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Click and drag the thumbnails left and right to see all the choices.
Click and drag the menu up and down to see all the options.
Read the "How to play the game" section before you complain about bugs.

I made it so that you can click on the purple arrows to scroll through the thumbnails, because people are very insistent on not reading the instructions. If you swipe you can get through the options faster, but it is there now.
Note that if you're looking for a mane and don't see it or it's changed, that's because the artist who designed the mane may have asked me to update or remove it. Artists are always welcome to request changes to the game, since it couldn't exist without them.

★★★ Here's the Ponycode Compilation Post for this game. Post your ponycodes there to share! ★★★


So anyone who's been following my journals knows that I've been working on an app version of the Pony Creator for approximately forever now. Here's what happened with that: I got the Android version more or less working, but it's not working on iOS. After spending a couple frustrating months trying to get the iOS version working, I got completely burnt out and gave up. So there will be no iOS version of the game, nor will there be any future updates to the game that currently exists (this one).

Here's the deal. I had intended to finish the mobile version, then work on a new online version that would finally incorporate content from seasons 2 and 3 of the show. But the mobile development took much, much longer than I could have anticipated, and I just can't work on the game anymore. Instead of giving up entirely, I decided to take what I had finished and put it in a Flash file for anyone who wants to play with it. I'm sorry it happened this way. I'm rather disappointed and frustrated with the game and with myself, but I thought it was better to give you what I managed to finish, rather than just give up altogether and not share anything.

This version does not have all the same content as the old one. It's missing some content, and it has some new content. However, I will not be adding or updating anything in any version of the game after this point. I'm sorry I couldn't add more content. It just takes so much time, and I don't have any time to give anymore. Whether or not you think this game is better than the previous version is just a matter of preference. The previous version has more content, this version has more features. It's up to you to see which version you like best. I think I did good work with this one, but I know lots of people use MLP manes for their characters, and want the option for cutie marks.

Things this game does have:
- The ability to turn the pony's head.
- Posing that is more accurate to the show.
- Some new manes and tails.
- New accessories like neck ties/necklaces and additional hats.
- Undo/redo buttons.
- The ability to zoom in or out on the pony.
- Poseable wings and tails! They don't highlight green like the other body parts, but if you click and drag them in Pose Mode you can move them around.

Things this game does not have:
- Any copyrighted mane (and matching tail) styles, which means no manes from the MLP show are in this game. This is because the new head turning features requires a lot more art, and I wasn't able to do that art for the copyrighted manes, so they weren't included.
- Cutie marks.
- Full body costumes, again because of the head turning.

How to play this game:
- The interface was designed for mobile devices, so you move things by clicking and dragging them. Click and drag the thumbnails left and right to scroll through them, and click and drag the menus up and down to see all the options.
- If you move the mouse quickly when you click and drag--simulating a "swiping" motion from a mobile devices--the thumbnails will automatically scroll for a while. You can get entirely through the manes in a few swipes this way.
- You can also click and drag the pony itself, and the irises for each eye.
- The purple arrow on the color picker lets you move between the default mode with a bunch of preset swatches, and a more customizable mode with a full spectrum you can choose from. You can also just enter hex values in the hex input fields if you'd rather do that.
- The button in the top right that says "Move Mode" will toggle between Move Mode (where clicking the pony will drag it around the screen) and Pose Mode (where clicking the pony will trigger customizable posing).
- Save images by clicking the camera icon in the upper left.
- The head turning option is under the Finish -> Pose menu, if you're having trouble finding it.

- Don't sell images from the game.
- Don't post the game to any other sites.
- Crediting me for your images is not required, but remember that whether you credit me or not you can't sell them.

If you see a bug or want more content:
- Don't tell me. This game is presented as-is. No changes will be done.
Comments disabled by owner.
There it is! Have fun!

List of cool people, who helped me:
DerpTime who made the map art
Grizzly who made the game music (Bandcamp link)
Botchan-MLP and ponynoia who made some character sprites
smeshmunya who did beta testing

Pony sprites by :icondesktop-pony-team:

Aaaand here is already the first let's play!…

Version 1.71 changes:
* Fixed bug with Rainbow Dash in easy mode

Version 1.7 changes:
* Buffed wave 47
* Nerfed wave 48

* Nerfed wave 49
* Nerfed wave 56

To see the previous changes, click here
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Updated to 19-10-2014


-You may not sell these for points or money. 
-Please do not remove, edit or crop out the "10-sec-to-draw-a-gun" text.
-You can't enter them in contests or use them in art trades.
-Do not use them in website layouts or in your own games.

-You may upload the result (No need to ask my permission) Just provide a link back to here or to my account as copyright in the description.
-You may use this to create adoptables, characters for stories, role play, books and website avatars.

For PC- There should a key that says Prt Scr(Print Screen), press it, then open up an image program like Paint or Photoshop and Paste the image.
For Laptops-There should be an "Fn" button on your keyboard, press and hold it and hit your prt scr button at the same time. Then open up an image program like Paint or Photoshop and paste the image.
For Macs-Command+Shift+4 makes you select an area of the screen and then saves the shot on the desktop.

If the game has difficulties loading ,try clicking the download button.

I made this using Adobe Flash CS4.

Last update :
Add more stuff
Option to add custom heads (growth tab)
Add open profile horns

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Support is closed, thanks to chain letter spam.

Can I sell adoptables for Points?


I can't make a screenshot!!!!!

The easy Windows way:
1. just press the "print screen" key alone
2. then open Paint and chose in the menue "Insert"

3. If this do not worke.... ask google

The normal Windows way:

The Mac way:

And for Linux:

Why did you block the comments?!

Read above...

Why are you writing the same stuff again?

because it seems too be to hard to scroll down.

one year ago, I built Bunny creator 1...
It was somewhat bad, so I decided to build a new one.

I finally did it!!!

=====The Rules=====
:star: Can I upload my Bunny?
DA rule says: you must upload it to scraps category

:star: Can I sell them as Adoptables?
DA rule says: Don't sell for real money (dA Points is real money!) unreal money is ok :P

:star: Can I use my bunny as a Custom
Sure! :heart:

:star: What else can I do with my Bunny

=====Other stuff=====

I found a BUG
Please tell me D:

Now have fun playing!
If you like it show it to other people 8D

Have a nice day!

(If you have any questions feel free to note me ^^)
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You are now an owner of a Mirror Pool!

:star: Instructions: :star:
  • Pick a pony you want to clone by clicking them in the top menu. Press and hold the mouse button to drag the menu left and right.
  • You can select one of the items in the bottom menu: sugarcubes, beach ball, color drop or freshly painted wall.
  • Click anywhere on the ground to drop the selected item.
  • Press and hold the mouse button over a pony to grab them!
  • You can remove ponies by throwing them off the screen when the painted wall is on the screen or when there are more than 30 ponies.

:star: Items use: :star:
  • Sugarcubes clone ponies that eat them (so just like real life)
  • Beach ball will bounce of ponies that touch it. Pure fun. The ball can be removed by clicking it.
  • Color drop will change the background to a different random color.
  • Freshly painted wall will make all ponies that notice it stop moving, you can then proceed to pick them up and throw off screen. Click the wall to remove it.

:star: Screensaver installer (Windows only): :star:
Google drive:…
Adobe cloud:

Update 2015/01/19:
- Added 6 new characters: Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Soarin, Minuette, Royal Guard, Prince Blueblood. Also, a ton of new interactions and transformations. Can you find them all?
- Background can now have any color, instead of only 3 to choose from.
- This update requires latest Flash version to work correctly.
- Please tell me if you find something wrong or bugged, this update is considered to be a bit of an experiment.

Other information:
Some ponies do something special if they bump into each other.
If you have more than 30 ponies some of them might try running away (we don't want to strain your PC).
On slower machines you can disable the shadows that ponies cast from the right click menu.

You can also find me on: 
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:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

A princess game for my own site
More fun princess games,celeb games and girl games at LOL! [link]

Someone said the layers of the items are wrong.....
You can change the layers by clicking the icons on the pink left bar of the wardrobe.

Hope you enjoy and have some fun making combinations and customizing the girl!

If you made one,you could join my club to submit the creation to the group gallery!

Click here to join my fashion club :iconsweetygamefan:

Commision orders of dress up games are welcomed.
You can
:bulletpink: email me to
:email:commission[at] ;
*Please change [at] to @ to get the correct address.
:bulletpink: Or send message to me on DA :pencil:

thanks a lot,
Have a nice day
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Soooo as a surprise present for everyone, I made THIS! 
My very first complete sim date~~~~ *cries* 
It's far from perfect but it's my first step towards some more decent stuff.
I made this in 2 days....Yes, you heard right ...TWO DAYS. A simdate takes at least a few weeks to make usually...but I was like "Heck...only 2 days till Christmas and Levi's why not try and make something special? "and sooo...I've spent 2 almost completely sleepless nights making this. I've had to run tests after tests and check for errors at every brain feels like melting right now...
But I made it.
Ok,so this one is the Levi version. Meaning you can only try to get close to him. The other characters are there for other reasons. 
I'll make a better version with more characters later on,but for making something in 2 days,I had to limit myself to Levi....and why not? He's almost everyone's favorite anyway xDDD
I had to reuse graphics and codes,also I had to use Eren/Armin/Erwin official pics (so YES. I'm not claiming those. Don't worry) because it was like....5 am during Christmas morning and I had to have it ready before 1 pm?....I was going to die if I wouldn't do that.
And soooo here it is~Hope you enjoy it~ 
It's not much ,but it's something at least. 

Hopefully the stuck error is gone now. I tried to fix it.

There are some secrets in the game. First time playing will most likely lead to fail xDD so don't worry.. It was meant to be that You'll get the good ending eventually-
Don't talk just to Levi. You'll see why.
If the game doesn't work,please install the latest version of flash player. 
Levi won't talk to you unless you have over 20 HP. He'll also drain you off the last 20 hp that you have...because apparently he's a jerk :B . ...I couldn't fix that thing,so try to keep that in mind! 
Also,there are hidden stats such as Agility and dexterity. You'll need to figure out how to get those. 

An important tip - try to talk to Eren, Armin and Erwin to raise your stats and survive. TALK TO EREN at least 11 time before the titans attack on day 8. If you don't want to die,try to talk to them first and raise your stats before you start talking to Levi.

Without further ado, hope you'll have fun and try to beat it (though it's not that hard to beat after a certain point). I'll add more tips later on as people will start playing.

Many thanks to :
-:icondrawingneko: for all her support/testing/texts for Armin and Eren.
:iconexyhero: for being my bro xDD
-Flashkit for resources and google for being a great mentor :B

Yours truly~ Amena-dono <3

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In honnor of derpy being back on MLP
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Inspired by this gif, originally a scene from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Season 4 Finale, I thought this would be some silly fun to make :D

So here we go, now everyone can help Twilight in Raising the Sun!.... or not ;D

If you can't read the instructions, Press 'S' to bring forth the night and 'D' to bring back the Day. Use the mouse to click and drag the moon/sun around the screen!
Enjoy :D

-Game made by me; AshSkye / Ruuqo (Tumblr)
-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Twilight and all related content Hasbro
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