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This costume was a collaborative effort with my hubby :iconex-shadow: to go with his Subject Delta Big Daddy cosplay. Unfortunately I hadn’t had time to start on the Big Sister suit until about a month before Dragoncon because I was helping him earlier in the summer with his Big Daddy for Cosplacon (I helped sew together the bodysuit and painted stuff). After Cosplacon he had a lot of things to remake on Big Daddy, but he took a break from it so we would for-sure have Big Sister done. After we were in the safe zone on that, I went back to helping again on his.

(This will contain spoilers if you haven’t played the game ) Just to clarify, this is Eleanor’s Big Sister suit – not one of the regular Big Sisters that most people think about, which have different features (the cage and larger tank on their backs, the extra leather on their torsos and legs, the red light, etc). Eleanor’s suit is like an incomplete Big Sister suit, and her light shines Green in-game because she’s an ally. I’ve had people ask me if my light could turn red or why I hadn’t done the extra bits, but doing those things would no longer make me Eleanor specifically. XD
Something I learned was that the artists couldn’t make up their minds about a lot of the details. There were differences between the in-game renders, cutscenes, the figurine, and original artwork. I ended up going more with the in-game render, but I did some picking and choosing for areas where I couldn’t get a good reference, or if there were things I liked more about the artwork verses the game.

(end spoilers)

So onto the construction!
I made the bodysuit out of Denim using the mock-up pattern that I had made for my Journey bodysuit last winter. From there I made a bunch of fake seams and patches to match the references. I tea stained it slightly, and while it was still wet I painted it with acrylic before letting it air-dry. Those spots that were painted spread out thanks to the damp-ness to add a really cool effect. Once it was dry I went back in and did more dry-brushing and finer details.

The helmet was originally going to be a fabric-mache globe before our spray foam idea ruined it and I had to throw it out. XD A friend of ours suggested using an acrylic globe from Amazon (the kind used for lamp covers), and that ended up working out great! The porthole is actually the original opening from the bottom of the globe, and we cut all out all the other holes with a hot knife. I first sketched everything out with some sharpies first so I could know where to glue everything later. The details were made out of craft foamies and EVA foam (It’s floor mat foam! Same material as craft foamies, but thicker). The tube is a plastic flexible tubing. Once the foam was all glued in place, I coated the foam with two layers of mod podge before spray painting the whole thing with a hammered paint. Once dry, I painted the rims around the holes and then dry-brushed darker areas, dirt, and highlights with a variety of acrylics. A stretchy green fabric was glued over the holes, and a battery powered LED Push light is on the inside. I can actually see well enough out the porthole when the light isn’t on, but when it is it’s like being in a bright room and trying to see outside when it’s dark (in other words, I cant’s see very well when the light is on XD)

Kyle constructed the shoulder/neck piece and tanks out of EVA foam, and I painted them using the same process as the helmet. I swear – half the work on this costume was all the hand painting. D: To curve the Eva foam pieces, he used a heat gun and held the shape in place as it cooled over our air conditioning unit. XD I attached Velcro to the front underside so it could hold the whole thing forward (though the tanks are very light, the weight distribution causes the whole thing to shift back without the Velcro).
We got the platform boots from Salvation Army, and all the buckles from a local fabric warehouse for super cheap. I had to spray-paint the buckles silver since they were originally gold, and the boots were painted brown with Angelus leather paints. I cut out strips (for the belts) from a leather piece we also got from the fabric warehouse. EVA foam was used for the pieces attached directly to the sides, and Kyle helped me with the braces, which were made out of wooden slats with EVA foam on the outer sides. He had to drill holes in them so that they could still rotate on the pivot points at my ankles and knees.

I made the gloves and the knee/elbow pad things. Used a pattern for the gloves, and attached foam pieces for the plate looking things, and the elbow and knee pieces were just craft foam with fabric glued around them.

Kyle also did most of the work building weapon props, and I painted them using the same processes as before. They’re made out of EVA foam, wooden dowels, plastic tubing, and a piece of a cardboard tube. I made the pressure gages out of googly eyes by cutting them open and replacing the backing. Before gluing them I inserted little compass hands from a set of scrapbooking stuff I got ages ago for steampunk jewelry ideas. The syringes of Pure ADAM (green) and EVE (blue) were made out of glass test tubes we got from a science store that I filled with dyed resin. They strap in place with leather straps. The bottle for the red ADAM is made from a condiments bottle that had the tip trimmed and sealed up with hot glue. That part is covered with a nipple meant for a baby bottle, which is held in place thanks to a ring made from an empty mod podge bottle (because the rubber nipple does not take glue well at all). The whole top piece screws off so we can hold red Gatorade in it!

Photo taken at the Georgia Aquarium during Dragoncon!
Photography by Kiratsukai

Bioshock 2 is (c) 2K Games
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I was working at Katsucon, but I managed to get myself up early enough so that I could wear Aqua for a few hours! :) I've been wanting to wear her again for a while, but I had been holding out until I got a new wig and remade my shoes. I am super particular about the color of her hair, so previously I had been using an ebay wig that was super quirky because it was the only place I could find that had the right color. I managed to convince my boss to make this color at Arda though, so here it is! It's a Magnum XL in Denim Blue AR036.
My shoe armor used to be made out of craft foam, but they were pretty delicate and had been getting messed up from a lot of use. The new ones I'm wearing here are made out of worbla, so they're nice and sturdy!

For costume construction, please check here:…

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography…

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is (c) Squeenix
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Cosplay made and worn by :iconmalindachan:
Photo by my friend Dewey!

Hey all! Irrational Games is having a Bioshock cosplay contest, and my husband 
Ex-Shadow & I made it in the top 20!!! Unfortunately you can only cast one vote, but we'd appreciate any votes regardless of who you pick!  This is a different image than what I entered, but our cosplay names are listed below them, so it shouldn't be hard to figure out which ones are ours!  Click here to go to the poll: Voting ends on the 24th!
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Uh, don't read below if you want to avoid spoilers? XD

My husband wanted to finish his Alpha series Big Daddy for Cosplacon, but there was no way I would have had enough time to make Eleanor's Big Sister suit for that (my goal is to make it in time for Dragon Con though!), so about a week before Cosplacon I made a spontaneous decision to make Eleanor's concept dress and her Big Daddy doll because I had the time and it was fairly simple to make.

Eleanor has a white dress in the game before she dons her Big Sister suit, but I didn't the design, so I stuck with the version from the Bioshock 2 teaser theinquisitiveloon.files.wordp...
and concept art

The dress was made out of leftover bridal satin I had, and the overlay is an ivory chiffon was from a friend that was going to throw it out (lucky find, haha!). I basically took a bodice pattern from a wedding dress and extended/flared out the pieces so that it made a dress. The overlay was draped. The lace was originally a wider lace trim that had gathering at the top, but I cut that part off and just stitched the part I wanted around the hem. The trim around the top and straps was originally a white home decor trim, and I tea stained it to darken it a bit.

Even though I work at a wig company and don't have to worry about shipping times, I had a hard time figuring out something for the wig on such short notice because the Magnum Longs and Pippins in Natural Black had recently gone out of stock. XD I used a Jareth in Natural Black instead...This particular style has wefts sewn in backwards on top of the normal wefts to add more volume, so I had to seam-rip all those wefts out (which was about a 1/3-1/2 of the wig) to thin it out. Then I razor trimmed it a bit shorter and tamed it down more with a hair dryer.

The doll concept changed in the game to better resemble the Alpha series rather than a Bouncer, so I stuck with that version for my reference when making the doll. Much thanks to the hubby for helping me with several parts of it (I don't have much confidence around power tools haha XD). Info on how I made the doll is here:

Photo taken by :iconex-shadow:
We live about a block and a half away from a beach along the shore of Lake Michigan, which is where this photo was taken. Someday I'd like to go back out when the sun rises for a reenactment photo like in the teaser. :)

Bioshock 2 is (c) 2K Games
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While I was making my Fado cosplay, I had a huge urge to make a Makar plush to go with it. Cuz he's the cutest! Many times while playing the game during times he was present, I had to pause and roll around on the floor giggling because he was just too much cute. Everything from his waddle to his jingle.

Much thanks to :iconred-flare: for making the pattern and tutorial; I used it for mine but just enlarged the size! :)
Her pattern:…
The tutorial:… &…

Fado cosplay made and worn by me :3
For costume construction info, look here:

Photography by JwaiDesign…
From Colossalcon 2013

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is (c) Nintendo
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Link costume made and worn by me! :)

Photography by Joseph Chi Lin…

For costume construction details, please look here!:

Other images from this shoot:
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is (c) Nintendo
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Ever since Cowslip's Pokemon Gijinka designs went viral last year, I wanted to make a cosplay of one! Zapdos and Jigglypuff are my top 2 favorite pokemon of all time, but I fell in love with her design for Moltres. It also gave me an excuse to get an Erhu, which I've wanted for years. XD I haven't learned to play it yet, but I fiddled around with one as a kid while I was learning the violin.

I'll do a write-up of how I made the costume once I upload a full body shot!

Costume made and worn by me

Design is by Cowslip:
Cowslip's GijinkaDex:

Photo taken by JwaiDesign Photography:…
from Colossalcon 2014

Pokemon is (c) Nintendo
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Did a bit of an impromptu photoshoot with our friend George on Friday evening of Katsucon. Our Ace Attorney group was derptastic, so I am proud I managed to kinda keep a straight face long enough for this photo.

New costume means wall of construction info!

I'm sure you all wanna know about da wig. I got the Cady lace front in Spanish Brown from Arda Wigs with intentions to ventilate the hairline. But after previously ventilating a hairline on a Legolas wig, I had zero motivation and patience to do that again for a while, so I just did a glued hairline. I figured since the Phoenix Wright games are so stylized anyway I would be forgiven...? XD
The Cady alone isn't long enough in the front for his antenna; I first made small plush forms out of a brown soft felt, and I covered them with hair from extra wefts. Afterwords they were hot-glued to the front of the wig, and I then did the glued hairline. Some of the hair from the hairline goes right over the antenna to blend them. This is my more recent glued hairline tutorial that I did for work:…

I made the vest and slacks. I believe the red fabric was a sateen? I can't remember. but I found it with the bottomweights at JoAnn's. The black on the back of the vest was just a lining fabric. I used McCall's 2447 as the base pattern and altered it to have the lapels and an extra welt. I used Simplicity 2860 for the pants.

Got the shirt from H&M and the tie from Kohls!

My attorney badge was a lucky find when I was browsing the fashion district in New York City; I got it at a store that sold buttons. I just drew a tiny scale in the middle of it and sealed it with clear nail polish.

The bracelet is made out of craft foam, sealed with 2 layers of mod podge, and painted with acrylics. I made it fitted to my wrist, and it closes with velcro.

Photography by George Dugong

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is (c) Capcom

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Whoo! Finally got this done! Was a fairly simple costume, but it still took me a while because I've been working on several things at once. 
My husband is a huge Berserk fan, so I had seen the series and OVAs with him, and he recently got me to read the Manga. He predicted that I would like Serpico, and he was right. XD 

New costume means info about construction!:

The hardest part about this costume was figuring out the colors. Serpico is only in the Manga (with an exception of a very brief cameo in the OVA, but he's wearing a different outfit), and one of the only official colored reference I had to work with was this:…
There are some statues made by Art of War, but they were colored differently, so I kinda made judgments based on what I thought looked good while still being accurate to the artwork. If they make an anime for the rest of Berserk and the colors change, then I apologize but it was not my fault haha.

The Sylph cloak is essentially a large blanket. With a hood. There was only 2 yards left of this awesome material I got from a fabric warehouse, and it was the only thing I could find that had the texture and color I wanted, so I had to make due and use it very sparingly. o.o There are tassels on the corners that I made out of blue ribbon.

The Sylph sword has a piece of PVC pipe for the handle, and the feathers are made out of white and metallic gold poster board. I used a rod of plastic from a coat hanger between the longest 2 feathers to act as a support. I carefully drew lines of hot glue along the middle of each feather to make them look more like...feathers? XD The bottom was sculpted with Super Sculpey, and I used white blanket binding for the wrap around the handle. XD The sword is supposed to have been made from a branch of a tree and an Eagle, but the feathers on the sword look nothing like Eagle feathers, so I was just said "whateva" and did my own thing. There is also no official color reference, so I went with a gold paint instead of brown to match the statue's coloring and because it looked nice. The tassel was made to match the ones on my cloak.

The wig is a Hansel in Pale Blonde 115 from Arda-Wigs. I didn't have to do any styling besides combing and arranging the hair a bit. XD
Serpico always squints his eyes unless it's a serious business situation like an intense battle. Squinting my eyes a lot or leaving them closed looks really weird in photos so I'm just slightly squinting here.

The underclothes and boots cannot be seen, though I made them to match the one chapter in the manga where they are shown (I can't remember the chapter number off the top of my head but it exists)! XD I made a poofy off-white shirt and a white vest-tunic thing using Simplicity 4059 with some alterations.
I used the pants pattern from this too, but I had to alter them a LOT because they are supposed to be a lot slimmer; so if you were making this costume I would just use a different pattern for those. I just got opaque white tights for the lower legs, and I made the boot covers out of vinyl.

That's all I have for now! I also recently made an Aerith from FFVII: Crisis Core and Eren from Attack on Titan, though I haven't gotten photos to share yet of either of those. Hopefully that will change!

Taken at Ikkicon 2013

Berserk is (c) Kentaro Miura

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I meant to upload this a week ago, but here's a great shot of my Big Daddy and Malinda's Big Sister from Bioshock 2.

photo taken at the Georgia Aquarium during Dragoncon 2013 by Joseph Chi Lin

Big Daddy: :iconex-shadow:
Big Sister Eleanor: :iconmalindachan:
Little Sister Eleanor: :icondestinynickelsen:
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