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Hey guys, here is my brush pack people have been asking me about. I hope you enjoy them!

The top 8 are my staple brushes that I normally paint with!
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For blending with, creates smooth and rough various textures. These are smallish (100-150px) for detail blending but you can resize/adjust for blending larger areas.
How to use:

Option1. Drag and drop .tpl file into PS and voila, your smudge tool is set. Alternative way of loading .tpl is inside the .zip pack.
Option2. In case the above method doesn't work for you, load .abr file normally like any brush, and just select them for smudge tool. It will also work for mixer brush, dodge, burn, etc.

TIP: Smudge tool can be set for following sampling:
a) (default) current layer - will smudge and blend contents of currently active layer
b) (tick) all layers - will smudge and blend contents of active layer with all visible layers above and below

:bulletgreen: Credit is most appreciated (put : devzummerfish : without spaces in your description por favor!)
:bulletred: Do not sell, redistribute, claim as your own, etc.

 Zummerfish's Floral and Foliage brushes vol.1 by zummerfishZummerfish's Nature Brushes by zummerfish Zummerfish's Artistic N Texture Brushes Vol2 by zummerfish Zummerfish's dragon scales brushes by zummerfish Zummerfish's animal fur and print brushes by zummerfish
PaintTool SAI brushtex Sai brushtex pack II by zummerfish by zummerfish
Night Town Psd-Tutorial by zummerfish
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A collection of all the brushes I find myself dabbling with when doing environment artwork. Typically a select few are used much more than the others but they all certainly have their uses. The image in the background is made entirely using the brushes found in this set, with every brush being used at least once. I normally don't use them so extensively or so exclusively when painting and I certainly don't encourage it, but in the very least it shows what they can achieve. Please remember folks that good art is not all about the brushes you use. They are as much a tool as photoshop itself and should be viewed as such when you're still learning.

Some of the brushes have been made by myself and the rest have been tweaked from others that are freely available on the internet.

They should all work in Photoshop CS3 and above but I cannot vouch for older versions, sorry :(

Hopefully some of you will find them as useful as I have over the years :D

NOTE: These brushes are free to use and may be used to produce commercial work, but please DO NOT redistribute the brush set itself for profit. They have always been and always should be free for everyone. If you should ever see a website selling this set for money please kindly re-direct people here.

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Raw .jpg scans that I used for the brushes are collected here…

tumblr post:…

Hi-res brushes (except 1st one that works better on low-res hair drawings) that should work in every Photoshop CS version and in PS 7.0. To get them click download button on the right side of this description.

Apparently, they work in Gimp 2.8.6 too

Terms of usage
Sharing and Crediting:

:bulletred: This brush pack is completly FREE to use. Which means, these brushes itself CAN'T be sold as a whole pack, or as a part of another pack.

:bulletred: You can share this pack on other sites, provided you will not claim them as your own, and attach the credits/link to original source.

:bulletred: You can modify brushes and/or share them with other packs online, provided there's credit to the original pack, and provided that you'll also publish the modified/mixed pack as a FREE to use.(of course don't mix these brushes with brushes from commercial, non-free packs, to cancel their terms of usage or something like that, it won't work like that.)

This is especially important as I really want these brushes to be avaiable for fun, so please respect dem rules :)

You of course can modify this pack to be usefull for another softwares like GIMP, since I'm not able to do that- I don't know this software enough. Of course credit and link to original required and all that stuff ;)

Working with the brushes:

:bulletred: You can sell works made by these brushes, or use them for private/educational purposes, it's completly up to you.

:bulletblue: Crediting me under your work for using brushes is nice but only optional :)

It's a brush pack, that 15-6 years old me made out of various watercolour and pencil stains from my sketches. So, due to them being so old, I think they should work even with the PS 7.0. I just arranged them, cleaned up and over-saved the .abr file in PS CS5, but there's nothing, that shouldn't work in older versions I guess. They are simple, since I made them at the beggining of my digital painting adventure...
I highly recommend messing with opacity flow set to pen pressure or shape dynamics :heart: Some of the brushes have it, some don't, also, decreasing spacing in shape dynamics to about 8-9 from normal 25 gives more fluent stroke in some cases...
so please, experiment!
These brushes are in quite raw form, because I wanted to keep them like they were originally (despite some noob mistakes XD)

Enjoy, I hope? :)

Edit: Thank you guys and girls so, so much. You're incredible: I would never expect such warm welcome for this upload. And seriously, again, thank you so much.

Examples by other deviantartists:
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:thumb376668941: by hunterofthedark :thumb378940768: la-Structure-du-Ciel
:thumb392233088: by ApplesAppies
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1. DOWNLOAD ABR file on the right side
2.copy to = computer - disc C - program fifes - adobe -adobe photoshop cs.. - presets - brushes Photoshop open brushes ,click to settings -load brushes

ok guys ... this is all my brushes what i use in photoshop ... DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

I would be glad if you visited my page :iconryky:

:bulletblue: my newest work
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Brushes: 13

Photoshop CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 3+
GIMP 2.2.6+ (Not 100% functional)

Description: Made for painting realistic skin textures. Great for digital painters, obviously, but also can be used to create textures and for photo skin retouching by anyone. These will also smooth out blemishes and such on skin and make it look professionally airbrushed. Included as well: freckles and facial hair brushes.

I highly recommend you check out my tutorial for using these below! (It's made in/for Photoshop, but the concepts will apply for GIMP, as well.)

These are the brushes I use for my own digital painting, when painting skin. (*slshimerdla)

High Resolution!

My Terms of Use

Skin Textures Tutorial

Commercial Licenses available:…

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People often asked me what brushes I use, how do I paint, etc, so I thought...why not giving you EXACTLY what you want? So there you go, these are all the brushes I currently use for everything I paint, all made by me, nothing more, nothing less. So yeah, if you wanted to paint exactly like me, now you can do
Always remember tho, that every artist has his personal preferences about brushes, you just have to find the ones you feel more comfortable painting with!
Also these are for Photoshop, not sure if you can use them in SAI.......sorry 'bout that....

About rules and stuff: Use them as much as you want, consider them a gift for you all wonderful people. If you want to credit me too, then go ahead, that would be lovely c:

So here are some infos about the brushes:
I divided them in 3 categories, to better explain how they should be used:

-Painting brushes (These are the 'big' ones, its what I use 90% of the times). Sometimes playing with the 'wet edges' option might make things better, depending on the situation. Default is on.

1. Splashy brush, I use this for merging and texturing at the same time. Also great for clouds!
2. My main painting brush. <3 I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH OMG ;u;
3. My 2nd most used brush, I use it for texturing too. I love it at mid-low opacity

-Basic brushes These are just super simple circular brushes, not much to say about these (:

4. Circular soft brush. I do NOT use this for shading! I use this mostly for lights and gradients, nothing more!
5. Circular solid brush, nice for general lining or if you need a strong brush stroke without anything fancy

-Misc brushes Some experiments that ended up kinda cool XD

6. 7. 8. These are just fun brushes I made to sketch super basic structure in my sci-fi stuff. You dont really see them in my finished works, because they just give an idea of how things will look like once Im done with detailing.
9. Hexagons. Just hold shift and swipe horizontally and you'll have a nice and clean hexagons trail. Again, I use it for my sci-fi paintings (:

and...thats it! Now go and paint stuff, k?

Rabbit loves you.

Commissions infos:

More digital stuff:

 Fur Tutorial V.1 by DavesPineapple     Kuroashi by DavesPineapple     The One by DavesPineapple     Not quite the Victorian Era by DavesPineapple
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Thought you might enjoy this ;)
I wont explain anything, its much more fun to experiment. Link me your results here on DA or on FB!
This is a combination of tons of packs circling on the Net - I can remember which ones but its from 'the old crew' of Sparth and Steambot people 
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After all this time and allt he request, here is the brushpack I work with.
Some are made by myself others comes from people like: :icondanluvisiart: :iconalgenpfleger: :icondaarken:
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My new brushes updated :)
these are the only brushes I use.
I primarily use the last one for all my work :)
Have any questions just ask :)

I would also love to see what you produce out of these :)

©Rezwana Khan
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