenly, someone wrapped their arms firmly around (Leader's Name)'s waist, and two more hands reached for her neck, feeling their way around the necklace and finding the clasp. One more set of arms grabbed you and pulled you protectively away from the girls. The person who had grabbed (Leader's Name) was Francis. The person who was untying the necklace was Gilbert. The person who was protecting you was Antonio.

    "Didn't your mozher ever tell you it's not nice to take vhat isn't yours?" Gilbert hissed, unclasping the necklace and holding it firmly in his own hand. The girls shrieked in terror.

    "Eww! Get your filthy hands off of me, creeps!" (Leader's Name) shouted, wriggling from Francis' grip. "Nice job making your new friends (Name)! I hope they treat you just like all the other girls; which in case you didn't know, is pretty badly," she yelled, laughing evilly as she and her entourage swaggered away.

    Gilbert walked up to you and put the necklace back around your neck. Francis wiped the tears off of your face. Antonio was still holding you tightly. "Zhere zhere, frau, it's alvright now. Ve von't let zhem hurt you anymore," Gilbert reassured, stroking your hair.

    "Don't listen to anything they say. They're all wrong," Antonio whispered, rocking from side to side with you.

    "They don't know who they're messing with," Francis declared angrily, still caressing your face. You felt so loved by all of them, and no one had ever done this for you before.

    "Thank you guys so much... I don't know what I'd do without you..." you whispered.

    "And you'll never find out. Ve'll alvays be here for you, vright guys?" Gilbert asked the others.



~*Timeskip again*~

    But days passed, and the teasing didn't let up. The girls would still beat you up, and the name calling got worse and worse with each passing hour. The horrible things that they say about you and about the Trio were just too much. They were so horrible, and so outrageous, and you felt like you wanted to die. The Trio always saved you from being beaten up, but they couldn't save you from the words.

    "So, which one of em' got to you first? Did he hurt you really bad?" one of the girls asked.

    "I bet it was Francis. It was Francis, wasn't it?" another one begged.

    "How did Gilbert react? Was he really mad, or did he just not care?" another asked. They asked many questions like this until your head was spinning. You couldn't take it anymore.

    "SHUT UP!!! SHUT. UP!" you screamed, making all of the girls jump back and gasp. "You guys don't know what you're talking about! Francis, Gilbert and Antonio are the best things that ever happened to me! They're not horrible people and they are nothing like what you say. They are some of the sweetest people I've ever met, and they care about me for real! So you people can just go and shut up, because you don't know anything, and you never will!"

    "Hey! You girls better not be picking on our (Name) again! Get lost, you unawesome filzh!" Gilbert shouted. The girls screamed again and ran away. You fell to your knees and sobbed. The three boys ran to you and sat down next to you. Francis wrapped his arms around you, Gilbert stroked your hair, and Antonio caressed your face.

    "How do you guys stand it?" you asked, outraged.

    "Stand what?" Antonio answered your question with another question.

    "How do you stand everything they say about you? Don't you ever notice it? Everyone says such terrible things about you, and now about me, and I can't stand it! They say that Antonio wants to kidnap people, and they say that Gilbert and Francis do horrible things to girls, and they say that you hurt me, and that I like it when you hurt me, and they still call me ugly, and I just can't deal with it anymore! I just want to die!" you wailed, sobbing even harder into Francis' chest.

    "Aww, chica, don't cry, please! It's not as bad as you think it is. There's a simple way to fix all of this," Antonio soothed.

    "Ve know all zhe bad things zhey say about us. It used to hurt us a lot, but zhen ve met each ozher und became friends, und soon ve learned to ignore vhat zhe ozhers said," Gilbert explained.

    "It doesn't matter what the other people say. We know who we are, and what we're not, and that's good enough for us. We just know that they're wrong, and we're right, and nothing else matters," Francis reassured. Now he was rocking back and forth with you.

    "I know that you guys are nothing like they say you are, but what about me? Those are the prettiest girls in the whole school! If they tell me I'm ugly, then they must be right," you cried.

    "Aw, mon cher, if you needed someone to tell you that you are beautiful, you should've just asked!" Francis exclaimed, chuckling.

    "Yeah! Those other girls dunno what they're talking about. They're probably just jealous because you're way prettier than they are!" Antonio reassured.

    "And vay awesomer too. Plus, your (h/l) (h/c) hair is vay better zhan zheir hair," Gilbert told you, twirling his fingers in your hair and smirking.

    "Also, those glasses frame your pretty (e/c) eyes perfectly. I bet all those other girls wish they had glasses and eyes as beautiful as yours," Antonio stated, cupping your face in both of his hands and staring into your (e/c) eyes with his green ones.

    "Oh, and don't forget about your smile! Your smile is much better than the fake ones those stupid girls flash, even with the braces!" Francis whispered in your ear with a sing-song voice.

    "Besides, it doesn't matter how you look on zhe outside. It's vhat's on zhe inside zhat counts, vright? I mean, look at zhose brats! Zhey're good-looking, but zheir personalities could drive avay even a troll!" Gilbert joked.

    "You guys really mean that?" you asked as Antonio wiped the tears from your face.

    "Of course we do, mon cher! Would we ever lie to you?" Francis asked, fake pouting.

    "If you ever need somevone to tell you you're pretty, just ask us," Gilbert said.

    "You're one of us now. We gotta stick together and look out for each other, cuz that's what friends are for, right guys?" Antonio asked.



    You looked at each of the boys and then gave all three of them individual huge hugs. "I'm glad to be one of you."
Rose: This is so lame I don't even... There's too much cheese. WAAAAAAAY too much cheese. Or something like that. IDK. Again, this would've been better if I wasn't so innocent minded. Then I could've used... Words... That better described everything... But I'm too innocent minded to use those words... So yeah... Anyways, I got this idea back when I was first getting into Hetalia. The BTT used to be my fave characters (Now it's the FACE family, but it actually goes like CAFE, and then Prussia, and then Spain now xD) and there were a few reasons for it. Reason #1: THEY'RE ALL AWESOME :iconprussiaplz: Reason #2: Everyone thinks they're terrible people, when really, they are just the opposite. I can't believe what people say about the BTT. It makes me really depressed and angry to think that the fangirls would turn such wonderful characters into such horrible people, and it makes me even ANGRIER that they think it's FUNNY. Everyone thinks that Spain is a pedo, and they think that Prussia is a perv, and they think France is... You all know what they think France is. I can't even say it. It's too horrible. And I love France. I love him so much. The people who make the BTT out to be horrible people are just sick, and I hate them. I love The BTT because they are all so cute and adorable and affectionate and caring and loving and cheerful, and despite how many people say bad things about them, they stay strong, and they're still awesome. They don't give in to the meanie fandom peoples >:U I think we should all take a lesson from them. When someone says bad things about you, or bullies you, just remember the BTT. Remember that YOU know who you are, and who you're NOT, and that's the only thing that matters. Stay strong, and keep being awesome! Keep your chin up! You're so much better than them! I hope you enjoyed this story. I hope that it cheered you up if you were having a bad day. I hope that it reminds you that you have so much to live for, and that some stupid meanie people shouldn't be able to make you think otherwise. I love each and every one of you so much. Never forget that, either, ok? If you ever need someone to talk to, about anything at all, I will ALWAYS be here for you. I don't care if I barely know you, or if I don't know you at all, if you need someone to talk to, I WILL LISTEN. ALWAYS. I love you all so much~ :iconbrohugplz: :icongeritahug1plz::iconmarikbakurabrohugplz::iconihugyouplz::iconoldschoolownedplz::icongwompplz::huggle:

EDIT: I wrote a sequel, guys~ Here it is~:…
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Cover pic found here:…
Fanfic (c) :iconhalostormhybrids:
And you belong to your choice of :iconfrancesparklesplz::iconprussiasparklesplz::iconspainsparklesplz: (i know I'm choosing France :iconteheplz: )
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Allies x Shy!Reader: Ordering

     Late afternoon, you had thought you'd have this time of the day all for yourself. Sitting on the brown leather couch, a dim lamp lighting the living room and your legs pulled up against you to get a better view of what you were drawing on your new sketchpad; Kiku had given you the sketchpad two days ago with a few pencils and erasers after he heard you had an interest in drawing.

There was a gentle tapping of the rain hitting your window behind the closed curtains and a distant rumble of thunder, but what made this all the better was your cup of (f/d) sitting beside you on the end table. It wasn't until your phone decided to ring out and disturb your thoughts you were currently drawing on your sketchpad.

You looked up from your sketchpad and glared at your kitchen; where the phone was located making those irritating rings. Its these times any artist hates, getting interrupted. What makes it worse is getting up from your spot where your art supplies are scattered around you. Lazily you put your supplies away, got up, and headed to the kitchen to answer your phone.

"Hello, what do you need...?" you answered in a grumpy tone.

The line was silent until a recognizable voice shouted through the phone, Alfred.

"Hey (y/n)! What do you saying to go and getting some food with me and the allies?"


Before you could say no, Alfred decided for you.

"Great! We'll be over at your place in ten minutes!"

"Wait, What!-" The lines goes out before you can deny anything.

Slamming the phone, you go back to your spot, flop down, and drink the rest of your drink before the allies arrive. To be honest, you've always liked hanging out with any of the countries, even though you were the only human; they were always so nice to you.

There's  just only one problem...You told Alfred that you were shy and now he invites you to every single little get together he goes to and tries to help you break out of your shell, but instead he ends up embarrassing you more, and unfortunately he does not take no for an answer.

-10 minutes later-

A loud car honk outside your house caught your attention and made your stomach drop. They were here. You fixed your outfit and grabbed your phone before leaving. Before opening the front door you passed by the hallway mirror and made eye contact with yourself.

“You can do this (y/n), Get out of your shell”

Sighing, you turned the knob on the front door and stepped out. A cold breeze hit your face making your eyes shut close and your nose scrunch in shock at how cold it actually was, even though it was only the beginning the September. With the thundering rain in the background, you looked over at your drive way and squinted your eyes to get a better look at Alfred’s black Hummer H3 through the dark, almost night afternoon. Quickly you shut your front door, locked it and made a dash for the Hummer.

You could feel your stomach twist and turn with anxiety when the sound of an unlocking door clicked and the back door swung open, barley missing you.

“Nǐ hǎo (y/n)!” Yao smiled at you, barely visible through the darkness as he scooted over to the middle of the seat, giving you the window seat. You smiled at him, he knew you so well.

Jumping in, you took your seat beside Yao and shut the door.

"HEEY-YOO (y/n)!" Alfred shouted from the driver’s seat; which was in front of you.

You looked up, his face visible due to the hummer’s headlight hitting your garage door, and noticed Alfred fixing the rear view mirror to get a better look at you through the darkness. You made eye contact with him and smiled shyly. Feeling your face heat up you quickly looked down at your lap and played with your fingers.

The rest of the Allies said their hellos, Ivan and Matthew in the very back, Arthur who sat beside Yao on the other side behind the passenger seat, and Francis.

“Bonjour (y/n), you look lovely tonight” Francis winked at you from the passenger seat in a very flirty matter. You were sure that by now your face was a maroon red.

Out of all the Allies, you were never really close enough to call Francis a friend. You’ve tried to befriend the Frenchman multiple times, but his flirty advances towards you made it impossible for you to speak to him. It was better to just avoid him, but you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Off we go then!” A thrilled Alfred cheered as he turned his rock music to full blast.

“Alfred!” You could hear Arthur’s irritated voice ring through the music.

You could see Alfred from the rear view mirror groan and turn the music down to a soft beat as he put the hummer in reverse, backed out of your driveway and into the street. The hummer moved a bit forward as he changed it to drive and speed off the street towards the main city.

“Thank you” Arthur muttered.

For most of the ride it was surprisingly calm. Alfred, Francis, Yao and Arthur started a conversation about the economy of each other’s countries. Their relaxed voices mixed well with the gentle tapping of rain on the hummer’s roof. Matthew sat in the back with Ivan, a seat in between them to avoid any conversation, however, Matthew was quietly arguing with his baby polar bear about god knows what. Ivan started out the window with a small smile forming on his lips.

From the outside you seemed calm, but inside you debating whether to start a conversation and try getting out of your comfort zone, or stay quiet for the rest of the ride. You cursed yourself over and over again wishing you were a more outgoing person or at least start talking to Ivan and Matthew and keep the conversation going and interesting.

You might have some luck with Ivan, maybe not so much with Matthew. He was shy as well and when two shy people talk to each other, it usually turns out to be awkward. There was also the chance you could join the discussion between Alfred, Francis, Arthur and Yao.

“Hey, Yao…?” You asked, but the older country ignored your voice.

They wouldn’t want me to butt into their business. They’re countries; they have more important stuff to talk about than have a conversation with boring, non-country girl

Again, you felt useless and you hated beating yourself up for this situation, but what if it’s true? What if they only invited you because they felt sorry for you and never wanted you here? Why would they have an interest in you when you weren’t even a country?

Heaving a sigh, you turned away from the countries and looked out the window to see the city lights, but with the down pour of the rain it made it impossible to see anything. At least you wouldn’t be totally bored, now was a great time to play ‘which rain drop will win’.


Out of all the places we could’ve gone Alfred just to choose-

“Subway, B******!” Alfred fist pumped.

Alfred pulled into the parking lot and parked close enough to the main entrance of Subway. Turning off the ignition he opened his door, not even bothering to close it and ran out to Subway. The opened door made the lights inside the hummer light up and a click signaling that the rest of the doors were unlocked.

Hastily you opened the door and jumped out into the pouring rain, followed by Yao, who ended up slipping and falling into the puddle on his bum.  You shook the water off your jacket once you were in Subway and joined Alfred; who stood on the side with his right index finger tapping his chin and his left hand held underneath his right arm’s elbow.

“I think you forgot to close your door…” You softly spoke to Alfred.

Alfred shook his head and looked over at you; his blue eyes were shining with excitement as he grinned at you. There go your cheeks again.

“Nah, I am sure someone closed it. There’s nothing inside that’s important enough to steal, besides I have the keys to the ignition”

You smiled and let out a small giggle, but once you looked over at the counter where soon enough you’d have to go and order your sandwich your smile faded into you biting your lip. You hated ordering here, you had to talk to the person more just to get your food.

Without notice your mind started swirling with different scenarios. What if you said something wrong and everybody laughed at you? What if you tripped as you walk up to the counter? What if you stuttered and the lady wouldn’t understand you and you had the say the same thing over and over again? What will everybody say when they see your red face? Look, the lady behind the counter is already staring at you, is there visibly something wrong with me right now? You could already hear the laughing in the background, a loud ringing started in your ears…

Stop it (y/n), cut it out!

Finally your mind snapped out of its trance, the sound of laughter faded away. The lady who was patiently standing behind the counter was smiling at you, ready to receive your order.

“Alright, I’ll go first!” Alfred marched over, confidence you wished you had beamed from his face.

Soon enough everybody started lining up ready to order their sandwiches, Francis in front followed by Arthur, you, Yao, Ivan and Matthew. It surprised you that all this time Francis and Arthur had not been in one argument whatsoever, Strange.

“What do you usually order here (y/n)?” Arthur turned around and faced you, his vivid green eyes started into your (e/c).

His voice snapped you out of your thoughts “I’ve actually never been here before…” you began, “it’s my first time”

Arthur smiled “Really? It’s actually a very healthy fast food joint if you pick the right choices”

“I think most people choose the unhealthy choices, yeah?” You pointed out, you could feel your stomach twist and turn again and your blood rushing to your face.

Arthur shrugged “I am sure most of them do. Like that tubby man over there…” he pointed at Alfred, who was now at the cash register laughing at something the cashier said.

You let out a giggle and glanced at Arthur, who let out a small chuckle which sounded like a little snort was mixed into it.

“I can help you over here!”  Another lady had appeared and called for the next customer. Arthur left his post and made his way to the counter and ordered. Once the lady finished up with Alfred she returned to the beginning of the counter and smiled at you making your stomach drop. If only Feliciano were here, you’d ask him to order for you.

“Hello! What type of bread would you like?” she smiled, her light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and front bangs perfectly shaped her face. Her big blue eyes finished the look.

Why can’t I have hair that makes me look better?

“I’ll have…Italian cheese” you mumbled
“Would you like It 6 inch or foot long?”

“Its okay (y/n)! She doesn’t bite!” Alfred shouted across the building as he waved to you. Now all the attention was to you.

“Zhùkǒu, Alfred!” Yao screamed from the line as he grabbed a napkin dispenser and headshot Alfred right in the face, making his glasses fall and crack on the tile floor.

“That was uncalled for dude! Now who’s going to drive everyone home when I don’t have my glasses!” the American stomped the floor angrily and picked up what was left of his glasses.  Arthur looked over at the two countries and sighed, slightly embarrassed.

“Keep ordering (y/n)! You’re doing great!” Yao cheered for you. You tensed your shoulders. Why did he have to say that? Now people are going to think something is wrong with you.

The lady behind the counter let out a giggle, apologized and repeated her question.

“...uh, 6 inch Italian bmt” by now you could feel yourself shaking and the other countries staring at you, Plus the other customers.

“Its okay honey, no need to be shy” the lady tried to make you feel comfortable, but it only made things worse. “And what type of cheese would you like?”

Shut the f*** up!

“Cheddar …” you hesitated “plea-”

“Do you want your bread toasted?” Her interruption made you feel as if she didn’t care what you said.

“Y-yeah, sure” you murmured.

This was probably the worst night out Alfred as ever invited you to. Things are now getting worse with this sadness you are now developing, almost enough to make your eyes water and cry.

Finally, after everyone had ordered and payed for their sandwiches they all made their way to the largest booth available in the building, everybody was laughing and shouting, getting hyper, throwing stuff around and causing a scene. Arthur tried to calm everyone down only to get hit by a piece of lettuce. Then there was you, seated by the wall beside Matthew, quiet. You tried to talk to Ivan, who was across from you, but once you got his attention someone else would be louder and drown out your voice. Giving up you spent the rest of the evening nibbling on your sandwich.


“Hope you had a good time (y/n)!” Alfred grinned. Even though his glasses were cracked he still wore them. You jumped out of the vehicle and looked back at the countries and smiled a fake smile.

“Yeah! It was fun” you lied.

Everybody else said their farewell’s before you shut the door and made your way to your front door. Opening the door you looked back, waved and entered your home. You threw your keys on the floor and threw your shoes off, then finally throwing yourself on the couch and buried your face into a pillow and let out a small cry.

“Why am I like this, why can’t I ever get out of my shell!” You whispered.

Then, you felt something in your pocket. Raising an eyebrow you reached in and pulled a folded paper.

“What is this?” you questioned.

The note read:


          I know what you’re going through, I know the feeling you’re experiencing; lonely, useless, insecure, depressed, hesitant. I feel the stares you feel whenever you think you do something wrong, the false judgment, being left out, getting home and wishing things were different.  It’s hard I know, but there is a way of getting out and I can see that you desperately want to escape this cycle of shyness, and you will just be patient, everything will work out. Nobody hates you, they all love you, they’re not ignoring you, you just need to speak up. We’re going through this together and I’ll be here if you ever need me.

         Your friend,
             Matthew Williams, Canada
I am so sorry for my absence, I've been having the worst writer's block ever...This story was rushed and I couldn't concentrate 100% because my family kept bothering me, so this might be trashed up.

Have a :iconcharmanderplz:~:heart:

Nǐ hǎo: Hello

Let me know if there's any mistakes!~:heart:

Hetalia(c)Hidekaz Himaruya
Subway(c) Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca
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