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**I could have made the legs thinner but I wanted to show the muscles and make them look the way it does. Remember this is a human in a suit. It will NOT be perfect.**

Raptor in Action! [link]

There are so many details on this suit to show off, so I have to submit two different collages! xD Keep in mind this was made for someone who is sized differently, and does not fit me perfectly!

The raptor suit was finished up this morning in the wee hours, and today she'll be shipped off to her new owner in TN to be debuted at Dragon Con 2011. So if you're going to that convention, keep an eye out for this Clever Girl. ;D

Head Features:
-Moving Jaw (Mechanics are a secret, please don't ask.)
-Fully sculpted head made of resin and rigid foam for extreme lightness. (Custom mold made)
-Tongue made of flexi foam (custom mold made)
-Teeth are attached to head mold so also made of plastic and extremely light
-Vision ports in the neck so wearer can see very well, while it being somewhat camouflaged.
-Head has 2 fans installed for optimal airflow
-Resin cast eyes handpainted (Custom mold made)
-Airbrushing over the entirety of the head.
-Mouth "flaps" for realism
-Zipper in the back for easy in and out
-Magnets on neck flap to corresponding magnets on suit to hold it down.

Body Features:
-6FT long tail with a foam core that moves in an extremely realistic manner
-Reticulated foam used for a good portion of the foam work for excellent airflow and lightness
-Various degrees of upholstery foam used for the rest
-Fingers are individually carved out and can be moved separately by your own fingers
-Toes are attached to shoes for extreme comfort
-Claws are all made out of plastic, slush cast for lightness (Custom molds made)
-Zipper down the front for easy access in and out
-Fully lined with athletic mesh
-Fully airbrushed
-4 belt loop attachment for the tail to keep it upright and steady
-Velcro and snaps used to keep feet on

All in all the suit only weight 18 lbs, which is really nice, considering what it is. The length is about 6ft, and it's about as tall, so it's a pretty impressive costume. This suit was meant to resemble the raptors in Jurassic Park 1, so no feathers.
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Nice side shot taken on Friday while I was in him at A-kon 2011. All scales were hand painted on and patterned like they were on the movie. Arm scales were new for this convention, and I plan on doing more scaling for in the future. (It takes quite a while to do them, yanno!)

He won 1st place friday hall costume contest, and then when I did a walk-on with him at the cosplay show he got the 'People's Choice' award. ^^; I was so glad everyone loved him!

Toothless quadsuit was made by me
How to Train Your Dragon is copyright to Dreamworks!
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Reference commission for :iconracush: of his Rufous hummingbird character that I had the fun of designing :D

Cell shaded Reference sheets are $100, and come with a full front and back image, two details, Any text that is supplied, 4 expressions of choice, and a chibi feral.

I am open to a couple at the moment, feel free to note me if interested.
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such a Curious looking wolf, I have been noodling with this drawing for weeks now just not feeling that the picture evoked the spirit I felt. However, unsatisfied with my colored version I went back to the line art and did my photo magic and I am pretty happy with the out turn.

Drawn for in a picture trade

Created in pencil, sharpie, and GIMP

She called among the blue snows
a storm that battled for hunger
running in the deep snows
and headstrong winds
a light shone like the moon
on the pure white snows -
blue like a shadow
she changed.
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A commission for a user on FA
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I like caracals. I know they frequently look comical with those outlandish ears, so I tried to make him look like something you should take more seriously. Unfortunately he ended up looking mostly just cuddly. But at least the fur turned out not too bad considering the amount of time I spent trying to create a visible fur grain.
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Name: Cry S.
IW number: 3
Sex: Female
Height: 6'

Armor is mostly made of hard solid plates. One of the highest armor rating in the story.

"Big sword", [modern tech]
-A big sword :|, powered by a portable reactor on the back of the armor. Has 4 reserve power cells for when the main connector is cut off. Designed for cutting through heavy carapaced demons.
"Beam saber", [Modern tech]
-Energy sword made for light armored demons.

"Eclipse Blade",[Relic tech]
-A lost technology weapon. No more powerful than an ordinary sword in it's normal state. Only usable when paired with the Core Arm.

"Core Arm", [relic Tech]
-Main piece of the armor. Generates an unknown field that makes it's wearer near invulnerable. Power can be directed to attacks.

Special attacks:
"Earth splitter"
-Finishing move. All energy is directed to the Eclipse Blade to do a powerful slash.

"Mega wolf jaw"
-A burst charge using the Core Arm

Part of a series, If you have some really helpful comments, please do tell.
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I did one of the most Handome cat there is..Misto..hope yall like. HImand Viccy look good
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Otra vez Fede haciendo de las suyas:

Muchas gracias a :iconelixen: por la idea y a :iconmatthew-fox: por dejarme hacerlo parecido a su dibujo
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New style of resin blank available! Mono took a day off recently over the weekend and just sat around sculpting. She's been wanting to make a bird for a while, just hasn't had a commission for one, so she took it upon herself to do this instead. xD

This blank is a bit bigger than our others, and easily fits a 24-25" head, maybe a bit bigger (if you really need it to!) if you heat form it some. Otherwise to get it to fit smaller heads, you just need to pad it.

They can be cast in a single color of your choosing (not black/white like this one). Meaning if you want your bird to have a default orange beak, you can request to have it cast in solid orange for the top layer so you don't have to worry about painting. Nose holes and eye holes can be punched out easily.

These can be found in our webstore and on our website, and are the same prices as our other blanks.
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