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Animated update for my tumblr horse comic, Plane Sailing

Q. What on earth is going on?
A. Welcome to Plane Sailing!

Q. Where can I find more of this?
A. !

Q. Does this continue?
A. It will!

Q. Homestuck?
A. Homestuck!

Q. What's the music?
A. Black Rose/Green Sun by Malcolm Brown from the Homestuck sountrack , with an excerpt from the Skyrim Main Theme (the thumps at the beginning)

Q. Is that Latin?
A. Some of it is!

Q. Can I get a translation?
A. No! :iconwhywubwooplz:
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kemdnhaayt (takemyhand mixed)
^Totally not a secret code. (totally was)

I think I can hear humming...
^Also not secret riddle stuffs, nope. (hurr durr, the song has humming in it)

I hear voices from the fading shadows... (playing on the fact that it's a song.. and the lyrics: "You know that shadows always fade")

Any idea yet folks?

Minor update: we have background! Woot!

And ofcourse the complimentary trickery-
Of sound and silence, echoes the hug of a larger magnitude.. (The top comment at youtube over the song was "this song is like a big hug")

Major update: Quite a lot of new stuff :3

Secret stuff? --> Lyra approves when 26 seconds fade away! (At 26 seconds in to the song, the word HAND is said for the first time.. Lyra.. Hands.. you get the point)

Welp, it's done.
Was planning on doing the whole song.. but then my ideas ran out.. and what I came up with became repetitive.. (insert more excuses)

Hope you like it anyway :meow:

Oh, and the size is like 3mb so give it some time to load if your connection is inferior! 3:

Equestria Daily! WOOP!
THANK YOU! :meow:

The song is ofcourse:
Take my hand - by our lovely Tara Strong!

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Thank you all for participating in this wonderful journey.

This animation has been planned for hitting 200 watchers (yeah, I've hit 180 on tumblr and about 30 on DA, and even if that number might seem trivial, it's still a lot for me) but while making it I decided to change into a thank you vid.

There are loads of people I did not include as I either lacked their ponysonas or they lacked a tumblr account. For that, I am sorry, but I really wanted to finally release this baby.

The animation is a bit intense at times so you might not get all the expressions and details on the first watch.
You can visit each of the cameoed blogs by choosing an appropriate option at the end of the movie.
It's about 8MBs so please be patient :)

Have fun and thank you again!


Music: Tropical Octav3 by Coconeru
Software: Adobe Flash
Time: Way too long..
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It is finally here! The FillyGamez animation presented on Bronycon in August!
My first Big Thingy, but I really think it's far from being the last one ;)

Packed with hints and fright, this animation will give you a closer look at how we intend to continue the story of "Welcome To Ponyville" in a whole new form.

EDIT: For those curious about the game itself, a tidbit from our BronyCon 2013 panel…

Animation: Draco Blair
Writer/Director: Writers Block
Sound Effects: X-Trav
Music: X-Trav

Sweetie Belle: MissBunniSwan
Shadow: Zakpony
Protagonist: Zakpony

The Youtube version can be found here:…
Adobe Flash < 30h
Copyrights to Hasbro
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For :iconsharpy-likes-you:

If it for some reason doesn't load - right click and play.
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I made this because I just felt that I just want to see her in that way asking me for a hang out ... But just don't let your mind fly away in a dirty way!!

So, would you hang out with her??


My Little Pony: FiM belongs to Hasbro

Time of work: 1 hour

Real Time of work: 6 hours

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:iconjujytu:gave me this commission some time ago. So between finishing up 'The Awesomes' at work and my cinitiq being out for fixing, It's been a slow process. But here it finally is. =D
Everything was done in Toon Boom.

Enjoy! <3
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Original comic by DeadParrot222: [link]
Music by Fifths: [link]
Scootaloo, Applebloom voiced by Kagome: [link]
Rainbow Dash voiced by Mina: [link]

I guess I'm good for something as an animator again, huh?
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My first animation starring Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie !
Thank to Flamingo1986 for his puppet tutorial and for Double Rainboom which i'm sure is gonna be epic.
If you feel too, please criticise my animation.
Full Story in the Journal.

Background created by :iconspacekingofspace:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.
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Also on Youtube-…
(Think you missed something? Right click in the animation and select (double-click) Forward to play parts of the animation step by step. Select Play to resume.)

The stunt driving displayed in this animation were performed by professional ponies in an animated environment.
:blahblah: drive safe in the real world :blahblah: and wear your seatbelt!

As much as I'm looking forward to Need For Speed Rivals, I hope that the creators will consider taking inspiration from the Underground series for future NFS games. An Underground game with customisation (and a vinyl editor similar to Forza) updated from UG2, with cops, running on Frostbite 3? I'd buy that in a heartbeat!

All characters (c) Hasbro/:iconfyre-flye:

Wild Fire (c) :iconsibsy:

Music: Pendulum- The Tempest
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